Finger Pointing February 10

Hello, hello! So whether or it’s the beginning of your week, or the end of your week, I’m here to bring you some jaw dropping goodness from the galleries tonight.

Fly a Kite by christineirion

Oh I soooooo love this.  Just all of it!! Love the word art, the way the stitching highlights the kite, the clouds, the blending, and the light hearted spring feeling.  All of it!!

Hello Love by Scrappydonna

Such a fun kinda dual structure going on in this layout with the sewn grid and the papers.  The grid is so cleverly integrated in the design.  Fabulous.

Itinerary04 by Oldvwblues

Just when I think, hmmm not really digging on the art journal thing, a layout comes along and POW hits me over the head.  I wish I could outline what I love about this, but I really can’t.  I don’t know for sure if its the colors or the whimsy, but whatever the case…WOW.

Dyna-mite by Neeceebee

Yes another grid one was pulling at my sleeve tonight.  But it’s what she did within the grid that really turns me on.  There is so much energy with in that grid.  The great bursts and the arrows, for example, are so perfect for a layout with Super Hero elements!

So Memorable by HeatherH

OH so many many awesome pictures!! And the blending is amazing and the use of the zipper, oh oh I hope this is the cover to some album somewhere!

My Heartbreaker by anneofalamo

Sometimes something comes along, out of the blue, that makes me say “Oh I gotta try that!!”  LOVE LOVE the fabulous use of the swirles and the over all design of this page.  Don’t be surprised if you see this baby scraplifted into my gallery!!!

And well that’s it.  Hope you all have a lovely night and happy New Week!!





Finger Pointing – February 3rd

Oh no I did not forget about you. Sorry for posting so late, but between working and working on reading with my son (no see it was not the Superbowl at all), I’ve been workin’ it. But I’m here for ya. Been goin’ through the galleries and bringing on the lovelies.

JanInsta13 by teeleedee

Okay yes, I’m a big sucker for purple.  But what really grabbed me was the way she used color in her layout and how it added to the pictures, even with such a bright purple.  I do think I would have loved this if it was even yucky green, lol.

New York by Bessychou

Just look at that amazing depth!! Fabulous with a capital “F”!!  As soon as I saw this in the gallery, I knew it would be part of this post.

Pisces by ViVre

Yes the obsession continues, lol.  But really how super clever is this blending and all the great fish and just light airyness of the piece.

Always in My Heart by twinsmomflor

LOVE the way she used the heart and valentines theme to highlight the relationship of a Father/Daughter.  Such a beautiful blending page.  I hope she frames this and hangs it on her wall!

Smile My Heart by Gonewiththewind

So in heart with the repeating circles.  Do you see them?  The magnifying glass, the wheel, the paper circle.  So very clever.  I am of course over the moon with this kit and Cheryl did an amazing job (as usual) showing it off.

Waiting for Snow by Madi

I just had to include this art journal page.  The overlapping bits of paper and the doily create some incredible texture on this piece.  I really want to make this in real life!

Now at this point, I really have to let you all know how amazing you ALL are.  I must have had 20 layouts in my Favorites folder from today.  WOW  I’m just sad I can’t include them all.  So keep on keeping on.









Finger Pointing – January 20

Yay!! Time for another Sunday GSO from me. I love going through the galleries looking for inspiration. And it is soooo hard to limit to only 6. On any given GSO day I will have like 20 picked out. But limit I must….so here ya go!

NYC by EH Studios

Wow.  Just Wow.  I don’t even know how her brain came up with this.  Adore the graphic look, the sometimes here sometimes there look, and all on the perfect Kraft paper!  F a b u l o u s!!


Cool Mum by misslovescraps

Yup.  She’s a pretty cool mum.  Anyone that can make those fun pictures even better with scrapping is one cool mum!! Such a fun fun page!!

Snow Much Fun by christellevandyk

I’m pretty darn cold right now and looking at this picture does not make me any warmer, lol.  But the angle on the picture and the way things are blendy an not blendy really grabbed me and made me click on this one!

Special Memories by mum2gnt

Sometimes inanimate objects have special meanings attached to them.  Especially cars.  I loved the way she scrapped what this car meant to her family and with a graphic simple design!

First Snow by neeceebee

I’m not really trying to set a trend here, but yup another cold one!  This one is so different though.  So much warmer and really quite cahute with the fun details.  And love me a good big ‘ole title!

Beautiful by Heather Prins

This is a beautiful photograph!! I love the artsy take on the other side of the page and the sweet little details at the bottom.  All of that just adds to the beauty of the picture!

And well that’s all this Sunday.  Hope you have a WARM TOASTY day lapping up some family memories!






Finger Pointing – January 13

Hallo all! It’s a Sunday again and that means Ima bellying up to the blog to lay out some fantastic layouts for you Sunday readers today. Let’s GO!
Watchlist by mom2da3ks

You know, I am so becoming a Valorie Brown stalker!!  I had two of her layouts in my favorites today.  I finally landed on this one because of the clever use of the cards.  And I love seeing older products used.  It so gives me hope that I will use my older products too.  Truth is though, I love it all!

First Home By Loriebug66

When a notebook is used right, it looks so cool, just like this one.  So many cute cute details too for the theme.

After Rain by Hanazana

I have been following Hanazana’s work for forever.  She just amazes me with her creativity and this layout is no different.  Look at how the bottom paper draws you up into the focal of the design and how all the strips of paper add dimension!

Riu Jalisco by Lor

Another layering delight!! I so adore the vintagy traveling look!  And yet the photos are not overshadowed by all the cool postcards!

Love this Guy by misfitinmn

Okay yes I will admit the pictures are way way a d o r a b l e!!  But that is not what grabbed me in the gallery.  What grabbed me was the super fun bright colors and the way the rainbow draws your eye across her design.

Their Virtual Worlds by oldvwblues

It’s grungy and blendy and the photo treatment is so perfect!! So completely rocks!

And that’s it! Over to soon as always.  (It is soooooooo hard to pick only 6!  You have no idea!!!)  Hope you have a happy rest of Sunday!





Finger Pointing – December 16

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way….It’s finally beginning to feel a little more Christmasy around here. We have snow on the ground and decorations up. And finally I am ALMOST done with the shopping and shipping. And what better way to celebrate than to share a little gallery inspiration today.

Secrets by Milmomma

Oh look how perfect that photo blends in and what an awesome picture and dark moody design for the subject.  But I adore how she kept the feel of the layout light, since they are kids, with touches of pink.  Niiiiiiice!

Grateful for this Day by Stevens89

Such a sweet and romantic design!  Love love the pictures and how they contrast against the wood!

Togetherness by Romy

The brushwork here is just divine!! And the picture treatment is just the perfect touch to make it stand up to such gorgeous brushwork!

IVF Story by aurian

I love a great journaling page!!  I really really do.   And this is such a wonderfully personal and yet inspiring story!! Congratulations Aurian.

Old Photo by Giny

The colors are just gorgeous with the picture and I really appreciate they way she made her design follow the vertical flow of the picture.

What the World Needs Now by wombat146

With the events of the last week, I think sharing about love is what we all need right now.  Beautifully done too!!

That’s it for me.  Since this is my last post before the holidays, I hope you all have a beautiful, love filled Holiday Season!!





Finger Pointing December 9th

Oh Happy Day. The snow is flying and the coffee is warm and the kids are all playing outside and there is blessed quiet around here. Even for just a short time. Time to go over some inspiration I’ve found in the gallery!

Love Bug by Milmomma

The series of pictures here just rocks!  How cute is he!!  But the best part of this layout really is how she was able to emulate the fun, light hearted feeling that is captured in the pictures.  Adorable!

Lost Treasures by Loribug 66

Oh Yummy journaling!! I love love a good story and she does it brilliantly here.  In addition the way the pennants frame the subject  is perfectly creative!

Your Love, My Love by caramellcheI

Her mix of papers is simply DIVINE!  And I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but the chevron paper at the bottom pointing to the pictures is SO creative!! (And actually I think I’m gonna have to go check out this kit!)

From the Hip by ViVre

Yes, I know.  I’m quickly becoming a ViVre stalker!  But who can help it when she puts such fabulous simple and real pages in the gallery!! Adore the the perfect touches on the side and who said your title needs to be big and bold?

This by Jenny73

Smiles are so contagious and This smile is no exception.  LOVE the picture and how she kept it simple sweet so as to not take away from the photos impact!

Home for the Holidays Card by scrappycath

Somebody is going to get lucky and get this card for Christmas.  That 3d tree is so perfect and is the perfect excuse to do a hybrid project!

And with that I am off…maybe with the house this quiet, I can stir up something crafty, um or get my Christmas shopping done.  Hope you have a lovely day!




Finger Pointing December 2

It’s official in this house. Christmas is coming. We always wait till after Thanksgiving before you can even sing Christmas Carols in our house and well…bring on the carols. And bring on the Christmas Layouts!!

Love the Tree Despise the Mess by Skippyherron

Love the half and half with the tree in the middle.  Love the blue juxtaposed with the traditional Christmas look.  Fun stuff!

Finally Snow by Jetjez

I know this is all about snow, and I’m not really sure if the tree shape of the design is intentional, but it really came out cool one way or another.  The design totally sold this one to me!

801 Days by Mum2gnt

Um really.  How magnificent is this!  LOVE this design.  The sweet little cutouts, the unusual shape of the pictures, the awesome brush work…all just glorious!  This design is the kind of layout that launches trends!

Our Light by Caroline

I am definitely a fan of a good Art Journaling page and this so falls into that category.  Love the imagery of the young lady and the message is what we all need to hear at sometime or another.

Handmade with Love by Yellowpeep

Okay before I say anything else, you so have to check out that picture of her daughter as an angel.  SO CAHUTE!  Okay, okay, refocus – The pictures totally pop on the neutral background of this page and the simple bright touches just bring you right back to the main focus, the pictures!  Not to mention the fact that I adore how she is celebrating her craftiness!

The Good, The Evil by Dalis

So I thought I would bring you one last Christmas layout.  Just cause.  Well maybe cause it is so much what I am feeling right now. (hmmmmm)  But anyway, this one is here because it is so darn creative how she used the word art!  Love the Christmas tree right over the good word art and I love the way she used word art to express both sides but laid the word art out differently.  Way creative!

Okay that’s it for today.  Off to do some Christmas shopping.  Hope you have all of yours done and are enjoying the season!