Finger Pointing- March 11th

Hi everyone,

Please enjoy my top 6 for today.  Hope all is well.  I’ll get back to you later with wonderful description on each pages. It’s been a very busy day for me and it’s already Sunday (1am) in my side of the world.

Thanks and have a great day/night!  This is Beth a.k.a kewl_jive bringing you today’s gorgeous gallery standouts.

Unfinished Limited Edition by Scribler

Sunshine in my soul by designbylime

Hey by biancka

Kindness by Carolwenwin

Live Love Laugh by HeatherH

TTGIWTY by crazycat1126

Finger Pointing- February 4th

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a fantastic day/night. It’s bedtime in my side of the world. This is Beth a.k.a. kewl_jive bringing you today’s gorgeous standouts.

Enjoy and happy weekend! 😉

A day to remember by ConnectionKeeping
I am loving the stitched template. I love how she filled with photos, elements and the extracted photo on the groom. Beautiful details paired with lovely papers and elements.

Love you more by Jana
Just wow! Love the dreamy feel of the page. I admire this layout and how the veil blended well with the page. Great masking and blending, Beautifully captured shot, simply gorgeous!

Me by rarou47
The photo-less layout is just amazing and the mixed media kit. Beautiful use of clustered elements and the splats here and there to express and showcase her self love. Love all the snippets used here, esp the ” you alone are enough” As Maya Angelou said  “You have nothing to prove to anybody“.  Another Fantastic composition!

Stay inside by Clife
Childhood moments like this are worth-scrapping for and I love seeing pages with memories from the past. Beautiful story behind the photo and how she made the page with beautiful embellishments of snowflakes, sequins and how well it works with the background paper. Well deserved!

Basics love by Cherylny
The yellow background is perfectly used and goes well with all the elements, brushworks and the touch of colors adds beauty to the page. Super love her composition and how playful the page is.

The Season We Are in Live Fully by NAdams
Such a wonderful heritage page and a tribute to her aunt. I always envy people with green thumb skills. Beautifully done with stitches around the page, the framed color photo with different embellishments and the elements around the page. Love the title works too.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top picks for today. It would be awesome to leave some well-deserved love in the digiland.

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing- January 21st

Hi everyone!

This is my first post for 2023. Happy New Year and CNY to everyone! It’s been a busy week since the start of the year since we celebrated our daughter’s 18th birthday and my husband went back to Tokyo.

Anyways, hope you are having a great weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, wishing everyone a great 2023. And to start off this fantastic year, here are my top 6 for today.

Best Version by Roxana
This caught my eyes in the gallery. I love the softness of the page and the white space. The splats and dots lead my eyes to the beautiful photo and clustering she made. Amazing composition!

Beautiful moment by Motherbear
Can this be any cuter? The black & white photos are great and blend well with the entire page. Beautiful cluster and shadow work. Such beautiful moment to cherish.

Interview by Marijke
Awesome work! I love this interview page. I remember doing this when my daughters were little and their answers were funny. We were able to keep those interview pages and it always bring smiles to our faces. Such a fun and great page!

Get Inspired by Okate
Beautiful photo-less page. Love the quote, white stitches and the perfect background. Simply elegant.

Art Maker Go by Cherylny
This artsy page is fantastic. Beautiful snippets. I just love all the elements used and everything about this page.

Whimsy Quirky by Grace
I was caught by the headdress and how creative this is. No other words to say but “gorgeous work”!

Thank you for taking the time as always. Please leave some love.


Finger Pointing- December 10th

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone. It’s been raining the whole day in my side of the world, bed weather as we call it. I am hoping to have a good Sunday weather tomorrow. This will be my last post for 2022. I wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Have a safe and wonderful celebration and a Happy 2023. Thank you for supporting our GSO team and we hope that you get inspired by the standouts we shared everyday. We’ll be taking a break soon and be back in January. This is Beth a.k.a. kewl_jive bringing you today’s amazing standouts.

Sitting with Santa by Mother Bear
This is just precious and what a great moment captured on camera. Love the photo slices with all the flowers arranged perfectly on the top and bottom of the page. The clustering is beautifully done too.

2010 NYE by MrsPeel
Love the white space and the wooden white background. Such a fun fab page and journaling about her NYE celebration. The composition is amazing as always. Love the minimal elements used, focusing on the important details. Her page is awesome as always.

O Christmas Tree by nana_vg
Such special and memorable photos to scrap. I love how everything is done here, the ribbons look like they are holding the photos and other elements in place. Love the Christmas spirit the page has created and the splats of red and green.

Day 6 by zlemon
WOW! Totally gorgeous and very striking. The blending and photo treatment is just great! I am speechless. That’s what we all wish for 2023. Love the song and the message it gives.

2022 Snap by Iowan
Awesome freestyle work! The stitches here and there and all the intricate details blend well together. The way she divided the photo into 3 works well. My list goes on and on. Great work on the page!

O Christmas Tree by Ernie88
How precious! I miss photos of my kids wearing a Santa hat. My two kids are all grown-ups now so this brings back fond memories of their childhood. Love the circle cut-out and how she filled everything around the circle. The red stars add balance to the page. The papers used as background and borders are perfectly done as well.

Thank you for taking the time as always. Happy Holidays from all of us here at GSO team.


Finger Pointing- November 5th

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile. Hope all is well. Autumn has finally arrived and I am loving all the layouts in the digiland. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing pages.

Here are my top six for today.

Moments by Myssp
WOW! Just wow! I just adore everything here. The photo is as stunning as the page. Love how she framed the photo and the acrylic type on top of it. Just gorgeous!

Glimpse of the Past by Scrap Genie
What a great tribute to her great-great-grandmother. She did justice to the page, beautifully done. Love the shadows too, feels like I can touch it. Love the brushworks, paints and the balance the page has.

Be Good to Yourself by Cinderella
What a constant reminder to “be good to ourself,” oftentimes we don’t think about it. Love the shadow photo. Wonderful composition. Nice work with the art paper and the doillies add spice to the page.

Autumn Snapshots by Mother Bear
Love layout like this, I’m an Autumn person too. There’s something about changing leaves and colors. Just divine! Great cluster works on the leaves. Amazing photos and lists along with the patterned papers laid fabulously.

Automne by DomiD
Just breathtaking! Love the white space and the simple yet elegant design.

Thanks with a grateful heart by Ksacry
What an awesome work on the turkey. Beautiful blending and details. Love the touch of colors and splash of inks/splats. Great job on the page!

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be awesome to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Beth <3

Finger Pointing- August 20th

Hi everyone!

I’ve initially picked 16 layouts and narrowed it down to 6. Wish I could put all 16 amazing pages here. You guys rock the digiland! This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gorgeous standouts. Hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are. BER months is just around the corner, time flies real fast.

Here are my top 6 for today:

Joy by Mother Bear 
Wow! I just miss this kind of photos with my kids. They’re all grown up and doesn’t want to be on the camera. I can feel the joy and love here. All the paper strips and elements here and there. The shadows on some elements and the background paper sealed how this page landed here. Great work!

Coffee by pjm117
I’m a coffee lover and couldn’t get myself off without coffee at least once a day. Love the white space and the simplicity of the page. I love the font she used here and the red splats. Beautifully done!

Chris by kelseyll
Such a fun great page! Love all the details here, the background paper really stands out. Love the design and the adorable photos of the new normal. Fantastic job!

Forever & always by bbe
This is stunning! Gorgeous blending. the red scalloped add beauty to the page. I have no words to say, everything is just perfectly done. Love the vintage feel of the page.

Roam by mywisecrafts
Awesome freestyle design and what a beautiful shot! Love the composition, the placements of elements here and mix of papers. The brushworks here and there are perfect addition.

Better with you by Dady
Precious photo! What a beautiful scene that they both enjoy watching. Another stunner and truly deserving to be here. Love the mix media feel of the page. The stitches around the photo and in some parts too, the touch of red hearts and cardboard hearts. Just wow!

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be awesome to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Beth <3

Finger Pointing – July 9th

Hi everyone!

Hope your day is as wonderful as mine. Got a chance to watch Thor with my family and we just got home, it’s almost 3 am in my side of the world. Not really a happy nation right now due to what happened to Japan’s former Prime Minister.

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts. Hope you find inspirations today.

Here are my top six.

Mandolin by Jana
The pops of colors are so inviting. Love how she managed to keep everything inside the circle of lines, the stacks of frames and brushworks add beauty to the page. I have to agree that blue shutters are just perfect for a beach setup.

Breathe by mirjam
Don’t you just love when Mr. Sun finally appears after a gloomy day? Love what she discovered along the way. It’s the little things that make us happy. The beautiful photos speak for the layout she made. Love how she decorated the page and the frame with sequins. This is simply beautiful along with the elements she used.

Beautifully Simple by Profolly
This is stunning in every way! Just wow! Beautiful composition, the masking is incredible. The layering and splats here and there really made this page a standout.

Eva 1072 by Tanteva
I love layouts with stories to tell and this one really caught my attention. Love the story behind the picture. The design on the right side, the layers of paper strips vertically and how she clustered everything is amazing. Great work!

Pavlova Smash by Jill
The colors are sooo yummy and goes really well with what she used here. Beautiful design with scalloped edges. It looks great, love the Plan A and Plan B photos and how coordinated it is. Fantastic work!

5 Favs by Mary kate
Beautiful AAM! Love the use of circles and elements here. I also love blue-green, had my nails done with that color for summer. That doodled border in orange add a great touch to the page.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top picks for today. It would be awesome to leave some well-deserved love in the digiland.

Have a great day/night!

Beth ^-^