Finger Pointing – February 5th

Inquiring minds want to know – do you consider Sunday to be the first day of the week, or the last day of the week?  I have calendars that spread the week from Sunday to Saturday and others that spread the week from Monday to Sunday.  I often considered Monday the first day of week because that is the traditional start of the work week in the USA.  Anyways…whether it’s the first day of your week or the last day of your weekend, I hope you are having and excellent Sunday!

The galleries are sure popping today and picking a few standouts was super fast and easy!

Wish Come True by Omlialie

Much love for the neutral papers and doodled elements.  Combined with the circle cut out, photos, and whimsical font – this layout is a dream come true.

Inspiration by Scrap by Irre

I am a fan of the bold color choices with the orangey peaches.  Using a black and white photo is perfect – no chance of colors clashing. This is such a beautiful and romantic layout.

Us by Shunnstergirl

This is a perfect example of how colors POP on a black background. In addition to the fun colors and heart shapes, the photos made me giggle!  I love it when people do not take themselves too seriously.

Artic Tundra by Zippyoh

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are not out of the snow and cold temperatures yet!  This layout is like walking in a winter wonderland!  The three photos with bold title and whimsical elements are perfect compliments to the snowflake filled background.

A Day in the Life by Demma

This layout is exquisite and so well put together.  The baby blue of the title and the little flowers pop on the otherwise neutral colors.  I am so glad this layout drew me in because it has an important message about ticks.  I am so sorry for Scamper’s bad day, but very happy he recovered.

Home Girl by Chaos Lounge

There is so much to love about this layout – from the whimsical heart background, to the large, bold title, and the gorgeous clusters!  This is such an awesome example of a filled page with great flow.  Your eyes are drawn into the title and the little arrow at the top…then work their way down to the little word art “best of friends.”  Bravo!

Thank you for joining me and leaving lots of love in the galleries!  February is the month for love!

Till next time, take care!

Lisa – Armygrl

Finger Pointing – January 30th

Happy Monday!

Let us kick off the week with loads of gallery inspiration!!

I Have a Dream by Aimee Harrison

February is just around the corner, and February is Black History Month in the USA.  What an awesome layout to get the celebrations started! I love the Martin Luther King Jr. graphic and abolitionist Frederick Douglass photo tucked away in that gorgeous cluster.  The clean lines of the page design are superb!

Scraplift Challenge by Mika

I do not know what the reference layout is, but this layout is all sorts of fantastic!  The blending is off the charts and the photo so dreamy!

Reality and Dream by Zotova

What an awesome graphic style layout.  From the apartments at the top, the home icon in the center, and all the way down the page, there are fantastic leading lines!

Wine by Cfile

Wine not?  Wine yes!!!!  I need glasses too!  Oh goodness, this layout gave me such a chuckle!  And it is so well designed with the horizontal flow, arty title and lovely cluster.

Love by CaroRen

Oh my, I am in in LOVE with this arty layout by CaroRen.  So many yummy layers of papers and stacked ephemera.  Great blending too!

Pool Shark 2020 by Kimberly27

The bright blue of the pool table popped out of the galleries at me.  Then upon closer look, I fell in love with the min-clusters and placement of elements.  This is such a wonderful pocket page (no pun intended) – so full of fun photos!

Thank you for joining me in today’s picks!  May you have a lovely and creative week!

Till next time,


Finger Pointing – January 18th

It’s the first time I get so say Happy New Year here!  So, Happy New Year!

The galleries are sure off to a good start! They are popping with such beauty and creativity!

First up is one full of humor.  Truthfully, I saw the title and was momentarily confused…until I saw it…

Peared For Life by Jayne


Next, I was mesmerized by the blue waters and sky in this gorgeous photograph.  The kit and photo go so well together! And the cluster along the right side is perfectly placed to hug the ship along with the main cluster.

Coastal Waters by demma_b13


I am a sucker for a dark background – and Cindy’s use of one here is perfect!  I adore the chalkboard look and how the flowers look so rich and saturated on the black.

Daily Plan by Cinderella


Ahoy, matey! It’s the second ship of the night.  But here I am drawn in with the lines and repeated shapes of the masts.  Much love for how Carol blended her photo into the paper.  The aged look is perfect for the oldest ship still afloat.

Old Ironsides by Iowan


Once again, I am drawn in by repeated shapes – but this time involving the word love.  The split design of the layout is fabulous and eye-catching.  I am truly inspired by Heather’s layout and I’m wondering what shape or words I’ll be repeating in one of my layouts.  Scraplift, here I come!

Love by HeatherH


My last pick for the evening is full of nighttime magic!  Don’t these pictures make you want to play with sparklers too? Much love for the starry paper choice how the final piece simply glows!

Sparklers by Treemoon


Until next time, happy creating!

Lisa (Armygrl)



Finger Pointing – December 2nd

The temperatures are cold, and the wind carries a bite.  Days are getting ever shorter and nights ever longer.  But the magic of the season is blossoming with ice crystals, snowflakes, ever green trees, and things that make us feel comfortable and warm, like a nice hug, a sweater, or a cup of hot chocolate.  Magic is in the air and this season seems to draw out a special kind of creativity.

Hugs by Keepscrapping

Yes, the cuddle is real when its super cold outside.  But the rosy cheeks and crisp, blue sky are delightful.  So are the wreath design and ginger snap cookies.


Hot Chocolate by dotcomkari

Mmmm…our very own blogger Kari crafted the yummiest of layouts!  The layers are so delightful and the warm colors are comforting and rich. I adore the sprigs of pine poking out here and there, adding to the feel of seasonal magic.


By Your Side by Roxana

What a lovely layout with exquisite shadows.  There is such a dimensional look here, it seems as if one could reach in and pluck out a flower.


Bricolage December by Jcaruth910

That icy blue color pops from the gallery!  I am ever the fan of collage art and mixed media and this layout ticks so many boxes – great design, great colors, interesting focal point.  Bravo on this magnificent piece of art.

Crafty And I Know It by Skinospot

Ha, ha!  I could not pass up this layout.  Sometimes my craft room gets so messy with supplies I can no longer craft!  Much love for this whimsical and fun layout.  I am such an admirer of “full” creations (not something I excel at).


Good Times by Oldenmeade

And we are back to winter magic!  There is something about this layout that makes me look closer and closer for Peter Pan…. seems like he should be flying about!  Gosh, this layout has dreamlike qualities.


J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

Here is to making magical and flying!  Happy December.

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – November 22nd

Oh my fur and whiskers!  I’m late… Actually, I am pretty late with getting this posting done this evening.  Ha!  I am feeling like the White Rabbit.  So what an awesome pick to begin tonight’s GSO post.

Don’t Be Late by Fiddlette Designs

I love a good Art Journal page, or page that is pure art.  I also love Alice in Wonderland themes and art.  Designer Fiddlette nails it across all fronts! This layout is whimsical and fun and channels my inner Alice.

Rj-lg-hmv2-hurting by Veronique PINCEMIN

I found this image to be full of emotion – the downtrodden face, the tears on the vest.  Beautifully melancholy.  The placement of the stitches are fantastic (I almost did not recognize them as stitched elements) and the shadows are superb.

June by Lynnette

Although it is not winter yet, with temps in the 20s (F) and snow, it sure feels like winter.  Thus, I was pleasantly surprised and felt a smidgen of warmth when I saw Lynnette’s layout June in the galleries.  The summer vibes with the hiking trail and beach scene brought a smile to my face.

Instalove by Kiana

I think the photos with the black and white stripped backgrounds are super cute…as is the layout!  Kiana rocks the shadows and I adore her choice of elements – the big flowers and the camera especially.

Pajamas All Day Zippyoh

What’s not to love here? The girl illustration is adorable, the clustering amazing, and that cup of coffee looks delicious!  And YES to pajamas all day!

Art is Life by Sylvia

For me, art is a significant part of life!  And this beauty pulled me right in.  The arty pieces on the white background POP!  I love the color palette and the styling.  And, I am incredibly inspired by the workmanship here.

Oh no, I think I hear the Red Queen, “Off with his head!.”  It is time for me to go!

Until next time – Have a wonderful and Thankful week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – November 7th

Our “manic Monday” is almost over.  And the best thing…in the wee hours of the morning we’ll have a total Lunar Eclipse.  Maybe because the clocks turned back and its full-on darkness by 6pm. Maybe it’s my excitement for the coming lunar eclipse.  Regardless, it seems most of the layouts I picked for today’s GSO are on the dark side with deep tones and earthy hues.

November Bricolage Society by Mcurtt

First up is a sultry piece by Marilyn that leaves one feeling, well, a little bit exposed.  I am especially intrigued by the face in the lower right corner with the eyes covered up.

In The Woods by Seahorsefan

Next, is a piece full of awesome blending and such powerful spirit animals.  I enjoy looking deeper and deeper, into the woods.

Moonlight Oasis by Moemc

Wow!  What an awesome find for this Lunar Eclipse eve!  Those photos have me super excited for the morning!  I enjoy the choice of grunged up papers too…there is such marvelous textures here.

Statue Liberty by Zinzilah

Aww…While the foggy picture is delightful in a mysterious sort of way, I do feel bad their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and the New York shoreline was through thick fog.  This is a remarkable and wonderfully unique layout none-the-less.

Chill in the Air by Electra

Okay, Electra’s choice in journal cards has me giggling!  And I very much enjoy her “mood board” that has an American west and prairie land vibe. I feel like I’m saddling up to hit the Oregon Trail!

I Remember This by Carrie1977

Carrie’s layout is such a wonderful design with the corner clusters and thin frames surrounding the piece.  There is remarkable “white space” yet the layout still seems “full.”


I truly enjoy the Earthy vibes of today’s picks…I hope you do too!

Till next time – have a fantastic week!

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing | October 19th

Happy Wednesday!  The galleries are alive with a smorgasbord of layouts in such a wide yet delightful variety of styles and topics.

Autumn Walk by Dragonhome

I have to say, the blue sky absolutely pops next to the fall colors yet is soothing and helps me take in the gorgeous Yosemite photos.  The trickle of leaves are the perfect accents as are the textured and embossed papers.


I Need a Vacation by Robinsismai

Yeah.  This is me lately.  Tired. Grumpy.  Done adulting!  Yet here I am, washing laundry (seriously) as I make my GSO post!  Much love for the mood and content of this layout.  Not to mention, the design and flow are superb as well as the shadows.


At Home Getting Ready by Jam on Toast

What a beautiful layout for a beautiful bride!  The soft background and overall blending are perfection.  I also adore the greens of the plants and elements which add a wonderful splash of color to the layout.  Scrapbooking is all about capturing and document memories…and this layout does so with elegance.


Six Years Old by Tjscraps

In addition to an absolutely adorable photograph capturing year 6, this layout is stunning in its artistry!  The mix of 2D elements with dimensional 3D elements gives this layout depth and life! The flow leads the eyes around the page and the mostly white background gives an area for the eyes to rest.


Bewitched by Ctmm4

Oh my goodness…I had a chuckle at the Daisy and Donald Duck costumes especially. All the costumes are fabulous though, and so is this pocket styed layout.  All treats, no tricks here!  There is such a great selection of pocket cards mixed with a few additional elements and journal strips.  This was such a fun trip down Halloween memory lane!


First Beach Portrait by Garynkim

Wow!  Another visual stunner.  This time with an extraction and exceptional blending.  The elements pop so wonderfully on the soft background.  Documenting the story of their trip through words and photos will help these two relieve the moment over and over.


Thank you joining me in gallery love!

Till next time!

Lisa (Armygrl)