Finger Pointing – November 11th

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great weekend with family and friends. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts. Here are my top six for today.

Captured by OKate
Wonderfully captured moment together. Although this is a scrap lift page, this is equally beautiful and the photo is worth scrapping for posterity. Love the clean and crisp design as well as the paper used with all the elements here. So simple yet stunning!

Us by mrsashbaugh
This looks like a traditional scrapbook page. Love the patterned paper strips and arrangements. Not to mention the wonderful photo treatment that goes well with the entire page. Great work on the shadows and cluster work.

While I breathe, I hope by lacy
Stunning! Great blending, the light coming from behind the cardinal creates a great effect. I’m speechless!

While I breathe, I hope – Gather in Peace by Madi
Love how she did her journaling around the whole page, it flows perfectly. The composition is amazing! Love the vibrant colors and overall creativity here.

Holiday Ornaments by Dawnmarch
Great hybrid work! It looks amazing with tassles and beads, simple yet elegant.

Thank you for taking the time to cruise with me. I hope you get inspired with the pages I picked for today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing – Oct 14th

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the weekend. My favorite season in Japan is finally here! I love Autumn so much and I miss Tokyo now. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts.

Here are my top six for today.

Love what you remember by Pamp
Gorgeous Heritage page, love the flow of the page and the beautiful photo treatment which goes perfectly with everything here. Special mention as well to the colors and elements used here and there. The splats and brushworks are done beautifully.

If you can dream it by Cath VP
Another page that deserves to be mentioned here. Amazing linear composition, love the inking and doodling around the page and how it bonds together with the elements used. Fantastic use of black and white photo.

5 Fall Faves by mrsashbaugh
Agreed with everything she said. Love Autumn so much especially the cooler weather, scents, and changing colors of leaves. The month of October is very dear to me since it’s my birth month. This is a fabulous photo-less layout. Well done on the page, the stitches around it and the layers of different flowers make this page absolutely rock!

Party Time by nollipap
Such a whimsical layout! The brushworks and composition are superb, nicely done with the masking too. Love all the splats around the page. Just by looking at this, I know you’ll love it too.

Pumpkin Spice by Kayleigh
I always love her layouts and this one is no exception. From the stitches around, sequins and just about everything on her page is done beautifully. Love the use of background since everything pops. Also, love the nitty gritty elements she added.

Turn It Up (SSL#1) by mosbaskets
This turned out awesome. The big textured photo and masking add beauty to the page. Great photo as well.

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed my picks for today. Should you have time, please leave some love in the digiland. Enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing- August 5th

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday! Technically it’s already Sunday in my side of the world and we’ve been busy enjoying the summertime in Tokyo. I hope those in the southern hemisphere are snuggling up with their fave winter blanket. My eldest daughter just arrived late tonight from Manila and we are finally complete.

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous layouts. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.

These Days by AmyL
I just couldn’t resist this sweet photo that was captured perfectly. Love the simple but really beautiful composition and how she stacked the background with papers and all the nitty gritty embellishments. I will definitely treasure this for her to see the page when she’s all grown up.

Happy Go Lucky by Imaggs
Another simple yet amazingly done layout. The photo treatment goes really well with the background paper. And the simple cluster of elements on the left side, this page truly deserves to be here. Those hearts really made us focus on the beautiful child. Great photo and page!

Hiking by IntenseMagic
The grungy background sets up the page for another fabulous composition. Love the vertical design and the shadow works. The mixed flowers and brushworks are placed perfectly. This really caught my eyes in the gallery. Wow!

Together by *Gina*
Can this be any sweeter? Just breathtaking. Love the monochromatic design. The photos are so sweet and beautiful. The black and white treatment and feel of the page screams happy together.

Exploring Rome by Jeanette
What a great blending! I can’t think of a better word to describe how amazing the page is. I love how everything works together here.

High Rock Lake by Vickyday
Despite the hot weather, the page turns out to be beautifully scrapped. Love the color combinations and the orange accents and the whole composition. I hope you’ve recovered to an almost heat stroke scenario. Glad that you’re okay.

I hope you enjoyed the pages I picked for today. If you have time, please leave some well deserved love for our top six for today.

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing- July 29th

Konnichiwa from Tokyo! It’s almost 3am in my side of the world and yes, we are still awake. We are back in Tokyo and enjoying the place and the food as always but the weather is so hot. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous standouts.

Here are my top six for today.

A New Chapter by Claire Grantham
What a great way to celebrate a new chapter of her life. Love the title work and the photos sliced into four frames and the white space. Beautiful vibrant colors, love the nitty gritty embellishments and paper tea. Great work!

Dress details by shannonrolle
This is completely beautiful! So soft and perfectly done. Love the way she used the frames, it makes the page more appealing with the doilies and other elements. And the vintage background paper is just breathtaking as well as the blue paper.

What a night by Connecting Keeper
Beautifully done! Love how she arranged everything and documented the moment. The mix of flowers add beauty to the page. How fun to watch your country win the game.

Thrive by Ana Santos
Great extraction! Love the creation she made on the layout and the brushworks. The flashes of color, the scribbles really set the page. Those little flowers are nice additions to the page.

Not all things by Sucali
Wonderful panoramic view! Just wow! Love all the bits and pieces she added, all the brushworks and the cluster work done. The paper used with all the stamps and brushes are intricately done.ย  Awesome work!

Insta addict by Keepscrappin
Fabulous freestyle page and photo! I adore how things are spread perfectly and the splats here and there. Great page and composition. Beautiful balance on the page.

Thanks for taking a look at the pages Iโ€™ve picked. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing- April 29th

Hi everyone!

Yay! It’s a long weekend in my side of the world. One more day before the month ends and we welcome the month of May with lots of positivity and good vibes. This is Beth, a.k.a kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous standouts.

Here are my top 6 for today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hydrangea by Profolly
So simple, clean and gorgeous. Love the cluster work and how the photo frames are done. The simple design makes the page a standout.

Good Times by Kayleigh
How awesome to remember such good times with family and friends. Great details on the page. Whew! Love all the elements here and how she put everything together. Beautiful use of wooden brown background paper, fun colors and stitches add beauty to her page.

New Adventures by bbe
Fabulous pastel colors. Just wow! The composition is just gorgeous. Really caught my eyes with her blending style.

Fun times by Tracermajig
Another fun amazing page! Love her expressions. Totally love her beautiful work on the page. The paper-tear look with stitches and her lists of elements blend well together. Beautiful journaling too.

Okay by angels
Another stunner! Love the different photo treatments here. The title work is fantastic, so are the shadow works. Awesome balance on the page and the design.

Last day at work by Tanteva
Love how she documented her last day of work. I didn’t think about it but I had memories of bitter sweet moments myself. Beautiful memories to be scrapped indeed. Love the details and how she arranged the page.

Thank you as always! Should you have time please give them some well deserved love in the digiland.

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing- April 15th

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are. We had a sumptuous Japanese Yakiniku buffet dinner today, thanks to my nephew Miles for the treat. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous standouts. Here are my picks, enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lockdown Blues by Felicity61
I fell in love with the composition of the page the moment I saw it. Love how she incorporated the colors with the title. Gorgeous flowers around the photo too. Love the cluster work around the picture and the way she did her journaling. I totally agree with her, it was so hard to move around to get essentials and we couldn’t go back to Japan. It could have been amazing if we were all together. Thank God it’s over and we can all go back to normal life. Great work on the page!

Goodbye Dye by OKate
This is amazing in every way. I’ve been dyeing my hair for more than a decade now and sometimes I want to just enjoy the color of my hair as it turns gray, just like my husband. I love pages like this with a nice story. She’s beautiful then and now. The textured background paper is as beautiful as the page. Love the simplicity and the story behind the photos.

Walter & Rachel by Applechick
Love the intricate design. So many amazing details and you have to look closer to fully appreciate everything. The extraction, paper folds and the stitches around add more impact on the page. Beautiful story and a gorgeous heritage layout!

Happiness is by TrishD
The mix of colors are amazingly done! Love the urban feel of this page. The gesso paint on black background really makes the page standout, not to mention the amazing photo treatment. WOW!

Grandma by Angela Toucan
Love the clean and simple use of the template. The patterned papers really work well with the background. Such a sweet and absolutely beautiful photo. Spending time with grandma isย  worth every minute, priceless indeed.

Out of order by Sylvia
WOW! Just wow! I adore everything here and how she used the collab. Great words to ponder and amazing work on the photo with all the word arts and splats.

I hope you find these layouts inspiring. Appreciate it if you could give them some love in the digi world. Until next time.

Beth (kewl_jive) ^-^