Finger Pointing ~ April 28

Hi everyone! I hope you are making the most of the last few hours of your weekend, we have had a crazily busy day today so I am enjoying relaxing with a lovely cup of tea and the galleries for company! Here are my picks tonight, I hope you enjoy them.

Boys by AmieN1

A super “boy” page! The use of the repeated photo is really well done and creates a lovely flow down the page, great use of all the circles and the paint splat at the bottom to balance the composition too.

amien1 - boys


The Time to Relax by stevens89

Aahhhhh, and breathe….. Doesn’t this just make you want to chill out, grab a nice cool drink and go and join them on their picnic?! I love the fabulous sense of calm and contentment this page has with the simple colour scheme and minimal embellishment. Beautiful work!

stevens89 - time to relax


Mail Art postcard 1 by bockel24

This is really fun, it reminds of school class photos where everyone is told to sit with their hands in their lap and you always get a great mix of funny faces being pulled as the camera snaps! Super fun colours and quirky bits and pieces here, I would LOVE to receive a postcard like this in the post, it would really make my day!

bockel24 - mail art postcard


Favourite musicians by Digikiwichick

The blocked composition and bold colours really caught my eye in the gallery, then as soon as I saw Adam Levine and Olly Murs I was hooked, ha ha! Great composition and colours and I love the fact that this page is a little snapshot of Digikiwichick’s favourites at this moment, I always think these types of pages will be wonderful to look back on in a few years and reminisce about old favourites.

digikiwichick - favourite musicians


Good Friends by mymalloryboys

Super photo treatment here to tone the pictures in with the colours of the frames and elements, I love the almost magical feel this has with the paint and light flares. Very touching journalling too!

mymalloryboys - good friends

Toria by AmberR

I always enjoy Amber’s mix of superb blending and masking work with her use of shadowed elements, the juxtaposition is really striking! This page is no exception, it’s handled so well and the balance is fabulous.

amberr - toria

Finger Pointing ~ April 21

Good evening everyone, I hope you are enjoying the last few hours of your weekend! Well, I can honestly today that today’s post was one of the hardest ones I have ever written, there were SO many layouts I wanted to include, the galleries were overflowing with standouts! I finally managed to narrow down my choices, I hope you enjoy them.

Equal Rights by sbpoet

There is something so very powerful about this page, it stopped me in my tracks whilst I was browsing the galleries. Maybe it’s the unlikely combination of brushwork, art noveau inspired art and contemporary photos that gives it that almost haunting quality. Great diagonal composition top left to bottom right (and echoed again top right to bottom left!) and super use of light around the main figure.

equal rights - sbpoet


life is good by krizomel

A beautifully crisp and clean page, the colours work perfectly with the photographs and the hexagonal frame is an unexpected, fun little touch!

krizomel - life is good


Slippery Fish by MNPeas

Super journalling here about this song that has been part of MNPeas’ motherhood for a long time now. I love the little pieces of kid’s artwork included in amongst the photos and the waves here, such a lovely little moment of childhood captured and recorded.

slippery fish - mnpeas


This Is Perfection by askings03

Isn’t this beautiful? So pretty, delicate and beautifully balanced – an utterly gorgeous page!

this is perfection - askings03

iPhone5 by peaculiar

As someone who has just become a smartphone user I had a little giggle to myself as I read the journalling on this page, all the while nodding along! I love that peaculiar decided to scrap this change in her photography habits and managed to capture more everyday moments as a result of that change. Long live the smartphone camera!

iphone 5 - peaculiar


if only by Cassie Jones

This is a really unusual take on the “funny things kids say” type of page, I love how Cassie has presented her journalling and arranged it in the negative space between the beautifully shadowed title and that super silhouette. Perfectly done!

if only - cassie jones

Finger Pointing ~ April 14

Good evening everyone! Spring is starting to show its face here in the UK at long last, we have been out and about enjoying the fresh air (and a bit of rain!!) today and now I’m rounding off the day with a lovely hot cup of tea and a leisurely stroll through the galleries – ahhh, bliss! I hope you have had a lovely weekend and that you enjoy my picks!

Project Life Week 14 by Delisak

This is the left side of a double page Project Life spread (you can see the right side here). I love the unusual PL composition with all the small squares rather than the usual mixture of 6×4 and 3×4 rectangles! The double page spread gives a super overview of their fabulous vacation and the use of colour to tie the pages and photos together is great!

delisak - project life 14


if i had wings by roxana

The big bold fairy stamp and the use of paint really caught my eye on this page!  I can almost imagine roxana getting her fingers dirty layering up all the papers, inks and paints! Thankfully there’s no mess to clean up with the digital version 🙂

roxana - if i had wings

hello sunshine by marnel

This is such a striking page, it really jumped out at me as I was browsing the gallery, the use of the frames and the almost symmetrical composition is really eyecatching! Super processing on the photo and lots of little details finish the page off perfectly.

marnel - hello sunshine


Phantom shadows by Jeanet

What an emotional, atmospheric layout this is, the misting round the wings and the elongated shadow are beautifully done. I spent a long time just looking at this one and soaking in the atmosphere.

jeanet - phantom shadows


Crazy kids by Digikiwichick

I bet they all had a lot of fun on this photoshoot! I love the super silly photos, great choice of background paper and some lovely colour pops in the stitching and elements along with the sense of movement and direction created by all those arrows!

digikiwichick - crazy kids


Keep going by renee82

Wow. Isn’t this fabulous? Super use of the big photo (and great recolouring!), the huge title and the half tone pattern here to create a dramatic, eye-catching page!

renee82 - keep going

Finger Pointing ~ March 27th

Evening everyone! In contrast to Cynthia’s introduction yesterday, spring is most definitely NOT on it’s way here in Northwest England – the snow has been falling again today, bbbbrrr! Whatever the weather where you are, I hope you enjoy my picks from the galleries today!

Big Ideas by Jacqueline

I just love this colourful mishmash of imagery and collage pieces, using a colour and monotone version of the photo works really well here too!

jacqueline - big ideas

Big Boy by Giane Designer

There’s such a great flow across this page with all those circular cut outs revealing the bright colours underneath and the photos positioned at either end (and what a cute photo it is too!) The use of the bright colours against the black and white is really eye-catching along with the scalloped edges on the black paper echoing the cut out circles. Fabulous stuff!

giane designer - big boy

Now That He’s Mobile… by sporte91

And here’s another super cute photo! Doesn’t he look really proud of his new found mobility?! This is such a beautifully balanced page with superbly handled colours, the little pops of orange in the paper strips and date tag echo the hints of yellow and orange in the photo.

sporte91 = now that he's mobile

Super Powers!!! by MrsPeel

Here’s another striking page that jumped out of the gallery at me! I love the eclectic mix of comic book icons, paper pieces and painted elements here and of course, that super power would come in pretty handy too!

mrspeel - super powers

This is Why by tracermajig

If you visit this page over in the Designer Digitals gallery you can read the journalling more clearly, this is a lovely introduction to Tracermajig’s 2012 album and really encapsulates the reason that many of us scrapbook.

tracermajig - this is why

Julia by Jen D

The simple, muted colour scheme here really allows these beautiful photos to shine! The simple composition also places the viewer’s attention firmly on the lovely photos.

jen d - julia

Finger Pointing ~ March 18

Hello everyone, Kate here with a Monday evening look at the galleries! Let’s kick off the new week with my picks, I hope you enjoy them!

fishing day by MamaBee

This page jumped out of the gallery as I was browsing this evening with it’s mix of fabulous frames and the orange / green colour scheme. The mixture of frames, black and white photographs and patchwork style background help create a vintage and classic feel, while the soft oranges and greens add a touch of more modern colour. Super composition and paper piecing too!

mamabee - fishing day

I am STRONG by ~*Amie*~

Isn’t this striking and oh so powerful? Such a super use of the strong colours here combined with great composition, wow.

amie - i am strong

Out in Nature by kim21673

Here’s another example of good composition in action, I love how the placement of the photo and element cluster really creates a feeling that these boys are about to walk out of the page and off on their adventure! Super choice of elements and great use of white space here too.

kim21673 - out in nature

Wizard of Oz by Digikiwichick

This is such fun! I love all the journalling and bright, cute elements on the grey background. Lovely, positive journalling here too. This makes me want to go and watch the movie all over again (for about the millionth time!)

digikiwichick - wizard of oz

this moment by scrappurple

The repetition of all the circular elements here (doilies, confetti, flowers, buttons etc) is really effective and creates a lovely flow around the page. Such pretty, fresh colours too!

rappurple - this moment

seeking sunshine by misfitinmn

I can sympathise with this, I’m desperately seeking sunshine at the moment too (come on Spring, I know you’re out there somewhere!) The cluster of primary colours against that super background paper adds to the drama of the page, here’s hoping we both see some spring sunshine soon!

misfitinmn - seeking sunshine

Finger Pointing – March 4

Hey everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them 🙂

BFFlunch by yellowpeep

Oh my, giant multi-coloured polkadots, yum! This page certainly jumped out of the gallery at me with all it’s happy, cheery colours! Super composition and I love the eclectic mix of retro patterns, embroidered bits and pieces, scribbles and vintage paper pieces all thrown in together. Super use of the journal card just placed on the side of page and creating a visual triangle with the two rectangular photo frames.

yellowpeep bfflunch

Me & Timmy by d2vasquez

What a super composition again in this page, the blocked design on the right is cleverly balanced with the title text, the full stops referencing the black polka-dotted paper at the top. Great use of limited colour pops to add balance and life to the page too.

d2vasquez - me and timmy

I Am Just Me by chocochoco

We’ve had big polkadots, now it’s time for some big stripes! I love the layered washi-tape feel to the background here and how the journalling is placed along one of the stripes and the title layered over the top. The photo cropped by the edge of the frame adds a candid feel to the page, as if we’re just catching a glimpse of something more.

chocochoco - i am just me

Rise and Shine by criostirado

This page has an almost stained glass feel to it, the colours are so vibrant and luminous! A super mix of painted papers and more three dimensional elements at the bottom here, I’d love a mug with this design on – I’m sure that would help me start the day with a smile on my face!

criostirado - rise and shine

Perfectly Imperfect by Mary H

From a riot of colour and expression, to a more subdued, self-contained layout this time. The soft muted colours and the photo processing help to create the feeling of a perfect, peaceful little moment.

mary h - perfectly inperfect

Rainy Days by JenEm

Such an evocative layout! The use of the big, moody photo as a background is perfectly judged, with just a little additional paint and splatter around the cluster, and of course those lovely glistening raindrops! Super colouring on the titlework adds just a touch of colour, hinting at the possible rainbow to come.

jenem - rainy days


Finger Pointing ~ February 20

Evening everyone, Kate here with a midweek stroll through the galleries! Here are my picks today, I hope you enjoy them!

hello by mummyd

I love the depth, the shadowing, the happy photos, the composition and all the layers of elements here, all topped off with the layered faux frame background papers. Such a super, eye-catching layout, I want to reach out and pick that ribbon bow from the page!

hello by mummyd

No Technology by annaaspnes

I have to admit, I came out in a cold sweat just thinking about having a technology break! (I guess that means I could really do with one!) Superb blending and brushwork here, but it was the use of the muted tones along with the splashes of brighter yellow and pink that really caught my eye.

No Technology by annaaspnes

Squeeze by fonnetta

Bright, happy and FUN! Such great use of colour and pattern here, the black and white chevrons echo Tigger’s stripes, the touches of red balance his orange fur while the pops of blue and black throughout add cohesiveness to the page.

Squeeze by fonetta

Don’t Stop by heathergw

Oh my. I can really relate to this journalling, I want to print this off and hang it over my desk (or maybe my fridge?!) to inspire me! I love the artsy, inky feel this has, the journalling in the circles is a fabulous touch and echoes the cycle wheels, flowers and other circular elements on the page.

Don't Stop by heathergw

Daydreamer by domad

What a fun photograph! This page jumped out of the gallery at me with its fresh, clean colours and fabulously balanced composition.

Daydreamer by domad

Escape to Tuscany (in Florida) by jaye

Another page with super blending and brush work and I love the postcard like cluster in the bottom corner, this page screams “summer holiday!” – I can almost smell the geraniums and feel the sun on my back!

Escape to Tuscany by jaye