Finger Pointing – March 6th

I need someone to slow down time just a bit. It’s already March. I feel like 2024 just started and we are already moving quickly toward the end of the first quarter. Now that I’ve made the required complaint on the passage of time, let’s look at some amazing pages.

Eggcellent Morning from craftytam

I absolutely love the bright, happy feel of this page. I really like the paper choices, the great element clustering and the addition of paint is just the right touch. Plus, I love the topic of breakfast. Definitely a great memory page.

It’s Not Easy Being Green from jlholden15

This fantasy page is just absolutely adorable. There are just so many cute characters and they definitely put a smile on my face. The page has great title work and I really like the choice of word art.

Springwings from Wilma Ali

Yes, I have a second fantasy page. This one just immediately called me from the gallery and I had to include it. I love the beautiful spring colors. The page has great element clustering and I really like that art doll.

Shake Shack from Leablahblah

And now for a second food page. I really like the blended background paper. The page has great composition and gorgeous element clustering. Plus it makes great use of word art.

You Are Amazing from Annsofie

I’m excited to be including a hybrid page today. I just love this traveler’s notebook layout. I absolutely love all the patterned paper circles. I really like that great art doll and the page has such a powerful message. I had to include it.

Fulfill the Purpose… from BrightEyes

I think the photo work and color choices for this page make it a stunner. Kay did a great job with the photo extraction. And the flower element is just the right choice to finish off this excellent page.

The weekend is almost here and I hope y’all are all looking forward to Friday. I know I am. My hubby and I will be seeing Dune 2. Until next time, don’t forget to document your memories.



Finger Pointing – February 25th

Is it just me or does the weekend always seem to pass way too fast. Before the clock strikes midnight and Monday is here, I want to share with y’all just a few of the amazing layouts in the digital scrapbooking galleries.

Urban Oasis from Zanthia

This page from Zanthia just gives off such a peaceful feeling. I really love the scene that she has created here. She did a great job with the extraction and I love that kitty element she included. This is a beautiful page.

Kingdom of Frost from Grace

I can just feel the cold coming off this page. And I’m in South Florida. 🙂 The page contains beautiful element clustering  and the head piece is just gorgeous. I think this page is just fabulous.

abd from Marnel

This is such a pretty page. I love the springy color scheme. I love the paper layering behind the photo and the great element clustering.

Dinosaurs from mnjenlittle

I love a great memory page and this is definitely one. I love that so many photos have been included. I really like the  use of patterned paper and great element clusters. This is a page that will be appreciated for years to come.

Enjoy It All from Scrappie Irene

This is another great page with a wonderful springy feeling to it. Great photo masking and I really like the element clustering. I also really like the word art choices.

Emerge from svanderhaegen

I love both the use of traveler’s notebooks in layouts and I love art journal pages. This combines both so I had to include it. I love the layered notebooks and all of the gorgeous paint. This is just a wonderful page.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them and that it includes plenty of scrapping time. Remember, today is always a good day to document your memories.

Finger Pointing – February 9th

Yes, I am spending my Friday night writing a blog post. I know y’all must be jealous now. 🙂 The good news is that the galleries today were filled with amazing pages. I wish I could show them all off. I definitely recommend  y’all find some time to peruse the galleries of digiscrapping land.

The World Awaits from Ana_Santos

As an avid digital art journaler, I love a great artsy page. Lots of paint and stamps just speaks to my heart. Needless to say I immediately fell in love with this page. I love the color combination. The page has great texture and of course I love all the paint and stamps.

Heart to Heart from shellylbi

First, I want to wish a big congrats to Shelly on 55 years of marriage. Quite an achievement. I love that so many photos were included on the page. I also love the great element cluster in the bottom right corner.

Be My Valentine from ScrapaholicSherry

I absolutely love the black and white heart and couple silhouette against that fabulous, colorful background. I love the feel like they are looking into a wonderful future together.

One of a Kind from stormchaser

I always love a great memory page and this is definitely one. I also love that so many great photos are included on the page. I also really like the great use of patterned paper.

Pez Dealer from ydpuckett7

When I saw the “Pez Dealer” headline, I knew that I had to include this awesome page. I love the newspaper feel of the top layer with all the layered patterned paper underneath. And the journaling here is so good.

Strength and courage from Norma

This page is gorgeous. Great textures and wonderful element clusters. I also really love the positive message of the page. I think it’s a message we all need to hear.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don’t forget to take some pics and remember that today is a good day to scrap your memories.

Finger Pointing – January 31st

It’s the last day of January y’all. Can’t say I am sad about it. I am happy to be here sharing layouts for my first post of 2024.

Scotty Fiskars from mkcdaisy

There was no way that these cat photos could not be included in today’s post. I am in love with them. I love the great patterned paper and choices and I really  like the element choices. This page brightened my day.

Paris Dress Shop from jlhoden15

I always love a good fantasy page and this is my first great find of 2024. This is just a great scene. I feel like it takes me back in time.

Winter from Grace

I love the great color scheme used on this page. The flower clustering for the head piece is just fabulous. I also love the word art on the left side of the page.

Autumn Wood from Romajo

I absolutely love the gorgeous large photo on this page. The wonderful element clustering totally fits the page subject. And I really like the alpha choices for the title.

Love You from EllenT

This page immediately caught my eye when I saw it. I love the paper blocks. The alpha is just so fun and I think the colors fit the journaling and subject perfectly.

Kellie Castle from *sylvia*

I just love the soft feel of this page. Great use of elements. Plus I really like the photo blending on this beautiful page.

I hope you enjoyed all of these fabulous page. And I hope they helped spark your scrapping mojo. Until next time, don’t forget that today is a good day to document your memories.



Finger Pointing – December 13th

In less than three weeks, it will be 2024. Are you ready yet? I know I’m not. This will be my last post for 2023 and I’m excited to be sharing these wonderful layout with you.

Choose Joy – ClaireG

I love the artsy look of this great page from ClaireG. Such wonderful use of paint and stamps. And I love the use of elements on this page. This page has a feel that fits the title perfectly.

Hanukkah – bjc

Here is a little bit of holiday inspiration from bjc. Such wonderful element clustering and I love the patterned paper choices. And I love that so much journaling was included on the page.

Precious Memories – zepper

This is a gorgeous page from zepper. Wonderful blending and I love the frame that was created for the image. This really is another great holiday page.

Family Traditions – MirandaB

To me, this page screams Christmas. I love the traditional red and green color combination. Such great use of patterned paper and the element clusters are just gorgeous.

Shabby Holidays – veer

I absolutely love the shabby feel of this page. Just such amazing blending here. This page has a great wintery feeling.

Pip Eyes – zinzilah

When I saw this cat’s face, I knew I had to include the page. This is just such an amazing cat photo. So cute. I love the great use of word art. This page really does make me feel joy.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and check out these amazing pages. Until next time, don’t forget that today is a great day to document your memories.





Finger Pointing – November 13th

Welcome to Monday! Like Garfield, this is not my favorite day of the week. If you’re like me and not loving your Monday, maybe these awesome layouts can be a bright spot in your day.

Always be Brave by Angelique

There is so much about this layout that I love. Gorgeous element clustering and I love that there are so many butterflies on the page. I also love all the texture. I feel like I could almost reach out and feel it.

Christmas Magic by hichei

I absolutely love the borders on this page. Great use of patterned paper with the border on the left. And great element clustering on the right side of the page.

Always by BrightEyes

I love this pink and green color combination. Great use of word art on the page. And the element clustering and layering around the photo is spot on.

Fungi by Lidia G

I absolutely love all the small squares of patterned paper and the way they frame pages. The element clustering is absolutely gorgeous. And the photos are great nature shots. This is a wonderful Autumn page.

Elfin Magic by TrishD

I love a great fantasy page and I have one for you today. This is a wonderful winter scene that Trish created. The village that was created looks like such a nice place to spend a winter vacation. I especially like the art doll and Christmas tree cluster at the bottom of the page.

Pupper by Kendra

There’s nothing I love more than a layout featuring a cute puppy. They always brighten my day. I love the element cluster on the corner of the photo. I really like the use of patterned paper and the great use of paw print stamps.

I hope you have a great week ahead of you. Regardless of your plans, remember that today is a good day to document your memories.


Finger Pointing – October 31st

In my neck of the woods, today is Halloween. Personally, I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s celebration of chocolate when Halloween candy goes on sale. Until then, we can enjoy some eye candy with these amazing digiscrapping layouts.

I Wasn’t Going to Eat It from garrynkim

The cuteness here just drew me in immediately. I love the use of hexagons on the page. I also really like the corner elements on the page. And finally, I am just a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh.

November from sucali

I absolutely love the use of patterned paper on this page. I also really like the monochromatic color scheme. Plus the element cluster with the photo is great.

The Boo Crew from romajo

I could not let today pass without including some Halloween inspiration and this is the first of two. I really like the color choices for this page. The page has great element clustering. And I love that so many photos were included.

Lucky Dip from zanthia

Here’s my second bit of Halloween inspiration. I think this steampunk fantasy page just has a great Halloween vibe. I also love the element layering behind the great art dolls.

Rain Photography from bjthomas

This page contains such amazing photography that I absolutely could not pass it by. The page has great element placement and I love that paper photo mat. But the truly standout feature are the photos.

Your Story from Jeannette

This is such a beautiful page with a great vintage feel. I love the use of the notebook as a photo mat. And the element clustering is gorgeous. Such a great soft, Autumn feel.

Thank you for stopping by to check out these wonderful pages. Until next time, remember that today is a good day to document your memories.