Finger Pointing: Nov 9th, 2022

Kari here. How is everyone? It has been awhile since I last posted. Since than a lot has changed in my life, I became a Mrs. and got a new name! and gained a husband! We had been together 10 years but now that we are married it seems so unreal. I am still adjusting to life as a Mrs. and remembering to use my new last name. And of course coming up with a fancy way to sign it.

On top of everything else I start a new job tomorrow! Which I am super duper excited about! Going to be working part time at Sam’s Club. Since I got hurt last year at my old job, I had to quit my previous job earlier this year. (it was not an easy choice). Finding new work that worked with my restrictions wasn’t easy. But I am hoping I have found a good fit. To tell you the truth down deep I am a tad bit nervous!

I can not believe it is November already! Fall is here and all around me in Wisconsin the leaves have fallen off the trees. (which my dog Neelix loves!). He thinks the trees shake off their leaves just for him. A special crunchy buffet of color all over the ground just for him to scoop up and eat. But seriously I love this time of year! The beautiful colors, the weather not too warm nor to cold, the apple cider, boots, walks with loved ones and cuddling under warm blankets watching movies! Who could ask for anything more? What is your favorite fall activity?

Now on to my picks

My first pick of the night is that of

Just Because by AJM 

I am a huge fan of her work and this one is just perfect! I love the simple-ness of it and all the white space. It is so elegantly done. What isn’t there to love?

My second pick of the night screams autumn to me!

Autumn Splendor by mywisecrafts

I am so in love with this layout by Esther! The colors are just stunning and I love her use of the butterflies and vines.

this third pick blew me away. I found this beauty at Oscraps

Forbidden Seas by Adryane

I love the blend work here and the color choices reminds me of the ocean. And I love her how title work just seems to blend right into the image. Such amazing work!

My final pick for the night I traveled over the Pickle Berry Pop and found this masterpiece:

Busy Days by NHDesignz

I am a sucker for a bunch of paint and this one really grabbed at the messy paint heart strings. I mean just look at all that wonderful painty mess! And I love the photo flitter she chose also! What a great design!

That is all for tonight! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! Keep scrapping your memories! and take care! Until next time!

Kari signing off! ūüôā



Gallery Standouts June 22nd, 2022

Good Afternoon everyone!¬† Kari here! I hope it is a lot cooler where you all are than it is where I am at here in Wisconsin! the last few days it is has been unbearable in the high 90’s and I am literally sweating in places where sweat should not be! Very uncomfortable to say the least! Sticky icky ewww! as my son would put it! My poor service dog, Neelix, has been laying in front of the fan with his belly up in the air so the cool breeze will blow upon it cooling him off a bit! I am praying for cooler nights in the forecast later this week!

It has been a crazy month this month in our family, and I can not believe June has seemed to just fly by! Has it seemed like that to anyone else? In the past few weeks, the kids have finished up school for the year, started summer vacation, started summer school, gotten summer jobs, I turned OMG… 40!!…. my fiancee hit a Kamikaze crazed deer on the highway the other night who almost tried to kill him! (totaled the front of his new mustang..but that’s a story for another day)… and so much more!

Well enough rambling on from me. Onto the good stuff right? I had a blast searching the galleries tonight from some good old scrap inspration and came across some goodies for you all to enjoy, So here are my picks ,

The first one comes from one of my favorite all time galleries,  The Lily Pad.

Vintage Flowers by JenEm

I love the soft colors here in Jen’s beautiful cluster! and the butterfly is a simple but feminine touch! And all those paper strips are just brillentley done!


My second layout of the night comes from one of my all time scrap ideal’s Miss Trish.

It’s In a Book By MommaTrish


Trish is always so creative and this one is no different! Everything from the title to the design of this page grabbed my attention and drew me in! I have loved watching her adorable kids grow up over the years and I FREAKING LOVE the doodles and title work on this page! it is truly a work of art.


My third choice tonight is that of a designer from Pickle Berry Pop. I just love it when designers use products to create pages as well.


I love her use of blending here and the vertical design! The beautiful flowers give it that garden feel as well! and the title at an angle is a great touch.

My last one of the night tonight comes from the first gallery I really got into when I first started digital scrapbooking, Gingerscraps. I choose a person who is newer to digital scrapbooking as we all got to start somewhere! so welcome to the hobby! I hope you find the community welcoming!


I loved the photo of the cute little baby! and her design here! the off set framing is something I use often!and the colors were pretty as well!


Have a great night everyone! stay cool! Until next time! Enjoy searching those galleries !! and remember to leave comments to those who inspire you!


Kari signing off!

Gallery Standouts April 26th

Good afternoon everyone! Kari here,. I can not believe that we are almost done with April already! This year is going by quicker than I can blink. My son turns 16 in a few days and we are preparing for his birthday. It has been kinda a busy week. On top of that I found out I may be a grandma later this year! And I have been going to Physical Therapy and OT for my hand injury I received in Oct at work. (I was given a mighty electric shock!),

I hope you all are keeping busy and staying happy.

It is still very much winter here in Wisconsin. We get a few tastes of spring here and there, but mother nature always reminds us that we live in the Midwest and winter can last 6 months or more! *L* But I am impatiently waiting the spring flowers and warm weather to appear.

This first layout reminds me that spring is coming sooner or later. I love the use of the flower cluster on one side of the page and the soft pastels. I am also a huge fan of starburst papers. They just seem to draw in the eye!

Grow and Bloom by pjm117

This second layout I found in the Lilypad gallery and it just made me happy. Rainbows are all the craze now days and I love the double rainbow elements and the stacking of the rainbow background as well.

Hi by MishSpar

For the next layout I made my way over to the Sweet Shoppe, where I found this beauty.

One Year by Jaye

I am in love with the design here, the colors and the crown! Such a well done layout design,

My last and final layout for today is that of

Friends Forever by Bright Eyes

I found this stunner at Pickle Berry Pop. If you know me, you know I am a huge dog lover. The cute poochie on this page drew me right  in! I believe everyone needs a good fur-friend!


That is all for today folks! I hope these layouts gave you a little bit of scrap inspriation. Until next time, scrap happy and stay safe!


Gallery Standouts March 17th, 2022

Hello everyone! Kari here! Long time no see. Things have been crazy in my neck of the woods. I had a horrible accident at work back in October and I am still recovering from the lasting side effects, taking it one day at a time! But glad to get back into the scrapping community and spending time on the forms with my friends and scrap family once again.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day  to all those who are celebrating the holiday today around the Globe. Are you all wearing green or do I have to pinch ya?

Now onto today’s picks


My first pick of the day is :

 AnnaB Caged by my thoughts

I am just drawn to layouts that show emotion. This layout spoke to me in so many ways. With the hand-drawn girl with tears in her eyes to the cloud floating overhead and the splashes of bold color.  Sometimes you need no words to get your message across and this layout does just that.

For my second pick I headed over to the Sweet Shoppe and found this beauty among the gallery.


priority by alinalove

I have been an admirer of Alina’s work for awhile now and I just adore what she did here with Val’s new freebie at the Sweet Shoppe! The explosion of color to create the perfect bouquet with her photo tucked inside the cluster is just plain magical!

For my third pick I searched the gallery of Pickle Berry Pop.

Moments by Anna Santos

I love me a good art journal page and this one really stands out. I don’t know why maybe it is the splashes of orange? (which happens to be my favorite color?) or the scribbled face hiden within but this layout drew me in for a closer look and that had me loving every bit of it!

My final pick of the day I visited one of the very first galleries I ever posted at, Gingerscraps. It is here where I came across this layout that really stuck out in the gallery to me.

To the Moon and Back by maskyra

This mystically universe feel of this layout grabbed my attention. And when I zoomed in closer I couldn’t get over the cute sweet little one in the photos! I really love the border placed around the¬† layout and the stunning navy color mixed with the pops of yellows. It is really eye catching!

Those are my picks for today everyone! Have a great day filling your bellies full of green beer and cornbeef and cabbage! Until next time,


Finger Pointing- Oct 27th

Kari here, long time no see. I have been missing in action. A lot of busy things happening in my life. It is peak season at the photo studio in which I work. And a few weeks ago I was shocked by electricity while trying to change out some equipement at work! So my left hand has been “asleep” and basically out of use! I am waiting on an EMG from the hospital to see if their is nerve damage and until than my hand has been all braced up and basically useless, which really sucks because I am left handed! (sigh).


Today’s first pick is that of

We are Twins by Zotova

I love the colors of her design here and how she split the page into two. And flipped the image. Almost like a mirror. So well done.


Licking the Bowl by bkasko

Is my second pick of the night. How cute are these little ones? and come on who doesn’t love chocolate? I love her cluster work here and that title work is just amazing!

Right now We love by tanyiadeskins

Is my third pick of the night. I am so in love with this unique design! I LOVE how she used the tags. It just jumped right out at me in the gallery. It is on my future scrap-lift list that is for sure!


Flower Dream By Beth

Is my final pick tonight. I love the soft pastels and that super adorable photo she chose to highlight. Such amazing floral clusters as well.


Good night everyone until next time.


Finger Pointing- July 6th

Hello everyone, Kari here (Dotcomkari) with my first ever post here! I hope everyone is having a great start to their weeks.


I am a huge fan of messy and art journaling¬† My first pick of¬† the night is by cfile. I just love how she used Paula’s goodies to create this masterpiece of art. It almost looks like a real desk! (reminds me of¬† my desk at work actually). So well done!

Wax Seal by Cfile


My second choice of the night is by Bcnatty. I love the flow of her page with the trail of flowers and the butterfly. And the black and white photos makes all the elements just pop.


Escape by Bcnatty


My third choice is by tiramisu.¬† I just love it when designer’s scrap with their own products! This layout is beyond stunning. I love her blending and the use of the word art.¬† Makes me want to go on a beach vacation somewhere tropical.


Catch the Breeze by Tiramisu


My fourth pick tonight is by caro. I am loving all the layers in her massive cluster here! And what a super duper cute photo! That dripping honey is a super cute touch!

Cute As Can Bee by Caro


My final pick of the night is by caapmun. I adore this adorable layout! The cute bird elements along with the flowers just really stood out to my in the gallery. Love those hand drawn flowers and how she mirrored them in the layout. This layout just screams happy. And did I mention the smile on at cutie pie’s face?


Happy by Caapmun


That’s all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!! Take care everyone and enjoy time capturing memories with those you love.