Finger Pointing – March 31st

Here it is the end of March. . .and for the first time that I can remember, we did not have a measurable snow in March!!! Hope that doesn’t mean it is going to be a hot, dry summer!!! My day was super busy, but I did manage to squeeze some time to look through the galleries to find some beauties to share with you so here goes. . .

First we have Sakura by magnolia. The pink is what initially caught my eye. Then I looked closer and I love those circle cutouts and the diagonal design works so very well here. Finally, that cluster in the upper right corner creates such a balanced look!!! Love this dainty beauty!!!

And how about A Time And A Place by Joansmor. Layouts with texture always intrigue me!!! I love the blended photo with that amazing paper texture. . .Fabulous work!!!

Next up is Quinn: Life Is Great With A Dog by Barbara Unzen. Oh my goodness, this page just made me smile!!! I absolutely adore pet pages and this is precious pooch overload in a very good way!!! Just look at those eyes and the background paper with all those canine characters just makes for a fun filled page!!!

Then there is Just Be Yourself by Grazyna. I love everything about this page from the fun colors to that retrospect photo to the profound message in the quote. It struck a chord with me today. . .

Another moving page is Not My Best Day by gonewiththewind. This page created a rush of feelings for me. Since I scrap to capture memories, this reminded me that I should document both the good and bad parts of life. Very moving page!!!

And last, but not least, we have 2012-Disney-Connor-aka-Buzz-Meets-Little-Green-Man by Iowan. This page is just so happy and FUN!!! I love the colors and those elements are beyond whimsical!!! What a great way to capture those happy moments!!!

And with that, I am going to wrap up my final post for the Gallery Standout Blog. I have enjoyed sharing selections for the past few years, but life is growing more hectic and I need to focus more on family at the moment. Thank you for looking through my picks. . .and as always, take time to go through the galleries and find your own inspiration!!!

Finger Pointing – March 18th

It is hard to believe that here it is mid-March!!! It occurred to me yesterday that the kids around here only have a couple of months of school left!!! In this area, not only are the high school kids playing basketball, but also playing the delayed football season!!! No wonder my internal clock and calendar are all messed up!!!

There are so many gorgeous pages in the galleries, I had a hard time narrowing my selections down to six today. . .so here goes!!!

First up we have Défi AnnaLift du 13 au 26 mars by cyanne22. I love this glorious use of white space. And can I just say the textures are amazing. Love the pop of color from that bee too!!! Gorgeous page!!!

And how about Welcome Home by jakrn. This layout gave me the “goosies”!!! I love the idea of scrapping the home building process. The use of wooded elements along with the earth-tone elements work so well with those photos!!! Fabulous page!!!

Next up is M is for Maddi by Jill. Goodness, I love everything about this page!!! First of all that big “M” is perfection with that cute little girl on her bicycle!!! Love the dimension of the elements and the grungy tone of the page!!! So fun!!!

Then there is Garden by Mother Bear. A page with lots of flowers is simply irresistible to me!!! Love those sweet photos and the clustering not only ties the photos together, but guides my eye through the page!!! So pretty!!!

Another great page comes from justpattyanne with Fly High. The photo treatment is what caught my eye here. Love the soft drawing effect so much. Then the balance between the corner clusters is amazing. Great work!!!

Last, but not least we have You by pacina. Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors!!! Love the clustering on this fabulous page. How amazing is the textured feel of that background page!!! Love that big airy butterfly too!!!

Those are my picks for the day!!! Hope you have enjoyed them but more importantly, I hope you get a chance to take your own stroll through the galleries. You never know what goodies you might find!!!

Finger Pointing – February 28th

Goodness, it seems like this year is just flying by!!! It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be March!!! February was a month full of “stuff” from topsy-turvy weather to getting COVID vaccines. And, imagine my surprise when I was working on the March calendar and saw that the time is going to change in two weeks!!! I’m so excited about that. . .I love the extra hour at the end of the day!!!

I spent some time going through the galleries this morning and saw so many great layouts!!! When I visit the galleries, I always find inspiration and now I can hardly wait to get started scrapping later today!!! So, here are my picks for today. . .

First up we have Happiness Everyday by magnolia. I absolutely love this adorable page. The photo treatment is excellent and the perfect choice for the grungy tone of the page!!! Well done!!!

And how about Little Boo says Boo by Jill. Pet pages always make me smile. This one just grabbed my eye because of the spots!!! And that blue and grey color combination is spectacular!!! So cute!!!

Next up is Sweetheart by Mother Bear. This page just exudes happiness!!! Absolutely LOVE the sweet pastels used throughout. They work so well, with those adorable photos!!! Mother Bear’s pages always make my heart sing!!!

Then there is Sweet Bee by LisaMT. On my word, this page is just too cute!!! Love the colors and that photo is super sweet!!! Just couldn’t pass this one up!!!

Another great page is Among The Flowers by Olivia24. Can you believe it, another pet page!!! I love the balance this page affords. The cluster work around the photo reminds me of a spring flower garden while the cluster in the corner is the perfect offset!!! So pretty!!!

Last but not least we have Love by Beth. While the template provides a great starting point, everything comes together so well with this page!!! I love the color combination!!! The black and white just seems to tie the teal and pink together so well!!! And the slices on the photo are perfectly positioned!!! Such a FUN page!!!

And those are my picks for today. Thanks for spending a few minutes here and if you have a chance take a look through a gallery or two and find your favs!!! There are so many different scrapping styles, you never know what you might find!!!

Finger Pointing – January 28th

We are almost a month into 2021 and I have to admit I am somewhat hopeful that as time goes by life will slowly, but surely return to normal. Having said that, it seems like there are some challenges to be overcome first. I was able to receive the first COVID vaccine dose last week, and now my focus is going to be on getting that second dose in a timely manner. Once I get past that, I’ll feel even more hopeful. I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing grandkids so that gives me tremendous hope. . .as long as I can get that second dose.

Today is my “chore day” but before I get started on laundry, cleaning and planning, I enjoyed another cup of coffee and took a stroll through the galleries. Goodness, did I find some gorgeous pages, it was super hard picking just six today!!! But here goes. . .

First, we have Case of the Blahs by dotcomkari. Love everything about this page from the theme to the cool blues with the photo treatment and that pop of color from the yellow!!! Even the offset angle adds to the overall theme!!!

And how about Winter Song by conniemiles. What a great wintry-themed page!!! Love the collection of photos and the cool blues with the pop of colors!!! Such a fun page!!!

Next up is You are who you are… by cinderella. What a great way to use a mix of alphas to create an incredibly unique page!!! So fun!!!

Then there is MOC 9 Jan 27 Fill The Template by jam-on-toast. This layout shows how a template can be manipulated to make a unique layout!!! I love the messy tone of the page. . .great design idea!!!

Another find is Foundations: Rays 1 by janik. What a sweet page!!! Love how the rays tie the photo circles together. And the colors just scream happy!!! Such a pretty page!!!

Last, but not least we have Shopaholic by Scrapdolly. The pink and black color combination will always be one of my favorites!!! And I will always appreciate the use of papers to create dimension on a page to bring it to life!!! Well done!!!

Those are my picks for the day. Hope you have enjoyed what you have seen!!! If you get a chance today, take your own stroll through the galleries, if you see something you like, leave a comment or even bookmark it for future inspiration!!! Until next time, have a wonderful day!!!

Finger Pointing – January 20th

This day is so full of hope and gratitude on so many levels. Slowly but surely my family is receiving the COVID vaccine. . .in fact our son-in-law will receive his second dose tomorrow. So, I am immensely thankful for that and hopeful that I can see a glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel. And I am thankful that we avoided snow last night and with the high winds we had, I don’t see any trees down!!! Cleaning up downed trees in the cold is not a fun way to pass the time!!!

Before I get a start on my day, I took some time to go through the galleries and found some true beauties to share!!! Today was difficult because there was so much goodness in the galleries!!! Here are my picks!!!

First we have You Got This by Tree City. Oh my goodness, what an interesting page!!! I love the stark monochromatic grey design with that glorious pop of color from the red!!! I also enjoy the overall graphic feel of the page. . .amazing!!!

And how about Winter 62 by Pippin. Love the cohesive colors used for this wintry mix. Using a collaboration is a great way to try different designers without a huge investment!!! Love this!!!

Next up is Good Eats by dotcomkari. This page is just so much FUN!!! Love that background paper with the doodled burgers and those two colorized burgers just bring the page to life!!! Now, I am officially hungry!!!

Then there is Be by Bright Eyes. I love the soft tones of this page and that masked frame is perfect for that photo!!! On this cold winter’s day, I could really use that beach right about now!!!

My next find is Live With Intention by CindyB. I have to say I love pages with tons of journaling and this just fit the bill perfectly!!! The journaling is so heartfelt and resonated with me. Such a well-crafted page!!!

Last but not least we have The Soul That Lives Within by ScrapaholicSherry. What a wonderful use of color!!! This page just jumped out in the gallery!!! Love the vibrancy and the great message in the wordart!!!

Those are the picks for today. . .thanks for taking a look!!! I hope you get a chance to take a stroll through the galleries and find your own inspiration!!! Have a great day!!!

Finger Pointing – December 8th

December seems to be moving on at a fast pace!!! It seems between now and Christmas I have a lot of things going on. . .and most of them are not holiday-related!!! Afterall, it is 2020 and nothing seems normal this year!!! One of the maple trees in our yard has buds on it for crying out loud!!! But then again, the temperature is going to be entirely too warm for this time of year this week so I guess I can expect come January when I am assuming it will get colder and snowier that tree is going to be in for a rude awakening!!!
Before I get started on “stuff” today, I spent some time looking through the galleries and I have some layouts to share with you so here goes. . .

First, we have Frosted by kathie02. This layout brings to mind a walk through a snowy forest!!! Love how the photo is extended with the trees. And the framing with the use of whitespace builds on that snowy forest theme!!!

And how about Day 7 Redo a Layout | CHALLENGE by ritacica. It is no secret I love pet pages and I just found this one so delightful!!! Love the masked photo and how it is framed with the page title!!! Such a fun page!!!

Up next is Christmas Morn by Betty Jo. This reminds me of those old-time Christmas cards from my childhood. I love the blended photo and I especially appreciate the use of the doilies at the end of the snowy lane!!! Beautiful page!!!

Then there is Warmest Winter Wishes by Caro. What a wonderful holiday page. Let’s be clear, this just made me smile with those sweet photos. Love the slight tilt of the page and that sweet cluster. So cute!!!

The next one that caught my eye was Holiday Happiness by Tinci. What amazing cluster work on this beauty!!! I love the color choices here. The soft pinks and blues are balanced perfectly with the black and white photo!!! And I can always appreciate a subtle page border. This is exquisite!!!

Last, but not least we have Christmas Countdown by SweetChar. What a sweet page!!! I love how the photos seem to anchor the page with the sweet cluster and those trees are just perfect!!!

The galleries are full of fabulous pages and great ideas to spark your imagination and creativity!!! If you get a chance during these hectic times, sit down and take a stroll through your favorite galleries!!! This will be my last post for the year so here is hoping you have a Happy Holiday season and that 2021 will be much better than 2020!!!

Finger Pointing – November 26th

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you have a safe and fulfilling holiday. For me, this is my absolute favorite holiday and I refuse to let anything take my spirit away!!! This is the first Thanksgiving that I can remember it just being my dh and I. When we were first married, we would trek from his family to my family which was a good five hours away. When the girls came along, we continued that tradition for several years. It was always Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house and Christmas here. Until 16 years ago. . .Mom died the day before Thanksgiving. Even that Thanksgiving, the girls were with us. The very next year, we celebrated with a new son-in-law and a feast at our house. As I look back, that is a LOT of turkey!!! This year will be different. Gatherings for our family have been cancelled for both Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hope there will be many more holiday gatherings to come!!! We will come out of this!!! But this year, there will be a small feast for two. . .but it will be yummy as always and then there will be sports to watch and a nap to be taken – some traditions continue!!!

Now, before I go fix those rolls, I took a stroll through the galleries and here are my finds for today. . .

First, we have Up To Christmas… by Marleen. Isn’t this just delightful!!! So full of whimsy and I LOVE it!!! The simple design and that pop of red initially drew me in, then it just made me smile!!! So fun!!!

And how about Sweet Summer by RhondaB. As you may well know, I simply can’t resist pet pages!!! I love the bright, happy colors so maybe this is just what I needed to see on a cold, rainy November day!!! Love that photo too!!!

Then there is Some Bunny Special by Roxana. What a sweet page!!! The design lets the photo shine here!!! And I love the curled frame!!! That little bunny is the perfect touch!!! I think that muted brown and blues may just be my new favorite color combination!!!

Up next is Nostalgia by Grazyna. What a beautiful page!!! The brushwork just ties everything together so well, and the soft greens are so pretty!!! Each time I look at this page, I see something new and exciting!!!

Couldn’t pass up Grace & Gratitude by janik. First of all, the rich, warm colors are so pleasant!!! And I love the flow and connection between the photos and elements!!! What a wonderful design!!!

Last but not least we have Grateful For. . . by sbpoet. I am in total and complete awe of art journal pages. . .and this one spoke to me like no other today!!!

And those are my picks for the day. If you get a chance, take a glimpse through your favorite gallery and see what you can find!!!