Finger Pointing – July 15th

Happy Monday scrappers!!! Just getting home from work and have to run right back out to do some errands. Thinking pizza for dinner. What are you having or what did you have today? I’m here with the picks and today I don’t have any special theme. Just some beautiful layouts that caught my eye that I hope inspire you! So let’s go!


Meet me at the Shore by beaute | I really love the vertical design. The word strips are placed perfectly to tell the story and lead your eye. The stamped wordart and lighthouse on either side of the page design act like anchors and I don’t know if that was done on purpose since this page is about the sea, but it’s creative! I also really like the shells and clusters. Everything really leads your eyes on this one.

July Passport by zoebearsmom | The first thing that jumped out at me was that super funky title along the curved paper, pretty cool looking and fits with the theme of this page. I also really liked all the word bits. I feel like all the chaos on this page is reminiscent of how a lot of us feel sometimes. The journal really lets all the feelings out and I hope that it was therapeutic for her. I like how she has all the paint and framing done on this page too.


OScraps July Challenge #3 by broomy | This page looks like it would be in a magazine spread about gardens. I love all the flower art inside of the letter B. The decorative framing and the beautiful title complete this page perfectly. The butterfly and dragonfly add a bit of depth and make me want to reach out to touch. Lovely job here.


Brave Enough to Fly by christellevandyk | This is a stunning page. From the masking on the photo with the stamped wordart and flowers to the extremely well done clustering. Speaking of clustering, I love all the elements she fit into that beautiful cascade of foliage and more. The little touches of word strips and butterflies complete this beauty!


Barbeque by amin1 | Everything floats seamlessly down this page, including that fun title!! The picture looks yummy and I love that she left the right side of this page open. All the clustering, word strips and journaling complete her page and mesh so well together. And her shadows are super too!! This is a stunner for the album!


Brothers by seattle sheri | Sheri is no newbie to these posts or my ever growing “to-be” scraplifted pile. I always love her artistic eye. This page with that big photo as the background and then repeated in the jean pocket creative a visual show of love. All of the bits, bobs, and foliage sticking out of the pocket behind the photo just add interest and mimic the cute cluster on the pocket. This page is gorgeously done.


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

Finger Pointing – July 4th

It’s officially Independence Day here in the US. Lots of families are on vacation, enjoying the lake, BBQ’ing, and/or enjoying fireworks tonight. I’m here early with my picks! Today I wanted to focus on titles. I love a good standout title on a page and here are some I found today. So let’s jump in!

Book Love by lisamt | I love kids that enjoy reading. I love parents that encourage it. So this page jumped right out when I saw the photos. The gorgeous and whimsical/fantasy clusters are perfect and speak to the imagination that reading gives youngsters. Books can take you literally anywhere! The title is large and in charge and the different tones of wood with the hearts is beautifully done.

Enjoy the Beach by angels | This page gives some baby beach vibes that are feel good. I love the colors with the slanted papers and beautiful clusters. The slanted title word stands out on the striped background and I’m loving the touch of bubbles along the right side too.

Hello Summer by chigirl | This is a bright fun summer page. I love the masking on the photo with the lifted framing. The bright colors and fun word bits scream summer. BUT that cursive title with the arrows pointing stood out immediately when I was browsing the galleries. I like the added touch of the sandals at the bottom too.

Staycation by snojewel | I love the paint splatters behind the photo and the added borders along the top and bottom. The fun paper strips and cluster with the photo take center stage literally. I love the bold stamped title and the little hearts along the side. Super fun staycation page.

Totally Cool by Branma | This page is totally cool and so is the fun title. But what really stood out is the fun photo and elements she chose. Everything gives this page a fun youthful feeling, not to mention super sweet that they’re sharing that yummy shake/drink!

Sweet Slice of Life by blackkathy | I thought this page was going to be all about sweet summer lemonade…but I was tricked when I saw that juicy looking watermelon photo. lol I love all the stamped drawings and the fun paper stacking. The title adds dimension and the simple clustering allows the page to sing of the sweetness. Lovely


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

Finger Pointing – June 21st

Hey everyone. I’m here tonight with my picks for today. Tonight is all about blending. I love the look of blended and masked photos. So let’s jump right in!


Today by sylvia | The film strip blend/mask on the photo repeated in color really caught my eye. I love the understated elements and the great placement of the word art. The yellow flower and string pop, and the white space here keeps your eyes focused on the photos.

Pontooning by glori2 | The masking on the blended corner photo is perfect with all the clustering of flowers and elements. I love how the waves in the background paper mimic being on the water too. The framed photo of everyone is sunny and bright and this looks like a beautiful day indeed.

Beautiful Day by the stories of sarahd | This page is so visually interesting. I love the angle/crop n the photo and that smile is pure beauty. The blending of the butterflies and word art is tastefully done. I love those edge clusters too!

Alaska by carnett69 | WOW at that view!! I love how this is blended into the background to include the texture of the paper. I love the shadowing on the balloon and other elements to add depth to this page. That view is seriously the main attraction and the rapids look as if they run out of the page. Lovely

Tropicana by scrapdolly | This is another great view. I love the smaller clustered photos and the great word art here. I like the texture behind the cluster too. The masking and blending on the larger photo is done so well and add that frame it looks like it’s spilling out. Great job!

Sea Turtle by miki | That is one beautiful animal and photo. I love the big blending and masking here with the turtle as the main focal point. The little touches of themed elements add an underwater feel to this one. Love this page.


I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

Finger Pointing – June 4th

Hey everyone!!! Hope your week is going well so far. I can’t believe it’s June already. Today I’ve got some great picks to give you some inspiration. I’m taking on my first hybrid challenge this month so today I was cruising the galleries looking for hybrid and paper inspiration and thought I’d share what I found with you all. So let’s get started!


Bright Days Ahead by alleycat | This cute card caught my eye immediately. It made me so happy with the fun summer colors and the cute flamingo. I love that this is a full hybrid card. Using a great kit she even created a fun envelope with a pattern inside the flap.

Card, Envelope and Wand by monique nicole fox | The flowers and the coordination here are what drew me in instantly. I love that this is a whole set of beauty. The big floral background used for the envelope is gorgeous! The cute card is perfect as a little hello to a friend. I know I’d love to receive something like this in my mailbox! And that wand is such a unique touch. Serious beauty here!!

Happiness is Bubbles by allisonlp | I never took up paper scrapbooking. I’m certain I didn’t know it was even a thing before I found digi. I love the action in these photos. Looks like so much fun chasing the bubbles around. The use of the tags sticking out top and bottom with the flower cluster keep your eyes right on the photos and that great title she made. Such a fun page.

Happy Birthday Card by sandi clarkson | Another coordinating set, this time a beautiful card and tag. The cluster and banner on the card are awesome and add so much depth. The beautiful tag is lovely as a stand alone and I love the chipboard? hearts sticking out off to the side. The little touch of trim at the bottom is so perfect!

Vintage ATC cards by robandtim2 | These look like pockets of fun and nostalgia. Each is unique in its own way with the fun pieces sticking out. I love the cute flairs/buttons at the end of each string with the stamps nearby. This looks like a fun passport of traveling back in time. Lovely job.

Super Star by anita bownds | This page is a super star. I really like the star cutouts in the background with the big star center. That BIG title with the added photo placed star is so well done and the touches of all the patterns adds detail without overpowering the page. Seriously super page!

I’m off to get in some evening scrapping myself. I might even pull some inspiration from a few of these. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

Finger Pointing – May 17th

TGIF!!!!! I’ve had a long week with illness at my house but I’m so glad everyone is on the mend and it’s Friday! The weather is a bit warmer here in Michigan and it seems like spring is on the way – for good this time. lol. I’m here with my picks for the day and I’ve been drawn to butterflies this week, which is one of my most favorite elements to use on my pages. So without further adieu let’s get to the beauties I’ve chosen.


Life is Sweet by yorkiemom | I love the bokeh heart striped background she chose and that super sweet photo is sweetened even more with the colors of the kit. All the hearts scattered about let you know this layout is all about the love. The word art quote is perfect and that beautiful cluster is so lovely anchoring the photo. The beautiful butterflies finish off this page.

Fly Butterfly by zanthia | For starters I was drawn to the perfect photo. You can see the care and interest the girl has in being lucky enough to hold a butterfly. The quote and added illustrations along with the doll element sitting on the bed of foliage and flowers adds a touch of fantasy to this page. The gradient background lends just enough softness to allow the floating butterfly elements to show off their beauty.

Field Trip by neverland scraps | Who doesn’t love a field trip? I know I do! This trip was to the zoo which is even better. I’m sure she has a ton of photos from that day but showcasing the giraffes on this page was the perfect choice with the colors of the kit. This page has a lot of cluster-y goodness and elements peeking out here and there. The bits of wire fence with the great patterns add texture. I love her title tucked into the cluster with the snake and look there’s those butterflies again, finishing off her page to create a visual triangle. Perfect!

Welcome Spring by anke55 | I truly was in awe when I saw this page. Who would have thought to turn a doodle-y butterfly into this?! I notice in her description there is a tutorial she followed so I’m going to check it out soon! I really like everything about this page from the softly textured background to the simply done quote. But that butterfly takes center stage and is so beautiful to look at. I love the little shadow lifts on the wings and the details within the wings. Just lovely.

Love Lavender by Dady | This page stood out to me because it’s all masking of the photos. I love the closeup shots and the colors just scream SPRING! The painted border frames all the photos nicely and the added word art in the center is the perfect place among the beauty of the photos. No elements. No clusters. Just the simple everyday beauty of nature including butterflies!

May 2019 Extraction Challenge by tina1978 | Okay so there’s no butterflies on this last page, but when I saw it, I knew it was going to be one of my picks today. I mean look at it!! First of all her extraction is so well done – bravo for that alone. But then she took the elements of the kit and created this page that I just want to walk right into. She has shadowed everything perfectly! This page looks realistic even though you know it could never be. This page is pure adorable!!

Well I’m off to work for the day but I’m glad I found all these beautiful pages to brighten my mood because it looks like rain outside my window. I hope you enjoyed my picks for today. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time. Kiana

Finger Pointing – May 5th

Happy Sunday everyone! Is everyone still playing games and scrapping along for all the fun iNSD events around digiland? I got lots of scrapping and fun time in yesterday so today I’m going to get some laundry done and relax. The galleries are brimming with gorgeousness and I am here to share. This is my first time so let me know if you think I picked well! Let’s get started…


Just Love New Scrapbooking Stuff by cinna71 | Don’t we all LOVE new goodies?! I know I do and this page is the perfect tribute to all those scrappy goodies we love so much. She got lots of bits and bobs from the kit she used and I love the banner sticking out. The pictures of all her goodies are the perfect things to show off. Because what’s this hobby without all the beautiful goodies, right?!

A Little River Dirt by ozegirl | The shadows from the thumbnail of this page caught my attention first and when I clicked and saw the image bigger I knew this was a pick for today. The photo treatments with the repeated photo are so classic and I love the added depth the paint and word “river” give to the shadows on the layers. The title and fun bits of word art seal the deal on this one.

Destination Home by ~jak | This fun page is full of layers. I love layers done well and this page has them done really well. The tickets and papers sticking out go perfectly with the tiny flower clusters. The photo is a true in the moment shot which I love. I feel like they might have been ready to get home this day but stopped for that last pic before getting on the plane. The cute elements and title with the dotted arrow add the finishing touches.

Friday Vibes by alicem | I really like the horizontal page design of this one, everything leads your eye. The tight cluster on the border strip with the story mimicking the photo clusters are so well placed. I’m not sure if the journal is a song or poem or her original writing but as a poet I’m drawn by words and this was so sweet. The cute photo in black and white still shines among the great colors here.

In Full Bloom by jenn mccabe | This eclectic designed is what drew me completely in for a closer look. The mix of sticker flowers vs. real added detail and interest. The clusters lead your eye and the great bits of word art let you know that this page is blooming with spring. I love that the photo is shadowed so well and standing alone but still feels so much part of the whole.

Green Harmony by traumelfe | I admit it, I like big clusters and I cannot lie. That cluster of foliage, flowers and other bits is so eye-catching. Even with all of that going on the photo still holds its own and lends a sort of softness to the page with the way the girl is posed. I really like the blended/grunge background with the simple word art. It’s a pleasure to look at this page, but I’m sure it wasn’t simple to make.


So that’s my picks today. I hope you enjoyed them and are inspired by them. If you have time, head over and leave a little love in the galleries for these beautiful layouts. Go enjoy the rest of your day and happy scrapping. Until next time.