Finger Pointing-May 4th, 2022

Hello all my friends and special “hello” to my Star War Fans and friends.  I cannot lie, I was quite excited that it was turn to do shoutouts today. I was even more excited to start off my shout outs with this fabulous and most fitting layout for today!

May-the-Fourth-be-with-You- by AmandaJ

How fantastic is this large photo??  I love that this page is beautifully scrapped to enhance these amazing photos!

Waiting by TamsinMcAtee

OMG, how precious is this layout.  I love how this photo just captures the love of this mommy-in-waiting.  The black and white photo is perfect for this layout.

Smiles are Contagious by KarenDiamond

Yes they are!  Love the use of the paints and the clusters are perfectly placed.  That layered circle in the middle is fantastic.  I always struggle with circles in my layouts and always drawn to layouts when they are absolute perfection like this one!

You Can Fly by Faerywings

Man, I sure do love a good art journaling page and this one is gorgeous.  That dark background, just makes everything pop.  Look to the right, isn’t that blended lace amazing?

Layers of Life by AJM

These layers are fantastic.  My jaw dropped when I first saw this layout and every time I look at it, I’m in complete awe.  The use of all the mixed media is perfectly placed and just makes you want to hang out here a bit longer.

Bittersweet by armygrl

This artist never disappoints in her layouts.  I’m always amazed at her creativity and I love this wonderful artsy/art journal layout that makes my senses and thought process go in 2 different directions and then I come back to fully comprehend the profoundness and truth to this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love…..wait for it, you know it’s coming……and here it is…..May the Fourth be With YOU!!!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – April 20th

Hello my friends!!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! If your week is rough, here’s you some creative inspiration to just take you away to a happy place!

Just a Dream by nibylandia-11

Not going to lie, I saw this and immediately said “awwww” it made my little mama heart just do an extra pitter patter.  Baby is super adorable! And those bunnies…. Look at them and the shadowing!  This is a perfect spring baby layout!

Patience by AmieN1

So creating this layout took patience BUT check it out!  I love the fun and unique composition of this layout.  I did have to chuckle when I read the sentiment right there in the center circle.  I might be able to relate to this layout.

cw_AprilDay by elodie59

I love all these yellow tones and those pops of green.  How fantastic is this cluster?  I’m kinda partial to those daisies peeking out.

Laid Back Camp by Marisa Lerin

I seriously love this background paper.  Every time I see it, I tend to stop in my tracks, back up and look again.  I love that this layout is top heavy and really gives the paper a chance to shine.  That cluster is gorgeous and love all the textures mixed in with it.

Still Life by Marleen

Such a stunning white space layout!  I love how the orange  just pops off this page.   This layout has a calming effect and reminds us of the beauty of standing still for a moment.

You Crack Me Up by Paula Kesselring

I love a well executed black and white layout and THIS one is stunning.  The photos crack me and I love the composition that makes them just shine.  Did you check out the brush job?  Uhhhhmazing, I tell ya!

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of their day.  Hope you enjoyed my picks and if you get a chance, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love!

Until the next time….

xxxxx, Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -April 4th

Happy  Monday from my part of the world…. and it has been the Mondayist of Monday’s!  That’s ok, because strolling through the galleries is a balm to soothe the creative soul!

While I was strolling along and and enjoying all the beauty…these layouts just jumped out at me!

Brightest Star by cutiejo1

So yes, the photo is the star of this layout, but that star word art is pretty fab and I love all the layer of paints and that cluster is gorgeous!

Be Free by Roxana

Self expression is everything and being free to live is the ultimate form of self expression!  This layout is stunning! The contrast with the bright colors had me in love immediately!

Our Green Earth by Biancka

I’m in awe of this layout.  The clustering is literally out of this world, and the shadowing is superb.  I see some gradient blending/shadowing that just adds that subtle depth that takes a layout from great to spectacular.  Thank you for reminding us to be kind to our Green Earth!

April ’22 Week one MM by Sokee

Art journaling is the path to my soul!  I love beauty in the word “no” that is captured.  Did you see the hidden face in the cluster to the left?  No shame in saying “no”. Don’t hide from it. Sometimes it is the best word to use and this so beautifully reminds us of that!

Reaching for the Butterflies by Scrap by Irre

Now this, made me smile.  Fantastic photo editing happening here, from extracting, to perspective to perfect shadowing just makes this adorable cat the rock star of this layout!

April 2022 Inspiration Challenge  by bjthomas

How amazing is this?  I love all the layers and the textures/grunge of the papers used.  That guitar is awesome!!


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you have a moment to spare, swing by the gallery and leave these amazing artist some love!


Esther  (aka mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing-March 21st

I just realized that yesterday was the first day of Spring!!!  So in honor of spring, how about some fresh inspiration from us right to your inbox!

Starting out, from our very own bloggers.  Let Go by armygrl

Absolutely love the blending and the dark background with the use of the magic lights to focus or our attention on the balance.  Dark and light balance and  the soft beauty of the flowers to offset the darkness of the tree in the background.  LOVE!

Its Ok to Not be OK by Bellisae

I am love with this double page art journaling layout. All these paint splatters and paint drips so well placed!

Blog-deer-ie by Bellbird

I love this!  So fun and creative all wrapped up into one.  Check out the use of the paints?  Isn’t that so fun layered in there with the ribbons and other elements?

milosc by Grazyna Wrzask

OMG… this is stunning. From the photo treatment to the minimal and subtle color used with the boldness of the black.  This photo is beyond adorable.  Just WOW!

SSL-03/19/22 by Okate

Now if this doesn’t scream spring, I don’t know what does.  I love the beautiful masking that just highlights these spring florals so beautifully!  That cluster to the lower left may appear understated but it actually makes a huge impact on the layout. So Gorgeous!


That’s Me by Stasianary

I love the use of all the circles/buttons/scatters in this layout.  It’s done in a controlled messy way that I simply love!


Hope you enjoyed my picks for today!  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love!



Esther (aka mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing-March 11th

Oh my!! Here we have it and March is just flying by and spring is right around the corner for many.  I always love this time of year when everything that is old, now becomes new and fresh!!!  So, I’ve been trying to NOT shop while I’ve been browsing the gallery and I have failed miserably and I failed because as I was browsing I saw so many amazing layouts that I had to go grab some of those designs… (sigh…yep, no regrets! LOL).

Newsflash by catgoddess

Absolutely love this moody/grungy background and the use of the newspaper stamp in the background is the perfect touch to this journal page.  The clusters are gorgeous and the shadowing  just perfect.

Boho Soul by intense magic

I kinda dig a Boho theme/style in general and this layout does not disappoint.  Let the softness of the palette, perfect for Boho!  The use of the paints,  and the clustering and layering… check out the little floral scene in the bottom right hand corner! Simply gorgeous!

Oh Hello Spring by alannabanana

It’s just that.  Hello Spring!  Love the use of the white background for the majority of the layout.  It makes all the elements and the photo just pop.  Love the torn paper effects nd did you see how the torn edge is used as the ground? Genius!

Dear Self by Melanie Nutile

I certainly do love a a good art journaling page and this one here is beyond fantastic.  I love the various colors that are used that capture the gamut of emotions that we have….as we talk to our self.   Gorgeous blending and perfect use of the word strips!

Give Yourself Permission by mcurtt 

Here’s another fabulous art journaling page and this artist never disappoints with her layouts.  I love the layered papers in the background, they add some depth and variation.  My favorite part of this layout is the tag cluster, so much to see with reminders to one’s self…it’s OK.

Her World was a Mess by Cindy

Ummmm, can we say Uhhhhh mazing! I do love a well executed busy layout and this one definitely is a star.  So much to see, so much to take and go ahead and just down the rabbit hole with me while you enjoy this fantastic layout with the gorgeous clustering!

This is all I have tonight.  Lots of fabulousness out there in digiscrap land!  Hope you enjoyed my pics and if you have a few moments, swing by and  leave these amazing artist’s some love!

Until next time and round about the galleries!


Esther (aka mywisecrafts)



Finger Pointing – February 21st

Happy Monday! Just wanted to pop into your inbox and share some inspiration with you all!

What Makes You Happy by caapmun

I love the composition.  The triangular photo  positioned so beautifully on this background is just perfect!  

Family Tree by adryane

OMG…Love this approach to a family tree layout!  The blending is gorgeous!  Such a fantastic layout!

Dottie – Feb 22 Big Photo Challenge by Meghan Hanna

LOOOOOK at this puppy!  This photo just stole my heart and reminded me of when our dog was this small.  Love that the photo is black and white and the focal point of this layout and perfectly accented.

Poppy by Dady

These gorgeous poppies just jumped out of the gallery at me.  I love the OOB  framing with perfect delicate use of elements to accent the flowers.

RJ Mixed Media Challenge by Trish

I love everything about this layout.  All the mixed media goodness that has this pocket stuffed to overflowing.

Wonderful by LoriMW

Such a gorgeous white space layout and love the use of the white alpha, it gently pulls your attention to this wonderful off center cluster!

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a few moments to spare, swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love!


Until next time and round about the forums!


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing January 28th

Holy Moly, we are almost finished with January.  I cannot believe how fast this month has flown by (and this day) as far as that goes.  So without further ado, let me bring you some fabulously gorgeous layouts that I spotted while I was shopping tonight.

First up, is “55 years” by Miki.  What a fun way to capture 55 years with that special someone.  I love the overall softness with boldness of the fork& spoon couple.  It’s fun, it’s soft and bold and artsy all wrapped up into one.

Here we have “Galway Bay” by Jaye.  I love Jaye’s clean and simple approach to her layouts.  She seems to always execute them perfectly.  This layout with those 6 circles caught my attention. I generally struggle using circles, so to see an beautiful clean and simple style incorporate these circles so flawlessly….it stopped me in my tracks.  All those elements are perfectly placed!

Look at this “Sewn with Love “page by EvelynD2. I love the mixing of the patterned papers. They were so well together.  Yes that little girl is sweet in the photo, so I don’t want to ignore her.  At the same time, can we talk about this banner/cluster.  OMG this is amazing.  All the layering and the shadowing.  Sew, sew gorgeous (yes, corny, I know…but I couldn’t resist using that form).

and then we have “New Wheels” by SweetChar. This is another layout where the mixing of the different patterned papers is fantastic.  I love these triangle pieces, it lends to the whole sense of going in different directions with one’s wheels. I love the little creatures that all the boyish fun to this layout.

While it seems to be  fairly cold in many places, how about “A Little Bit of Summer” by Chunlin.  This beautiful blended horse is the first thing to grab my attention with smaller repeat photo.  The paints chosen hint at summer while you see the evidence of winter.  Stunning artsy layout.

and wrapping up tonight, I have “MOC1-_27 10 Things” About Me by Keepscrappin. I love a gorgeous, messy and grungy artsy page and this artist did just that.  The color palette is divine and this layout is absolutely drool worthy!

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you get a chance, stop by and leave these fabulous artists some love!!

Until next time….xxxxxx,

Esther (mywisecrafts)