Finger Pointing – August 28th

Good morning, although it is late afternoon here in Australia. Only a few days left of winter here and the rain has just set in again, so look’s like it’s going to be a wintry evening. I have spent an hour or two looking through the galleries and here are my picks for the day.

First up this bright layout Be(e) Unique by jaye – I just love the bright appearance. Great photo beautifully framed and I love the second framed paper. Great blending on the background paint and the elements just stand out so well.

Next with a more urban feel – this from mcurtt. I love the photo stretched across the two frames and all the paintwork underneath on the textured paper. I love the “white space” feel with the emphasis on the lower portion of the layout. Great use of just a few elements and the journaling positioning is fabulous.

Next Paris by marnie333. A great masked and blended photo on the textured paper with a great cluster of elements to highlight. I love the texture just showing through under the cluster – makes a great layout.

I couldn’t go past this – Mountain Sunset from NAdams in the gallery. A really stunning layout – great masking and blending and I love the wordart in the various places on the page. The little cluster just adds a great focal point.

This next layout has really great masking and blending – I’ve seen it all by Jopke. The photo is so seamlessly blended with the graffiti-like paint and the wordart suits the theme so well.

Finally from Oldenmeade Dilemma. Fun photo and I love the central framed photo with the layering underneath. Great use of the other elements around the border of the layout with all the wavy lines.

Quite an eclectic mix today so I hope there is something there that you like. Why not take a look through the galleries yourself – there is always lots of delightful layouts and lots of inspiration. Don’t forget to leave some love on the pages you like.

Until next time

Happy Scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)


Finger Pointing – August 13th

Hi everyone – Carmel here. I’ve just finished spending a couple of hours browsing the galleries to bring you my picks for today. As always, its difficult to narrow down the selections as you all manage to create so many beautiful pages. Hope you enjoy the pages I have chosen to highlight today.

First up this magical page by MrsPeel – I love the curved horizon and all the elements used to create the city. The layering gives such a great 3D effect especially with the clouds. Great page!

Next is Have Balance by margje – such great photo treatment! I love the overall sketchy bicolor effect – so effective. A stunning page.

This page has great photo treatment, blending and brushwork and a great theme! Who doesn’t appreciate a nice cup of tea? Great quote – Time For Tea by profolly.

Next – this very pretty page from Blackkathy – Megs. I love the soft two-tone color palate which sets of the black and white photos so well. Great use of the mixture of stamps, brushes and elements. Such a beautiful page.

This next page by bred1269 caught my eye – I love a great nature layout. This has such great blending with the use of some great stamps. I love the two background papers adding just the right textural feel. Lovely page.

My last pick of the day – Good Vibes by lara. I really love the fun, bright feel to this layout. Great masking and blending and I really love the cluster and wordart. Brilliant.

Well, that’s it for my picks – why not take a tour of the galleries yourself and leave some love on the pages that appeal to you. So much beauty and inspiration to be found.

Until next time

Happy Scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)


Finger Pointing – July 25th

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Carmel here with today’s pick of Gallery Standouts!
It’s already the afternoon of 25/07 here in Australia, but I know it will be morning for a lot of you when this is published! I’ve spent some time making my way through all the wonderful galleries, such a nice distraction after a day at work.
I hope you like my picks for today!

First Quiet by jaye – I love the overall color scheme which suits the peaceful theme so well. This shows a great use of layers and textures and I love the journaling! We all need a quiet place!!

Next, a complete contrast but still so effective. Feelings are temporary by cinderella
I love the dark background and the way the elements seem to lift off the page with their contrasting brightness. This is a great photoless page.

Next – a great monochrome page Still Got Them Blues by helenedubois
This layout has great photo techniques and great blending and masking of the photos and elements. Brilliant layout.

Another layout showcasing great photo techniques is Make A Splash by ouisiekelly.
I love the blended background and the duplication of the photo with different techniques on each. The simple addition of the wordart and minimal elements makes for a stunning page.

Next another bright page with a summer feel “You are my Sunshine” by veer. I love the use of the large letter with the patterned paper background and the paint in the background. The cluster of flowers just finishes this layout off so well.

and finally I couldn’t go past this stunner Every Day Counts by Traumelfe
I love the patterned paper background and the painted flowers and scribbles. The addition of the shadowed flowers gives just the right feel to the bouquet. Definitely fantabulistical!

Well they are my picks for today – mostly photoless layouts for today – hope you enjoy.
Remember to leave some love on any layouts you see in the galleries that inspire you – everyone loves positive feedback!

Until next time – happy scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)

Finger Pointing – July 17th

Hi everyone! Carmel here.
It’s winter here in Australia and we have had a few cold days where I am, so I am happy to see some summer themed layouts appearing throughout the galleries. Here are my picks for today.

First up this bright summery layout “Enjoy Life” by myssp
I love the great masking and blending of the pic and then the cluster of beachy elements down one side. The double frame and paper edges really set of the layout well.

Still on the sunny theme this really caught my eye – “You Are My Sunshine” by Dady
The layout is just so bright and beautiful. I love all the shapes – the repeated rectangles mirroring the frame, created with the different papers and layers. The sun burst is really effective and all completed with just the right elements. Hello Sunshine, indeed!

Next this layout from marijke which carries through the colors of summer. I love the positioning of the layout with everything down the one side and how the colors really pop in contrast to the black and white photo. The amazing shadowing on the elements really make them stand out from the page and I love the paint in the background.

What could be more summery than strawberries?! I just love this cute page “Some Bunny” from Miki. I love the masking and blending of the photos showing the strawberry plant and those luscious strawberries. The framing and addition of the elements is just magical along with the blended textures and brushes. That cute bunny is just the right finishing touch.

Another beach layout – Beachcombing by SonjaS is a stunner. Great masking and blending of the photo and I love the warped shape of the frame! Great wordart too!

Lastly with our summer theme – Cool by the Pool by Margie – this again has great blending to create the “splashy” background. Great framing and I love the wordart popped right onto the photo.

Well, they are my picks for today – hope they brought some sunshine to your day!
Remember to leave some love in the galleries for any layouts that inspire you.

Until next time – happy scrapping.

Carmel (caapmun)



Finger Pointing – June 12th

It’s the best part of the day here… after work! Looking through the online galleries definitely gives me lots of inspiration – I always want to get scrapping afterward. Speaking of inspiration, let’s get to it, shall we?
Here are my picks for today:

First up On This Day by Joansmor – I love the peaceful feel of this page. Such a relaxing feel to the photo and simply but beautifully scrapped.

Next a “busier” page but just as appealing – Newsworthy by Miki. I love the collage feel about it and the blended faces in the background. Great extraction of the central figure and the elements set the page off so well.

This page really stood out for me – “anger” by geoleoan. I love the use of the large frame and the layering of the elements behind it. I love the clusters in the various positions across the page. Love the wordart sentiment too.

Another that really appealed to me – this one from Oldenmeade. I love the great masking and blending on the paper to make such a great background. I love the overall flowery feel, especially the sketchy feel to the flowers once they escape the frame. Just beautiful.

I love big picture layouts and this is a beauty – Escape To The Sea by jesskab. Great photo wonderfully showcased by the paper edges, the paper strips and all the little elements positioned just right. Stunning.

Lastly with another big picture layout – Love you by britgirl. A great scenic photo brilliantly scrapped. I love the use of the patterned paper as a mat to the photo and the simple but really effective embellishments.

Well – lot’s of inspiration for me from my tour of the galleries. I hope you like my picks for today, but how about having a bit of a look yourself? Remember to leave some love on the pages you find appealing.

Until next time – happy scrapping!!

Carmel (caapmun)



Finger Pointing – June 2

Hi everyone!

This is Carmel, bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Nearly half of the year has gone!! – before we know it, it will be Christmas time again.
How has your weekend been so far? We have a quite one and I have spent the last little while looking through the galleries for today’s standouts.

It it always so hard to pick just six pages from the galleries as everyone’s pages are beautiful. Here are my picks for today.

First up REALLY … WHY? by Justagirl. I love the overall color and tone of this layout and the great photo work. Great blending and stamping to create the background and great choice and positioning of the elements.

Next by myssp XOXo – I love the bright happy feel to this layout. A great candid photo set of so well with the patterned and stamped background. I love all the flower elements scattered around and the lettering and wordart sets it off so well. Love it!

Now from Broomy – Just Me – a great selfie layout. I love the paint and the cluster of elements up the side and the flower cluster on the corner. A great “white-space” layout that really stands out in the gallery.

I couldn’t go past this layout from wombat146 – Living For Today. I love the background and the layered papers under the photo. Great photo work with just a few perfectly selected and placed elements make this a stunning page.

This really caught my eye City Trip by nannascrapper – I love all the painting, blending, stamping that make up that great background. I love the great masking and placement of the photos and the varied text work which sets the page off so well.

and to my last pick this stunner from SonjaS – Amalfi. I love the great photo-work on the background photo and then effect of just the part of the photo highlighted with the frame. I love the extra paint and brushwork to add to the delicate color of the whole page – again with the choice of just a few elements to highlight.

As always, thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be fabulous to stop by and give some love in the galleries for these layouts or any that you find beautiful or inspiring.

Until next time – happy scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)

Finger Pointing – May 18th

Hello All!! Carmel here again.

We have had a couple of stressful days with various hospital visits gearing up for my husbands second knee replacement next month. So I’m really glad to have some time to chill and look through the galleries at the wonderful layouts of the last day or so. As always it’s hard to choose from so many, but here are my six for today.

First up, and remembering Easter, is Hot Cross Buns by morgyns – a great layout with a great story! I love the various masks used with the photo with just a few simple elements to highlight those cheeky faces. Looks like they had such fun baking!

Next another cute kid on a food themed layout – Gourmet Girl by SharLamb. I love the contrast of the colors with the white background, the perfect choice of the colors to compliment the pics and the position of the three various shaped photos. Really great layout.

Next a photo-less layout from Traumelfe – Bee My Honey. I love the soft multi-paper background and the brushwork of honeycomb pattern and bee. I love the wordart poem and the shadowing on the elements is perfect giving a real three dimensional feel. Stunning!!

Next Honey, I Love You by Cinna. I love the “white-space” feel with the focus on the lower right of the page. Great use of a small photo with the line of brushwork and the elements to highlight the photo. Really lovely page.

Another white-space feel with say cheese by marijke. I love all the interest added to the soft background with the paint, scribbles and script. I also love the doodle feel to the frames and elements. Really a striking page.

Last, but not least, this stunner – city life by oldenmeade. I love the masked photo so beautifully blended with the background brushes and stamps. The addition of the word art and elements just add to the overall urban feel. Another great page.

Well I really enjoyed my trip through the galleries. I know if my mojo disappears, I can always find inspiration there. Hope you do too! You can always click on the title links to visit the individual galleries and please leave a comment when you do. The artists always appreciate that.

Unit next time – Happy Scrapping!!

Carmel (caapmun)