June 12th – Gallery Standouts

Happy Wednesday my fellow artisans and scrappers!  There are lots of summer vibes and masculine layouts rocking the galleries this week – just in time for the first day of summer (June 20th) and Father’s Day.  To mix things up, today’s post also has an art journal layout as well as an all-about-me photoless layout.  I hope you find today’s mix as inspirational as I do!

Waterfalls by Miki

All the whitespace in the gallery thumbnail image caught my attention.  Upon closer look, I am enamored by the beautiful waterfall…and the page design that also suggests a waterfall.

Beautiful Life by GrannyNKy

Be sure to click the title above then take a look at the other side of GrannyNKy’s two page art journal spread!  I LOVE the positivity!  Simply beautiful!

Aquarium by Scrap-therapy

Wow!  That’s a lot of photos captured on this layout! It is so much fun looking through the layers at all the adorable little details.

20 Questions – 2024 by Mkcdaisy

I don’t want to grow up either!  Ha-ha!  This 20 question photoless spread is such an awesome idea!  It’s like a little time capsule and will be so much fun to read 20 years from now.

Free by Ginette

The large black and white photo against the color portions of the layout is striking!  I am also amazed at the blending…the photo seamlessly fades into the birdcage. This is such beautiful digital artistry.

Gentlemen by Tativero

Here we have another well thought out and striking page design!  It’s so unique and fun – like walking through a history museum!


Till next time!  Happy Father’s Day and Happy Summer Solstice!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – April 26th

Next weekend is National Scrapbook Day!  Are you as excited as I am?  It is time to be inspired and get your wish list ready!

Today I found great inspiration in the following layouts…

Early 1940 by kabrak1207

What a great way to start today’s post – a layout that captures the essence of scrapbooking and memory keeping.  The photo of her mother in law is priceless; and I adore the soft blended edges of the photo.


Soulful Serenity by Ginette

Next up is one of my favorite art styles – art journaling!  And this one is with pocket cards.  How marvelous is that!  This layout is full of positive Earth energy vibes! While many scrapbook to preserve memories of places and people, some simply like to make art.  I am often one of those people.  And digital scrapbooking supplies are a great tool that can help one express their inner self.


Eat Healthy! By Norma

I was pulled into this layout because my husband I and are making great efforts in eating heathier…and those dishes look delicious!  The clusters do too!  In addition to traditional scrapbooking to preserve memories of people and places, scrapbooks can be a great place to preserve recipes!


Darkness by CaroR

This layout is a great example of complementary colors in action.  The orange POPs from the blue.  This layout also has wonderful cascading – from the top with the ephemera bits all the way down to the paint splatters.  The beautiful artistry of scrapbooking is a fantastic form of self expression.  All the little elements and bits make me happy and get me excited – how about you?


Destination Yellowstone by Psawyer04

Scrapbooks are a wonderful place to relive moments in time and to revisit places that touch our hearts.  This traditional styled layout is endearing.  I love the sunflower with the Earth and vertical bits of paper.  There is such joy in preserving memories and reliving beautiful moments.  This layout exudes happiness.


A Beautiful Day by Romajo

I am always a sucker for rainbow colors and this layout is pure gorgeousness with its pastel rainbow.  I feel a scrap-lift coming on!  LOL!  I love making scrapbook pages – and I love being inspired by other’s artistry!  Our digital scrapbooking communities are full of awe-inspiring layouts!


My dear artisans and scrapbookers, I hope you found inspirations in today’s picks.  Keep visiting the galleries and remember to leave a comment or two on your favorites!  The love and light you spread can brighten someone’s day!

Till next time – happy scrapping (and NSD shopping!)

Lisa – Armygrl

Finger Pointing – April 9th

It is so much fun peeking through the galleries at the diverse array of scrapbooking layouts.  I am always amazed at the beauty, creativity, and memories preserved through photos and layouts.

BFFs by Robinoes66

Oh my goodness, those hats and this mother-daughter duo are too cute!  And this layout is all sorts of fabulousness with amazing colors and a great blend of pattern papers.

April24-Avatar-Challenge by Dunkie

Kayaking is so much fun!  And so is this lovely layout by Dunkie!  I enjoy the circular design and how the water trickles outside the circle and flows down the page.

Splendid by Demma_b13

This splendid layout pops from the gallery with its blend of red and magenta colors!  The tilt is a wonderful touch too!

Exploring by Scrapbookmama

The soft, earthy tones in this layout are soothing and the background photo is perfectly blended!

Pricesnow by PictureMom

I think we can all relate to this – sky high prices!  What an awesome example of a photo-less layout documenting life right now.

Mother Earth by Mary-11

There are touches of vintage and rustic vibes in this beautiful layout that I find endearing. I greatly enjoy the mix of 2D “brush” elements mixed with ephemera and the look of 3D flowers.


Thank you for stopping by to ooh-and-aah on today’s gallery standouts.  May you have a fabulous and blessed week!

‘Till next time – Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – March 28, 2024

I could seriously have today’s GSO post be all about food layouts!  There are incredibly delicious pages rocking the galleries!  But I’ll keep it to two then diversify.  Otherwise, we’ll be drooling all over our computers and smart phones and eating something even if we are not hungry.  LOL!

Eating Out by Mocamom

I love a good pocket page because photos are worth a thousand words.  And I have no words for that ginormous, juicy looking burger smack dab in the middle of the layout.  Except perhaps “YUM!”  This whole page is yummy!

I love sushi! By Cinna

I could not pass up this page because of the strong and wonderful use of red!  It is eye-catching and mouthwatering.  In this layout Cinna makes wonderful use of pattern papers that simply POP on the red.  Bravo!  And YUM!

Discombobulated by Mcurtt

I find this piece to be incredibly delightful for several reasons – the color blue in the background paper and “3” that keep the eyes bouncing from one side of the page to the other, the repetition of shapes with the hot air balloon and the lightbulb, and once again, the eyes being led across the page with leading lines.  Well done!  Excellent and intriguing design and composition!

No Rain, No Flowers by CaroR

The split design with the background papers is wonderfully eye-catching as are the darker, almost gothic, undertones of the photos.  Once again, I am drawn to the color red.  Here, red is used in the accent pieces and produce a visual triangle that help guide the eyes around the page.

Self Love by Lisa Rosa Designs

I am such a fan of Lisa Rosa and her flowers!!!  This layout is an example of why – that cluster is draw-dropping gorgeous!  And, I love the art journal vibes focusing on self-love.  Ha – and another wonderful split design with the background papers.  There is nothing but Love, Love, Love for this layout!

African Safari by FLKaren

While the cascading clusters are simply gorgeous, it’s the zebra stripe bow and flowers that steal the show!  . . . along with the use of black and white photos which work splendidly within the layout.

I hope you enjoy today’s picks as much as I do!

P.S.  There may be a big juicy burger in my future for bad food Friday.  LOL!  Thanks Mocamom!

‘Til nex time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – March 3rd

Sixteen days until spring!  But who’s counting?  From the colorful layouts in the gallery and the digital bouquets of flowers, I can tell I am not the only one waiting for spring’s colors and flowers to pop!

1. Love’s Sweet Melodies by Zippyoh

First up is a layout that is as gentle and sweet as the Cherry Blossom flowers featured throughout the gorgeous cluster.  I am such a fan of mixed textures from the look of illustrated blossoms to the gritty texture of the background paper (which reminds me of modeling paste).  Soft pastels colors used throughout pull the layout together.

2. Nature Awakening by Mary-11

WOW!  I can spend hours looking at the gorgeous cluster here.  The super soft shadows give such dimension and life to this layout.  And of course, I love the nod to spring flowers such as Snowdrops and Forsythia.

3. Your Story by Mother Bear

This layout is amazing!  I seriously need to try this blending technique with the photos and watercolor paint on top.  There is a lot to take in from top to bottom, but the high contrast black and white photos stand out and lead my eyes down the page.

4. So Sweet by Lorieh

This layout is So Sweet!  What a cutie!! And how cool and fun is that – a flamingo pool!!  The tropical vibes sure have me wanting Old Man Winter to disappear for good!

5. Girls’ Day by Melscrap

What’s not to love about this layout?  It is bright and fun.  The title and journal strips are perfect.  The scale of the photos is spectacular, well, the whole scale of the focal point is really.  It’s just all around perfect in my book.

6. Fight Like a Girl by Shunnstergirl

My jaw is hitting the floor with this one.  What an awesome way to spread Breast Cancer Awareness.  Aside from the stunning placement of each element and flower withing the ribbon, the overall color gradient effect (or pink ombre) is perfection!

That’s it for me this week!  ‘Till next time, have a wonderful week.

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – February 20th

Is it springtime yet in the northern hemisphere?  No?  Oh, darn.  I’m ready for Old Man Winter to go away!

1. Santorini by Conniemiles

First up is a lovely piece with summery vibes!  Santorini is a place I’d love to visit.  For now, I’ll settle for dreaming while gazing at this gorgeous layout!

2. Wild About Books by Robinsismai

I adore the use of journal cards in this layout.  They serve as a great focal point and title!

3. Home Sweet Home by Chigirl

There’s no place like home!  And for a second, I though the “home” was a digital element. What a great photo and perfect kit to showcase it.

4. Warm Hearts by Scrapbookmama

For such an icy layout, this one is warming my heart!   I adore the scale of the elements and the overall arty vibe.

5. Right Up My Alley by Pizazzstar

The dark edges are fantastic! My eyes go right to the center to take in the cityscape.

6. Winter Warmth by Sylvia

Well, since winter is not over, let’s celebrate it with this winter inspired layout.  There is lots of “wow power” here with the collage look.

Till next time – have a great week and happy scrapping!

Lisa – Armygrl

Finger Pointing – January 29th, 2024

Happy Monday!

I am starting the week off with an eclectic blend of digital artistry from the sad and melancholy to the fun and cute.  In between we are reminded to hit the pause button and enjoy life’s moments, no matter the season or location – a late summer day on the coast or a winter’s day up in the mountains.

1. Beautiful People by Jayne

First up are sad, melancholy, broken but beautiful people by Jayne. I find I like quad designs that radiate from the center.  Each quarter is a little mini work of art and could stand on its own.  Together, they paint a beautiful picture.

2. This Winters Love by Anja_77

This past weekend I took a pause from digital creations.  I opened up my art journals and created organically.  Hitting the pause button, stepping away for a few days allows my batteries to recharge.  I come back refreshed and full ideas.  Creativity flows.  I picked this page today because someone out there might need permission (from themselves) to hit the pause button.  This is my gentle encouragement to do so.  Allow yourself time to recharge and refresh.

3. Day 12 by Tedasgram

The bokeh pulled me in.  It’s so magical!  And so is this layout. That photo belongs in Stampington’s Bella Grace magazine.  The lavender cluster and grungy painterly background are as equally magical and complement the photo beautifully.

4. Sun, Sand, Surf, Santa Lucea Beach, FL by Shannon

This split page design created with the “sun and surf” text is simply marvelous! And gosh, I just spent the last five minutes gazing off into the photo’s horizon and wishing I were closer to a costal beach.

5. Winter Wonder by Conniemiles

I am in awe of the color palette here.  The blues are so icy cold, but the red flowers and word art add a touch of warmth and help lead the eyes around the layout.

6. Snap Chat Fun by Robinsismai

These photos were way too cute to pass up in the gallery.  I find myself grinning from ear to ear.  And I must say, I love getting lost in all the details of the cluster…the bits of dried foliage and leafy vines that lead up to the adorable bird houses are full of whimsy of depth and add such character to the layout.  Not that those photos need any more character – lol!

Till next time!

Have a lovely, magical, creative week!

Lisa (Armygrl)