Finger Pointing – July 19th

Good afternoon people! If you missed it we did have a winner on the gift card. I posted the information in the original post.

Some how I feel like I’m getting pushed past the summer. And that’s sad. Because Chicago has most awesome summers.

Common saying is “summers are great! they make up for the winters”. Here are my choices to remind me of summer with their bold colors.

Spring by wombat146

Some days I want my artwork to look just like I used paper. Here is a great example from wombat146.

The drop shadows are not just the same but by varying depths to represent how close or far away are the pieces.

And the layering is perfect. She makes it look so easy, but trust me it’s not!

mile Today by Thuria

Well that guy there is a cutie! Zooming around in his car. Many might have chosen to scrap these photos

with bold primary colors but Thuria mixes it up! And the white space in the middle is a great choice.


July White Space Challenge by sandra-9663

I LOVE this one. I tucked it away until it was my turn to post. Hoping that no one got to it before me.

Love the blending, white space and the storm in Alice’s teacup. Brilliant.


The Story So Far By Studio Liv

I’m an empty nester now. But I remember there were memorable moments between birth and the feather flutters. This is a tribute to her child and the family’s adventures.

It’s the page you grab when you only have time to gather a few things. I hope if there are children and grandchildren¬† they will see how important is this piece of art.

Be inspired. Take some time to jot down some events you remember. Keep adding to the list until you are all done.

Through the tears and laughter journal the list into a beautiful piece like Liv created. Thanks for sharing.



Surreal by Angela Toucan

I really enjoy the subtlety of the piece. Breath in the blue and follow the swirl around the photo. I promise it feels like that they don’t need you but they do.

It’s just different now.

Another piece of art for a memorable moments. Don’t forget that is what we do!


Summer Fun by EllenT


Now here’s a good feels summertime time. Water. Swimming. Ice pops melting down your hand.

The color scheme is perfect and I love the bubbles in the ribbon. Perfect!




And now I leave you here to enjoy, be inspired and take some time to comment on the layouts.

Be safe and make wise choices!

Until the next time – Lauren




We interrupt your pursuit of art… WINNER

We have a winner! Angie! I have emailed you the information.

Thank you everyone for participating and your comments!

Have a great Friday

Hi artist!

I have a $10 gift card to digital supplies that I’m just itching to give away!

Here’s how to enter…and maybe win!

Respond to this entry with your name and email.  This will close on Friday, July 19th at 9am CT. I will use a random number generator and let the winner know!

Thanks for stopping by!