Finger Pointing – July 23rd

Good afternoon, Jane here today on a wonderfully sunny Tuesday afternoon. I’ve been enjoying checking out the galleries this morning whilst enjoying my coffee and, as always, found lots of inspiration.

Create by CherylinDesigns is a wonderful art journal page chock full of delicious textures, messy stitching unified by a neutral colour palette. We truly all need to set aside a little time for ourselves to do just that.

San Francisco by Profolly. I love how the artist has seamlessly added a “paper” layer to the lower edge of the photon, then hilighted a part of the large photo with a small frame and added more detail photos of the area. Journaling on the edge and a few tiny accents complete the page beautifully.

Forgive Yourself by Lotje66xx is such a powerful page. A dramatic photo with a sketched treatment combined with subtly coloured overlays and word art in an out of the box frame create the perfect mood for the accompanying quote.

Currently: Listening by Fillipok. Let’s just say – this page totally rocks! The brightly coloured and multi layered paints, word art and elements really pop against the dark background, while the photo just screams a love of music.

I love the contrast of the soft browns in the photos with the teal water color washed elements in the background in Pilot Butte by Blackkathy. The bucking horse is the perfect accent, along with small elements tucked in behind the wrapped photos. Finally, your attention is drawn to the outlined title letters by the slightly darker tones behind it.

My final pick today is Good Times by DomiD. I love the design here with the planes zooming around the map of the world and the coffee cup strategically placed on the edge of the frame. A wonderfully artsy page that I think would make an amazing travel album title page.

That’s all from me today, I hope you enjoyed my picks. If you have a little time please leave a little love in the galleries for the artists featured.

Finger Pointing – June 25th

Good evening, its Jane here today with my picks from all the wonderful galleries out there. Today it was very windy with a torrential downpour so it was a great day to browse the galleries and enjoy all the lovely pages posted. Here are a just a few of those pages .

First up today is My Happy Place by Thuria. What a fabulous design! I love the shelf she has created with all the layered elements stacked behind her photo. The framing of the fish with the string, the fishy elements and mermaid tail are wonderful details. Then there’s that rich teal water colored background with the subtle brushwork, just brilliant!

My next pick is In Those Days by lovetodecorate. The cluster work and shadowing on this page is fabulous. I love how the lilac dress of the sweet little ballerina contrasts so well with the vintage look of all the elements. Awesome blending too!

Aller au Lac by AmarieCharp really stood out in the gallery with the crisp contrasting blue and white colors. She’s offset four photos, then added dimension with the layered background papers, word strips and paper flower clusters, yet managed to maintain a decent amount of white space on her page – a great, clean horizontal design.

I couldn’t resist picking Mermaid Adventure by lady22 with all its wonderful mermaid and ocean elements layered around the photo, drawing your eye right to, but not overwhelming the photo. Bright touches of yellow and orange add a great splash of color, while texture has been added with the netting and stamped background. Such a cute and whimsical page.

Another page which jumped out of the gallery is Push the Limits by Shank.heather. This paper page is so delightful with those super cute photos and colorful layered stickers all put together in a great design – a feast for the eyes.

My final choice for today is 2nd Chances by dotcomkari, another fun and whimsical page. There’s an artful mix of paper patterns and shapes, layered and stitched in the background, with texture added in the folded string and color in the rainbow. The selfie is hilarious while the journaling shows a more thoughtful message; a great reminder!

That’s all from me tonight. I hope you enjoyed my picks. Please don’t forget to leave a little love to those wonderful artists featured.

Finger Pointing – June 17th

Good Monday afternoon. After a relaxing few days at the lake, we are heading back to reality tomorrow. I really enjoyed being able to take my time browsing the galleries and, as usual, found all sorts of inspiration there. Its Jane here today with just a few of the pages which inspired me.

With Father’s Day being yesterday, I found several wonderful tributes in the gallery – Father’s Day by Iowan was the first one I came across. I love the mix of happy photos (don’t you just love that paper tie) and the crisp blue and white color combo with touches of green. An awesome pocket page! (Funnily enough, we played Apples to Apples this weekend too.)

PS June 2019 by Rollinchen is the final stage in a progressive scrap. I have never tried a progressive scrap and I love how this has turned out. The beautiful blending and the subtle gradient on the large photo is appealing, especially with the underlying elements subtly peeking through. Then she’s very effectively repeated the photo on a torn piece of paper and framed it  simply with a piece of stapled string.

My next pick is A Day in My Life by Jam-on-Toast. Another crisp blue and white combo with multiple photos. I love how she’s used clothes pins to clip the photos in a seemingly haphazard manner to the background grid and interspersed them with word strips and journal tags. The journaling framing the page adds the perfect final touch.

My Dad by Mielz is another beautiful Father’s Day tribute. I love how she’s used the scripted border to frame the three photos of her dad taken over time. Clean and simple perfection!

Lemurs Rock by Cinderella is such a fun, whimsical page with fabulous title work and shadowing! I love the curving zebra striped paper with elements playfully trailing down the page – an awesome design!

Bo’s Beach by Scrapmemories is my final pick of the day. The framing of that happy photo really drew me in at first – I love that casual stitched blue jean texture. The more I looked at the page, the more I realized just how much more detail there was – the sunny touches of yellow, those crumpled stars, the beachy elements and watery background brushwork and, finally the little boat topping the great font she’s used for her title. Just delightful!!

I hope you enjoyed my choices for today. As always, please remember to leave a little love in the galleries for these wonderful artists.

Finger Pointing – April 16th

In the aftermath of yesterday’s tragic fire at Notre Dame de Paris, I have to say that I am very thankful that so many of the art works and much of this historical architectural wonder were saved through the monumental efforts of the 400 firefighters on scene. Notre Dame managed to survive the French Revolution and two world wars but a simple accident almost destroyed it. All these beautiful monuments are just so very fragile.

My first pick today is We Love to Travel by Vrielinkie. I love how she’s pulled the teal and gold from that lovely big photo onto her page using both papers and elements. Then, she’s created a couple of awesome clusters using repeating camera elements mixed with word strips. A fabulous travel page!

Love by Marnie333 has a wonderful diagonal flow to the page. I love the beautifully masked photo, great textures and brushwork along with a couple of splashes of pink and blue. So pretty!!

Hello Sunshine by Erin8776 has lovely soft background brushwork, with multiple layers of elements tucked behind that sweet photo. I love how she’s placed patterned paper squares in a film strip frame and mixed both horizontal and vertical acrylic chevrons with a layer of painted ones. Just beautifully designed.

Next up is a delightful spring page which really popped in the gallery – Surprise by BevG. The pink of the flowers, background brushwork and papers contrasts perfectly with that crystal clear blue sky. I also love that she’s used three different types of framing on her photos.


Those Umbrellas by Trish 6150 is such a happy colorful page! I love the water color background and how she’s used bows to create the umbrella handles. I could see this page as a wonderful piece of spring wall art.

My last pick today, Sunkissed by Adrianita, has an adorable photo with perfectly chosen elements which emphasize the beachy feel of her page. I love all her layers and the swirly stitches in the background.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for today. Please try to leave a little love in the gallery for these amazing artists.


Finger Pointing – April 8th

Good afternoon, evening or morning, wherever you are today. I hope everyone has been having a marvelous Monday and you are looking forward to being inspired by some beautiful pages today.

Selfie Queen by Golya is so much fun! I love the scatters and paint splattered background, while the framing, choice of elements and mix of word strips all add to the playful feeling of the page.

In the Moment by bcazzell is a marvel of blending and textures. I love how she’s taken a simple photo of a building with a leafless tree in front of it and turned it into a work of art. She’s emphasized the teal color of the window frames by repetition in the paint splatters then, using the light leaks, has added even more emphasis to the photo. Marvelous page!

Next up is Easter Basket by Mary-Lynne. I couldn’t resist this page with the sweet photos of the little girl checking out her Easter goodies. I love how the artist has picked up the peach color in the mix of beautiful painted elements and art strokes. Just lovely!

April by Sucali is another totally delightful spring page with that great horizontal design, a sweet bunny element, lovely floral cluster and great mix of colors and papers. Super cute!

Kervoyal by Timounette is an almost monochromatic page with a mystical feeling created by the foggy photo split across three frames. A touch of color and some stitching on the focal photo really draws your eye and finishes the page perfectly.

I’m back to the beginning again with my final pick, another selfie page. The Good Stuff by Esther A just screams fun with the doodled hopscotch background and casually, angled and taped crazy, fun photos. A few simple elements and great title work complete her fabulous page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. Please remember to leave a little love for the wonderful artists in their galleries (just click on the links above).

Finger Pointing – March 26th

Hello, its Jane posting late on a breezy, spring day. Our snow is finally gone and the spring bulbs are beginning to bloom around here. We’ve actually been getting some yard clean up work done. Browsing the galleries this evening, I found far too many pages for my post, so I’ve had to narrow it down once again!

First up tonight is Its a Wonderful Life by Zwyck. I’m always amazed by this artist’s beautiful brushwork and blending. The touches of blue in the button and background water color brushes complement the sweet photo perfectly. All the little details added with the art strokes, splatters and texture combine to create a simply lovely page.

Its refreshing to find a page in the galleries still celebrating snow at this time of year! I couldn’t resist A Bit More Snow by Corrin. Aren’t those photos fun! I love the movement she has created on her page with the mix of shadowed and cut-out chevron paper and the vertical lines of stitching and ink. The touches of yellow really draw your eye.


In Between by Tia Adair is my next pick. I love the mix of circular elements on this page and great clusters of flowers which surround the beautiful photo. The photo still shines through because of the contrast between the b/w in the picture and colorful mix of elements and papers. Being a teenager is definitely a tricky time of life and the definition captures it perfectly.

Amazingly, I found a second wonderful teenager layout in the galleries tonight. Teenager by Sylvia, is a fabulous tongue in cheek page, with a great messy white space design! I love the doodles, stitching and splatters drawing your eye to that cute photo. The splattered border is a great final touch.

Next up is Garden of Eden by Clin d’Oeil. This delightful spring page (are those pasque flowers) just makes me happy! I love how that photo is so dimensional and is perfectly framed by the paper layers. Some subtle script brushwork and a little shovel with trailing thread add the perfect final touches to this page.

NBK Design 2019_03 Garden of Even
Photos perso

My final pick for today is Cat and Dog Together by JennNtheBoys. I love the neutral color palette here and her bold chipboard title work. There’s a masterful mix of layered elements and background brushwork framing the photo. Plus, who can resist a page about cats and dogs getting along – not me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. Please remember to leave a little love for these amazing artists in the galleries.


Finger Pointing – March 12th

Good Tuesday evening! I’m a bit late posting today as we were on the road to our cabin all afternoon. I had my post half finished this morning and finished up after we arrived. As always, its been a joy to browse the galleries and bring you my picks for the day.

I’ll start with this lovely page, Tranquility by DollyCathy. Such a serene and peaceful page, from the soft green monochromatic tones to the dreamy quality of the blended photo and softly blended flowers and foliage.  This page, to me, just epitomizes the feeling of tranquility.

Believe in the Possibilities by Bexy popped out of the gallery with those wonderful realistic stitched paper chevrons. I love the mix of patterns and bright colors here which provide striking contrast to the sweet black and white photo.


Destination by Beehive 50 is rich in simplicity but beautifully designed. I love the vertical title, the clean fonts used in the sub- title, wonderful journaling and perfect calendar stamp accent which combine to create a delightful page.

True Beauty by Beaute is my next pick! Don’t you just love that extraction and shadowing. The artist has created a delightful shelf out of a ruler and pen, then added some background splatters and a pretty cluster to complete her lovely monochromatic page.


I just couldn’t resist picking this page Reflection by Miki with its fabulous beachy vibe (especially when we still have lots of snow on the ground). I love that perfectly cropped reflective photo, the colorful orange accents and watery brushwork.

My final pick today is a really striking art journal page. Chaos by redplaid3 really spoke to me today with the awesome theme and her artful choice of word art and elements to create her fabulous page.

That’s all from me this evening. I hope you enjoyed my choices for today and can take some time to leave a little love in the galleries for these wonderful artists.