Finger Pointing – May 2nd

Do you feel it? INSD!!! It’s in the air. And all this lovely graphic art flying our way means plenty of inspiration filling the galleries!!

Family Matters by Beth Drapper

I adore adore the bright fun colors with this classic design!!  How clever to use the Project Life cards in such a manner.   Love the colors with the picture.


Play Soccer Card by Blue Cat

Soooo cahute.  Love that little soccer player.  I wish someone would send me a card like this!!


 Dear Li Li by misslovescraps

Who doesn’t love a cool artsy twist!!  So cool!!  You could so find this in an art journal somewhere!


Jason by Mullemaus

Yeah.  I don’t know why the color scheme is the same for all these layouts.  I do so love the fresh colors though.  So springy!!  And so pefect for these happy photos.  What a cherub!!


Seaside by yorkiemom

Ah a new color scheme.  See I do like other colors, lol.  But what I adore most about this layout is the contrast of the picture against the colors of the layout.  The picture completely pops!


Change by mum2gnt

Oh so goooorgeous.  First of all the photography treatment is divine!! But the what really drew me in after that was the cool title work and cluster work at the bottom.



Boy oh boy.  This was not all in the galleries.  Hope your INSD plans include a trip there!

Finger Pointing – April 23

I’m back :). Twice the Claire in one week. Can you handle it, lol.

Mattie Lean On Me by gaylemaupin

Although what attracted me originally was the beautiful design and colors, it turned out that what I loved most was the story.  Such a heartfelt scrap by a proud Momma!  It’s beautiful.


Friends Always by Hanazana

Sigh.  Her proportions are just so perfect.  I mean going large with everything but the photo really makes the photo pop off the page.  So cool!


Harkness Tower by tylertooo

Originally I was not a fan of the dark look when I first saw this page.  But the cool old pic and the line of the journaling drew me in.  Once I clicked, I was hooked.  This is my fav of the day!  Love how this a real story about a real person.   And a story about a picture that became a connection to history for the artist!


This is So You by arimacias

Well I have a new favorite place to go on the web now.  I had not really perused the Pixels and Company gallery until I took a chance on them today and all I have to say is WOW.  There were so many awesome pages!!  This one just totally rose to the top for me though.  I love love the great crops on the pictures and yet the design is really simple and elegant.  Totally allows the pictures to shine!


Cool Chick by Jetjez

Now the colors are cool!! Those bright fun colors are everywhere off the web right now and they so pop off the dark background.  Perfect choice for such a fun subject matter.


Family by NRENOUX

OMGosh how ADORBS is this picture.  Such an awesome pick for this kit.  And what an sahweet kit.  I love the cool diagonal design and fun fun details.



Well that’s it campers.  Hope you got inspired a little here.  Go forth and create….and have a good night!


Finger Pointing – April 20th

Oh you all have no idea how hard it is to look through a gallery and choose. I mean first of all, I’m sure that almost every layout in these galleries represent someone’s pride and joy. Every one of those layouts are LOVE. And second of all, it never fails that I have added like 30 layouts to my favorites folder that I have to whittle down to 6. (If you see I’ve added something to my favorites, but did not comment, know that it was considered for this post. See if I comment than I can’t just hit the back button to go back to my spot.) So if you don’t see your pages here, take heart. Know that it is just so hard to choose. Anyway, now you want to see what I’ve found today?

Top Dog by Dalis

Okay.   I know what this template looked like before Dalis got her hands on it and I almost didn’t recognize it.  She used it so dang cleverly!!!  And I know that I personally would never have used the metal circle alpha that large, but I love it here!!  (Such a cute puppy head too!)


Don’t Lose Yourself by y_baros

Oh how I love all the beautiful blendy goodness going on here.  And using this image enlarged is just perfect with the message!!


Play On by rima

So in love with the simple and elegant use of elements!  And the color scheme totally rocks with standout black card and pop of color!


Not on My Best Place by Rubia

I have no idea what the journaling says  but I love how encompassing the whole design is.  Love her picture on the side and the arrow and how that is matched up with the clouds on the other side.  Just brilliant!!


Powerful and Strong by omlialie

I just can not get over the very cool use of paper on this layout.  And I adore the black pop for the saying on the side.  It’s the perfect power statement!


Smile by 3littleks

Um WOW.  At first glance this seems to be so simple, and it is, but every element is just placed so right, in the perfect place and size that the layout just sings in the gallery.  I mean look at how that butterfly is flying towards the journaling.  Perfect!!  And who wouldn’t adore that cute cute picture!



Sigh! It’s over.  That’s it.  Inspiration over.  Don’t you wish I could put 30 here too, lol.  Keep posting and you just might be here too.



Finger Pointing – April 4

Ahhhhhh.  A breath of fresh air here in Minnesota today.  I finally got to open the windows and the sun was shining bright in the sky.  Yay for spring.  And yay for spring breaking out all over the galleries these days!

Beach King by lingovise

And doesn’t this one just Sing Spring!! Love the great blending and all the awesome spring elements.  It all just pops so gorgeously against the grey just like flowers against the brown dead grass in Minnesota right now.


Life is Like a Grapefruit by Tinkelbel

I think this artist is really something special.  I loved so many of her pieces in the gallery today.  However this one with the great color choices was my favorite, even if I didn’t know that life is like a grapefruit.



You Got Married by blinks14

Clever clever.  Love the use of the IMs and the color scheme is perfect with the black frame and title!!



Little Sprout by Justagirl

I love love the energy goin’ on here!! So perfect for that adorable little sprout.  The repeated theme of plant sprouts in the back was so smart too!




100% Cute by GrantandLaurensMom

Yes yes that puppy head is cute, but my favorite part of this design is the simple layout with the bright colors against the black.  The black back ground, then the bright elements and then the b/w picture on top really make the picture pop off the page.




Hope by MommaTrish

I’ll tell you all a little secret…this is my fav page of the day.  I mean I love all the other pages but this is the kind of page where I say to myself “Geeze!  I wish my art looked like that.”  I adore EVERYTHING going on here from the title to the circles to the way the journaling follows the circle, the artsy, the fact that the picture is in the crosshairs (so to speak), ack  ALL OF IT.  LOVE




Well that’s it.  Yup.  Saved the best for last.  Hopefully it has inspired you to run off and rock your own pages.  Have a lovely evening.







Finger Pointing – March 17th

Top of the morning to you! Okay really it’s evening here but I was gone all week-end. But it’s got to be morning somewhere. Anyway…Happy St. Patty’s day.

You Rock by Mi Monteiro

There are templates everywhere these days, but not many people can rock a template like Mi!  I adore the fact that she took all the loveliness of this template and put it over to the side for the journaling.  And those tapes rule!!



Math Facts by AmberR

Sahweet blending and oh how I love the wonderful creative use of the frames!! Beautifully done!



Better to Fight by Kovaxka

So many many cool grungy details to love about this.  Did you see the fist and the strawberry?  This reminds me of one of those ISpy books where you can look at it for forever and not see everything.



Eyes Wide Shut by christellevandyk

Oh yeah!  Another cool art journaling page!!  And don’t you just love the way she did the title!! Really the way the title straddles the two journaling types is so perfect!



Carpe Diem by misslovescraps

I think it may be the upside down picture, or maybe big pencil but this design so calls to me!! Love the creative use of the black/white/neutral against the colorful pictures!



Love this Boy by Mother Bear

Yeah I can see why!! What a cutie patootie!  Here is another super creative title and I love all the vertical line created with the stitching.  It really draws the eye down to the pictures.


And that’s it for another Sunday!  Hope you had a lovely St. Patty’s Day and did not get pinched to much. (or maybe that is just and American thing, lol)


Finger Pointing – March 10th

Wow! I can’t believe this is my first post for March! Wait wasn’t it just New Years??? I’m still trying to make my resolutions, much less keep them, lol. Any ways…time for…yes it is…time for…INSPIRATION!!

After the Storm by Crystalbella77

Oh the blending and the fabulous circles and the repeat of the circles and the way the colors pop off the neutral…yup I could go on and on.  So in love with this!


U&Me Forever  by tammybean04

Dontchya just love a good love story.  I do and how cute is the picture.  How perfect is that it is black and white.  It really stands out perfectly with all the pastel.


Style by Mlewis

SOOOO fun.  I adore the way she used all those cards!! So clever too!!!


Amazing Day by Christina

Talk about an eye grabber!! Dang this just jumped out of the gallery and shook me up!! But my favorite part is the clever placement of the journaling!!  Such a cool page.


Happy Wanderer Junior by debbysrose

I am so adoring the way she has over laid the elements and even an additional picture on top of the big picture.  The two perspectives and yet the way the two pictures blend together is fabulous!


U R Da Bomb by skyezak

Every time I look at this, I love it more!! The energy and the artsy loose design is oh so perfect!!  This is way beyond cool!



Well folks.  That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Have a great Sunday!!

Finger Pointing – February 17

Happy Sunday all!  Hope you are having a lovely light hearted day!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be having some sunshine in my day.  Now on to some gallery pretties!

Digi Dare 311 by Oldvwblues

Sheesh is this divine!  The pops of color against the black and white just made this jump right into my favs.  But on closer look the busy and yet organized design is outstanding!

HWIC by Marnel

Yes more  black and white with pops of color jumping into my favs.  But I can’t help but adore the arrows and the sideways picture in this.  So want to lift this one!

I Became Somebody Else by Profiler_Mar

Oh look at the photo treatment.  So perfect with the colors on the page.  And the butterflies flying over the hand pointing to what else but you the journaling are just fabulous!

Say What?? by NatalieKW

Can we say OH SO CLEVER!  Oh I wish I had thought of this.  This is way to adorable with all the cool layers!!

Each Day Count by Katell

Okay now for something COMPLETELY different.  I’m almost mad at myself for putting this here.  It certainly is not my style, but I can’t help but fall in love with the perfect restraint and simplicity.  AMAZING

Together by Carrie1977

Totally laughing at myself.  I don’t know why I assumed this picture was heritage, but that says how perfect the photo treatment is!  What totally sold me on this page however is the big man and woman symbol with the little man and woman symbol.  Some elements just say it perfectly!

And I with that I hate to tell you the roast in the oven smells soooooo good right now that I gotta go!  Hope you are enjoying as tasty a Sunday as I am!!