Finger Pointing-March 18th

Hello My Friends!!!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a fabulous start.  Just popping into your inbox with a little bit of creative inspiration for you!

Little Boys by Breoni

This is totally WHOA!!!  How amazing is this word art in the shape of the silhouette of this adorable little boy.   This really inspires so much creativity! This would be an equally awesome way to journal special events/celebrations.  I love that the photo has a slight sepia tone to it.  It really makes the word art stand out on this dark and bold background.

Touching  Hands  by  wombat146

The photo in itself is powerful.  I love the treatment that applied.  It adds this fantastic grungy vintage vibe and you combine that with the fabulous blending.  Gorgeous art journaling layout!

March Challenge # 6  by Su_Sanne

This artsy layout is stunning.  I OVE the photo choice used here.   The monochromatic design just make the pops of yellow really stand out.  The varying textures used  create more depth.  All in all, a truly stunning layout.

Missing You by Tracie Stroud

Another fabulous artsy/art journaling layout.  I love this photoless page. The background paper choice with the mixed media elements combined with the amazing clustering and diagonal flow of the page, make this layout  utterly gorgeous!

Take Me to Paris by HeyJude

(Ok, so artsy layouts seem to be my thing tonight).  Here’s another absolutely gorgeous artsy layout with a little bit of a vintage vibe.  I LOVE the photo treatment on this photo, it contributes to that whole vintage/retro vibe.  The layering of the ephemera with the floral clustering, really adds  a junk journal effect as well.

Bridging by Roxana

Love the background choice here combined with the mixed media items.  I love the photo that is used and how the use of the mixed media items create the illusion of the continuation of the photo.  The muted palette is perfect for the black and white photo and love the depth that the post of gold add.

Hope you have enjoyed by picks for the night.  As always, if you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.

See ya in the Galleries!

xx-Esther aka mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing – January 22nd

Happy Monday and Evening from my part of the world.  Hope everyone has had a fabulous start to the New Year.  We moved over the holidays and now I’m slowly catching up with other aspects of my life.  Tonight it was so therapeutic to see so much creativity just overflowing in the galleries.  AND I have a few layouts that I definitely want to share with you!

Snow Lovers by nibylandia-11

I love the muted water color effect of the background paper and all the elements.  The scene created is muted and soft and allows the vibrancy of the photo to just pop!

When Night Comes by Cath VP

I am always a huge fan of a dark bold background and this black background just makes this layout pop.  The use of the back and white photo with a slight sepia tone is a perfect complement to the  secret  world  created  on  the  side  of  the  keyhole.

All I Need by EHstudios

This little girl definitely steals the show.  Love the use of the 3 different photos, but I particularly love the contrast of the blended photos with the one photo that just pops of the background.

MOC12-18 Wonderful You by SanVHM

Love this clean and simple layout with the monochromatic theme and the pink is the perfect accent color.  Love the texture in the background as well, it adds that subtle depth to the entire layout.

Together by Cinderella

Love the black and white photos with all the color being from the background/paints/accents.  But can we say “WOW!”  Look at how these pieces of of the photo are arranged and layered to create this amazing collaged look.

Winter Fun by Krista Lund

Pocket Pages are not my strong suite.  I absolutely love Krista’s pocket pages and this one here is perfection.  The kit matches the outfit of her daughter so perfectly and all these winter clusters are fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you get a chance, swing by the gallery and leave these amazing artists some love!

Until Next Time-

Esther aka mywisecrafts



Finger Pointing -November 2nd

Hello my friends!! Can you believe that we are in November already.  It feels a little surreal.  This is the time of the year that things get extra crazy.  My family is expecting a mini expansion soon.  I’m getting ready to be a Great Aunt again and much to my husband’s dismay, I’m LOVING all the baby shopping and spoiling.  On top of all that, we  are expecting to actually move into our new house soon.  It has been a long painful process BUT I am looking forward to a less crazy life after the move.

Ok, enough about me.  Just wanted to pop into your inbox with some inspiration.

Hello Autumn  by JenEm

Love the use of this white background. the paints and the diamond layers frame the photos beautifully.  The use of the elements are not only well chose, they are well place and the feel like an extension of the photos being scrapped.  Let’s be honest, all those gorgeous fall colors just pop off this white background.

You’ve Got This by ajm

Love the plaid background that frames the lighter  paper.  The use of the paints is gorgeous behind the photo.  I  love the layering of the elements and love that little bit of sass that our little girl in yellow has!  Overall gorgeous composition.

Challenge 1 Color Palette by Cherylndesigns

This stunning fall beauty is a masterpiece created by one of our very own bloggers.  The blending is amazing!!!  Photo selection  is on point and all the layering of the floral elements around this gorgeous model s fabulous.   There is no doubt who owns the city represented here and this layout totally rocks the use of the gorgeous fall palette.

Falling Leaves by Anja_77

Love the softness of the background choice, this choice really makes the photo just stand out.  Can we talk about this clustering?  How fabulous is this with all the layering and tucking of some mixed media/paint elements in there.  It give the cluster a dreamy like feel.

Lay-out-a-day-4-2023-interactie by pieppo

All I can say is holy moly.  Love the bold splashes of color.  Love the blending and the use of the pinned on frame keeps that eye as the focal point.  So gorgeous!!!

You Color my World by Caro

Wrapping up with this gorgeous layout by Caro.  Love the use of the  black/white/gray grungy background and the black framing oof the photos.  The photo treatment is very story book like and absolutely fabulous on these photos and totally make the layout stand out.  Clustering is gorgeous and I absolutely love the use of the paint brushes in the cluster.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you have moment, swing by and leave theses amazing artists some love!

Catch you around the galleries.


Esther aka mywisecrafts.

Finger Pointing – September 30th

Hello my creative friends.  I’m coming in hot tonight with some inspiration.  Hubby and I are about to be off to join one of our own bloggers (Claire) 5oth Birthday celebration.  So without further ado, I’ll jump right in with picks for the night.

Babe a Paris by Ginette

I love the use of the fairy lights and that this is such a non traditional Paris Layout that we are used to seeing.  I also admit, seeing Babe in the layout did make me giggle and took me right back to Charlotte’s Web.

Dutch Dream-Journey of the Season by LanaBeber

I love color palette of this layout.  In addition, the position of the photos is eye catching and adds more depth to the layout.

Keep me Warm by EvelynD2

I really do love Fall best of all and this background paper  combined with this marvelous cluster is the perfect background for this  adorable photo!

Love U by Erica Zane

Ok, so how adorable is this photo?  I love wings  They are fabulous and that crown is right there for the grabbing!  Love  the  layering  of  the  papers  with  messy  writing  in  the  background.

Acceptance by Karin

Love this artsy white space layout.  the placement of the paper pieces and messy threads  are perfect.   Love the journaling.

Sushi Love by Roxanna

This silhouette is a fantastic addition to this layout and I love the gorgeous scrapping of this sushi photo.  It’s minimal and effective and makes the photo just pop.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you get a chance, swing by the galleries and leave these amazing artists some love.

Until next time,

Esther aka mywisecrafts


Finger Pointing -September 1st

Happy September 1st!!!  Can’t believe how fast this year is flying by and that we are already starting a brand new month.  This week has been a tad crazy for me, but I sure did want to slide into your inbox with some gorgeous inspiration from the galleries (and they are overflowing with so much more).


You Color my World by garrynkim

First up is the gorgeous black and white photo with subtle hints of color added back in.  I love that the bouquet is in color and the side cluster to the left is beautiful.

Surviving the Chaos by HeyJude

OOOOeeeee can I ever relate to the word chaos.  Love this gorgeous artsy layout.  That grungy background is beautiful and the clustering is fantastic.  This is a perfect blending of multiple patterns within the background paper and elements combined with the cluster.  Use of the black and white photos is perfect for this layout.

Hello Lazy Summer by bcgal00

I love this super adorable photos of the dogs playing and enjoying their summer day.  background paper choice is perfect fo the photo and that fabulous cluster with all the messy strings is drool worthy!

You by cfile

I have and will always be a fan of a gorgeous vintage vibe and this layout does not disappoint.  I love the mixed media background that is used here and the central location of the cluster!!  And a gorgeous black and white photo is always a hit.

A Thousand Words by keepscrappin

I know, here I go with more black and white photos.  I love all the layers in this vertical cluster.  the journaling/word art is perfectly place.  I love that the background is a muted monochromatic feel with that bold pop of the orange.  Stunning effect.

Believe in Your Dreams by Scrap by Irre

Sigh, all this blending is fabulous. The placement of the blended photos with the clustering totally gives this entire layout the dream like vibe.

Hope these layouts inspired you. If you get a chance, stroll through the galleries this weekend to obtain more inspiration and swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love.

Catch you next time,

Esther aka mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing – August 7th

Happy Monday from my part of the world.  Have to say, it’s been a tad bit crazy today.  I took time to de-stress and just browse through the galleries and stumbled upon so gorgeous inspiration.

Everything by Zanthia

I love the the photo treatment/masking and absolutely love how it was placed on the sketch book.  I love the small cluster and it’s placement.

On Lake Time by jcaruth910

I love the photo used in this layout.  The blending is amazing and the use of the canoe cluster is stunning!

Oh John  byPaula Kesselring

This is such a fun layout created by one of the Designers, Paula.    Love  the  photos  used  in  this  layout  and  the  wonderful  journaling.  A fabulous  retro layout.

What I Love About Summer by Cinderella

Love all the color in the layout.  So much to see the clustering and the journaling is absolutely amazing. I can’t deny, that I love all the use of the emojis!

2020 Hello Summer by KristaLund

Love this bright and cheerful summery pocket page.   Love the use of all the yellows.  All the small clusters are fantastic and the shadowing is perfect.

Wonderwheel by PictureMom

This photo is amazing.  I love how it  steals the show and so perfectly accented with the frame and small clusters.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you get a chance, swing by the gallery and leave these artists some love.

Catch you around the gallery!

Esther . . . . aka . . mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing-August 2nd

I can’t believe we are in August!  Things are gearing up for back to school in my part of the world.  I’m secretly ready for it (my daughter maybe not so much).  Just taking a quick break from all the back to school tasks to slide into your inbox and highlight some fabulous layouts that I saw in the galleries today!

Meh! by lizziet5

I love the facial expression.  It made me chuckle and at the same time I can relate to the sentiments expressed here.  The masking is fantastic and fantastic use of word art and journaling strips.

GoodKarma by ArmyGrl

I love how Lisa captures the beauty of nature in her photos and the she enhances it with her gorgeous choice of elements and paints. Her simple cluster is just perfect for this photo!

Not Today by shunnstergirl

I’m a huge fan of photoless layouts and this one does not disappoint.  Not only do I love all the use of circles and the “no” signs, I love how they are layered/clustered.

Quite Sporting-Soccer by Kythe

I love the triangle visual, the bold colors and the perspective on this layout.  It looks as if the soccer ball is popping off of the page.

So Much to Do by Rachel Jefferies

Love this gorgeous artsy page.  The cluster on the left is stunning and the small cluster on the right is perfect to balance the layout.  I love that most of the colors are muted as it makes the blues just pop off of this page.

Yes You Can by AngeBrands

This art journaling page is powerful, stunning and has beautiful blending.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the night.  If you have a moment swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.

Until next time,

Esther aka mywisecrafts