Finger Pointing – June 10th

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!! I hope that your week is starting off well! It’s my first official week of summer vacation and so far I’ve tried to begin catching up on things that have been neglected for a long time! My next goal is to catch up on all the scrapping that I’m behind on. It’s a good thing that the galleries are so full of wonderful inspiration!! I hope you enjoy the beauties I’ve found today!!

Moody Patootie by Beth
Oh my gosh, this is just the best! I love that big vertical title and those precious photos!! The background paper she chose is perfection and those patterned blocks are fantastic!! This is such a creative page!!


On Top of the World by Angela Toucan
That big photo is just beautiful! I love the way she has split the page and used that smaller adorable photo! Beautiful layering and fantastic use of the patterns! The title work is so cool!! Wonderfully done!


Sunset Memories by KimPay
How stunning is this page! That background is simply amazing and so creative!! I adore the wagon wheel and her gorgeous photos! Absolutely perfect use of the elements! Everything about this is phenomenal!!


Love by myssp
What a sweet photo that totally made me smile! I adore her grid design with the stitching and her gorgeous cluster work!! Those elements are the the sweetest! Such fun use of the paint as well!! So fun and creative!


Cowboy Boots by Rochelle86
This one jumped right out of the gallery at me!! How beautiful are all those colors! I adore the background paper she chose and that precious photo! I love the books! Such beautiful cluster work! Stunning page!!


Scene by Celestine
How lovely is this page!! I love how she has split that gorgeous photo and her beautiful work over the photo!! Her title work is just so pretty and I love all the gorgeous texture! Beautifully scrapped!


And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you all enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing | June 5th

Hey, hey, everyone!! Long time no see! I want to start off by apologizing for our unexpected hiatus. Life took a chaotic turn for me for a few weeks and in the process, I dropped the ball when it comes to this blog. We are continuing to work on team building and getting posts out on a regular schedule and I hope that we will be back to full time blogging in the very near future. Thank you all for your support, for being here, and for your understanding as we grow our team and this blog again!!

And now on to my picks for tonight. I hope you enjoy these amazing creations!!

Conversations by Domi092
This is such a beautifully creative page! I absolutely love those gorgeous patterned diamond shapes and those precious photos! Such wonderful moments to document!! Such a perfect cluster and wonderful use of the word art!! Precious layout!!


Love Letter by jirsev
How precious is this page and that photo!! I adore the heart frame and her stunning cluster work! The painted background is so pretty and her shadow work is just perfection!! This is a stunning layout!!


Evan Soccer by ErinR
I adore the clean graphic feel of this page!! That photo is so precious and the stars couldn’t be more perfect! Love her use of the minimal elements and simple style! So beautifully scrapped!!



PGD_BeTheReason by tativero
What a precious pup and how adorable is this page!! I love the sketch pup on the background and her use of all those fun elements!! This is just so super creative and fun! Love everything about it!!


Cute by Chaos Lounge
This is absolutely the most adorable page!! I am in awe of her stunning cluster work and how she used all of those precious elements!! Everything is so perfectly placed and that little monkey is the cutest!! This is such a wonderful page!


Art Boxy 15 by veer
How gorgeous is this page! I am in love with that beautiful beach scene and I can’t wait to be by the sea this year! Such creative work with the framing and the colors are perfection!! Her cluster work is simply amazing!!

And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – April 30th

Hi, everyone and happy end of April/beginning of May!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! The weather here has finally started to stay warm and I’m loving it, even if the rest of life is getting pretty busy!! Just a heads up to you all. We have several bloggers whose lives have gotten super busy or they have things going on that are beyond their control, so we are a bit shorthanded at the moment. If you notice a slow down in posting that is why and we are working to rebuild the team and get back to being able to post every day. In the meantime, I just want to say thank you to everyone who visits and supports us! And a huge thank you to those who have taken their time to post for us. Our bloggers are rock stars, even if they need to step away for a bit! That being said, let me get to my picks for tonight! I hope you enjoy them!

600-MS-Querencia-Donna-01 by dj_w
Oh my, how pretty is this!! Those corner clusters are absolutely beautiful and I love that gorgeous photo in the center! Such a wonderful quote and just perfect for the this page!! Absolutely fabulous page!!


2024-04-29 Evening Beach with Velella velella by Stacia
This page is just so lovely!! What wonderful blending work and how I would love to be right there in that spot! Her journaling is absolutely wonderful as well!! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!


Happy Muse Challenge Week 4 by Dom092
What a gorgeous page! I am in love with the beautiful artsy feel of the whole thing! Such a fantastic work of art! Her title work is simply fantastic! What a wonderful piece!


Flowers by immaculeah
This page is such a stunner!! I am in awe of all those amazing elements and her absolutely perfect cluster work!! I keep seeing new things every time I look!! So sweet and so beautifully creative!! The title work is fantastic!!


Art is My Life by bryanna
How incredibly adorable is this page!! That photo is the sweetest and the colors are absolutely beautiful!! I adore her gorgeous cluster work and use of the great paints and stamps! The brushes and art elements are perfection!! Wonderful work!!


The Magic of Horses by Tamsin
How gorgeous is this page!! That sweet photo is so perfectly blended and I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous texture!! Her flower cluster is perfectly done! This is such a lovely page!


That will do it for me this evening! I hope you will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!

Finger Pointing – April 19th

Hi all, and happy Friday!! I was supposed to be here yesterday and had some things come up. This time of year gets pretty crazy!! But I am super happy that I’ve had some time to really explore the galleries and find some amazing inspiration!!

Solar Eclipse by Mary-11
How cool is this layout!! What an amazing extraction and incredibly creative design!! The deep colors are so striking and her corner cluster is just so pretty!! This is such a perfectly scrapped page!!


April Scraplift Chain: 20 Years by carollee
I love the then and now photos!! This is such a beautiful design! The greenery is just perfection and I love who the pop of white on the background makes everything stand out so beautifully!! Such a lovely page!!


2024 Indecision-the-thief-of Opportunity by Iowan
This is such an amazing page! I absolutely adore the balance she created with each of the fabulous clusters! Her use of the stamps, paints, and dimensional elements is just perfection!! Phenomenal layout!!


Red Robins by KimPay
This is such a sweet page! I love seeing the robins in the spring!! Her blending work is just beautiful and I adore the gorgeous texture! The pop of color in the ribbon and word strip is just perfect!! Such a lovely page!!


Thyme to Grow by EvelynD2
How adorable are those photos!! I absolutely love the patterns she chose for the background and the letters in the title!! Gorgeous  big cluster as well and amazing shadow work!! So perfectly scrapped!!


It’s A Gorgeous Day by zanthia
Gorgeous day and gorgeous page!! How amazing is all ha beautiful texture!! I love how the title is repeated and blended into the background! Her cluster work is amazing and what a precious photo!! Beautifully scrapped!


And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you all enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, have a great weekend and see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – April 7th

Happy Sunday, everyone!! I hope that you’ve all had an amazing weekend!! I’m going to get right to my picks this evening because my internet is going in and out and I want to make sure I can get this posted 🙂 I hope you enjoy these amazing pages!

04-24 Hoi An by pennyh
How lovely is this page!! I love all those gorgeous shades of green and her amazing layering work!! The beautiful colors in those photos just pop! I adore the word strips and the fun arrow detail! This is really so beautifully scrapped!!


Beauty by catgoddess
Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this!! I have tried a few times to create a page like this and I never can seem to pull it off very well, but this one is super stunning!! Her cluster work is absolutely phenomenal!! I am truly in awe of this page!


Collecting Memories by wvsandy
What an absolutely wonderful photo and such a precious memory! This is just so pretty and so perfectly documented! I adore her cluster to the side of the photo and beautiful use of the journaling prompt. Fantastic page!


Poppin’ Bubbles by FLKaren
I could not love this page more!! The photo is precious and so beautifully blended! I adore the bubbles!! Her cluster work and use of the frames and string elements are just perfection!! Such an absolutely wonderful layout!!


Spring Edition by zippyoh
How beautiful is this!! I adore that big photo and those gorgeous flowers! Spring just makes me happy, and so does this page! I love her floral cluster down the side and her blending with the wood paper! This is so lovely!!

This Beautiful Life by isDK
I am so in love with this gorgeous double page spread! How amazing is that big photo that spans both pages!! I adore her use of the scatter and string across the top with the beautiful florals at the bottom. So absolutely perfect!! Amazing spread!


And that will do it for me this evening!! Hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – April 2nd

Hi all!! Happy April! I hope that you had the most amazing weekend and Happy Easter for those who celebrate. Things around here have been pretty busy and all my scrappy things have taken a back seat to a lot of other stuff, but I hope that will be changing. I have a special request for you all if you don’t mind. We have a few members of our team who have been going through some things and could use some extra special thoughts if you have a moment. If you see us being a little sporadic with posts, that is why. Thank you all for your patience and your support!! And now on to my picks for tonight! I hope you enjoy them!!

Fresh Earth April Berry Blends FWP Kit by lencik_vrdniy
This is such a beautiful page! I absolutely adore her lovely layering and all the wonderful texture. The neutral tones are gorgeous and her cluster work is perfection!! So precious!!


Always by crazycat1126
This is absolutely lovely!! What a wonderful photo and the layout couldn’t be more perfect for it! Fabulous use of the layered paint and those rich colors are stunning! I adore her title work as well!


Artist by palvinka
How adorable is this page! That photo is just the sweetest and all the artsy elements are fantastic! I love the sweet bow tied to the paint brush and her fun cluster!! This is just absolutely wonderful!!


Pretty by sylvia
This layout is just stunning! The red and black looks amazing and I absolutely adore her creativity!! Such lovely layers! The more I look at it the more beautiful pieces I see! Wonderful artistry!!


This Moment by Lizziet5
How incredibly precious are these photos!! They truly make me smile!! Such a wonderful page full of amazing layers and gorgeous clusters! I love all those wonderful word strips and gorgeous shades of blue and green!! Fabulous page!


April 2024 Photography Challenge by VinGirl
I just adore this page! Maybe partly because I’m hungry haha Just kidding, but that does look pretty yummy!! I love her use of the thread and stitched elements and the wonderful border around the page! The pops of green are so perfect and play off the the photo beautifully!! Fabulous page!

And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – March 12th

Hi all!! Happy Tuesday! I have been thinking all day that it’s Wednesday and the week is almost over. I don’t know if it’s the time change or what, but this week seems to be moving very slowly! I accidentally missed my post on Friday, so maybe it’s just all me being scatterbrained lately. But, one thing that brings me peace and joy is browsing all our amazing galleries. I adore all the amazing inspiration and it motivates me to catch up on my scrapping again!! I hope you all enjoy my picks for tonight!

Template – Gentle Wind II by nibylandia-11
How sweet are these photos!! I love the way she has layered the papers and the bit of lace peeking out in between! Her cluster work is just amazing and I adore the tiled title work!! So very beautiful!!


Challenge of the Month – Books – March 4 by wsprite_ad
This layout is so gorgeous and so creative!! I love the gorgeous background and her fabulous use of the book!! Her use of the ribbons and clips is just perfection!! So beautifully done!!


Cute by tanteva
How precious is this page!! I just adore that sweet photo and super cute framing!! I am especially in love with her wonderful title work!! How cool is that!! Such a wonderfully scrapped page!!


Love by Romajo
I just adore the b/w photos and how they so beautifully pop with those gorgeous bright colors!! Her cluster work is just phenomenal and the horizontal design is lovely!! I adore the dreamy background!


Natali – Easiness – All in One -Kay by BrightEyes
How beautiful is this page! The photo is wonderful and those balloons are the background are so stunning!! The colors are just amazing and her cluster work is perfection!! Such a perfectly scrapped page!


Week 9 Memory Planner by dawnmarch
I had to include this amazing hybrid project today!! I am in love with her memory planner pages! Each one is so cool and so unique! I love how she combines photos, journaling, and fun elements! They are all just so creative!!


And that will do it for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!