Finger Pointing March 26

Hello hello!! Cynthia here tonight with today’s pretties! Spring has arrived and since it’s really hot I’ll make it short and sweet as I need to stick my head in the freezer. *sigh* Anyway… Hope you enjoy my picks!

Greatest Hits by Dalis

Are you kidding me?? I cannot begin to list the things I love about this page. The pastel border, the title work, the brushes at the bottom, the sweet photo…Just love this!


Painted Nest Challenge 5 by oldvwblues

Gorgeous blending and I love the quote she used. Beautiful use of stamps/brushes and that word art at the top is amazing!


twenty four seven by *Lynnette*

What a great photoless page! I have to say I totally relate (even though my word isn’t “gentle” 😉 ) and Lynnette captured this emotion perfectly. Love her composition and use of stitches, and the way she placed the word art cards is brilliant!


Spring – New Hope by Captivated Visions

This is a page that made pause. It may seem simple at first glance but the colors, the faded words, and the flawless brushwork do convey a true feeling of hope and spring and renewal. Beautifully done!


Hello Nature by mrphoto

This is the sweetest photo! Perfectly paired with that background paper and the subtle touches of paint. Love her use of veneers and that baker’s twine held down by the flairs.


currently-march 2013 by mrshobbes

I love “currently” pages and this one is done brilliantly. From the gorgeous photo to her clustering and list, the cool stitches and awesome font work, this is a true standout!


Don’t forget to leave these ladies some well-deserved love! See you soon!

Finger Pointing – March 19th

Hello hello! I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I’m late with today’s post, but I hope you enjoy my picks!

Smile by Alegna

Beautiful white space, love the journaling and the stamped butterflies add a toch of whimsy and elegance. Beautifully done!


Just the way by gracielou

Amazing composition here! Love the sweet photo and those paper strips are placed perfectly!


Hearts by LynnZant

LOVE this!!! What a great quote and I’m in love with her clustering, not to mention the Tin Man!


Love You by bethdraper

This is the coolest use of paper strips and elements I’ve seen in a long time! Love all the hearts and mix of patterns paired with that gorgeous photo!


Ensemble by margote05

Gorgeous!! The photo, the misting, the composition, the colors….Beautiful, elegant, timeless.


AJC 2013 Question WOW by PatsFanGran

Loving the journaling here and the subtle silhouette, gorgeous brush work! Love!


This is it from me today, I hope you were as inspired as I was! See you soon!

Finger Pointing Feb 21st

Hello hello! Cynthia here with tonight’s gorgeous picks! Let’s go straight to them!

A Day in the Life by MissK

Absolutely gorgeous! Love her brush work here and the circle cut-outs are awesome! Totally need to lift this!


Pipe Down by lingovise

So in love with this! Awesome clustering, perfect placement and clustering, and I love the journaling paired with those word strips. Fantastic work!


Trying and trying and trying…by tjscraps

This page touched my heart. It grabbed me from the gallery because of the bold font work, and then tugged at my hearstrings when I read the journaling. I hope this served as scrap-therapy and sending you big hugs!


dream by Sokee

Love this! What a sweet photo and I love the way she highligthed the clouds with the hot pink paint. Love her composition and the way she placed her journaling as well. Beautifully done!


Give me strength by zwyck

Another powerful page. Love the blending and minimal elements. Beautiful journaling and stunning page all around!


Angel by wombat146

Stunning blending!! Love the soft texture and that perfect pop of green. Gorgeous!


This is it from me tonight, hope you were as inspired as I was! Don’t forget to leave these ladies om very well-deserved love! See you soon!

Finger Pointing February 11

Hello hello! Cynthia here today with our featured pages! I could have sworn I hit publish but then I realized the post was still sitting in the drafts folder. I’m sorry it was so late today but I hope you enjoy!

Love by Irenchen

Her clustering makes me swoon! Every piece is perfectly placed and shadowed, adding incredible depth and framing those sweet photos beautifully. Wonderful work!

loudspeaker by Design by Tina

Wonderful photoless page! Love her stamp work and that tiny piece of delicate lace peeking out from behind. Beautifully done!

Hello Cupid by flohbock

This kind of pages leave me speechless. I always wonder how you can say so much with such few elements and this page is done perfectly. From the gorgeous photo to the perfectly chosen elements, this is a truuue standout!

Bluebird by Sucali

Gorgeous composition and layering here, and I love her use of soft colors and well placed flowers that only emphasize the photo without overtaking it. Beautiful!

Car Rider by gracielou

Love her composition here! Awesome use of the banners and I love her bold title work and use of arrows. Very cool page!

Hello, Love by iScrap

Loving her blocked composition and the bold colors, that cute pout is adorable! Gorgeous clustering at the bottom and I love the dimension on the ribbon, I can almost reach out and touch it!

This is it from me today, hope you liked my choices! See you next week!

Finger Pointing January 14

Eeeeeep sorry I’m so late with today’s post, I had every intention of having it up earlier but of course, Monday happened. *sigh*

Here are today’s pretties, enjoy!

RAK For Marjoleine by Dutch Diva

What a stunning photo!! Beautiful processing and I love those paper arrows. Beautifully done!

Nela by jarkab1

Love the sweet photo and sprinkled flowers, and her shadows are just perfect!

Family Dinner by stampin_rachel

Love the design here! That striped paper is perfect for journaling and the photo is the cutest!

Happy by star74

That tag is the coolest! Love the layery bits and sprinkles, and how everything is beautifully showcased against the kraft background.

Happy Girls are the Prettiest by heathergw

Ohhh stampy goodness!! What a perfect piece of art journaling! Love the word strips and Heather’s brush and stamp work is out of this world. This should totally be printed and framed!

more lovely by estir_bune

The perspective on the photo is what first drew me in, and the beautiful negative space paired with that awesome border make this a true standout!

Hope you enjoyed my picks tonight! See you soon!

Finger Pointing January 8

Hello hello!! Cynthia here tonight with my first post of the year! I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I just started spinning lessons and even my eyelashes hurt..*sigh* Hope you enjoy my picks!

You give me joy by Sasha

Loving the bright colors paired with the newsprint and the clustering and binder effect are perfect! Beautifully done!

PLwk1_pg2 by lingovise

Love, love, love this!! Amazing photos and I love the little captions (not to mention that adorable spelling activity at the bottom!) Way to go Loni! Can’t wait to see more of your PL!

Dad and Darween by misslovescraps

Speechless. The photography here….just WOW. Love the muted effect on the whole page and the tiny elements in each pocket. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Reinvent Yourself by tylertoo

Ohhhh I love this!!! Love the tiny word strips and the symbolism with the butterflies. Her journaling on the credits is a must read too! You can do it!

hello! by JanaM

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jana’s super chic minimalistic style. She manages to pack such a punch with so few elements, and her pages are always balanced and well thought out. Very cool!

Excerpt by chickypow

Love this! Absolutely beautiful stamp/brush work, and the sprigs of grass soften the fierce photo but still make it powerful.     Gorgeous!


This is it from me tonight, hope you are as inspired as I was! I’m off to bed with 2 or 9 aspirins and a hot water bottle. See you soon!



Fingerpointing December 4

Hello hello! Cynthia here this Tuesday night with today’s picks. I’m a bit overwhelmed with thinking that a), my girl turns 6 in less than 2 weeks and b), that I haven’t started Christmas shopping. So posting tonight is a nice diversion, right? Let’s get on with the pretties I found so I can go back to thinking that I’m running outta shopping time…*sigh*

Seashell Whisper by Toniboy

I’m the biggest fan of beach pages, and this is just perfect! The background paper is absolutely gorgeous, the blending is flawless, and the cluster is so well done that I want to reach out and touch it! Also, did you see the shadow on that piece of sea glass??? Wow!

I Was Here by liljatr

What a great page, filled with everything I’m loving right now: paint, vellum, layer-y bits, stamps, and the most perfectly cropped photo. Fantastic work!

Kitschy Kitchen by sucali

Love the clustering here and you can’t tell me that you looked at that photo without smiling! Gorgeous shadow work, just look at the twine! Beautifully done!

Fairytale in white

Another beautiful example of perfect clustering. Love the pops of red and very subtle hints of green and gold, with just the right amount of elements to make the photo shine. Loving the blending too!

Daydreamers by kimpson

On a totally different feel and style, this page just makes me happy. From the awesome photo to that rocking background paper (must have!) this page is just perfect!

with great care by lingovise

I’m so in love with this page it’s not funny. The clever framing, the paper logs behind the cluster, and the sweet, sweet photo make this a true standout.

This all from me tonight, I hope you all have an amazing Holiday Season filled with joy and laughter, great company and yummy food. See you soon!