Finger Pointing – August 26th

Hello and Happy Saturday to you!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far? Are you ready for a little snapshot of the loveliness that is happening in the galleries right now?

Kythe – O2 Solace

This is simply stunning! I love the amazing blending and the vellum text. I am not a very good blender lol. So when I see pages like this I am drawn to them. Everything about this is perfection for me, the colour palette, the blending, the text overlay, just perfect.

Jaye – This Girl

Oh the happy face on her dog! I love it! The small but full cluster is lovely and the colours are wonderful. I really like the blended papers in the background and I am a sucker for a doily!

Thuria – Enjoy

The happy smiling photos are making me smile too. I love the painty messy layers under the photos and the sketchy kraft frames are a great detail. You know I love a big bow, so the one here made me super happy, especially with the perfect shadow.

dotcomkari – The Good Visit

This is such a beautiful page. I like all the clean, white space that makes all the rest of the page pop! I am also in love with the simple b&w colour palette with the pops of green. Her journaling is so good and really tells the story of this happy time. The use of all the wordart is great and enhances her storytelling.

AJM – Mijmeren

I really love that this is a pocket page, but not in the traditional sense of one. The grungy layers are amazing and I love that the window is the hero of her story. The muted colours with the pops of black really make for an impactful layout.

HeatherH – Spring is in the Air

I love the giant cluster with the frame and the photo all nestled in it. The colours just leap out at you and scream spring. The mix of flowers and foliage is perfect. I really love the big stamp in the background and the leafy background paper making the neutral paper pop. Such a pretty springy layout.

I hope you enjoyed my wander through the galleries and will go and show these talented scrappers some love. I am off to power wash the front of my house and then get to scrapping, I hope you find time to scrap this weekend too. Until next time.


Finger Pointing – August 12, 2023

Hey everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. It is spicy hot here in Tampa right now, so inside is the place to be! Which has given me ample gallery browsing time.

EmStafrace – Beauty is an Attitude

I’m kicking off with a designer shoutout. I love it when designers scrap, it provides so much inspiration and they are usually very talented scrappers. Em is a super talented designer and scrapper. I am a huge fan of her shadows, which are beyond perfection in this layout. I love how all the elements are layered and stacked to provide amazing dimension to the page. Beautiful.

garrynkim – This is Me!

I love Kim’s work and this bright, happy page just leapt out at me! I love how the colour palette she has used coordinates perfectly with her awesome back to school outfit! The little rainbow/heart clusters are gorgeous.

keepscrappin – Stay Wild Moonchild

The flow of the page grabbed me first, as it feels so delicate. Then that brilliant pop of colour coming from the yellow flowers is really a wonderful and unexpected touch. This page is so beautiful. I love the contrast with the sepia photo and the rich colours and textures on the page.

geek_girl – All of Me

I love the messy layers under her photo, they are perfect, all messy and uneven. The trailing scatter is a great detail. The big-ish flowers are awesome and really lead your eye to the photo. This page just really made me smile, it’s so seemingly messy, but really well-structured.

Dady – Explore

Another page that has fabulous layers. I love the mix of colours and textures on this page. The extracted / split photo is really lovely, I really like this as a technique. The little camera element and the little pops of red are perfect finishing touches.

NHDesignz – Me

Ok, what can I say?! This is absolutely blowing my mind. The LAYERS!! The layers are amazing and I love the series of photos in black & white just popping off of all the rich colour behind them. The one big frame is awesome, I love a big frame. I love everything about this page, there is so much for the eye to feast on.

I hope you enjoyed my picks and will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, if you are in Florida be careful out there it is HOT.

See you soon.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – 8th July

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a fabulous Summer so far and are finding time to scrap, shop and view the galleries.

I have been really loving the galleries right now, I am finding them to be a huge source of inspiration.

rdjrneace – Noel

I love a grid layout and this is gorgeous. The cute pictures of their fur baby and with her Dad too. The little mini clusters are wonderful. The whole page just feels so festive and I love it.

CindyB – Something Beautiful

Isn’t this beautiful? The sidewalk flower with the perfect quote. Cindy has been so creative here with the cut out text and the different fonts. The one chevron with the image, really is a spectacular piece of detail and I am swooning a bit at the stitching..

Dady – Good Times

This leapt out at me, I love the softness of the background and all the elements used. It really makes the darker frames standout and draws your eye to the photo. The tiny bits of yellow and coral just add even more interest to this pretty layout.

ydpuckett7 – First Day of School

WOW! What an impactful page. The background is perfect for this theme and really makes all the elements pop. Can we talk about ALL THOSE ELEMENTS!! This must have taken so long, with all the fantastic shadows and the nonchalant placing of the elements, which we all know meant that she rearranged them a million times lol. It’s just stunning and a perfect way to showcase the happy photo.

Imwest44 – Be Strong

Today at breakfast I saw a lady who looked exactly like the lady in the photograph!! I was admiring her and I was thinking how strong she looked and then I saw this layout, basically bringing my thoughts to life!! I love the simple elegance here, letting the photo shine with minimal elements and the few that have been used are perfect for this page. The crown is such a wonderful touch.

AnaSantos – Remember

Ana’s blending skills are something that I have been in awe of for such a long time. This is a wonderful example of how talented she is. The image, papers, paints, etc are brought together so well and the small additional elements add a teeny bit of depth to the page. I love the quote and the mixed fonts she has used to bring it to life. Stunning.

That’s all for me today, please go and show these talented scrappers some love. I won’t be back until August, July is a crazytown month for me!

Have a wonderful weekend, keep scrapping.

Claire x



Finger Pointing – June 17th

Hi there everyone!

Hope you are all having a fun weekend that includes some scrapping time.

I am enjoying the start to the long weekend and having some QT with my family and at my desks, I also enjoyed a nice peruse through the galleries.

svanderhaegen – It’s The Little Things

I love the colour palette here, the neutral background with the pops of yellow and green, it’s lovely. I like the flow too, the layering of all the paper pieces, with the photos peeking out. I’m also a big fan of a ‘bottom’ cluster, sometimes in a white space page, it adds an anchor point to your page, as it does so well here.

Mother Bear – Daddy

What a stunning page! It is so rich and fun, I love everything about it. The b&w photos pop out from the colourful ‘nest’ they are in. The clusters are amazing and I love all the cogs and additional elements tucked in. What a great way to celebrate Dad.

Iowan – 2023 Venice

The blending here is amazing! I love how the paper just naturally feels like part of the image. Take a closer look and you will see ‘June’ in the sky, wonderful detail. The cluster with Venice is awesome, I love magazine letters, they can give you a really funky look, perfect here for the sassy, happy photo.

Hilary – Learner’s Permit

I love the vertical layout. His smile is one that is very fresh in my mind having got my US Learner’s Permit in 2021! I love the way that she has used alphas to spell ‘Learner’s’ it’s a great pop of colour and fits the happy nature of the page. I also love the long stitch, holding everything in place.

SanVHM – Living my Zest life

If you know me, you know I can’t resist a pun, so this made me LOL. I love the layers here, the pops of yellow and red are really nice. I love the sketchy lemon and the placement, feeling like it is on the edge of a glass. The clean ‘white’ space is perfect too, so that the image and all the elements shine.

Stephc777 – Together

Such a cute photo I love it! The cluster around the frame is fabulous and her shadows are perfect. I love all the pattern mixing and the perfect layering of the papers. The big wide strip anchoring the photo and the cluster is great. I really love her title work too, I love overlapping letters for some reason!

Hope you have enjoyed these layouts and will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Have a great weekend and see you next time.

Claire x




Finger Pointing – June 3rd

Hi everyone!

Sorry I am super late today, I have to confess I was busy having a fun day and time ran away with me, as I was having all the fun!

Lynnette – New Car Love

That smile! I know that smile, the one where life is sweet and you just got a new car. Such a happy photo. And I love the way that Lynnette has ensured that the elements used just to enhance the photo, not mask it. I am a big fan of the cloud-like font for ‘new car’ such a perfect detail. I name everything too, so the fact that Zach’s car has a name too made me SO happy – my car is a He and his name is Benny.

Tativero – Big Girls Don’t Cry

This is so powerful. The colours are so strong and that broken/torn photo is just perfect with the word strips. I love the cluster, with tears in it, so moving. And finally her shadows are amazing.

*sylvia* – Salty Air

Sylvia is the queen of elegance for me. This is just so simple and elegant and 100% stunning! Love the bold striped paper, making the blues in the photo pop. And her selection of the perfect elements to ‘frame’ her photo.

Kythe – 52 Inspirations

I was blown away the minute I saw this! It’s gorgeous and I love that it feels like it has several layers, her blending is so so good. The gesso overlay is just perfection, a great way to add in some texture.

Caapmun – Early Morning

I love everything about this. The amazing photo and the treatment and blending to just make it even more amazing! The scattered paint nestled hearts are wonderful and if that wasn’t enough the scripty title is so right for this page, every detail is perfection.

Romajo – Into the Unknown

Another layout using a bold background paper and I am totally into it! I love the large clusters framing the photos, so full and I am a sucker for twine! I love the colour palette too it feels really fresh.

That’s all from me, I hope you will leave these talented scrappers some love and are inspired to create. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Claire x



Fingerpointing May 21st

Hi everyone and happy Sunday to you all!

I hope you have had a great weekend and if the weather is good where you are have managed to get some vitamin d alongside your scrapping time!

Txcorey – Flower Girl (right)


I have never done this before – featured a double page layout – but this is so unbelievably gorgeous I had to! I love absolutely everything about it. The stunning photographs, the beautiful colour palette that suits Hallie’s outfit, the clusters are gorgeous and so full and perfectly shadowed. If you look carefully, there are layered papers all throughout the pages, just amazing work and I love it.

Marnel – By The Seashore

I love Marnel’s pages, they are always amazing and this one is no exception. I love the sea-themed kit that she has used, with that fabulous cutout/template and the happy photo of her just completes it. The ring of words is inspired and I need to remember that! I can’t stop looking at the amazing cluster, full of seashore-related items, just perfect and makes me want to hit the beach!

Vrielinkie – My Funny, Trusted, Faithful, Selfless, Honest Sidekick

I love the title, such a creative way of honoring someone special in your life. The photo is super cute and because it is b&w it makes the wonderful butterflies pop! I love the butterflies, they are so unexpected here and work so well. Gorgeous page.

Amien1 – Nap all day

I LOL at the journaling here. Cooper really is a cutie pie when he is sleeping. I love the composition of this page, the wonderful paper strips down the side, and the stacked, layered elements creating loose clusters. The photo is gorgeous and the colour palette works really well with all the elements, I love big photo pages especially when they are so beautifully adorned like this one.

Nia – Kolloseum

Sometimes clean white space is what you need to make the subject shine. This is a really wonderful example of that. The thing for me that makes this so wonderful, is the shadow work on the photo, the little bit of texture at the bottom of the page and the fold/tear in the middle. All great details, that enhance the image and don’t detract from it. CAS at it’s finest.

Rachel Jefferies – Carreg Cennen Castle

As most of you know Rachel is a designer of some of the most beautiful kits out there. And here at GSO we try not to ‘promote kits’ etc, but every now and then when a designer scraps I can’t resist featuring them! And let’s face it, they are scrappers too! I love the flow of this page by Rachel, it is stunning, it is leading the eye to the pretty photo at the end of that trail and I love it. I am a big fan of threads and twine and they are used so well here. I really love the colour palette Rachel has chosen here, the orange really pops and anchors the start of that wonderful trail.

I really hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love and that their pages inspire you to create your own beautiful pages.

Happy Scrapping until next time.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – May 13th


Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you are having a great weekend and have found some scrapping time.

My mojo has been off this week, so the galleries are particularly inspiring me right now, helping me to get back to my scrapping desk!

Sucali – Inverdoorn

This really leapt out at me! I love the b&w photos on kraft and the foliage circle around the Lion is just wonderful. The simple title is perfect for this layout. It is so elegant, letting the amazing photos shine.

Tree City – My Happy Place

Another layout that lets the photo shine. I just love everything about this. The painty edges and the subtle wordart. And of course who could resist that adorable face!

RJMJ – Exhausted

Girl I can relate! I love this, it is so full of emotion and a really great example of digital art journaling. Her shadows are amazing and I just love the depth the whole page has.

Garrynkim – Payton

The flow of this page is wonderful. I really love the colour mix here, it feels really fresh. Her shadows are fabulous and I really like the painty edges and brush work throughout.

Carrie1977 – Let Your Dreams Blossom

This is just amazing!! I am just stunned by it! I can’t stop looking at it. Everything is perfect, the limited colour palette, the messy stitching with all that splatter = swoon. And don’t get me started on the perfectly placed and shadowed butterflies. I love it so very much. And the final touch of the little cluster that frames and anchors the photo is lovely.

Cherrygutz – Mom Wife Tired

I am not a Mum, but I am a tired wife LOL. This made me happy, I love the different emotions at play here, beautifully framed with the wonderful clusters. I love the abundance of tiny flowers and the stacked pattern mixed papers. Another layout with perfect shadow work. The photo of Cherry and her Daughter is lovely and I love how all the colours on the page tone with their outfits.

That’s all from me this week, I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Wishing you a very lovely and scrappy weekend. Until next time. x

Claire x