Gallery Standouts – May 15th

Greetings scrappy friends!!  Here we are – a new week is at hand already, and May is half over!  Wow!

I’ve been on the go for the past couple of days and there wasn’t much computer time for me, so I’m happy to be able to relax this evening and enjoy the beautiful photos in the galleries around digi-land!

This page, aptly named, Mother created by scrapbookmama makes my heart all squishy!  The vintage photos are a treasure for her to have!!  What a lovely tribute to her Mother!! I love the bright pinks in contrast with the dark colors in the cropped paper and the ribbon.  And those crocheted leaves are too cute!

Mimisgirl created a heartwarming page also using the title Mother.  That sweet face is so precious – it’s so obvious how deep the bond between the two of them is!  Another page that tugs at my heartstrings!!  Mimigirls cluster work is just phenomenal – the ribbons tucked away so perfectly under the flower elements give her page perfect depth!

Well since I’ve stumbled onto the “Mom” theme with the first two layouts, I may as well continue on … check out Mom and Me created by Electra … I love the colors against the wood background and love how she’s used so many different shapes on her page!  The contrast of the straight lines and round elements and hearts is perfect!  Her title work says it all … “blessed” … where we would be without our Moms?!  And the photo is all kinds of wonderful!

I can completely appreciate and understand the poem on the lovely layout that vixen has created.  Her page is entitled Mom and is so touching!  The poem speaks of missing the good times and appreciating them before they are gone – that is something that we should all take heart with and hold on to!!  Vixen’s page is so simple, yet speaks volumes!  Thank you for sharing your special tribute page in your gallery!!

The layout Conny created stood out to me because of the bright, bold and beautiful colors!!  Her page, also titled Mom conveys just how strong the bond is between a Mom and her daughter!  The photo is so fun and just oozes L O V E !!

Glee‘s Mom & Us, Now and Then page puts a huge smile on my face!  I am sure that her Mom’s heart was filled with just as much joy in 2015 as it was in 1956 because she was with her children.  A mother’s love is something that can be so hard to explain, yet, the smiles on their faces tells the whole story!!  The layering of the different background papers and the placement of the scatter element make Glee’s page shine!

So I truly didn’t intend on searching out pages that focused on “moms”, but that’s what happened and I glad it did!!  My heart is warm and fuzzy remembering my own Mom who has been gone six years – time marches on, but her memory will be in my heart forever.  What a blessing it is that we can create layouts focused around our Moms!

Thanks for stopping by today – hope you have a fantastic day!!  Until next time – happy scrapping friends!!





Finger Pointing – May 9th

Hello scrappy friends!!  So tell me … has iNSD broken the bank for you like it did for me?!  My stash grew considerably!!  Now, to find time to sit down and get scrappin’!!  I was in awe as I browsed the different shops this weekend – gosh there are a lot of talented designers around digi-land!!   And then as I made my way to the galleries, I was blown away by the stunning pages! I love that scrapbooking gives us so much freedom … there is no “right or wrong” way to create a page!  Here are just a few of the eye-popping pages I found to share with you today:

Content | Chippi

This page completely wooed me in from the gallery!  The beautiful contrast of the blue hues against the black background are beautiful!  The slight sepia tone and the white border used on the precious photos are perfect!  Not only is the shadow work on the string completely awesome, the way it’s tucked under the ribbon makes me just want to reach out and touch it! The word art title says it all!!  The little soul just looks so so content!!  What amazing pictures!

He’s 4 | amien1

Here’s an admission – I totally had to swoop in for a close up look at this page, because our granddaughter will be four this fall!  amien1’s title work is what drew me in!  So creative to use the #4 balloon element as part of the title.  I can feel the excitement coming off of the page and he looks so darned proud to be four!  I love the different patterned papers and the ribbon tucked under the photo!  The journaling made me smile … “all rested up for his big Super Hero Party later today” … getting a 4 year old to “rest up” is a feat all on it’s own!!

Ellen n Me in 1979 | AZK

I loved reading the journaling on AZK’s nostalgic page!  It made me smile even more because I can totally relate – to her story and to being “young” in the 70’s and 80’s!  Keeping memories alive is one of (the many!) things I love about scrapbooking!!  Thank goodness “vintage” photos like this do not have to be stuck inside of shoe box on the top shelf of our closets!  I can imagine all of the fond memories that came fleeting back as this beautiful page was created!  I adore the staples and the thread holding the fun photo in place- and the little tag sporting “1979” – and the layers are paramount!  Her page has a fun and totally 70’s feel to it!

Dume | Yasmine

The smile in the sweet photo is just so delightful!  Pure joy!!  The paint splatters, the white brush stroke and the cropped paper placed perfectly under the picture really help draw the eye directly to the main subject in this lovely page!  And what’s not to love about the open space around the edging!  I bet the little sweetheart in the photo has a lot of spunk, just like this page!

Always in our Hearts | alannabanana

alannabanana’s page makes my heart happy! The first thing I noticed was the angle that everything was set at.  The many cropped papers and layers are amazing – as is her use of the word art from the kit!  This is a lovely tribute to her Mum, the photo is heartwarming and pure!  And I love the placement of the arrow!  Thank goodness we can keep fond memories alive through pages like this!!

Celebrate Spring | Sweeet

And last but certainly not least, Sweeet’s sweet layout!  Check out those layers!!  Wow!!  The background paper she’s used screams SPRING and the photo could not be more spring-like with that beautiful smile and the beautiful tulips!!  There is so much to admire about her page … the one thing I keep going back to is her out of bounds work!! It is superior!  The shadowing is spot on!  This is a job well done!!

Okay friends, that’s it for me today!  Here’s wishing you a day filled with love, laughter and a little bit of scrapping!!

PS – be sure to click on the links above and leave some love for these beautiful pages in their galleries!!  Thank you!! 🙂



Finger Pointing – April 25

Hello there friends!!  Today as I was browsing through the galleries, I was struck by how blessed we are to be part of such a wonderful community! Even though we don’t all “hang-out” at the same sites, we all share the love and passion for scrapping – be it digital or paper.  We all have that one common thread that ties us together and I am certain someone looking in from the outside just might not understand! 🙂   I hope that you are as happy to be part of the scrapping community as I am!  Okay, enough of that sappy stuff – on with just a few of the beautiful pages I spied today!

The design of this page, My Girl, by Bright Eyes really caught my eye.  I love that she has layered elements on top of and under the precious photo, and the placement of the butterflies is perfect, giving true ‘life’ to the page.  The arrangement of the elements and photo of her lovely great-granddaughter on her page at an angle is superb!

With all of that beautiful white space, Sucali‘s Real Moms page popped out from her gallery at me!  The subtle coloring of the paint splatters adorning her page are wonderful!  It drew my eye directly to the sweet photo and fun elements (and that awesome shadow work!).  The touch of the blue cropped paper and teeny elements on the bottom of the page bring it all together!  Love this so much!!

I think the photo that Cinna scrapped for the April 17 – Random Challenge is so cool!  I wonder where her adventure is taking her!  The colored paper at the top and bottom of her page gives her layout pizzazz – and pages with pizzazz are what scrapping is all about!!

This layout, aptly named Best Photo Ever is filled with so many awesome layers!!  akizo‘s use of the different patterned papers along with the lace edges gives her page interest and depth!  And golly, could that photo be ANY more perfect!  The little tab elements stuck in between the layers is so creative!!  What’s not to love about her page!!?

Well since I showcased a photo of fingers giving the “peace” sign – I will move on to cute little toes relaxing in the sun!  Isn’t this a fun photo that KittyY snapped during her recent spring break?  Her page, Watching makes me smile, because I know she is relaxing … and because she’s used so many fun colors on her page!  I love that she has some of the elements oriented vertically and others horizontally – that’s a great way to draw the viewer in for a closer look!

Okay friends, those are my picks for this edition of Finger Pointing – hope you all have a super day!  Until next time – happy scrapping!!





Finger Pointing – April 12

Hello my scrapping friends!  Jill here with my first GSO blog post!  I’m super excited to be able to share some of the lovely pages I’ve found across digi-land!  I was drawn to pages filled with flowers and pretty spring colors … spring has sprung in my little corner of the world and that makes me happy!!  So – without further delay … here are just a few of the pages that caught my eye:

Oldenmeade’s A New Day just screams spring!!  I love the mixture of ‘artsy’ elements and ‘real-life’ ellies – and her placement of the fun word art is perfect!  Gosh I love that little bunny!

Mother Bear’s Ray of Sunshine makes me smile!  I love that she has used such a soft light background, and has included pops of blue throughout her page – the pops of color really meld the page together flawlessly!  And the photo!  Could it be any more perfect with the kit?

I love the use of the black and white photo on tonyasmith’s beautiful Sweet page!!  Breathtaking cluster work and layering drew me to her classy page!  The repeating flower clusters are placed perfectly on her layout!

The journaling on gduncan’s Spring page is so fun!  It’s awesome that she’s describing the photo in depth, and adding the photo of her little friend, the toad, is the perfect touch to her creative page!!  The precise placement of the faded rainbow behind the perfectly blended photo is wonderful!

The creative cropping of the larger photo caught my eye on kythe’s Bella page.  The photos exude pure joy and her cluster work is fresh and fun!  The positioning of her journaling really pulls the page together!

And finally, here is a page created by bcgal.  Her Spring Ahead page is just all sorts of awesome!  The layered photos along with the masked photo make the layout so fun to gaze at!  And then there is the mixture of shadowed ellies layered over the painted, artsy elements – wow!!  There is so much going on in the layout – yet it is perfect in every way – not too busy!  It looks like spring is arriving in her neck of the woods too!!

That’s it for me today!  I hope you have enjoyed these “springy” pages!!  Until next time, happy scrapping, friends!!