Finger Pointing – July 25th

Good day, friends!  Heidi Nicole coming at you this evening…  I don’t know about where you’re from, but  Sitting here in the air conditioning and perusing the galleries is the perfect place to be!  Hope you are happy, healthy, and joyful!

Here’s my picks for today…

forest magic by andastra

This is such a gorgeous pocket page!  It’s whole vibe is magical, and the photos tell an amazing story.  I love that some of the photos and journal cards have frames and some don’t.  It adds interest and depth.  Beautifully created!

JULY by SweetChar

This TITLE!  What a fun way to use a big title/word.  I love the fun photos in the foreground… and that shadowing!  The frames are amazing and realistic, and the tucking and stacking is beautifully done.  Love it!

Tracy Arm Glacier by amyjcaz

This beautiful white space layout is so lovely…  the sweet blue ink in the background pairs beautifully with the white.  I love the vertical design and the perfectly placed elements.  The shadowing is done realistically and it all comes together flawlessly!

Hugs and Kisses by Pachimac

This is a total standout!  I adore the big XOXO and the black and white vibes going on here.  The pops of mustard yellow are tasteful and lovely.  This page gives me all the feels!

Magic by ajm

What a grungy treasure this is!  The background paper and the ink stamps are spot on.  I LOVE the circle framed photo and all of the lovelies tucked in behind it… this is truly a magical layout and it makes me happy!  The pops of blue are the icing on the cake here, and I love every little thing about it!

2022 July by Thuria

Loving these beach vibes!  This page exudes joy and summer… and I kinda can’t get enough of it!  I love the diagonal design, which really goes well with the background paper and scattered elements.  And that smile!!!!

That’s all I have for this evening!  Remember, leave some love on these beauties!  Stay cool, friends!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – June 17th

Happy Friday, friends!  Heidi Nicole here, coming to you from hot and steamy Kentucky…  Hope this finds all of you well!  The galleries are full of creativity and inspiration, and here are my picks for today…

Dad by SweetChar

This lovely, nostalgic piece makes me feel all the feels!  Dads are so special to us, and this is a beautiful memory to be treasured forever.  Beyond the feel of the layout, the technique is spot on.  The clustering, layering, and shadowing are beyond reproach.  The large title and the recurring circles balance the design, and it all comes together seamlessly.  Absolutely lovely!

Beach Love by LeeAndra

I have to admit, the sweet photo that is front and center drew me in immediately.  The addition of the same photo peeking out on either side just adds to the magic.  The bold background was a genius choice, and that title!  I love how the title balances the little word strips in opposite corners.  Every layer looks like it was placed specifically, and the shadows are absolutely lovely.  Each detail is *heart eyes* <3 The entire page makes me swoon!

#LOL by tanpopo

Do you ever wonder how to use a dark, bold background?  Well, this is how…  and it is absolutely magical!  I am in total love with this!  It immediately made me smile…  I mean, look at that photo!  What a cutie!  I LOVE that all the elements and goodies are across the top.  The bright colors in contrast to the chalkboard smiley background is so spot on.  The perfect touch is that grungey colorful paint.  I can’t say enough about this…  I just love it all!

Bikini Life by MrsPeel

I am loving the tropical, summer vibes here…  The shadowed ripped papers add dimension and realism to the layout.  The design of the page is so pleasing to the eye…  and what a lovely photo!  The title, using two different fonts/alphas, really brings the page together.  The elements, in the proverbial triangle, are beautifully placed and clustered.  I’m all about the bikini life!

She Loved Life by Farwen

This is wowza!  What an incredible technique on that photo… it looks like a vintage magazine to me!  I appreciate the art journaling vibes, yet the dimensional shadows on the paper scraps, word strips, and butterfly add depth and realism.  All in all, such an inspiration to all of us!


Life Documented by chigirl

This page evokes such calm feelings… and warm and fuzzies because of those sweet photos!  I adore all the vertical paper strips and arrows behind the photos, it adds so much interest to a solid(ish) background.  The minimal use of elements are perfectly placed and shadowed.  The spray paint and messy thread add a bit of grungey goodness to the piece.  It all comes together with that amazing title!  Love it!

That’s all for today, friends!  Don’t forget to click on the links to the pages and leave them some love <3  Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend, all!


Heidi Nicole


Finger Pointing – April 27th

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole here on a beautiful evening, just browsing the galleries.  It’s unbelievable the talent and inspiration in our community, and I feel so blessed to be part of it!

Here we go!

life is beautiful by Ferdy

There are so many beautiful elements to this page.  I love the angled papers that split the page.  The choice of the bright colors and the neutrals work perfectly together.  Her shadowing is so realistic, and her strategically placed elements give texture and depth to the project.  My favorite part is that amazing big title… It’s subtle, yet perfect!

Sail Away by EllenT

Wow, this page is a work of art!  The watercolor photo background is absolutely lovely.  It makes me want to find a tutorial and try it!  Such an inspiration… the cute little sail boats are the perfect accent to the photos.  The title pulls it all together, and makes the project complete!

April Vibes by dotcomkari

I am loving the stacked, realistic vibe to this page.  It’s so fun!  The shadowing on the layers is impeccable.  This is a page that evokes a carefree, fun feel/emotion and I’m loving that!  The textured background adds the perfect texture, and the fun ‘Hello’ element is the icing on the cake.  Just a pretty awesome layout!

Time Flies by sucali

This gem is simple and absolutely stunning.  I love the split paper in the background, and most of all that beautiful photo.  Splitting the photo is such a fun way to add interest… and the stitching compliments the entire page.  The tiny little elements are perfectly placed… and that sentiment is so heart warming.  All in all, a lovely page that makes my heart warm!

simple things by alinalove

This is one of those pages that makes you just stare…  I’m trying to take in all the details and each one is perfectly placed and shadowed!  I  L O V E  the blended photo… it’s just such a sweet page that tells a sweet story!  Lovely!

Growing Up by Pachimac

These photos!!  I love the whole vibe going on here… It’s sweet and colorful and lovely.  I adore the little elements tucked behind the photo strip.  The sentiment here is absolutely perfect!

I know you’re inspired and ready to create… but I invite you to click on these gems and leave a little love!

Have a great week, friends!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Let’s share some love, today…

Ian & Toby by helptheold

This is such a sweet layout!  I absolutely adore the stitched heart and all the goodies that are tucked in and under the stitches.  The background was the perfect choice… it adds depth and interest, yet doesn’t distract from the photos and design.  Lots of love in this layout!

I Wish… by lorigaud

I love the bold, primary colors of this beauty.  It grabbed my eye immediately!  The design is wonderful… I love the bottom heavy elements and photo while leaving the solid upper part for the journaling – which stands out perfectly because of the white text on the dark background.  Such a fun piece!

Tourist1 by scrappinnewbie

I don’t even know how to explain how much I adore this layout… it’s a perfect example of a photoless layout!  The fun, bright colors of the paper pieced starburst stands out wonderfully against the dark wood background.  The journal card is the perfect sentiment and the title is stunning!  The cluster is lovely and perfectly shadowed.  Just LOVE this!

What is Love by cinderella

This one is another wonderful example of a photoless piece… it’s an art journaling masterpiece.  All the little details, grunginess, and randomness comes together to create something wonderful.  The heart is where the eye goes, but look at all the details and you will feel it.

My Nerdy Valentine: 2022 by Erin Taylor

Oh boy… look at that photo!  What a little cutie!  I love all the fun, quirky elements Erin used here.  The layout is well balanced and super duper sweet.  What a fun way to use a fun kit!  LOVE!

You & Me: Love by Vrielinkie

I always love a white space layout… but this is over the top!  I adore the paper frames… it adds so much depth and interest when it comes to a white space piece.  The hearts in the middle with the photo are layered wonderfully and shadowed perfectly.  The title is the icing on the cake!  There’s so much love in this layout, and it makes my heart happy!

Okay, it’s your turn to share the love!  Just click on the links and comment on these beauties… everyone needs a little extra love and joy in their lives!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – January 17th

You guys!  Heidi Nicole here with my first post of the year…  what a whirlwind couple months it’s been… and January is already over half over!  It’s cold and snowy here in Kentucky, and I am already looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, and open windows.  But, to be honest, this is the perfect weather to brew a hot cup of coffee or tea, and snuggle up to look at the galleries, or create a project.  The galleries are full of beauties and the challenges are in full swing in all the shops… so let’s get at it!

hello winter by Lynnette

This photo.  It absolutely deserves to be front and center, and indeed it is!  Such a gorgeous photo for this style of layout, and the way it fades into the paper is so gracefully done.  The choices Lynnette makes on this layout are spot on.  The monochromatic colors, the minimal elements, the perfectly sized title, and the simple yet effective journaling…  All in all, this layout is stunning and it is an inspiration!

I Live Here by RJMJ

The bright colors of this layout immediately caught my eye.  Once you start really looking at this piece of art, you will be amazed at all the details.  I love the different sections and how they flow together.  The word strips and flair help guide the eye and the journaling is perfectly placed.  The graphic style is carried throughout and all the elements truly make me want to go on that journey!

Rise and Shine by AmandaJ

I think I actually said ‘wow!’ out loud when I saw this layout while cruising the galleries!  It’s one of those that is so simple, yet absolutely dramatic and fun.  The black and white background with the title is the obvious focal point, but then your eye travels to those cute photos!  Amanda chose super cute and simple accents to go along with the dramatic background…  It’s pretty much fabulous and it makes me happy!

Busy by LisaMT

So, this one just amazes me!  There are so many details and they are perfectly placed.  The big cluster at the bottom is spot on and balances the project… oh, and those shadows!  The pen that is layered in the cluster completes the feel of the layout.  She is indeed going to be busy, and what a fun way to document it!  Love this!

2021 by scrappurple

I love layouts that look back on special memories… and this one is so well put together it makes my heart sing!  The stitching is such a fun addition… and all the different patterns dispersed throughout the photos are beautiful.  The little clusters balance the page while all the other little elements add depth and interest.  Such a wonderful layout!

Moody Blues by justpattyanne

Sometimes, ya just need to scrap the not so happy things in life.  If therapeutic and cathartic.  This is a lovely photo-less layout that speaks volumes.  The actual design of the page is amazing, and the pendant and cluster adds a bit of whimsy to a dramatic page.  I know we can all relate to these sentiments!

There you have it, friends… don’t forget to leave some love on these gems!  Have a wonderful evening or day, depending on where you are!

Stay safe!

Heidi Nicole


Finger Pointing – November 26th

Good evening, friends!  I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and a successful Black Friday!  I know y’all stocked up at all the Black Friday sales and events going on in our favorite stores…  now to use all those goodies!

Here’s my picks today…

Christmas by stormchaser

Ah Christmas.  I love everything about it.  I also enjoy seeing what everyone else loves about it, and this sweet story makes my heart warm!  Such a sweet story about Christmas traditions and family love… The layout itself is so festive and beautiful.  The clusters behind the star are absolutely perfect.  The big star holding the journaling is the shining centerpiece of this work of art.  I hope you all find it as heartwarming and lovely as I do!

Wow by amyjcaz

This is such a funny story!  I love the simple yet intricate feel of the page.  There’s white space, yet the grungy vibes make it interesting and complex.  The layering and shadowing are perfect, as well as the fun journaling.  I love the photo with the small frame in the forefront, so you know exactly what the focal point is.  The big question mark is the icing on the cake!  Super fun layout!

Merry and Bright HeatherH

This one.  I mean… wow…  Heather knocks it out of the ballpark with this one.  This is such a lovely Christmas layout!  Every detail is perfectly placed with care and expertise.  The shadowing is gorgeous, and the sweet photo completes the page.  Every time I look at it, I find something new I love.  The word strips and all the little ornaments… the ‘pot’ the tree is sitting in… the bows, the star… everything!  LOVE it!

Camdyn’s Laugh by garrynkim

If you need a smile, check this sweet smile out…  This page is absolutely happiness on a page!  That smile is absolutely contagious, and it could not be displayed more joyously.  The bright colors, the large photo, and diagonal paper strips make me giddy.  The LOL sentiment was literally made for this page!  This smile is what we all need in this world!

No by mcurtt

This is a gorgeous piece of art journaling…  I don’t know what the journaling says, but I don’t need to.  The overwhelming feel of the page is evident and speaks loudly enough to not need to know the words.  That’s something that is so special about scrapbooking… it allows us to creatively show our feelings… and it is such amazing therapy.  This is just beautiful.

Joy = Snow by rubygirl

This is such a unique way to display photos… and the fact it’s white space makes me swoon!  The tags hanging on that string are just gorgeous… as well as all the perfect elements and word arts.  It looks like they are having so much fun in the snow!  Such an awesome winter layout!

You guys… the galleries are FULL of gorgeous layouts right now!  Pour yourself a glass of wine, tea, coffee, or whatever you like, and go cruise through the galleries…  it will make your soul happy, I promise!

Don’t forget to leave some love on these layouts!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – October 20th

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole here, enjoying a nice cool evening in Northern Kentucky.  My husband and I had the day off and we enjoyed the afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo.  I don’t know about you, but being around animals… any animals… is good for the soul.  I was especially excited to see Fiona the Hippo, who is kind of a big deal.  If you have some time, her story is on YouTube and it’s absolutely worth your time.  But, I know you aren’t here to talk about zoo animals… so here’s some magic I found in the galleries this evening!

Seriously?1? by clucaswvu04

This is a super cute layout!  I’m a huge fan of sarcasm, so I totally fell in love with this fun piece as soon as I saw it.  First of all, those masks are absolutely hysterical.  I love the art journaling feel of the page.  All the layers of paper and elements, as well as the paints in the background, come together to create an interesting and intriguing feel.  The messy thread lends to this feeling.  I adore the paper strips with the journaling and the arrow pointing to the title.  All in all, fab page!

Persistence by LisaMT

Wow, the layers in this layout are blowing me away!  They are perfectly shadowed and perfectly placed.  The photos are so great… and persistence truly does pay off.  The use of the alpha to make the title with the journaling under it completes the page.  The little word strips that are poked in here and there connect the journaling and title to the photos.  Well done, friend.  Well done!

Note to Self by RhondaB

Well, first of all… those photos.  Am I right?  How CUTE are they?!  That sweet face with that precious kitty… take my money!  Moving on… LOL…  I ADORE how the white space of the layout contrasts so beautifully with the lovely colors and layers.  The vertical strips of paper with the photos tucked in at an angle add balance and interest at the same time.  The clusters are beautifully created and shadowed perfectly.  All in all…  gorgeous layout!!

Think Big by Ana_Santos

This is a show stopper.  The photo treatment and the beautiful way it’s the focal point, is absolutely stunning.  I love the small elements that add that yummy depth, and the super cool stamps that frame the photo are gorgeous design choices.  The title is the icing on the cake…  just a crazy beautiful layout!

2 Cute 2 Spook by weaselwatchr

Truly tooooo cute!  This Halloween layout is super cute and of course, beautifully designed.  The spider web really adds the anchor to all the adorable layers and elements.  The dark background really makes the photo and little characters stand out.  The title on the banner is a perfect choice!  Happy Halloween!

Witch Please by huyentrang43

This fun layout has all the ‘stuff’ I LOVE!  That background is super awesome, and I LOVE the centered photo.  The stripes of the paper framing the photo coordinates so well with the polkadots in the background.  The sweet little clusters that are framing the photo are the perfect amount.  This is amazing and I adore it!

Well friends… after you go leave some love on all these beauties… go watch the Fiona story!  Be well!

Heidi Nicole