Finger Pointing – February 23rd

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole here on the blog, perusing the gorgeous galleries and loving the inspiration.  The snow is melting here in Northern Kentucky, and I am loving it!  I am so ready for spring, but also enjoying every moment leading up to it…  So, let’s get started with the good stuff!

Snow Much Fun by MommaTrish

This is such a sweet page, featuring some fun snow time!  The photos themselves are enough to bring a smile to my face, but the creative design of this page is so easy on the eyes.  I appreciate the fun symmetry, the perfectly placed random snowflakes, and the slight grunginess of the paint on the edges.  It all comes together and creates a masterpiece.  The icing on the cake for me, is that awesome stamped title…  This is the reason I can appreciate snow – these kinds of layouts!

Bird Watcher by stasianary

This is such a happy page!  The bright colors on top of the wood grain paper is such a perfect design choice.  The photos and story of her bird feeder is super sweet and perfectly captured.  I am in love with all the layers of circle papers and the lovely clusters.  Technically, the shadowing is perfect and the design is incredibly pleasing to the eye.  Another layout that comes together flawlessly… love it!

Catch the Breeze by sharonbertol

This is summer on a page and it warms my heart!  I am awestruck at the perfect, realistic shadowing on every detail on this page.  My eye is immediately drawn to the lovely photos, which are beautifully accented by the centrally located cluster.  The ink spatters and spray paint on the background papers frame the photos and elements wonderfully…  and the stitching around the border balances the entire layout.  This is just an amazing summer beauty!

Grant & Me by BarbaraUnzen

This is such a peaceful layout that documents some wonderful memories.  I love the horizontal flow of the photos and lovely elements… which, by the way, are perfectly shadowed.  I love the muted, pastel colors, and the grungy feel of the paint and ink splatters.  The more you look at this beauty, the more you find you will love.  Every detail is expertly and lovingly placed, and it shows the heart behind the page.

Our Normal Routine by Rae

I was immediately drawn to this page because of the colors… Black and white pages are so striking.  This one definitely fits the bill of a striking page.  The art journaling feel of it lends itself to such an emotional layout.  The personal thoughts she journaled mirrors the personal feel of the page.  The whole vibe is something I can get on board with, and this is a wonderfully designed page in every way.

Where Shall We Go by IntenseMagic

Friends, I don’t even know where to start on this beauty.  As a whole, it reflects such a beautiful day in nature… and every little detail is perfectly placed.  The papers are cut imperfectly, yet shadowed perfectly.  The photos are absolutely lovely, and the flowers and foliage that are featured are the icing on the cake!  The background paper choice adds the perfect amount of white space and texture.  So… where shall we go today?

These beautiful projects posted today are just a sampling of the galleries that are absolutely filled with beauty and inspiration.  We can all use this kind of beauty in our lives… and we are so blessed to be part of this community.  Stay safe and healthy, friends… and don’t forget to go comment and spread the love!

Many blessings,

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – January 31st

Hey hey, friends!  Anyone else feel like January sped by?  I don’t typically feel like that, but here we are…  last day of January!  Tomorrow I can start celebrating my birthday month!

It’s a good time to look back on those resolutions and see how you are doing.  If they aren’t going the way you thought… change them!  Figure out what works and make it happen… and I’ll do the same.  Buuuttt…  enough about all that…  ready for some inspiration?

MOC9 Day 26 Large Title by dbregant

First things first…  that title!  I love how big and bold it is.  It completely balances that page and catches the eye immediately.  Her four photos really connect the journaling and title… She chose beautifully muted colors that correspond with her sweet photos.  I love the big circle falling off the page, and the sweet little elements scattered about.  Beautifully created!

Day 31 by MiekSter

So this layout took my breath away…  the journaling brought tears to my eyes.  I could truly feel the emotion behind the words.  As I looked at the photos and thought about the words on the page, it brought the whole picture together.  So often we document the fun and happy times… but, these moments are so worth documenting.  They are so important for future generations… and they are often so healing for those of us that create them.  I appreciate and respect the raw emotion that went into this page and I am sending hugs and prayers to you MiekSter.  This page is absolutely breathtaking.

MOC 9 Jan 10 by Mrsdudds

I adore the fun photo strips on this page!  The black and white photos really make those bright colors pop… and the star here is the super unique title!  I love the use of different elements and textures.  Something like this adds so much interest to a white space page.  I love the whole vibe here, and the journaling is so cute!  Mom, mom, mom…

Eat Sleep Quarantine by Cherrylej

This!  I know a lot of us have been documenting our quarantines/2020… and I just can’t get enough!  This one is super cute.  The grid pattern is spectacular and the black and white photos against the colors make them focal points.  I love the title in the middle square and my fave is the journal card right under…  (it’s funny cuz it’s true!)  Such a fun page with well placed elements and beautiful shadowing.  It makes quarantine look fun!

Fabulous by Mywisecrafts

This page is another stunner… The first thing that drew my eye was the photos.  Such a great way to add amazing interest!  It’s not just one photo… it’s a photo that she split into two photos…  I mean, come on!  So clever.  Beyond that, her clustering and shadowing within her clusters are just perfect.  I love when we scrap ourselves, and we truly are perfectly imperfect, are we not?  Thanks for this, girl…  I am completely inspired!

noted by Biancka

It is always clear that Miss Biancka knows how to cluster and shadow… and this page certainly does not disappoint!  Her heart shaped photo is absolutely adorable and she used that fun background paper as a unique design element.  This page is grungy, bright, and kinda awesome!  Looks like she’s going to be busy tomorrow, and I love those everyday routine layouts… It’s important to document our normal days…  it’s where our lives happen!

I know all these pages are going to inspire you to go create… it sure has inspired me.  Don’t forget to stop by all these lovely pages and give some love…  and have a wonderful first week of February, friends!

Be blessed,

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – January 18th

Good evening, my friends…  Heidi Nicole here on a cold, frosty evening in Kentucky.  It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the states, a day to reflect and take action on civil rights issues across the globe.  The observance of Dr. King’s day feels incredibly relevant this year… more so than recent years.  As we join in celebrating today, I feel hope for our nation and communities… and that hope is so good for my soul.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  -MLK Jr.

Now onto some beautifully creative inspiration… which is something else that is so good for my soul…

Create by chastml

This is such a great, creative page!  The irony that it is designed around the word CREATE doesn’t escape me.  I love the bright, fun colors that seem to balance the white space.  The bright striped paper on the top and bottom really balance the design and add such a wonderful detail.  I especially love all the bits and bobs around the title.  The more I look at it, the bigger my smile gets!

MOC-9-January-18-Combine-two-templates by PaperWings

This is such a fun layout!  The first thing that caught my eye was the bright rainbow colors… as I kept looking at all the details, I was in awe!  Those photos are filled with just the perfect happiness for a page like this.  The bright flowers add so much texture and depth… and the patterned paper is absolutely perfect!

Warmest Regards MOC18 by amien1

This lovely page is full of Christmas cheer… and that’s good for the soul all.year.long!  I love the horizontal flow of the page, and the details on the top and bottom add delightful balance.  I really love the light colored paint splatters on the dark background paper.  All the sweet little details and elements on this piece of art come together to make an absolute standout.  Makes my heart warm!

Frosty Morning by AZK

This beautiful piece of art stopped me in my tracks…  the way that photo fades and blends into the paper is absolutely professional.  The small details of the hexagons are the perfect addition to the simplicity and intricacy of the page…  and all the elements are shadowed to perfection.  You can just feel the frostiness of the page, which is sometimes such a hard thing to create, but she did an outstanding job!  It’s just such a gorgeous work of art!

me by Annemiekkok

This is such a fun and artistic page!  The bright colors, the clusters, the layers, the shadows, and the photos culminate in a wonderfully artsy piece.  I love the use of black and white photos, as well as using several photos.  The unique elements that are layered are inspiring.  The title tops off the page perfectly.  A beautiful art journaling page!

CLICK by Sokee

There is so much awesomeness in this piece… every beautifully shadowed layer has a little gift to give.  The Ink splatters lend a grungy feel, and the black and whites with pops of color is always a winner.  I love that she used tons of paper and only a few elements…  inspiring for sure.  The paper strip title is the icing of the proverbial cake!  Love it!

There are so many beautiful pieces in the galleries right now… it’s hard not to smile and feel that little flutter of creative inspiration…  It’s a bright light in our lives and we are so blessed to have our galleries and communities.  Thank you all for being there.

Please don’t forget to leave some love on these pages… we all need a little love now and then.  <3

Many blessings.  Be kind.  Stay safe.


Finger Pointing – December 7th

Good afternoon, friends!  As always, I hope this finds all of you safe and healthy… and if you’re in the states, you find yourself enjoying the excitement and joy leading up to Christmas.  This year has presented us with so many challenges, yet we are finding new and positive ways to enjoy the season we are in.  I am here wishing you the best season ever… and to bring a little creativity to your day with some Gallery Standouts!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Mywisecrafts

This is a stunning page that almost sparkles when you look at it.  The pine leaves coming in from the sides is absolute genius.  That technique used on the large photo is absolutely gorgeous, as is the photo.  The sweet poinsettia on her hat is shadowed beautifully and adds the perfect amount of depth and dimension to the piece.  Just gorgeous!

Shhhh…. by Jaye4

This is a sweet and grungy layout, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  That monochromatic heart in the background paper is beyond perfect.  Centering her lovely photo and elements on the heart, just adds to the sweetness of the page.  The photo itself is such a fun perspective of her adorable doggo.  The minimalistic feel of the elements lends to the white space feel, yet the grunginess and paint splatter adds so much fun and interest.  The slightly angled title is the proverbial icing on the cake!  All in all, such a lovely piece!

Like the Moon by ArmyGrl

I was really pulled to this layout because of the overall feel of the page… the dark background, slightly splattered with paint, and the perfect photo to add to the feel.  It just speaks such dreamy peace to me… I hope that’s how she intended it, but I just love the feelings that surface when I look at it.  The quote really is quite spot on, and I love the title above the photo.  Simply gorgeous.

DYD 2020 – Dec. 4th by tkradtke

This Document Your December page is so awesome!  The clean lines, the clear and crisp photos, and the story makes up the perfect DYD page.  The mix of black and white and color photos adds so much creativity to the page.  I just love everything about this and it makes me want to try to finish a DYD project!  So inspirational… and those cookies look absolutely delicious, even without the sprinkles!

love this by sylvia

If you guys know me and my picks by now… I’m a sucker for white space and cats.  Look what I found!  A perfect white space page, featuring a super adorbs kitty cat!  The vertical feel to the stacked papers and photo go so well with the horizontal monochromatic stripes in the background paper.  The fun fringe and the stitching gives the page a softer feel, and the lovely touch of the sequins at the bottom complete the page.  I just love it all!

Starbucks Cup by dailydwelling

This page caught my eye right away.  The red background paper is bold and full of joy… but what I love the most… she made her page resemble one of the Starbucks Red Cups!  Red Cup Season is a thing, and she nailed it with this page.  The stripes of paper and the Christmas tree stamps look so awesome with her photo.  I adore that little tassel and that fun ink stamp in the background.  If you like #redcupseason – you will LOVE this page!

That’s it for today… but, don’t forget to give some love to these layouts!  Stay safe and scatter joy, my friends <3

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – November 23

Good evening, friends!  As we face the continued challenges associated with the pandemic, I continually turn to the galleries for inspiration, smiles, and friends.  Our special community is always there for us to turn to, and we are truly blessed… and for that, I thank each and every one of you!

So without further ado…  here are my picks for today!

Not the Same by Jmgesi

I love layouts that document the current times, and this layout certainly fits the bill.  Not only are there multiple photos to look at, but the journaling is detailed and specific.  I love the collage affect the page lends, and all the word strips help tell the story.  I especially love the pictures in the cutout tags… how fun and unexpected is that?!  The layers, fun elements/accents, and the title bring it all together for an awesome piece of art.  In many years, this one will be looked at and will definitely bring about emotions, memories, and discussions.

8 Raymond Rd by Blackkl1545

This is just stunning!  I love the photo technique and mask, as well as the unique framing.  The gold accents add depth and texture, with perfect shadows.  The way she journaled in that sweet little circle is super creative… and that title is spot on!  The addition of the ‘ice’ at the top of the page is the icing on the proverbial winter cake.  Such a wonderful example of technique and creativity… one that is sure to inspire!

Oh Christmas Tree by Mrivas2181

I am in love with the long vertical cards and photos in this layout.  Such a unique way to design a page…  the straight lines with the rustic background paper and fun elements that are tucked here and there is the perfect combination.  The balance of the page makes it easy on the eye, and I kind of can’t get enough.  I keep looking at it and finding little hidden treasures, like the tabs peeking out of the side, and the random scattered sequins.  Such a fun Christmas layout full of memories!

September 2020 Covid Stuff by Karen

This fun layout features some very funny memes about the Covid season… which have probably been the one thing during the pandemic that has kept me laughing throughout the year.  I love the horizontal design of all the memes, and the journaling…  oh the journaling.  I adore the documentation, and the fact that the dates are bold.  What a great timeline of September 2020.

Silence by nun69

I don’t even know where to begin with this one… such a beautiful work of art journaling.  If you take the time to read it, it may just hit you deep.  That’s what heartfelt layouts do, right?  The beautiful way she documented her feelings, makes me just speechless… and the doodle right in the center could not be more perfect.  I love the scalloped borders, which adds such a pretty layered affect.  The clusters in the corners and surrounding the text are layered beautifully and shadowed perfectly.  The entire page is superb… and I am in awe!

Moments by DivaMom96

This is a wonderfully artsy page… and a beautiful use of white space.  The paint splatters behind the photo, as well as in the upper corner, create a grungy and fun feel to the page.  The inked quote is more grungy perfection.  I especially love that sweet kitty in the photo!  <3  All in all, this is a gorgeous, grungy white space page, and I think I’m in love with it!

I hope these bring a smile to your face today… Sometimes we just need to be inspired to feel positive and whole right now.  Please don’t forget to go share some love on these pages and in the galleries.  We all love sweet comments!

Many blessings to all of you, my friends…

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – November 9th

Good evening, creative community!  Heidi Nicole here, browsing the galleries, and picking some beautiful layouts to share with all of you.  I hope this finds all of you safe, healthy, and happy… and creatively inspired.

Here’s my picks for today…

Oak Glen Road by KateO

This beautiful autumn layout is so peaceful and simply gorgeous.  The monochromatic, slightly textured background is the perfect compliment to the minimalistic feel of the piece.  The stapled fall leaves are a lovely way to complete the page.  The bold stamped title adds interest and balance.  Just a lovely layout that reminds us of why we love fall so much!

Not Moving by RoxanaTC

The bold background is such a lovely choice for this layout.  The white stamps and paints are the perfect touch.  The shadowing on those layers and clusters is spot on, and the falling leaves create motion and interest.  All in all, this page comes together for a true standout.

gratitude by Biancka

Look at all of these beautiful layers!  Such a sweet and thoughtful page, with perfect shadows and the perfect balance.  The colors of the kit that was used is so serene and the sentiments spot on.  This looks like a paper scrapped page, and it makes my heart happy!

No Thank You by EHStudios

I adore this page… the layout design, the simplicity, the stamps and ink in the background… and that baby!  Such a sweetie… and I love that she scrapped this moment.  The black and white ripped photos are a perfect compliment to the muted colors, and messy string.  Such a wonderful piece!

No Energy by AnnSofie

Sometimes, a layout really speaks to me… and this one sure did.  The art journaling page evokes emotions and feelings, and that’s exactly why we create pieces like this.  It’s a beautifully grungy page that is just lovely.

You Are My Sunshine by SweetChar

Last, but not least, is this fun, colorful, whimsical piece.  There are so many things about this layout that are amazing!  The vertical page design, the clusters, the stitching, and the shadowing are put together perfectly.  Splitting the page down the middle and using different patterned papers adds so much interest… just a brilliant design decision.  Every time I look at it, I find something else I love!

That’s it for tonight, but there are so many layouts and galleries to browse through, it’s a never ending source of inspiration!  Don’t forget to go comment on these lovely layouts… and, as always, stay healthy.  Stay safe.  Stay happy.

Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – October 25th

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole writing to you from a chilly Northern Kentucky… perfect day for coffee, football, and napping.  Hope this finds all of you well, no matter where you are reading this from.  With Halloween just next week, I couldn’t help but pick a couple Halloween themed layouts, mixed with some fall pretties.  I hope you enjoy!

Graffiti in the Rail Station by Ursula

Starting off with a non seasonal layout, this is a beautiful example of technique and imagination.  I love the use of the masks on the photo… it adds so much grunge and interest to the page.  She used minimal colors with her embellishments as if to draw attention to the colorful graffiti in the photo.  It’s really a wonderful piece of art and absolutely inspirational.

Itsy BItsy Spider by garrynkim

This is a super fun Halloween page!  Admittedly, I’m not a fan of spiders… but this sweet spider is not scary at all!  I love the basic black and white, with the touches of light blue.  The cobweb balances out the photo on the page, and the touches of ink splatters in the background are a perfect touch.  The little hanging spider is a cute touch, and I am here for it!

old october by Farwen

Yes, another awesome white space page!  This one features all kinds of fall goodness.  The pops of warm colors and wood tones, along with the beautiful trees in the photos, come together for a lovely fall page.  The wood corner touches bring it all together and I absolutely love it!

Boo by Geek_Girl

This sweet little pumpkin will steal your heart!  Can I first just say…  that squishy babe is the cutest!  That photo is the icing on the cake of this layout.  The diagonal background is perfect, and the layers add depth and interest.  The shadows are spot on and those tassels (heart emoji)…   The title is super cute, and this may be the cutest Halloween layout I’ve laid eyes on!

Winds of Change by Sabyne

This beauty has all the autumn feelings… the lovely, delicate scatters of leaves… the beautiful ink splatters… the wonderful vertical symmetry… and that gorgeous photo… The stamped sentiment is mirrored by all the loveliness in the layout.  This is all around a work of art!

Trick or Treat by Rae

And last, but definitely not least…  this Halloween layout is another eye catcher!  The use of the spooky background paper and the cute colorful elements brings so much cohesiveness… The shadowing of the elements are realistic, and the banner is super cute.  Speaking of cute…  that photo!  How cute is that doggo?!  This is why Halloween is so fun… and so fun to scrap!  Memories that last forever…

That’s all I have for this evening… but I’m guessing we will be seeing a lot of spooky fun over the next week!  As always… have fun, be safe, and love one another!  Oh, and leave some love on these beauties!

Heidi Nicole