Finger Pointing – January 15th

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I hope the start to 2022 has been kind to you.

I was lucky enough to have my best friend visit from London for 10 days, so I had a great end to 2021 and a fab start to 2022.

The galleries are so fun and fresh right now, full of positivity and hope for what a new year might bring.

LivyBug – Be Bold

I love how Oliva scrapped this photo of her and her little brother. I like the grungy edging paired with the pattern mixed layers and that big trailing cluster, so jam packed with goodies. Wonderful page and the focal point really pops off of the b&w striped background.

Stasianary – A Fresh Start

I am a big fan of photoless pages, I struggle a bit with creating them myself, so I like to see them perfectly executed like this one. Being a huge stationery nerd, I love the big pencil front and centre. The abundance of layers, elements and flowers is fantastic, everything works so well together and I love the frames tucked in underneath the big cluster. A great way to mark a fresh start.

tkradtke – Carousel

This leapt out at me, because I love Carousel’s – I can’t explain it, I just do. The photo is wonderful and totally the hero of this clean and elegant layout. I love the star scatter and the blended definition of fantasy. The big title helps anchor everything and I just love all the white space.

Tiffany Scraps – Brrr

I can feel the chill in the air from Tiffany’s page! I love the colour palette here, especially the different tones of pink. I really like the trail of different snowflakes, paint and hearts, so pretty. The little word arts narrate the photo perfectly, no need for journaling here.

Mother Bear – You

I am head over heels in love with this amazing page. SO bold and fun. The giant cluster under the photo full of flowers and foilage and flairs is just amazing. All the little details of scatters, paint and sequins just add to the fun feel of the page. And using a black & white striped background paper, just makes it all pop even more.

Cindy Taylor – Beauty Through Adversity

The photo led me to have a deeper look at this wonderful age, I love that it was taken with the succulent in the frame. So the flower/succulent cluster on the left is just perfect and introduces little pops of pink into the page (did you get that I am fan of pink!). The background is perfect, with the text blended in and the mix of patterns. A great page that feels like it belongs in an art journal.

Well that is it for me today, back to super wild card NFL playoff weekend I go LOL. I hope you are inspired by these wonderful scrappers and will go and leave them some love.

Claire x


Finger Pointing – December 11th

Hey there everyone!

Can you believe that this is my last GSO post for the year!! How quickly has 2021 gone? I hope that it has been a better year for you all, it has been a really good year for me and mine and I’m still basking in the joy that was going home to London and hugging my parents.

alinalove – 2021

This just leapt out at me! Such a pretty way to capture all that 2021 meant to her on one page. I love the messy stitching and the little elements and clusters here and there. The muted colour palette makes me lean into the photos. And I love the stamped title, perfect.

eve11ne – Ho Ho Ho

I love everything about this, the awesome fun photo and the most amazing cluster ever! So jam-packed full of Christmas goodies, I can’t stop looking at it and there are so many things to find. It must have taken Eve ages to create and I love how the tree anchors everything and it feels like the elements are part of the tree. I haven’t stopped smiling since I saw this.

HeatherH – Snow Fun

I’m a big fan of fancy backgrounds! I love what Heather has done here, candy cane stripes but with the blue snowflake paper to suit her theme instead. Love that. The scattered elements and that big title are wonderful and I really like all the little pieces of tape anchoring the elements.

Angels – Night Before

Being a cat momma, this totally leapt out at me LOL. Christmas Trees seem to encourage naughty cat behaviour. I love how nestled into the tree he or she is! I love the giant cluster with the Elf legs showing, so fun, totally fits the theme of naughtiness! I like the fact that this very Christmassy layout has a lot of black and white in there too, giving it a modern twist on the Christmas colours.

Brenda Roberts – Remember this Forever

This is just stunning! I love the use of the black background, making that gorgeous flowing cluster just pop off of the page. The glittery elements, mixed with pink and blue elements are wonderful and full of so much detail, perfect colour choices for the super cute photo. The little bit of white paint behind the photo just brings it alive even more.

mrivas – Happy New Year

The photo grabbed my attention, so happy and full of joy I love it! The page is stunning, love the palette of gold, cream and black, used in a variety of tones. The glittery title is fabulous and perfect for a New Year page. I love the little squares secured with all that messy stitching. The little splatters of paint are perfectly placed beside the bigger card and photo. The whole thing just makes me happy!

That’s all from me today. I do hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. And have a look through the galleries, they are alive with joy right now, I guess the Christmas season does that to us all!

See you in 2022, be safe, well and enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Claire x


Finger Pointing – November 27th

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to relax, eat a lot and spend time with your loved ones. Hubby and I were lucky enough to spend it with friends and it was amazing. Did you do some Black Friday damage yet? I know I did and my wallet will need a little lie-down LOL.

Sokee – G58

I love Barbara’s work and this is just such a beautiful page. I love everything about it, the circle framing of the photograph using elements mainly and not a frame is just so very creative. I love the flow across the page, anchoring all the elements with the banner, the stitching, and the paint.

Cinna – Merry and Bright

This is such a lovely Christmas / Holiday page. I love that the background feels like Christmas jammies! Cinna’s clusters are wonderful, packed with gorgeous elements, I love the little Santa and the Reindeer poking out and the scattered baubles and stars throughout the page. I am a big fan of offset framing, it really can make a page so interesting and gives you a great place to tuck little extra details in. A really wonderful happy page, the photos are so perfect in the rounded shape, matching the baubles added throughout.

AlinaLove – Merry Moments

I am just in love with the colour palette here, so non-traditional and I am a big fan of that. The word art made me smile, a perfect match for the fun photo. Her shadow work is amazing, really making all the elements come alive on the page and as I am a sucker for a bow, I love that big bow front and centre. The little bit of blended paint is lovely and anchors everything… I like an anchored page!

Laura O Donnell – 2022 Scrap goals

I am so happy that Laura came back to scrapbooking just as I am getting bedded in. I find her clean crisp style very inspiring. I love this monochrome page with just two teeny tiny pops of colour. Her use of a textured background paper makes it feel like there is more colour in the page than there actually is. The frame and Laura’s use of it are a thing of beauty and why haven’t I ever thought of doing this before? Now I am itching to try it out! I also really love her journaling – we all need to remember to have fun when scrapping.

Christellevandyk – Sunday School Crafts

How cute is she in her Peppa Pig mask!! Love the photos of her proudly holding her crafts. I love the colour palette here and the way that Christelle has used the template, all the scattered hearts and that wonderful cluster, with so many little flowers and elements in it! The subtle paint/texture on the panel really helps lift it off of the background paper and is that a rainbow tucked in?! So creative, I love unexpected hidden treasures in layouts.

Vrielinkie – Capture The Journey

I really love seeing pocket pages or at least pages like this one that use multiple photos and journal cards so well. I love the colour palette here – perfect for the photos, adding a subtle amount of colour. The photos make me so happy, bundled up walking on a beach is one of my fave places to be and their Dog looks so happy racing around. I especially love the way that she has blended ‘Life’ into the sand, so very very clever.

That’s all for me today, I do hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love and spend some time browsing through the galleries. I haven’t done enough of that recently, work has been kicking my behind a bit! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you in December!! How did that get here so fast?

Claire x

Finger Pointing – November 13

Hey there!

Welcome to the weekend!

I spent today at a crop (I am also a cardmaker) hence the later hour of my post today. It was fun and I got to meet a bunch of new people, which is always nice when you have relocated.

Ana Santos – Merry Xmas

So if this doesn’t just SCREAM Christmas at you, then I don’t know what will! I am absolutely head over heels in love with the creativity here. The look on the girl’s face is priceless and I love that the cluster next to her, feels like the branch of a Christmas tree, stacked with goodies. The blending is amazing! I mean the whole thing is just amazing and I can’t stop looking at it or trying to touch that cluster!

Immaculeah – Little Lovely

This is possibly the most infectious smile ever! I am smiling from ear to ear as I type. Not only are the photos stunning, but the page is tone-on-tone perfection! I am totally here for tone-on-tone, it always makes me think of the rows of tone-on-tone papers in a craft store! I love the clusters at each corner, anchoring the imagery and the fact that even the paint is carefully coordinated. And don’t get me started on the pattern mixing – subtle patterns leading up to the bolder patterns underneath the photos. STUNNING work!

Iwentkie – Paradise Lake

I love that the photo is the hero of this page. Every element and paper just leads you to the stunning photo. I am a big fan of a mini-cluster, I started with these when I was super nervous about creating clusters and they are so impactful and perfect for a small amount of detail. The paper layers are lovely and subtle and that unusual paint/shape is perfect here.

AMarie Charp – Warm & Cozy

Just like our very own Cynthia (MrsPeel), I love a template and this is such a fabulous template and so wonderfully used by AnneMarie. The soft colours mixed with some bold colours are so lovely, obviously, I am swooning over the pattern mixing, I love that bold rose print one just peeking out. The star and dot scatters are a really nice touch and lead you from the photo down to the small bottom cluster. Such an elegant page.

Keepscrappin – Merry

I am loving all these pages that I am seeing, as the community gets ready for December Daily. The photo makes me very happy! And I love the use of tape here, so creative. The clusters are perfect for a December page and I really like the fact that she has used a limited colour palette, it makes the black panel and the photo pop even more.

clucaswvu04 – Flower

If your Dog is called Flower I think a flower print background is 100% called for! I love that Cheryl used such a vibrant fun background paper, it would appear to be completely suited to Flower’s personality! The flowing flower-filled cluster and the wonderful title work just complete it all for me. I think the ‘I Ruff You’ flair is just perfect!

Thanks for looking, I hope these gorgeous pages inspire you to leave love and visit the galleries. I am off to bore Hubby to tears by showing him all the things I made today, one at a time LOL.

Kisses, see you soon.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – Oct 29th

Hey there everyone!

Happy Friday to you all!

As it is Halloween this weekend, I guess a lot of you will be heading to parties, trick or treating with kiddies, etc. I however will be celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday! Not intentional that we got married on Halloween, but now we embrace it and I always make hubby silly Halloween-esque cards.

Ghoully Girl – Ellen T

I had to start with a Halloween layout and this one just leapt out at me. LOVE the bright background burst and the cute, but spooky feel to the layout, with the mix of elements. I LOVE the hat added to the photo top left, such a lovely piece of styling. The make-up in the photos is amazing and I love the punny title.

My Day Always Starts by Dady

This is so elegant, I love the title work. I feel that the calming, elegance of the colours and layout really fit the subject of starting the day reading the paper. It’s almost monochrome, it certainly feels like it is. I love the stitching anchoring and holding everything together and the little semi-circle just over the photo.

2021 Album Cover by AllyAnne

I am a big fan of Allyson’s spreads. I love reading about her and her family and friends and all the things they get up to. They are also always gorgeous. But this cover just blew me away, what a fabulous way to start an album. It’s so quirky, fun, and a bit traditional all at once. I love the shadow work on the branches in each corner. The stacked photo/text detail is very cool and adds a pop of colour and a bit of quirkiness to the cover. I liked her honesty too.. I mean the start of 2021 was no picnic…

Hocus Pocus by Ponytails

I’m not sure I have ever featured a designer before? I mean they are scrappers too right?! I couldn’t pass this by in the gallery, that photo is just TOO CUTE!! I love the little clusters on either side of the photo and the fact that it is repeated in the bottom corner. The colours pop off of the dark background and frame, you know I am a sucker for dark backgrounds. The black and white banner is a lovely touch and totally anchors the photo and all the elements around it. I am trying harder to make my tucked-in elements feel less forced, this is a great example of lots of little, tucked in details that feel 100% natural (the hat, the ghost, the stars, etc).

Chillaxing by Akizo

Well, here is another designer creating a fun layout for us. Is Akizo’s cat not the cutest thing ever!! I love these photos of him/her. And I love the colour choices here, a perfect foil for the pretty tabby cat. The scattered, folded, stitched hearts make my heart flutter, they are such a nice touch and being a glitter girl, I love the little sprinkles of it around the page. I LOL at the text, I am permanently on energy-saving mode.

Bookworm by Christelle

I love everything about this layout by Christelle! The glorious pattern mixing and the fantastic explosion of gorgeous elements, papers, and word strips. It is just a beautiful feast for my eyes! I keep finding more and more little details, can you see the cute little dog tucked into the foliage? I am a bookworm too and the whole layout feels like a world in a book that I would disappear into! I am so a one more chapter girl and often end up being woken up as my kindle smacks me in the face!

I hope you will show these talented scrappers some love and if you have more time, have a look through the galleries and leave more love! I know during August / September the love shown in my galleries really helped me focus and keep my mojo alive. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend and I’ll see you in November (how did that happen already?!).

Claire x


Finger Pointing – October 15th

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

I have had the most amazing week. I have been off work and thanks to my employers and their long service gift, Hubby and I have been sunning and pampering ourselves in Sarasota.

I had a great time this morning catching up with the galleries, such an enjoyable way to start my day.

mcurtt – Love Life Art Doll

I love Marilyn’s style, she is one of my digi crushes. As a physical art journaler, I am always blown away by how her digital work feels like paper. I love the monochrome feel to this piece with the pops of orange scattered around, breathing some colour into the page. Her layering is just perfect and the mix of textures is especially nice.


Ajm – Happy Place

AJM – another one of my craft crushes.. I instinctively knew this was hers. It leapt out at me because the house element and the house photo are almost identical LOL! I love that. The messy background/paint is totally stilled by the calm of the photo and the anchoring leaves and flowers. It’s just so clever and the white space around it in an almost V shape just draws your eye to all the wonderful detail in the middle of the page.

Neverland Scraps – Trick or Treat

I mean!!! This is just fabulous, the exploding, flowing cluster and the giant title just made me do a happy dance. I love the mix of patterns, elements and colours here, popping off of the dark background. With that wonderful streak of purple through the middle. I just love it all and most of all I love the moody black and white costume photo, it just works so well with all the colour surrounding it. I keep finding new details each time I look at it, like the eyeball paper!!

Laura O’Donnell – Thankful for You

This is so elegant. Laura’s shadow work is wonderful here. I love the sweet photos and the sentiment behind the page. The torn paper piece is perfect and adds a really nice detail to the page. The limited colour palette and embellishment make the photos the hero and I really like that.

AmaneseFe – A Taste of Summer

You know how I love a pattern mix and this is just such a great way to do that. Little peeks of the fun patterns in the banners, tags, and paper pieces. Gorgeous! I love the bright, happy Summer feel to the page, if this isn’t what Summer is about then I don’t know what is. I really love the border around the page, adding a bit more detail and feeling like water from that slip ‘n’ slide!

Saskia Veldhoen – My Princess and I

Another great example of an almost monochrome page. All the pinks, tempered with the touches of black. And again, I am swooning over the perfect pattern mixing. I really love the photostrip style Saskia has used for her photos and that she added a fun sticker in the middle of them. The flow of the twine, makes me follow the photos from end to end. And the finishing touch for me is the black stamp, adding just a teeny bit of detail to the background paper.

Thank you for joining me this time, I hope you find some time to show these talented scrappers some love. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I’ll be at my desk scrapping and doing more gallery nosing!

Claire x



Finger Pointing – September 24th 2021

Hi everyone!

I had a bit of a break as Hubby and I have relocated from NYC to Tampa!! We are settling into our new home (finally) and honestly permanently being in shorts is making me constantly happy!

Let’s jump straight in..

Thuria – L & Pumba

This just leapt out at me!! I love everything about it. The treatment of the photos and how they are cascading across the centre of the page creating this wonderful focal point. There is even a little scrap of paper snuck in amongst the photos!! The anchoring cluster is just so clever, beautiful, and functional all at once. Finally, the colour palette is so soft, it just allows the fab photo(s) to shine.

Gonewiththewind – I Heart You

Ok, so I am a BIG fan of Cheryl’s templates and her layouts always make me gasp with delight. I just LOVE the layering here and how it is essentially monochrome with red highlights. The use of multiple labels to hold the small amount of journaling is a lovely idea. The shadow work on the heart is just so perfect! I am a fan of big titles and the one here a fantastic use of alphas, especially as it keeps to the monochrome theme.

Sylvia – Inspired Creative

Sylvia’s work is just so impactful. And honestly, this leapt out at me because if I could be bothered to be a hair girl, this is what my hair would look like! I love the simple background, with the explosion of colour and elements underneath the photo. I love how the colour palette tones perfectly with the photo and the whole page feels alive with movement.

Lidia G – Mantra

This is a spectacular piece of digital art journaling. The shadow work is so good, I had to check where I was and make sure it was digital! I love the positive affirmations added to the large pinwheel, so good! I really love the shabby chic feel and the background has so much detail but doesn’t overpower the mantra.

ChristyHC – Pumpkin Photo

I’m such an engineer at heart! I LOVE clean lines and this is just such a great way to use all the rectangles! The Pumpkin picture is awesome, look at all the joy in their faces, it is making me smile so much. Perfect colour palette for the photo and I love all the leaf and pumpkin elements scattered and clustered. So clean and fun all at once.

Carmel Munro – Good Friends

I just love the photo here and the clean background. All the paint, stamps, brushes just under the photo anchor the flowers and foilage perfectly. I like the fact that tonally it all works together so well and the simple wordstrip for a title is a really nice, elegant touch.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be spending the weekend celebrating my birthday (it’s the 28th) and I have 2 days off to recover hahaha. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.