Finger Pointing – February 22nd

Hi there everyone!  It’s Juli Fish here with some absolutely fabulous layouts that I can’t wait to feature today.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but the layouts in the galleries today were so amazing and offered such a wide variety of styles and looks.  Let’s jump right in!!

My first pick is Coffee by xboxmom. I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the city of Seattle and this layout totally takes me back to one of my favorite places – Pike’s Market.  I really love how Kim uses the grid style to create little pieces of art to tell her story.  The colors here are just perfect for a coffee layout and the photos are just gorgeous too!  This is one of the things I really like about the pocket scrapbook style – it let’s you feature little masterpieces all over your page and Kim did an amazing job with this layout in doing just that!

Next up is this artsy and whimsical layout titled Decorate Your Soul by Hey Jude.  The flower crown that Judy put on this illustration looks nothing short of amazing!  I love how she layered it all on there. The whispy word art is so interestingly placed and really draws your attention to read the message.  I love the addition of the moths and how the shadowing gives them such dimension as if they are flying above the page.  This page is a piece of art I’d love to have hanging in my office!

My third choice for today is the colorful and fun layout by joelsgirl titled February Faves.  The bright colors and the fun flowered paper is what caught my eye in the gallery.  I really love how Kelly has used so many colors on this page.  All these photos show what a fun time her family has had in February. The flowers tucked in behind the photos give a great dimension.   I just adore pages like this and think they are so fun to look back at over time.

My next layout choice is On the Edge by connieg.  I swear this is a vacation on a scrapbook page. What an incredible photo!  I just love all the strips over the left side of the photo and what a cool effect this gives to the layout.  I also love the simplicity here.  The little bit of frame and words are the perfect additions to make this feel like a professional ad.  I think I’m going to have to try this technique on travel photos myself!

Up next is this lovely layout titled  Cherish by LorieM. At first glance this layout might seem simple, but actually it’s not.  The way the elements and flowers are layered under and over the photo is so unique!  I really love the mix of shadowed and painted images. The black and white photo pops off the soft colors on the page and the contrast in the photo itself is just fabulous!  Finally the little bit of edging around the page gives this all the perfect finished look.  Such a gorgeous page!!

My last choice today is Currently Reading by ErinShannon.  Can I just start with Wow?  I mean seriously!  This page is so fun and I just love what she’s done here. Not may people would be so bold to put that background paper on the whole page, but it totally sets the page for the story.  Then the addition of the hexagons and all the little elements just makes this whole thing fabulous.  I keep finding more to look at each time I look at the page – there are so many fun details.  What a bold and fun and amazing page!

I hope you enjoyed the variety in the layouts I chose today.  If you have some time go surf the galleries yourself because there are some mega amazing pages out there right now!! Happy scrapping everyone!!

Finger Pointing – Feb 1

Well GSO fans, when you’re over the other side of 40 you shouldn’t party too much on your birthday or you’ll forget you have a blog post to write.  So sorry to the scrappers out there that my 2/1 post is late.  The wonderful mid life crisis of not sleeping well as hit me bad this week and my body decided to “catch up’ the minute I sat down to write my post last night.  Enough with my excuses…let’s get one to spotlighting some beautiful scrapbook pages because that is what we do here!!

First up is the colorful page by allyanne titled Then and Now Aiden.  The black background on this layout makes all these fun colors and images pop off the page!  I love the use of the paint and to add a little grunge.  The photos do a great job of showing of how different her son looks over 5 years of time (which is always a great thing to scrap!).  The elements are so fun and have such great pops of color – the whole layout just pops right out of the gallery and says hello!  I also love the little details like the measure tape down the left side representing growth and mask used on the black to allow some of the background to show through. Such a fabulous and fun page!


My second choice is this enchanting page by jirsev titled Floral Light.  This is breathtaking!  The use of shadowing to project the imaging that the flowers and photo are sort of lifted up off the wood background is so well done!  I love the way the floral clusters move your eye around the page and provides direction. The use of the blended paint on the wood grain paper helps provide more illusion of depth and tiny bit of sparkle.  The feathers and the starbursts bring lightness and softness.  Such a beautiful page!


The next page I chose is titled Shine by ConnyS.  Another page with a black background and bright colors, but with the almost solid white photos the contrasts is so striking!  I love the way the gold and pink accents makes this so girly.  The bits of glitter and shimmer are so perfect as well.  The clusters are a great side and perfect to not steal the show from the photos.  All the really girl details like the doily, the crown and hearts…make this so very sweet and girly even though the colors are more grown up.  Such a beautiful page!

Next we move to cooler color scheme with Frozen (Jumpstart #4) by CRS.  The large photo at the top illustrates the whole theme of the page – parts of a lake that have frozen.  The addition of a simple divider and a pretty cluster help bridge the junction between the photo and paper below very nicely.  I love how the curled ribbon looks here and the addition of the snowflake within the cluster is perfectly on theme!  What really caught my eye is the title.  I just love how the snow/ice looks like it’s dripping off the word Frozen. What a perfect way to bring a feel to the page!

This next page totally caught my eye because it’s so unique.  Nathan Basketball by bjc is shows off such a fun design. She really showed off the basketball theme with the court looking paper in the background and all the themed elements around her great photos.  I have to say I’m little envious because I never can figure out how to use the full page background papers like this and make my page look good – but bjc totally rocks this!  I love the way she layered the stars under and over the netting, the distorted/waving flag looks amazing!!  The basketball flair keeps your eye moving across the photo creating the visual triangle.  This is so creative and so fun – I love it!!

My final choice today is this sweet and adorable page titled Time Traveller by Justagirl.  The photo with the sweet, cheesy grin caught my eye first.  Then I love all the fun elements that are stacked behind the photo to add depth and interest and they are so nicely shadowed to give the proper dimension.  The stitching around the edge makes the page feel complete with the darker edging adding depth.  I just love all the little details and the story here. What a sweet, sweet page!

Well that’s all for me.  I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t forget to take some picks and plan some time for scrapping your memories!!

Finger Pointing – Jan 11th

Happy Friday Eve fellow scrappers.  Now that all the chaos of the holiday is over, it feels really good to be back to browsing galleries and admiring other people’s creative work.  Let’s dive right in and see what beautiful and unique pages I was able to find today.

I want to start off with this amazing page titled A Day In Our Life by tanyiadeskins.  I am so excited to see Tanyia scrapping again!  I just love the choices of paper here, there is a lot going on, but it doesn’t feel overly busy.  I really love how Tanyia journaled about a normal day in the photo spots for this template – just a cool idea! I also really love the way she layered the flowers behind the main features to create some depth.  The large title just draws you in and makes this look so finished. This is such a creative and fun page!

Next up I have this fresh looking page titled 2018 – My Goals by Tracermajig.  I really love how she used the large numbers across the middle of the page. The photo in the zero is such a good idea and I just love how it’s flanked by the feathers.  I also really like how she used different fonts for her journaling.  The cursive font looks awesome for highlighting things she wanted to really focused on.  The stitching around the anchor paper is just the right touch to pull everything together.  What a calm and fresh page – just perfect for the start of a new year!

Next I found this frosty and cool page by LorieM titled Wonderful Winter.  I just love the depth in this layout.  The beautifully blended background brings such a great mood to the page.  The layering of the glitter snowflakes under the photo and the shadows create a nice amount of depth.  The black and white photo has a wonderful amount of contrast.  I love the mint green and navy flowers with the grey leaves.  Such a cool page.

Next up is a fun and vibrant page titled Cityscape Vienna by Saar. I really love all the colors she has worked in to this page. The story is about going on vacation with her family this summer and if you click the link you can read it all.  I love the way that she hid her journaling with paint.  There is so much going on here and every little bit of it is awesome!!  I really love the city skyline she used to anchor the page and the fun title.  What a vibrant and creative page!

The next layout I chose is titled Happy Days by Bessysue58.  I really like all the layering and stacking here.  The cute scroll frame is just perfect for the photo.  I also love the little details like the washi tape, the pinned paper and the little stamps on the upper left of the page.  The string being wrapped around the photo is just the right thing to hold all those layered bits on to the page.  The stamped title really brings a nice artsy feel to the page.  Just an adorable page!

My last choice today is one of my favorite themes – vacation.  This page titled Moc6_day 11 by Anny Libelle is so cool! I really love the vibrancy of her photos.  Also the white edge helps the excellent shadowing is just right to make these look like they are laying on top of the background paper and you’re looking down. I love the way she kept the details small and the way they move color around the page. Finally her journaling about this day is really sweet.  It’s in a language other than English, but if you click the link to the page you can read there in English what made this day so very sweet.


I hope you enjoyed these beautiful pages today and that they inspire you to scrap some memories of your own.  Until next time….happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – December 7th

Happy Thursday (well, almost Friday)!! Am I the only one caught up in the holiday craziness?  I bet not.  Tonight we put up our main Christmas tree and its currently half way covered in lights.   Some how holiday song videos turned in to a Weird Al video fest..and this is holiday craziness in our house.  Everyone gets easily distracted and things don’t get done, but we have a good time and that’s what’s important -right???

I was so excited looking through the galleries tonight.  Christmas photos and layouts are in full swing.  I love December and seeing other people’s holiday celebrations and traditions is so fun to me.  So lucky me for getting to pick 6 amazing layouts to feature today!!!

We’ll start out with this layout titled German Village Walk by becky_a. This looks like a day filled with fun! First of all I love the large photo she used for the background to set the stage. Then the photos in the shape of the Christmas tree look great!  I love that she highlighted all the different things they did during their visit to the German Village.  The little elves tucked in are just adorable and the bit of glitter at the top is just right.  I also love how she mixed in some flowers.  Finally, the story of why this day was so important – I love it!!!  This looks like my kind of December event.


Next up we have this fun page by Kim Ege titled A Wonderful Awful Idea.  This page really called out to me because The Grinch is my favorite animated Christmas show and I love watching it (myself so I can say all the words out loud) each year.   I really love what Kim did here.  This page looks like something right out of a Dr. Seuss book.  The title work with the hand holding the bulb behind the title is totally draws you in.  I love how she used a fun font and included words from the book/movie to help your eye move down the page.  Then there is this great family photo and a wonderful story of their family tradition.  So heartwarming!!!  Kim’s layering and shadowing look awesome, I especially love her clusters and how the bring the whole page together.  This is the best Grinch page I’ve ever seen!!


Next up is this sweet page by dawninskip titled Today I Choose Joy.  I have to admit right off the bat that snowmen are my favorite. My whole house is decorated in snowman. This page starts with a fun a photo. Then I love how  Dawn uses muted colors and let’s the ribbon and the flower petals pop off the page.  So classy looking!!  I love the use of the product sku tucked behind the ribbons and the card of buttons- what a cool idea!  The journaling being partially hidden makes this feel like a real paper page. Finally the texture on this page is fabulous. I love the white watercolor looking paper and how Dawn blended colors and ink doodles in to the paper to add to the realistic look.  So stunning!


Next I found this pretty in pink page titled Winter Wonderland by Stacia Hall. This page features the new free download at Scrapaneers (check it out!!!).  What I love about this page is that it’s a pocket page style with a fun twist.  I love that Stacia doesn’t put spaces in between the photo, but instead buts everything up against each other just leaving the wood grain paper to show at the top and the bottom.  The the use of the layered elements gives this page such a great dimension!  I really love the use of the angle at the bottom right for the title. The angle really draws your eye up the page to the featured photo.  So well done!  I also love all the little bits around the page from the twine to little snowflakes all over.  Every little bit you look at evokes this feeling of Christmas warmth and love.  Such a soft and pretty page!!


This next layout’s photo really caught my eye!! I love the perspective used in the layout Christmas Eve by jcb5600.  The use of the white space here (with the little bit of wood grain for texture) is just perfect to make the Christmas colors pop off the page!  The red and green paper pop right out from the white background and really draw you in to the picture. Then seeing the fun glasses and the bow on the head, you just “have” to read what’s going on…who doesn’t want to join in the fun?   I love that the scrapper is documenting a family tradition and did just beautifully.  Such a festive page!


My final choice is so fresh and fun!  Merry & Bright by azkio is just that…merry AND bright.  I really love the design here.  I love how it looks like these photos are dangling from strings and ribbons tied together with the fabulous cluster at the top – such a neat idea!  The cluster is well shadowed and everything works together so beautifully.  Then the ribbons hanging down is nice touch to give the photos more of a hanging feel. The photos are so cute!  The background paper is the perfect choice to fill the space without making the page feel too full.  So, so cute!!

I hope you are having a wonderful December and you’re taking time to take those every day photos to try to capture the spirit, colors, sights and craziness of the holiday season!!

Finger Pointing – November 29th

My goodness gracious, time is just flying by. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has already passed and it’s time to be full swing in to Christmas.  The evolution of the year and the holidays is evident in the galleries already. I love seeing photos of all the holiday activities that families are participating in this time of year.  It reminds me to keep my camera charge and out and ready for pictures.  For any picture, it doesn’t have to be a perfect moment. Maybe it’s the packages by the front door, or the Christmas cards coming in the mail, or an actual hot meal on a plate at the dinner table. All these minutes are perfect and worthy of recording in their own little ways!

Today I have a nice variety of layouts for you…I sure hope you’ll enjoy taking a look at these beauties too!

First off we have this page titled Family Time by Carla R.   The use of the wood grain paper really anchors the page.  The clusters around the photo look very nice mixed with the mixed media brushes. This shows a great way to integrate the two together on a page.  The shadowing of the flowers is really nice and gives the whole layout a feel of depth.  The use of the folded ribbon does a great job moving your eye across the page to complete the visual triangle.  Such a pretty fall page!

My second choice today is Ladies Night by Margje.   The first thing that caught my eye was the background.  This looks like multiple layers of blended maps and old books mixed with some color.  The overall effect really sets the tone of the layout. Then in the front, the silhouette of this trendy looking vintage lady really brings in your eye.  Next the use of the blending of the building with the accounting paper is brilliant. I love how the two mix so well together.  Then finally the title that has been clipped to some fun paper.  Overall such an awesome look!

The third layout I’m featuring today is kind of the opposite of the layout above.  Sentimental by EH Studios is simple and sleek and so amazing.  I just love the white space and how everything is so purposefully placed.  The stamp under the photo looks so real on the wood background. It blows me away how simple, yet stunning this layout is!

Next up is the is fun and lively page by Kim Walker (Kim21673) titled Miss Being Warm.  I just love the use of the bright colors with a cold winter photo. It’s perfect with this little guy’s jacket!!  I also love the mixing of the circles with the long rectangular shapes.  The flower sprinkled in not only bring color and depth, but I love that that a mom isn’t afraid to put flowers on her little boy’s layouts.  Go mom!

Moving to our next layout titled Christmas by Elizabeth22.  This layout totally wow’d me! I just love the lighting on this photo.  It’s just so perfect!  The black background really enhances all the Christmas themed elements and gold accents on the page.  The way the large cluster seems to gently cradle the photo is just fabulous.  I also love the use of the black damask paper angled on the background to provide some more texture and movement to the page. The pops of red from the patterned paper sitting below add a nice pop to the page as well.  Such a lovely, lovely page!

Finally today I have this fabulous layout by Kayleigh titled Merry Christmas.  What really drew me to this page was the texture and movement.  I just love the textured white background used here. It adds character, interest and depth.  Then the transparent paint/ink and the spatters with the drawn circles all work to build a great little background for the focal image.  The papers are then stacked on top in a way that the patterns and textures mix so nicely.   The little details mixed in make this pop. The pine cones, the ribbon and the lace. Everything works together so well to give you that holiday feeling. Such a fabulous page!

I hope you will take a few minutes and go look through the galleries and leave some love for a page that inspires you.  Until next time…I hope you are taking a few minutes each to also enjoy the holidays and take some different pictures so you have lots of neat things to add to your scrapbook.

Finger Pointing – November 16th

Happy Thursday….it’s that time of the year where the days and weeks seem to whisk by because there is so much excitement in the air.  I can’t believe that Thanksgiving here in the US is just a week away.  I’m looking forward to catching up with my siblings and their spouses this weekend and getting a chance to see my husband’s family for a few days next week. Seriously, what is better than two Thanksgivings?  Especially since neither one is at my house this year!!  This is also the time of year when I get all excited about creating crafts for Christmas presents.  There is so much magic in the air and so much to look forward to including lots of gorgeous layouts in the gallery.

Now that Christmas kits are hitting the scrap stores and people are getting caught up on last year’s photos while still trying to do this year’s Fall photos there is an awesome variety of layouts to admire, so let’s get on with the show!

My first featured layout is titled Oh Happy Day by keepscrappin.  The white cut out immediately caught my attention. I love the large chevron pattern over the more subtle background paper- such a nice look!  The watercolor filler card and water color spatters gives this a real paper feel.  The cluster added just the right amount of color to balance out the white and neutral grey.  Such a lovely composition!

Next I found a page with lots of great color!  Ski Day by MelissaMarti really stood out in the gallery with this bright blue color.  I was immediately drawn to the look of the clear pocket with the photo strips and fun things tucked in. What a great look! I like how the arrows draw your focus to the middle of the page.  Melissa does a great job moving color all over the page to keep your eye moving!  There are just so many interesting things to look at.  This whole page is so fun.

Next up I stumbled across a fabulous collection of pages from scullen2 about the birth of her grandson.  I chose this one page, Bennett’s Story Page 2 of 8, out of the collection to feature- but you really should check them all out!   I love how the scrapper is telling the story of her grandson’s birth.  This page is just beautiful.  The layers of paper are so well done on the textured white background.  The elements are all perfectly placed and work together to create such a soft and special feel. Finally the photo – how sweet is this?  A picture of the Big Brother and the Big Sister.  I just love all of her pages in the album and think this will be such a treasured gift for their family.

The next layout I’m featuring is 7 Days of Black and White by dawnfarias.  So many of my scrap friends have been participating in the 7 day challenge to post a black and white photo on Facebook each day that shows something in their life other than another person.  It’s been fun to see what other people post.  This scrapper took that to the next level and documented the fun she was having.  I just love how much the solid black background stood out in the gallery.  Each little bit of color looks like it’s perfectly planned for exactly where it’s placed.  The gold numbers are absolutely perfect for this!  Overall I just love that this scrapper took the time to document this little every life type project.  This page is just fabulous with the black and white photos and the white paint, not to mention the fun title work.  I think this is a really awesome page!

Next I chose another fun white space layout titled Knitting by Christina W.   I just love these colors together and how all these papers are layered across the page.  The photo is perfect right next to the story, which is on the most fabulous looking tag.  The little details like the stitching, the clipped on love this circle and the flair are all just perfect.  The use of the spatter and the beads just pulls this all together.  The balance between the white space and the design is just right!


Finally today I have an adorable Christmas themed page titled The First Snow by Kama.  The red in the background really draws in your eye.  then as you move in, the details steal the show. I love the use of the snowflakes around the page to help move your eye around.  The cluster with the photo tucked right it looks amazing and the shadows give a great sense of dimension.  I love the curled ribbon and the stitchced circle bunting. It seems there are all just the right details sprinkled over the page to make it feel magical and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed my choices today!  Don’t forget to get out your camera and take lots of pictures over the holidays.  Don’t miss capturing and recording those little moments and don’t forget to get YOURSELF in front of the camera too!

Finger Pointing – November 4th

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful Saturday.  The galleries are full of gorgeous pages today.  It seems to be that time of year when everyone is scrapping and that makes me so happy.  I love to look at pages and read other people’s stories.  Don’t you?

My first choice today is titled Matt has an Idea by Karen B.  I just love the graphic feel of the blue and white on the black background here.  I also love the story.  This is Matt having an idea to layout down in the back of a moving car to try to get a good picture of the biker.  What a great idea to take a picture of this and tell the story.  The white arrow does a great job at directing your eye to the story and the mixed font title is very striking.  What a great page!

My next choice has all the colors and feels of the month of November.  Thankful by Kjersti, has the perfect November feel.  I love how she’s layered the photos up the page so they look they are all tucked in to the layers.  The gorgeous clusters bring beautiful color to the page. The shadow looks awesome and makes the clusters look awesome.  I love everything else that was included on this page too. The filler card, the sequins, the butterflies…so many perfectly little details to make this look just right.  What a gorgeous page of three gorgeous ladies!

Another gorgeous November page is Jumpstart Your November by tanpopo.  The first thing I noticed right away was the great lighting on the background. It makes the center of the layout glow. Then I noticed the mixed clusters. I really like the look of the drawn flowers with realistic looking flowers. The shadowing gives such nice dimension.  Finally the use of color across the page looks great.  The different shades of blue look great with the bright orange background and it really balances the page out.  The bits of black seems to ground everything.  This page is perfectly put together!

I found another gorgeous Fall themed page titled Falling by Sarrmf.  The composition here is fabulous! I just love all the different shapes of patterned paper layered with the clusters.  The clusters tucked in behind the photos look awesome! I love the way the bunting ties the sides in and keeps your eye centered o the page.  Such a beautiful page and what a great photo of Sara and her cat too!

From fall we move on to winter. This next layout really stood out in the gallery for it’s simple, yet beautiful design!  Winter Wonderful by anke has the perfect balance of white space and design.  I love the use of the white distressed wood paper for the background. It gives such a nice anchor to build on. Then the goldish paint and tree and elements.  Everything looks perfectly and thoughtfully placed.  Finally her photo – makes the snow look so beautiful and inviting yet, I love the journaling where the scrapper is saying it’s pretty but she doesn’t want to to drive in it.  Such a nice look at real feelings and real life!

My last pick today is I Love Zombies by shunnstergirl.  I had to pick this layout for two reasons. First – it looks amazing!  I love how the scrapper worked in elements along with these fun cards. The little doodle faces crack me up.  The second reason I picked this page is that the story made me giggle.  The scrapper is talking about her three year old son being zombie obsessed.  A true look at motherhood, in my opinion.  The final thing I loved was the zombie hands at the bottom of the journaling – talk about the perfect touch!  What a well put together page.


I hope you enjoyed my 6 featured layouts today!  I’m off to do a little scrapping of my own now that I’m inspired by these lovely layouts and many more I saw in the galleries today.