Finger Pointing – September 19th

Hello everyone, a very late late post from me, Jeanine. I was at work last night and the wifi connection was sooo very slow. It took me hours to open galleries and pick pages. So now I’m at home and I finally can finish my post to show you the gorgeous pages I found. I hope you like them too!

Abandoned Places by agata68 With October almost knocking on our doors I get slowly in a Halloween mood and that’s why I couldn’t resist to pick this gorgeous and creepy page!Is she a witch, is she possessed? She scares me, that’s for sure and I love the haunted and dark feel this page gives me! Halloween, I am ready!


Hello Autumn by shunnstergirl This is autumn indeed! All the wonderful colors breathe falling leaves and stillness of nature. Love how the page is set-up, with all the little autumn items on the edges. Adore the big Hello title! Beautiful!


Good-story by rarou47 It is no secret that I’m a fan of Sylvie’s pages. This one is gorgeous with the silhouet & scribbled lady and in combination with the quote it’s perfect that she is a silhouet! Nothing that can be judged, only her inside counts here. Great AJ page!


bye bye by lego Oh, what a sweet picture and a little sad story too, with one of the girls leaving for some time so the girls (BFF’s) won’t be able to play together for a while. Love the colors used here, they are perfect for a girlie page!


AnnaLift Sept 17-23 by NAdams Wow, how beautiful is this one! Love how NAdams with only some paintstrokes creates the suggestion of reed on the border of a pond or small lake where herons mostly try to catch fish. Love all the textures and colors and how they form a landscape together.


Chirping by bcgal00 A last touch of summer we have here, this great large picture deserves a large title and this vellum one is very well chosen! Love how the text shines through. Love how the picture and its colors runs seamlessly into the background paper. Very well done!


These were my choices! I hope you like them and please don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you decide to visit them in the galleries.

Finger Pointing – September 3rd

Hi everyone! Jeanine here bringing you some eyecandy from the galleries. It is raining cats and dogs over here after we had a very nice and sunny week. Guess the plants needed all this water. So it is perfect weather to be inside and present my picks! I think I have found a nice variety in styles and techniques, so for everyone there’s something to like!

Dream by jcaruth910 A lovely artsy & dreamy page we have here! Love how jcaruth910 blended the birds in different colors and how she made a figure out of the different separate parts. Very clever and well done!

jcaruth910 dst

First day by Pipa Oh, these first schooldays! Aren’t they wonderful and worth scrapping to preserve these precious memories? Pipa did well here, using primary colors and all these lovely first schoolday items.  Love the notbookpage behind it and love the picture in B&W, It stands out more between all the colors around it! Love all the tiny buttons along the side!

pipa sweetshoppe

Sunshine Freedom and Flowers by bbe A beautiful artsy pictureless page example we have here! Love how bbe used the postage strips on this page. And for sure love the quote! Wonderful! I am glad I found it!

bbe desdigit

Jam and Ice by Marijke (Jam and Ice are linked separate) A great take of an AJC challenge Marijke shows us here! It’s yummie, it’s artfull (I love messy pages with splatters and paint all over) and I totally love the alpha!!

marijke1 oscrapsmarijke2 oscraps

Jocelyn love by blackkathy This is such a sweet page! Love the paperstrips behind the picture and on the left side. Great picture cutout and wonderful clusters. The pastel are just perfect for this picture! And the song by Cyndi Lauper…who doesn’t remember that! 😀

blackkathy digitalpress

Hilary and Carter on my bed by bjc  An awesome C&S page, although the page is not empty at all.  Even the bedroom is C&S in my opinion ;). I love that the smaller picture seems to be ‘hanging’ on the wall and love the fact this page focusses on the relation between the two. Love the warmth and the fun it shows!

bjc tlp

These were my picks for tonight! I hope you love them and when visiting the galleries, please don’t forget to leave some love for the artists!

Finger Pointing – August 23rd

Hello everyone, here I am again and I promise you this will be the last time this week! LOL! I am even much earlier than I usually am. I picked some beauties again I think, let me show them to you!

This beautiful large B&W picture page, Little Cowboy by Electra, immediately got my attention. It is such a sweet declaration of love and so clever done with all the colored edges. Particulairly like the confetti in the left upper corner here. Wonderful page!

Electra tlp

This grungy and slightly urban page is also gorgeous. Black and white with a splash of color by NAdams gives me the feel we are secretly watching the boy from behind a fence. Love the touch of color in the sunglass

NAdams oscraps

The clusters of the happy colored flowers drew my attention of Summer Field All in One by lauser. The flowers look so real, as if someone just came in the room and placed them on the picture. Perfect shadowwork also! Beautiful!

lauser dst

A lovely masked/blended page is Rue du Gros-Horloge by aliba. Love the soft colors here and look how the brushes along the right side fit the colors of the buildings real good! And that’s a large clock indeed! I love it!

aliba oscraps

The title Don’t look back by rikki reminded me of the movie with the same title (a very good & scary thriller wit Donald Sutherland), so I took a closer look and there is a similarity I think. Don’t look back and move forward, that’s what is important! I love this AJ page and the message of course! Although we never should forget the lessons we’ve learned in the past. Love that little arrow pointing the way.

rikki tlp

This great grungy and superlarge B&W ‘selfie’ 1908 by ValeJules screamed pick me! The subtile colored touches on the face and hair give the page a wonderful touch of interest. So do the brushes, lines, ellies and splatters. A lovely piece of Art!

ValeJules oscraps

Well guys and girls, these are my picks for tonight. I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and happy scrapping! See you next time!

Finger Pointing – August 21th

Hello everyone! Jeanine here for the second time this week. I hope you all have/had a nice Sunday! Let’s not talk long and right away see what I’ve found tonight!

Toot horn by n33 Wow, look at the colors here and at the picturetreatment! Didn’t is work out fine what n33 did? I totally love the colors, the delicacy and transparency of the page. The loops, the brushes and the splatters just give the nice extra to make the picture shine. Great job!

n33 tlp

Feel the rain by Beszteri I am not sure if the kids are really standing in the rain, but Eszter makes it look like it! Love the idea of heavy rain portayed by the messy brushes behind the cloud. Love also what she did with the picture, especially the darkened bottom part.

beszteri eszter sweetshoppe

Let yourself grow by Ga_L Ahhh, this is so sweet, a little child so very concentrated in what she or he is doing, not even noticing the picture is taken. Learning and growing just doing things children do. The position of the picture made me want to take a closer look. Love how the page is left pretty empty except some brushes in the top corner.

Ga_L dst

SSL Michael Phelps by the numbers by Delisak This is truly an amazing page! Could be an advertisement for Michael Phelps! Look at all the dates and facts about his career and efforts. I love it!! Need I say more about it? No, just look and read!

delisak desdigit

For the art challenge by rarou47 And here’s an amazing AJ page made by Sylvie! The quote she used is so true, dare and you will make art or do whatever you never believed you could achieve. You will succeed! I love everything about this page, the messy brushes, the houses, the stamps. Wonderful!

rarou47 tlp

Into the wilderness by nessita This is a funny page, besides that it is beautiful. The title suggest that there is a rough environement is drawing our attention whilest it is a very peaceful page. Great masking and I love the tranquile feel.

nessita oscraps

These were my picks for tonight! I hope you like them as much as I do! Have a nice week!

Finger Pointing – August 17th

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing fine and you have/had a nice and sunny day, as we had over here in the Netherlands! The evening was perfect to scroll through the galleries, looking for some eyecandy. And I found some to inspire you I hope!

Happy by scrappyjedi, there are so many precious moments in life having kids, but waking up in the morning together sure is one of my favorites too! Jedi made a beautiful AJ page! Love the wordstrips and the cluster in the top left corner and love all the subtile colors shining through the white paint (or gesso) layer/brush.

scrappyjedi tlp

Remember Today by anke B&W pictures almost always work very well on scrappages and this one is no exception! Love the touches of turquoise an love all the brushes used here in such a nice way.

anke desdigit

Artsy Challenge Brush by mcurtt I LOVE this page! Love the treatment of the picture, love all the colored brushes and for certain love (and agree with) the quote! A wonderful and very artsy page!

mcurtt sbg

Cofete AnnaColor by irishgull Wow,what a beautiful dreamy page (postcard) we have here! Love how this page suggest a whole serene world behind the foreground. Perfect masking and placement of elements to draw the attention to the picture. Love it!

irishgull oscraps

Life by elysah This page could be about me, I have big plans for where I want to be in about five years. That will be a totally different life, traveling around Europe, visiting places I always wanted to see, I will have sold my home, I will be living in my camper (haven’t bought it yet) Dreaming about it is great fun and if my health won’t be in the way I sure will forfill my dramlife! So this is one reason why this page attracted me. The other reason is because it is an outstanding AJ page, great use of brushes, wonderful how the yellow draws the attention to the person.

elysah dst

You are unique by AngeBrands A sweet and delicate picture! Love how the sunlight comes from behind the girl and highlights her hair so beautiful. Great idea too to use it in the background!

AngeBrands dst

These are my picks for tonight! I hope you enjoy them and please leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time (soon ;)). I am going to watch our Dafne Schippers run the 200 meters tonight! I hope she will win the gold medal!

Finger Pointing – August 3rd

Hello, Jeanine here from my workplace. And that ususally means I have to keep my comments short, because work can always interrupt.  But after the night to come I have vacation for three + weeks and plenty of time to write longer comments! Let’s see what eyecandy I found in the galleries!

Cherish by Ior Oh, at first I love the colors used here and then the creative way Ior used the elements to create a hat for the gorgeous scribbled lady! A beautiful AJ page!!

lor sbg 27 juli

Kalediscope by zlemon Zlemon writes: Who knew a bunch of butterflies was called a kaleidoscope? I didn’t know, but it makes sense don’t you think? Love all the different butterflies, stamped, vellum, brushed, glittered, scribbled and how Zlemon created an artwork with them! I can almost see them fly!

zlemon oscraps 31 juli

Growing up by y_baros Love gesso and paint and splatters used on a page and I can so relate to the story about kids growing up. Time flies and before you know they are adults and have children of their own… so enjoy the time they live under your roof!! I can feel the love here expressed by the hidden heart and arrow. So sweet!

Y_baros tlp

Beyond the beach by Traumelfe  I want to just jump into the water! Love all the layers of paper behind the picture and the two clusters composed from beachy pieces like a mesh, a bottle, an anchor, seagrass and more. Wonderful summery page! Great picture also! The boy almost seems to fly!

traumelfe dst

Survivor by Margje I thought, before opening this post, do I have to apologize for picking a page by Margje again? As you know I am a fan of Margjes pages and I don’t want to favor her pages, but this one made my heart jump a beat the minute I saw it, so I couldn’t resist to pick it. It popped right into my face. This is ART!!! Perfect blending and stamping and use of colors and….need I say more? You have to love this right? I know I do!!

Margje oscraps

Coffee Addict by mocamom This one is a funny one!! Drinking coffee with Baileys Irish Cream for the first time on a flight and getting these nice red cheeks and this naughty look in her eyes…It made me laugh!! I bet mocamom will drink this more often!! Love how she devided the page in a visual part and a journal part.

mocamom sweetshoppe

Here I am at the end of my post! I hope you like my picks and see you next time! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Finger Pointing July 21th

Hi you all out there! I wanted to finish my post tonight at work, but it was busier than I expected. So now I will do what’s left and I’ll keep it short because my bed is calling and it’s going to be another hot day over here. I don’t want to wake up all sweaty and warm…will be hard to avoid that I think. So here we go!

Together is better by Dady (Geraldine) Beautiful dreamy page, totally love the soft background! The loop perfectly draws the attention to the children. Love it!

dady sbg

Weekend Wildcard by Jane in NZ A very intuiging subject on this large picture page. I tried to figure out what it is. Maybe a dried flowerpod or a mushroom? I have no idea! But nevertheless the page is wonderful, clean to keep the focus on the subject and the great quote. Love the use of the bokeh here!

Jane in NZ scrapgirls

Story by IntenseMagic Mess! I love colorful mess , I love the sea and I love lots of brushes!!! So this page has it all! You can see the fun they had that day at the beach!

IntenseMagic tlp

There she goes by Margje It’s no secret that I admire Margjes pages a lot! And this one is no exception! Wonderful picture, love the feel I get of looking at an endless horizon. Love the tranparency of all the tapes and brushes. It adds to the dreamynes of the page.

Margje oscraps

Goddess series by Hollie This could easily be a bookcover or the start of a poster for a movie. Wonderful galactic feel, like we witness the birth of a goddess. I wonder if Hollie made more pages, being this one part of a series.

hollie mischief

Kudzu Frosties by HeyJude This is such a cheerful page! Love all the vintage pieces gathered here and love how HeyJude used the frames as elements. The only thing I don’t understand is why the woman laughs while holding her shammy in her hand….;) A totally happy page!

HeyJude tlp

Yep, my bed is screaming for me! I hope you like my picks and see you next time!