Finger Pointing – February 8th

Hello scrappers and Happy Wednesday to you.  I’ve had such a good time surfing the galleries today and can’t wait to show you my choices.  Are you ready???  Here we go.

First up is Memories by Ana Santos.  These two little cuties look so Vaudevillian – look at the dramatic eyes.  It really made me smile the minute I saw it.  I love everything about this sweet page.

Next up, is Baby Boy by crazycat1126. This page just oozes sweetness.  I adore that big photo and the addition of the smaller photos at the bottom is the perfect touch. The colors used on this page are just yummy and so are all of the sweet elements!  Certainly, a delight for the eyes.

I picked another page with a big photo – Fun by hosanhelwa.  If this page doesn’t scream “fun”, I don’t know what does!  Not only is the photo wonderful, just look at all of the happy elements around the edges of the page and that cool page border!  Totally “fun”!

My next pick is What a Night by *sylvia*.  The blending was the first thing that drew me in, but just look at that gorgeous face!  This page is so intriguing and had to be included in my picks for today.

My next pick it Orchid at Seymour Conservatory by sandra-9663.  This is beautiful, blended simplicity at it’s finest.  I absolutely love orchids anyway and this personal photograph really jumped out at me.  The word art is so beautiful worked into the background, too.

My last pick for today is All We Need is Love by LanaBeber.  I had to end with this whimsical page, with this great photo, complete with the adorable panda bear, the sweet layering and that perfect touch of black and white in the paper strip right in the middle.  What a perfect contrast that makes!

That’s it for me today, but I’ll be back in the middle of the month with more gallery standouts.  In the meantime, keep on scrapping and filling those galleries with loveliness!  If you get some time, click on the title of the pages and it will take you straight to that page and you can leave some love.



Finger Pointing – January 19, 2023

Hello, lovely scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you my very first post of this new year.  I don’t know about you, but I’m still having trouble writing 2023. How would you like to see what my picks are for today?  I know you would, so let’s get started.

First up, is Winter Sunset by Melissa Marti.  I love the sunset picture, but really love how the scene was captured in the rearview mirror.  The simple template, with the lovely winter clusters, showcases these photographs beautifully.

Ducks by Cfile is such a work of blended art and be sure to read the whole title – it’s so clever and that, along with the blended images, really caught my eye.  The ribbon and the other touches around the page make this a standout.

This page just intrigues me with it’s black background and the beautiful pictures of birds.  Goldfinch Black and Gold by oldbag 165 really caught my eye.  I love the dimension of the page, too.

This page Snowflake Kisses by Lydia G   is just delightful!  I love all of these sweet pictures – the large one and the smaller, framed pictures down the side, as well as the lovely blending – just wonderful!

Rome by chemataluna just had to be included in my picks today!  I love architecture of any kind and this image is so beautifully blended and if you look closely, you’ll even see a bit of reflection.  The thing that impressed me most is that this photo was taken by the artist – love that!

Last, by certainly not least, Mood Board by Poppy blew me away!  What a wonderful, pop art page and so full of humor, with the title.  I love the reflection in her glasses, too.  “Wow” is just a perfect description of this page!

That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and be sure to click on the name of the artwork and leave some love for these artists.

See you next time,


Finger Pointing – December 15, 2022

Hello Scrappers!  Happy 10 Days before Christmas!  I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to spending time with the family and having lots of goodies to eat.

Without further ado, here are the picks I have for you today.,

Day 10 Challenge by DonnaRCarroll

These cutie snowmen were on the first page that caught my eye.  They were made for a party, and all made by hand.  I love that their cuteness was captured on camera and put on a layout to document this occasion.

Silent NIght by Sarkavka

How adorable is this little snow bunny?  This layout made me smile when I saw the look on the little one’s face – it’s such a look of excitement.  I also love the dark background, which really makes the snowflakes and other winter elements pop off the page.

Frosty Outside by Yorkiemom

This page is absolutely mesmerizing!  I love the close-up photograph and the way the elements are so beautifully arranged all around it.  It definitely looks frosty.

Festival House by Stacia

This page caught my eye for its clean and graphic look.  I adore the design and the white space.  The big vertical element, with the word strip and small element attached to it really takes center stage.


Dec 11th by britgirl

One of my favorite ways to scrap is with pocket pages.  This popcket page has the most interesting photos, elements and journaling on it.  It’s very dramatic – a definitely winner.

Christmas Magic by Romajo

Last, but certainly not least, is this gorgeous winter snow scene.  I love Christmas Walks and this layout totally looks like one of those.  The black background is perfect and makes the design the star of the page.

That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and be sure to click on the name of the artwork and leave some love for these artists.

Have a Happy Holiday Season, however you celebrate it.  See you next time,



Finger Pointing – November 6th

Hello scrappers and Happy Sunday to you!  I hope you’re all having a good weekend.  I had so much fun surfing the galleries, looking for my picks for today.  I know you’re ready to see what they are.

First up is A Magical Season by bbe

This close-up photograph of the young girl grabbed my attention first of all.  You can tell that she’s entranced by something, like children are with sometimes simple things.   When I read the description, I discovered that she is looking through a one dollar magnifying glass!  It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? The whole page is simply “magical”.

Next up is Faces of M J by mary-lynne

This page is just full of joy!  I love the big photo and that look of sheer happiness.  The additional photos, at the top and the overlapping photo strips at the bottom, are a beautiful balance. The blending modes tie everything up perfectly!

Next up is Jubilee by Applechick

I’m just blown away by this page!  The detail is amazing – take a close look- even the jewelry on the grandmother’s hand is wonderful!  The interaction between the grandmother and granddaughter is so special and really comes through in this absolutely wonderful page!

Next up is In Print by Poppy

I could truly hang this on one of my walls!  First of all, I love cityscapes, which is so wonderfully captured here.  It definitely has the rainy day feel even if the people weren’t walking around with umbrellas. I’m not sure where this is, but it reminds me of Paris on a rainy day.

Next up is Too Cute To Spook by Ernie88

This little one, in the costume with the floppy ears, just had to be one of my picks.  I don’t think I’ve had my fill of Halloween yet.   I love the stacked layers underneath the photograph and all of the spooky elements, including the spooky bats flying around. This truly is “too cute to spook”.

And lastly, Follow Your Dreams by Blackthorne

The detail on this page is just amazing!  There’s a LOT of work on here – the flowers in her hair are just wonderful and take this whole image in – there so much detail – so much to look at.  I adore all of the word strips across the shoulders and the back!  This page is so unique and creative.


That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve chosen for your viewing pleasure.  Click on the name of the page and you can go to their respective galleries and leave some love for these artists.


Finger Pointing – October 30th

Happy Sunday, scrappers!  If you celebrate Halloween, you might have been partying last night or passing out candy to the little trick or treaters.   There were lots and lots of spooky pages in our galleries this week, as you would expect.  Let me show you if I picked any of them for today.

Well, look here – I’m leading off with a layout called Spooky Night by Lorie M.  This page is perfect – from the outlined title to the spooky cute elements; and I just love the pumpkins and how they’re all nestled together down in the corner.

Next up is Grinchmas by Adrianita

What an adorable trio of pictures and of course, I love the plaid dress in each one.  The stacking of the framed photos is very eye catching and so is the layering of the leaves and other elements.

I just had to add another Halloween layout in here.  Hehe This page, Pumpkin Carving Day, by jmgesi is just delightful!  This brings back fond memories of carving our pumpkins with our kids.  How cute are each one of these pumpkins?  It’s so clever and unique to add them to a pocket page!

Next up is Try Different Things by Sylvia.  This page makes me happy!  It’s so full of energy and definitely holds the unexpected, which I love.  The movement on this page is just wonderful!

Vrindaven by profolly. This page is so peaceful, and manages to convey a deep feeling , while still maintaining a sence of “white space”.  I’m in awe of minimalist pages, because they’re not my forte.  I just love this page for that reason – it’s executed perfectly!

And finally – you knew I’d end with a Halloween page, didn’t you?  AbbyHalloween by ydpuckett.  This page jumped out at me because it’s the classis Halloween page, from the black, white, orange combo to the elements.

I’ve had so much fun bringing my Sunday picks to you and I hope you love them as much as I do.  If you get a change, click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – October 4th

Hello lovely scrappers!  I hope this Tuesday finds you all well. I’ve started doing my “leaf watch” every day to see if the trees are starting to turn and took a long drive yesterday but didn’t see much color yet.  I’m still on the lookout, though.

Let’s get started with the Finger-Pointing for today, what do you say?

Bewitched by Agoymerac

The photographs on this page really grabbed my attention and I love that they’re all in black and white!  The story to go along with the pictures is so well-documented and the cute orange elements make this page a total winner!

Calendar Fun by Jeannette

I simply adore the way this calendar elements kit is showcased on one page.  It really intrigues me, and I’m now inspired to play with a digital calendar of my own.  I love that so many of the different elements are displayed, with so much creativity!

JA5 by LiesB

I love everything about this page!  The beautiful, fall color hues are so rich and saturated and the blending is fantastic.  I also love the big circle with the pumpkin “scene” in the middle.  Pure fall deliciousness!

Fall Barn by ksacry

I just love seeing old barns when I’m driving through the countryside.  This barn scene is so beautiful and tranquil, and I can totally see is on the front of a greeting card.  The different blending modes used on this page are just wonderful, too.

Slow Scrap 9/30/22 by Janelle12

This page literally warms my heart – it’s all about family and how awesome would it be to find a home like this, with this amazing porch to line the whole family up for photos?  I fell in love with simply every detail of this page!

Friends Forever by EvelynD2

The vertical design of this page is what initially caught my eye.  I simply adore all of the lovely layering and clustering, too.  The photographs are wonderful and so is the addition of the clock.  Beautiful, eye-catching page!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I sure enjoyed going through the galleries and finding these picks for you.  Be sure to click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.  Take care and keep on scrapping.


Finger Pointing – September 27th

Hello scrappers and Happy Tuesday.  I hope you’re all having a good week and I don’t know about you but I’m always happy when Monday is over.  I feel like I can make it now – haha.  How would you like to see the picks that I have for you today?  It’s never easy to choose six projects from all of the galleries around Digi-land, but here’s what I have for your viewing pleasure today.

Adorable by Ann06

This image is stunning!  The blending is wonderful, and I adore the different shades that are captured here.  The butterfly and the grunge along the side are the perfect touch to this beautiful page.

Spider Lilies by Carlaw

I love lilies of any kind.  The two different sized photographs are beautifully placed on the subtle blended background and the journaling is the perfect addition to this lovely page.

Birds of a Feather by Faerywings

This page is simply magical, and I was drawn to it, immediately.  The gold star, with the handing charm couldn’t be more perfect.  I love the touch of red on the page, too.  This is the perfect fantasy-style page.

Pumpkin Browsing by jmgesi

This page makes me want to run right out and buy my pumpkins.  I adore the white pumpkins and these photographs are so wonderfully arranged on the page.  The small, framed picture and the title make this page sheer perfection!

Macintosh Creek by mary-lynne

First of all, this photograph is just wonderful!  It’s set off, perfectly, by the beautifully blended background and the lovely leaves and fall elements frame the photograph perfectly!



Art Journal 101 by onaponakookt

This is the perfect example of an art journaling book page.  I love this book style, with the spirals and the layered edges showing.  The little elements at the side of the book are a perfect touch and the blending on the page is superb.

That will do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections   I’ve tried to mix it up a bit and have chosen some different styles.  Be sure to take a minute and leave these artists some love by clicking on the name of the project.  That will take you directly to their project in the appropriate gallery.

Keep on scrapping and filling the galleries with beauty.