Finger Pointing -September 1st

Happy September 1st!!!  Can’t believe how fast this year is flying by and that we are already starting a brand new month.  This week has been a tad crazy for me, but I sure did want to slide into your inbox with some gorgeous inspiration from the galleries (and they are overflowing with so much more).


You Color my World by garrynkim

First up is the gorgeous black and white photo with subtle hints of color added back in.  I love that the bouquet is in color and the side cluster to the left is beautiful.

Surviving the Chaos by HeyJude

OOOOeeeee can I ever relate to the word chaos.  Love this gorgeous artsy layout.  That grungy background is beautiful and the clustering is fantastic.  This is a perfect blending of multiple patterns within the background paper and elements combined with the cluster.  Use of the black and white photos is perfect for this layout.

Hello Lazy Summer by bcgal00

I love this super adorable photos of the dogs playing and enjoying their summer day.  background paper choice is perfect fo the photo and that fabulous cluster with all the messy strings is drool worthy!

You by cfile

I have and will always be a fan of a gorgeous vintage vibe and this layout does not disappoint.  I love the mixed media background that is used here and the central location of the cluster!!  And a gorgeous black and white photo is always a hit.

A Thousand Words by keepscrappin

I know, here I go with more black and white photos.  I love all the layers in this vertical cluster.  the journaling/word art is perfectly place.  I love that the background is a muted monochromatic feel with that bold pop of the orange.  Stunning effect.

Believe in Your Dreams by Scrap by Irre

Sigh, all this blending is fabulous. The placement of the blended photos with the clustering totally gives this entire layout the dream like vibe.

Hope these layouts inspired you. If you get a chance, stroll through the galleries this weekend to obtain more inspiration and swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love.

Catch you next time,

Esther aka mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing – August 7th

Happy Monday from my part of the world.  Have to say, it’s been a tad bit crazy today.  I took time to de-stress and just browse through the galleries and stumbled upon so gorgeous inspiration.

Everything by Zanthia

I love the the photo treatment/masking and absolutely love how it was placed on the sketch book.  I love the small cluster and it’s placement.

On Lake Time by jcaruth910

I love the photo used in this layout.  The blending is amazing and the use of the canoe cluster is stunning!

Oh John  byPaula Kesselring

This is such a fun layout created by one of the Designers, Paula.    Love  the  photos  used  in  this  layout  and  the  wonderful  journaling.  A fabulous  retro layout.

What I Love About Summer by Cinderella

Love all the color in the layout.  So much to see the clustering and the journaling is absolutely amazing. I can’t deny, that I love all the use of the emojis!

2020 Hello Summer by KristaLund

Love this bright and cheerful summery pocket page.   Love the use of all the yellows.  All the small clusters are fantastic and the shadowing is perfect.

Wonderwheel by PictureMom

This photo is amazing.  I love how it  steals the show and so perfectly accented with the frame and small clusters.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you get a chance, swing by the gallery and leave these artists some love.

Catch you around the gallery!

Esther . . . . aka . . mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing-August 2nd

I can’t believe we are in August!  Things are gearing up for back to school in my part of the world.  I’m secretly ready for it (my daughter maybe not so much).  Just taking a quick break from all the back to school tasks to slide into your inbox and highlight some fabulous layouts that I saw in the galleries today!

Meh! by lizziet5

I love the facial expression.  It made me chuckle and at the same time I can relate to the sentiments expressed here.  The masking is fantastic and fantastic use of word art and journaling strips.

GoodKarma by ArmyGrl

I love how Lisa captures the beauty of nature in her photos and the she enhances it with her gorgeous choice of elements and paints. Her simple cluster is just perfect for this photo!

Not Today by shunnstergirl

I’m a huge fan of photoless layouts and this one does not disappoint.  Not only do I love all the use of circles and the “no” signs, I love how they are layered/clustered.

Quite Sporting-Soccer by Kythe

I love the triangle visual, the bold colors and the perspective on this layout.  It looks as if the soccer ball is popping off of the page.

So Much to Do by Rachel Jefferies

Love this gorgeous artsy page.  The cluster on the left is stunning and the small cluster on the right is perfect to balance the layout.  I love that most of the colors are muted as it makes the blues just pop off of this page.

Yes You Can by AngeBrands

This art journaling page is powerful, stunning and has beautiful blending.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you have a moment swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.

Until next time,

Esther aka mywisecrafts


Finger Pointing May 24th

Happy Wednesday from my part of the world.  I can’t believe how fast the year and the month is flying by.  Been a little busy on my front.  One kid graduating High School and the other leaving Middle School and onto High School in the fall.  

I know when things get a little busy for me, my inspiration tends to drop, so just wanted to pop into your inbox with a little bit of inspiration to hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

Two Little Bookworms by LisaMT

What a precious moment captured so beautifully.   Love the book shelf display in the background and that front and center cluster is just marvelous!

Night Butterflies by ChristineArt

This artsy layout is just magnificent.  I tend to be partial to saxophone players and this layout does get me in a jazz state of mind.  While I’m not a jazz connoisseur , I do love to listen to it and I just feel the soul of music in this fabulous artsy layout.

Over the Top by Succali

This black and white photo is fabulous.  I love the little corner photo pieces and the word art is just fabulous.

Celebrate by Veronique Pincemin

The photo in the bubbles caught my attention first…. but I have to say, may fave is the framing of the photo inside of the balloon.  Such a gorgeous artsy approach.

TigerTamer by Christellvandyk

I love this alpha title.  The two tone on the alpha is just fabulous.  Not only are the photos gorgeous, but LOOK at those clusters.  They are equally as fab and this whole layout puts me in a circus frame of mind.

Go by JenEm

This photo treatment is spectacular and I LOVE the creative use of the frames that make certain aspects of the layout just pop.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love.


Until Next Time,

xxxxx, Esther (aka mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -May 4th

….and May the 4th be with you… I couldn’t resist…I just had to start off the post with that. I have a feeling we are all going to need the FORCE to be with us as we go marching right into the iNSD weekend.  I also find it quite hilarious that my husband is like, “I’ve seen and heard it all, you even get holidays for your crafting!”

So as everyone is getting ready for a fun filled weekend with all kinds of iNSD festivities, let me help jump start your creative inspiration.  

Miss Independent by AmieN1

I love that the little artist whose artwork is displayed here, has taken a stand.  If no one else will buy her flowers, she’s got it covered.   This layout is gorgeously composed and the layering  and the white space around the artwork make the artwork just shine.  I love the bold floral print background.

Art Box No.3 by TirAmisu design by lencik_vredniy

This really does scream “Calgon take me away!”  I love this white space layout with all the paint in the background.  It really plays well on the photo and gives the sense of the ocean covering more of the page.  That cluster is stunning. Living in the Moment by Chunlin

A stunning art journaling page.  Love all the paints, bold flowers and the word art.  I particularly love that the design element has everything towards the edges and leaving more white space in the middle of the page.

Laura Rogers March Vibes 1 by Soul_Shine_Designs

THIS!!! Love the word art/typography in this silhouette.  The white space approach, really makes this layout just pop and makes the STATEMENT–“Woman you are AMAZING!”

May 23 Template Challenge by Cinna

Such a gorgeous artsy layout.  I love all the blending and the cluster on the right hand side is fabulous with some gorgeous framing.  I love the mix of the patterned paper, well done with a subtle vintage vibe that I absolutely adore.

and last but not least, Mix of Beauty by Kaklei

The title of the layout says it all….what a gorgeous mix of beauty.  I love the use of the paints and the stamps so beautifully layered.  A stunning artsy layout.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these talented artist some love!

See you around the galleries!!!!


xxxx-Esther aka mywisecrafts



Finger Pointing – April 5th

Good Evening from my part of the world.   Hope everyone is doing well.  Just sliding into your inbox with a little inspiration!

Going Green by nibylandia-11

Not only is this photo fantastic, I love how it matches with the  layout so well.  Love the grunginess of the background paper and the clustering is fantastic.

LO554-These Days Together by Omlialie

I’m not sure which I love more, the clustering or the use of this kit. Those dandelion puffs are perfection and add so much to this layout.  I really am drooling over all this layering and clustering.


Find Joy in Each Day by Angels

I love the use of all the arrows/chevron pattern in the background.  The various patterns used just draws one in.  The photos are super adorable and the clustering fantastic.
Pontlaconglais by tantivero

This blended photo is fantastic.  It looks like it should be part of a canvas painitng.  Love the texture that bleeds through into the photo.  The layering/clustering at the top of the page adds a nice vintage artsy feel.

WildChild by Intense magic

I LOVE the pops of color on this light colored background.  The mixture of the paints in the background with the clustering on  top is super fab!

Wyosenna bryza by Magnolia

Here’s another fabulous blended photo.  Love the little girl playing in the rain.  The vertical clustering is gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you get a chance, swing by the galleries and leave these fabulous artists some love!



Esther aka mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing – March 31st

Here we go, wrapping up another month and the first quarter of the year!  I’m here to slide into you inbox to inspire your creativity and hopefully motivate us all to carve out a little more “creative” time for this weekend.

2023 03 – Art Journaling – Week 4 – Vision board by Thuria

Such an amazing art journaling layout with the monochromatic feel and I love the soft pastels used to accent  design.  The various mix of fonts is fabulous!

Hope & Love by trzyludki

I love this clean and simple design approach to this Easter layout.  The softness of the layout in all it’s elegance is gorgeous!

Flowers in Your Soul  by  Cinderella

All I can say is OMG.  The mixture of the patterned papers have been used very strategically.  They compliment each other and the entire layout flows so beautiful.  The use of the paints and the clustering is gorgeous.

Palvinka_SpringBreeze by CarolWenxin

Love this gorgeous color palette and the clustering is fabulous.  I love how the stamps/paints are layered into add depth to the cluster.

près de Louvre by myla

I love the whole geometric effect here.  This design approach is stunning and just perfect for this moment captured.

Ride Your Bike by jak

Love this centered vertical alignment for the layout.  The layering, shadowing and clustering is perfection.

I hope you have enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you have a moment swing by and leave these amazing artists some love in their gallery.

Until next time…..

Esther (aka mywisecrafts)