Finger Pointing ~ December 16

Good evening everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries tonight – I hope you enjoy them!!

Snow by Fu-mom

Isn’t this beautiful? This page immediately caught my eye in the gallery with its beautiful soft colours, restrained composition and all that white space! The little pops of pink in the photo draw the eye straight away and the super clustering adds a touch of movement to the page. Gorgeous work!

fu-mom - snow

My wish for 2014 by jacinda

This is such a lovely quote and I really like the dramatic black and yellow colour scheme jacinda chose to use here to illustrate her photos and showcase the quotation. Excellent composition and balance combined with super shadowing make this stunning page a standout for me!

jacinda - my wish for 2014

Moments to Remember by laluna

I just love the wonderful, heritage, collaged feel this page has – it feels like we are peeking into a snapshot of family life through the decades! All the eclectic elements add to the collage feel and help to reinforce the idea of collected memories.

laluna - moments to remember

Ho ho holiday by Margje

The galleries are awash with red and green Christmas pages so this one immediately stood out with it’s tropical colours and sunny feel! That lovely blue background paper helps create the sunny beach side feel and the sepia effect of the photo echoes the bronze colours in the elements and paper strip – it makes me want to be in Florida right now too!

margje - ho ho holiday

Peace Love Joy by sucali

And speaking of green and red Christmas pages – here’s a stunner that I found on my walk through the galleries! I really like the light and airy feel of the papers especially when combined with the more richly coloured photos, all the cut out stars are fabulous too!

sucali - peace love joy

Hopes Float by Tinkelbel

This page just makes me smile with its happy colours and lovely painted bits and pieces, I really like the combination of blended and painted pieces with the more three dimensional elements. Beautifully done!

tinkelbel - hopes float

Finger Pointing ~ July 14

Evening everyone, I hope you had had a wonderful weekend! The heatwave continues over here in the UK (I am sure many of you will think that 30 degrees C is not a heatwave at all but for my little rain-soaked corner of England it’s positively tropical!) and we have been making the most of the glorious weather while it lasts! I’m wrapping up my day of sunshine and paddling pools with a stroll through the galleries, here are my Sunday evening picks – I hope you enjoy them!

Mellow Yellow by MaryH

This is such a gorgeous summery page, the unusual choice of the grey background paper really makes the pops of yellow and red shine! Fabulous composition with the positioning of the big blended photo and the few scattered elements.

maryh - mellow yellow

Failure by jenn33199

There are some amazing layouts in the galleries today for this Digi Dare, this one really grabbed my attention in the gallery with the bold black and red colours and the juxtaposition of all the electric elements – I just had to look more closely and read the journalling!

jenn3199 - failure

Do What You Love by AnalogPaper

One thing I really love about writing for this blog is the range of styles and types of pages we can show off, here I’ve gone from soul-searching, deep-rooted anxieties to a joyful page full of positivity! I just love the big title, all the gorgeous elements and the layers, it makes me want to run off, rummage in craft supplies and make pink bunting!

analogpaper - do what you love

Reaching for the Top

I just love the whimsical feel this has, with the photographic extraction combined with all the elements, especially those circular path steps! It reminds me of one of those movies where animation is mixed in with the life action and it just makes me smile, a lot!

franlk - reaching for the top

I dreamt I could fly by amandaresende

This is another Digi Dare page, but with a very different feel! I wish I could read the journalling, I hope it’s as happy and serene as the page suggests to me! This is such a beautifully composed page and Amanda has handled the colours perfectly.

amandaresende - i dreamt i could fly

Firework by kym

Here’s another page that brought a big smile to my face! I love the candid feel of the photo and that happy little face caught in mid-jump, the simplicity of the composition really allows the photo to shine.

kyn - firework

Finger Pointing ~ June 30

Hello everyone! We have been making the most of the sunshine here today, I hope you have had a lovely weekend too! Here are my picks from the galleries tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

Yale by stefdesign

The combination of the big background photo and the huge brick “Y” is so striking and using the front face of the Y almost as a pinboard for all the extra photos is such a great touch! A fabulous, original page that made me do a double take at first wondering if the Y was a real part of the original photo!

stefdesign - yale


Mon quartier by krizomel

A lovely selection of photos here, I love the relaxed, everyday feel of the page and how krizomel used a limited colour palette to really make those photos shine!

krizomel - mon quartier


Achieve by cfalbro

Here’s another strong, powerful page that jumped out of the gallery at me! The big, bold alphabet is a great choice for this quote and all the little patriotic touches around the edges add to the emotional impact.

cfalbro - achieve


My Kid Has Muscles by Shannon Taylor

Ha, ha, isn’t this fun?! Super combination of the black and white photo with the comic style “muscle” image and a great choice of alphabet for the title too!

shannon taylor - mu kid has muscles


King of the Castle by Amson

I love the combination of the curled photo here on top of the sketched and painted background, along with the beautiful soft colours. All the techniques have been handled so beautifully to create this lovely, delicate page.

amson - king of the castle


Urban Exotic by alinalove

From a soft, muted colour palette to an explosion of exotic hues! I love the combination of the hot oranges and turquoises here and the glitter alphabet adds a great touch of shimmer and light to this beautiful summer page, I can almost feel the sunshine!

alinalove - urban exotic

Finger Pointing ~ 23rd June

Evening everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries today. It was an especially tough one tonight, there are so many great pages out there! I finally managed to narrow it down to my favourites, I hope you enjoy them too.

Duck Pond by bcgal00

I have a soft spot for ducks so this lovely page made me smile as soon as I saw it! Super blending work on the background and I really like how bcgal00 treated the edges of the page by layering elements and paint, creating a simple frame. The circular photo is a great little touch too.

bcgal00 - duck pond


My Boy by Racquels

Such a fun way to make the most of all the great triangle shapes, there’s a great balance here between the mix of patterned papers and photos, while the little arrows help to direct the eye around the page and create a great sense of movement.

racquels - my boy


Right Now by Katydid

Here’s a really light-hearted, fun set of photos! Along with the fun pics, I was really drawn to the beautiful use of colour here and how they add interest to the photos but don’t overwhelm them. A beautifully constructed page.

katydid - right now


Shops by zwyck

Isn’t this great? I LOVE the sketch effect zwyck applied to the huge background photos, the mixture of monochrome and colour sections helps to balance out the instagram style photos on the left. A line of journalling and a handful of elements anchor the layout at the bottom. Super stuff!

zwyck - shops


Seaside by KateD

Wonderful use of that gorgeous background paper, the band of lighter complementary colour behind the photos really makes them pop! The symmetry of the design is lovely too, especially all the repeating circles!

kated - seaside


dd by marnel

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Such a fun composition too, I love the lines across the page with all the eclectic bits and pieces hanging from them and the pretty scalloped edges acting as posts!

marnel - dd


Finger Pointing ~ June 16

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great weekend and a lovely Father’s Day! Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Our hero by y_baros

I thought I’d start with this lovely Dad inspired page seeing as it’s Father’s Day! Super set of fun photos here and wonderful use of colour – this kit could have been made for the photos!

y baros - our hero


Choose to Shine by digikiwichick

And here’s another example of superb colour use, this time to create a fresh, sun-filled page. Great use of all the gradient cards, frames and clusters to make this beautiful, girlie layout!

digikiwichick - choose to shine


Best Dad Ever @ Beach by Skippyherron

I was really drawn to the nautical feel of this page with all the neutrals, the spots and stripes and that fun anchor paper! The little arrows with the sentiments add such a great touch of fun to the page, super composition too!

skippyheron - best dad ever


Flights of Fancy by casbury

This just jumped out of the gallery at me! Super blending and brush work here, I find this so uplifting. If you click through to the original in the gallery you can read about casbury’s process in creating this page.

casbury - flights of fancy


Bubble Time by Marnel

I have a bit of a soft spot for bubble photos and pages, especially ones as fun as this! Super use of the circular cut out shapes in the foreground paper and all the other circular elements to echo the bubble theme!

marnel - bubble time


London by Monique1971

I hope to admit to a slight bias here, seeing as I was born in London and grew up in the home counties but this was another page that caught my eye in the gallery and called, “Pick me!”. I really like the contrast between the reds in the photos and the greens and blues of the background and the blending work here is fabulous – the more I look, the more details I find!

monique1971 - london

Finger Pointing ~ May 26

Hello scrappers, Kate here with Sunday’s gallery standouts! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Pow by twinsmomflor

This page really packs a punch! Super use of the sunburst paper, the half tone effect paint and the comic style doodles here to highlight and accentuate the colourful photo.

twinsmomflor - pow


balance by MarkoJanett

Such a soft, beautiful layout and super composition that’s just perfect for the “change” theme. Wonderful handling of the colour here to lead the eye around the page and lovely blending work too!

markojanett - balance


it’s your life by anna1972

I spent ages looking at this page studying all the layers and the blends, such a gorgeous, artsy, positive layout – I’d love this hung on my wall above my work desk to inspire me everyday!

anna1972 - its your life


Moving Cows by blkcow

I was drawn to the beautiful soft colours here and the widely different scales of the photos. Super colour handling with all the soft greens and blues combined with just the right amount of black in the doodles and edges to tie the photos and the rest of the page together.

blkcow - moving cows


Look! It’s Justin… by Keela

Hee hee! 🙂 This one made me and my daughter giggle! Great clean composition and clever use of two unrelated photos to help illustrate Keela’s son’s “Justin Beaver” moment! The little pile of sticks under the frame balances out the whole composition while the paint under the frame references the colours from the photos.

keela - justin beaver


schedule it daily by peaculiar

And here’s another one I’d like to hang on my wall! Beautiful composition and excellent use of colour again here, along with another positive message! Great use of the different fonts and alphas to draw the eye and all the white space gives that message impact.

peaculiar - schedule it daily

Finger Pointing ~ May 12

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Here are my picks from the galleries tonight, enjoy!

Today’s Outfit by sue.falstaff

Super simple composition here given life and a sense of rhythm by the placement of the photos, I love that the images are all similarly cropped in almost identical poses with the focus on the changing clothes.  An unusual choice of subject matter, and one that I think would be really fun to look back on a years to come!

sue flastaff - today's outfit


Be Inspired by oldvwblues

This is a gorgeous artsy, collage style page, all the pretty colours on the white background create such a light, fresh and uplifting feel here. The mish-mash of borders round the edges of the page really help to anchor the whole design.

oldvwblues - be inspired


Vertigo by dotcamkari

This is such a striking layout, the huge swirl with the twisting, turning, spinning journalling combined with the dramatic paint and the title almost pushed to the edge of the page by the maelstrom in the centre instantly create a sense of drama and loss of control which perfectly illustrates the misery of vertigo. I sincerely hope that dotcomkari finds some relief from the awful Meniere’s symptoms soon.

dotcomkari - vertigo


Picasso Once Said by Justagirlwithideas

I love this quote and Justagirlwithideas has combined it perfectly with all the painterly masks and paint splashes on this layout – the result is a gorgeous, arty, colourful page!

justagirlwithideas - picasso once said


One year old by Ulrikaulrika

I can’t read the journalling here but the letter like composition really caught my eye (along with those super cute baby photos!). The little touches of embellishment around the photos add just the perfect amount of detail to the page. Absolutely beautiful!

ulrikaulrika - one year old


Veggie Lovers by breeoxd

Such a fun mix of bits and pieces here, the sepia effect on the photos works perfectly with the vintage style seed cards and prints and I love the fun journalling about the veggie loving hounds!

breeoxd - veggie lovers