Finger Pointing – December 6th

Happy Monday!  I know Monday’s can be rough, especially if you have had the weekend off…. so I’m here to spread some Monday evening cheer.   The galleries are bursting with all these gorgeous layouts.  It was so hard making my selections tonight, I could have easily picked all of them….


SSL Dec 4 by bcgal00

Ok…all I can say is WOW!  I love how the photo is ripped in half to represent the side of inner self fighting with each other.  Making the photo 2 different tones is brilliant.  The moodiness with the bright colors just further enhances that in reality, this is real life.  We take the good and the bad together and we still have this beautiful life.  Don’t hide the dark, it’s the dark that pushes us to the light.  There is hope and this artist captures reality with the hope she still has….POWERFUL!

I realize that not all may share the intrigue that I have with how our mind works, so my next shout is….

Fun by Shannamay

I love the use of the white background.  It makes these bold geometric shapes just pop of the page.  This looks like pure fun and the artist’s choice in papers and elements captures the full essence of fun!

Wintry Weather by Bryanna

This layout captures the innocent wonder of a little babe all snuggled in warm as he takes in the world around him.  The white on white cluster is stunning!

I just realized that all these white backgrounds really appealed to me today…. maybe a white Christmas is on my brain (except I’m in Florida, so not happening here. LOL).

Day 3 Lift Challenge by DonnaRCarroll

All these super cute adorableness in the galleries.  I just can’t help but point them out.  I love all the paints used in the background and the blending of the larger photo.  These adorable photos are perfectly placed and those subtle splashes of red are perfect.

Universal Studios Vacation by KingsQueen82

How awesome is this?  First of all, the time it takes to strategically place these elements is worthy of a shout out on its own. Such a clever a fun way to document one’s vacation.

12 Tags of December. Tag #2 by DivaMom96

All this wonderful purple caught my eye first. I LOVE purple and then I really looked at this marvelous tag.  How gorgeous is this??  Look at that cluster in the lower left corner of the tag.  How about the paints around the edge of the tag.  Based on the title, I can only assume there are 10 more tags to go and now I’m curious to check those out as well.  I’m still swooning here…

I hope you enjoyed my selections for the night.  I hope you are as inspired by them as I am.  If you have a moment to spare, swing by and leave these wonderful artists some love and holiday cheer!


See you around the galleries!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – November 17, 2021

Hello!!!!  As you can tell,  I like to keep people on their toes.  I send this fun email at various times just to add some spice to life!  Speaking of spices, are all my US friends gearing up for family time and Thanksgiving? Things are starting to swing in motion in my house (and that means I have the kids helping out too, lol).

I promise, I won’t be too long winded tonight.  Check out just a sampling of all the fun and fabulous layouts that I spotted tonight!

Love by tlowe

Yep, this gorgeous layout just ooooozes of  young love.  I love all the mixed media used, the layering is fantastic and those vintage elements are the perfect touch!

Dubrovnik by weaselwatchr

I love the paper that is clipped to the paint in the background.  Bold enough to make a statement and subtle enough to work with the flow of the entire layout.  How gorgeous is that little cluster with the key?

everyday life by veer

Most days I’m guilty of not capturing those “everyday life” moments.  That is real life and this artist reminds us there is a lot of beauty in everyday life that we should pause and capture. I love the neutrals used with the pop of yellow that adds so much warmth to the entire layout.

Chewy I’ve got the Pawer by ozegirl

OMG this layout made me laugh.  This adorable little kitten must have seen some re-runs of Michael Jordan going for the slam dunk with his tongue hanging out.  This photo by itself makes anyone stop and look again and you add the the perfect element choices with perfect placement and it all equates to this fun and stunning page!

Just be You by SeattleSheri

The colors of this collection are gorgeous and perfectly coordinated with those black and white photos. The clusters… I’m in complete awe!

211109_cat Tent by zinzilah

It was not planning to pick to cat layouts, but I came across this one and had to chuckle.  This cat has some personality!!  The composition of this layout plays perfectly with the “tent” and being outdoors for a campout vibe.  Love the moody background paper!

I hope you have enjoyed my selections for the evening.  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love!

Until next time,


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – November 2nd

Look at me, skating in for some late night fun…..Well the fun started about 2 hours ago when hubby and I DIYed changing out the kitchen faucet……since I had more water under my sink than in my sink, it had to be done.  LOL.  That level of fun is over and now  for some more important fun.

Check out just a few of the beauties I  discovered in the galleries today!

Travel | Color Challenge by mielz

I love skylines.  Whether it be in paintings, photos, or scrapbook layouts.  They are always just so fabulous to me and this work of art is different.  I love the all the fun blending with the softer colors and then “BAM” we have a red vintage car. If the skyline doesn’t stop you, then the red car surely does and both just invite you to hang out and enjoy this beauty.

Fade Away by beszteri

Can I get an “uhhhhhhhh mazing” over here!  The textures in this layout were the first to grab my attention and then when I saw the fabulous blended photo on the leaf… I just stared in awe!

Cook Kid by Roxanna

While I do not doubt that this kid isn’t super cool…. how about how super cool this layout is?  I love the fractured photo cluster… literally the fracturing of the photo made the photo part of the cluster.  Such a fun and bold layout.  

delightfully untraditional by Gina

I don’t know which grabbed my attention first, the title of this layout or this classy lady who is completely untraditional.  Who says classy ladies can’t be barefoot?  This extraction is beyond amazing.  The bold background, the pops of color and all the blending, make this layout superb!

spd-abattybagotreats_TRACY by geek_girl 

How fabulous is this white space layout?  You may think Halloween means we need to load up on goodies!  This layout shows that sometimes, the right goodies make it worth  holding back.  These elements are perfectly placed with the right paint/ transfer used in the background!

Uptown Girl (Color Challenge) by lizziet5

Oh this girl is definitely uptown in this uptown layout.  I love the softness of the layout that adds to the whole classy feel.  The blending of the photo layered element/frame just adds to the overall vibe of the layout.  The minimal use of elements and strategic placement of word art just enhance the stunning beauty of this entire composition.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love.

Until next time!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -October 21st

It’s almost Friday in my part of the world!!! Wohoo!!!  So in celebration of Friday Eve, I grabbed a glass of wine and went gallery browsing and came across all kinds of fabulousness!

Here are a few layouts I wanted to highlight!!

Display of Beauty by anke

I love the whole white space but artsy vibe happening here. The color choices made here, accent the gorgeous photo perfectly. I love the transfer that is used in the cluster on the left and then layered just slightly on the photo.  How about the 2 tone word art? Simply stunning!

Dia de los Muertos by Pachimac

It’s no secret, I’m a huge artsy style and art journaling fan.  I absolutely love a layout that can pull off a dark background beautifully and this artist combined some of my top scrapbooking skills into one layout.  The layout by itself is gorgeous and the journaling is the icing on the cake.  This layout “Nailed it.”

Too Cool for Scool by Nickel

Check out this amazing artsy layout.  I love the tone on tone, it makes the silhouette just jump out and gives the whole layout extra movement. The elements used to layer in and create this layout add to the movement.  I really do feel like we should be jumping right along as we are all too cool for school!

Amy’s Wedding Day by Danesa

Not only am I in love with this collection…. it’s like it was made for this wedding photo.  I love how the shutter is used to perfectly frame the photo.  The clustering and placement of elements add to the softness and stunning beauty of this masterpiece!

November Rain by akizo

I don’t know which I love more, these photos that just make my heart stop and melt…. or this layout. You combine them together and you get this stunningly gorgeous layout that just warms any mama’s heart.  I love the color combination, just soft enough to give the endearing warmth and just masculine enough to use in a gorgeous layout like this!

Touch of Autumn by Olivia123

Wrapping up my stroll through the galleries is this gorgeous fall layout.  The fantastic masking and the clustering draw you in and give the sense of being in the meadow with this gorgeous young lady.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fantastic artists some love!

Catch you around the galleries!


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – October 7th

It’s Happy October Time.  Hope everyone has recovered from DSD weekend.  As I was walking through the galleries  and the (stores), I saw all kinds of fabulousness present.  Games and fun were to be had everywhere.  Now it’s time for a little bit of slower pace, so as I leisurely scrolled through the galleries, here’s some eye candy I found for ya!  


tcon by Marnel

I LOVE the composition of the layout.  Using the question mark as it’s own large and in charge element is so creative. The grungy background paper with the black and white photos and those amazing clusters–all make this layout a stunner.

Sweet September by livybug

Here’s some more grungy goodness for you.  Liv is fabulous with all her layering and it’s always like a treasure hunt when I look at her layouts.  I’m always trying to see how many separate elements I can find and love seeing how she uses them.  Besides all the layering goodness…. I love the blending of the background and how it appears to be a blended extension of the photo (which it could be & if it is, it is done so superbly that one cannot tell).

Do You Know by Belis2mi

I found this layout very powerful. The softness and subtlety of the blending, make the lyrics just jump of the page and make them a focal point.  Yet, all the directional signs encourage and remind you to refocus on the words.  

Hello Fall by Ernie88

Normally when one thinks of fall, the glorious vibrant colors is what comes to mind.  This artist shows  us that fall is equally as beautiful in its subdued jewel tones.  Absolutely adore this black and white photo of this beautiful little girl and I love how the photo is accentuated with the softness of the paints and the cluster.

Halloween Ball by MrsDudds

Have you ever wondered what and a clean and bold layout looks like?  Look no further.  These hexagons make a bold statement further enhanced by that solid white background.  Everything in this layout just jumps off the background and the minimal use of elements are just the perfect touch to accent this awesome layout design.

A Bootiful Night by EllenT

How awesome is this?  I love that this layout is monochromatic with those pops of orange.  The use of the orange draws your attention to that fabulous bootiful photo.  All the blending and layering is phenomenal.


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have moment, swing by and leave some love for these fabulous artists.

See ya around the gallery.



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -September 26th 2021

Happy Sunday!!!  Everybody gearing up for all the DSD festivities?  I know I sure am.  I can’t wait to play some of the games and of course go SHOPPING!  Now is a great time to build those wishlists….and I’m here to help provide creative and wish list inspiration!

Check out these fabulous layouts I spotted today as I was strolling through the galleries!

birds of a feather by bellbird

Absolutely love the composition of this layout.  It has a soft approach yet it is still masculine in nature.  This type of look isn’t necessarily the easiest look to pull off and here it was executed beautifully.  I also loved how this artist mixed several kits together to create this beautiful look!

Blending-Challenge-Sept24_2021 by frani_54

I love this gorgeous fall photo.  I love how the light just draws you in to this forest scene. I’m also wowed by the texture and the blending approach taken here and then it is perfectly accented by the color swatch recolored to match the layout and that beautiful cluster is perfect!

Fall in Love by Tina1978

How adorable is this photo?  I love the use of the stamps/masks in the background and the photo perfectly framed with the vine frame and that amazing cluster.

Bountiful by MeaghanPryor

I love vintage layouts and this on is so drool worthy. The blending is fantastic and the slightly darker sepia and muted green tone elements are the perfect complement to this gorgeous layout.

hello Fall by beaute

Can I say wow!!! I LOVE this photo treatment and the way the artsist used the overlays/paints from this collection to accent the the different angles in the photo treatment is genius.  This approach just highlights the different hues of autumn and the gorgeous cluster at the neck adds a delicate touch to the overall layout.

Shine of Splendor by bryanna

How amazing is this?  I love the dark bold colors and the blended photo in the background.    The frame for the smaller photo is eclectic and fun and the softer overlays used int he floral cluster adds a magical touch.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, please swing the galleries and leave these fabulous artists some love (clicking on the title above the layout will take you right to the gallery post).

See ya around the galleries!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – September 6, 2021

Good Morning from my part of the world…. for the folks in the US, most of us are enjoying a 3 day weekend.  I’m getting ready to take my kiddos to the movies with some friends.  Before I head, I wanted to shout out some amazing layouts I spotted in the galleries this morning.


As the Leave Fall by AnitaH

I love fall layouts.  All the fabulous colors just call to me and this layout with the gorgeous blending and this oh so sweet photo….It makes me smile!  I love the leaves that  add to the out of the box feel and the sweet fall foliage cluster in the lower left is gorgeous!

Autumn’s Ambiance by RJMJ

Oh my!!! These color s are so vibrant and the sweet composition of this layout with al the fantastic layering and blending.  This family looks like they are enjoying their fall day as well!

Just Let me Shop & NO One Gets Hurt by lmaggs

The word art on this layout is perfect (it also made me chuckle).  I love how the photo is blended in the background and also layered onto the tab to make it pop.  I’m sure there are a many of girl with this same sentiment.

Rachel-Etrog-Note-to-self-April-2021 by RhondaB

This layout is super fun and gorgeous all wrapped up in one.  I love the beautiful extraction and the gentle reminder for us all to bloom and grow where we are.

Ready for Autumn by mrsashbaugh

Yes, I know… another fall layout…I can’t seem to help myself today.  I love the layering of all these patterned papers.  I find mixing patterns to be an art form and this artist did it so beautifully.  How about that photo cluster?  Isn’t that the most amazing cluster?

With You in Mind by Gina

All I can say is wow.  This layout really tells a story and I love how the photos have been used on this layout to tell that story.  The wonderful blended photo in the background to the out of the box effect of the smaller photo.  Absolutely stunning composition.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you  get a moment, swing by these artist wonderful gallery and leave them some love.


Until next time and I’ll see you around the galleries!


Esther  (mywisecrafts)