Finger Pointing – August 6th

Happy Sunday, Scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you my picks for today.  I hope you’re having a great weekend and I also hope that you’re going to enjoy the pages I’ve chosen for you today.  The galleries around Digiland are just brimming with beauty, but somehow, I managed to find six pages that are Finger-Pointing Worthy. Let’s get right to it.

My first pick for today is The Magic is You by AmaneseFe.  This page is so happy, and I love the cascading flowers down each side of the layout.  Top it off with the sweet picture “tucked” into one of the borders and you have a winning page.  There’s just so much to look at on here – beautiful!

My next pick is Sloth Mode by EllenT.  Now, this is just THE CUTEST!!  When I saw this page, I said “Awwwww” out loud.  Not only are the pictures ADORABLE but look how perfect the elements are and I love the way the pictures are scattered across the page, among the sweet, sweet “slothy” elements.


Next, I’ve chosen Fishing On The Lake by kelseyll.  I love everything about this page!  First, is the big picture background, then the other small pictures added in.  SO much attention to detail.  The journaling is the best!  There are so many fun details documented on here and all I can think of is how much fun it will be to look back on this page someday in the future.

My next pick is Highway to Heaven by wvsandy.  Talk about a Fantasy Explosion!  This layout literally jumped off the gallery wall at me!  There’s so much imagination on one page, from the child on the roof, to the “highway” in the sky and of course, the futuristic building – Fantasy Perfection!

Huntington Gardens by Okate also jumped out at me!  I love the art journaling look and the color palette is amazing!  I love the blended pictures of the red flowers, all the threads and the title work!  Altogether, everything on this page just works beautifully together!!

A Maiden’s Tale by Wilma is my final pick for today.  Another wonderful art journaling page!  I love the beautiful images, one framed and one not, alll of the clustering of flowers and other elements and the creative journaling that is scattered around the page.  What a dynamic creation!

That’s going to do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you have a minute, you can click on the name of the page, and you’ll be taken directly to the gallery.

Until next time,



Finger Pointing – July 25th

Happy almost-end of July!  I hope you’re having a good and not terribly hot summer (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere).  I know you didn’t come here to talk about the weather, though, so let’s get right to my picks for today.

My first pick for today is Beautiful Sea by Su_Sanne and it’s definitely beautiful!  I love the painterly quality that is achieved on this page that is mostly shades of blue and wonderful shadowing and blending.  The one bright colored flower in the front really pops and so do the small shells and other artsy bits that are scattered around in the depths of blues.

My next pick is Coffee in Italy by kitschyscrapper. I love the beautiful scene that’s created here on this page.   The open window, with the view and flowers beside it, the blending, and the beautiful woman enjoying her cup of coffee all make for a stunning page.

No, I’m not on a “coffee kick” but my next page is Crazy Coffee Lady by shawnbear.  I love pages with a little humor on them and that big journal card caught my eye right away.  The pictures on this page are perfect for a page about loving coffee and so it the background paper and the elements and word art.  The other thing I love about this page are the sunglasses with the reflections in them!

This page, Happy by *sylvia* is a stunner!  Where to begin?  That beautiful face, blended in with the architectural elements and all the other artsy bits, the stitching – oh, the stitching!  The flowers are perfectly placed and there’s a gritty feel that really appeals to me.  Every time I look at it, I see something different.  Very well done!

Relaxing on Sanibel Island by krichardson2013 is my next pick.  Sanibel Island is one of my favorite place on earth and this page really encompasses the beauty of the beaches there.  The small, framed pictures are wonderful, and all of the beachy elements are used to perfection, along with the big photo background.  This page is the total package.

My last pick for today is Yum! Ice Cream by Ernie88.  Is there anything cuter than a child eating ice cream?  These close-up pictures are just too adorable and look at that face; it’s just full of ice cream enjoyment.  The arrangement of the pictures is eye-catching and so are all of the dots.  What a summer delicious page!

That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and you can click on the links and go take a closer look or leave some love.  Keep scrapping and capturing those memories.  Til next time,


Finger Pointing – July 2nd

Hello Scrappers!  Cheryl here to bring you today’s Finger Pointing picks.  It’s the 4th of July weekend here in the States and the fireworks have been popping and cracking already.  Are you ready to see my picks for today?  I know you are, so let’s get right to them.

Let’s start off with Celebrate by HeatherH.  I love this patriotic layout with all of the luscious layers and all of the different stars.  The fact that the stars are different patterns and stacked, makes the feeling of depth even greater.  The sweet pictures in the middle of the page are the perfect added touch, right next to the title “Celebrate”.

Hello Sweetheart by Ernie88 really caught my attention.  It’s so soft, sweet and pink and blended picture in the background pairs beautifully with the framed picture.  The elements around the framed picture are wonderful and perfectly placed.  The title is exactly right for this page!

Winter Vibes by *sylvia* is a wonderful example of an Art Journaling page!  The layering is amazing and I love the frosty snowflakes and the big star.  The mixed media artsy bits are used to perfection, too.  There’s even a vintage feel to this page and what a unique place for a banner!

Living In Color by TrishD How bright and cheerful is this page?  Those umbrellas look like they were painted on the page and I love the figures walking along the beach.  Even though the sky looks dark and a little ominous, these brightly colored umbrellas really light up this wonderful page.

Strength and Dignity by DigiGtace really jumped off the gallery page at me!  Such expression on this face!  Another page that looks like a hand painted one.  I love all of the “runs” and the artsy bits around this face.  Then, the woman’s figure in the back is so upbeat and almost whimsical and top it off with this positive message about the strength and dignity of a woman.  Very powerful page and message!

Let The Good Times Roll by Akizo is my last pick for today.  This layout first caught my eye because it has this big circle on it and I love circles.  Look at the sweet faces in these pictures – LOVE the larger picture and the two close-ups.  Top this off with the awesome title work around the circle and the perfectly placed elements – totally adorable page!

That’s all for me today.  I hope you like my picks and if you’re celebrating this weekend, have a great time but be careful.  Have a fun and safe weekend.  Until next time,


Finger Pointing – June 20th

Happy Tuesday!  Cheryl here to bring you my picks for today.  I almost said Happy Monday, because I’ll be confused all week since yesterday was a holiday.  That always throws me off.  We got in some pool time and pretty much just relaxed all day.  We went to our favorite food truck for dinner last night, to wrap up our fun.  How about we get to the good stuff – my picks for today?

First up is 1945 Christmas Gathering by Stacia.  I just adore vintage layouts and this one is amazing because it’s also a big photograph, which I’m a fan of.  The smaller, framed pictures and the journaling bits make this a perfectly balanced page.

Lost in the Moment by Terrb is simply stunning!  That sweet baby face, repeated in the blended image and the color hues of the layout are sheer perfection.  The journaling and title work are very subtle and add to this page’s surreal look.

Splash of Fun by Beth is such a happy, feel-good page!  I love the photograph taken from behind and the elements sprinkled all around the page are so eye-catching.  The big “Grandchildren” word strip right above the picture is placed perfectly, too!

P52-22 Books by Magnolia57 just says “come on in, grab a book and get cozy”.  Who wouldn’t want to have a library like this?  The big border around the picture, the word art and woman standing in the corner make this page one of my favorites.

Rainy Days by Jeannette is my next pick.   I love the Art Journaling style, and not only are there children playing in the rain, but there are also adorable frames around each one of their faces.  I love the “unexpected” and this certainly is.  Very unique and clever touch for this wonderful page.

My last pick for today is Shine Like a Sunflower by Tiffany Scraps.  What a beautiful and sunny page to end my post with.  The big, bold sunflower photo in the center of the page is such a wonderful focal point and all of other sunflowers add to its beauty.  The two borders down the sides are the perfect touches to this layout.

Well, that’s it for me today.  If you’d like to see these pages or leave some love, click on the name of the page.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – June 15th

Hello scrappers and happy Thursday to you all.  Cheryl here to bring you today’s picks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed looking through the galleries.  Let’s get right to my picks for today, shall we?  I know that’s what you really want to see.

Be Dad’s Helper by nibylandia-11 is my first pick for today.  I love the two silhouettes and the sun flair beside the man’s face.  The smaller round picture on the page, behind the clustering and the beautiful word art really complete this a wonderful page.

Happy by Scrapping Irene is my next pick.  I just love the circle with its little bit of a grungy look.  I love grunge, I’ll have to admit it.  The picture is so sweet and so are the elements and the striped border around the outside of the page.

Next up is Enjoy by *sylvia*.  I’m such an admirer of this artsy, minimalist style.  The blending and layering is superb, the lighthouse right in the center of the page is a real eye catcher.  I love the title, with the fastener and the ribbon bit and that triangular picture just puts the finishing touch on this page.

Just Art Project 52 Week 25 by Marie-Christine is a real stunner!  I absolutely love the photo effects that were used on this wonderful image of Venice!  This page actually looks like it was hand painted and could be hanging on a wall in an art gallery.  Very stunning page!

Young Spirit by Kakleidesigns is my next pick.  This page is simply magical – I love that the two pictures are of the same woman, but one is in color and the other black and white.  Just looking at the movement that’s captured in these two photographs and the happiness that they evoke, bring a smile to my face.

My last pick is Summer Mood OOB Challenge by AnjaPelzner.  I love that one of the boy’s feet is inside the frame and the other is on the outside.  He’s literally running out of the frame!  The masking, blending and elements are simply perfection, too.

That will do it for me today and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you’d like to visit the pages and leave some love or just read more about them, click on the name of the page and you’ll be taken right to that gallery.

Until next time,































































Be Dad’s Helper by Nibylandia-11 is my first pick for today.  I just love the two sillouettes and the sun spot beside the dad’s






That’s it for me today.


Finger Pointing – May 30th

Happy May 30th scrappers!  Cheryl here and can you even believe that it’s the last day of May?  Time goes so fast and the beautiful thing about being memory keepers, as scrappers, is that we get to capture time and keep these memories alive!  I love looking back at my pages, some of them are very old, and re-living those memories all over again.  Many of us are also expressing our feelings through the wonderful world of Art Journaling, including me.  Let me show you the pages that I’ve chosen for you, and I think I have a pretty good mix of “styles”.

First up is Too Short by scrap-genie.  This Art Journaling page simply and beautifully speaks volumes and has a message that’s very powerful.  The blending on the page is wonderful, too and very symbolic looking.

Deep Purple by Anita is simply beauty in blending.   From the lovely woman’s face to the delicate beadwork and the wonderful flower clustering, this page is pure perfection.

Experience New Places by jana is a perfect example of blending and masking to transform a photograph into a magical scene.  The small elements and the beautiful title work makes this page complete.

Monthly Muse Lakes by Amandac is my next pick.  I love the beautiful big photograph and the journaling is so perfect for the theme of this layout.  The masking of the big photo is also very appealing to the eye, and so is the addition of the messy thread and small elements.

You + Me = Us by Akizo is my next pick.  I love big, bold templates and this page really fits that bill!  This page checks all the boxes for colors, patterned papers, amazing pictures and just plain fun!

I’m closing out today with Write Stories by Chaos Lounge.  I’m kind of a “fill up the page scrapper” so this page literally jumped out at me when I saw it in the gallery.  I love the two pictures of the women, surrounded by all sorts of elements, word art and a journal card.

That’s it for me today and I hope you enjoy the picks that’s I’ve brought you.  If you’d like to leave some love on any of these pages, or just see more information, click on the name of the page and you’ll be taken directly to their gallery page.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – May 16th

Hello lovely scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you today’s Finger Pointing blog post.  May is just zipping right along, isn’t it?  It’s been a busy time around here doing our spring yard work and our grandson graduates from high school this Friday, so we’ve been busy with plans for his Commencement Ceremony and party afterwards.

My first pick for today is Mom by eve11ne.  I absolutely love this lively, bold, colorful page with the wonderful pictures, word art and elements.  I adore the black and white plaid and the orange strips of patterned paper, too.  What a terrific page!

I picked this next layout, Huntington Plant Sale 2023 by Okate because I’d love to go to a plant sale like this.  I can just imagine all of the beautiful plants that were there.  The pictures really tell a story and the addition of the film strips and spring elements really set them off.

My next pick is Boy by Elizabeth22.  These four framed pictures, with the different expressions, are just too cute.  The blue background is the absolutely perfect color against the little boy’s red shirt.  Such a happy, bright page and the composition is just wonderful.

Jazz by terryb is just a wow page!  I love the blending on the full-sized figure of the dancer in the bright red costume!  The framed pictures wonderful and really capture the spirit of the dance!  This page is sheer perfection.

Just Art by lm44west is one of my picks because this page consists of five different photographs that are blended together!  Plus, I love horses, so this beautiful white horse, right in front, caught my eye immediately.  What amazing blending on this page!

My last pick for today is Spring Dancer by Skinospot.  This page is simply enchanting with the beautiful dancer, the pastel background and the wonderful sense of movement!  This is the perfect page to end my post for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you’d like to take a closer look, or leave some love, just click on the name of the page and you’ll go to their page.

See you next time,