Finger Pointing – Aug 7th

Well hello there!!

It has been a while for me! A lot has happened since I was last here! I managed to go to London and see my friends and family, it was super emotional (I cry at EVERYTHING). AND now Hubby and I are in the midst of the chaotic hell on wheels that is us packing up our apartment for our move to Tampa – EEEP and YAY all at once.

During this busy period, I have found the galleries and my digi friends a great source of comfort and inspiration.

Umyesh – Braids

This just leapt out at me! Firstly I am a huge pattern mixing fan and so I love the mix here. Also, doesn’t the template just look like braids to you?! I love that trick of the eye! I also love the large eye-catching title and the fact that the full-length photo is b&W. Another fave thing of mine, is use of a dark background and it’s great here, that it’s a dark textured grey, making all the colours pop.

Amandaresende – This is Who I am

I love a celebration of ‘me’ layout. As scrappers sometimes we are so busy celebrating our people that we forget about ourselves!! I love absolutely everything about this, the messy painty stack is wonderful. I love that the bulk of the layout is b&w with all the little elements and some of the paint adding little pops of colour. I really love the use of all the different bits of wordart, I really would love to be able to do this and have it not look like I tried too hard, here it looks and feels effortless (obviously it wasn’t..).

Romajo – I Sure Do Love You

The soft, gentle feel of this page really spoke to me. I love the colour palette. Again another wonderful use of multiple pieces of wordart, they complement each other so well. I am also a big fan of a mini cluster, it has added so much detail to this page, but in a really small space, which I love. The happy Dad & Daughter photo just made me glad that I recently got to spend a lot of qt with my Dad, who I sure do love.

Sylvia – Today

I am a HUGE fan of Sylvia’s work. Her clean elegant style always serves as great inspiration for me and I love just scrolling through her galleries. This page made me smile – the joy at being at school in the photo – I do believe that was me when I was a child! It is purely accidental, but the majority of my chosen layouts today appear to have an abundance of wordart, perfectly used to complement each other. The way Sylvia has used them here is perfection and I love that teeny tiny little school bus brad anchoring that top left cluster! The circle wordart and paint, really finish of this page nicely and the subtlely striped background was a great choice.

Eve11ne – Sweet Smiles

This page was so appropriately named! It made me smile the instant I saw it. I love the layering here and all the glorious pattern mixing and AGAIN me and my love of multiple pieces of wordart – I promise it has all been accidental. I love the bright happy colour palette, toned done with some softer colours. The thing that caught my eye was all the little elements scattered throughout, the camera, heart, star to name a few, they are perfect and suit the happy smiley theme of the page. Can we also just take a moment to rejoice in the scatter at the bottom of the page – it’s a thing of joy for me!

Cathquillscrap – Happy Camping

I am not a camper, but I can appreciate the joy of getting to go on vacation again! And I love that Cath’s page feels so outdoorsy. I love that she has blended out a piece of scripty paper to add a little accent to her page. The central clustering of the photo, elements and journaling is really lovely and makes the page feel so fresh and clean. Another wonderful example of pattern mixing going on here and I love it.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be back next month FROM TAMPA!! WHOOP. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – July 2


Welcome to July! If you are based in the USA, I wish you a Happy 4th of July and hope you have a fun weekend planned.. I know I do!

I really enjoyed my browse through the galleries last night, as always SO much to choose from!

Cherylndesigns – Kindhearted

I am SO not good at pocket pages, I keep trying though. I LOVE everything about this, it is just so lovely. The art journal feel to it and the amazing shadow work, just make it feel so alive. The colour palette totally suits the message of being kind and inclusive, it has a warm, friendly and relaxed air. Just stunning!

Roxana – Travel The World

I love planes, but I hate to fly and I just LOVE the angle of this photo and the fact that there is no destination, you could be going anywhere. The paint, little cluster and little paper pieces are perfect and add additional pops of colour and detail. It makes me want to go somewhere (fortunately I am soon..).

Saar – Sunkissed

I am a big fan of Sarah’s – her cluster work is always amazing and her shadows are swoon worthy. I love her clusters here, so pretty and all the cute, fun little summer elements tucked into them. I really like the gradient background, feels like summer. The colour palette just screams sunkissed and I love the happy photos. It’s just gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at it.

Romajo – These are The Moments

I have a weakness for dark backgrounds and this one is wonderful, so full of texture that it makes everything on it just pop. The big white frame and the happy photo are wonderful. The paint, sequins, glitter and messy marks just add to the feel of texture on the page. I love that she tucked a little camera in behind the flower. It’s just all so happy and carefree.

Sylvia – Tech You So Much

Seeing Sylvia’s layouts always make me happy, they are so clean. I love the theme of this page and the detailed photos. The grid background makes the whole page clean but adds an elegant tech element. The broken paper piece/frame is cool and I love how the photos are layered in behind it.

Tiffany Bodily – Summer Story

This is so soft and makes me feel at peace, as if I were on the beach shown. The limited elements are used for maximum impact and I love the little cluster with the flower and the word art centre. The paint and scatter anchor everything perfectly. The colour palette is wonderful and I think a bit unusual for a Summer page, which I really like.

I hope you find some time over this holiday weekend to show these talented scrappers some love and visit the galleries. I won’t be back until August, as I am finally – after 18 months, going back to London to see my family – there will be a lot of hugs, tears and laughter (and selfies!) – I can’t wait. Thanks for joining me and Happy 4th.



Finger Pointing – June 19th

Hey everyone!

Can you believe we are halfway through June already?! 2021 is whipping by. I am in a state of excitement, as soon I am heading to London to see my family after 18months of no travel! Hubby is returning from his trip to London today, so I spent a glorious Friday night browsing all the galleries.

Sharonbertolino – D is for Dad

The photo immediately caught my eye. Such a fun and happy moment captured. I LOVE that Sharon has overlaid the brush/stamp over the image and that the image blends out of the frame into the wonderfully textured paper. This page makes me so happy with it’s clean feel, but it still has so many lovely details.

wvsandy – Your Way

I am a sucker for a kitty cat layout, being a cat momma myself! I love this so much, the grungy background and paint, with all the torn paper pieces and pops of colour, it’s perfect. I love the little butterfly, it makes me think that the featured kitty might be watching butterflies out of the window!

Leablahblah – Lake Life

This leapt out of the gallery at me and it is no surprise, as I am a HUGE fan of Lea’s work. I love the colours of this page, so rustic, but fresh too. All the little details just bring it to life, the fish, the stitching, the Dragonflies. The large central cluster is amazing, the shadows here are just wow. I love the bold title popping against that background that reminds me of a lakeside cabin.

AmieN1 – Hey Tough Girl

YES! For tough, strong girls. This is wonderful, I love all the paint and scattered sequins and stars. The layering here is so good and obviously as it’s me, I am loving the big flower cluster, I think it adds an unexpected girly touch to the page. The use of word art is so good, it supports the journaling perfectly. I love the black & white photo in the weathered frame, again it totally suits the theme and I like that the colour used is minimal, a tough girl page needs tough girl colours!

Laura ODonnell – Last Day of School

What a fun page! I love the large month vellum sheet, it’s so fun! The big bold paper at the top, with the sneak of another clashing pattern underneath, made me so happy – I do love pattern mixing and it is used as a really clever device here to break up the page, with the added wonky stitching. I love Laura’s happy face, she seems happier about the end of school than her son LOL.

ArmyGrl – WhatWorks

Another person I am a HUGE fan of – Lisa aka ArmyGrl, she has always been so kind and supportive of me. This page just blew me away, I love that floating photo, that feels like it is floating, but doesn’t look unanchored, because of the way it touches the paint and the 2 teeny tiny flowers next to and on it. The cluster is wonderful and unusual and I keep finding new elements in it! The use of paint is perfect, just the right amount to keep it unfussy, but adding a bit of interest and some additional colour.

That is all from me today, please so these talented ladies some love if you get a chance. Enjoy your weekend, I hope you find some time to scrap and relax. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

See you in July from LONDON – YAY!!!

Claire x





Finger Pointing – May 29th

Well hello there!!

Can you believe that May is nearly over?! It only seems like 5 mins ago I was prepping for the madness of iNSD, which I LOVED.

This week has been a bit crazy at work, so not as much time for gallery browsing, but I did take some time on Friday evening to look at all the pretties out there.

cfile – Rememberance

I love Poppies and the way that Christa has blended this field of Poppies and added the ones in the photo strip is just stunning! I love that she overlaid the photos with Poppy elements and that wonderful border just frames it all so well.

Umyesh – Softball

This is amazing! The sketchy treatment of the photo is perfect for a Softball themed page, it is so clever and I LOVE the framing of the image, it totally replicates an actual softball (I think). The title work is wonderful and the background paper totally suits the sketchy feel of the page.

Sheana – My People

You know I am a sucker for clusters, layering, and pattern mixing. All done beautifully here! I love the wonderful photo of Sheana and her family with that hilarious word strip – yes to the crazy times. I really like that she used scrabble tiles for her main title, which fits the mixed-up crazy feel of her page. The abundance of sequins makes my sequin loving heart so very happy. The four little owls to represent her family is a lovely, sweet and thoughtful touch.

nun69 – Diva Weekend

The minute I saw Diva Weekend, I was hooked. Angela has totally captured the essence of her ‘Diva Weekend’ with this page. I love the rich colours and all the elements tucked in that show what happened and what they did over the course of the weekend. I am always so nervous when creating clusters and Angela is such a wizard at it, there are big ones and small ones all over this page, I love that. And let’s not forget about the GORGEOUS, happy photos. Looks like the Diva’s had a great weekend.

SarahShades – Birthday Shenanigans

This is so bright and happy and YAY for that. I love the bright colours, kept in a small area of the page, so they totally pop off of the white background. The title work is lovely and the little splatter of paint and beads finishes it off so nicely.

Kate Earley – Let’s Take a Dip in the Ocean

Another happy, cheerful page. I really love the colour palette here and the use of triangles. Superb pattern mixing and use of word strips and teeny elements. Again, the white background makes all the patterns and elements pop. It makes me want to take a dip in the ocean.

Aren’t they all gorgeous? No theme for my picks this time out, just all gorgeous layouts by these super talented ladies. Please if you have time during this long weekend, show them some love.

Have a great long weekend and I will see you again in June.


Finger Pointing – May 8th

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a good weekend, a bit of a later post for me today, but this week has been so busy. I haven’t had a chance to explore the galleries fully. I did that this morning and it was so nice to just take a moment to appreciate all the beautiful pages out there.

Mom2jackaia – Autumn is in The Air 

I love the big bold patterned paper used here and the created pocket of white space that draws the eye towards the photo. I’m drooling over the two gorgeous clusters, full of little elements and flowers. This bright, fall-inspired page is simply stunning, and using a b&w photo just makes it stand out against the bright colours.

SanVHM – Fabulous View

What’s not to love about this fabulous page! The way that the photo has been blended into the paper really makes me feel like it’s actually just a giant photo. I really love the messy marks and threads and the simple frame that pulls it all together. The wordart is totally appropriate and I agree it is all just fabulous. I love it when digital pages feel like paper / physical art journals.

iScrap – Write your own Narrative

This just leapt out at me. The gorgeous rich colours are just so eye-catching and that ‘dreamcatcher’ with the photo nestling in it, is perfection, especially with all the little paper pieces woven into it, so clever. I like the paper repetition throughout the page, it brings it all together nicely. I am a big fan of paper stacking and different edging. Jen has really shown how impactful stacking and edging can be, using them slightly differently, so they are not fully uniform. Both the clusters are wonderful and I like the little elements tucked into them (stars, arrows, etc,). I am such a sucker for gold, so the use of gold throughout this page made me very happy.

Tinci – Green Thumb

I miss having access to a garden, so I love pages like this one that celebrate the joys of getting outside and playing in the dirt. This beautiful page caught my eye because of the wonderful cluster work, loving how that flourish/thread is woven through the flowers and the bow. The lovely soft colour palette is perfect for the topic and the green in the leaves adds a bolder colour, helping the softer flowers pop. I am always a fan of a giant title that is perfectly anchored like this one here.

alannabanana – Rise & Shine

This photo is amazing, the cheeky look on her face! I love it. As you probably know by now I can’t resist a dark background. This one is wonderful, with a teeny bit of texture to give it a lift and it just makes all the brighter elements pop. I like that the clusters are small, but have bigger flowers in them, this is a really nice touch, they are dominant, but not overpowering. As ever I love that there are different elements tucked into the papers and around the clusters, mixing it all up and fitting the theme of ‘rise & shine’.

AmaneseFe – Zeus

Now I don’t know Zeus personally, but in this photo, he looks adorable and like butter wouldn’t melt, not at all ‘bad to the bone’ LOL. I love absolutely everything about this page, the grungy painty feel, the awesome b&w photo, the layering of the papers with the addition of a clever doodle that highlights ‘best friend’, stapling the frame to these gorgeous layers adds another nice detail. And of course, the beautiful clusters – the flower one with the hydrant made me laugh – the way that the title has been created, it feels like a second cluster to me, so wonderfully clever and fun.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful pages as much I as did. Please leave them some love if you have some time. Have a wonderful weekend, browsing the galleries and scrapping. See you soon.



Finger Pointing – April 19th

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I have had a few days off, so had a super long weekend, which is BLISS! I have been enjoying the galleries this weekend, so much gorgeousness out there!

shunnstergirl – Sunny Spring Day 

Spring is just bursting out of this page! I love everything about it. The bright Spring colours just pop off of the darker background. The two big clusters are just amazing, with so much detail in them, and I just love the white outline leaves and flowers. The photo is great and I love how everything frames it / leads the eye to it. Just a super happy page.

Heidi Nicole – New Hair

I love absolutely everything about this! I am a big fan of layering and pattern mixing and I really like the fact that Heidi’s background consists of x3 pieces. I love all the little details, the charm, the fabric trim, the sequins, and the use of the wonderful decorative edges. The flowers, foliage and butterflies in little mini clusters here and there is great – I am not brave enough yet for multiple mini clusters! I really like the idea of using a pocket that separates the in-progress and after photos, it adds a lovely balance to the page. I am a big fan of dark backgrounds, especially if the rest of the page has bright colours that just pop off of it. I can feel Heidi’s joy at her new hairdo and chapstick!

lovemuffin – Bug Hunt

I can totally relate! I think Bugs/Insects are fascinating – until they move! LOL. They are often bright, pretty colours, which is totally shown on this wonderfully clever page. I am a sucker for big, beautiful clusters and the ones here are amazing! The shadow work and the way that the foliage in the clusters feel like they are part of the photo. The glossy alpha is perfect for this page – is it me or does the shine of it make you think of a bug too?! Another wonderful example of pattern mixing and using a darker background so that all the bright colours grab you. The little details are great, the ant trails, the nets and the cute little cricket, just made me feel the fun of a bug hunt (although, honestly, I am never going on one..).

wvufan04 – Easy Peasy

A very routine flu-shot trip has been turned into a bold, fun page. I love the bright leaves and stamps and the fact that the brad and the heart pick up the mask colours from the photo, the heart is great and adds a bit of unexpected texture. I don’t use enough stamps/marks, this page has given me some great inspiration. It is also a great example of how using a darker background with some texture in it can lift a page and really make the bold elements shine.

Crazycat1126 – My Sunshine

This is just stunning! It’s so simple but so full of energy. I love how Cat has used the paint and it’s so perfectly blended into the background. The flower centre in the sun is amazing and so clever and just one of those little details that make a page. I don’t know why, but I really love chevrons and the patterned stitched ones here are great and draw your eye to the photo. I know that the background isn’t darker, but the subtle pattern and shades of blue ensure that the bright painty goodness leaps out at you and it ties in so well with the sunshine/sky theme.

Dodgeladee – 1905 Singer

I love this page so much. My first sewing machine was a 1950’s singer, very similar in style to this one! I love the framing of the photo, it feels like an embroidery hoop and the stitched fabric hearts just tie the whole sewing theme together. For me the mini ‘hoop’ around the close-up of the machine, with the beautiful flower cluster, made of different types of fabric is the most perfect detail, it’s so creative. The final clever and pretty touch is the chalkboard style background, look carefully and you’ll see a few crafty elements in there. Again using a darker background here makes the few bright elements (stitching and flowers) stand out.

I accidentally ended up with a ‘dark background’ theme, I hope you enjoyed this theme and these beautiful pages as much as I did. If you have time, please show these talented scrappers some love. I will be spending the rest of my day off today leisurely browsing through the galleries. See you next month.


Finger Pointing – April 8th

Hey everyone!

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining, it has been glorious here in NYC all week.

The galleries are alive with smiles and happiness – for me, it just feels like the joys of Spring, are infusing our work, with all of us emerging from Winter into the light and sun.

Flowersgal – April2021 Scraplift

I just want to be there! I love the simple elegance of letting the photo shine and Patsy’s blending is perfection, with the mini palm tree extraction just making the whole thing for me.

mrsashbaugh – Sunshine

I mean that smile is just pure sunshine! And Mary’s beautiful clusters are just a perfect complement to that smile. I love that there are a variety of other elements tucked into the clusters – a bike, bunting, butterflies, so so pretty. And as a sucker for pattern mixing, I love all the subtle patterned papers mixed in here.

Lou Smith – Castles in the Sand

This is just so calming, another place I would happily be right now! Another layout that lets the photo do the majority of the work, with just a subtle cluster, paint, and frame to add a teeny bit more detail. Which just draws me further into the awesome photo.

Tracy Welham – Selfie with my Dog

The most perfect selfie, enhanced by the whole page being monochrome! Fergus is gorgeous and his expression makes me smile too! Again I love the simplicity and with a small amount of detailing perfectly done – love the paw prints and the camera clip.

Janisn – Wk1_Alateeshamoore

At first glance, I was just swooning at what a perfect piece of art journaling this is. Then I saw the Fox holding a lead in his mouth and I had to LOL – such great humour. I love everything about this, the colours are so rich, popping off of the grey background and I really like the sentiment, with the big flower on the left feeling like it is anchored to the F.

Sucali – Reset

Another photo full of wonderful smiles and the joy just spills out of it. I love the quote, perfectly suited to this page. The colour palette is lovely, so soft, and with the addition of pattern mixing all the elements complement the photo so well.

I hope these talented scrappers made you smile too. Please show them some love if you have time and take a little wander through the galleries. Happy scrapping until next time.

Claire x