Finger Pointing – December 17th

Hi everyone! Jeanine here with a late and short Saturday post. I couldn’t get acces to a couple of galleries tonight. Don’t know what is going on in digiland. DST’s gallery doesn’t show any pages for weeks now, and tonight I couldn’t acces the Oscraps and Sweetshoppe galleries…. so I didn’t find that many pages tonight. I am sorry, but I hope you love the pages I did manage to pick!

Christmastime by DALE Oh, this is such a beauty! Could be an illustration in a book or a CD cover.  Love how the clocks shine through very subtile behind the lady and love those deers on the background. Wonderful page!

Good Cheer by Debi, posted for her by earlofoxford This is so funny, Debi is feeling rebellious drinking at 03.28. Well drinking at any time is okay, as long as you won’t drink early in the morning when just out of your bed, drink too much or during working hours right? Cheers to you Debi! Enjoy your GSO! 😉

Gang by twinsmomflor A lovely artsy page I think! Love all the brushed parts surrounding the picture, love the happy jump the girls make and sure love the combination of colours here. They work very well together!

2016 in Review by kristallund A great reviewpage of half a year, you should check out the left page also! Using black and white for the pictures let them shine and brings unity in the page. The frames with the minths in them are gorgeous!


Well, sorry again guys & dolls for the few pages I picked. I hope the galleries will be accessable soon!

Finger Pointing – December 7th

Hello everyone, Jeanine here with my first post in December. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I am thrilled about all the wonderful December pages I found in the galleries! There’s a lot going on because of this special month! I saw December challenges, December contests, Documenting Your December and all these special December pages to preserve your memories. So you might guess it already, this post is all about December in one or another way!

Dog days of December by Katie Pertiet This is such a stinking cute page!! Love the clean approach here and the green hair the doggy wears in combination with the wordart is truly hilarious!


Most wonderful time………. by donnagoar  Only the wordart and the reindeer are true Christmas items and yet in one glimpse you know this is all about Christmas! What a wonderful artsy page this is! Love how the deer bites in the ‘rope’, maybe to get all that beautiful red stuff down? Love it!


Winter by chrystalferreira A great winter page! I love how the swan almost seems to be a part of the dress of the girl and I love the colors used. They represent winter in a very delicate and elegant way. Beautiful page!


Wonder winter by Skinospot Another winter page with a totally different approach.  Bold green colors and a strong and proud lady, maybe she’s even a little sniffy ;). I adore the houses in the background, really love them, they remind me of the houses in old Amsterdam.


Day 7, December 2016 by Madi I saw the pages Madi made so far for her December Daily book and I love the idea to pick a song each day and make a page about it all month long. Maybe I even will do this next year for myself! Love this awsome page! Love the illustration style Madi used here very much!


Mood – Winter Joy by Grace And I finish my post with this sweet and adorable page by Grace! Isn’t is a lovely page? Love how the snowflakes are used as a mask for the picture, love the drawn birds and the idea of snow falling down on them. This page wants me to have snow also this winter!!


Well, I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you like my picks and see you in about 10 days!

Finger Posting – November 2nd

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Over here in Holland it was a lovely day with a lot of sunshine and a little rain every now and then. The leaves whirled from the trees like it was snowing, a beautiful fall day it was! And I was looking for some eyecandy in the galleries and I found some beauties to inspire you!

Create a masterpiece by cfile This page wanted to be picked because of the bold set-up and happy colors. Love the letters of the title and composition here and all the details like the stitches, the lovely owl, the paintbrush and paint and the splatters.


Dare smile by P’tiscrap A beautiful large photo page, love all the words and the bokeh over the picture. The choice for black and white lets her eyes speak more I think, I love it!


Fr_bitz_ by ren A great layout telling a whole story in my imagination. Maybe the boy is living on his own now, looking over the city he’s living in now, or he’s on a vacation or on a trip and he climbed a tower. there’s so much to see here! Love all the brushwork and the messyness of the page. Love the B&W approach with the touches of red here and there. Wonderful!


Living the Dream by Ellen Ohh…such a dreamy page, so lovely!! Everything is beautiful and right on this one, he blending, the colors, the placement of the title, the wordart…it all comes together perfect in a real standout!


La Tour Eiffel by Dady I’ve been to Paris several times and this is a stunning page of the Eiffeltower! The picture itself is wonderful with the trees in the foreground. Great blending too. Love the frame and the color change of the picture in it and love also the song Paris s’éveille (Paris awakes) wich can be found here.


Make the Magic by Applechick One last Halloween page I’ll pick this year I think, but what a piece of ART this is! Wonderful composition, great textures and perfect blending. And what a cute and innocent girl. I love everything about this page!


These are my picks for tonight, I hope you love them as much as I do! Wishing you a beautiful end of the day!

Finger Pointing – October 19

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! This is my last post this month, so I went hunting for Halloween pages tonight! And I can assure you I found some creepy candy! I hope you like them as much as I do! Let’s go!

I put a spell on you by keepscrappin Love the grungy approach here. The large title is perfect for this page and isn’t that witch gorgeous? Great picture also! I can tell these kids are having a lot of fun!


Halloween traditions by margje Margje did a great job here once again! Love the treatment and repetition of the picture and how the face of the girl is painted. Wonderful blendwork as always! Love the tiny little splatters and dots and how Margje only used orange and greys here. Another piece of ART!


Shower with a Friend by deanie This is such a fun Halloween page! The picture is not a Halloween picture at all, the sign is a funny one, are there extra large showers, or maybe ‘two person’ showers? And then the bat flying away from the scene. I love it! Also love the splatters suggesting there’s a lot of waterfun going on behind the door. Great spiderweb brush at the bottom, love how the picture seems to be stuck (or caught? ;)) in it


Haunting by Traumelfe A true scary page we have here! Great blending of the creepy pictures, love those bats and isn’t that drawing scary? Like a ghost is appearing! Booooo!!!!


Abandoned Places by magicreality Oh my, these two could easy be figurants from the Walking Dead! Wouldn’t want to run into them at night! Love how real everything looks here, like it is a movieposter. Wonderful creepy page!


Halloween by shannonc I picked this one because it is such a sweet family page, all together having fun carving and decorating pumpins and being creative for Halloween. Love the warm pictures of this happy family and love how Shannon dressed the page up with halloween themed patterns and colors. Great memories were made here!


These are my picks for tonight! I hope you like them and maybe they get you in the mood for Halloween! As you maybe remember we don’t celebrate Halloween in Holland on a large scale, but seeing these pages, I wish we were.. Have a wonderful night and an even better Halloween!

Finger Pointing – October 5th

Hello everyone, here I am on this cold Octobernight with six wonderful pages I just picked. I am at work, so I’ll try to keep it short again. I never know if one of the kids needs me and that might be in the middle of typing my post, so I want to finish this one quickly!

Always by hsarge Being in a natural surrounding is always a good thing for a person. I adore the pictures hsarge made doing her misty morning walks. Love the little note with facts in the middle and love how almost every picture has a wordart or some words on it. Beautiful done!


NBK Design Art Challenge by Secima How colorful and sweet can it be? Love the artsy approach here, this autumn page in non autumn colors! Look at all the little leaves falling and take an even closer look at the hair of the lady. It is build up using scribbles, elements, paint and all kinds of scrapthingies. I love!!!


Halloween Traditions by KimR+ You won’t see a lot C&S Halloween pages I think, but here I found one and I adore it! Love the traditional Halloween colors, they work so well together! Love how Kim stacked all the different patterns, pages, branches , ellies and ephemera to an eyecatching memorie page with the families 5 Halloween traditions. Great and fun page!


Night of Horrors by Artsie Oh WOW, this could be a movieposter for a very scary horrormovie! Wonderful blendwork here and I certainly wouldn’t go there, that castle looks so haunted! Love the spiderweb at the top and bottom! Gorgeous page!


Like a graffiti by P’tiscrap Great picture treatment here, wonderful use of the letters, I love them this size! Love the little touches of red. A beautiful memory you have here! This could definitly be a wallhanger!


Make a way by mimisgirl Being afaid is not a nice feeling and I think mimisgirl did a great job here expressing how she copes with that. Strong and dtermined to find a way! Love the map background and the rays of sunlightin the upper left corner. Love the birds flying over the ocean and for sure love the little compass and other ellies around the picture.


These were my picks for today, I hope you like them as much as I do! Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! See you next time!

Finger Pointing – October 1th

Hello everyone! Jeanine here on the last day of my 56th year. I have a busy day ahead of me  so I’ll keep it short I think ;). You know I always love all the picks I choose, so if my comment is a little short, it is because it is 01.30 am over here and I have to get some sleep before the party starts!

Wrinkles by rarou47 As a fan of Sylvie, I could not let this one out of my choices. A beautiful AJ page about aging. No need to botox the signs of time and let’s please stay natural and not want to have the appearance of a twenty year old if our age says we’re more than 20 years older. Beauty is inside of us, not on the outside. Love this one!


16-09-04 Smile by zizazzi Beautiful B&W pictures, wonderful treatment and funny done too! It looks like the boy wants to eat the pictures floating towards his mouth. I love it! Gorgeous pages!


West Texas Snow Day by Spacecadetswife Ohh…I love this picture! As a snowlover I can’t wait till the first snow will fall this winter! Keeping this page pretty clean draws the attention to the little boy who clearly is enjoying the snow and who has a lot of fun playing in it! Love the titlework and clean overall approach!


Vienna by Angel Jet Wonderful blending here and I love the buildings Friedensreich Hundertwasser made, they are so organic, elegant and colorful! Love the map as a background and the big cicle where it all happens!


Scrap Fever by sucali A lovely, sweet and girly C&S page. Love how Sucali kept this one pretty clean and focus on what the girl is doing. Lovely choice of colors too!


mirror mirror by Adryane Yes, I already hoped no one of my blogger colleagues before me would have picked this page! This is ART, a pictureless avatar and still a face! It is sooo creative and wonderful done!! I keep looking at it! BEAUTIFUL!!!


These are my choices ladies and gentlemen and now I’m off to my bed! Have a great day tomorrow! Love you!

Finger Pointing – September 28th

Hello everyone! After a pretty lazy day, making some phonecalls, shop for groceries, cooking a meal for me, my youngest son and a friend, watching TV (the news, House and CSI) it finally was time to dive into the galleries to find you some inspiration and eye candy and boy did I find some beautiful pages! Basically they are about heading to fall and the cosy time ahead of us. About being more inside and attending hobbies we mostly don’t practice in the summer. Let’s see what I’ve got for you!

Keep It Simple by Vrielinkie One of the hobby pages is this one by Vrielinkie, she is cross stitching! It brought back memories because I used to do that long time ago when my boys were still toddlers. I love how she kept the page simple and used it as a title too. Love all the little details that hold the frames and still keep the page pretty clean. Beautiful!


September by beaute Ahhhh, this is so gorgeous! Love all the lovely yellows and the paint dabs and strokes. Wonderful fall wordart supports the elements, picture and paint. A great artsy page, a favorite!


Halloween by Sokee From the moment her daughters left home Sokee sends them every week a card and this week she started making Halloween cards as the girls love Halloween very much. Isn’t that a great way to stay connected to your children and a great hobby too? Sending them cards every week! I love it! And I love how these cards turned out, I’m sure the girls will love them! Great hybrid project!


What Do You See by Miki Ohhh, another wonderful artsy fall page! Love the colors here and the picture makes me very curious of what they are looking at. The blending is great, the colors almost seem to be a part of the persons. I love this one too!!!


Sunflower Fields by katie pertiet I love sunflowers and although they bloom in summer over here in Holland, maybe they bloom in the fall where Katie is. Great pictures and I adore the drawn sunflowers in the background! They are gorgeous!! The wordart in circles support the shape of the sunflowers perfectly well!


Peace by AnikA68 I finish with this amazing page wich has a great message and wish for us all, ‘Let us have peace!’ Yes, I want peace too, although I believe we will never have peace everywhere. There will always be war somewhere on our earth, because not all people can let it be and live a peaceful life. Unfortunately. But nevertheless AnikA did a great job on this page blending the picture perfect with the papers and stamps and focus on the peace sign.


These were my picks for today! I hope you like them and as always I ask you to leave some love for the artists if you visit the galleries. Have a great Thursday!