Finger Pointing – 23rd February 2024

Hey there everyone,

Sorry I am so late, but its my Dad’s last day with us before he returns to London, so after work I spent some QT with him.

As the Winter starts to ebb away, you can feel the change in the galleries.

Anja_77 – Simple Things

Love the elegance of this and the beautiful clusters that Anja has created. The soft colour palette tones really well with the photos.

Jheri – Sunshine

The composition of this page is fantastic, all the layers and the painty mess behind the photos are perfect. I love the duplicated photo, I need to remember this! I am always a fan of a big ribbon tail! Her journaling made me smile, you can see in her photos that she loves working from home.

crazycat1126 – Winter Sunshine

I love everything about this page, the colours are just amazing and the big cluster really draws your eye into the blended / masked photo. The hill paper just works so very well. The bird stamp is a really nice finishing touch.

*sylvia* – This Doesn’t Come Easy

I am such a big fan of Sylvia’s and this page is just gorgeous. I love the simple wide striped background. The small amount of elements and papers used creates such a big impact. And the muted colour palette works perfectly with the photo.

kristalund – You Are Enough

The super adorable photos lured me in here! I love the b&w photos paired with the wonderful colour palette. The hearts all over this page are a great detail and I love how many different kinds there are.

cinderella2009 – In Life’s Big Parade

This is just such a perfect example of a digital mixed-media page. It is fabulous. The image/sketch really brings to life the quote and Cindy’s shadows are just to die for!

That’s all for me, I will see you at some point in March. I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Have a fabulous weekend and get some scrapping time in.


Finger Pointing – February 3rd.

Hey everyone Claire here,

Happy weekend to you all! I am prepping for the arrival of my Dad next week and our annual cruise = WHOOP!

I took a moment to myself to browse through the galleries and it’s such a wonderful mix of love and winter. I really like the contrast.

Joansmor – Cabin in the Woods

The elegance of this layout just makes me so happy! I love that Joan has chosen to limit her embellishments and paint to the minimum to give a lot of lovely white space so that amazing photo just shines! I love it all!

IntenseMagic – Love Bug

We rarely feature each other here at GSO, for obvious reasons, but I could not resist this layout by Jan our amazing leader. I just love her oodles of pretty patterned layers, the clusters are gorgeous and the background is a bit of a jaw-dropper and all of that before I even get to the super cute photo!!

HeatherH – Love You

I was drawn in by the amazing border that Heather has created here. Bold, bright colours work so well with the b&w photo, making it really stand out. The mix of styles and the feel of crayon, just works so well. It’s such a eye-catching page.

Cinderella – Heart


I love art journal pages. They always feel like they came from deep within someone’s imagination and heart. I really love this one, it’s so pretty, and the simple but impactful journaling or quote really works for me. The cluster around the heart balloon is so beautiful and perfectly shadowed. This page just made me feel so peaceful.

Scrapchyck – Liz

White space, but pink?! Yes please! I love the almost monochrome feel to this page. The pops of yellow and the tightly clustered focal point are so perfect here. I love the little piece of paint, anchoring the whole thing perfectly.

annachris70 – Hello Winter!

I admit it, I am a sucker for patterned paper layers! The ones on this page are amazing! I love the stack with the minimal elements, so the photos are the focal point. The sketchy/drawn border is a lovely finishing touch. I just love the feel of white space here, even though the cluster/paper stack is large-ish. Very clever.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed these layouts and will go and show these talented scrappers some love.

I’ll see you post my cruise! I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend and get some scrapping time in.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – Jan 20th


Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you are having a great weekend? I am having a great one, fun brunch this morning and now NFL playoffs and some scrapping time.

The galleries are full of gorgeousness this weekend.

immaculeah – Free Spirit

This is so beautiful. I love the nature feel to the page, really suits the photo. The stacked papers, just peeking at the bottom are a really nice touch. And I just love her big smile in the photo.

Roxana – Snow & Mulled Wine

This is incredible!! Roxana’s amazing shadows just bring the whole page alive. And the photo is amazing and perfect nestled in amongst that wonderful layered cluster. I love the scattered word strips giving you a sense of the moment captured in the photo.

Scrap-therapy – Cold Winter Days

I am a big fan of Emily’s pages. And this one is gorgeous. I love the big bright clusters that make winter and the cold feel a bit brighter and warmer. I really love the mixed alphas/words for the title, I am a sucker for these kinds of titles. The dark background with sprinkles of paint, make all the bright clusters pop even more.

estir-bune – For Like Ever

The vertical composition caught my eye here along with all that amazing paint. I love the happiness in the photo and this page. The arrow pointing at the large title is a great detail and I like the unusual photo stack.

Im44west – Sky Above

As a lover of the ocean and the peace it delivers I fell in love with this page. The cracked background is perfect and I just love the cluster under the photos. The whole thing just evokes peace.

Wombat146 – Every Woman

I know that Ona is a physical art journaler too and oh man can you see it here. The amazing background and the cluster, just feel like a physical art journal page. I feel like I could reach out and touch the butterfly. Her shadows are perfection.

I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hopefully you will get some scrapping time too.



Finger Pointing – December 16th


Happy Saturday to you all! It is my fave time of the year, NFL football all day on Saturdays! I did get a bit of crafty time this morning before the games started and I have been browsing the galleries whilst watching the game.

Jacinda – Meet and Greet

This is truly spectacular! Jacinda’s shadows are amazing and the whole composition of the page is awesome. I loved the story and the little hand holding Van Gogh. The colours and all the elements are so festive, it is a perfect Christmas page.

Sokee – Missed

I love the layers here. The messy paint, marks, and stamps behind the photos and the layered paper pieces, are perfect. The clean space really makes the embellished corner shine.

Thuria – The Not So Glamorous

I love this so much. The close-up photo is a hoot. I love all the layers and messy threads. The pop of pink is really nice and another page that uses clean space to make the embellished area the star.

Lori Ann – The Little Things

I always love beautifully blended pages. This one is stunning. I love the poem that is a perfect fit for the beautiful portrait. The soft elements, just enhance the image and compliment each other perfectly.

LilachO – Hello Winter

I love seeing designers scrap. I love this layout by Lilach, documenting her trip with her Daughter. The layered papers are so pretty behind her photo and I really love the background paper that feels like snow.

Tiffany Bodily – Frosted

I love everything about this page by Tiffany. The story about the photo is great and helps me to visualise what it must look like outside her home. I love the big white on white cluster and the layered frames are a perfect detail.

That’s all from me, please go and show these talented scrappers some love.

Happy Holidays to you all, I hope you have a magical time with your family and friends and get some scrapping time in over this holiday season.

See you in 2024.

Claire x



Finger Pointing – November 18, 2023

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a great weekend so far. I have been out doing all the things today, including having an early dinner with our good friends.

I like to wait until a bit later on a Saturday to browse the galleries, gives everyone a chance to settle into the weekend and get to scrapping lol!

Kiana – A True Original

I am a big fan of Kiana’s pages. They are always so colourful and as a lover of colour I always admire her use of it. I love the flow of this page and the awesome use of paint. Her shadows are perfect and the circular photo fits so well in the big cheerful cluster.

Omlialie – LO595 Winter2011

This is absolutely stunning! The dark background just leads your eye to all the bright photos and elements. I love the skates dangling off of the branch and her use of the paint and the snowflakes is amazing.

*Sylvia* – Sierra de gaddor

I love the snowy feel of this page and the story behind the photos. The shadows are perfect and the muted palette with the pops of pink is lovely.

Im44west – Postcard

I love the softness of this page. The layered papers with a small amount of elements is great and the white frame makes the photo really stand out.

Seattle Sherri – Baby

This is amazing by Sherri! I love the burst effect here and the wonderful neutrals. As always her cluster is amazing, the shadows are perfect and so full of little elements and ribbon. I really love the stitches in the background.

I want to end today with a special mention for Evelyn and her page. She is battling cancer, she is an avid scrapper, and just an all-round wonderful person. I can’t remember a time in my scrapping journey when Evelyn hasn’t left me a wonderful, complimentary comment on my pages. We do not know each other IRL, but I feel that we would get along fabulously if we did! This page from Evelyn has so much emotion and the B&W photo of her new look is beautifully fragile but shows the steel in her character for taking it and sharing it. I love the grungy feel of the page, softened with the beautiful cluster.

EvelynD2 – Peace

I hope you will show these wonderfully talented scrappers some love, enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you are in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving next week.

Claire x


Finger Pointing – Nov 4th

Hi everyone,

I had a bit of a break to celebrate my 50th birthday and to go back to London for a visit.

Sorry I am so late today, I am in Sloth mode, but I am excited to be back and the galleries are buzzing right now.

AZK – First Snow

I love everything about this, the colour palette, the amazing photo and the flow of the page. The crisp foliage behind the photo is really lovely and I really like the scattered flowers.

Kjersti – Grateful

I am a huge fan of Kjersti’s pages and this one is amazing! Her clusters are stunning and I really love the mixed title, such a nice touch that draws your eye into it. The soft colours work really well with the happy photo.

Leablahblah – Fangtastic

Love Lea’s costume, she looks amazing, I am a big fan of dressing up for halloween. I really love the amount of bats on her page and that beautiful darker patterned paper. The whole page is gorgeous!

Marijke – Thankful for This

I love wild mushrooms, I am thrilled when I find them in my garden! I love the simple elegance of this and the muted, but strong background colour making the beautiful photos pop.

Ga_L – Loving Moments Like This

Gaelle’s pages are always gorgeous. This one is wonderful, I love the flow and the semi monochromatic colour palette, just a pop of blue to match the photo, so lovely.

Wombat146 – Enjoy the Mess

This just leapt out at me, Ona really did an fantastic job with this page. I love the background, leading you to the amazing cluster. The muted colour palette is wonderful, it really makes the cluster standout.

I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you soon.


Finger Pointing – August 26th

Hello and Happy Saturday to you!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far? Are you ready for a little snapshot of the loveliness that is happening in the galleries right now?

Kythe – O2 Solace

This is simply stunning! I love the amazing blending and the vellum text. I am not a very good blender lol. So when I see pages like this I am drawn to them. Everything about this is perfection for me, the colour palette, the blending, the text overlay, just perfect.

Jaye – This Girl

Oh the happy face on her dog! I love it! The small but full cluster is lovely and the colours are wonderful. I really like the blended papers in the background and I am a sucker for a doily!

Thuria – Enjoy

The happy smiling photos are making me smile too. I love the painty messy layers under the photos and the sketchy kraft frames are a great detail. You know I love a big bow, so the one here made me super happy, especially with the perfect shadow.

dotcomkari – The Good Visit

This is such a beautiful page. I like all the clean, white space that makes all the rest of the page pop! I am also in love with the simple b&w colour palette with the pops of green. Her journaling is so good and really tells the story of this happy time. The use of all the wordart is great and enhances her storytelling.

AJM – Mijmeren

I really love that this is a pocket page, but not in the traditional sense of one. The grungy layers are amazing and I love that the window is the hero of her story. The muted colours with the pops of black really make for an impactful layout.

HeatherH – Spring is in the Air

I love the giant cluster with the frame and the photo all nestled in it. The colours just leap out at you and scream spring. The mix of flowers and foliage is perfect. I really love the big stamp in the background and the leafy background paper making the neutral paper pop. Such a pretty springy layout.

I hope you enjoyed my wander through the galleries and will go and show these talented scrappers some love. I am off to power wash the front of my house and then get to scrapping, I hope you find time to scrap this weekend too. Until next time.