Finger Pointing – June 18th

Hi everyone!

I have been a bit awol the last week, as my bestie is here from London, so I have been spending time with her and not at my computer. It has been a lot of fun, bar the spider incident earlier today…

Vrielinkie – Wild Thing

Isn’t this gorgeous! I love the patchwork heart, using all those fun patterns in one tone of coral! Creating the title using a lyric and ‘wild’ alphas is a wonderful touch and the shadow work is perfect. I also like the patchwork background, but using more neutral colours and patterns, to let the heart shine!

Carrie1977 – 100 Percent This

I am a big fan of Carrie’s work; this just jumped out at me! I love the painty, background – the colours are so nice and soft, I really like all the little bits and bobs included – hearts, stars, words, etc. Her layers are lovely, with the small cluster at the front and lots of little elements tucked into her layers. I like that her message is made up of a mixture of journal card and wordbits.

Kiana – A March Muse

I am just fan-girling all over the place today! Kiana’s work always inspires me and I also use her shadow pack for my layouts 🙂 I love the colours here, such a wonderful mix of patterns, but again using the same main colour and using all the possible tones, so pretty. I love the use of Hexagons here, I’m a hexie fan. I love the message here of being your own muse and the photos and the words really tie that message together.

iScrap – Love and Coffee

It’s no secret I love coffee, I had to give up caffeine in January, but I have found some tasty decaf, so it’s all good. I love coffee-themed layouts and I really love the rich colours here and all the fun little clusters that have a mixture of flowers, wordart, hearts and coffee-themed elements.The busy background paper, doesn’t actually feel that busy here, it suits the stacked, full nature of the layout. Love it!

Amandajk – Signature June22

I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but I am including it here because WOW!! If this is her signature, how awesome will her layouts be! I love everything about this. Amanda has created a fun little scene for her signature and there is so much to look at. I love the Giraffe poking out of the car, the painty sunburst, the different flowers, so very creative and special. I feel like this would make a great desk plaque!

Sylvia – Sunshine Days

Final piece of fan-girling from me! Sylvia has to be the Queen of Clean Layouts -right? Her work is so inspiring, she often creates simple, clean layouts that pack a huge punch. This one just proves that you can tell your story without photos, I am 100% with her on her happy place, beach, sea, vacay = yes please. I love the little finishing touches of the camera, the flowers and the scatters.

That’s all from me today, I hope you will go and leave these talented scrappers some love. Happy scrapping, I am off to the beach and I will see you in July.

Claire x



Finger Pointing – June 4th

Happy Saturday everyone!

I was absent in May, due to so much traveling, but I am back and excited to be here with all the gorgeousness that I am seeing in the galleries to kickstart the month.

Bellbird – What goes up doesn’t always come down!

This made me LOL. I love it, Justine’s journaling is superb and I can just imagine how naughty Steve is! I love all the wordart totally telling a story and the photo of Steve is priceless, I can feel him saying ‘Whatever!’. A storytelling page done to perfection.

Hillary – The Pier

I have a thing for Piers! I think it is because I spent so much time as a child at the seaside with my family, fond memories. Hillary’s photography here is stunning and superbly showcased with the wonderfully striking floral and yellow striped papers. The cute little cluster is great and I love that wordstrip, I am here for all of this page! The big cutout title is wonderful and I am a big fan of adding a subtitle using a scripty font if you use an alpha!

bcgal00 – Soulmates

WOW!! You know I love pattern mixing and Rae has done an amazing job here. This is so artsy with the grungy background and the cutout/sticker style embellishments. I also love the gender-neutral colours. The wordarts are perfect, no journaling needed. And look how happy they are in the photo, making me feel all smooshy.

Trish – Daddy’s Girl

As a Daddy’s girl 😉 I am loving this page. I am 48 and he is still Daddy to me! I love all the great photos that Trish has used, he looks so proud and happy in all of them, and that is lovely to see. I love the pattern mixing of the papers used in the word art and the cute scattered ellies. But really the photos are the hero of this page.

Geek Girl – Small Steps

I am always in awe of layouts that use a pocket page idea to create a kind of art journal-style page. This is fabulous, the messy stitches and different kinds of papers, tickets, and flowers, it’s fabulous. AND it’s all about treating herself to new shoes a huge YAASSS in my book.

Carmel Munro – Berry Happy

How pretty and yummy is this page! Loving the repeated photos and having just got a waffle maker, I am loving how good this looks! I really like the little strawberry ellie on the flower, such a nice touch. All the paint in the background is perfect and helps to anchor the central cluster.

That’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous pages from these talented scrappers and will go and show them some love.

Have a wonderful weekend, I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Claire x



Finger Pointing – April 23rd

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday to you! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am top and tailing this week for you with my picks 🙂

honeyandcheese – Good Morning

I don’t think I really need to say much about this amazing page – the seamless blending is just amazing and so well done. The little foliage clusters are perfect for the photo and just add a tiny bit of interest to the page, not detracting from the wonderful birdie!

Geek Girl – Beyond Basics

I love rainbows, dogs, and pastels! So this totally jumped out at me. I love the wonderful framing/cluster of elements around the gorgeous dog photo. The little bit of detail in the bottom corner makes it for me, along with her perfect shadowing!

Marnel – is

Big fan of Marnel’s work, I love seeing her gorgeous selfies and her cluster work is always phenomenal! This page is fantastic, I love the notebook and the wonderful clusters scattered around the page. The layers under the photo are great and give the whole page a junk journal feel that I love.

*gina* – Strong

I love the large clean space on this page. The minimal elements are beautifully used and draw your eye into the emotive photo. I also love how clean the colour palette is, really just 2 colours. For me the limited palette really emphasises the strong message.

AnotherAmanda – BART

I love the story behind this photo. You can feel the excitement of Benjamin in the photo. I love the minimal elements used and the torn paper edge. A great example of how to make a photo shine, but still incorporate the odd element/design touch here and there.

Ona Boorman – Dream

I love everything about this! The composition of the page is perfection, I love the paint behind the photo and the fact that the journaling/text is on a circle. Another fabulous example of how minimal elements can be used to enhance your photo, keeping the page elegant and letting the photo be the hero.

That is all for me! I do hope you love my picks today and will go and show these talented scrappers some love. I am off to spend a relaxing evening with Hubby.

Until next time.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – April 18th

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a Happy Easter or Passover or whatever you might have celebrated this weekend. I had a fun staycation with Hubby and a surprise Easter lunch with friends, which was lovely.

Sokee – Apr22, Week 3 Monthly Muse

This is just so fun, I love the large photo with all the paint and brushes over the top in bold colours and the wonderfully inspiring wordart. Beautiful work from Barbara as always.

Mom2triplets04 – Fly

Another beautiful layout, making painty gorgeousness the focus. The wonderful sketched lady with the paint giving her life is just making me swoon and I love all the details on the edges. The best bit is the inclusion of the small photo of the page creator, I love that she did that.

LDArtist – Play Time

Isn’t just fabulous! I love the extraction and there is so much feeling in his eyes. The poem is gorgeous and works so well with this stunning page. The soft colours and limited elements are perfect and make the photo and the words shine.

Thuria – Together

I love working with torn papers and I love seeing how other people use them. This is just so wonderful, all the pattern mixing, making me so very happy. The small cluster, with all the string/twine and paints in the backgound are perfect. The icing on the cake for me is the hilarious photo. Why do kids love to poke adults in the face?

Keepscrappin – Why Not

One of the things I really love about Keepscrappin’s layouts is the way she writes the subject and date on all of her pages. I love that small attention to detail. The photo blended into the background, mixed with all the paint is lovely. The colours work so well with the sweet happy photo of Megan and I love that large ribbon with its perfect shadow.

Ninigoesdigi – Spring Finally

I just love the limited colour palette here, brought to life with the gorgeous pattern mixing! The strips, tape and paint add so much detail to the page. I love it. And the photo of the cherry blossom is stunning, I can feel the spring vibes.

I hope you enjoyed these layouts by these talented artists. I do hope you will go and show them some love and are inspired by the gorgeousness above.

Until next time.

Claire x





Finger Pointing – March 18th

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I have had the most wonderful 3 weeks, as my Momma came to visit us in Tampa for the first time and it was SO fun. I didn’t do much scrapping whilst she was here, but I did look at the galleries every night, as they make me so happy.

Katell – Happy

I love the wonderful white space here, that consists of teeny tiny dots. The pops of colour work so well with the b&w photo. The whole page is so simple and elegant, feels like the start of Spring.

AJM – Hello

I love it when the main focal point is a central cluster. Love the use of brushes/stamps here behind all the layered papers and photos are fabulous. The large cluster with flowers and foliage is gorgeous. The colours are so pretty and I love the newsprint edging, I am a sucker for a newsprint element.

Mcurtt – No Big Deal

I am a big fan of Marilyn’s work and this just blew my mind! It is so thought-provoking with all the cleverly used word art and flairs. I love the lady in the background, with all the grungy paints, flairs and flowers laid over her. Just visually stunning.

Jak – Young, Wild and Free

Another fantastic example of a central cluster / focal point! I just LOVE all of the wonderful paper layers here, with flowers and foliage tucked in. The use of stamps and paint is really well done and adds even more colour to this fun page. Oh to be Young, Wild and Free again 😉

Kiana – Be Flawsome

Kiana is SO creative, it took me a minute to spot the repeat photo of her in the background, just SO well done. I love it. The pops of colour in her fun cluster bring the page to life and I love the touches of paint and brushes under her clusters.

Romajo – You Are My Anchor

Isn’t this gorgeous! So simple, yet wonderfully impactful. I love the bokeh paper, adding interest to the page and that wonderful row of nautical buttons! Fantastic use of the elements, creating a little cluster / border around the and under the photo. I love layouts like this that are clean, but not.

That’s all for me today, I do hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Have a wonderful weekend, I will be mainly chilling, watching the first grand prix of the season (whoop) and getting in some scrapping time.

Be safe and well until next time.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – February 20th

Hi everyone!

Hope you have had a fabulous weekend so far? The weekend for me is just the icing on the cake! I passed my driving test on Thursday and I am so overjoyed and have been able to run errands MYSELF this weekend! WHOOP! Anyway, back to scrapping, the galleries have been great to soothe my nerves in the run-up to my rest, just so much beauty and talent out there.

Golya – Carneval Fun

This just leapt out at me! I love the colour palette here and all the fabulous details. The torn edge revealing the pretty spotty paper is such a lovely detail and I love the use of the bauble trim (I have just started noticing these in my kits!). Great use of the paint, stitching, and doodles and I really love her shadow work. I don’t know what her journaling says, but I love the fun photos of them all dressed up, looks like they were having a lot of fun.

alinalove – Fairy Love

I just love everything about this, it is so wonderfully artsy and way out of my personal comfort zone! My fave part of this page is the abundance of word art, which has been used so cleverly. The colour palette is really muted but has pops of colour that lift off of the background. The scattered elements add so much interest and complement the word art and photo so well, yet another example of amazing shadow work.

elseepe – Gabbi

Isn’t this just gorgeous! The subject Gabbi is stunning, love all of her cute poses and the colour palette compliments her so well. I really like that some of the photos are tucked in behind the paper and others are not. And all the wonderful elements and word art tucked in around the photos is just perfect, just enough embellishment to help Gabbi shine even more. I’m transfixed by the little doodle with the flower and the paint to the right, such a great way to anchor the page.

Ruthmelody – Create Memories

The amazing title work just called to me from the gallery! I love it, I am a big fan of font, stamp, word art mixing to create a title and it is Ruth has done it so very well here. The painty splatters behind the title and underneath the cute little cluster of elements are perfect and add a fantastic pop of colour to the muted background and photo. I like it when things are anchored 🙂 and I love how the start of the title just slightly overlaps the photo, tying everything together beautifully.

Mary-11 – Mother’s Love

This is just so elegant, which is great to see with a bright colour palette – elegance doesn’t have to always be soft, muted colours. How clever is the little peek-a-boo card/paper top left, revealing the pretty floral paper. The photo is wonderful, I can really feel the love in it. The little bit of paint/brushwork under the title is perfect it completes the elegance of the page for me.

LoveitScrapit – You’re the One

Kiana’s work is always STUNNING. And this is no exception to that! I love everything about it. You know me and pattern mixing, and then pair it with unusual angles and I’m over here swooning! The stamped heart is just sending the romance of this page into overdrive. The main cluster is fabulous, all the details tucked into it and the wonderful shadow work! Everything is just popping off of the neutral background and feels so alive, I love it. I also really love that she used a neutral frame here, ensuring that the photo is the hero.

Well, that is all from me today, thank you to Sheri for taking my day yesterday, even though she was a bit under the weather. Have a fabulous weekend and President’s Day if you are off tomorrow. And please do go and show these talented scrappers some love.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – February 5th

Hello! Happy Saturday to you, I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

Can you believe it is February already?! I had a fun January creating and loved all the gorgeousness I saw in the galleries.

Bestcee – Wait, What?!!

This leapt out at me, as I too am a fan of ‘wait, what?!!’ hahaha. I love the happy photo and all the deliciously stacked pattern mixed layers (be still my pattern mixing loving heart..). The title work is wonderful, I love it when I see alphas used so well. The sweet little clusters and elements tucked in here and there just enhance this pretty layout.

Hilary – Be Mine

I love bold patterned background papers and this is lovely, celebrating the month of love! Another fabulous use of alphas in the title work here caught my eye, I especially love the slight overlap of the ‘BE’. Limiting the elements used with a bit of paint here and there and a couple of bows make these happy photos the hero of the page.

Ferdy – Me

I am a HUGE fan of Ferdy’s work and she is the sweetest person too. I love this layout, all focused on the bottom of her page, the soft colour palette totally matches her photo. The scattered flowers and butterflies combined with the colour palette give the whole page an outdoorsy feel.

iScrap – Me & You

Another bold patterned background paper and the one used here is perfect for the layout. The painty, scattered, trailing cluster just pops off of the background and brings your focus to the stunning photo. I love that there are so many details in the cluster – the butterfly paint, the little tag, some sequins. So much detail, that feels understated.

ShannonC – Crafting Banner

Firstly I just love the layout here, all grouped on the left-hand side, with a little touch of paint on the right anchoring it all. I also love that Shannon has her journaling perfectly within the lines, the perfectionist in me loves this! I really like the little squares that make the whole page feel like a sewing project. Limiting the elements used so that her gorgeous work is showcased. And of course, I love that she has managed to pattern mix, you know I can’t resist doing this!

Marijke – Love

Another scrapping crush of mine is Marijke, I love her work, always so clean and impactful. The bold heart here with the amazing shadow work is perfection and I love that the photo is slightly blurry, it kind of reflects really love for me, not perfect, maybe a little blurry 🙂 The letterpress love is perfect with the paint, it adds a grungy feel to this gorgeous page.

That is all for me this week, thank you for looking and I do hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. I’ll be back later on this month, until then, keep scrapping, showing your fellow scrappers love and stay safe and well.