Finger Pointing – January 14th

We are almost halfway through January; and I, for one, am very happy about that as it is usually a cold and dark month in Minnesota. I do have some lovely pages to brighten your day. Sit back and enjoy the standouts for January 14th, 2019.

Adventurous Dude by AmandaFace

I am always on the lookout for great guy pages and I have 2 for you today. This first one is fabulous! I love the cool title work, framing, and footprints. Amanda has made a rugged and engaging page. This one is going into my scrap-lift folder.

Bips Fall Photos by bessiesue581

How charming is this page? I love the clustering work, especially the border. The artist has created a top-notch layout with lively colors, exceptional photos and lots of whimsy. That’s a standout!

Morning Noon & Night by SeattleSheri

What a wonderful way to document your day! I like the page design with the gorgeously layered, circle frames. Beautiful shadowing and dimension! The artist kept the photos black and white so they take center stage, along with her entertaining journaling. Hope your little guy is on the mend.

It’s Time to Move on by BrightEyes

Coral and turquoise are 2 of my favorite colors so that is what caught my attention while browsing through the galleries. After further inspection, I realized there was much to admire on this page. I love the striking elements and the way she has arranged them to draw your eye through the page. Splendid!


2018 Title Page by digigrandma

What an artful way to preserve the memories from 2018. The blending of the photos is exceptional and I love how the artist added the inspirational quotes. Delightful!


Hot Chocolat by Katy

This page is homey and inviting – Perfect for January! I like the way Katy used the word strips to create a vertical flow to the page and how the colors of the photo create such a nice contrast from the colors of the layout. The blending of the plaid paper adds a nice design touch and grounds the photo. I get all warm and cozy just looking at this darling layout.




Finger Pointing – November 24th

Hello everyone! It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S., and December is right around the corner. Soon the galleries will be filled with the wonder of Christmas, but I wanted to keep the focus on the beauty of fall, family, food and a little magic. Enjoy!

Go for It by Margje

This page is pure magic. I love how the artist put it together. Gorgeous imagery and a stunning design. I can’t stop staring and soaking up the inspiration.


Beautifall by Jenn

The brilliant autumn colors caught my eye and the perfect cluster work kept my attention. The dark wood background is a lovely backdrop for the elements and photos. Jenn’s shadowing is divine, and I like the shimmering gold title. Fall in all its glory.


Love to Cook by jak

I like the happy colors used in this super-cute page. The vertical orientation of the composition leads our eyes through the words, elements, and journaling with a quick stop at that adorable title. The journaling will be treasured for years to come and so will the artist’s cookbooks.


I Love Fall by mefun33

I like the vertical flow of this with the leaves leading the way down the page. The photo, with its depth of field, is delightful. I like how the floral paper and the stitching frame the page and keep your eyes where the magic is. Lovely in every way.


Turkey Day by Amy L

I love the composition – the 3 photos give us a beautiful glimpse into Amy’s Thanksgiving day. The placement of the title above the blended photo is brilliant, and the soft curve of the papers gives the page balance and uniqueness. I like how the 2 photos are matted distinctively, yet it is such a cohesive design. Delightful!


Autumn 2018 by ArmyGrl

An elegant, clean and simple design, the photo just pops off the white background, allowing it to tell the story. Love the shape of the photo, the pop of orange, the tidbit of journaling and the clean-cut, graphic feel. A beautifully crafted page!


Finger Pointing – October 31st

It’s All Hallows Eve, and I have some spooky, not-so-spooky and downright adorable pages for you to enjoy today. Happy Halloween! Save some candy for yourself (:

Face Your Fears by Miki

Spooky and playful at the same time; Miki’s blending of transfers and images is top-notch. I like how it looks 3 dimensional with the word strips tucked behind the blends. The whimsical placement of the title and the addition of the black cat adds to the fabulous fun!


Happy Halloween by Lego

I love this bright and colorful page and look at that wickedly-cute painted face. The artist has layered on the Halloween goodies and it all comes together to make a super-cool page. 


Dark Shadows by Sylvia

This page made me smile. I like the whimsical placement of the skeletons, and the mischievous title. The simplicity adds to the charm of this light-hearted layout.


The Raven by marnie4two

I admire photoless pages, and this one caught my eye because of the brushwork and textured background. The raven cluster is skilfully made and complements the passage perfectly. A ghostly standout!


Just-Say-Boo by Mother Bear

You can tell the artist had a marvelous time building this layout. The clustering and shadowing are superb. I love the perspective of the photo and how she enriched it with the placement of witches legs. Wonderfully scrapped!


His Eyes by Jenifer Juris

I know this isn’t technically a Halloween page, but I had to highlight it. I saw it earlier in the week on Facebook and was happy to find it in the galleries today. The artist is one of my favorites and this page displays her talent beautifully. I am always in awe of Jenifer’s compositions, and this horizontal design is fantastic. The beautiful (should I say handsome?) photo is mesmerizing. Love everything about this page.



Finger Pointing – October 17th

Happy Wednesday! It is a cool, crisp and colorful October day in Minnesota. As always, there was lots of color in the galleries, too. Here are my top six:

Go Today by Gina

Such great blending with the different textures and Gina’s title work is super cute. Love the energetic message!


Treats or Pigs by Pantherka

Halloween pages are popping up in the galleries and this adorable composite captured my attention. The little guy has such a delightful expression on his face. The artist has created a festive and creative scene where there is more fun than fright. Precious!


Junk Box Challenge by Elk Fan

The framing of the lovely image caught my eye on this page. With the colorful blends, pretty floral cluster, and reflected title, this layout is a charmer!


Fear is a Liar by tammielsmith

Maybe not as colorful as the other pages, Fear is a Liar is very powerful. I am not familiar with the quote/lyrics, but I find it to be so true. Fear stops us from living our lives to the fullest. I love how Tammy used light to add hope to the message. This page is brilliant, and I knew I had to showcase it. Thank you, Tammy!


Country Roads by breoni

Love this photo of a guy, his truck and dog – It reminds me of my boys! The artist has created a great backdrop for the photo with the stitched and layered papers. I love the addition of the stitched chevron to lead your eye into the page. Lots of wonderful white space, too.


Be Weird by Allinalove

I adore the vintage tones and the whimsical embellishing.  I like how the backdrop comprising brushwork, paint, word art and ephemera, supports the story. There is lots of eye candy on this delightful page.





Finger Pointing – September 22nd

Happy Saturday! I have found some scrumptious pages for you to enjoy today. Let’s take a look; you won’t be disappointed.

Last Days of Summer by Clin d’oeil

This is the very first page I saw when browsing the galleries this afternoon. I knew it would make the short list! I love the photo treatment and the collage-like layering of elements on the photo. The brush strokes and glitter swirls make you feel as if the leaves are blowing all around you. Fall in all its glory is captured on this splendid page.


The Union Chain Bridge by Profolly

Another page that highlights the beauty of fall! The color and light in Profolly’s photo are stunning. I love the way the photomask follows the meandering trail of the river. The falling leaves in the subtle colored background paper compliment the photo beautifully. Top it off with a lovely title and a small, creative cluster and you have a standout!


Cadillac Mountain by BlackKathy

I love the center alignment in this vibrant page. Kathy is a very creative title-maker and this page highlights her talent. The big “A” grabs your attention; the brushwork and visual triangle of autumn elements keep you there a moment longer. I especially like the leaf and flower cluster near the bottom that looks like it is falling off the trees and, also, spotlights her line of journaling.


Lost Tooth by aly321

I adore the creative composition – the photo, title, and large cluster take center stage – and the ingenious way her journaling is displayed. A page filled with color, whimsy, and lots of love. Adorable and precious!


Beautiful Dreamer by Chili_kim

Elegant and mysterious are the two words that come to mind while looking at this page. The large floral clusters are gorgeously created and add the touch of elegance. The soft silhouette adds the mystery and charm. It is a mesmerizing mix and I am transfixed. Enchanting!


Enjoy Autumn by AnnePC

The artist has used the design element of repetition perfectly. The repeated photos (it looks like the puppy is running right into our arms!), and shapes create a dynamic composition. I like the sprinkling of flowers and beads, too.  Autumn and puppy are flawlessly displayed. 

Finger Pointing – September 12th

Hello all! It is the end of summer/beginning of autumn in Minnesota so I was drawn to all the splendid fall pages in the galleries. I just noticed that all my pages are of children enjoying this season of gorgeous colors. How perfect!

Fall Colors by Chili

This beauty caught my eye right away. The fabulous fall colors with the flower cut-out background are eye-catching, and the cluster is a stunner. I like how Chili repeated the photo and tucked it in the cluster. Such an adorable peekaboo layout!


Autumn Daze by Cherrylej

Another page with dazzling fall colors. I like the layered papers anchored with the banners, and the whimsical title. The cute clusters complete the layout perfectly. Lovely!


Hello Fall by Intense Magic

The paper is a delightful backdrop as it looks like the leaves are flying off the photo onto the rest of the page. It gives the page energy and a sense of movement. The layout is embellished beautifully, too. I especially like the card with a touch of lace and ribbon.


Autumn by Gachal

I love the monochramtic colors in this page. The grays in the photo compliment the golden tones perfectly. It has such delicate feel with the gently falling leaves. Top it off with gorgeous lighting effects and a stand out is created!


Botany Autumn by Florjuscrap

Another page with the soft gold hues. This artist added a pop of color that draws your eye to the precious photo. I love how the photo is nestled in the charming embellishements. Wonderful textures!


Treaure by Justagirl

I love the green and pink color combination. The sensational colors are in harmony with the darling photo. The simple, but effective embellishing, along with the brush work, make this page shine.


Finger Pointing – August 16th

Hello and happy Thursday! I started my day by browsing through the galleries, and now, I am thoroughly inspired. What a perfect morning it has been. Hope you enjoy the 6 pages I have chosen to highlight today.

On The Water by bcazzell

This is the first page I noticed when I started my gallery browsing, and I was captivated. It is divine! Each part of the collage is a mini-delight. I especially like the photo of the water. The hand-drawn flip-flops are lovely, too. Heavenly colors and amazing artistry!


Hello Summertime by Rikki

I like the vintage feel to this layout. The colors in the photo are complimented beautifully by the colorful blending of background papers. The washi tape draws your eye into the page and brings your eye directly to the photo. The page is finished off peerlessly by the charming large title.


Let’s Blend Challenge by jcaruth910

Another page with glorious colors! Joanne has blended her photo with masks. I love how the scratches in the mask add a feeling of movement to the page; almost like a gentle breeze. The birds and simple cluster add just the right amount of playfulness. I want to play along with this challenge!


Hey You…Be Yourself by Ange

Isn’t this creative? I love the photo peeking out from behind the triangles. And how about the shadowing of the triangles? Perfection! A striking design and page.


The Sea by Carmen R.

Another page using triangles in an innovative way. The images in the triangles are sharp, clear and enticing. Carmen’s blended photo adds a lovely contrast to the hard lines of the triangles. Stunning!


Blah Blah Blah by Chaos Lounge

LOL! I had to include this page, not only because it is hilarious, but because I have 4 dogs. The artist has captured the personality of her brood wonderfully. I love the feeling of chaos the arrows and word strips provide. She has topped her page off with a “waggish” title and exceptional shadowing. Such a cute and spirited layout!