Finger Pointing, June 20th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers. Joanna here on the blog to finger point a few gallery standouts I found today.


You Are The Best by Renee

The black and white photos go so well with the colors of this kit and the clustering is amazing.


Let’s Fish by beatricemi

This is a great action photo. The patterned paper circles are a fun touch. The page is enhanced beautifully with the clusters. 


This is Paradise by 01lousmith

These photos are just so adorable. I love how this page is embellished and the tropical feel to the page.


Boys Rule by Scrap-therapy

How cute is this?! The clustering really caught my eye and that pocket with the ellies bursting out if it. The photos are great too.


City Walk by MagicalReality

This page is really something incredible. The colors and detail are just out of this world good.


Together by bjthomas

Such fun photos and great clustering. 


I hope you enjoyed these picks today and I hope you have a great week! Happy scrapping…

Finger Pointing, June 8th

Hello, hello all you beautiful scrappers. Welcome to today’s edition of finger pointing. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1) bringing you a few pages I found today in the galleries that were a standout.


To Do by sylvia

I loved this page as soon as I saw it in the gallery. Sylvia is so creative and has done a phenomenal job with this one. The extraction is exceptional and the clustering ‘expanding’ from her head is superb. I also love the little details like the sheriff badge pinned on her shirt.


My Favorite Place by KarenDiamond

I was attracted to this page because of the bright colors on the white background. The clustering is just so well done. The chosen elements really pair well with the photos.


You Got This by scrappydonna

Oh, I love this background paper…so very eclectic. I also love the open book with all the beautiful elements layered within. The black and white photo goes along well with the colors on the page; and what a sweet photo it is.


Quiet by caapmun

This is such a marvelous page. The blending is gorgeous. And it’s accentuated perfectly with a few well-placed elements.


Grace by christellevandyk

What a darling page and photos! The clustering is excellent. And the shadowing is perfection.


2022 June Template Challenge by Thuria

Wow, such an awesome page…all those delicious layers caught my attention in the gallery.  I love how all the papers, tags and epherma are stitched down at the top and the corners of the tags are raised. Cute beach photos too.


That’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks. If you have a few moments, go browse the galleries for some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, May 24th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers! Welcome to today’s edition of Gallery Standouts. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1) showing you a few pages that caught my eye in the galleries.


Good Day with the Wind by elodie59

The clustering around the edges on this page are simply stunning. Love the paper with scattered grunge stars, perfect for this little man’s cute photos.


One in a Melon by Flissy61

Mmmmm….reminds me of how refreshing watermelon on a hot day is. The pop of green and melon on the off-white background really is outstanding. Sweet, indeed.


Actually by Intense Magic

A standout out from one of our own GSO bloggers! The eclectic mix of patterned paper here is awesome. The photos, stitching, layering…it all adds up to an exceptional page.


Our Great Adventure by Jennifer Fehr

My goodness, this is so cute! That journal is fantastic and then add all those yummy layers to make it top notch. The photos are delightful too.


wiosna.jpg by Magnolia

This is such a sweet and dreamy page. The photo treatment and blending is so beautiful and soft. The angles on the paper strips and small clusters are the perfect touch.


Up on the Mountain Top by cinna

This is such a pretty page. Beautiful colors, photos and clustering. And I have it on good authority that it’s Carinna’s birthday today….happy birthday! 


That’s it for me today. I hope you found some inspiration in my picks. If you get a chance, go explore the galleries to find some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing, May 5th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers! Joanna (cutiejo1) here on the blog today to bring you a few gallery standouts from all your posted layouts recently. Here we go….


Life is better with you by Scrap by Irre

This vintage touched page is so beautiful. What fabulous clustering behind the photo. The curled frame and title on top is such a nice touch.


Creativity and Imagination by cinderella

This page snagged my attention in the gallery today. I’m really impressed with the creativity of this page. From the extracted hand holding the light bulb to the mixed alpha title, it’s all just so eclectic and unique.


May flowers by franlk

The blending on this layout is really well done. The brushes and splatters surrounding the photos pulls it all together beautifully. 


Adjust that Crown by ClaireG

This fun page by Claire, one of our own GSO bloggers, is a good reminder that sometimes we just need to carry on even if things seem bleak. The extraction work is phenomenal. I love the addition of the crown and title to back it up.


What Defines You? By MrsPeel

What a gorgeous page by Cynthia, another one of our very own bloggers. I just love everything about this scrap lifted layout. The layering and colors here are so very eye catching. I really enjoyed reading the journaling and seeing Cynthia’s smiling face.


Crazy by ponytails

I’m a huge fan of pages with large titles, such as this one. Speaking of the title, I adore the sitiching around the outside of the multi-colored alpha. The photos are so cute and the clustering is drool worthy.


That’s all from me today, folks. I hope you enjoyed my picks and that you’ll be able to browse the gallery for some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, April 30th

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of finger pointing. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1) bringing you a few standout pages from all around the digital scrapbooking world.


Spread Your Wings by AnaSantos

I fell in love with this page as soon as I saw it. The extraction is very well executed. The clustering is amazing. And the shadowing is perfectly applied. 


Love by Yvonne Woodruff

So adorable! I think this idea is fun and cute. I want to scrap lift this one if only my kids would cooperate as well as Yvonne’s did 🙂


Clovers by capristar17

This page caught my eye in the gallery today. The selective coloring on the photo is awesome. That stencil is the perfect backdrop for all the varying sizes of the clovers and elements used. I also like how the clovers are stitched down and the title placement is amazing.


Berry Loved by ScrapHappy82

Isn’t this page so cute?! The half circles with the different patterned paper is just splendid. Darling photos and elements throughout make for a stunning page.


Zoe by AimeeH

Loving the angled patterned paper strips and how a few are stitched down. The photos and clusters are gorgeous.


Fun Day by JillW

I’m enamored with this mixed alpha title. The clustering is out of this world magnificent! I like the mix of patterned paper too.


I hope you find these pages inspiring and I hope you find time to browse the galleries for more. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, April 13th

Hello, hello all you gorgeous scrappers. Joanna (cutiejo1) here today to bring you a few gallery standouts posted recently in your galleries.


Hello Spring by Grazyna Wrzask

This is such a lovely page. What really caught my eye is that gorgeous blended photo; and with the overlapping photo on the frame, looks very dimensional. The mixed font title goes along perfectly with the spring theme.


2022-04-lyrics challenge by janik

I just fell in love with this page the moment I saw it. The photos are so gorgeous. Add in those phenomenal clusters, pretty title and song lyrics and you’ve got an amazing layout.


Explore the Beach by shellbyj

I’m enamored with the mixed alpha title and clustering on this page. I love the angle on the papers. The photos are adorable too.


Bloom and Grow by EvelynD2

What fabulous clustering! I adore the flowers ‘blooming’ behind that title. The truck with the flower delivery is a nice touch.


Book Worm by alabau

Always been a fan of Amber’s style…such superb layering. I like how all the colors pop off the white background and that colorful title is awesome.


I Caught a Fish and it was This Big by Iowan

I’m always attracted to Carol’s gorgeous pages. I love this sort of art journaling/eclectic page. The extraction is so well done. And such a fun title with the mixed alpha, font and colors. 


I hope you enjoy my picks. You can leave love for these artists by clicking on the layout title next to their name. I hope you have a few moments to browse the galleries to find inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, March 28th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers. Welcome to today’s edition of Finger Pointing. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1) bringing you a few pages that stood out in the gallery today.


Persistent by JenYurko

The layered photo effect is so cool. I’m loving the double blending of the photo in black and white in the background too. Or maybe it’s an extraction and then blended? But either way, it’s out of this world awesome!


Sunshine by immaculeah

This page is certainly a stunner with those gorgeous clusters. And I love that open book template and how Leah placed her photos surrounding it.


Down the Rabbit Hole by Dalis

Just look at this fun and unique art journaling page. The placement of elements and title is just splendid.


Moments by sucali

Sometimes it’s the simplest pages that really stand out in the gallery. This one with the white on white title and black and white photo is just really impressive. The cool cut-out and minimal elements are the perfect touch.


BaaBaa a Loved Lamb by Macsandy

I just love these adorable photos and that fluffy little lamb peeking out from behind the photos. The clusters are beautiful. The paper blending for the background is super cool.


March Big Photo Challenge by Moni

Wow, this is so creative! Such a unique and appealing layout. The photo is spectacular on its own, then add in the card and title and it is exquisite.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like my picks for the day. If you’d like to leave these artists some love, the titles are linked to their galleries. I also hope you have a few moments to go and browse the galleries for some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!