FingerPointing – November 14th

Hello everyone!  Deborrah, a/k/a DivaMom96, here with today’s Gallery Standouts!  I am so looking forward to next week when I will have time to scrap, but for now, I content myself looking through the galleries for inspiration.  And there is some GORGEOUS inspiration below: from art journal to traditional scrapbooking – you will find something here to inspire you.  Enjoy!!

Autumn Color Tag by Sandi Clarkson

I had to start with this absolutely stunning tag!  What a great idea for a tag – it’s like mini scrapbook page, and I love everything about it.

SSL: Chevron Mania by rache77

This is such a wonderfully designed layout.  Perfect in every way!

Dec. 25 by ScrappyHappy82

I love all the kitty photos!  What a great way to remember a fun time – and yes, a bow is the perfect Christmas present for a cat!  Just beautifully scrapped!

merry everything by huyentrang42

I just love how she used the ornament as her frame!!  Beautiful!!

Memories by iScrap

Absolutely. Perfect. In. Every. Way.  Well done!

Family by Mrs. Ashbaugh

Such gorgeous layering and cluster work on this layout.  The colors, word art and elements are wonderful!

Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – October 12th

Hello, hello, everyone!  It’s Deborrah (a/k/a DivaMom96) here with today’s gallery standouts from around the web.  So much gorgeousness in the galleries today; I hope you enjoy my picks.

The Drive by Miki

I fell in love the the gorgeous blending and color of this layout.  The photo is so beautifully set it makes me want to drive down the road.  The other photos, along with the perfectly placed title and elements, really make it complete.  Just lovely.

Five by tjscraps

Such a beautiful design here.  I love the flower clusters and all the triangles.  The colors that she picked up from the photos are just perfect, and of course those photos are adorable.  Beautiful.

Happy Fall by angels

This sheer amount of orange in the layout caught my eye!  I love all the word art and clusters around the photo.  And those papers are beautifully mixed together.

Shifting by caapmun

I love the horizontal design and beautiful arrangement of elements in the layout.  Such gorgeous colors!

Stay in This Moment by Rollinchen

I love the huge frame used in this layout.  What an adorable face, and I love the poem that she used to accompany her photo.  The falling leaves are beautifully placed and really connect us to the poem.  Gorgeous!

Trick or Treat by adrianita

What a beautiful white space page!  I love all the movement she added under the photo – it’s so simple and beautiful!  And those are adorable bats and spiders!

That’s it for today; hope you enjoyed by picks.  Happy scrapping!

Finger-Pointing – September 28th

Good morning, everyone!  It’s Deborrah, a/k/a DivaMom96, here, ready to show you some outstanding layouts from around the web.  I had a lot of fun searching this morning.  It’s been a crazy busy month for me, and I’ve barely had a moment to myself to scrap.  So today’s tour of the galleries was super inspiring.  So, let’s see what’s out there!

I Just Have To Find It by Ga_L

I just love this gorgeous art-journal layout by Gaelle.  Each panel tells a story and is a piece of art in and of itself.  I love the neutral color palette, with just touches of color here and there.  Beautifully done!

Beauty in the Becoming by Dalis

Such a cool layout! I love the vintage stacked papers under the photo layered on top of a contemporary paper.  The old mixed with the new perfectly complements the story behind the photo.  Wonderful!

Currently Watching by silent ranks

This is such a spooky layout, and it’s not even Halloween yet!  The eerie background paints, colors and book cover really drew me in and now I’m considering reading the book!  Well done!

Beach Day by HappyGRL

I love the title on top of the photos in this layout!   Such a contemporary design, yet the shabby touches around the page really make it unique.  I love her little stitches, and touches of torn paper here and there.  Beautiful!

Where Will You Go? by liziet5

I. LOVE. THIS. LAYOUT.  Look at that little face!!  I love the story she created with her photos.  This is a layout that will bring back that special moment again and again over the years.  Beautiful word are and shadowing, too!

Imagine by wombat146

This is a deeply moving layout.  I was drawn in by the creative use of paper, and only realized later that she had set John Lennon’s words to the page.  Gorgeous.

Selfie Story by G T

Lastly, I’m giving the “I can’t believe you scrapped this” award to this amazingly creative layout.  I came across it in the gallery, and it stopped me in my tracks.  What a creative idea!  I think it conveys everything about the boredom of lockdown that can be said.  Great job!

That’s it for today.  Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – August 6th

Hey everyone!  Deborrah here today with some simply gorgeous layouts from around the galleries.  We recently “moved” our blog from one host to another, so things were kind of glitchy over the past few days, but we are finally up and running again.  YAY!  So grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or beverage of choice and let’s look at some lovely layouts.

Rear View Mirror by FLKaren

This layout made me laugh out loud!  What a beautiful blending job of such a great shot, and perfect journaling!  Gorgeous clusters, too.

I Made It Myself by carolwenxin

I love the crafty look of this gorgeous layout.  The paint brush clusters and newspaper flowers are fabulous!

Delaware River by jk703

I adore the vellum letters in the title of this layout, and that’s some fabulous color brushwork behind the photo!

Magic Things by Ana Santos

This layout is just plain beautiful!  I love the brush work and the ripped papers.  Beautiful!

Visiting the Sunflowers by lmaggs

Gorgeous masking and cluster work here.  I love the black and white papers she chose and the adorable framed photo on top of the blended one.

BFF’s Forever by RJMJ

Beautiful, beautiful blending!  I love the bright happy color of this layout, and the layered title work.  So creative!

That’s it today.  Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate!  Deborrah here (a/k/a divamom96) blogging on this special day for the USA.  Today is a party day here and after 15 months of no parties, well, let’s just say things are hopping.  And they are hopping in the galleries, too.  So many delicious layouts being posted today. I kind of went over board with my selections – I just couldn’t narrow it down any further.  Let’s get right to my picks.

Summer Vibes by eve11ne

We’ll start today with this  beautiful summer layout by eve11ne.  The title and adorable sunglass elements caught my eye immediately.  I love the gorgeous soft summer colors she used, and the wonderful paper choices she made for the cutout letters.  But it’s the design which makes it a standout for m – everything flows beautifully and the whole page brings a smile to my lips.  Beautiful!

21-07_TLP_July-Photography-Challenge by marijke

Picking this stunning layout was a no brainer.  I love the gorgeous blues she used to enhance her photo background, and all the paints, threads and other elements are perfect!  It’s mysterious (as her title tells us), soothing and vibrant all at the same time.  Fabulous!

Nothing Better Than This by Scrappy Irene

I fell in love with this layout as soon as I saw it.  The black, beige and red color palette is stunning!  This must the day for photo effects, because the gorgeous effects on this photo – soft black and white feel, masking for the Coke bottle – they draw us in and we examine the rest of the layout more closely.  I love her paints, stamps and other brushwork so much.  Just a gorgeous layout!

Welcome aboard by cinderella

What a fabulously gorgeous artsy pocket page!  I aspire to this – I love making pocket pages and always try to give it an artsy feel, but it just doesn’t come together as beautifully as this one.  I love the way she layered the cards and photos, then added elements and stickers so perfectly.  And that wonderfully artsy background paper is just perfect!  As is her beautiful shadowing.  Just lovely!

Tlp-july21_journaliing-kiana by LoveItScrapIt

I haven’t seen many art journal pages lately, and this one caught my eye immediately! I love the large drawn faces and the fabulous inked hair and paint.  The journaling is amazing!  I love to read poetry, but writing?  Not my thing.  How wonderful to be able to create a beautiful visual expression of a writing passion.   Outstanding!

Made for Sunny Days by KarenDiamond

Check out this gorgeous creation!!  I absolutely love the blended beach photo amongst the paint and markings.  I would not have thought that a beach photo would work with such a painterly background, but it does!  The gesso in the background is wonderful, and that’s one beautiful flower cluster!  Beautiful job!

AnnaColor: Healthy Democracy by zlemon

And I end my blog post today with an amazing layout that pretty much says it all. Beautiful, beautiful blending of photos.  What a fabulous tribute to this special day.  Thank you for this inspiring message!  Happy 4th of July!  And Happy Scrapping!

Finger Pointing – June 15th!

Hey hey, everyone!  DivaMom96 blogging again on this beautiful Tuesday.  Summer break is upon us.  I’ve noticed that the galleries are a little less crowded than usual, which is totally understandable as kids transition from school to home and summer vacations begin.  I’m waiting for my own summer break come July 1, and I can’t wait to have some uninterrupted creative time.

I found some beautiful layouts today and I hope you enjoy them.  Don’t forget to leave some loving for these amazing creations. You can click on either the photo or the title – either will take you to the gallery.

Captured Moment by Thuria

First up, this beautiful page by Thuria.  I love the assortment of pink and green colored paints, splotches and elements she used to highlight the beautiful photo while leaving most of the page empty.  Beautifully done.

#14. CurrentlyKAArtisan by MrsPeel

This adorable page made me laugh out loud!  Who else but MrsPeel would do a layout about a food processor?!!!  I love all the kitchen ephemera and color. It makes me smile every time I look at it!  Gorgeous!

Summertime by Intense Magic

This layout has summer written all over it, from the title to the summery colors.  I like how the background blends from white to colorful paper, and how she brought the colors to the white side with all of the paper bits.  Fab!

Cozy by zakirahzakaria

I love the simplicity of this layout, and how she selected the coordinating papers to fill the heart.  It’s perfect for the beautifully serene B&W photo.  Just love it!

Strongest Woman by christellevandyk

The dark background of this layout caught my eye immediately and I love all the white paint and journaling.  How wonderful to create a page to honor her mother.  What a thoughtful gift!

Under Blue Skies by bbe

The photos in this page drew my attention – I really like how she placed them so that the child helps our eye to travel around the page.  The soft colors and sketchy flowers behind those fabulous photo frames adds texture and mood without taking away from the child.  Beautiful.

Blue Skies by SeatleSheri

I’m always a sucker for photos as backgrounds, but I love how she duplicated the photo.  The gorgeous B&W and the soft gradient overlay is a beautiful contrast to those awesome red flowers! Great job!

That’s it for today!  Happy scrapping!

FingerPointing – June 1st

Hello everyone!  Deborrah (a/k/a DivaMom96) here today with some beautiful layouts to share.  I am so ready for vacation!  I’ve been dreaming about getting away to the beach, taking photos and immersing myself in scrapbook layouts.  If you’re ready for vacation and are as addicted to scrapping as I am, read on!  These picks will take you away.

Beautiful Life by Glori2

I was immediately attracted to this layout! I love the photo she chose to scrap, as well as that wonderful title.  “My Favorite Age Is Now” – what a wonderful reminder that today is the best day of all!  The blended papers, overlays and fabulous frame all come together to make a beautiful layout   Great job!

Love This Moment by bcnatty

What a wonderful layout this is!  I love her photo!  I know many of us have been to Pisa and attempted to take a photo of the Tower in various poses (holding it up, pushing it over, etc.).  But putting it in an ice cream cone?! I love it!  But it’s the way she scrapped the photo that made it stand out.  I love all her elements and word strips, as well as her creative journaling.  Just a fantastic vacation layout!

5K Captain American Run by megscottstudio

Geek Girls Unite!  I fell in love with this layout immediately.  I am a closet geek and love all the Marvel comics and the accompanying movies.  But what drew me to this layout was her fabulous use of stars.  The background paper is just wonderful and I love what she did with bursting stars following the lines of the paper.  And what wonderful photos to use to remember such a wonderful day.  Beautiful!

Forever Young by Doxiemom.jen

I am totally using this idea someday for a layout!  Usually, the photo is the first things that attracts me to a layout.  But in this case, it was the fabulous word art that caught my eye, especially, “My age is very inappropriate for my behavior.”  I. Love. That.  I love everything about this page.  Especially her amazing way of combining all that word art!  I really like how she used journal cards with the photos, and then all of the wonderful elements and words.  Fabulously put together!

Love You by iScrap

The colors of this layout caught my eye as I browsed the galleries.  I love the heart shaped template and how she filled it!   She used a beautiful photo and designed everything around the love felt for the girl.  I love all the papers she chose and how beautifully they work together.  And that title is to die for!  So wonderfully done!

Beach Life by mediterranka

Lastly, I bring you a totally different style of layout than the others I chose tonight.  I’ll be honest.  I am in awe of people who can scrap a layout with minimal papers and elements and make it work.  This is the perfect example.  Two papers, frames, 1 sticker, journaling and a title.  That’s it!  And it is a work of art, in my opinion.  Everything about this layout screams beach life, and yet she used so little.  Truly the work of an artist.

That’s it for tonight.  I hope you enjoyed my picks.  Happy scrapping!