Finger Pointing October 4th, 2023

I can not believe it is October already. A year ago I was running around with my head cut off right now planning for my wedding only days away. Now we are preparing for our first anniversary in a couple days on the 8th. It doesn’t seem possible. This year just flew by.  I look back at the memories made with my husband this past year and smile. I am truly blessed.

This week is going to be a busy one for me that is for sure. Not only is it of course my first wedding anniversary, but my son is graduating high school! which I am very excited about. Than as all us scrappers know this weekend is DSD! Which is something to be excited about! All the fun and games all the forms have planned! and not to mention the sales! who can avoid all the amazing things our designers have in store for us? does everyone have their wishlists ready? and their wallets? or maybe the hubby’s credit card…*hahaha* I won’t tell I promise!

No matter what, I truly hope each and every one of you scrappers out there have an amazing DSD this year. Have fun scrapping. Play some games! Learn some new things! Buy some new goodies for your collections! And make memories.

As for our picks for today boy do I have some goodies in store for you!

My first pick of the night comes from the Lilly Pad.

Sleep Mode by Ferdy

Sleep mode

I am loving this layout! I was drawn in by the clouds! Clouds have to be one of my favorite elements! Than the clusters and the cute elements.. followed up by the super duper cute photo! This layout is just super cute! Too adorable not to share with you all!

The second one of the night I found over at the Sweet Shoppe.  This one is by our very own Sheri

Gold Sunflower by SeattleSheri

I am always in Awe of Sheri’s work. Every freaking thing she does is a masterpiece! And I am also drawn to layouts where boy’s are the star of the show. Having a son, I often try to find inspiration in other’s work for my own scrapping. Sheri always makes the best boy pages and I draw a lot of inspiration from her!  I love how she can use flowers yet still make the page look manly! And I love how the sunflowers match the 17 balloons in the  photos! And I love the different facial close ups of her handsome son’s face! So well done.
For my third pick I traveled on over to Pickle Berry Pop where I found this beautiful layout
I love the soft colors. The layering. The sweet photo. The cute animals! The cluster with everything just so nicely tucked in! its just so well done and beautiful!
Last pick of the night comes from Oscraps
Beautiful - Love this Pic
I was drawn into this layout by the sweet little one in the blended photo! need I say more? How adorable! And a horse too? its like a two in one deal! I love the sweet cluster added and the title work! such a beautiful layout!
That’s all for me tonight everyone! Take care! Have a wonderful weekend scrapping for DSD! I hope you get a lot of Goodies in the sales! keep those memories alive!

Gallery Standouts September 27th, 2023

Kari here, can you believe another month has come and gone? It is almost the end of September already. This month has passed by way to quickly. This past week my son has been in town. It has been a blast spending quality time with him once again. Time goes by way to quickly. We have been told by the group home he is currently living in he is on track to graduate early this next month. His graduation date is set for the first week in October! I could not be more than proud! This is something we were told by doctors when he was little we may never see, as you see my son has multiple special needs. Yet here he is showing everyone and even graduating early! I am beaming with pride over here for him! Once he graduates he will soon be moved to another group home across state with more freedom, where he will get a fulltime job, his drivers license, and also be enrolled in college (he plans to go on to study mechanics). So excited to see what he does with his future! So some time in the next week or so , my husband and I will be taking the 3 hour drive to his group home to watch his graduation ceremony. It will be a great road trip which will double as a first annivesary getaway for us.

Now onto today’s gallery goodies

The first standout today comes from Oscraps. This is a gallery I haven’t visited in awhile. I always like to take a peek at galleries for ideas and this is one I often forget to check out! I was so happy to stubble upon it today. So much beautiful inspiration.

Incredibly nostalgic by Pam P

Incredibly nostalgic.jpg

I love the simplicity of this page and the use of white space. The threads really draw your eye into the sketched photo. It is so brilliantly done.


My second is from the Lillypad and is

092023AJ-WK4 by Another Amanda


I am a sucker for animal pages and this one just made me smile! I loved all the cute kitties! and the use so so many tags! What a fun page! And that kitty hiding in the blankets I mean how freaking cute is that? what isn’t to like about this page?

For my third layout I traveled on over to the Sweetest gallery on the web, The Sweet Shoppe.

Groovy by Stefanie


If you know anything about me, you know I am a hippy at heart. So naturally this layout grabbed my attention. I freaking loved every detail about it from the background paper to the smiles to the photos! It just made my hippy heart scream with joy inside!

Next we headed over to Ginger Scraps where I found this adorable layout about a petting zoo!

Petting Zoo by Princess Scraps 

Petting Zoo

I loved the bold colors and her cluster work! And of course the animals. Who doesn’t like adorable animal photos?

Last but not least tonight I made my way to Pickle Berry Pop where I fell in love with this layout

Fall by Zippyoh


Can you say WOWZER to that massive floral cluster? and the sweet blended photo! It screams fall! Such a beautiful layout! I love everything about it!

That’s all for tonight everyone! Take care! Stay safe! keep scrapping. I will see you around the galleries! until next month! Kari signing off!

Gallery Standouts for Sept 12th, 2023

And then suddenly in a blink of an eye it was September! Just last week it was in the high 90’s and even the 100’s here in Wisconsin! and now it seems that fall is here as we are experincing 60 degree days this week. So odd how that works! Yet I am welcoming the fall weather. I am looking forward to pulling out my jeans, boots and comfy sweaters.. and not to mention hoodies! Can’t wait to snuggle the dog on the couch under a warm blanket and sip on apple cider! I love the colors of fall here in my state. The bluffs are so beautiful! And my dog, Neelix, can’t get enough of the falling leaf buffet that mother nature provides for him!

My first find of the night comes from the Lilypad

I can by Roxana

I Can

I have been a long time stalker of Roxana’s work! everything she does is eye catching and down right amazing! (if you haven’t seen her gallery you should!). This one is no exception! I love her extraction here and how it sits upon the pencil so nicely and the colors used here! It is just so nicely done! And the stamp work… and stitching…There isn’t anything about this page that I don’t love!


For my next page I was searching the gallery at the Sweet Shoppe for inspriation when I stumbled upon this layout and just gasped!

Love This by Txcorey

Love This left

First of all that face! Can it be any cuter? I think not! and second of all the rich colors! I have to say the colors in a kit is what makes me buy it about 75% of the time. (the rest is the theme) And this kit is screaming buy me .. buy me ! to me! but than again I love a lot of Kristin Cronin Barrow’s kits.. she always has the most beautiful patterns and colors in all her kits! Anyways! I love the clusters the scrapper did on this page around the adorable cutie pie!

Next I made a little trip over to Pickle Berry Pop. Here I found this beauty

Tropicana by tizote59


I loved the photo of the sweet little girl making a goofy face! Life is too short not to be silly sometimes right? And I just love sunglasses photos! I loved the scrapper’s sweet clusters and how she scrapped in circle shapes! such a well done layout!


Last I traveled to Ginger Scraps. This is where I found my last layout for the night

Down Memory Lane by zanthia

Down Memory Lane

I loved the deep fall colors of this layout and the layering of patterned papers on top! The beautiful floral clusters framing the photo were a nice touch as well! and such a romantic beautiful photo! Just screams fall!

Well I hope everyone has a  great rest of their weeks! Keep filling those galleries with beautiful pages! I will see you later on this month! Kari signing out for now! Tata!!


Finger Pointing Aug 16th, 2023

Good August night, everyone. Kari here. Today, of all days, is kind of a weird day for me. Not only is it my mother’s 71st birthday. Yes happy birthday to her. (She is off celebrating with my father and my youngest daughter on the beach in Flordia on vacation).. but today would also be my 20th wedding anniversary if I did not divorce my first husband. For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a survivor of domestic abuse. My ex-husband was well not the best man. I lived in nearly 10 years of hell and the only thing I am thankful for in that marriage is my three beautiful children. Now every time August 16th comes around, I am thankful for getting out of that marriage. I am thankful for the strength I had to move on. For meeting my now, soulmate. For starting my life over. For you that are in that situation, I want you to know that there is hope. There is rainbow at the other side of that storm. Keep moving on. Get out as soon as you can. You can do it, And if you need someone to lean on I am always here to chat day or night. I am a good ear. I promise I will never judge.

Now onto the picks for tonight


My first pick tonight is called

Me & My Friends by: ydpuckett7




With the new Barbie movie that just came out this layout jumped right out at me in the Gallery and made me smile! I mean what girl isn’t a huge Barbie fan?? I am a huge fan of the pink .. the cute Barbie elements and the over all layout in general! It just screams fun!


My second pick of the night is by one of my favorite designers and scrappers:


One Story, Two Sides by: femke-sppp

    One story, two sides

    Not only am I head over heals GAGA over everything she creates! (trust me it is all drool worthy) but I also highly admire her as a scrapper as well! and this layout here is just perfection! I love her art journal style so much! and her use of neutral colors! It is my goal to be on her creative team one day


    My third layout brought a smile upon my face as I remember playing doctor with my grandfather as a child also.

    Dr. Hunter by shellbyj


    I love all the photos of sweet Hunter and his grandfather having a check up! What a heart warming page! Truly will be something great to look back on someday. He will one day cherish these memeories!


    Last one for night is

    Mates by Ozegirl


    I was drawn in by the wood background! I kinda have a thing for wood backgrounds! I also loved the torn paper! and the layers! The title work is right on point as well! And that lace! And I love that white and coralish background paper. So pretty!


    That’s all for me this month! I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of August! and I will see you again in September! Stay well and Scrap on! Kari signing out!

    Gallery Standouts May 25th, 2023

    Hello everyone!  Kari here, I can’t believe May is almost done already! Where has this month gone? School is almost out and my youngest is graduating Middle School (8th grade) next Monday and will be heading to High School next year! And I just found out that my special needs son is 2 credits short of graduating High School. (He is currently away from home in a group home across state). Which is super exciting because he is only a Junior! which means in the next few weeks he will be graduating early! Which is something no one ever expected him to do. (We were told when he was younger he would more likely never graduate or go to school till he was 24). I am so proud of him for all his hard work.

    How about you? Any big things happening in your life this month that you are looking forward to?

    While catching up on the Good Doctor tonight I had time to make my way around the Galleries and find tons of beautiful inspriation! I can not wait to share some of my favorites with you tonight

    The first one here comes from the Lily Pad

    Moment captured by Scrappydonna

    Moment captured

    This stunner jumped right out at me in the Gallery! I love the paper stacking and Gorgeous papers she chose! I am a massive fan of printed paper and I love how she chose one to be the star of the page and be her “background”. Not many do that these days. They stick to soilds or a white. I am also a massive fan of how she matted the photo and created that AMAZING cluster! Not to mention the ADORABLE photo! what isn’t there to like about this page? Seriously! I am saving it for scraplift later!

    My second layout choice tonight comes from Ginger Scraps Gallery

    Always You by  ysbgo


    I was drawn in by the design and color choice of this page! I lime green really popped in the gallery! and I am a huge fan of  the vertical design here! At closer look I couldn’t happen to smile at the freaking ADORABLE pup photos! Who doesn’t love a cute pupper?

    My third pick came from Pickleberrypop tonight

    Wildflower by robinoes66


    Like that of our first pick of the night I was drawn in by the patterned background! I am also very fond of the paper stack matting of the lovely couple! And Those flower clusters are most stunning if I don’t stay so myself!

    Next I headed over to the Sweetshoppe where I stumbled across this page.

    Sweet by SweetChar


    This page literally jumped right out at me in the gallery! The yellow color just screams Happy to me! I freaking love all the yellow in this layout and of course the other bright bold happy colors as well! The photos are super sweet and I LOVE how she did the journal. What a perfect page for this little cutie of a lad!


    Thank you for joining me tonight. I hope some of these layouts brought a smile to your face and a little inspriation to you for future scrapping! Keep on scrapping my friends! Until next time

    Have a great night!!! and end of May

    Finger Pointing – April 6th, 2023

    Good afternoon everyone! Kari here! What an eventful week I have had so far! I have been battling some nasty kidney stones and had unexpected surgery yesterday to kill those nasty buggers because they did not want to pass on their own so I am home recovering today. What better why to save me from the nasty boredom than to swing by all the beautiful galleries for some inspiration. And maybe even do a little bit of scrapping of my own.

    I came across quite a few amazing layouts while hitting the galleries tonight so here are a few of my picks of the day.


    First pick of the night is :

    Ya by marnel


    I found this beauty over at the Sweet Shoppe gallery! Look at that floral cluster! OMG isn’t she a beaut? I am adoring the soft pastel colors here and the use of the butterflies along with the beautiful photo of the young woman in the pretty dress! The whole layout is just so stunning! and makes my heart happy


    My second layout of the night is

    Kayla by triplejdesigns


    I love the mostly black and white colors here with a pop of color here and there! It just makes the whole layout really pop and come together! I adore the rich reds and oranges. I also love the uses of the messy brushes and those threads! Such a all around stunning layout.


    Third layout I headed over to Pickle Berry Pop where I found this adorable layout!

    My Boy by Glori2

    My Boy

    I mean how freaking adorable is this? I can’t get over how cute the photo is! I adore little men in sunglasses! And I love the pops of yellow! just makes me so happy! Yellow is such a happy go lucky color! And that winking smile button is too freaking adorable for words! Just love this whole layout!


    Last but not least tonight I chose a layout from Ginger Scraps

    Little Free Libraries by Glee

    Little Free Libraries

    This sweetheart has been a long time commented on my layouts at Ginger Scraps but I have to admit this is one of the first times I went stalking her gallery and I have to say I was not disappointed. It was full of wonderful creations! I love little libraries and we are blessed with my around my local community. This layout brought a smile to face seeing the different ones. I love the one shaped like the catapiller from the beloved children’s book! How adorable! Such a lovely page design too!

    I hope everyone has a blessed night. I am off to take some more pain medication, try to get some food in my stomach, watch some netflix with Neelix and maybe do some scrapping of  my own. Have a wonderful week and keep scrapping! until next time. Kari signing off!


    Gallery Standouts March 8th 2023

    Good Night everyone, Kari here. Can you believe it is March already? Seriously! Time is just flying by so quickly!

    It’s been quite crazy around here weather wise, Mother Nature is being a typical woman and can’t make up her mind weather wise! One week we get dumped on with 8 inches of icky eww white snowy mix of snow and ice and then the next week it is in the high 40’s and 50’s and feels like spring where here in Wisconsin it is nearly short weather! (lol). Crazy Mother Nature then changes her mind again and decides to cruse us right when we get use to the sunny days … another mix of snow. Yup! that is right tomorrow we are suppose to get another 8 inches at least and than more this weekend. Ugh! I was hoping for an early spring. I guess not.

    Well onto the picks for this wonderful March night, as I have an early morning ahead of me. I have orientation for my new job tomorrow and my first full day afterwards! Yippie skippie!

    The galleries were packed full of wonderful layouts to choose from today I had some tough pickings but here were my choices


    Year 5 by Scrapping with Liz

    Year 5

    This first amazing layout came from Liz at the Lilypad! I was drawn in by the super adorable cute photos! The whole page just brought a smile to my face and brought so much joy to me this evening.

    Spring by pixleyyy


    For My second layout of the night I traveled over to the Sweet Shoppe where I found this colorful explosion of happiness! I just loved the springy colors! And OMG look at those cute toesys! This page just screams happiness and sunshine! so well done!


    You & Me by Zippyoh

    you & me

    My third pick I found at Pickleberry Pop. I loved the pie chart template she chose for her design and that ADORABLE teddy bear paper! What great photos of the couple as well! and the floral clusters! Such a well put together and stunning page! I love the colors and stamps as well in this page.


    Kath, My Friend by Jill

    Kath, my Friend

    Last page was found at Ginger Scraps. Jill scrapped this beautiful page in honor of her friend Kath. I love the stamp work mixed with the messy paints and beautiful cluster framing her friend. Such a stunning page to honor such a treasured friend.

    That’s all for tonight everyone. I hope everyone has a blessed night and a wonderful rest of their weeks where ever life may take you! Take care and keep scrapping those memories! Kari signing off till next time.