Finger Pointing – November 13th

Welcome to Monday! Like Garfield, this is not my favorite day of the week. If you’re like me and not loving your Monday, maybe these awesome layouts can be a bright spot in your day.

Always be Brave by Angelique

There is so much about this layout that I love. Gorgeous element clustering and I love that there are so many butterflies on the page. I also love all the texture. I feel like I could almost reach out and feel it.

Christmas Magic by hichei

I absolutely love the borders on this page. Great use of patterned paper with the border on the left. And great element clustering on the right side of the page.

Always by BrightEyes

I love this pink and green color combination. Great use of word art on the page. And the element clustering and layering around the photo is spot on.

Fungi by Lidia G

I absolutely love all the small squares of patterned paper and the way they frame pages. The element clustering is absolutely gorgeous. And the photos are great nature shots. This is a wonderful Autumn page.

Elfin Magic by TrishD

I love a great fantasy page and I have one for you today. This is a wonderful winter scene that Trish created. The village that was created looks like such a nice place to spend a winter vacation. I especially like the art doll and Christmas tree cluster at the bottom of the page.

Pupper by Kendra

There’s nothing I love more than a layout featuring a cute puppy. They always brighten my day. I love the element cluster on the corner of the photo. I really like the use of patterned paper and the great use of paw print stamps.

I hope you have a great week ahead of you. Regardless of your plans, remember that today is a good day to document your memories.


Finger Pointing – October 31st

In my neck of the woods, today is Halloween. Personally, I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s celebration of chocolate when Halloween candy goes on sale. Until then, we can enjoy some eye candy with these amazing digiscrapping layouts.

I Wasn’t Going to Eat It from garrynkim

The cuteness here just drew me in immediately. I love the use of hexagons on the page. I also really like the corner elements on the page. And finally, I am just a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh.

November from sucali

I absolutely love the use of patterned paper on this page. I also really like the monochromatic color scheme. Plus the element cluster with the photo is great.

The Boo Crew from romajo

I could not let today pass without including some Halloween inspiration and this is the first of two. I really like the color choices for this page. The page has great element clustering. And I love that so many photos were included.

Lucky Dip from zanthia

Here’s my second bit of Halloween inspiration. I think this steampunk fantasy page just has a great Halloween vibe. I also love the element layering behind the great art dolls.

Rain Photography from bjthomas

This page contains such amazing photography that I absolutely could not pass it by. The page has great element placement and I love that paper photo mat. But the truly standout feature are the photos.

Your Story from Jeannette

This is such a beautiful page with a great vintage feel. I love the use of the notebook as a photo mat. And the element clustering is gorgeous. Such a great soft, Autumn feel.

Thank you for stopping by to check out these wonderful pages. Until next time, remember that today is a good day to document your memories.




Finger Pointing – October 18th

How can we be half way through October? The year is almost over and yet it doesn’t feel like time has been flying for me. I think because I am always confused about what day I’m on. The good news is that I’m not confused about how many gorgeous layouts exist in the digiscrapping galleries around the net. Alas, I can only show you a few. But the few I’m showing are awesome.

Montana Hike by Love to Scrap

This is a beautiful layout from Love to Scrap. Such great photo blending and I love all the texture. Makes me want to go on my own hike.

Wickedly Cute by wvsandy

This is such a cute Halloween scene. It just brought a smile to my face. I especially love that black cat popping out of the pumpkin. I would consider all of these cute characters at my doorstep to be a treat.

Pearfect Fall by Kythe

I was in love with this page by Kythe the minute I saw it. Love the light colors paired with that gorgeous butterfly. Great clustering and I really like her use of patterned paper.

Calaway Park by Electra

This is just such a cute pocket page from Electra. I love it. So many great elements are included and I love how the color choices give it such  a happy feel.

The Trick or Treat Crew by Nonni F

Yes, I do have another Halloween page. I can’t help myself. They always make me smile. This is such a cute fantasy scene. I really like how the characters stand out with the lighter color background.

Annular Eclipse by Hillary

I love the use of circles for this Eclipse layout. Just totally fits the scene. I really like the small element clusters here too. This is just such a wonderful page.

I hope today’s choices can help inspire your mojo. And remember, today is always a good day to document your memories.



Finger Pointing – September 27th

I’m back with another late night post. I’ve never been a morning person anyway. 🙂 I have some wonderful layouts to share with y’all today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Leaf Nap by bestcee

First up is a gorgeous Autumn layout from bestcee. Wonderful element clustering. I love her use of paint and word art. I also really like her font choice for her title.

Fall Migration by scrap-genie

I love nature layouts.and that is one of the reasons that this page from scrap-genie called to me. This page makes such great use of white space. I really like the brown and grey color combination. And the black and white photo really works on the page.

My Sunflower by Kiana

I love to see bright colors in the galleries this time of year which is why I love this page from Kiana. The page contains gorgeous element clustering. And I absolutely love the large pattern for the page background. Such a happy feel to this page.

Music from Escara

I absolutely love this fantasy page from Escara. I love the dark and rainy feel to the page. I love the cute animal elements in the corner. And think the font choice for the quote is just right for the page.

An Act of Love by JenEm

This page by JenEm tells such an amazing story. I had to show it off. I love that so many photos were included on the page. She made a great background choice and the small element cluster on the right side of the page is just the right addition.

Spooky Holiday by AnitaH

My love of Halloween is showing again with this page choice by AnitaH. I love all the witches. I love the way the tree was used to frame the page. Thecrow and spider additions are just the perfect touch to finish up the page.

I’ll see y’all again in October. Until then, don’t forget that today is a great day to scrap your memories.





Finger Pointing – September 26th

This is a much later post than I normally do. Luckily, the galleries were still filled with amazing pages for me to share with y’all.

Fearless from GrannyNKy

This is just such a great Autumn page. I love the personal photos. The element cluster in the corner is beautiful. I really like the word art she used and I love the touch of the spider web with the spider.

Kindergarten by Lynnette

This page just contains such an adorable school photo. I really like the different geometric shapes used. The page has great word art for the title and I love the cluster that accompanies it. This is a great memory page that will be appreciated for years to come.

Good Things by Leablahblah

The photo on this page is just absolutely adorable. There is beautiful element clustering across the page. Plus I really like the background paper used. This page just made me go “ahhhh”.

Dance in the Rain by Ursula

I am a complete sucker for the creation of a great fantasy scene. I love how the little girl seems to be writing the word art on the wall. I love the raindrops to go with the multiple umbrellas on the page. And I love all the texture. Such a great page.

Spooky Halloween by cherylc

Yes, I am choosing two fantasy pages today. And I know it’s not quite October yet. But I could not pass up this Halloween page (I love Halloween). This page is just so spooky and so amazing, I am in love. I love the character choices and the background that has been created. I think this is just fabulous.

Namaste by Cherylny

My love of fantasy may be new but my love of art journaling has been around for several years. This is such a great example of art journaling. I love all the the paint and stamp work. Such great use of word art. And I love the wonderful art doll. Such a pretty page.

I’ll be back later this week. Until then, don’t forget that today is a good day to scrap your memories.




Finger Pointing – September 13th

I cannot believe that we are to the middle of September. I feel like I’m going to blink and it will be 2024. I don’ t need life to pass by this fast. That’s why it is always nice to take a moment and peruse the digiscrapping galleries and look at all the amazing pages.

Autumn from JANIK

I was in love with this page the moment I saw it. Such great element clustering across the page. And I love the use of patterned paper. Plus that owl element is just so very cute.

You Me Love from smileark

I love the large black & white photo used on this page. I love the word art created for the title. The alpha choices are just so good. The small element clusters are really great too.

Punpkin Patch from EllenT

The great use of white space on this page was what first caught my eye. I love the element clustering. Plus the layering under the photos is so great. This is a wonderful autumn page.

Autumn Sunrise from cinderella

This is one of those pages that just grabbed me from the moment I saw it in the gallery. The element placement on this page is fantastic and I really like the element clusters. Plus the sunrise is just gorgeous.

Little Sparkles from Ria

This page really does sparkle in the gallery and I absolutely love it. The element cluster under the photo is so pretty. And the photo work, including the blending on the page, is fantastic.

Nebraska 1887 from Susan – s3js

Last up is this great family history page. I love that it looks like a real traveler’s notebook. Great use of stamps under the photos. And I love that so many photos were included on the page.

Thank y’all for taking a moment to stop by and check out these amazing pages. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your next page. And don’t forget that today is a great day to document your memories.


Finger Pointing – August 23rd

The weekend is almost here y’all. So let’s be excited that this is Friday eve. (Sure Thursday sounds like just another day but calling it Friday Eve makes it something special.)  I’m excited to kick off the weekend early and share some amazing digiscrapping pages with you.

The Quantocks, Somerset from profolly

I love great uses of large photos, so the amazing blending of the photo on this page immediately caught my eye. I love the inclusion of the smaller photos and the great use of elements with the photos. I also love profolly’s font choices for her title. This is a beautiful page.

Nature’s Beauty from Poppy

Poppy has just created such an awesome woodlands scene here. I just love all the cute animals that are featured. And such great use of nature elements as well. This page just puts a smile on my face.

Gentlewoman from scrap-therapy

This is just such a great page from scrap-therapy. The element clustering is just gorgeous. I love the use of patterned paper as background for the page. Great use of word art for the title. Plus such a creative use of more masculine kits for a feminine page.

My Soul Sings from MDiane

I am a sucker for a great fantasy page and MDiane has done such a great job here. I love all the different element clusters. The clusters are such a great use of all the nature elements. The way the center of page is framed is just such a great touch for the page. And the choice of art dolls is just the perfect finishing touch for this page.

Dreams Can Happen from Norma

I think this page from Norma is just amazing. I love the way she has framed the extracted image with all of the paints and lights. It just looks so great. The element clusters here are gorgeous. (As I am sure y’all have guessed, I love great element clusters.) And the title word art is the perfect finishing touch.

New Journeys from Trish

When I saw this layout from Trish, I knew I had to include it in today’s post. I absolutely love all the paints and textures that are in the background. This page has such great use of word art and I love all the nature elements.  This page just has such a soft, soothing feel to it that I love.

Thank you to everyone for taking a moment to check out these amazing pages. And remember, today is a good day to document your memories.