Finger Pointing – August 6

Heyy, everyone! Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve got somewhat of an unusual post for you all today. Unusual in that I have waaaayy more layouts than the typical six that I am required to post. Truly, there was such an abundance of inspiring layouts in the galleries that I just couldn’t help myself. I was having such a hard time narrowing my choices that I simply gave up and decided that I was just gonna post them all. And heck, all rules out the window, I’ve even got repeat artists. LOL! All I ask is that you don’t tell my boss, okay? And I’ll cross my fingers that she’ll be wholly distracted by all of the gorgeousness that I’ve posted and won’t even notice! ;P ;P

Oh, and because I have pointed to so many, I’m just going to let the works of art speak for themselves, i.e. I won’t be commenting on each individual layout like I typically do. So, here we go!

You by louso

Surf adventure! by Loulou31

PL2017 Week 25 by Lizzit5

You’ll never walk alone by Madi

Summer by marijke

19 Captures by JenEM

Smile today by louso

A dog’s life by margje

Sacrifice by frani_54

the story of Berlin by madi

Adore by zwyck

Watch Me Soar by frani_54

I seriously hope that you all now have inspiration overload! LOL! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon. Have a truly blessed week! XXOO

Finger Pointing – July 30

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this gorgeous Sunday with today’s Gallery Standouts! I spent quite a bit of time in the galleries this morning, and am really satisfied with the six that I ended up with. My hope is that you adore them as much as I do. =]

Starting us off this sunny afternoon is this AMAZING work of art titled The Hat by Applechick. I seriously LOVE the design here! The “blocking” with the varying sizes creates so much visual interest, and I LoOoovVvve that muted palette! The images are pretty stellar, too, especially the one in the lower right hand corner, I absolutely ADORE that one! Such a wonderful capture!

I absolutely adore the monochromatic feel in Lizziet5s Imagine! The muted tones with the subtle pops of color is nothing short of gorgeous! I love the somewhat split design, too, and the mix of patterns in the accent papers add such a wonderful touch to that AMAZING capture!

Up next is this super delightful art work titled Water Play by lkdavis. The masking and blending in the background image(s) is so masterful! All the images are absolutely wonderful and portray the perfect day spent with family and/or friends. The title and vertical text really works well against the muted tones in the color palette.

I always love a well put together Project Life layout and this one by Mrivas titled 2017 Week 28 really foots the bill!  Of course I adore the classic pocket style that is portrayed here, but what really caught my eye was those AMAZING images! I LOVE that the layout artist has combined both color images and black and white images! And even though I am not a huge fan of orange, I super duper LOVE it here! All the text really adds to the overall perfection of this phenomenal layout!

I so fell in love with this next work of art, a gorgeous art journaling page titled believe in yourself by Rollinchen. That art journaling doll is just so sweet, and I so agree with the sentiment … “It doesn’t matter what other people think … believe in yourself!”

Rounding out my choices this afternoon is this traditional-like layout by Corrink titled in the clouds. Really love the traditional feel and the blocking in the design! The images are absolutely spectacular, and those blues! Soooo GORGEOUS!

And that’s a wrap for me this week! I hope that you’ve enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! XXOO

P.S. Here’s a “bonus” layout for you all by ElizabethW titled Not Pictured because, well … who can pass up a fabulous photo-less layout that documents an entire month!

Finger Pointing – July 26

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Katherine here with today’s round of GORGEOUS Standouts! It was really nice making my way through all the wonderful galleries today, such a nice distraction from all the cRaZy busy that life is right now, however, it took quite a bit of resolve but I finally managed to narrow my choices to the required six, I could have easily chosen a dozen more! Seriously, at least a dozen more! I really hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off on this beautiful summer day is this STUNNER by sucali, appropriately titled Scenic Route. The minimalistic approach here is just stunning, and soooo perfect for that incredible photo! Seriously. that. photo. The tones in it are just breathtaking! And I love the paper choices that the layout artist has selected to accent it, too! That little car is pretty adorable as well!

I really adore the delicate palette in this next Standout titled The best moment by clindoeil. The muted tones are so lovely here! And those images are absolutely delightful, the creative processing is just amazing! All the stitching provides just the right touch, too.

I kinda went head over heels for zlemons‘ Old Flames when I happened upon it in the gallery! There is just so much to like here! The design with all the circles, the gorgeous tonal palette with the pops of color, all the sketchy grungey goodness, literally everything. A girl could spend quite a bit of time looking this beauty over and find something new to feast on every single minute!

Up next is this beauty titled Dungeness by profolly. Truly, this is one of those works of art that should be hanging in a gallery somewhere, like the gallery in my living room! LOL! Seriously though. This reminds me so much of an oil painting. I LOVE the textures that the artist achieved here! The masking and blending is all pretty stellar, too!

Next I have this super adorable art journaling layout by mcurtt titled Creative. love Love LOVE that art journaling doll, she is so stinking CUTE! Love the placement of “Please Notice This,” really grabs your attention (it did mine anyway). The greens and blues are so delicious together, and that message is pure perfection … “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” … nothing but truth!

Wrapping up my choices today is another art journaling layout, this one by Staciahall is titled Don’t Try to Fit In. Now, while I absolutely ADORE all the creativity here, the gorgeous reds and greens with the whites and blacks, all those gorgeous brushes, it was the journaling that held me captive to this work of art. Seriously. You all need to read it. Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t. =)

And that’s a wrap for me! I really hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Blessings to all of you! XO

Finger Pointing – June 12

Hello, everyone and happy HOT Monday! I spent quite a bit of time in the galleries this evening trying to narrow my choices, I swear it gets harder and harder every time I do this! LOL! Anyway, I hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off on this super muggy evening is this STUNNER titled Friends by the very talented zwyck. I so adore everything that the layout artist has done here! From that spectacular capture, to the gorgeous processing, the masking/blending, the monochromatic color palette, right down to that brilliant pop of color, all of it really makes for a spectacular Standout!

I really loved the journaling in this next Standout by beehive50 titled right here, the whole experience is so beautifully expressed. I love the overall design, and the tonal palette, too. And the selfie, priceless!

Next up is this beauty titled Shattering by DanielleS83. Such a gorgeous work of art, seriously! GORGEOUS! This is one of those layouts that needs to be hanging in a frame somewhere prominent where everyone can enjoy its beauty!

I fell head over heels for the fun happy feel in this next Standout by myssp titled Summer Fun. The circular design is absolutely brilliant, and all that gorgeous color is so delightful to the senses! The layout artist’s layering and clustering is pretty stellar, too!

I can’t tell if this next Standout titled 2017 week 18, left side and right side by Lynnette is digital or hybrid, but either way, I absolutely LOVE them! I really adore the black and white images mixed in with the color images. The names of the days of the weeks laid over the photos are so perfect, too! Such a beautiful Project Life spread!

Rounding out my choices this evening is this phenomenal work of art by misslovescraps titled If you search hard enough. The creativity here is just amazing! Truly, AMAZING! Another beauty that should be destined for a frame and hung where others can enjoy it.

And that’s a wrap for me! I truly hope you been inspired by my choices! See you all in the galleries again real soon! Have a FABULOUS week! xxoo

Finger Pointing – June 4

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of FABULOUS Standouts! I hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off on this gorgeous Sunday is this beauty titled look at you by amandaresende. I absolutely adore the design here with all the circles. All the different patterns really creates a lot of visual interest! I LOVE how Amanda journaled right over that adorable black and white image, too!

I really couldn’t help but stop and stare over this next Standout by mcurtt titled (given by me) art PAINT CREATE. The artistry here is just amazing! LOVE all the different colors here, and those images are pretty stinking stellar!

I fell head over heels for Janedees’ Nesting. Really love the design here, and the color palette really accents those fabulous images! All the brush work is pretty amazing, too!

Next up is this lovely layout titled Anna Color by jodegaard. Like the layout above, I really LOVE the design here! The masking is gorgeous, and the tonal palette really lends to the overall beauty here.

Next up is this STUNNER by margje titled Dream of times. The artistry here is just incredible! Absolutely ADORE the processing on the image and how it spills out of the frame. The masking/blending is superb, and I love the monochrome palette!

Rounding out my choices this evening is this ever so ADORABLE layout titled Beach by NAdams. LOVE the HUGE image, and the out of bounds/spill over is so brilliantly clever and creative! Love all the brush work, and the mixed media sun is perfect here.

And that’s a wrap for me! Hoping you all have a wonderful week! See you in the galleries again real soon! xxoo

Finger Pointing – May 28

Hi, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of AMAZING standouts! Being able to spend time in the galleries this evening was such a nice distraction from all the crazy busy from this holiday weekend. Inspiration abounded! My favorite six-ish were these:

Starting us off tonight is this delightful photo-less work of art titled Artful Marks by Traumelfe. I absolutely adore what the layout artist has done here. The grunge-y painterly feel is just splendid, and I so love the pinks, yellows and greens together, really makes for a striking color combination!

I had a tremendously difficult time choosing between these next two Standouts and decided to point to them both! This first one by Barbara Houston is titled Soul Shining Stuff. The design here is just amazing! The placement of the mixed media sun and the daisy is just brilliant!

This second one titled Summer Adventure by zlemon is an absolute STUNNER! The image is so breathtaking, and like the layout above, placement of the mixed media sun is absolutely brilliant! The masking is flawless, and I love the romantic feel the text lends to the overall layout.

Just like the previous two layouts, I had a terribly difficult time choosing between these next two art journaling layouts and ended up choosing both. Both were created by the ever so talented patsyt and the first one is titled If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is, and the second one, She Was Free. Both are just so gorgeous! Love all the grunge-y everything! LOL!

Next I have this beauty by jwalls 39 titled HARD TIMES. I really love how the layout artist opened her journaling by talking about scrapbooking not having to always be about “the good … the great and the best,” I think we forget about that sometimes, and this is such a powerful reminder of just that. I really love the raw emotion here, too.

Up next is this fabulous photo-less layout titled Moving by lovemuffin. Such a wonderful way to document this adventure. Love the little cityscape, and all the grunge-y-ness, too!

To wrap my post up I will leave you with this very powerful tribute titled Manchester by Applechick. “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion, people must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Fingerpointing – May 24

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Katherine here with today’s round of GORGEOUS Standouts! After having made my way through all the wonderful galleries I finally managed to narrow my choices to the required six, I could have easily chosen a dozen more! Seriously, at least a dozen more! I hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off is this beauty titled  Vacation Memories by a very talented Mielz. The masking/blending/extraction (it’s hard to tell which was used, maybe a combination?) is absolutely stellar! Love the perspective of the image and how it plays with the title, makes it appear as though she were looking back on her memories. The pops of red contrast so beautifully against that tonal background, and I love the paint and text!

Next up is this darling layout by Amandaressende titled happy day. I really love the split-like design here and how well everything has been balanced! Love the pinks and reds with the orange, and those photos are so adorable!

I fell head over heels for this next Standout titled Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors by Miki. If I didn’t know that this was a digital artwork, I’d swear it was painted. Such a gorgeous work of art! LOVE the image, and the blending and masking is absolutely flawless! I so hope the artist frames this and hangs it on a wall somewhere where it can be enjoyed by everyone!

Up next is this super adorable layout by Breeoxd titled Achievement: Unlocked. I so adore the blocked design here! The contrasting color palette and all the text creates a TON of visual interest, and that capture is absolutely priceless (I have a similar capture of my oldest granddaughter when she was one and had just learned how to open the doors! LOL!).

Next I have this very striking Project Life layout appropriately titled PL2017 Week 13 by Lizziet5. While I soooo LOVE Project Life layouts and the “simplicity” of the concept behind the style, I have yet to attempt a Project Life project … layouts like this remind me that I really need to get my fanny in gear and START! LOL! Absolutely LOVE how striking this is! All the journaling cards are paired so well with the gorgeous images, to frame everything with the border all around is brilliant!

In wrapping up my post I give you this STUNNER by KarenW titled Dark and moody. The creativity here is just amazing! I absolutely LOVE every little inch here! And like Mikis’ ‘Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors’ above, I hope the digital artist frames this and hangs it on a wall somewhere where it can be enjoyed by everyone!

And with that I’ll bid you all a wonderful day! I hope you’ve found inspiration in my choices! See you all in the galleries again real soon! Have a FABULOUS rest of the week!