Gallery Standouts for April 28th

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Finger Pointing. It’s Joanna bringing you a few outstanding pages that I found in the galleries today. I’m so looking forward to this weekend, the first Saturday in May, when all of us will be celebrating National Scrapbook Day! Can’t wait to see what the Designers and Creative Teams will come up with next. The anticipation is killing me! lol But until that time, there is quite a lot of inspiration in the galleries, so let’s get started…


The Wall by Oldenmeade

This layout stuck right out at me while I was browsing today. The perspective of the altered photo is quite striking against the eclectic ‘wall’ of patterned papers and elements. It’s quite artsy and fun.


Smile by Natali1

What a lovely page this one is. I just love that window element and how it’s shadowed. Those pretty pink and white flowers flowing down and around is just stunning. I also love the ribbon wrap around the top patterned paper.


Little Baby Brother by Kristal


I think these photos are just too sweet. The blending is very eye catching on the cream background paper. The use of the frames and how they are placed really draws your eye directly to the photos. I like the mixed font/alpha title and tiny clusters throughout.


The Key to Joy by jak

What a wonderful photo with beautiful smiles, placed smack in the middle of gorgeous layering and elements. The whole flow of this page is really spectacular, with the elements circling around that center cluster.


Nature peinture by magnolia

Wow, this one is just so colorful, it popped right out of the gallery. Starting with that rainbow background with the brushes and splatters, everything is just so gorgeous. I love the tilt of the photo and just the right amount of elements surrounding it.


Favorite Thing To Do Is Cook by BarbaraUnzen

These photos, definitely the stars of the page, are just perfect. Making one as the background is genius. You can see all those gorgeous cracks in the bread and just know how that bread is going to crackle when opened up. I love how Barbara kept the addition of elements simple with the string wrapping around the page and tying it all together (again, stroke of genius.)


I hope you enjoyed my picks today. As always, you can click on the hyperlinked titles to take you to the layouts above to leave some love for these awesome artists. And maybe if you have some time, you can go and find some inspiration of your own in the galleries. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, April 13th

Hello, hello and welcome to today’s edition of Gallery Stand Outs. Today is a beautiful Spring day here in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I decided to get an early start on browsing the galleries so I could enjoy the beautiful weather. On with the show…


Make Your Own Magic by shepherdstudio/catgoddess

This stunning page jumped right out at me in the gallery today. I love everything about this starting with that gorgeous photo mask with the white edges. The extraction is phenominal. And the clustering and shadowing are absolutely amazing. 


2021 Brave Wings by kristalund

I am enamored with this page. First, the clustering on the top and bottom of the large photo is so gorgeous. I adore the sepia photo technique and how the photo is duplicated in color at the bottom. Last, the golden title really brings this page together.


2012 Waiting for Fun by Iowan

I found this gorgeous layout to share with you. The water colors in the background just really pop on the white making this page a stand out. I really love how the banner slants upward and all of the elements along with the title are clipped, stapled and hung along it so perfectly. Great shadow work too.


Rendezvous with the Sun by carolwenxin

This is such a bright and happy page, I couldn’t pass it up to highlight today. I love, love, love the torn paper border. Then the blended photo and smaller photos cascading down the page is very eye appealing. And the cheerful greenery and flowers flowing down the page is divine.


Hip Hip Hooray by tracermajig

What a cute page this one is. All the little details of this layout coming together make this page a real stand out. The scrabble tiles are a really fun and inventive way to make the page title. I especially like how ‘together’ banner is stapled down. 


This Face by justpattyanne

Wow, I couldn’t believe the number of products that PattyAnne used on this page! And they just all come together beautifully in a rainbow of pastel colors. I love the large cutout and how all of the elements are tucked in and under that beautiful photo.


And that’s it for me today. I hope you have time to go and browse the galleries for your own inspiration. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – March 22nd

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Gallery Standouts. Joanna (cutiejo1) here to finger point a couple of great pages I found in the galleries today. It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Metro Detroit, Michigan…the birds are singing and sun is shining! The galleries, like the weather, are bursting with Spring vibes and colors. Here we go…


Beautiful Spring by cherrylej

All those beautiful layers on top of the bokeh paper is just gorgeous! I love the flow of elements along the left of the photo. And the shadowing is just perfect.


Here Comes the Bride by craftytam

This is such a pretty page. The background paper is just so soft and lovely.  The realistic shadowing on the photo is superb. And all those delicate layers of flowers and greenery really add a special touch.


Together – Weekend with Mom by BarbaraUnzen

I was immediately drawn to this page in the gallery. I’m a sucker for the hanging photos and the clothes pins. And add in those polka dot borders, and BAM, can you say gorgeous?! 


Capture the Moment by SeattleSheri

I found this stunner as a standout in the galleries today. The blue and brown are so gorgeous together. And that gesso is fabulous! The blending is also very well done in the sepia tone. That torn paper photo frame is awesome too.


Smile by keepscrappin

This is such a bright and happy page, I couldn’t pass it up to highlight today. The family photo itself is awesome with that big Mickey face in the background on the ferris wheel. The fun triangle patterns at the bottom add a great splash of color. What a perfect Disney page!


Meant to be by AJM

What an eye-catcher of a page this one is. The soft colors lend themselves to peace and tranquility. I love the white space with a touch of peach and green. The clustering around the photo is put together very well and shadowed superbly.


That’s it for me today. I hope you have a chance to find some inspiration in the galleries today. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing, March 3rd

We had a really gorgeous day in Metro Detroit Michigan today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing….spring is on the way!! Waaahhooo! I hope you are having a happy day too. On with my gallery finds…


Not Yet by AmaneseFe

How adorable is this?! What a perfect example of an out of the box extraction.  I love all the the layers. The word art and alpha come together nicely for a cute title to go along with the photo.


Happy Spring Fling by saar

I’m a total sucker for wood backgrounds and this one is just awesome with fun layered patterned papers on top with all those glorious clusters! I love that title hand how it’s layered. Lastly, the shadow work is phenomenal.


Spring Mood by pacina

What a lovely page! The soft pastel background lends itself as a gorgeous backdrop to the main attraction, that cute photo. And speaking of the photo, the black and white goes along so well with the kit colors. The layers and elements are situated so beautifully.


The Boy The Girl by MishSpar

I’m loving the cut out on the background to make a frame for the sweet photo. The title and elements surrounding the photo also make a beautiful frame.


Birthday Jessie by Blackkl1545

Now this is a unique idea! This page really showcases the birthday girl in style. I love the simplicity of it; just letting that photo shine.


Scrap Lift 2-21 by DKane

This popped out at me as I was browsing the galleries and I just really love it. The large background photo or paper(?) is so pretty. It definitely has an art journal feel to it. And the clustering in the corners on a diagonal is amazing.


That’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks. Until next time, happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing, February 22nd

Hello, hello and welcome to another edition of Gallery Standouts. Joanna (cutiejo1) here with a few inspirational layouts I found in the gallery today.

Love by catgoddess

Wow, this is fantastic! First, the photo is so precious. Add in that spectacular clustering and gorgeous wood paper and you’ve got yourself an outstanding page. I also love the realistic shadows that Jen added to this page.


Playing, Learning & Growing by Tracermajig

Now this is one unique page that really stood out in the gallery. The rainbow colors and mixed alpha in the title is very attractive. Love the tabs and how they are sewn down with swirly stitches. Also the messy stitching all around the outside edges adds a bit of whimsy. The photo perspective is awesome and the shadowing and lifts on the bottom corners is also very well done.


Once Upon a Time… by Tammybean004

I just love these bright colors and how they pop on the white background paper. The photos really add a lot of interest and color also. I like the alpha/font mix title. The quotes and word art add the perfect touch to this page.


PS I Love You by HeatherH

This really popped out of the gallery as I was browsing. The background with the repeating XO’s is just fabulous. What a cute photo…love it in black and white. The elements and clustering are splendid.


Soul Sisters by BeatriceMI

What a pretty layout with delicate colors and photos. The layering and blending here are superb. I like how the elements are in clusters, but also spread out just a bit. Perfect shadowing too.


Just Be Yourself by anny-libelle

Oh my goodness, this is so gorgeous! The layering of ribbons, elements and papers looks fabulous. The clustering is so well done. I really like how the large blended photo still has the crisp edge with the title blended in there, as well.


That’s it for me today. I hope you have time to find inspiration of your own in the galleries. Until next time, happy scrapping! <3

Finger Pointing – February 9th

Hello, hello from snowy and COOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD Michigan! This is Joanna (cutiejo1 in digi world) bringing you a few scrapbook pages I found that are just out of this world!


Would You Rather by amyjcaz

I love this so much! What a great way to get to know someone with these fun and silly questions and to spice up a “me page.” The border and flowers poking out around the edges add the perfect touch to this page.


love by AnikA68

Wow! This is an awesome page. I cannot stop staring at it! And I find something new to oooh and ahhh over each time. I just love the grungy and messy feel of the page with all the paint and brushes. The large title with the photo tucked into the L is positively genius. And the layering is divine. 


life by sylvia

Oh my goodness….this is so very cool! I love how the photo has been turned into the large title. And not only that, but the extraction is also part of the title. The shadowing is perfection and the bits of brushes and paint in the background are great additions.


Some Doors Only Open From The Inside by conniemiles

This is such a stunning layout, I couldn’t pass up showing you how gorgeous it is. The biggest thing that caught my eye is that lovely border that was created above the large photo. And then all the detail like the word art, heartfelt journaling and family photo really help this page shine.


BYOC_FEB_P2 by MiekSter

This is some serious eye candy! All those fabulous layers on the white background is just beautiful. And that black and white photo is just darling.


Be A Rainbow by HeyJude

I just love everything about this page. The sweet photo with all those layers of beautifully shadowed elements and layers is so sublime.  The cloud on the bottom with the rainbow and round tag is a brilliant way to show off the title.


And that’s a wrap. Hope you find some time to go and find some inspiration in the galleries. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – January 26th

Welcome to today’s edition of Finger Pointing on the Gallery Standouts blog. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1 in digi world) and ready to show you a few awesome pages I found in the galleries today!


The Spot by Glori2

These photos are just so phenomenal and breathtaking. The layered and torn papers add such great texture. The clusters are really beautiful and put together so well.


Life is a Gift by Scrappie Irene

What an eye catching layout!  I’m mesmerized by that photo and the blending on the background. The paint covering part of the face and then flowing down the page is just gorgeous. And of course, I love the clustering and layering.


MOC9_26 – love of my life by amanadaresende

The pop of colors on the white background really attracted me to this page in the gallery. The layers and mix of paint brushes and splatters in the various colors along with the black and white photo really elevate this page. The mix of fonts and alpha on that large title is a huge standout as well. And the shadowing on the photo is just divine! 


MOC9_Jan26_DesighOnAnAngle by theadjungle

Wow, what an amazing and creative work of art! I love these bright water colored strips woven together and shadowed just beautifully. The woman’s face and the title/journal card is a great addition.


Look Up by RoxanaTc

Oh my….the white word art shaped as an air balloon?….so fantastic! And the white on white is amazing. The touches of yellow paint on the background really help bring out the yellow in the photo. The elements are simple, yet perfect for this page, letting that word art do all the heavy lifting. 


Life is Better in Pajamas by tammybean04

This is such a delightful page! The beautiful layering and clustering is quite eye catching on the dark background. The text over the photo is a creative way to journal. Fun word art adds the perfect touch.


Well, that’s it for me today. Hope you find some time today to dig into the galleries and find some inspiration of your own. And until next time, happy scrapping!