Finger Pointing-August 26th

Happy Friday from my part of the world!!  August has been a whirlwind month.  While I’m happy the kids are back in school, that does cause other things to pick up as well, including my chauffeuring duties.  I just returned from my last run for the day and wanted to pop into your inbox with some lovely inspiration that I saw while I power walked through the galleries in between chauffeuring trips.

Believe45 by armygrl

This is from one of our very own bloggers–Lisa.  How amazing is all this white space?  I absolutely adore this stunning title with the amazing shadowing.  The elegant embellishing of the title is jaw drop beautiful.

AUG-CL Random by nhudao

The bright cheerfulness of this layout grabbed my attention first.  I then had to sit for a minute and just admire the use of all the layering and the brilliant use of all these angles to really make this layout pop!  I love that the overall look does have a lot of white space which allows those gorgeous papers to just really shine.  Take a look at the cluster and how those label elements are just tucked in there to add to the over all look.

Lovely-SL 8/20 by Amy L

Here’s another clean and simple layout that is absolutely stunning.  My niece is getting married in December and I have been strolling through the galleries looking at various inspiration as I will be documenting her journey  in a scrapbook for her.  When I saw this layout it made me stop and back track and look again.  It so elegantly captures the beauty of the moments before THE MOMENT. 

FF_aug26_BB_PP_BG_Soco_Happy 1st Birthday by EllenT

So this little girl is super adorable.  She knows it’s her birthday!!  Check out how this word is utilized it is the perfect complement to that gorgeous cluster of the birthday girl. I will also add that this mix of designs is spectacular!

Take Your Time by alannabanana

I love this predominantly tone not tone feel with pops of the red. The use of the black and white photo with a slight sepia tone is perfect for this composition.  I love all the layering ephemera and how it complements the gorgeous floral clusters.

Rome or Machu Picchu by KimPay

This layout made me chuckle.  When I read the title, I wasn’t expecting to see this old vintage vehicle.  I love the use of the vintage vehicle and I love how this artist brilliantly made the photo work.  The use of the vehicle then made the layout even more thought provoking for me.  So I think it’s time get some more travel in before I become the vintage vehicle and can’t travel and have to watch everyone else travel.  LOL. 


I hope you enjoyed my picks for this evening.  If you have a chance, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love!

Until next time….

Esther aka mywisecrafts


FingerPointing-August 3rd

Hello My Friends! Some of us are in the back to school preparation mode and trying to squeeze in that last bit of fun. While everyone is working on balance and harmony in their busy lives….I’m here to slide some inspiration right to your inbox so you can enjoy while you are sipping that cup of coffee (or wine)!

Fishin’ by BlackKathy

I love how the papers are layered  for this layout.  It creates the perfect focal point and breaks up the 2 photos while still giving the layout a very cohesive look.   Love the hardware in the cluster.  Perfect touch for this masculine layout.

Just Keep Swimming by MishSpar

Love the use of the various geometric shapes and those triangles in particularly are making my drool.  This clean approach just make these fabulous photos stand out!

Always Laugh by Bryanna

Not only is this photo super adorable.  I love the blended photo in the background.  The clustering is absolutely amazing and really just makes me smile!

Keep Life Simple by Ana Santos

Ummmmm, how amazing is this?  I love that the color palette and that vintage vibe just always grabs my attention.  The use of the paints is amazing and such a stunning layout!

Just Do Nothing by Wombat146

I can so relate to this word strip…lol….. I love the use of the all the paints and art marks that make this layout come to life and you can’t ignore that fabulous cluster down there in the bottom right.

Rachel Etrog: July 2022 My London by ClaireG

And wrapping up, I had to highlight this layout by a fellow blogger.  I absolutely love the strips of paper in combination with the skyline. The journaling is equally as fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening and if you have a moment, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love!


Until next time…..


Esther aka mywisecrafts

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Hello my friends!   Some of us are wrapping up our weekend and other’s their Monday is well under way! So just sliding right into your inbox and bringing you some fabulous inspiration to either finish your weekend on a high or make your Monday more bearable!

You and Me by louso

Not only is this color palette gorgeous, I love the elegant look that was achieved, which isn’t always easy to do when using paints and messy threads.  I love the use of the black and white photo that looks like it has a soft color overlay to make it better match the color palette.   It’s just the right balance of the blood er olive green, the gold and black to make the photo really standout.

The Silence of Nature by jiserv

I love the background paper choice and how it matches the photo so well.  That cluster is perfection and the use of the paints/overlays under the cluster is perfect to complete this look.

Summer Vibes by Anja_77

LOVE the bright colors.  It really does feel like summer.  The treatment of the photo is perfect to give that underwater feel.  The layering and the clusters are gorgeous and I love the word art going up the side of the whole cluster.

1948-Lookin-Back-davenport-redone by Iowan

Love this gorgeous grungy background and the mixing of the kits used in this layout is fantastic.  I really am partial to black and white photos and this  one definitely tells its own story.  Love all the layers as it’s the layers that really make this layout come to life.  I think what I love most about this layout is that there are no flowers.  I’m so used to using at least one flower in my layout and to see a layout without any…. well I love it and I’m going to challenge myself to attempt this as well!

Best Dog by GonewiththeWind

I’m always in awe of Cheryl’s layouts.  She is absolutely the best at mixing all the patterned papers together and it always works.  I love all the use of the bold colors mixed in with the paints .  The little tag/word art cluster is pretty fab and then rounded out completely with the gorgeous black and white photos!


Seashells by Adryane

I LOVE all this white space.  The subtle blending of the photo just pops right off this page.  How about that bottle with the scatters in it?  How amazing is that.  My absolutely favorite, is all the journaling.  You really should swing by the gallery and read all the journaling.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for today.  If you get a moment, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love!

Until next time!


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing-July 15th

Hello all my friends!  Can you believe that we are half way through July????  OMG, where does the time go.   I feel like the last 3 weeks have been  blur for me as there is this thing called mandatory OT that I’ve had to fulfill.  It was so great to stroll through the galleries tonight and just seeing them bursting with inspiration.  So without further a do, here are my picks for today.  And like usual, I seem to have a theme every time I do this post.  Tonight, it’s the large photos that seemed to just jump out at me.

Beach Day by Elizabeth

Look at this darling little girl enjoying the beach… and her little tag along artsy doll is just as happy.  Gorgeous blending and a fantastic cluster.

Wishful Summer by AnnL

I don’t consider myself a strong swimmer, nor do I really enjoy sailing–but no matter what, the ocean always pulls at my heart strings.  Fabulous blending and this layout seems to capture the essence of the sea!

Black is Poetic by Trish D

OMG, how stunning is this black and white layouts.  I love this bold, large and in charge layout. While it may appear simple in design, it is deceiving and it packs a powerful punch.

Summer Scrap-A-Thon: July 12 – Tiny Clusters by Tammybean04 

Here’s another large and in charge black and white layout that is perfectly accented with these pops of color in this fantastic small clusters.  I love that its a stunning guy layout!

Just a Girl and Her Shades by Ernie88

This layout brought a smile to my face.  I love the cutout word out.  Its the perfect touch for this gorgeous little beauty!  

Beach Walks by Amson

I love this fabulous blended black and white beach photo with it’s pop of colors.  I love the the photo is the focal point.  Such a gorgeous moment captured in time.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave some love in the galleries for these amazing artists.


Until next time!

Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – June 30th

Happy Last Day of June!  Can you believe we are halfway through this year?  Craziness I tell ya!  So how about some mid year inspiration?  As always, the galleries are overflowing with gorgeousness.  Check out these beauties that just jumped out at me!

Village Life by mary kate

I whole heartedly admit, quaint little villages call to me!!! When I saw this layout, it made me stop in my tracks.  I love the background paper that plays so well with the layering  and the highlighting of this little village gift shop/farmers market.

On Beach Time by myssp

It’s no secret… I’m a huge beach fan… and this layout makes me say “beach-take me away!” I love the use of the triangles in this composition.  And the clustering is fantastic with that net just layered in there.

Not Today by LazyDaisy

I can so relate to this layout at times.  I love that this artist channeled her not so great day into fabulous and humorous layout.  The blending and then the accenting of parts of the photo is fantastic.

Us by melscrap

Checkout this gorgeous art journal layout.  The composition is amazing and it makes me feel like I’m looking at an actual art journal vs a digital layout.  I love the placement of the stamps/paints.

2022-byoc-june by easyeyes4you

I love the use of all the textures and paints for this layout. The use of these paints, allow the textures to really contribute to the whole layout.  The mixing of all these different kits is fantastic.

22-06_slow-scrap-29-juni-copy by marijke

and last up today…. is the gorgeous beach layout.  I love the composition and how it captures  the movement that occurred in real time.  I love the layered background at a slight angle and the embeltiments used are just enough to enhance the beauty of this little girl having fun!

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love in their gallery!

Catch you next month!

xxxx-Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing-June 3rd

Hello to all my friends in digiland!  Just popping into your inbox with some wonderful inspiration.  The galleries are just bursting with it!

Always Busy by Lynn Grieveson

Lynn always has some fabulous photos that she has taken.  Love how she has used them in the gorgeous artsy layout.  The use of the paints with the scribbles perfectly placed add bold color to the layout but also help draw the focus to the photos!

Conversations by keepscrappin

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of this template, what I love even more, is the creative way in which it is being used.  This photo really is the star of this layout and it is so creatively and wonderfully displayed!

Summer by amandaresende

I love the black and white photos and all these bold colors that just pop of the page.  Check out all those paper strips with the fantastic shadowing!!

Me or the House by Cutiejo1

Not only did this title make me chuckle, this layout put a smile on my face.  I love the vintage vibe and these selfies are fantastic and really is a true depiction of the struggle at times!     This is truly  a wonderful vintage vibed page!

The World Lost it All by Dalis

I’m always impressed and love Dalis’ art journaling layouts.  This one is stunning and very profound and powerful and just resonated with me tonight.  I love all the use of the paints and stamps around the border.  It allows the message to speak its volumes right there in the middle of the page.

You are Amazing & Perfect by gonewiththewind

I love this patterned background and Cheryl scrapped it so beautifully.  All her gorgeous clusters that accent those gorgeous black and white photos also create more depth on this fabulous background paper.  I also love the different paper pieces that are used to create the mat for the photos.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love in their gallery!


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing -May 29th

Happy Sunday from my part of the world. Just popping into your inbox to share some gorgeous inspiration from my stroll through the galleries!


Beauty is in the Eye Bundle by tanpopo

Not only do I love the messaging of this bundle, this layout is so gorgeous.  Love the grungy background and let’s talk about all the layers and the clustering.  How amazing is this?

Not Today by Roxana

I love the use of all these papers, the messy thread cluster on the right is just fab and lends to the thoughts/feelings that one is experiencing.  This layout captures the reality of chronic conditions that many live with day in and day out. While living with chronic conditions isn’t easy, I sure do appreciate the creativity and gorgeousness in how this reality is documented.

Worms by ChristyHC

This layout sure did bring a smile to my face.  Not sure how thrilled Mom may have been with the worms, but hey the kids loved it and these photos captured their excitement.  I love that this layout has a clean approach and really lets the photos shine and tell the story.

Cotton Candy Munchies by JamieLea

Here’s another layout that made me smile.  How fun is this? All these circles, aren’t they just fab?  The clustering is just perfect for all these circles and the elements and paper choices really do give you the cotton candy munchie vibe!

Always Friends by *gina*

Love the black and white photo with that awesome extraction and the use of the paints.  Love how all the artsy items are used to create the cluster to the left of the photo.  

Swallow-Tail by taxed4ever

I love that the butterfly is the star of this layout.  This composition is absolutely gorgeous and the journaling informative.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for today.  If you get a moment, swing by the galleries and leave these artists some love!


Until next time-

Esther  (aka mywisecrafts)