Finger Pointing – October 10th

Hey, hey everyone!! Hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed a lovely weekend! I actually had a bit of down time this weekend that I haven’t had for a while! I even missed my last scheduled post because life has been so crazy. Just when I think things are ready to calm down, something else comes up! But this weekend, I have enjoyed being a little crafty and spending some quality time in the galleries! I hope you enjoy my picks for today!!

Halloween at Camp by LisaMT
I love Halloween so much!! It’s one of my favorite holidays! And I love finding gorgeous Halloween pages in the galleries! This one is such a stunner! I just keep staring at all her amazing layers, fantastic elements and the awesome patterns she chose! Everything just works together so beautifully! And that newsprint background is perfect! Great photos and such fun title work!


My Journal by Smwhite
How cool is this page!! I absolutely adore how everything is laid out so perfectly!! The stacked papers, journal, and writing utensils are all fantastic!! I adore the perspective and amazing creativity!! This is a fabulous page!


Fading Memories by scrap-genie
This is just such a lovely layout!! Her blending work is so perfectly done and the framed photo is so precious! I love the neutral colors with the pops of greenery and the gorgeous texture in the background! Wonderful journaling as well!! So, so beautifully scrapped!!


Cozy Moments by tizote59
All I can say is wowza to her insanely beautiful cluster work!! The depth she has created is absolute perfection and I am in love with all those gorgeous colors!! Lovely use of the paints and background papers!! Also, could that photo be any sweeter! This is just a gorgeous page!!


Enjoy Life by jana
How beautiful is this!! I am in love with the beautiful foliage on the background and her absolutely amazing layers. All of those paper pieces are just perfection!! I also adore each of the elements and fabulous placement of them all!! Such a great photo and brilliantly scrapped page!


Dubai by RoxanaTc
How seriously cool is this page!! Absolutely beautiful blending of that big photo and the smaller stacked photos are just perfectly placed and so gorgeous!! Love her fabulous use of the word art and lovely border! This is so so wonderfully scrapped!!


And that will do it for me today! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Enjoy the week ahead and, until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – September 16th

Hi all, and happy Friday eve!! I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to some down time this weekend!! I also really need to catch up on some scrapping! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I have spent a good deal of time in the galleries finding so much inspiration! I hope you enjoy my picks for tonight!

Autumn by alannabanana
This is such a beautiful layout! I just love the soft colors and scatter of flowers and leaves across the page! Her sweet cluster work is fabulous and that photo is the cutest! I adore her beautiful title work and use of the word strips!! Lovely work!!


Pop Culture – Just the Way I Am by Jan Merkley
I so totally adore this page! Her design is just so creative and beautifully executed! All of the journaling in different spots is wonderful and I can relate to all of it! Wonderful documentation of life right now and perfectly scrapped!


Autumn is Calling by bbe
I am loving all the autumn pages! It may not be my favorite season, but the colors are stunning! I adore the blues and pops of green in this one! Absolutely gorgeous photo and I love her creative framing and out of bounds work! So very lovely!!


Stay Awhile by Norma
How beautiful is this page!! The notebook design and gorgeous photo look amazing!! I love her beautiful floral clusters spilling over the pages and that sweet girl with her cat!! Such a wonderfully creative layout!


Avoiding Death by Stench by Wvufan04
This one jumped out at me right away! Not only the title, which made me giggle a little, but the amazing use of elements and gorgeous depth she created! Her shadows are so perfect! I absolutely adore her fantastic journaling, such awesome story telling. I could almost smell the cleats haha. Wonderful page!!


Momentum by Roxana
Such an absolutely beautifully scrapped page!! I simply love how she has scrapped the corners!! Perfect use of the stamps and elements, and the title work in the center is fantastic!! Wonderful layout!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – September 2nd

Happy Thursday, everyone!! We’ve made it in to September, wow! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead. I have a 4 day weekend, so I’m celebrating early! I’ve spent so really good quality time in the galleries and have some really beautiful pages to share with you all today!! I hope you enjoy my picks!

Student by mediterranka
What an absolutely lovely back-to-school page! I simply adore the blending of the photo and notebook/ledger paper! So creative! Her use of the doodles and fun element cluster are just beautifully done!! Such a gorgeous layout!


Just Imagine by Kiana
I have said before that I am such a fan of photoless layouts! I have a hard time pulling them off, but I love coming across amazing inspiration in the galleries! This one is just fabulous! I love her title work and the fun whimsical elements are are just so perfect for the theme of the page! The colors are just stunning as well!!


August 2021 – Crop 1 Photo in 2 Ways Challenge by Dragonhome
Her amazing clusters caught my attention immediately in the gallery!! They are so beautifully done and I love the depth she has created! Her photos are just the sweetest and I adore her blending and creative framing!! Such a lovely layout!!


Sep 2021 UIA Challenge by broomy
This is really so very beautiful!! I love the vertical design and her use of the paint and stamps! The pops of bright pink on the neutral background is so gorgeous! Such a lovely photo and the little camera cluster is just perfection!! Wonderfully scrapped page!!


Fdd_prd_SOSN_01sep21_Kate by silent ranks
What a beautiful page!! I love how she has used those fabulous patterns, and the black and white photo just pops among those great colors!! Her use of the stitching and thread elements is fantastic and I adore the scattered and clustered flowers! Lovely page!!


Time to Grow by Amy L
Ok, how seriously sweet is that photo!! This is such a gorgeous page!! I love those layered papers and that lovely background!! The stacked photos are beautifully done and the torn paper pieces are such a great touch! I adore her sweet clusters of tiny elements!! Everything about this page is so perfectly designed!


And that will do it for me today! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – August 23rd

Happy Monday!! I hope that you all are having a great start to the week!! I started back to work last week, so trying to get back in to a routine again. I love summer, but I also crave having a schedule. I feel like I waste a lot of time when I am not in a routine. So, here’s to back to work and back to feeling like I’m getting more accomplished! It’s been my pleasure to stroll through the galleries this evening! The talent in our community never ceases to blow me away!! I hope you enjoy my picks for today!

Christmas Family Card by trzyludki
I absolutely adore this Christmas Card idea!! How fun is that big snowflake and the great family photo!! I adore the beautiful blue and frosted background and all the amazing depth she’s created! I am so not ready to think about winter and Christmas, but this almost puts me right in the mood! Stunning work!!


Harrison School by cnewby
What an amazing photo and such a treasure to have! What wonderful journaling and memories as well!! I love her use of the beautiful patterns and paper layers, and her work with the florals around the edges is so lovely!! This such a stunning page and so perfectly scrapped!!


Snail Mail by bcgal00
I was just commenting to my son about how much the mail has changed over the years. I love how this layout really captures the story of today and the mail we receive! Great photos and wonderful journaling!! I love all of her gorgeous cluster work and fabulous layering!  This is just a fantastic page!!


First Peach Jam by ninigoesdigi
First of all, YUM!! That jam looks amazing!! I have fond memories of ripe peaches from the time I lived in Atlanta, GA growing up. I don’t think we made jam, but always made peach ice cream. This is such a gorgeous page!! The pattern in the title work is just beautiful and I love the “peachy” elements¬† and wonderful framing!! Wonderful title work as well!!


Gone Fishin by ElkFan
I absolutely love that big photo and her gorgeous blending with the wood and checked background papers!! So perfectly done!! The cattails and fishing pole are so fun!! I love her wonderful title work as well!! He is so precious with his catch!!


Squirrel Feeder by carrie1977
That feeder is just the coolest!! I love how all those gorgeous elements pop on that neutral background!! The greens are gorgeous!! Her use of the thread elements and paper pieces is just stunning and I adore her title work!! This is a fabulous page!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – August 1st

Happy August, everyone!! Hope you all are starting off the month in grand fashion! I’m starting it off running really behind haha! I almost didn’t make it on the first and I know it’s not for some of you! I won’t dilly dally and get right to my picks for today! I hope you enjoy!

August_style_chall by MiekSter
How amazing is this page! I am so in love with all those amazing paper strips and the beautiful depth she has created!! All the different textures are stunning and her shadow work is perfection!! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!


It’s About Time by MDiane
I am such a fan of beautiful photoless layouts, mostly because I feel like I don’t pull them off very well at all. This one is sch a stunner!! I love the combination of colors and all those amazing layers! The doily pieces are so beautiful and I adore the addition of the watch! Beautiful work!


SSL 07/31/21 by OKate
I seriously love that long photo and what an amazing looking place! Her use of the paint and the paper strips is the perfect addition to the gorgeous vertical design!! Beautiful title work as well!! Gorgeous page!


Noah and Gianna by Jodiii
How stunning is this page!! I just keep looking and finding more and more beautiful layers!! The depth she has created is fabulous and the design is so creative!! I am in awe of all her amazing cluster work!! This one is fantastic and the photo is just the sweetest!


Mermaid @ Heart by christellvandyk
How fun and beautifully creative is this page!! Oh my goodness, all those clustered elements are absolutely fabulous!! I simply adore the mermaids and the amazing scene she has created!! Absolutely gorgeous design and such a stunning layout!!


Follow the Sun by KarenDiamond
What an absolutely gorgeous big photo!! I love how it fills the whole page so perfectly!! Her cluster work along the side could not be more perfect! Each element is just beautifully place!! I adore her title work as well! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – July 26th

Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that your week ahead is just lovely! I think I will quit anticipating quiet down time, because every time I do I end up with tons of things to do!! I’ve been babysitting the grands all day today, so I’m spending this evening relaxing and browsing the gallery. I am always blown away by all the tremendous creativity in our community!! I hope you enjoy my picks for today!!

072021SLC-Dude by AnotherAmanda
Oooh this one just jumped right out at me in the gallery!! I just love that fun angle design and her fabulous use of those journal cards!! Such a sweet photo and the stamps, stitching, and thread elements are so perfect!! I love how it all compliments the photo so perfectly!! Super cool layout!!


Life in a Garden by LDArtist
I absolutely love that beautiful blended photo! The flowers are gorgeous and it looks like a garden I would love to spend time in! I adore the selective framing and the way the big flower pops out of the frame! Wonderful use of the word art and just such a lovely page!


bellisae-July21_TP-challenge-1.jpg by liz0704
Another beautifully done out of bounds photo!! The framing is gorgeous and am in love with the color scheme of this page!! Her cluster work is so lovely and I adore the added stitching and bits of ephemera behind the photo! Amazing shadow work as well!


Faith by Leablahblah
How beautiful is this page!! I adore that floral background and the white paper on top makes those gorgeous colors really pop! I love the beautiful patterned papers and her absolutely amazing cluster work! Her shadows are perfection and the journaling is so lovely!! Gorgeous work!


Rain or Shine: iTunes Inspiration by Amy L
This is such an absolutely adorable page!! Those photos are just beyond precious and I adore that pale pink color scheme! I just love her gorgeous brushwork umbrellas and all the soft details. This is such a wonderfully scrapped page!!


Land That I love by Bits-N-Pieces
This is such a stunning page!! I just love the beautiful split on the diagonal with the stars and stripes, so fun and so creative!! Those photos are just the cutest and her cluster work is perfection! I adore the heart flag and little banner in the center!! This is such a wonderfully scrapped page!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – July 15th

Hey, hey, everyone!! Wow! Is it just me or has July been crazy for everyone?? I swear it seems like there is just so much going on and everyone I know is having a hard time keeping up!! The days seem to go by so quickly!! It’s all been true for us around here as well. Sometimes life throws us some curveballs and we swing at them as best we can! I haven’t had nearly enough time for scrapping, but in browsing the galleries, I am finding all kinds of amazing inspiration!! I hope you enjoy my picks for today!!

In My Heart by ajm
This is such a lovely, lovely page!! I adore the crinkled background and the beautiful pops of color amongst all those neutrals!! Her cluster work is stunning and I love the addition of all those butterflies! Wonderfully scrapped!!


Portrait by MSMAUK
I love that sweet photo! It just makes me smile so big!! I adore the balance she created with the big cluster to one side and the smaller cluster on the other, and each of the element bits are so perfect!! This is such a stunning page!!


Living Our Best Lockdown Life by tracermajig
First of all, I just love that title and the title work on the page!! The torn paper strips on that wood background are so beautifully done and I adore her layering und ther photo! So pretty!! The photos are so sweet!! Perfectly scrapped page!


Hello by HeatherH
This is just such a fun page!! That background paper is just the coolest and I am in love with those fun camera elements!! I love how she’s used each of the word bits and her super sweet cluster! The b/w photo works so perfectly with all that beautiful color!!


rc by Geek_girl
What an adorably sweet photo!! I just love all the beautiful paint and those super sweet elements around the photo. That puffy cloud is awesome!! I adore how she balanced the page with that amazing flower cluster on the other side. This is such a lovely page!!


July21- Template Challenge by Thuria
Those amazing colors just popped out at me from the gallery!! How beautiful is this page!! The layers of paint, thread and flowers is just stunning!! I love her use of the word art and the sweet tag!! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!!


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!