Finger Pointing ~ July 14

Evening everyone, I hope you had had a wonderful weekend! The heatwave continues over here in the UK (I am sure many of you will think that 30 degrees C is not a heatwave at all but for my little rain-soaked corner of England it’s positively tropical!) and we have been making the most of the glorious weather while it lasts! I’m wrapping up my day of sunshine and paddling pools with a stroll through the galleries, here are my Sunday evening picks – I hope you enjoy them!

Mellow Yellow by MaryH

This is such a gorgeous summery page, the unusual choice of the grey background paper really makes the pops of yellow and red shine! Fabulous composition with the positioning of the big blended photo and the few scattered elements.

maryh - mellow yellow

Failure by jenn33199

There are some amazing layouts in the galleries today for this Digi Dare, this one really grabbed my attention in the gallery with the bold black and red colours and the juxtaposition of all the electric elements – I just had to look more closely and read the journalling!

jenn3199 - failure

Do What You Love by AnalogPaper

One thing I really love about writing for this blog is the range of styles and types of pages we can show off, here I’ve gone from soul-searching, deep-rooted anxieties to a joyful page full of positivity! I just love the big title, all the gorgeous elements and the layers, it makes me want to run off, rummage in craft supplies and make pink bunting!

analogpaper - do what you love

Reaching for the Top

I just love the whimsical feel this has, with the photographic extraction combined with all the elements, especially those circular path steps! It reminds me of one of those movies where animation is mixed in with the life action and it just makes me smile, a lot!

franlk - reaching for the top

I dreamt I could fly by amandaresende

This is another Digi Dare page, but with a very different feel! I wish I could read the journalling, I hope it’s as happy and serene as the page suggests to me! This is such a beautifully composed page and Amanda has handled the colours perfectly.

amandaresende - i dreamt i could fly

Firework by kym

Here’s another page that brought a big smile to my face! I love the candid feel of the photo and that happy little face caught in mid-jump, the simplicity of the composition really allows the photo to shine.

kyn - firework

Finger Pointing ~ June 30

Hello everyone! We have been making the most of the sunshine here today, I hope you have had a lovely weekend too! Here are my picks from the galleries tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

Yale by stefdesign

The combination of the big background photo and the huge brick “Y” is so striking and using the front face of the Y almost as a pinboard for all the extra photos is such a great touch! A fabulous, original page that made me do a double take at first wondering if the Y was a real part of the original photo!

stefdesign - yale


Mon quartier by krizomel

A lovely selection of photos here, I love the relaxed, everyday feel of the page and how krizomel used a limited colour palette to really make those photos shine!

krizomel - mon quartier


Achieve by cfalbro

Here’s another strong, powerful page that jumped out of the gallery at me! The big, bold alphabet is a great choice for this quote and all the little patriotic touches around the edges add to the emotional impact.

cfalbro - achieve


My Kid Has Muscles by Shannon Taylor

Ha, ha, isn’t this fun?! Super combination of the black and white photo with the comic style “muscle” image and a great choice of alphabet for the title too!

shannon taylor - mu kid has muscles


King of the Castle by Amson

I love the combination of the curled photo here on top of the sketched and painted background, along with the beautiful soft colours. All the techniques have been handled so beautifully to create this lovely, delicate page.

amson - king of the castle


Urban Exotic by alinalove

From a soft, muted colour palette to an explosion of exotic hues! I love the combination of the hot oranges and turquoises here and the glitter alphabet adds a great touch of shimmer and light to this beautiful summer page, I can almost feel the sunshine!

alinalove - urban exotic