Finger Pointing – December 8

“You should never drink wine and wrap presents. Also, if anyone gets a remote control for Christmas, I’m gonna need that back.”

Disclaimer #1: This didn’t happen to me.
Disclaimer #2: I did, however, wrap my pen into a gift today.
Disclaimer #3: Twice.

For anyone who needs a little break from flying reindeer and jingle bells (raises my hand), you’ll notice my choices today are not Christmassy. But they are beautiful!

Gum Flowers by JodyT

My first pick really pops out at you from the galleries! The watercolor floral embellishments are perfect together with the cool masked photo. I love how she used the frame and the way she added the tiny title. Lovely!


Just Have to Read by honeyandcheese

I love the simplicity of my next gallery stand-out. The font she chose for her journaling is perfect, and creating three separate journaling spots is so clever. The fun paper strips help make this layout a best seller!


Here and Now by huyentrang43

First, those pics are adorable! Her tiny clusters are so cute. I love how she added the chevrons. She finished it off with an awesome title and just a couple pretty paper strips. Great page!


Philanthropy by Kimberly27

My next pick is a lovely journaling page. This artist’s story is perfectly highlighted with cute ellies and cool paint. I love the colors she chose, and that little framed raccoon is wonderful!


Well Loved by LeeAndra

I love how the artist used the cut-out mat in this next lovely layout. Her clusters are spot-on, I love the vellum envelope. Great layers of elements and paper… pretty page!


Peppermint Bark by cla5694

While technically a holiday page, the fun colors in my last pick are so non-traditional I figured I could sneak it in! I love the background paper, and how she incorporated the collage frame. I love those stamped trees and the tiny arrow! (Minty) cool page!


They may not be full of mistletoe and holly, but these pages are definitely stand-outs. And the artists deserve a shout-out, so stop by their galleries and leave them a little holiday cheer! Merry Christmas y’all, I gotta go wrap up a few more office supplies.

~ AmaneseFe


Finger Pointing – November 10

Straight to my 6 picks for today!!

Acadia Sunset by lauriezyskind

A gorgeous over-sized photo highlights my first stand-out layout. The simple title created with a fun alpha and the tiny label are perfect. I love how she added a few ellies to the journal card.


Fall by Renate

I love all the greenery layered behind the fun circle shapes. The tiny embellishments tucked throughout are so clever. As well as all the fun word arts the artist chose.


America Stonehenge Mushrooms by wendeeds

What a fun collection of fungi photos! Love how she highlighted a favorite photo with the cool stick frame. The masculine alpha she chose for her title is perfect.


Seasons Change by Heather H

The creative way this artist used the film strip frames is definitely scrap-lift worthy. The colors evoke such a warm fall feeling. Well chosen embellishments finish off this stand-out page!


Still Life With Cat by vixen

I found another cool page with a unique take on a film strip embellishment. I adore all the messy stamping on the background, notice the tiny music notes. The sweet cat picture gives this beautiful page the perfect purpose.


Thankful by Ann-Sophie

I love the symmetry in my last stand-out pick. The small print papers work perfectly with the simplicity of this pretty page. Notice the simple banner stretching behind the photos and how she added the lines to give it definition.


Thank you for following along today. Take a few minutes to leave these ladies some love!
Jenny (AmaneseFe)

Finger Pointing – May 19th

I’m totally lacking the ‘zip-a-dee’ part of my ‘doo-dah’ day…

My May to-do list: work, work, laundry, work, work, laundry, work, waundry, lurk, workdry… Am I right??
Time to put a little ‘zip-a-dee’ into my day, starting with some window shopping in the galleries!

Awesome Kids by KittyY

White backgrounds are my favorite, and so pretty paired with those fun summery pastels! Love the scalloped brackets anchoring the pics. The stitching around the cluster and framing the page add nice texture. Great mix of patterns and that ‘awesome’ title!


Collect Memories Not Things by pixleyyy

I was drawn to the pretty colors in my next gallery find. The artsy stamping and simple paper layers work perfect with the softness of this pretty page. Notice how she matched her font color to the green in the journal card and inked edge. Love the layer of small bits under the round wordart!


Imagine by ScrapTherapy

You really need to zoom into this stand-out page to see all the fun little ellies tucked in amongst all those gorgeous flowers. It’s like a pretty iSpy game! Then she left a little space for the title and that fun journal card. Wonderful!


Rock the Diamond by cmkb396

From floral-full to photo-full! This is a fantastic example of how to get all those important action shots onto a page. She kept her elements simple but didn’t skimp on them… perfect balance. The simple grid paper is just the right background, and I love the fun mixed alpha title!


Now You by lebjs

That photo… so adorable and creative! Love that she chose the glitter paper to add sparkle to this ‘clean’ and simple page. Love the curved scallop. The bubbles are so fun, and all the little ocean ellies are spot-on!


May Challenge by ad77

My last pick today, and how sweet and cheerful it is! The fun paint splatter, the white foliage, the perfectly shadowed flowers, the simple frame, expertly arranged to be a stand-out page!


If you have a moment, stop by and put a little ‘zip-a-dee’ in these talented ladies’ ‘doo-dah’ days!!

Jenny (AmaneseFe)

Finger Pointing – May 5th

Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Yep, iNSD is winding down… but wow!… so many inspirational layouts out there in digi-land! So much talent AND passion from our favorite designers and all you incredible scrappers! It took me forever to narrow down my choices, I wanted to pick ALL of the pages. ALL OF THEM! (They wouldn’t let me, I asked.)

We Go Together by stephc777

Who doesn’t love a great cluster?! This talented artist was able to layer her photos, a whole bouquet of flowers, a bit of stitching, and a scatter of eyelets oh so perfectly. I love the filmstrip photo adhered with tape and tucked behind. Fabulous!


Plant Happiness by Mediterranka

I adore the bright and airy feel of this sweet page. The way the photo just melts into the layout is so good! The paints and doodles are well chosen and finished off perfectly with the pretty spring flowers. Lovely!


Meow Meow by Laura ODonnell

What a fantastic way to highlight all the fun word bits that are in your favorite kits! Definitely putting a pin in this page for future reference. I love how all the little ellies and simple stickers are highlighted with different paper shapes. The stitching is the perfect frame for it all!


You Make Me Smile by norton94

The way the artist used the fun dark alphas on the dark wood background is what drew me to this stand-out page. I love how she layered all the fun paper elements together, with the tiny bits tucked in with staples. The woodsy flowers work perfectly with the brighter pattern paper. Notice how she tucked the banner upside-down behind her elements. Such a great page!


SOSN May 5 by mcurtt

Yep, it’s the paper. The beautiful yellow floral with the striking bold stripe jumped right out at me from the galleries. I love how she included the bits of pink, such an unexpected touch of softness. The slide frame she used to highlight that sweet photo, and the cute little sticker, are well, DELIGHTFUL!


Braver by kchaffin

“Make your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”
You know I can’t pass up a good quote! Or a fabulous full photo page! I love how she added her journaling and additional photo in a fun free-form paper shape. The tiny brads scattered about is all the embellishments she needed to make this a stand-out page!


Thanks for checking out my choices today. Take a few moments to leave a little love for these and all your fav scrappers when you get a chance. Then spend some time practicing your passion… I look forward to seeing the results in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – April 7th

— “How to Psycho-Analyze Your Neighbors” by Clement Wood
— “Baths, and How to Take Them” by Miss Harriet N. Austin, M.D.
and my personal favorite…
— “Anybody Can Be Cool…But Awesome Takes Practice” by Lorraine Peterson

This is just a small sampling of the.. um, interesting book titles I found out there in internet-land. Do you title your layouts? One of my favorite digi sites right now has a discussion going on favorite page title ideas and techniques. And while peeking through the galleries today I found some terrifically titled layouts! Here are some of my favs…

Fresh Sunset by norton94

One of the quickest ways to get a great title on your page is with pre-made wordart. This artist stepped it up by layering it on the sweet cloud element. And I love how everything is tucked into the fun pocket! The colors are gorgeous and that starburst is perfect!


Live Love Meow by lady22

So fun centering the simple title under the main photo grouping, and those cute hearts!  I love the way she used the doodled cat paper. The text border is clever and those whimsical cat ellies are the bomb!


April Foundations by lbrtychic

My next gallery stand-out page implements a template to create the fun title. I love how she filled the letters with the different watercolor papers. The fun wordart, the torn papers, and the simple floral stickers add to the softness of the page. So sweet!


Springtime by Yvonne55

I love the technique this artist used to create her unique title. It’s a wonderful focal point! Lowering the opacity of the grey paper gives it a feeling of traditional vellum. Her cute little frog ellies are so fun!


Wonderland by iScrap

The way my next artist placed her cluster to fit the curve of her wordart is a creative idea I’ll definitely be using in the future. The black background paper is so striking and the elements she used in her clusters are top-notch. Stunning!


Collect Moments by alinalove

I couldn’t pass up this last page by one of my favorite scrappers. Her shadows are always so good, the messy elements are perfectly imperfect, and I love the wonky frame she chose. But the way she added her title to the rainbow is the awesome stand-out feature I was looking for!


Stop by the galleries today and spread some goodness around — to these ladies and all your favorite artists! And remember: anybody can be cool… but awesome takes practice!


Finger Pointing – March 15th

In golf, as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference. – Theodor Geisel

I was struggling with a layout recently. I had a great idea, I could see it in my mind. It would be fun and light-hearted with good balance and color. The clusters would go together perfectly and the paper layers would look effortless. Not what happened. I worked and re-worked the page until I was 10 strokes over par. (If you don’t golf, just know, that’s not good.) My page never did come together successfully, but that’s okay. I’ll birdie my next layout!

These 6 artists had perfect follow-through and “hole in one” gallery stand-out pages…

Anticipation by caliten

Let’s tee off with this beautiful page! The artist’s use of the different wordarts is rivaled only be her brilliant stamping. I love the funky stitching and the torn photo. Fabulous!


Greyson Turns One by FormbyGirl

Straight down the fairway with my next pick! Love the vertical photo arrangement and the simple paper layers. Her clusters are lovely. Notice how she included the “1” on the banner, so creative. Great template adaption, terrific page!


Music Trivia by cmkb396

This artist has an eye for mixing pattern papers! Notice the subtle blending of the woodgrain paper. Love the use of the fun round frames. The sticker elements tucked into her clusters are right on par, beautiful page!

Summer by CharlotteM

Lets swing over to my next pick and check out the skillful shadowing! This page really pops out at you in the galleries. I love the tiny stamps she used to highlight her ever so creative title, Magical Summer Jungle, love it!


Spring Walk by jennschultz

The wandering green ivy is such a splendid accent in this bright gallery stand-out. The blended paper edging is so pretty and I love the buttons along the journal card. Easy tap in for par!


Happiness by alinalove

This artist doesn’t need to use a mulligan for this gorgeous page! The colors are incredible and the background paints and stamps are perfection! I love the thick wood frame balanced with the doily cluster on the other side. Beautiful element choices!


I hope you enjoyed that quick round of stand-out pages. Stop by and leave these talented (and all your favorite) artists a little love today! Now I’m off to the 19th hole for a little refreshment.

Jenny (AmaneseFe)

Finger Pointing – March 2nd

You’re more successful when you have fun. ~ Jon Acuff

5 benefits of having fun:
1) reduces stress
2) improves social skills
3) energizes you
4) keeps you feeling youthful
5) increases creativity!

So basically scrapbooking is a cycle of success… I’m having fun, which boosts my creativity, which is more fun, which leads to even more creativity, more fun, more creativity… win win!!
Here are a few fun, successful pages I found in the galleries today:

Dandelions by Jansisn

I mean come on… how fun is this!! I love love love the cloud paper, and with the vertical arrangement the elements just seem to be floating up into the sky! That cute little critter is adorable tucked into the bed of dandelions.


Strider, My Heart Dog by sandra-9663

I never think to clip my photos to shapes other than rectangles or the occasional circle. But this works so well, the small heart shape really highlights the simple photo. And the starburst created with the elements and word-bits is so fun! Love the use of just the red and white colors too.


Goofy by bonnenuit

And for the cat people… meet Sammy, he really knows how to have fun! I love the off-centered starburst this artist created with the pattern papers, and how she added stitching to just the one. The simple embellishments and fun alpha title finish her page off nicely.

So Sketchy by Marnel

Love those hexagons! The way she randomly repeated the pattern papers is, well, randomly perfect. Fab messy clusters, notice the tiny copper stars. And that arrow word bit… so fun!


Winnie the Pooh by Neverland Scraps

More hexagons, er, honeycombs. This is such a delightful page, I love how it’s built on the tree bark pattern paper. And all the golden splats and drips of honey are so fun. I could look at this page over and over and still find new things to love!


Love You So Much by Shannel Tamara

I love bokeh backgrounds and this is gorgeous! The way she layered her papers behind the cut out heart is so fun! I love that she created her photo cluster with the flowers behind and the title on top, a unique perspective. And notice her fun repeated text.


I hope you had as much fun enjoying these pretty pages as I had choosing them. Stop by and leave a little love for all you favorite scrappers today. And have a fun week!!

Jenny (AmaneseFe)