Finger Pointing – September 6, 2021

Good Morning from my part of the world…. for the folks in the US, most of us are enjoying a 3 day weekend.  I’m getting ready to take my kiddos to the movies with some friends.  Before I head, I wanted to shout out some amazing layouts I spotted in the galleries this morning.


As the Leave Fall by AnitaH

I love fall layouts.  All the fabulous colors just call to me and this layout with the gorgeous blending and this oh so sweet photo….It makes me smile!  I love the leaves that  add to the out of the box feel and the sweet fall foliage cluster in the lower left is gorgeous!

Autumn’s Ambiance by RJMJ

Oh my!!! These color s are so vibrant and the sweet composition of this layout with al the fantastic layering and blending.  This family looks like they are enjoying their fall day as well!

Just Let me Shop & NO One Gets Hurt by lmaggs

The word art on this layout is perfect (it also made me chuckle).  I love how the photo is blended in the background and also layered onto the tab to make it pop.  I’m sure there are a many of girl with this same sentiment.

Rachel-Etrog-Note-to-self-April-2021 by RhondaB

This layout is super fun and gorgeous all wrapped up in one.  I love the beautiful extraction and the gentle reminder for us all to bloom and grow where we are.

Ready for Autumn by mrsashbaugh

Yes, I know… another fall layout…I can’t seem to help myself today.  I love the layering of all these patterned papers.  I find mixing patterns to be an art form and this artist did it so beautifully.  How about that photo cluster?  Isn’t that the most amazing cluster?

With You in Mind by Gina

All I can say is wow.  This layout really tells a story and I love how the photos have been used on this layout to tell that story.  The wonderful blended photo in the background to the out of the box effect of the smaller photo.  Absolutely stunning composition.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you  get a moment, swing by these artist wonderful gallery and leave them some love.


Until next time and I’ll see you around the galleries!


Esther  (mywisecrafts)


Finger Pointing-August 31, 2021

AND another month comes to an end!  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow starts a brand new month.    BUT this month isn’t over just yet and I have some gorgeous layouts to share with you.  I decided to focus on more white space/clean and simple layouts for my picks today.

Together by er_creates

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the monochromatic vibe and the perfect balance of this page.  I love the 3 columns that breaks up the fantastically journaling and the perfect element touches added to just make this page pop!

Dad_Laurie by lauriezyskind

What a gorgeous page about her Dad.  I love the diamond pattern in the background with the papers layered under them and I also love the diamond paper layers.  The use of the mixed alpha is perfect and this  layout is topped off with the gorgeous black and white photo.

hello love by Akizo

I always smile when I see designers creating layouts.  It just makes me feel even more connected to the designers.  This layout will not disappoint, be wowed by the designer and be wowed by this cute little baby! Check out this fun and gorgeous layout.  All that stitching with the confetti and the circles is so much fun and this little cutie has the perfect little flower cluster to complete the layout look.  How can you not smile when you look at this layout?

Passion by shiima

I’m  not sure what I love the most.  The dark background?  The checkered effect on the photo?  The stamped lines with the word art? You combine them all together and you get this jaw drop stunning layout.  One can’t help but feel the passion in the layout.

Anna Lift by ang

I love the masking/blending used in this layout.  I love how the photo blends so well with the background paper and the white framing is the perfect complement to just make the photo pop.  Did you notice how the messy threads appear to be wrapped around the framing?  How cool is that?

Buddies by Kristal

Love these sweet photos and how they are the focal point of this layout.  They are perfectly accented with the minimal use of elements and the elements used are placed with precision.  The element placement keeps your eyes focused on the photos and encourage you to read the journaling.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for today.  If you have a moment, please stop by and leave these amazing artists some love!

See you around the galleries, until next time!


xxxxxx-Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -August 17th

Can you believe that we are more than halfway through August?  Many of us are adjusting to back to school schedules and the endless fun that comes with that.  I have this hour and a half window between kid drop-off times in which I can’t really do much, I am finding this to be a perfect time to browse some galleries.  Check out these fabulous LOs that I discovered during my browsing this morning.


Don’t Let by Pam P

The composition with the tone on tone of this layout just blew me away.  Those word strips hint of a story to be told if you don’t let yesterday impact today.

Day at the Lake by AZK

I love the canvas look to the background and how it feels like a watercolor painting.  The layering of the photo as an extension of that background is just perfect with the amazing clustering.

On Loop by Rache77

Ok, can we saw jaw drop amazing?  Love how the playlist is displayed here.  Such a creative approach.

Smile 2 by Chaos Lounge

Babies are sunshine and this smile is double the amount of sunshine and you pair it up with this artist amazing clusters….that’s enough to make anyone smile!

Two Years Old by tjscraps

I really do love black and white photos and this one is oh so sweet.  Love the grunginess of the background with the layering and use of ephemera. 

Makes me Smile by Thuria

Love the fun photo that is perfectly recolored to match the color scheme of the layout.  The minimalist approach in design, lets this wonderful photo just shine.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you get a moment, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love.


Until next time,

Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -July 28th

Good Morning!  Dropping in a little bit earlier than I normally do from my part of the world.  I had to make a last minute and very fast road trip to visit my Dad.  With trying to get my son dually enrolled in High School and in College, it’s been a tad crazy so these past few days were the  ONLY time I could do this trip before school starts.  In the past 2 days, we have  already been in/through 6 different states.  In honor of all that road trip craziness, we are going to travel through 6 different galleries today.  Here are my picks for the day (fingers crossed I don’t use connection from rural America).

I want to ride my bicycle by Nickel

How awesome is the?  I love how the bicycle wheel is a stamp and it just jumps out and grabs your attention.  The subtly of the word art framing the bicycle wheel is the perfect approach to help document but not take away from the fun and amazing composition.

Wonder AJMuse4July2021 by AJK

Look at these amazing extractions for starters.  I absolutely love extractions and these were extracted perfectly.  Then there is placement of the girl in proximity of the light bulb with perfect shadowing. And how about that awesome ocean/beach scene spilling out of the light bulb?  I’m in awe!

Strat by Kjersti

I love a jam packed layout that is perfectly executed and this one does that!  This dark background makes all the pinks  really pop off the page. Take a look at all that amazing clustering with the small accents placed here and there to really give this page a beautiful polished look!

This is Life by bryanna

The grunginess of this background with the photo blended is amazing.  I love that the same photo was used in this gorgeous cluster and that this cluster has so much to see.

Best Summer by Kat Hansen

Oh these photos tell the story for sure.  It does look the best summer is being hand.  Love the bold summery colors and the photos are blended in with the background to make it look like it’s own perfect mixed media background paper.  

SSL July 24th by frani_54

How amazing is this?  I’m not sure what I love most, the monochromatic theme with the subtle pops of color or if it’s the way the painted circle is highlighting this beautiful circle of friends.  The messaging is definitely on point so I end my picks for the day with the reminder to all to “Embrace all that is You!”

Dont’t forget to swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you around the galleries until next time!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -July 8th

Man, oh man!  This year is flying  by, we are officially past the halfway point. Before it flies by any faster, check out these gorgeous layouts that I spotted in the galleries today.

AJMuse1July21_2 by AJK

How amazing is this?  Look at how this artist has the water coming right out of the open book and looks like it is flowing off the page.  I stand in awe of this layout.

Next up is Aerial Demonstrations by FL-Karen

Definitely loving the aerial view of this layout.  I love how the half sun element is placed under the word art.  Checkout the alpha and how it is strategically placed in the contrails from the plane.  Brilliant!!

Behind Every Man is . . . by Oldenmeade

All I can say is WOW!  I love the composition and the photo treatment.  The blending is fantastic. The replication of our man tells its own story and made me pause and reflect.  Sometimes we need layouts like this to just pause and take a moment.  This layout is a gentle reminder to me, to go ahead and take that photo regardless of perfect poses and let the photos tell the story of real life!

cwx_old_memories by CarolWenxin

It’s no secret, that I love layouts with a vintage vibe.  I love the red and teal flower that pop next to the black and white photo. The beautiful cluster is what jumped out at me.  I personally love to spend time examining other artists’ clusters so that I can be inspired and learn to cluster in different manners.  This cluster is worth just sitting and staring at it!

AnnaLift Challenge 07.02.21 – 07.16.21 by Marleen

This is a stunning white space layout.  I love the pop of red with subtle yellow and orange. It is then further accented by the black paint.  This layout perfectly captures the beauty of the birds singing on a bright sunshiny day!

Plant Love by CindyB

Not going to lie, the succulents drew me right in.  At first I thought I was looking at an amazing photoless layout, that is until I looked closer.  This artist has so perfectly incorporated her photos into this layout that is very difficult to see where the photo starts and end.  The perfect placement and layering of elements make this layout absolutely gorgeous.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these talented artists some love!  Until next time, see you around the galleries in the meantime.



Esther (mywisecrafts)


Finger Pointing – June 28th

Happy Monday from my part of the world. It’s sweltering around here these days. The humidity is ridiculous even at 8 a.m. I must say when I was vacation, I did not miss the humidity!!!! One way to take a break from the humidity is to browse the galleries!  While I was browsing, these are just a few of the layouts that caught my eye.  

US by zotova

I love the white background and literally all the white space.  The one thing that jumped out at me was the  mixed use of shadowing.  The layout has minimal to no shadowing except for the word art and the flower cluster.  The use of the shadowing in this way, just really make the layout pop!

Paradise by CaroRen

I love how this photo is spread across the 4 frames and then the look was further enhanced by the blended beach photo in the background. The softness and muted colors of the photos are then sharply contrasted with the choice colors used for all the elements and accent pieces.  The end result is this gorgeous layout.

#12. ThingsWeMiss by MrsPeel

The layouts by this artist are always so amazing and have me stand back on awe. For some reason, I’m particularly in love with layouts that have a journal vibe to them. This layout is utterly amazing! I love the color choices. The doodles used are awesome and layered in so delicately and perfect. I also love the smaller page look that was layered over the journaling.  There all kinds of little goodies in this layout and it makes you want to just discover them all!

Nothing Better by OKate

Ok, first of all….how amazing is this photo. I love that the reflection is so clear in the water.  I love how this artist enhanced this photo in a very minimal way. The masking used and the divided look of the photo and the few elements/word art used was all this layout needed.  It really makes me want to hang out here have a zen moment!

Love My Girl by Dita B Designs by lencik_vredniy

Here’s another gorgeous white space layout for you!  I love how this photo is frameless but then so beautifully framed by the flower clusters!  

rjefferies-pocketart by AnjaDD

I’m wrapping up today with this gorgeous pocket page. It’s like summer and fall with a whole lot of beauty all wrapped up into one!  I absolutely love how this Designer displays her designs in such a warm and inviting way.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment to spare, stop on by and leave these wonderful artists some love on their layouts!


See you around the galleries until the next time!


Esther (mywisecrafts)


FingerPointing-June 2nd

It’s summer break here!  We are gearing up for some vacation time since like many we haven’t done any traveling since the pandemic.  Travel preparations have been fun as our destination requires a negative COVID test even if you have been vaccinated.  So, it’s been a tad fun navigating timeframes to ensure all the requirements are met…..but now it’s time to finish packing and go catch that jet plane first thing Friday morning.  I decided to take a break from laundry and packing…. and browse some galleries.  Hope you enjoy my picks for the day!


Pick Your Destiny-Season Challenge by Dalis

I love art journaling and I love layouts that have very profound and powerful messages.  This stunning layout has just that.  The moodiness of the paper with the bold chevrons grab your eyes first, but then you can’t help but notice the pretty bird with the tiara and then there’s that message….just quietly sitting there reminding you to trust yourself and your wings in flight!

Beyond Happy by bbe

This layout is a stunner.  I love the creative use of the large photos and how they are arranged/layered as the focal point. These large black and white photos just jump off the page and are so beautifully accented with these bold colors and patterns. 


Be Yourself by Ana Santos

I’m always in awe of this artist.  She is always so good at evoking emotion. The extraction is beyond amazing and paired with beautiful shadowing.  The messaging is on point and it’s all wrapped up in these bold beautiful colors which one could argue, that the bold colors symbolize how we should live life….BOLDLY.

Japan by shepherdstudio/catgoddess

I, like many others, absolutely love seeing layouts created by our designers.  I am drawn to Japanese influenced designs, so when I saw this beauty, I had to stop, back up and look again.  I love the mix of patterned papers, the use of the bamboo paint/stamp in the background and the sharp contrast of all the elements and papers with the background.  

Giggles by Dady

The name of this layout only already tells you to go ahead and get that smile ready.  I love the clean design of this layout and love how the focal point is right in the center of the page.  The softness of the kit used is perfect for these sweet photos.  How can you not smile when you see these photos.  It’s like she’s giggling about her own little secret that only her and that  cute little bird know about.

Dream Baby by Trish

How fun, beautifully artsy is this page?  When using a background paper that is heavily worded, placement of photos and elements is everything. This artist nailed it. The blended background with the perfect placement of the photos and elements, allows one to follow the story around the page without feeling overwhelmed.  I also love that the photos are black and white as it complements the grunginess of the background.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you get a moment, stop by and leave them some love!!!

Until next time and see you around the galleries (yep even when I’m on vacay…. I still have to scrap!!! …lol!)