Gallery Standouts for Sept 12th, 2023

And then suddenly in a blink of an eye it was September! Just last week it was in the high 90’s and even the 100’s here in Wisconsin! and now it seems that fall is here as we are experincing 60 degree days this week. So odd how that works! Yet I am welcoming the fall weather. I am looking forward to pulling out my jeans, boots and comfy sweaters.. and not to mention hoodies! Can’t wait to snuggle the dog on the couch under a warm blanket and sip on apple cider! I love the colors of fall here in my state. The bluffs are so beautiful! And my dog, Neelix, can’t get enough of the falling leaf buffet that mother nature provides for him!

My first find of the night comes from the Lilypad

I can by Roxana

I Can

I have been a long time stalker of Roxana’s work! everything she does is eye catching and down right amazing! (if you haven’t seen her gallery you should!). This one is no exception! I love her extraction here and how it sits upon the pencil so nicely and the colors used here! It is just so nicely done! And the stamp work… and stitching…There isn’t anything about this page that I don’t love!


For my next page I was searching the gallery at the Sweet Shoppe for inspriation when I stumbled upon this layout and just gasped!

Love This by Txcorey

Love This left

First of all that face! Can it be any cuter? I think not! and second of all the rich colors! I have to say the colors in a kit is what makes me buy it about 75% of the time. (the rest is the theme) And this kit is screaming buy me .. buy me ! to me! but than again I love a lot of Kristin Cronin Barrow’s kits.. she always has the most beautiful patterns and colors in all her kits! Anyways! I love the clusters the scrapper did on this page around the adorable cutie pie!

Next I made a little trip over to Pickle Berry Pop. Here I found this beauty

Tropicana by tizote59


I loved the photo of the sweet little girl making a goofy face! Life is too short not to be silly sometimes right? And I just love sunglasses photos! I loved the scrapper’s sweet clusters and how she scrapped in circle shapes! such a well done layout!


Last I traveled to Ginger Scraps. This is where I found my last layout for the night

Down Memory Lane by zanthia

Down Memory Lane

I loved the deep fall colors of this layout and the layering of patterned papers on top! The beautiful floral clusters framing the photo were a nice touch as well! and such a romantic beautiful photo! Just screams fall!

Well I hope everyone has a  great rest of their weeks! Keep filling those galleries with beautiful pages! I will see you later on this month! Kari signing out for now! Tata!!


Finger Pointing Aug 16th, 2023

Good August night, everyone. Kari here. Today, of all days, is kind of a weird day for me. Not only is it my mother’s 71st birthday. Yes happy birthday to her. (She is off celebrating with my father and my youngest daughter on the beach in Flordia on vacation).. but today would also be my 20th wedding anniversary if I did not divorce my first husband. For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a survivor of domestic abuse. My ex-husband was well not the best man. I lived in nearly 10 years of hell and the only thing I am thankful for in that marriage is my three beautiful children. Now every time August 16th comes around, I am thankful for getting out of that marriage. I am thankful for the strength I had to move on. For meeting my now, soulmate. For starting my life over. For you that are in that situation, I want you to know that there is hope. There is rainbow at the other side of that storm. Keep moving on. Get out as soon as you can. You can do it, And if you need someone to lean on I am always here to chat day or night. I am a good ear. I promise I will never judge.

Now onto the picks for tonight


My first pick tonight is called

Me & My Friends by: ydpuckett7




With the new Barbie movie that just came out this layout jumped right out at me in the Gallery and made me smile! I mean what girl isn’t a huge Barbie fan?? I am a huge fan of the pink .. the cute Barbie elements and the over all layout in general! It just screams fun!


My second pick of the night is by one of my favorite designers and scrappers:


One Story, Two Sides by: femke-sppp

    One story, two sides

    Not only am I head over heals GAGA over everything she creates! (trust me it is all drool worthy) but I also highly admire her as a scrapper as well! and this layout here is just perfection! I love her art journal style so much! and her use of neutral colors! It is my goal to be on her creative team one day


    My third layout brought a smile upon my face as I remember playing doctor with my grandfather as a child also.

    Dr. Hunter by shellbyj


    I love all the photos of sweet Hunter and his grandfather having a check up! What a heart warming page! Truly will be something great to look back on someday. He will one day cherish these memeories!


    Last one for night is

    Mates by Ozegirl


    I was drawn in by the wood background! I kinda have a thing for wood backgrounds! I also loved the torn paper! and the layers! The title work is right on point as well! And that lace! And I love that white and coralish background paper. So pretty!


    That’s all for me this month! I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of August! and I will see you again in September! Stay well and Scrap on! Kari signing out!