Finger Pointing – February 20th

Is it springtime yet in the northern hemisphere?  No?  Oh, darn.  I’m ready for Old Man Winter to go away!

1. Santorini by Conniemiles

First up is a lovely piece with summery vibes!  Santorini is a place I’d love to visit.  For now, I’ll settle for dreaming while gazing at this gorgeous layout!

2. Wild About Books by Robinsismai

I adore the use of journal cards in this layout.  They serve as a great focal point and title!

3. Home Sweet Home by Chigirl

There’s no place like home!  And for a second, I though the “home” was a digital element. What a great photo and perfect kit to showcase it.

4. Warm Hearts by Scrapbookmama

For such an icy layout, this one is warming my heart!   I adore the scale of the elements and the overall arty vibe.

5. Right Up My Alley by Pizazzstar

The dark edges are fantastic! My eyes go right to the center to take in the cityscape.

6. Winter Warmth by Sylvia

Well, since winter is not over, let’s celebrate it with this winter inspired layout.  There is lots of “wow power” here with the collage look.

Till next time – have a great week and happy scrapping!

Lisa – Armygrl

Finger Pointing – January 29th, 2024

Happy Monday!

I am starting the week off with an eclectic blend of digital artistry from the sad and melancholy to the fun and cute.  In between we are reminded to hit the pause button and enjoy life’s moments, no matter the season or location – a late summer day on the coast or a winter’s day up in the mountains.

1. Beautiful People by Jayne

First up are sad, melancholy, broken but beautiful people by Jayne. I find I like quad designs that radiate from the center.  Each quarter is a little mini work of art and could stand on its own.  Together, they paint a beautiful picture.

2. This Winters Love by Anja_77

This past weekend I took a pause from digital creations.  I opened up my art journals and created organically.  Hitting the pause button, stepping away for a few days allows my batteries to recharge.  I come back refreshed and full ideas.  Creativity flows.  I picked this page today because someone out there might need permission (from themselves) to hit the pause button.  This is my gentle encouragement to do so.  Allow yourself time to recharge and refresh.

3. Day 12 by Tedasgram

The bokeh pulled me in.  It’s so magical!  And so is this layout. That photo belongs in Stampington’s Bella Grace magazine.  The lavender cluster and grungy painterly background are as equally magical and complement the photo beautifully.

4. Sun, Sand, Surf, Santa Lucea Beach, FL by Shannon

This split page design created with the “sun and surf” text is simply marvelous! And gosh, I just spent the last five minutes gazing off into the photo’s horizon and wishing I were closer to a costal beach.

5. Winter Wonder by Conniemiles

I am in awe of the color palette here.  The blues are so icy cold, but the red flowers and word art add a touch of warmth and help lead the eyes around the layout.

6. Snap Chat Fun by Robinsismai

These photos were way too cute to pass up in the gallery.  I find myself grinning from ear to ear.  And I must say, I love getting lost in all the details of the cluster…the bits of dried foliage and leafy vines that lead up to the adorable bird houses are full of whimsy of depth and add such character to the layout.  Not that those photos need any more character – lol!

Till next time!

Have a lovely, magical, creative week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – January 17th!

Happy New Year – Happy 2024!

I hope this year fills you with creativity and artistic success!!  Speaking of which, let me share some!

1. Queen by Lencikvredniy

What an incredibly beautiful layout!  The “stamped” background is soft and pretty and the photo provides such wonderful contrast.

2. LAD-8-Middle-Head-Beach by Mary-Lynne

The large photo format of this layout is such a delight!  What a lovely couple and view!

3. 2024-01-16-Highlights by Mika

I am such a fan of Year in Review layouts!  What caught my attention here was the journaling on the frames and use of journal strips. Bravo!  Marvelous YIR layout!

4. Frozen in Time by Ange

I almost did not pick this layout because my world currently looks like this….and I’m so over COLD!  Lol!!!  I could not pass up this lovely layout, however.  The blending is out of this world!

5. Capture the Magic by Tineke

This is one of my favorite styles – single photo with a large, full of depth cluster.  There is so much to love here – from the arty background all the way to the pink hued flower on top and the paper piece and lace in between.

6. Winter Stories by Kakleidesigns

The scale of the clusters with all the white space in between caught my attention.  What exquisite design!

Till next time,

Happy Scrapping!

Lisa (Armygrl)



Finger Pointing – December 3rd

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And the galleries are full of Holiday Cheer!

1. Joy by Kjersti

This layout is pure joy!  The gigantic snowflake on the dark background is lovely and the greens, reds, and blues pop!

2. cc by Marnel

This layout is full of sparkly cheer and holy gigantic cluster!  That’s an amazing one!

3. 2023 Christmas Card by kendrawalter

What a perfect title, ‘cause this digital card is so much fun!!!

4. Moments by IntenseMagic

This layout by our very own Jan is fun and lovely!  I adore the paper pieced tree and moments captured photos are endearing.

5. Memories of Gatlinburg by EvelynD2

I love the arty Christmas town background and it perfectly complements the Gatlinburg photos!

6. Day 3 – Winter by *gina*

This layout is fresh and crisp, like the newly fallen snow a lovely winters day.

Till next year!  Have a blessed and joyful holiday season!


Finger Pointing – November 19th

No matter where you are in the world, there is always something to be thankful for.  As we are gearing up for Thanksgiving in North America, I thought I’d kick off the week with things to be thankful for, Gallery Standout style!

Things to be thankful for:

1.  Granddaughters.

Hello Autumn by conniemiles

Family is the heart and soul of many scrapbookers.  This tribute page to Connie’s granddaughter Autumn is stunning.  From the beautiful photography to the cascading clusters, it’s easy to fall in love with Autumn.

2.  Mushrooms.

Early Autumn 2 by Dunkie

I’m always on the hunt for mushrooms.  They play such a vital role in the cycle of life.  Since the fruiting bodies are picky, requiring the right humidity and temperature to pop, finding them is magical!  This page full of beautiful clusters with the mushroom focal point is magical too!  I especially like the cluster at the bottom of the page with the scarecrow.

3.  Historical Parks

Fort William by Mary-lynne

I am such a fan of living history museums and historical parks!  It’s amazing to think how people once lived.  Each museum and park pay tribute to the past and human culture.  I often find myself wondering who and how I would have been were I born in 1775 instead of 1975.

This layout is such a lovely tribute to Fort William.  And the use of the red flower is brilliant – the eyes keep bouncing from the red in the skirt to the flower.  What a great way to lead the eyes across the page.

4. Nighttime Magic

Nuit Magique by Migueline

The sun goes down and my brain turns off.  I wish I could be more cognizant at night – because the night is full of magic!  From the stars to the moon, to fireflies in the summer, to the owl’s hoot and crickets chirping – nuit magique!  This layout is pretty magical too!  It captures the essence of a lovely moon light night.

5.  A Beautiful Day

The Good Stuff by Pmjames

A beautiful day is always something to be thankful for.  And this layout makes my heart go pitter patter!  One thing I love about photography is that it makes us pause, even if for a moment.  And in that moment, observe the beauty that surrounds us.

6.   For Everyday Things

AJ Week 3 by Vickyday

Everyday Things can become so commonplace, that we forget how wonderful they actually are.  But that first cup of coffee in the morning and our digital scrapbooking communities, they are definitely things to be thankful for.


Wishing you a week full of light, love, and thankfulness!

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – November 5th

Happy Sunday!  I do hope you are enjoying gentle weather and a lovely day of rest!

The galleries are popping and I realize four out six layouts I picked today are ROCKING light backgrounds!  The white paper really helps the focal point stand out.

Batty by Aimee Harris

For a moment, I was like “what’s that a photo of?”  LOL!  A bat, silly!  Seriously though, I’m lovin’ the Batty word art at those flowers are mesmerizing.

Trick or Treat by Chaos Lounge

I have a thing for skulls and Dia de los Muertos vibes so naturally I was drawn into this spooktacular layout! I tend to be a “center” focus kind of scrapper, so I like that the elements are clustered around the outside.  It’s different from my norm and fabulous!

Love Of Your Life by Tanteva

This scraplift is incredible!  I like the unique size of the film strip, the placement of the embellishments is spot on, and the journaling is super cute!

Wildflowers by Anke55

How marvelous!  I love the big title overlaid with that spectacular photo!  And the additional little cluster and tag are perfect!  This layout is an awesome blend of graphic design + arty!

November Big Photo by Faerywings

This is too adorable, and I can so relate!!  I love the lighting in the photo and the dog’s paws out the window.  This big photo layout is melting my heart!

Nov White Space Challenge by Angela Toucan

Wow!  That is fabulous white space and the contrast between white and black are spot on!  Great trickle of elements down the page too!


Till next time! Have a lovely week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – October 24th

I can’t help it.  I LOVE this season full of skulls and spider webs!  I enjoy all the creepy bits and seeing them in layouts.  And that’s why Spooky Season is my first pick of the day.  From ghosts to skeletons and everything in between, especially the jack-o-lanterns, this layout is frightfully delightful!

Spooky Season 3 by Erika (et designs)


Yes.  I did it.  I picked a layout with a grotesque bug.  The reason – it produced a reaction.  My reaction might have been “eeek!”  But I love that a response was produced.  And let’s be real, that’s some fantastic blending behind the bug.

Oddities & Curiosities by AngeBrands


Wow!  This is just a cool layout!  I love the man/woman imagery and the space between them. The embellishments on either side are wonderfully balanced and placed.

Ying and Yang by Ginette


I’m not trying to pick predominately black and white layouts today, but gosh – they are rocking the galleries.  In this one, I once again like the space between the two main focal points.  It is interesting how that negative space captures the eyes. Then, when my eyes take in additional imagery, I am simply in love with all the arty bits and brushes.

Stop dark times by *gina*


“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…”  With his flair for mystery, macabre, and as a central figure for gothic fiction, October is the perfect month to celebrate Poe.  This is a wonderful tribute page. The faint bits on the background paper are especially delightful.

Edgar Allan Poe by Profolly


I did it!  I found some color!  Lol!  Seriously though, this is all sorts of wonderful color.  The background reminds me of a Flora Bowley piece – abstract art at its finest.

P52 Week 41 – Color by Moni

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)