Finger Pointing – October 5th

Hey y’all!  Heidi Nicole here again, bringing you some inspiration from Digital Scrapbook Day.  I don’t know about you, but I want to thank ALL the stores, galleries, artists, designers, moderators, and creative teams for making DSD such a fun event for all of us.  I don’t think we all realize how much it takes to coordinate all the sales, challenges, and games in each forum.  It’s such a fun time to come together as a creative community and enjoy all the stuff… and I know each one of us appreciates it!

Let’s get to it!

September Home Projects by Laura ODonnell

Okay, so if you know me at all, you know I’m an absolute fangirl of white space layouts… and I’m totally fangirling over this one!  All the clean lines, minimal elements, and oh the symmetry!  I especially adore the worn edges, just a little detail like that can add so much to a layout… and she just plain rocks it out in this one!

Mom by huyentrang43

I know, I know… two white spaces in a row… but, look how different the same style can be!  The first thing that grabbed my attention with this piece was the title.  It’s big and bold and beautiful.  The sweet little floral clusters book end the title, which adds even more interest and depth.  I love that the journaling is in two different blocks.  The sweet butterfly and ribbon and key soften the clean lines of the papers.  Just a lovely layout!

Autumn by southernmother

Amber totally rocked this autumn piece out!  First of all, as autumn is my favorite season, I’m partial to all the goodies featured in her photos.  The beautiful crowning glory of this layout are those amazing flowers and leaves and clusters!  I mean, look at them all.  They are not only clustered perfectly, but they are also shadowed perfectly.  She does autumn justice in this beauty!

Cheerful Camdyn by garrynkim

Can you guess what caught my eye in this one?  LOOK at that FACE!  What an absolute cutey!  I love the joy this conveys… can you feel it?  Now, the extraction is out of this world, it adds so much interest and awe.  The sweet circle stamps balance out the layout, and all the fun ink and paint lend to it’s joy.  This literally makes me warm and fuzzy!

Breathe Deep by SweetChar

This is a piece of art that evokes a considerable amount of emotion.  So many of us have been affected in one way or another by breast cancer.  I am breathing a sigh of relief for her that all her tests are coming back negative.  But, a piece like this can really touch our lives.  This is the kind of art that just breathes emotion, and I am just loving it.  Of course, the layout itself is stunning, but the subject is really what means so much here.  I appreciate all the artistic touches, the plastic sleeves that hold all of those beautiful layers, and the lovely balance of the layout.  Thank you so much for sharing such a personal layout, SweetChar.

All You Need Is Love by HeatherH

Last but obviously not least… my girl Heather hit it out of the park with this cheery and fun layout!  I absolutely adore all those bright colors with the bright white background.  The mix of paper-like elements and those sweet clusters brings the entire layout together…. and of course, the shadowing is spot on!  She brings it every time, folks!

That’s it for tonight… but I urge you to go look through the galleries.  They are absolutely brimming with beauty and inspiration.  Don’t forget to go to each of these layouts and leave some love!  Happy October, y’all!

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – September 22nd

Hey creative fam!  Heidi Nicole here on a chilly, rainy fall evening… enjoying some decaf and beautiful galleries.  Hope this finds you all healthy and happy!

Here’s my picks for today…

I Hope You Always by SuzannaL

This is actually a paper layout… but I was absolutely stunned by it!  I was immediately drawn to the huge title with all the different backgrounds.  It appears as though she used digital cut files and she truly hit it out of the park.  Such a lovely summer layout!

autumn beauty by keepscrappin

This is a beautiful example of using a large photo, and complimenting it so expertly by the perfect color palette and lovely clusters.  The decision to use the white color on the bottom truly balances the layout due to the light sky of the photo.  The sweet stamps and the leaves falling tie it all together.  I’m just in love with this!

Thankful by Ana_Santos

I love this wonderful mix of graphic design and shadowed dimensional pieces.  The graphic affects of the photo are just stunning.  The cluster at the bottom and the sweet leaves on the edge complete the dimensional look.  I truly can’t even explain how much I love this.  It’s unbelievably creative!

It Didn’t All Suck by tanyiadeskins

This is such a fun layout!  The title immediately grabbed my attention and drew me in.  This layout documents so much using journal cards, the title itself, the photos, and the journaling.  It all comes together in such a cohesive way.  And let’s be honest, we all need to see the good that may have come out of this pandemic, and what a fun way to document it!

12-Decisions by bienejen

The composition here is just awesome!  Love the triangle feel and the background paper was an amazing choice; it adds dimension and interest.  I think the use of all the signs and journal cards tell the story, and the little details she included are spot on.  Such a fun layout!

Buzz by DownHome

There is so much to love about this layout.  First of all, that photo…  oh my gosh how stinkin’ cute!  He’s so intense!  Second, the actual composition of the piece is just delightful.  The angled patterned papers and that dark paper makes all the elements stand out.  The shadowing adds depth and interest, as well as all the fun stamps and ink.  LOVE this!

Please take a minute to go leave some love on these beauties!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – June 7th

Good evening, my friends!  I hope this finds you all well and enjoying all the good things in your life.  It’s so good for the soul to remember what we are thankful for on a daily basis, and I’m continually thankful for our little creative community.  It’s inspiring and thoughtful and brings me so much joy… and spending time in the galleries makes me smile.  We can all use a little more of that in our lives… so let me show you what I’ve picked today!

Travel List by LynnZant

As we come upon the summer months here in the states, a lot of us start thinking about traveling and vacations.  This bright, fun, and beautiful layout is the perfect way to document this travel bucket list!  I love all the tabs cascading down the page that showcases the location and a description.  The coordinating tabs and photos adds so much interest… and those clusters!  I love all the things here!

sunkissed by Chigirl

This beauty is another fun summer themed layout… that background is so amazing!  I love the patterned sunburst cutout over the white background.  The shadowing is spot on!  I love the use of the journal cards, and the sweet little details like the sun.  Everything coordinates so beautifully with that sunkissed photo.  Fun in the sun!

us by Annemiekkok

LOVE!  The perspective of this photo is the very first thing I noticed… it’s the focal point, and it’s gorgeous.  The way she stacked the papers and elements with those realistic shadows make a very paper like feel.  The journaling and title complete the page in a grungy, yet super sweet way.  The whole vibe here is amazing… and the sentiment is perfect.  #choosejoy

Remember… All the Dreams by amyjcaz

This layout is grungy, art journaling GOLD.  All of the stacked paper strips and ephemera behind that super sweet photo come together to create such a cool affect.  Not only that, but the added stamps and paint splatters adds depth and interest.  Choosing to have the photo clipped to a circle, and then a coordinating circle element tucked into the layers, adds balance.  All in all, such a well put together art journaling page!

Pirate King by JoCee

Oh my goodness!  This is such a fantastic pirate page!  I absolutely love the fun layers… all of the elements that are clustered and layered are beautifully shadowed.  Those leaves are an amazing design choice and they add so much to the balance of the page.  There is nothing I don’t love about this page and the fantasy feel she’s created.

selfie fun by silent ranks

First things first… those selfies and super awesome!  I’m a big fan of selfies, and I love how she created this page using four different photos… these memories are so fun to document!  I love the design of the page.  The paper layers across the top are beautifully shadowed, and those flag buntings add such a wonderfully whimsical feel to the page.  The colors are gorgeous and the neutral wood background balances the bright colors.  Love it all!


As always, I hope these pages inspire you.  I hope they spark that creative feeling in you that makes you feel joy.  I hope they make you smile.  Don’t forget to go leave some love on these lovely pages… and have a wonderful evening, friends!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – May 26th

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole here tonight with some inspiration from the galleries.  Spring has officially sprung here in Northern Kentucky, and I am enjoying every minute.  I hope you are all able to find some sunshine and blue skies right now!

My hope is that these layouts inspire you… it’s so easy to lose that creative fire when life happens, and sometimes stepping away is an absolute must… but just looking at and appreciating our friend’s artwork helps us heal and find joy.  Be kind to yourself and take time for anything you need in your life.  We will always be around for you to come back to.

Let’s get started!

brota by Amandaresende

This is a lovely white space layout with such a natural, sweet vibe.  The bits of grungy ink and stamps on the background add the perfect touch of messiness, which is offset by the lovely stacked papers and elements.  I love how the leaves coming out from behind the photo goes so well with the photo itself.  The textures and layers are wonderfully shadowed and it comes together seamlessly!

downtown ogden by Keepscrappin

There’s not a single thing that doesn’t inspire me in this layout.  The photo makes me smile and I love the colorful paper strips that balance the photo.  It makes it the perfect focal point.  The grunginess in the background adds so much to look at.  That skyline is fantastic!  The camera elements fit perfectly with the theme… but those clouds, though!  I love how they pop off the page…  and they bring everything together to make a masterpiece!

Waiting to Go by Jaye4

I am so drawn to travel themed pages… because I want to see in person what I’m looking at in photos… and this one is no exception.  The fabulous photo in this one is, well, fabulous!  I’m sorry the pandemic has them stuck and they can’t travel to Toronto, but it’s so nice to scrap those dreams and future plans.  The overall black and white feel is offset by those fun pops of bright color.  The arrows, the word strips, and the journaling bring it all together.  Loving everything about it!

Here & Now by geek_girl

The first thing that drew me to this layout is the photo clipped to the tag.  What a fun, unique way to show off a photo!  That background has the perfect amount of color and texture to add interest to the negative space.  The use of minimal elements is a great decision, so that the awesome photo can remain the focal point.  All in all, a lovely white space page!

Storybooks by bienejen

The thing about art is that it elicits an emotional response… and this layout did just that for me.  She is showcasing some of her favorite childhood books, and they are some of mine, as well.  What an amazing thing to document and share from generation to generation!  I love the design of the page.  Displaying ten photos in a single layout is impressive… making it so streamlined and not cluttered is amazingly impressive!  The icing on the cake is that awesome cluster of elements.  Such a wonderful piece of art!

cityscape by alinalove

This is freaking awesome!  What an amazing big photo layout… that photo is so perfect and so striking.  I especially love the city scape line drawing.  It adds so much uniqueness to the photo.  The elements stay with the theme, and add depth and inspiration.  There is so much to see and look at and love about this project!

That’s it for tonight, friends.  Don’t forget to share the love!  Be kind, be safe, seek joy <3


Heidi Nicole



Gallery Standouts – April 26th

Good evening, my friends!  I don’t know about where you are in the world, but it was a beautiful spring day here in Northern Kentucky… and I am absolutely loving it!  Sunshine is so good for the soul…

and so is creativity!

Here’s the picks for today…

Collect Memories by cinderella

I love how a digital layout can look so much like a paper layout.  This one is absolutely beautiful…  Cinderella manages to put so much texture and depth into this layout.  The shadows are perfectly placed, and every detail is so inspiring.  The white background makes every one of the natural features pop.  Every time I look at it, I find something else I love!  Such a beautiful piece of art!

April 21 – Scraplift Challenge by cinna

The layered papers at different angles in this layout caught my eye right off… and the texture of the background papers add so much depth and texture.  The little cluster at the side of the photograph anchored by the circle stamp makes the photograph the focal point.  The elements and the grungy word art and splatters are specifically placed, which creates such a cohesive feel.  The page design is so pleasing and inspiring!

Be Brave by amandac

There’s something about a layout that projects so much emotion.  This lovely page by Amanda speaks volumes.  You can feel the love and time she spent creating it… such a labor of love.  The lovely horizontal design along that wonderfully messy stitching, and perfectly placed simple elements come together to make this masterpiece.  Bravo!

Why I Love Being Your Mum by Tracermajig

There is so much I love in this layout…  first of all, that photo!  What a sweet little face!  Second, the page design is so pleasing to the eye… the colors come together in the design to make it cohesive and fun.  Third, the journaling down the side balances the lovely square design.  Finally, those sweet little heart elements are the perfect addition!  I love it all, and I’m sure everyone else will too!

Today by Bbe

This white space layout speaks volumes with all those cute little smiles!  This is a simple layout, but it’s the perfect design choice for all those photos.  The brightness and joy that comes from the photos pair perfectly with the basic blacks and whites.  The title truly says it all… sometimes it’s the simple things, like a little smile, that can make a day!

Memories by Ferdy

This layout is so joyful!  I love the fun, spring feel… and all the little elements and details are spot on.  I adore the big, bold title… and the tag hanging from the top adds so much interest.  It’s a super happy layout and we need more of that in our lives!

I hope you all find some sunshine and happiness today and everyday!  Stay creative, inspired, and joyful <3

Heidi Nicole


Finger Pointing – April 14th

Good day, friends!  Heidi Nicole here on the blog today…  I’m enjoying a nice day off from work, with a wonderful skinny latte from Starbucks.

I started out the day with a mammogram.  That being said, I know most of our readers are women… so here’s your PSA – get your mammogram.  I am quick to give that advice, but realized I wasn’t following my own advice.  So, I got it scheduled, and did it.  We all know someone in our lives who has been affected by breast cancer… even some of our own sweet scrappy friends have been affected.  If you’re nervous, message me.  I have a unique background, in that I used to be a mammography technologist before moving into radiation therapy.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll explain everything they are going to do and what to expect.  You’ve heard it over and over, and it’s so very true…  early detection can save lives.  Take care of yourselves, friends.  #savethetatas

Okay, okay…  you didn’t come here to talk about that… so I’ll get started with my picks for today!

Nope by EventHorizon

I am in love with this dynamic layout.  I think the contrast between the wood grain paper and the black and white backgrounds are spot on.  The page isn’t overwhelmed with elements, they’re perfectly placed and spaced.  The icing on the cake is that awesome yellow flower right in the center.  Just a fun and well composed page!

Embrace Weird by Wisdomes

I adore all the wonderful clusters on this page!  Gorgeous layering which adds depth and interest.  The shadowing on all the layers of the clusters are perfect.  The word strips add to the overall fun feel to the page.  It would be hard to look at this page and not smile!

jPA – Think and Grow by justpattyanne

Sometimes a layout just about makes you catch your breath… know what I mean?  This beautiful piece of art did just that.  I am in LOVE with all those flowers and that lovely butterfly that act as hair.  The beautiful mixture of textures and depths create such a dynamic feel.  The line drawing is so simple, the ‘hair’ and the title balances the design perfectly.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Bio160 – Gummie Bear Experiment by Megscottstudio

The standout feature on this page is absolutely the title.  It is lifted off the page beautifully with that awesome photo strip tucked in behind it.  The layout feels balanced and composed.  It’s super fun with all those paint splatters in the background and the colorful background paper.  All good things in this layout… and what a fun experiment!  I love when we document things in our lives like this science experiment.  Loving this!

sun will shine by Biancka

I am loving this horizontal row of mini black and white photos!  Oh my goodness, how cute!  I love the sweet grungy feel Biancka creates here.  The white background with the bright splashes of color is spot on.  The messy thread lends itself to the grungy feel of the piece.  Such an inspiring layout!

Reflections by JenEm

You guys.  Just look at this layout.  That photo is absolutely stunning.  It definitely deserves to be highlighted, and highlighted it is.  The front and center photo, the minimal elements, the beautiful title, and the journaling all come together to create a composed, contrasty, lovely piece of art.  Another inspiring layout that just takes your breath away!

I hope you all enjoyed my picks for today.  The galleries are such a wonderful space to connect with your creativity and be inspired.  I hope you can all leave some love on these beauties.  Enjoy your day and spread some sunshine!


Heidi Nicole



Finger Pointing – March 17th

Good evening, friends!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  A little Irish toast for you…

There are good ships

And wood ships,

Ships that sail the sea.

But the best ships

Are friendships

And may they

Always be!

On that note… let’s get to the goodies!

Beautiful Spring by MartinaR

This is a beautiful layout featuring lovely clustering, stellar shadowing, and gorgeous use of negative space.  The pretty pastels layered onto the white background creates such a feminine and peaceful feel.  Those sweet stamps in the background frame the clusters so creatively.  As I look at this layout, I’m in absolute awe.  Just a gorgeous piece of art.

Just for You by Veer

This is a show stopper!  That large photo in the background with the beautiful vanilla black and white action is absolutely spot on!  The use of the frames for the title is ingenious…  Such a creative way to use the space and add interest.  The white on white frame just shy of the twelve by twelve is another touch of interest and depth.  Of course, the flower clusters and shadowing is spot on… and I love the beautiful soft color palette with that photo.  Bravo!

Early Bird by Bahtoy

Look at that sweet baby!  This is an adorable way to document that sweet little yawn.  The elements and word arts could not be better matched.  I love the vertical movement of the layout, and that awesome double scallop border that adds balance to the white space on the page.  The little clusters are wonderfully created, and it’s obvious the details are lovingly thought out.  This warms my heart!

Today Was a Good Day by MishSpar

I love the monotone blues in this layout.  There’s such an easy and peaceful vibe going on here.  The circle photo, along with the circle ribbon, is a perfect design choice.  The use of the ribbons to help break up the page, along with the different backgrounds adds perfect interest.  It’s easy for the eye to take in every lovely detail.  The simplicity is stunning!

2005DaCapoSaturdays by MrsPeel

Here’s another large photo background that makes my soul leap with joy!  This picture though!  You can FEEL the sass, the joy, and the happiness of the day…  The layers coming in from the sides are so fun and the colors match the happiness of the page.  The title could not be more perfect…  This page has some major vibes!

Tiny Miracles by mimisgirl

I adore the organic feel of this page.  That photo is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen.  I love the design choices here…  the organic plants and leaves, the messy stitches, and the lovely little ephemera behind the photo all come together for a beautifully cohesive effect.  A lovely layout, indeed!

As always, these picks are just a small sample of the yummy inspiration in the galleries.  As artists, it’s good for our souls and our creativity, to gaze at all the lovely pieces of art we create as a community.  Please don’t forget to leave the love… stay creative, stay safe, stay joyful.

Heidi Nicole