Finger Pointing – May 1st

May already!!! Can you believe it? Time seems to be going by even quicker this year!
But now it’s time to have a look at some beautiful pages in the galleries! Let’s see if I can find us something to Ooh and Aah about on this wonderful first day of May!

First up Make a Splash! by Britgirl – because I can never go past a great dog layout!! I love the use of the mask that mimics the water splash – great choice. The background paint and stamp with the additional of a few elements set of the photo so well.

Next this stunner The Children’s Garden from deanie – I love the triangular framed photo and great extraction. The layered background papers are really striking and the cluster just sets everything off so well. A great spring layout!

I was really captivated by this layout Amsterdam from Tamsin – great photo treatment with that sketchy feel and muted colors. I love the script brushwork, the stitching and little bike style embellishment.

I just love heritage layouts and this is a stunner – Memory from Hajni. I love the great blended background and the use of the black and white along with the color photo. Your eye is drawn down the page with the vertical line and I love the echo of the flower element in the blended background.

Next a more artsy page – I love this from Carmen R.
I love the overall ethereal feel with the great blending of the background and the torn paper edging. Great use of stamps, paint and brushwork. I love the little girl and her wings and the wordart sentiment.

My last pic for the day is Once upon a time by 01lousmith – I love the use of the photo with the blended paint and elements into the background of it. The vibrant color of the layered papers in the background set the photo off so well. The leaf and the stitched banner give just the right finishing touch.

I hope you enjoyed my pics for today – why not have a look around the galleries yourself – it’s a great way to get inspiration. Remember to leave some love and comments on the layouts you like.

Until next time – happy scrapping!

Carmel (caapmun)

Finger Pointing – April 22nd

Hello and hoping you all had a great Easter! I’ve just had a wonderful time checking out all of the beautiful pages in the galleries today. We have a wonderful sampling of great designs. Come take a look, you’ll be glad you did!

This is Carmel, and these are my picks for today.

First up this wonderful autumn layout from Jheri. I love the blended brushwork in the background, the “white space” feel and the layering of the elements and paper scraps. The overall color scheme sets of the photo so well.

Next – The End from fruitysuet – a really stunning page. I love the muted color background and the border feel to another great “white space” layout. I love a photoless page and the layout for this is fabulous with the title just off centre and the placement of the journaling. A great choice of paint, brushwork and elements to compliment the theme.

Next This Is Life by patsyt – I love the softness of the layout. Great blending of the background papers and the combining of the elements to create the strip across the centre creating the scene. This is so creative and pretty.

Next another photoless layout – Life Rules by HeyJude. I love the background with the brushwork and stamping and then the framed journal card. The layering of the elements and word strips and the addition of a few tiny elements over the page makes for a very eye-catching layout.

Next – a multi-photo layout that is just brilliant.  Wildflowers by immaculeah. I love the collection of various sized photos and elements spread across the page with all the different angles. Great wordart and color to compliment the photos. Stunning.

Last pick for the day – I couldn’t go past this – My Garden by Julia. A stunning layout with a great blended background. The photo is just wonderful and all set off with a couple of well placed elements. Simply Beautiful.

Well they are my picks for today – a bit of variety to spark your interest! Why not have a tour of the galleries – they are a great source of inspiration. Don’t forget to like and comment on the layouts that you like – everyone loves the encouragement.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)



Finger Pointing – April 6th

Hi everyone – Carmel here!! It’s a beautiful mild Saturday afternoon here –  after a very hot summer we are heading into autumn in Australia. I’ve loved having the chance to spend some time in the galleries this afternoon where I am seeing Spring pop up everywhere! Hope you enjoy my choices for today!!

To start off our spring fling – this from jesskab Springtime Splendor – I love the use of the patterned paper for the background – something I have a bit of trouble with, but it is so effective when done right.  The minimal use of elements really set off the cute pic so well. Delightful!

Next simply titled Spring – this layout from JillW is so pretty. Such a great photo of the butterfly and I love the background with the blended paint and sparkles. The layout of the page taking your eye from left to right with the clusters is so appealing.

Another spring themed layout that stood out in the gallery – Blossom by Joansmor – simply stunning. The masking and blending of the photo gives a great effect especially when highlighted so simply with the stitching and wordart. Another great page.

This is my next pic – a stunner from greenfiend27 – another great spring layout. The cute extraction has been perfectly blended with all those gorgeous flower clusters and the shadowing gives a great 3d effect!

Finally I just loved this from Oldenmeade – The Road Home. I love the photo escaping from the frame, the great background with the paint and text and the perfectly layered and shadowed cluster.  Just fascinating.

My final pic which looks deceptively simple is never too old by sylvias scrapart. I love the sentiment of the wordart and the blended stamps and transfers used to make the background. Again just a few elements with the black and white framed photo make for a stunning page.

Well – that’s it from me for today! Hope you enjoyed my choices and you’ll take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!

Until next time – “Happy Scrapping”

Carmel (caapmun)



Finger Pointing – March 27th

Hi everyone! Carmel here with my standouts from the galleries today. Scouring the galleries at various sites, I’m amazed by all the talent out there. So much to choose from with my picks – you all don’t make it easy, do you?! Let’s get started.

First up Beauty by cinderella – I love the large photo layout – the blending of the photo is just first class. Love all the elements highlighting the pic and the wordart is just spot on.

This next layout caught my attention – again for the large photo but used in a entirely different way. I love the expansive feeling the photo gives which showcases the idea from the wordart so well. Again great blending and wonderful use of paint and elements by RJMJ.

I just love this – Human by scrapinmom – I love the artsy feel with the sketched face – great sentiment and use of the journaling. All in all a great art journal feel layout.

I love the next layout for it’s “white space” feel – enjoying my day by pam p. I love the  photo work and masking and then the elements that are incorporated so well that they look like part of the original photo. Outstanding.



Next is Lighting Your Way by oldenmeade – I love the masking and highlighting with the two frames. The brushwork and paint compliments the photo so well and the addition of just a few small elements is magical.

and finally … this stunner from nannascrapper – another “whitespace” feel to the layout. I love the positioning of the circular frame and the brushwork in the background. Again the simple elements when shadowed so well give a spectacular effect. Great wordart sentiment as well.

Well they are my picks for today – hope you like them! Why not go for a tour of the galleries yourself and remember to leave some love and praise on the layouts you like. Until next time – “happy scrapping”

Carmel (caapmun)

Finger Pointing – March 1st

Hello everyone and hello March! It seems like it was just Christmas and now autumn is officially here! – at least in my corner of the world – downunder in Australia! I suppose spring is on it’s way for most of you elsewhere. Let me show you the lovely mix of pages I have found to highlight for today.

First up this “white on white” from Mielz – Daily Life I love the soft feel the blended feel and brushwork. The simple cluster of elements compliments the feel beautifully. A great heritage layout.

Next up March Desktop by kmchambers64 – quite different from the previous pick. Full of color and elements but just as eye-catching. I love the white background which sets of the page so well. The placing of the pics on the right side and the assortment of brushwork and elements on the left makes for a stunning page.

Next with a more art journal feel this from DutchRosie – I love all the geometrics and the collage feel to this layout. I’m loving the wordart – such a great quote.

Spring is in the air with this next page – Is Spring Coming? by Danesa. Such a lovely photoless page! I love the script in the background and the brushwork. The cluster of elements really gives the feeling of spring. Really pretty layout.

Next My Sunshine by Justagirl – I love the cute close-up black and white photo complimented by the multi colored elements. The brushwork and wordart adds to the bright theme.

Next from vanessasmed this stunning layout – again I love the geometric shapes. I love the multiple photo layout along with the paper carrying the shape through with the minimal use of elements to finish it off.

Well, that’s my picks for today. There are a lot of spring themed product appearing in the galleries – such a great time of year for great photos and great layouts. Why not have a look through the galleries and leave some love on the pages you like.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping

Carmel (caapmun)




Finger Pointing – February 13th

Hello everyone and welcome to my tour of the galleries today.
You can certainly tell that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner with all the great “love” layouts popping up! I also noticed there are a few great Valentine’s Day sales going on, so after this I’m off to check them out!!
Here are my picks for today.

First up Happily Ever After by Deborah Wagner
I love the “white-space” feel of this layout and the simple frame and elements to highlight the great photo. Great color choice with the paper – goes so well with the photo – and I love the soft butterflies too!!

Next  Captured Moments by Nath.
I love the collage feel to this layout with all the layering. Great choice of elements to really suit the multi photo page.
Again great color choice makes a great page.

Next is this bright and beautiful layout from AJK
It’s such a stunning work of art – I love the effect of the photo with all the wordart and journalling overlaying it along with the sketchy feel. Amazing.

Here’s another stunner that I couldn’t overlook Hi by Oldenmeade.
I love the masking and blending of the photo with the hand reaching out past the “frame”. Great use of the elements to give an almost graffiti effect to an urban photo. Astounding.

I love a layout that looks like you could reach out and feel it and Closer To You by hollyinjapan does just that.
Great texture and shadowing makes it feel like you could pick those elements right off the page. Love it!

Last pick – not that there aren’t plenty more wonderful layouts, but keeping it to six – here’s the last.

One Heart by margie
I love the double use of the photo and the brushwork highlighting the color photo. The masking and blending is so soft and I love the various script and wordart.

Well I didn’t plan it that way but I started with a “love” layout and ended with one!!
I hope you like my pics and that I have encouraged you to take a tour of the galleries yourself. Remember to leave some love on the layouts that appeal to you.
All the best for Valentine’s Day and until next time – Happy Scrapping.

Carmel (caapmun)

Finger Pointing – February 5th

Hello – here I am again! Just spent a few hours looking through the galleries. So many great layouts – it’s hard to choose just six – but here are my picks for today.

First up – Me Muse by AnneofAlamo.
I love the blending of the photo sketch overlaying it. The words overlaying the whole page are also really effective. Great layout.

Next I love the simplicity of this from KarenB 
A great white on white layout and the heart in the background is so effective. Just a few embellishments set the page off so well.

All Roads Lead Home by AnitaH
This is just stunning. From the elephants walking over the frame and into the scene to the frame itself and beyond. Great travel layout!

Through The Mist by jirsev
This is really eye-catching – I love the circular framing of the picture and the cluster surrounding it is just fabulous. The cluster repeats the flower theme so well. The paper used is such a great choice with the soft color and brushwork.

Love 100% by Lotje66xx
I love the soft feel of this page, the sketched face and scribbled words. The simple flower embellishments set the page off well and I love the journaling sentiment.

To my last pic I love this card layout from kathie02. I love the soft color which works well for a birthday greeting. It actually looks like a card with the layered papers and the border around the great watercolor flowers. Really effective!

Well those are my picks for the day – hope you like them too!
Why not spend some time looking through the various galleries. It’s a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your own layouts! Don’t forget to leave a like or a comment on thos layouts that appeal to you.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping!

Carmel (caapmun)