Finger Pointing- February 5

Hello, everyone! It’s Carrie again. I’m so excited it’s February because not only is almost time to celebrate love, it’s when the spring colors in the Northern Hemisphere start to creep into every day life… from here on out we’re officially closer to spring. It’s true… really. Or maybe I’m telling myself that because it’s 17 degrees outside. Anywho, let’s look at some pretty pages:

 currently smiling by Tronesia

The red patterns are so strong, yet they don’t overwhelm the sweet photos thanks to the simple white border. I am not normally an antler fan, but I love the little wood antlers here. It adds an unexpected whimsy that’s great for the page.

6 by solysombra33

Against the clean white background the colors just explode of the page creating the perfect mood for a birthday celebration. I love the floral edging, especially paired unexpectedly with a page about a boy. The triangle shaped journaling is a great touch, too!




The Next Generation by zakirahzakaria

I love this approach to a pocket page! The colors of the kit are just a smidge lighter than the color of the photos and she’s added in B&W photos as well, which is very creative. It’s one of those pages where there’s always something new to love when you look it.




Renew by Deekaa

That is one amazing photo! The softer colors pull you right into it, but that gem plays off the water’s sparkle. I love the outline around the text and the little banner on the bottom makes me happy. The pop of the red heart seals the deal for me.




Document Today by wombat146

I LOVE the intense texture contrasted with the soft colors. The photo on the tag is clever and the treatment lets the love come through. This is finished with bits of strong black that lead the eye and beautiful shadowing.



conversations with devyn by AracelizMacias

How incredibly clever is this? I love the the bright blues paired with that soft background. The grid design is perfect for all these conversations… and the title work is perfect!



That’s it from me. Hope you’ve enjoyed my picks… now I’m going to snuggle up with the kitties. See you next time!

Finger Pointing- January 29

Oh, hey there, it’s me, Carrie. Can you believe the first month of 2015 is almost over? I’m personally excited about my favorite month to scrapbook being just around the corner. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl in the house, but I’m ready for copious amounts of pink and hearts and glitter. And pink heart glitter. (will someone please send me pink heart glitter? lol)  Anyway, before I meltdown into puddle of pink, let’s look at what I’ve finger pointed today:

jan-2015-artsy by zanthia

Not only is this a feat of artful blending, but the effect of looking through the lens is creative and outstanding. You’re immediately drawn into the pop of dramatic color. This is simply awe inspiring! I think I need this on my wall.




used to be by MamaBee

She’s created such a wonderful, cozy scene that has great dimension. The cluster at the top really heightens that warm and cozy feeling and makes a nice lead in for the eye. I really like how she’s the clock not just to create a visual triangle, but cue us in to the importance of time in her story.



hello friends by celeste

This page is so youthful and care free. I love the photo treatment, the gold doilies and the loose band design. She went the extra mile with her shadowing, which made me wonder at first if this was paper or digital. Also, LOVE the black bits with the light palette!



you are so so loved by msbamf2you

Bring on the lovey-dovey pages! The photo treatments are so interesting and unexpected. She’s included a candid family photo, which adds dimension to her story. Also, this is another example of black with pastels adding a certain something to the page. The journaling is so sweet, too!



My Baby Legs by mum2gnt

This page just has such great texture and dimension. I love the little bits of thread… and could this be an early selfie? What a great thing to document and a excellent way to capture her own story. Another clock to illustrate the meaningfulness of time in her story- notice how the doodle lines follows the curve of the clock, then swoop away? Brilliant way to show time has passed!



threenager by misfitinmn

It seems like a simple page, but the less on the page, the more balance and alignment matter. This is simply perfect!  The text treatment and pairing is stand in for embellishing. She used the right photo, did a wonderful extraction and created an memorable page with a title that you’ll remember. So wonderful!



I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Don’t forget to leave your love for these pages and your favorites in the galleries. I’ll see you next month!

Finger Pointing- January 13

I, Carrie, am back from a wonderful, restorative holiday break that included lots of snow. Now we’re hoping for a snow day here in lower, slower Delaware. We’ve done a snow dance, so I’m sorry if there’s a blizzard. I just want one good snow this winter. Pretty please? Oh well, if I don’t get my wish tomorrow, I’ll have hot chocolate anyway… and do some scrapping. After browsing pages tonight in the galleries, I’m so ready. Let’s look at my picks for today:


Oxymoronic Reminder by Jk703 

This page made me laugh out loud for real. The red, black and white palette is captivating and the message is important. Scrap yourself, people! I love the touch of pink watercolor inside the frame… it just adds that extra bit of oomph to the layout.



You are full of life by margote05

Simple has to be executed perfectly or it doesn’t work… and this page is perfect. The crop on the photo is perfect, the color moves you through the page and the white space adds drama. It’s a thought frozen in time. I love it!



Hero… by Marleen

If the last page is a frozen moment, then this page is the polar opposite. That football guy is coming to tackle you!  The extracted photo and star would be fine on their own, but the brush work creates the idea that focal point is truly moving forward. The placement of the title is completely unexpected, but your eye doesn’t miss it. Brilliant page!



This Shoot by EHStudios

I love the big photo and it’s treatment. The title and word art keeps it light and fun. The journaling adds great texture and turns the rest of the photo’s white space into a the perfect lead in to the page. My favorite little detail here is the heart stamp under the title. It is the perfect finishing touch. This needs to go on a wall somewhere.



Moms are Like Buttons by tanyiadeskins

This page is just total win. What else can be said? Let’s just look at it for a minute…. I know right!??!! You need to click that link, leave some love and take a look at the credit list. Wow. Just wow. All those buttons (how many layers??) and on the beautiful background… and the theme fits so perfectly. I LOVE this.



Phone booth by Natascha

It’s an odd colored Tardis… or what non-geeks call a phone booth. I just love the thin red border that frames the page. The composition, thanks to the placement of elements, almost looks like it’s heart shaped. I feel like I’m having an experience when I look at this page. I also adore the journaling with the red text… why don’t I do that? It’s so easy to do and adds such charm. What a great way to tell the story!



I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I’ve enjoyed picking them. I was so impressed with the work in the galleries that I wish I could pick all of today’s pages. Keep the inspiring work coming ya’ll. 2015 is going to rock! See you nex

Finger Pointing- December 3rd

Hello all, it’s Carrie again. Only 22 days left until Christmas! Are you excited? I know I am. We’re all decorated and ready to get to the holiday shopping, cookie baking and crafting. From the looks of the galleries, ya’ll are feeling festive, too. The mad rush of December is already leaving me exhausted at the end of the day and right now my eyelids are heavy. Let’s do a speedy post about the lovelies that caught my eye today, shall we!

Christmas Memories by kim2167

I love the cozy feel of this page and I have similar photos of my cats, too. She did such great shadowing on the greenery here. What seals the deal for me are the tone on tone scatters that make for a polished page.



day 3 december 2014 by veer

Even though I can’t read the language, I can tell this is a winter page. The golds and reds just pop against the snow white background. This is a gorgeous photoless layout!



Winter Fireworks by djp332

This is such a neat way to highlight all your fireworks photos! The circles add energy and flow to the page. I adore how she incorporated the Kennywood sign into her page- it adds such great detail to the story. Definitely a liftable design to keep on file for the future.



totally adored by mollyc

What a great baby layout! It’s soft, fresh, delicate and crafted with obvious care. I love how she used the ribbon and the word art title together. I love how she used the tiniest amount of pink in the otherwise masculine color palette. It adds just the right amount of warmth.


Day 1 by nietis

The photo here just captures the winter light wonderfully. The striped background works with well the sun reflection in the glass… very thoughtful! The photo sits on a lace shelf cluster that is just darling. Hello December? How about hello awesome page!



Oh Baby by aly321

This is just an awesome page and awesome record to keep! You can feel the anticipation with all the patterns, the date line, the title, the scattered pits and the wonky stitching. Congrats on that baby!



That’s it outta me. Thanks everyone for sharing your pages in the gallery with the rest of us!

Finger Pointing-November 17th

Carrie here! I’ve been diving into Christmas movies tonight while browsing the galleries. I’m in a festive mood. Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree? I’m sure my family would say YES! I guess I’ll have to settle for some merry layouts instead. Here are my picks for today:

30 Days of Thanks 2014: Day 16 by Kim_R 

I want some of what she’s having… That photo is fabulous and the presentation is awesome. Keeping the rest of the page simple really makes the photo stand out. The pop of red and blue in the cluster play up the warmth of the chocolate and the cool crunch of those nuts.


 what a wonderful world by mollyc

Here’s another big, eye catching photo for you. She did a great job placing that word art cart because it pushed you right into the center of the photo. The sprinkling keeps the page light and airy… and also, love the heart and buttons on the bottom border!


5x Joy by suladesign

This is such a warm, inviting, joyful page. I really love the plaid paper that frames the composition. She’s layered papers and elements beautifully on a foundation of paints. I love the addition of the typewriter font that gives the page context- perfect for this time of year!



Hello Sunshine! by livelys

Some hybrid goodness for you- I just adore the combination of yellow and black! There’s so much happy energy- it really is sunshine on a card. It’s so clever that she’s used those hearts as leaves. I love the little hints of color, too. Such a neat card!



Winter by Gachal

What an amazing monochromatic page! It’s a beautiful I love the active white space that pushes your eye to the photo cluster. The snowflakes lend to the wintery feel… and the tiniest hint of blue just adds that extra something to the page.



XOXO by elitka

What a lovely wedding page! It has a such a wonderful “Z” flow (follow the starting at the top left to trace the “z”). It’s soft, but lively and fun with all the doodles, paints and scatter. I think my favorite think has to be that tulle cluster- such a perfect way to use it!



My movies are down, the warm, moist, still air has turned to arctic winds, so I’m ready for bed! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Goodnight, all!

Finger Pointing- Nov 1

Carrie here! Have you enjoyed Digital Scrapbooking Day as much as I have? It’s been cold and blustery here on the Eastern Shore, which made for perfect shopping, gallery browsing and cropping online weather. I’ve settled in for the night with a scary post-Halloween movie and some candy. A perfect end to an amazing day. A big thank you to our digi community for providing us with such a great celebration of our craft! Down to business: Let’s look at some standouts:


change by gonewiththewind

The paper just makes that photo pop! The alignments are perfect- notice how the title points right to the eye? Excellent move. I also love how she’s used the arrows to add in more photos. It’s so clever! Also, the little bits and elements add the perfect amount of polish to the page.



Dec 24 by sucali

Is it that time yet? If it means layouts like this, BRING IT! What a great use of white space. Love the the loose, dreamy feel of the page… and I love the shadowing. She’s definitely captured the magic of Christmas. Check out the way the scatter follows the line of the two Christmas ornaments in the photo’s background. Well done!



 Details by thomsen

Here, the design is simple, the embellishing minimal, yet the page is incredibly powerful. The page has strong symmetry in color and shape, except for the tilted border at the top of the page. That border also has those green dots that shakes up the pink and black palette. This is such a wonderfully executed design!



Thankful by Celeste

What a GREAT photo! Love that glass.  It’s the first thing you notice on the page, despite all those pattern papers. The splatter and scatter point your eye in the right direction… and the tape is like an exclamation point. Everything pops of the kraft background… it’s such a fun layout!



 Parce que c by violaine

Having the B&W photos and cards stacked this way is really quite amazing. Put against that navy paper and with the one wood title bit? Perfection!!  There are so many little touches that make this stellar, like having the title repeated throughout the page. Really, the glitter at the bottom right just seals the deal for me. Because GLITTER!



 Frozen Heart by zakirahzakaria

Such beautiful colors and clusters! Such softness and yet, what wonderful strength with that grid design. I love how she’s layered paper and scatter between the photo stack. I also love the star paper peaking out from the torn edge… it just adds that little something extra. Gorgeous!



My post is done and movie over. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their DSD weekend!! Happy Scrapping!!

Finger Pointing- October 29

Hello, everyone! Carrie here. I’ve spent my day wearing a headset and listening to sounds, so getting to browse the galleries was a welcome and inspired distraction. Oh, the eye candy… It’s amazing… Now for some standouts:


Thankful For by azrood

This layout has a great split composition. It’s a great strategy for presenting a list and adding context. The kraft background sets off all the great colors and journaling. There’s great depth and texture in her clusters… and the yellow border at the bottom unifies the design.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


I Photograph Colors by RaeClevett

The colors pop off the white background. The photos are gorgeous… I love the saturated red leaves against the light green paper. That small script journaling font really matches the mood of this piece. The arrows add a subtle focus while the leaves move our eye. And that shadow on the the well positioned word art just makes me happy.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


Dance With Me by oldvwblues

Absolutely show stopping. There’s so much energy with the use of saturated colors and strong lines. She’s used the natural shape of the face to move our eye through the journaling and the page… but first, that yellow between the eyes pulls us right in! So amazing.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Dance With Me by oldvwblues


Cozy Time by geek_girl

Another great white background… and great photo. If there is such a thing as crisp warmth, this page is that. It’s a loose composition, but the downward left to right diagonal flow gives it a solid foundation. And I love that it’s finished off with the red and blue flower. Simple, yet skillfully done.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Cozy Time by geek_girl


Autumn by beckturn

I think I really like the firey red leaves… I really love the mix of warm neutrals the almost summery reds, pinks and oranges. The dark branch leads you right to the amazing photo. So much wonderful texture here that I want to touch the page. I love the damask (is that the right word?) pattern on the left… it really brings in a chic, but cozy feel to the page.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Autumn by beckturn


glamour girl by Tronesia

I just love the black, pink and golden palette. It’s perfect for the sassy photo. The “Z” flow gives the page the perfect amount of energy for the subject. I love the the flowers and the leaves along with the triangle pattern paper have an almost animal print. It really drives home the theme of the page. Great visual storytelling!

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | glamour girl by Tronesia



It’s time for me to say goodnight and put my kitties to bed. I will see you next month. Have an awesome Halloween!!