Finger-Pointing January 13th

Hello Scrappers!  Cheryl, aka Cherylndesigns here, hoping that you’re all having a good week and it’s not too cold where you are.  I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a very mild winter so far.  Last year that Polar Vortex swept through, so we’re hoping it doesn’t return for a long time.

Here are my picks for today.  I hope you enjoy them.

January by Little Kiwi

I absolutely love this Journaling Book!  It has just the right amount of grunge and looks like she’s actually writing in it and doodling while she’s writing.  The stitching and the way all of the cute elements are used is perfection!

Michigan by LoveItScrapIt

I was immediately drawn to this layout because I’m originally from Michigan and it’s such a beautiful state.  I love that all four seasons are on this one page.  That title “Pure Michigan” has been the state slogan for years and this page IS “pure Michigan”!

January Big Photo Challenge by Mary Davies

I fell in love with this page the minute I saw the penguins.  They always make me want to reach out and give them a big hug.  How sweet is the baby and I adore the birds flying overhead.  Just a sweet, sweet page.

Pretty As A Picture by Doglvr49

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for pet layouts.  This gorgeous white dog just jumped out of the gallery at me and said “Pick Me!!”  The photo treatment is just wonderful and I love all of the elements, but especially the “wonky” thread frame around the dog.

Winter by Margje

Just look at the depth that this page has!  It almost looks like it has real frost on it and it looks as if you could actually feel the texture, even though it’s a digital layout!  Just equisite!  The very subtle reflection in the water is wonderful, too!

Make Today Count by Caro

My last pick for today is this layout that’s just loaded with scrappy goodies!  The black elements really stand out (love the game board) mix those with bits of white and and some yummy pastels and it’s a hit!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I had fun cruising the galleries and I hope you like my picks.  Keep scrapping and keep uploading and you might see your layout in here!  Be sure to visit these amazing artists and leave them some love!


Finger Pointing – December 1, 2021

Hello everybody!  Cheryl here, wishing you a Happy December 1st!  Can you believe it’s December already?  I hope you’re all getting ready for the holidays.  I’ve been shopping a little bit at a time and I think I’m done.  Now, I just need to  wrap packages and mail some things.  The galleries are literally bursting with wonder – I hope you like the art that I’ve chosen for today.  Let’s get this party started!

Welcome Santa by Caro

When I saw this layout, it jumped right out of the gallery at me!  I love the frosty look of the page!  How adorable are the red and white striped pajamas along with the matching paint? The small pictures “stacked” along the side are so eye-catching.

30 Grateful Days by ClaireG.

I’m just blown away by the number of wonderful pictures that our own, Claire, got on this page!  I love that you can still see all of them and I love the warm and wonderful story that she told on this page!  This will be such a keepsake to look back on.  What a storyteller!

Autumn in Macedon by Tissie

The captured light on this page is absolutely stunning!  I feel as if I’m right there, looking up in amazement, as that Heavenly light shines down.  Beautiful blending and perfect shadows and light.   The little flowers, down the side, are the perfect finishing touch.

Fall Magic by Keepscrappin

This big photo page is a stunner!  I love that cement block background and the small picture that is added in on the left side!  The stamped title is wonderful and all of the elements sprinkled around the page are simply perfection!

You’re The Jolliest by Rae

This looks like it could be a Christmas display on the wall to hold cards.  These doggie pictures are THE cutest!  This is such a perfect winter/Christmas page and makes me want to play in the snow.  I love the jaunty striped bow and the “white space” is just lovely.

Cheers 2019 by Tronesia

This beautiful Christmas page is SO crisp – I love the black and white papers with the touches of red!  Just stunning!  The pictures are adorable and what perfect for Christmas memories!  Love that big red title, too!  Cheers!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed my selections and be sure to go leave love for these wonderful artists.  Congratulations to all of them!


Finger Pointing – November 12, 2021

Hello lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here on this beautiful November 12th!  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to fall and the colors here are really starting to burst out.  We expect them to be in full bloom by this weekend.

This is not an easy job!  There’s SO much talent out there and SO many galleries to check out!  The art I encounter just blows me away!  I hope you enjoy the pages I chose for today’s Gallery Standouts.

November Mask by Grace

The masking on Grace’s layout is fantastic!  I adore all of the flowers, leaves and feathers that she used on the headdress!  Just wonderful!

Minneapolis by dwsewbiz

I simply LOVE the graphic look of this page!  The subtle coloration of the buildings, as well as their slight leanings complete the wow factor for me!

Take A Child By The Hand by Dady

This photograph is so poignant and almost brought tears to my eyes.  I can remember walking on the beach with my little ones, so thanks for the memories!

Autumn In The Turks by Charitywoods72

I’m a template gal, so naturally, I love this page!  The pictures are great, as are all of the different patterned papers and elements!

November Decorate A Face Challenge by lididee

I have a confession to make.  I have loved Steampunk since I first laid eyes on it!  How totally cool is this page?

First Dance by Nana_VG

Since I’m a sucker for romance AND cowboy hats, this is my final choice for today!  How romantic is this?????

Thanks for “tuning in” and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today!  Be sure to go and leave some love for these talented artists.


Finger Pointing October 31, 2021

Cheryl here, aka Cherylndesigns and this is my first post.  Happy Halloween, for those of you who celebrate this holiday!  Here in the U.S. it’s a pretty big deal, especially for the kids, who get all dressed up and bring home a ton of candy.  I used to love seeing all of the goodies my kids got on their trick-or-treating adventure and I loved it when they would “share” with me

I was going to choose all Halloween layouts, being as this is Halloween, but decided to mix it up a little bit.  Here are my picks for today.

Preserved Memories, by Amy L.

I was especially moved by this layout because I’m in the process of going back in time and looking at the homes that I grew up in.  What do they look like today?

BOO by Dagi

I love “quirky” and this one fits the bill.  I love the cute teeth – Halloween can be cute, right?  I just love the eyeballs and the cute, raggedy teeth.

She’s Got Grit by BrightEyes

When I saw this layout in the gallery, the beautiful eye just jumped out at me!  Isn’t the blending especially beautiful?

Halloween Scrap Challenge by flowersgal

I was so taken by the wonderful circles, which are actually a painting in the middle of a street.  I thought, at first, that the street cleaner was a spider.  The frame really sets the whole image off!

BOO by Aimee Harrison 

I love the vertical orientation of the wonderful elements and bits and bobs.  What a great Halloween layout.

My Family by Dragonhome

I adore this photograph of the family lined up on the stairs.  We’ve done this, but never had this many people in the picture.  I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea for a family picture.

I hope I’ve brought some inspiration into your lives on this Halloween Day.  Be sure to go and leave these amazing artists some love.  Have a spooky and great day!