Finger Pointing – May 14th

Hello from St. Louis, Missouri!

I apologize for any misspelling or grammar errors as I spent a glorious day out in the sun at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum.  This girl is tired…but never too tired to Finger Point!

Sweet Treats by Fruitysuet

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!  Haha! Suzanne took a walk down memory lane and created a such a fabulous layout in memory of times gone by.  While the soft-serve colors, layout and design are superb, the journaling is my favorite part!

Chasing Rainbows by KingsQueen82

This is perfection in my book…awesome page design, outstanding clusters, gorgeous photo, and my favorite color…Rainbow!  What a work of art by Cassie!

Bloom by AmieN1

Let us tip toe through the tulips!  What marvelous fields of flowers and I adore the snapshots of the little ones from different views.  I bet reliving this moment made Amie feel happy and alive!  This pocket styled layout sure makes me feel happy.

Sunshine by isDK

What a marvelous two-page spread!  I love how the mixed media element in the upper left mirrors the photograph of the yellow bird of paradise flower.  And the little sprinkles of joy blowing across the page are such a treat.  The grey background is perfect for the pinks and yellows.

Stickyweed by Corrin

I have to say, this lovely layout gave me quite the chuckle when I read the journaling.  As a person who currently has a jacket covered with sticky weeds, I lean towards “curse.” Regardless, super fan of the arty elements that remind me of watercolor paints.  Corrin made great use of horizontal flow, soft colors and white space.

Orange by AJK

I am a great admirer of introspection and creating art that has deep meaning to one’s self.  Orange by Amanda is just that.  Sometimes, when the rooster crows, she is transported back to Honduras.  The images are reflections, memories, of times gone by.  Although a still shot, what Amanda created is like a movie in my mind. It is like I can see her hearing the rooster…and being transported somewhere else.

I hope you all do not mind that I share of picture of today’s adventure.  I learned a bit of Missouri history, burial culture and enjoyed the magic of the gardens.

I hope your weekend is as blessed as mine!

Take care my fellow artists and memory keepers.

Lisa (Armygrl)




Finger Pointing – May 9th

To all the mothers, sisters, aunties, and grandmas out there, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.  And to all our scrappers, organic and digital, I hope you enjoyed iNSD festivities and filled your hard drives and/or craft rooms with boat loads of goodies (I know I did!).

Flower Love by ksacry

My first pick for the evening is based on a flower bouquet from daughter to mother.  And what a lovely bouquet and resulting work of art we have.  I am always impressed with those who have the skill to blend photos into art so seamlessly, as if the photo is paint.

leçon d’équitation N°1 copie by myla

And my second pick once again employs the blending technique where the photo merges with paints and transfers.  Here I adore the ponies as well as the blue skies and green grasses.  What a marvelous scrapbook layout.

wild heart by huyentrang43

Despite wearing a mask, the beauty and cheer of this little girl shines through.  Her eyes smile.  The pink, white and green color palette is lovely and mixed with wood there is a bit of country sheek vibe (even with the Spiderman shirt).  The clusters are lovely and the paint is a delightful arty touch.

Capricorn by Angels

As a Capricorn, of course I am drawn to this layout!  Like a moth to the flame, haha!  Upon closer look, I absolutely adore the zodiac paper blended with a photomask.  This layout is fun and whimsical.  There is so much to see and admire.

You are magic by Angels

Yes, this evening I pick a second layout from Angels.  Here she created a bit of magic with the bold colors!

ThinkSayDo by Janedee

What a marvelous piece of art!  The rich colors are superb and the layer upon layer invites the viewer to keep looking deeper and deeper into the layout.

Road less traveled by JanikN

I tend to be a sucker for large photo layouts; and here we have the large photo mixed with additional photos that tell the hiking story. The colors and tones of the elements compliment the gorgeous greens. And look at the cute squirrel wanting to join the adventure.

15a by Shellbyj

What a gorgeous layout, full of fun colors and elements.  The pops of red lead the eyes around the layout.  And not to mention, the boys are adorable and so cute in their bright red-orange shirts.

Intuition by Dalis

What draws me in is how photorealistic this digital layout looks.  What magic!  The characters are cute and whimsical, and all the paint and mark-making makes me happy!

2022 Week 17 Left by Mrivas

What awesome photos and cropping.  That tall photo with the Apple symbol – wow! This pocket page uses white to the greatest advantage.  It brings out the text and patterned papers.

I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing our galleries rock with all the iNSD goodies you stocked up on.

Take care!

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing – April 19th

Hi!  Its Lisa coming in with a chocolate high from all the Easter candy and treats from this past Sunday.  And boy do I have some treats for you on this Tuesday – of a non-sugary variety.

Peaches&Cream-prompt1 by Dunkie

First up is this wonderfully layout by Dunkie.  The purple, white and green clusters are gorgeous.  The hummingbird and fairy add a bit of whimsy.  Mixed with the message of finding balance when being true to you – this layout is magical in every way.

Frontier by Jazzmom

The pops of orange in the leaf and flowers stand out brilliantly on the grey background.  This prompted me to come in for a closer look.  There I see a treasured heritage photo that is witty, fun, and made me giggle.  This layout is spectacular in so many ways: the use of selective colors, the elements that coincide with the frontier theme, and of course, the blending of that awesome photo.

20220410-bs-challenge-no2 by Cabelcat

This remarkable work of art has me wondering what stories the silenced angel has to share.  There are swirls, representing the depth of mystery; and the bird on the shoulder bears witness.

Spirea by AmandaJ

Ahhh, this layout by Amanda is simply gorgeous!  She chose a background paper wisely, as this layout still has lots of texture and personality even though the use of color and three-dimensional elements is limited.  All the arty details and blending invite you in for a closer look.

Gorgeous Girl by Kiana

Baby I’m a Star!  While I love Kiana’s filled page and deep shadows, it’s those moody and sassy photos of her GORGEOUS daughter that steal the show!  The lighting here is spot on and the photos so soft and beautifully light.  I am pulled in like a moth to a flame.  Encore!  Encore!

Pâques 2022 Bruges by Myla

There is so much to see in this layout!  The focal point is wonderfully surrounded by color fading to white – an amazing effect that draws the eyes in and is complemented by the sketched town on the yellow sky followed by pops of yellow in the butterfly and flowers.  This layout is wonderfully crafted and balanced and demonstrates such skill.

Thank you for joining me!  I feel I have an eclectic mix today, but each layout shines in its artistry!

Have a lovely week my lovelies!


Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – April 6th

Hi!  It is Armygrl-Lisa filling in for Kari (which is super easy to do)! It is so fun admiring the talent within our digital scrapbooking communities and drooling over the gorgeous layouts and photos!  Today I am blown away by black backgrounds – colors POP off the pages, and awesome photography.

Werd by Weaslewatchr

First up is a quirky, fun, and adorable layout by Danica.  I am mesmerized by those eyes and love the bold colors on the black paper.  But the legs through the house slippers, with the paws sticking out seriously has me laughing out loud!  Cat shoes – tee-hee!

Play Ball! by Stasianary

Yesssss!  Another striking layout with a black background.  This layout strikes a home run with me!  The purple and teal pop from the black background with splashes of green too. The design is a winner with the journaling on top.

Explore by Stormchaser

This layout is a showstopper with a palette of colors that is totally American Southwest.  The photos and clusters are superb. This is scrapbooking and memory keeping at its finest – pure gorgeousness!

Costa Rican Sunset by MariSt

Oh boy, between the Grand Canyon pictures and the Cosa Rican Sunset, I realize I really, really need a vacation!  But alas, I will settle for wishing and hoping as I gaze at amazing pictures in the galleries.  I could not agree more with MariSt, one of the prettiest sunsets ever!!! And it goes to show, a layout does not have to be full of clusters or 3D elements to have boat loads of WOW POWER!

April Scraplift Challenge by Cherylndesigns

Hee, hee, I’m sneaking one in from one of our very own bloggers, Cheryl!  Once again, I am blown away by beautiful nature photography.  My-oh-my how I’d love to be in a kayak on those waters.  I love how Cheryl offset the blue skies with the use of red-orange and yellow papers and elements.  This layout is full of positive energies.

Sandy Beaches by Ana_Santos

Well gosh, the vacation photos are dominating the galleries today!  Here, in addition to wishing that were me in the photo, I love the soft, washed-out beachy colors and arty blending. This is a beautiful work of art!

Well – better late than never!  I hope you enjoyed the 6ths picks as much I enjoy them.  I am seriously yearning for a vacay now!!

Take care and be well!


Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – April 5th

April showers bring May flowers!  In the Northern hemisphere, early Spring has spung!  After a cold, dreary winter it is nice to see a smattering of pastel and bright colors popping up in my yard and neighborhood parks.  Apparently, I am not the only flower lover.  The galleries are in BLOOM!

Polinator by CathQuillScrap

Come on in for a closer look.  You’ll find a worker bee busy collecting pollen from one of my favorite flowers, the Passion Flower.  Awesome crop on the photo!

Your smile… by KarenK

The photo treatment is spectacular, but this Spring beauty’s smile steals the show.  I love the flower cluster in her hair, too.

Flowers by KayTeaPea

The color combination here is superb!  The newsprint paper wonderfully offsets the yellow and green paints.  And those stickers – it seems like I could reach in and pluck them off the page.  The homemade bouquet for prom is beautifully arranged and perfect for this lovely young miss.

OOB-pop-up-hole-in-one-with-edges by Mary-Lynne

What a fun out-of-bounds photo edit!  And that lawn of green – so gorgeous.

Mobile-Wallp-Challenge-April22-web by BlueWave

I LOVE digital art and the magic one can create using this medium.  The rhythm, balance, and circular designs are gorgeous!  As are the color palette, lighting, and spring flowers (I especially like the purple tulips).

Hello world by Saar

Sara is an amazing scrapbook artist; I’ve been following her for some time.  She is such a sweet person in the galleries too.   Although Finn is not quite a spring baby (born a few days before the Spring Equinox), I reserve my last spot for the evening for Finn.  Welcome to the world indeed you beautiful baby boy!

To my fellow Northerners, I hope the sprinkling of warmer weather and bloom of flowers has lifted your hearts and spirits.  And to my Southern friends, you too are entering a beautiful time of year – fall.  Stay cozy and warm and enjoy your fall foliage.

Take care my beauties and may peace be with you.


Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – March 27th

Good evening and happy Sunday.  I am forever amazed at the talent and creativity displayed by our scrapbook, art journalist, and digital artists.  Each layout is filled with memories, meaning, and messages.  We make art to commemorate BIG moments as well as little ones too.  We mark the passing of time, knowing how important each moment is.  We share our souls and shoot for the stars.

Girl Power 1 by Ann-Sofie

As March comes to a close, Women’s History month, it is fitting to pay homage to Ann-Sofie’s gorgeous hybrid full of Girl Power and beautiful women.  I looked up “earth colors” and this very palette was one of the first images.  The sage, forest greens and terra cotta are soft, yet strong – a perfect tribute to amazing women.


A Shining Star by EvelynD2

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.  Anything your heart desires, will come to you (lyrics from Leigh Harline, the movie Pinocchio).  Evelyn’s layout is beautifully constructed and makes me want to shoot for the moon!  But alas, the young lady’s smile steals the show – its prettier than all the starts in the sky.


Wither Away by Tanteva

Tanteva writes, “Quote from the song Tyna Bort by Ebba Grön.  Translation: ‘Big men who are playing with lives will soon take their final step. They will wither away.’” Oh, how I wish this were true.


This Happens by Caapmun

I am transported to another place, another time.  I can smell the ozone, the rain, and feel the dampness.  The lights dancing off the wet streets capture my attention, how the rays from the lamplights glow.  It is a lovely night.  And Carmel’s little arty cluster adds to the beautiful mood.


2008 Alex First Day of Preschool by Iowan

Ah – happy colors and happy memory. All the firsts, like the first day of pre-school; one tiny step to this little human becoming her own person.  I love the combination of art marks, paints and splatters combined with the linear, vertical cluster containing traditional ribbons and flowers, all accenting the red shirts in the photo.  This is a beautifully balanced layout.


Seasons by Meibritt

I am not sure what season I’m in these days – somewhere between winter and spring, lol!  I don’t know.  What I do know is I really, really like this whimsical piece by Meibritt highlighting seasonal favorites like flowers in spring and ice skating in winter.  This quad layout is cute, fun, whimsical and captures the essence of each season.

Thank you for joining me in this evening’s GSO adventure! I love the mood, message, and atmosphere of each piece.  What amazing artists!

I do hope you have an amazing and blessed week.


Lisa – Armygrl


Finger Pointing – March 14

Spring time is just a week away with the vernal equinox falling on March 20th for those in the Western Hemisphere.  Its nice to see spring colors and photos from the outdoors in the galleries! And with March being Women’s History Month, it’s nice to see layouts in the galleries highlighting women’s strength and what we’ve accomplished through the decades.

Red Bellied Woodpecker by Cfile

In addition to being a gorgeous layout with the strip of red going down the left side, I find these layouts where Christa (Cfile) used her Dad’s photos to be especially touching!


Us by Kat

I am a sucker for pooch photos!  And here we have five photos featuring them!  What an awesome multi-photo layout!


SI-HerStory by SonjaS

Sonja’s art journal layout makes my heart go pitter-pater. The colors and blending are fantastic as are the graphics! This seriously looks like it was hand stamped and overlayed with gesso.


BE by BrightEyes

This is layout is so well put together, I thought the bunny photo was an element too!  Wow!  Great use of white space.


Good Times by Immaculeah

I keep waiting for Spring to pop.  But alas, I’ll have to settle for the pretty spring colors in this dynamic and vibrant layout.


MyDrawings by MrsPeel

And last but not least, an art journal page from our very own blogger, MrsPeel – Cynthia.  I love art within art.  And I’m so happy to see her hand drawn figures intermixed with digital.  Big hugs and shout out to my scrappin’ Mama!!

Thank you for stopping by the GSO Blog today!  Let us continue to pray for peace for all.


Lisa (Armygrl)