Finger Pointing – April 9th

Gooood morning everyone!  Deborrah (a/k/a divamom96) here today to spread some layout cheer with you.  I’m always interested to see what methods scrappers use for their layouts.  As I browsed the galleries and picked out layouts that stood out to me today, I found that the majority of them used different ways to highlight their photos other than frames.  From blending modes to extractions, each of my picks uses something other than a frame to highlight the photo.  I hope you enjoy this fun selection.

Bloom & Grow by SeattleSheri

This was one of the first layouts I found today.  I love her extracted branch, but the bokeh and lighting effects she used for the background really make it stand out!  Even her title glows!  The flower cluster and butterflies are a wonderful anchor for the design, and the poem she uses is the perfect journaling.  Great job!

Be Silly by Margje 

I laughed out loud when I saw this layout!  The creative blending here is wonderful!  I really like the photo effects she used on the photo to blend it into the background and frame.  (The green tint on the glasses is an AWESOME touch!)  Her painting and scattered elements bring the whole design together, and I like her quote on the T-shirt.  Just beautiful!

Plants are Friends by Renate

I love the dreamlike feel of this layout!!  The masking and blending modes used here are wonderful – look at all the depth of color on the photo.  But what really makes this a stand-out is the use of stickers and border elements with an artsy blended photo!  She managed to take two very different styles and put them together in a beautiful way.  Just gorgeous!

à bicyclette by myla

This layout uses blending in an even different way!  Her mask is so geometric and modern, and the blue-and-white-striped strips around the layout helps emphasize that modern feel.  I love her modern brushwork and minimal use of elements here – she lets the photo and striping have center stage.  Fabulous!

Burgoning by Zanthia

Wow! Look at all this gorgeous color!!!  That’s what first drew me to this layout; but check out that double blending!!!  I really like how she mirrored her photo blending one into the frame and the other into the paper.  Her choice of elements are perfect – just enough to anchor the photo without taking away from the overall layout.  Outstanding!

Creative Photo Editing Challenge by Nobles

Lastly, I bring you this adorable layout.  I adore this artsy style, with blended elements and transfers, but what made this one a stand out is the creative photo effect she used on her subject.  I don’t know what the original photo looked like, but this idea opens up a whole world of possibility for photos I’m sure you might want to use, but they are just slightly out of focus.  Think of layouts you can create now!  Wonderful!

That’s it for today!  I hope you enjoyed my picks – may they inspire you to spend your weekend creating your own fabulous layouts.  Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – March 11th

Hi everyone!  Happy March 11th!  It’s Deborrah writing today with some beautiful layouts from around the web.  I am always amazed at the sheer volume of talent that is out there.  So much inspiration!  I hope that some of these layouts inspire you to create your own.  Let’s see what I picked!

Raileigh at Folly Beach- August 2011 by GlazeFamily3

I fell in love with this gorgeous layout the moment I saw it!  I love, love, love her blue sunburst!!  The words she put on selected rays are just wonderful, and I adore how she matched the color to the little girl’s swim suit.  Her background paper is so beachy – I love it.  Just a wonderful layout!

Springtime by cherrygutz

This most appropriately-named layout is another one that caught my eye immediately.  I love the colors, her rainbow and all of the fabulous Springtime elements.  Her photo is just another element in this page that has me relishing in color and the warmth of Springtime.  I especially love the cluster of flowers she used BEHIND the front wheel of the bicycle.  Just beautiful!

Journaling Cards by Stacey Jewell Stahl

So, at first glance, I thought this was just an interesting pocket page, and then I realized that the entire page was overlapping journaling cards.  I.  LOVE.  THIS.  IDEA.  And I love how beautifully she put these cards together!  The black and white photo in the middle is the perfect compliment to all of the gorgeous cards describing her passion.  Just a wonderful layout!!

13 – Starbucks by bienejen

This layout is a wonderful tribute to something I love – COFFEE!!!  I mean, it really is love in a cup!  I’ve seen this template being used around the galleries and I think it’s just brilliant, but I love what bienejen did with it.  The cute photos of enjoying Starbucks, the flowers and other elements tucked under the layers.  All of it comes together to be a fabulous tribute to coffee.  Well done!

coffee and plants by kathie02

And, speaking of coffee, this layout speaks to my other passion – succulents.  I couldn’t agree more – life IS short; buy the plants!!  But what is special about this layout is how she used that fabulous color scheme on the side to tie everything together.  Beautiful blending, and gorgeous element choices.  Brava!

There Are Always Flowers by jana

And finally, a layout that should be printed and hung as artwork.  What a beautiful creation this is!  The colors, her blending and partial framing, and of course, the beautiful florals on the edges.  Everything about this layout speaks of joy, hope and beauty.  It made me smile when I saw it.  Just gorgeous!

That’s it for tonight.  I hope you are inspired by my picks.  Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – February 11th

Good evening, everyone!  Happy Thursday!!!  It’s always good to sit back and browse the galleries, but tonight it was so, so needed after a long week – thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

I found some wonderful goodies this evening, so let’s take a look at these beauties.

ArtMuseFebruaryWk2 by Pachimac

I thought we would start out with a bang and this layout fits the bill! I just love, love everything about it!  The sassy lady, the wonderful poem and all of the fabulous background elements.  Don’t you love the wooden floor she put in at the bottom and the flowers in the lady’s hand?  She really created a wonderful piece of inspiration to all of us.  Well done!

Unexpected by Kat Hansen

I was intrigued by the beautiful word art title when I first saw this layout, and it drew me in to take a closer look.  I just love all her paper and paint elements!  Everything here is unexpected, just like her photo and journaling!  It’s a mixture of differing papers, paints, elements and fonts – but it all works together to make us feel happy!  Wonderful!

Somewhere in Italy by Betty Jo

Woot, woot!  Oscraps is up and running again and that means their gallery is there to peruse. I found this beauty today – I just LOVE blended travel photos and this photo brings up such wonderful Italian memories for me.  I love her fabulous photo treatment and how she used paints and stains to blend it into the paper.   But my favorite part is the line scribbles she used around the edges of the paper.  Beautiful!

20190621-8thgradedance2 by MishSpar

I love arrows!  And this layout caught my eye right away with it’s wonderful blend! I love her selection of papers – they all go together so fabulously.  But it’s the beautiful clustering around the photo that make it a stand out for me.  Her selection of of hearts and swirls all go together to make a fantastic focal point!  Fabulous!

Obsession by jenn mccabe

I. LOVE. THIS.  Isn’t this the most wonderful, thing, ever???!!  Loads of luscious reds, textures and doodads!  Such an explosion of artsy wonderfulness!  And that wonderful B&W photo!  It expressed such love and joy for the little dog that you want to reach in and hug him!  Seriously, I love her use of black, white and read, and all of the different word art she used.  It expressed an explosion of joy and love – and it makes the viewer happy!  Wonderful!

Lovely Little Moments by Katie Pertiet

Lastly, I bring you this beautiful layout by Katie Pertiet.  At first, I thought she had loads of ribbons going across the page, and but now I take a closer look they may be rubber bands.  But regardless, it is a masterpiece of pink beauty.  I love how she intertwined the photos amongst the bands, and sprinkled butterflies around.  And, of course, her beautiful painted floral sketch in the background makes everything lovely.  Just gorgeous, Katie!

That’s it for tonight!  Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – January 30th

Hi everyone – DivaMom96 a/k/a/ Deborrah here with today’s gallery standouts.  Wooooow – it’s almost February!  Where did January go?  It seems everyone is creating like mad at the end of the month, and that means the galleries are stuffed to bursting with gorgeous layouts.  Let’s take a look at a sampling!

The Fairy Forest by A-M

The lush gorgeousness of this layout cannot be overstated!  I love the expert shadowing on her layers, and the path leading into the background.  Her selection of papers for her layers is just beautiful!  Each one is full of lush greenery, yet blends so beautifully with the other layers.  And look at her adorable fairies, bushes and mushrooms peeking out from between the layers!!  Beautiful creation!!!!

Simple by LorieM


I love the soft simplicity of this layout.  The photo says everything, and I love her simple elements floating from the photo and down across the title.  The shadowing on her elements is interesting – everything floats on the page giving it an ethereal feel; and it really works here.  Beautiful shadow work on the title, too – I love the paper choice for the title.  Lovely!

MOC-2021-Day-28 by silent ranks

This layout immediately caught my eye! I love black and white and this is just fabulously done.  I love the rays of white emanating from the photo, and all of the paint and hearts.  Her arrow work is really nice, as is the paint under and on top of the photo (nice circle).  Everything is done so tastefully, including her paper choices for the rays.  Beautiful job!

MOC9 Day 28 Paper & Paint by SeattleSheri

WOW!  That was my reaction to this gorgeous layout by our own SeattleSheri.  I am in awe of people who can mix and match papers so beautifully!  Each strip works so well with the next, I don’t know how she did it!  Her paint splatters behind the main heart are a great touch, as is the beautiful title.  But that photo is simply precious! I love her photo treatment – a little sepia filter really tied it in with the overall tone of the colors.  Gorgeous!

Stay Weird by HeatherH

I love the title of this layout!  As a mother of two boys, I can totally relate to this! Leave two boys together for a few minutes, and you never know what you’ll find when you get back!  Her paper choices for her letters are just wonderful!  So fun and whimsical, perfect for this layout.  Look at that little yellow dude on the W – he’s adorble!!  Beautiful paint work on the background paper, too.  Fabulous!

Life is Sweet by Tinci

My last choice is just precious! I fell in love with this one from the colors and the total deliciousness of the photo and elements.  Look at all the gorgeous clustering!  I love her candy choices, papers and elements, but really it’s her beautiful cluster work which makes this layout pop!  I even recognize the candy store from Universal!  Brings back memories and makes me feel like I’m a part of the layout.  I love it!

That’s it for today!  Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – January 15th

Hey, hey everyone!!!  DivaMom96 here with today’s picks.  What a ton of layouts I found today, and all so beautiful.  It was definitely tough to narrow them down, but I have some great picks for you today!!!  So, let’s get to it!

Me – MOC Nine – Jan 14 – Filled Style by Saar

Our first standout is this adorable alphabet layout by Saar.  WOW!  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I can so relate to the question posed at the bottom of the layout! I’ve been finding it harder and harder to focus on things lately and this layout really resonated with me.  I love her alphabet and the distinct coloring of the letters ME.  And check out the fabulous clustering around the photo.  Just spectacular!

Mmmm by AmaneseFe 

My next pick was totally decided by my tummy!!  What a great layout!!!!  I love the photos, and the photo treatment she gave them.  It works so well with all of the wonderful elements and messages sprinkled around the layout.  Each element works so well with the next, and I love the paint and sprinkles she used behind the photo cluster.  But my favorite part if the message board:  I mean, she’s right!  It’s hard to be sad when you’re eating a cookie!  Fabulous!!!!

MOC9_ D14_ Fill It Up by Smileark

I. LOVE. THIS. LAYOUT.  Look at all those fabulous hearts!!!  Layer upon layer of beautifully shadowed hearts which make a fantabulous background!! (I can’t believe that fantabulous didn’t trigger a spelling error – LOL!)  I love all the different papers she used for her hearts and way she layered little flowers amongst them.  A gorgeously feminine layout!!!!!

Mirror Mirror | MOC 9.13 by Melidy

Oh my!  I just love this adorable layout!  What an adorable photo!!!! And I love how she used the Snow White theme with the mirror which reflects the mirror photo!!  Just brilliantly adorable!  Everything about this layout is just perfect, from the frame, to the quote, to the little red flower at the top.  BRILLIANT!!

MOC9_14 – My Everything by Roxanna

Isn’t this fabulous!!!!???!  Look at all those wonderful papers and stitches!!!   And elements, and, and … well, and everything! I love the black and white color scheme with just that touch of yellow.  It really jumps out and grabs your attention – beautifully done!!

Alone Time by AliSarah

This layout really touched me!  I spent all day today in meetings discussing how our world will look in the “Great After.”  This layout is the poster child of every person who is just putting one foot in front of another to make it through each day until it’s over.  Regardless of our circumstances, this pandemic has touched everyone.  I love her beautiful photo, and her touching journaling – it’s a must read for everyone!  (Great colors and clustering, too, BTW).

That’s it for me tonight.  Have great weekend, everyone – happy scrapping!!!





Finger Pointing – December 3rd

Happy December!!  This is my favorite month of the year.  In addition to it being my birthday month, everything is so festive and happy, even during this pandemic.  I just can’t be sad when the world is so colorful and sparkly!

If the layouts in the galleries are any indication, then the majority of the scrapping world agrees with me.  The galleries are full to bursting with glitz and glitter, songs and Santa, candles and color, happiness and hope.  It was a lot of fun looking through them today and while my choices are not all Holiday related, I’m so excited to share them with you!

2020.12.01-DYD1a by FarrahJobling

It’s Document Your December time at many scrapbook sites and this layout by FarrahJobling just popped out at me in the galleries.  I love the simplicity of the layout and, of course, the adorable photos.  I am a fan of simplicity even though my layouts tend to have more stuff on them, but simple design can be just fabulous and this layout is the perfect example!

Holly-Jolly by TrishD

This layout is just spectacular!  I love the color, the black background, the fabulous title, just everything!!  I always forget how wonderful it is to blend photos and lights into a dark background.  It’s one of the things about digital scrapbooking that is so special: being able to do things that you can’t do with paper and paint.  This layout is just gorgeous and really exemplifies how I feel about December.

Let’s Play Ball by Scrappy Penguin

I love the background paper on this layout!! It caught my eye and I had to take a closer look.  I love the red and white color scheme and the title work – what a great alpha!   I also love how she used the elements here and there to tell the story.  Great photos, too.  Lovely!

Snow by Dady

I adore the photo effect and framing on this layout!  The way she blended it into the paper just drew me into the photo and I really feel the winter magic!   Cute little effects around the page all speak to the snow and winter – isn’t that polar bear just adorable??  I love it!

Things to Work On by cinderella

This is one of the first “resolution” layouts I’ve seen this year, but I think it speaks to the year that is almost done.  I love the notebook and pencils on the page!  It looks just like a journal I would keep at home, especially with the photo just lying on top.  And the message that she is sending to all of us – look ahead to a joyous new year and remember the little special moments of this past year no matter how small or simple.  A fabulous layout!!

All Through the House by myssp

And with this layout, I send my December joy and wishes to everyone no matter what you celebrate.  The peek through the window onto what is joyous for this scrapper just warms my heart.  I love her bits of lace and ribbon, the scatters and stamps, and of course, that FABULOUS window frame.  A true stand out!

I won’t be back until January since we take our annual break from December 16 through the end of the year.  Have a wonderful, safe and happy Holiday season!!  Happy scrappin’!

Finger Pointing – November 1st

Happy November, everyone!  I hope you all had a spooky, fun Halloween, and are ready for some fun layouts today.  This is Deborrah (a/k/a thedigiscrapper), and I’m ready to show you my picks from around the web.  While I was searching, I noticed that many of my picks used different framing techniques, so I decided to make it my theme for the day: Fabulous Framing!

Pumpkin Love by Betty Jo

The gorgeous colors in this layout caught my eye right away.  I love this type of blended framing where the photo seeps out of the frame onto the page.  It’s one of the best things about scrapping digitally – the crazy awesome techniques you can use.  The mixture of textures and elements used here is wonderful! The stitched pumpkin is so cute, as is the paper cut-out and the watercolor blending in the photo.  Just a wonderful pumpkin layout!

Japan by mywisecrafts

The framing in this layout just grabs the eye, especially since she used multiple blocks for each photo!  I think it’s the mixture of the different photo perspectives that really makes this a standout.  It works so well with these photographs.  I love the oriental font she used for the title, and the messy framing she used around the page. And that’s a gorgeous flower cluster on the left.  Great job!

Boo Crew by tammybean04

I LOVE the many, many circles used as a frame in this layout!  There is no question who is the star of the page here.  The colors are gorgeous!!!  Everything about the page works so beautifully together, from the colors of the circle, to the colors in the photo.  Beautiful shadowing, too!  Fabulous!

Slow Living by katell

This lovely layout is so simple compared to many I saw today, but what drew me to it was the double framing – the photo layered over another, unrelated frame.  I was so intrigued by it.  Just a lovely touch.  I also liked the watercolor background effect of the paper, and the beautiful circular brushwork behind the frames.  Beautiful and simple.  Great job!

A Beautiful Autum by Dady

What a beautiful layout! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  I really like her extraction on the photo; it took a simple photo and made it stand out.  Gorgeous elements and scatters around the page, and using the photo as a background is just perfect.  Gorgeous!

2020ViralChronicles_GreenTea by MrsPeel

My last layout was my first pick!  I love everything about this page.  The mix of black and white with color is absolutely spectacular here!  Again, she used the photo as a background, but instead of the background being used to enhance the photo, the background IS the photo and the page is the frame!  I love the clusters and all of the oriental tidbits that enhance her message.  It is so beautifully done, brava!!

That’s it for today!  I hope that you enjoyed my picks – happy scrapping!