Fingerpointing May 21st

Hi everyone and happy Sunday to you all!

I hope you have had a great weekend and if the weather is good where you are have managed to get some vitamin d alongside your scrapping time!

Txcorey – Flower Girl (right)


I have never done this before – featured a double page layout – but this is so unbelievably gorgeous I had to! I love absolutely everything about it. The stunning photographs, the beautiful colour palette that suits Hallie’s outfit, the clusters are gorgeous and so full and perfectly shadowed. If you look carefully, there are layered papers all throughout the pages, just amazing work and I love it.

Marnel – By The Seashore

I love Marnel’s pages, they are always amazing and this one is no exception. I love the sea-themed kit that she has used, with that fabulous cutout/template and the happy photo of her just completes it. The ring of words is inspired and I need to remember that! I can’t stop looking at the amazing cluster, full of seashore-related items, just perfect and makes me want to hit the beach!

Vrielinkie – My Funny, Trusted, Faithful, Selfless, Honest Sidekick

I love the title, such a creative way of honoring someone special in your life. The photo is super cute and because it is b&w it makes the wonderful butterflies pop! I love the butterflies, they are so unexpected here and work so well. Gorgeous page.

Amien1 – Nap all day

I LOL at the journaling here. Cooper really is a cutie pie when he is sleeping. I love the composition of this page, the wonderful paper strips down the side, and the stacked, layered elements creating loose clusters. The photo is gorgeous and the colour palette works really well with all the elements, I love big photo pages especially when they are so beautifully adorned like this one.

Nia – Kolloseum

Sometimes clean white space is what you need to make the subject shine. This is a really wonderful example of that. The thing for me that makes this so wonderful, is the shadow work on the photo, the little bit of texture at the bottom of the page and the fold/tear in the middle. All great details, that enhance the image and don’t detract from it. CAS at it’s finest.

Rachel Jefferies – Carreg Cennen Castle

As most of you know Rachel is a designer of some of the most beautiful kits out there. And here at GSO we try not to ‘promote kits’ etc, but every now and then when a designer scraps I can’t resist featuring them! And let’s face it, they are scrappers too! I love the flow of this page by Rachel, it is stunning, it is leading the eye to the pretty photo at the end of that trail and I love it. I am a big fan of threads and twine and they are used so well here. I really love the colour palette Rachel has chosen here, the orange really pops and anchors the start of that wonderful trail.

I really hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love and that their pages inspire you to create your own beautiful pages.

Happy Scrapping until next time.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – May 13th


Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you are having a great weekend and have found some scrapping time.

My mojo has been off this week, so the galleries are particularly inspiring me right now, helping me to get back to my scrapping desk!

Sucali – Inverdoorn

This really leapt out at me! I love the b&w photos on kraft and the foliage circle around the Lion is just wonderful. The simple title is perfect for this layout. It is so elegant, letting the amazing photos shine.

Tree City – My Happy Place

Another layout that lets the photo shine. I just love everything about this. The painty edges and the subtle wordart. And of course who could resist that adorable face!

RJMJ – Exhausted

Girl I can relate! I love this, it is so full of emotion and a really great example of digital art journaling. Her shadows are amazing and I just love the depth the whole page has.

Garrynkim – Payton

The flow of this page is wonderful. I really love the colour mix here, it feels really fresh. Her shadows are fabulous and I really like the painty edges and brush work throughout.

Carrie1977 – Let Your Dreams Blossom

This is just amazing!! I am just stunned by it! I can’t stop looking at it. Everything is perfect, the limited colour palette, the messy stitching with all that splatter = swoon. And don’t get me started on the perfectly placed and shadowed butterflies. I love it so very much. And the final touch of the little cluster that frames and anchors the photo is lovely.

Cherrygutz – Mom Wife Tired

I am not a Mum, but I am a tired wife LOL. This made me happy, I love the different emotions at play here, beautifully framed with the wonderful clusters. I love the abundance of tiny flowers and the stacked pattern mixed papers. Another layout with perfect shadow work. The photo of Cherry and her Daughter is lovely and I love how all the colours on the page tone with their outfits.

That’s all from me this week, I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. Wishing you a very lovely and scrappy weekend. Until next time. x

Claire x

Finger Pointing – April 27th

Hello there!

A tad later in the day than the norm, but work is killing me this week LOL.

It was nice to have a browse through the galleries tonight after work, something I really haven’t been able to do this week!

Cinderella – Miss Independent

This is amazing! Everything about it makes me happy. Her shadow work is wonderful and I just really love the message about being an independent woman. The super rich and colourful bottom border/cluster is fabulous. A wonderful art journaling piece that belongs in a frame.

Tiffany Scraps – Create Sacred Time

There is such a delicate feel to this page by Tiffany. I love the flow of it, the girl skipping into the waves feels like it is translated into the placement of the elements. I really like the muted colour palette with the little pops of red, pink, and green. The message is one we should all heed – I know I really need to remind myself of this.

Jheri – Love Lives Here

I really like the muted palette here, allowing the photo to be the hero of the page. Minimal elements are used really well and I especially love the text layer behind the photo.

DomiD – Heritage

Such a stunning page. Her blending is amazing, I just can’t stop looking at the background she has great for her photo. I love the little row of bikes added to tie in so subtly to the photo. And the tone-on-tone effect is really clever.

Leahblahblah – Say Cheese

This really made me smile I love the bright big clusters, full of full elements and flowers. As always Leah’s shadow work is stunning. The Minnie ears added to the photo are such a fun touch! The split page layout is very cool, especially with the darker side making the bright clusters really pop. A super fun, happy layout.

AnotherAmanda – This is Me

I love the perspective of the photo here and the oodles of ‘white’ space. I really love a layout that is focused on one small space on the page. I am loving the use of all the word art. Another example of how you can use minimal elements but still create an impactful page.

That’s all for me today, I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love and I hope you are able to carve out a little time to get scrappy.

Until next time.

Claire x




Finger-Pointing – April 13th

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all good. I am so ready for the weekend!

Here in Tampa, we are just ending our epic 4 month visitor season, so it will be nice to get back to scrapping properly! The galleries are a great source of inspiration for me right now.

Josie – Puddle Jumper

Honestly, words fail me here, I think this is just so creative. The drops on the umbrella might be my fave part, but how can I chose when it is all so spectacular! The flower cluster anchoring the photo is so rich and full, the way the rain is falling onto it is perfect. I love it all.

ydpuckett7 – Loving You So

I love that the colour palette tones with his outfit and the whole pinwheel effect feels perfect for a child-focused layout. Loving the fun colour coordinated clusters, they focus your eye and add a little bit more dimension.

Brenda Roberts – The Best Therapist

Firstly the colour palette is just amazing, a great example of tone-on-tone, so many blues, with white weaved in amongst them all, just stunning. The multiple layers are just a feast for the eye and I really really love the use of multiple frames around the gorgeous photo. Her shadows are stunning too! It’s just a wonderful layout and the more I look at it, the more elements I see!

Sucali – Unforgettable

This is so elegant and I love how that beautiful floral paper is showcased here. The scattered flowers and the little bit of paint splatter are awesome and add so much interest to this simple, but impactful page.

That’s all from me today, I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love! Enjoy the rest of your week and happy scrapping until I see you next time.

Claire x


Finger Pointing – March 4th

Hello! Happy Saturday evening to you all.

I hope you had a great start to your weekend, I really did.

I love this time when all the new challenges start and you start to see different things popping up in the galleries.

Mrivas – Treasure This

I love that the use of the quote/wordart fits her journaling perfectly. The photo is gorgeous and I love how the b&w photo pops out of the muted colour palette.

Caapmun – New Month

WOW! I love the blending here.. I swear one day I will be able to blend like this, for now I will just keep admiring gorgeous layouts like this. I love the scatters with the messy thread and small elements. Really stunning.

geek_girl – I’m Cute

The layering under the photo is awesome. I love the paint chip strips, adding a really nice touch of colour to the page. And how happy is the girl in the photo, the whole thing is just so happy.

tativero – Doodle Doux

Such a stunning photoless page. I love the large cluster and I am such a sucker for a trailing ribbon. Her shadow work is amazing and all the doodles add a lot of interest and lead your eye to the cluster.

Mother Bear – ME

The b&w photos are such a nice touch here, they really pop. I love the little clusters and all the peeks of kraft paper around the photos and in the clusters. The messy edges of the pages add a little grungy feel to the page.

Annsofie – Me Myself and I

I always like to see hybrid pages/projects in the galleries, and this one leapt out at me, as I loved the bold paper. The photo is lovely and the wordart used really speaks to the photo. A great example of how to use digital elements to create physical layouts.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed seeing these talented scrappers and will leave them some love.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – February 20th

Hi there everyone!

Happy President’s Day to all US-based peeps.

My Dad and I just got back from our 4-day cruise today, we had a blast and soon I will be boring you all to tear with 100s of cruise layouts lol.

I’m just getting back into the swing of things and enjoyed perusing the galleries.

biche57 – Family Love

This just leapt out at me!! The blending / masking is just stunning here, I love how the b&w photo pops against all of the colourful paint, paper, and elements. I really love the trailing cluster too. Fabulous layout.

gabriellabright – Believe

I just loved seeing a Christmassy layout in Feb! I love how clean and elegant this is and how well the minimal colour palette suits the photo. I think the template has been used very cleverly here to mimic falling snowflakes with the elements.

estir_bune – Imperfect

What a great art journaling page. The stitched-down moon feels so real! I love the photo and the teeny tiny little tada in the top corner. The whole grungy feel to the page totally conveys imperfection, but is far from imperfect, in fact, I think it is awesome!

jlholden15 – Joy

I really like the layered framing of the photo, so creative. I love the little peek of torn paper in bright red, to match the photo. Such a fun and happy layout, the colours all complement each other and the photo.

mom2jackaia – Be Awesome

This is stunning!! We all know how much work this must have been to place all of these gorgeous elements! I know that I would have moved things a hundred times lol. I love the bright pop of colour against the more neutral background. The mix of elements is wonderfully creative – rainbows, flairs, buttons, flowers, critters, so much for us to look at and of course the wonderful photos.

HeatherH – You

I’m not sure where to start here, I just love it all so much. I really like the muted background and the framed b&w photo. The cluster is so rich and full of gorgeous colours and layers. I love that I keep finding new things, little glitter scatters, the dangling heart, little dots of bling, so much to feast on.

That is all for me today, I hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love.

I’ll be back in March, until then, keep scrapping.

Claire x





Finger Pointing – February 11th


Happy Saturday / Superbowl weekend 😉

I am all wiggly with excitement, as my Dad arrives in a few hours for his first visit to Tampa (from London) = SQUEEEEE!!

It was great that today is my GSO day, as I kept my excitement in check by browsing the galleries this morning. As it is nearly Valentine’s Day, they are all bursting with gorgeous hearts and pages about love and I am loving that, as I have a weakness for hearts and pink!

Lynnette – Farewell

I am a big fan of white space, so I love how clean this is. And you know I am a sucker for pattern mixing, all those gorgeous hearts look amazing and make a real impact. The little bit of paint/splatter is a really nice finishing touch.

EllenT – Summer Days

Another clean layout, with all the focus right in the center of the page. I love the addition of the little bike element to match the photo. The minimal elements, really make the photo the hero and I love the pops of pink that just lift off of the page. Her shadows are perfection!

Sokee – Be The Change

I promise you it is an accident that my first few choices are all so clean, they all just stood out for me. I love the messy, paint cluster to the right of the photo here and the pieces of torn paper at different heights, kind of taking you on a journey. Really gorgeous layout.

Gaelle – Anything is Possible

I am a HUGE fan of Gaelle’s work and I thought this was stunning. Photoless layouts can be tricky. I love the large title over the big painty sun and the messy cluster anchoring the girl. The way the word strips are split up work so well, leading your eye across the page.

Madi – Lonely Heart

Another stunning photoless page, again with a girl as the hero. I love digital art journaling pages, this one, feels so real I can feel the texture! I love the title work, looks like it has been cut out of paper and highlighted with a pen, so creative. Love that the girl is ‘holding’ a giant heart.

Keepscrapping – Fall in Love

I love absolutely everything about this layout. The exploding heart, the glorious pattern mixing, the wonderfully happy photo and the minimal, but effective elements used. Just a truly stunningly beautiful page.

That’s all for me this week, I do hope you will go and show today’s talented scrappers some love. I hope you find time to get scrappy this weekend. See you soon.

Claire x