Finger Pointing – October 9th

Eeek!  I am coming in a bit past my bedtime with today’s (now tonight’s) post.  I find myself in a Dia de los Muertos kind of mood, reflecting on the past as well as the future.  I think tonight’s picks reflect my rollercoaster of emotions and moods…and that is a great thing about art.  Art is a window into the soul.

Comfort Zone by Angeltown

Gentle & Fierce by CaroR

Goth Darkness by Grace

October Songs We Love Challenge by Cherylndesigns

dl by Marnel

My Story Isn’t Over by Cinderella

‘Till next time,

Happy Haunting!

Lisa (Armygrl)



Finger Pointing – September 18th

I considered myself more of an art journalist rather than traditional scrapbooker.  I love using digital scrapbooking kits to explore art, to express myself, and for the simple pleasure of creating.  As I look over my picks for today, I realize I ventured more on the side of digital artistry rather than traditional scrapbooking.  So, here is to having fun and making art just for the fun of it!

LAD-Fusion-11 by JanisT

This is creepy good!  I enjoy the mix of an almost photorealistic background with the illustrative art pieces.  The greens and teals pop on the grey tones.  The feel is a bit haunted mixed with whimsical.

Seafoam by Mary-11

Great use of circles here!  The repeated circular patterns starting with the photo frame and moving out to the porthole window frame on through the circles in the shell combined with the super soft shadows in the cluster make this an exceptionally pretty layout.

September Lucky Dip by Lidia

I am such a big fan of digital art – and here I could not pass up on the adorable whimsy mixed with fall colors and the nod to Halloween.

Finish the Sentence Challenge by Norma

Okay this made me giggle!  And let’s admit it – there is wonderful digital artistry here with the blending, soft colors, use of a black and white photo and once again, soft shadows on clusters.  The pops of purple are a wonderful finishing touch.

Fearless by Angels

I’m such a sucker for dark backgrounds.  Colors pop from them, like they do here.  The quote is fantastic and I like the way the paint splatters remind me of stars.

Here and Now by Mother Bear

Wow!  All those layers!  This is such a phenomenal art journal page.  The message about time is well received and artfully executed.

Till next time!  Happy crafting and scrapping!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – August 29th

Happy Tuesday!

I hope today finds you well.  I notice mornings are bit darker.  And evenings seem to come a bit sooner.  As Liz mentioned yesterday, a change in season is in the air. Lol – but typical of this time of year it is chaotic with 100 degrees one day followed by rain and 80’s the next. I too look forward to Autumn and sweater weather!

As I look at my gallery standout picks for today, I see pink backgrounds and pops of blue along with touches of orange.  The palettes are a bit romantic and vintage, and a little bit dreamy.  I see butterflies dancing across the page and absolutely marvelous digital collage and graphic design!

First up is “Rose Garden” by Mijo.  The horizontal flow, the nearly monochromatic pink (with green foliage) and the mix of modern with vintage stood out to me.  This layout is very lovely and has such wonderful depth with the arty background that seems to fade into a mist.

Rose Garden by Mijo

My next two picks are examples of digital collage.  “Far Beyond Your Dreams” is perfectly tilted as this work of art has dreamlike qualities.  The butterflies dancing across the page are wonderful, dimensional complements to the blended flowers, stars, and background.  The blue and gold palette is exquisite.

Small Child is a marvel!  Gazing at this is like walking through a botanical garden – there is much to take in, new details and patterns with every shift in focal point.  Gold and blue are strong colors here too.  But while I will say Far Beyond Your Dreams is dreamy, Small Child has a harder, graphic-design edge to it.  Both achieve marvelous dimension and beckon you to look deeper and deeper into the layout.

Far Beyond Your Dreams by Migueline

Small Child by Jlholden15

The next two layouts are very different styles with “here I am” having a shabby chic, vintage vibe and “Movie Time” being very modern and graphic.  They have something in common, though – they both take advantage of diagonal flow.  That slant adds such visual interest to both of these layouts.  AND, they both wisely use black and white photos.  While the photos are the focal points, they do not clash with their backgrounds.  Nope, the entire piece is a cohesive work of art.

here I am by *sylvia*

Movie Time by Navaja77

Last but not least, is a beautiful scrapbooking work of art and memory keeping layout by Rae.  Love pours through this layout.

Hold this moment by bcgal00

Till next time my fellow artisans and scrappers!  Happy crafting!

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing | August 14th

Oh Boy by helptheold

This layout is exploding with fun!  I love the shooting stars, the large title, and neutral background that allows the rich colors to shine.

P52 Week 33 by Glyn

The yellow and grey are striking here – very eye catching.  And what a gorgeous photo!

Mini-Kit-Challenge by Bubby

The dark colors pulled me in.  And upon closer look, this layout has me quacking up!  Truly, what a fun and mystical layout!

LO583-Good-Stuff by Omlialie

Here is to happy accidents!  Here is what Omlialie said about those marvelous shadows, “That shadow technique was done in an accident hahahaha! Came out beautifully though, so I went along with it.”  I’m glad she went with it!  There is a wonderful dimensionality to the layout.

August Art Journal Muse Wk1 by Smwhite

This is a marvelous collage and art journal page!  The positioning of the bookmark is perfect – as is the quote lol!

2023-Trip to Spokane by Easyeyesforyou

The bright pops of red stood out in the gallery – and upon closer look I was surprised to find a giant RED shoe!  Ha! The neutral background and elements are simply perfect for this layout.  The red shoe, text, and coordinating elements take center stage and make a wonderful cascade down the page.

Till next time – Happy Scrapping and Creating!

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – July 19th

Water is such a precious commodity!  It’s easy to forget how lucky many of us are to have constant access to potable water in our homes.  This past Saturday, our well pump went on the fritz resulting in us losing water to our home for three days.  Luckily, we did not have to get a new well dug – or we would have been without water for three weeks.  Yipes!

So, it’s definitely nice to sit here this evening, perusing through the galleries, relieved of the stress and anxiety of the past few days.

Uplifted – Review by BlueWave

What an awesome and fun way to document pages created! I almost picket this page and left today’s post at that since it represents sixteen magnificent layouts!  Ha!  But I won’t do that.

MinePlex Gamer Boy by Neia Scraps

The blue on the grey paper popped from the gallery!  This layout is loads of fun with those gamer clusters and pixel graphics.

Balade le long du fleuve by Tativero

Wow!  This is monochromatic loveliness at its finest.  The little bits of orange jump off the page.

Fish by Skinospot

This little work of art is creative, fun, and unique!

Butterflies & Blossoms by Ydpuckett7

The large scale butterfly and color scheme are all sorts of magical!

Hey August by Tanteva

What a beauty!  Eva captured the colors and fun of summer with the big sunflowers!

Till next time, Happy Scrappy!


Finger Pointing – July 12th

Happy Hump Day!  I am having such an art filled July playing with new craft supplies.  And with it being Amazon Prime Day, even more are headed my way.  Ha!

As I peak through the galleries, I am ever amazed at the artistry of digital scrapbooking – from art journal pages to pocket pages.  There is such amazing, inspirational talent out there.  And these picks have me yearning to open up Photoshop and make some digital magic too.

Lost by MDiane

The rich colors and dark tones stand out in the gallery. The watercolor face is lovely with its flowing lines and contrast.  And the foliage has a lovely, iridescent sheen.  This art journal page is a beautiful work of art.

Hello Adventure by Marijke

There is so much to love here – from the exquisite blue skies to the photo frame to the cluster with the passport charm.  The road leading up to the lighthouse is an excellent example of leading lines.  It draws the eyes up and deeper into the layout.

Wander by AZK

Wow!  What an amazing angle of the photograph.  It’s such a reminder to get down low and shoot from a unique perspective.

Inspiration by Elseepe

What an adorable photo!  And I love the squiggly line that ties the top cluster to the focal point with a little heart along the way.  The use of a white paper works brilliantly here – all the little art marks and subtle textures pop.

Blue Skies by Ferdy

Ferdy’s pocket page captures one of my favorite things about summer – blue skies reflected in gorgeous water.  The pops of yellow and orange add warmth and are the perfect tones to complement the blues in the photos and papers.

Palawan by Immaculeah

This layout is all sorts of magic!  The beach scene is spectacular, and I love the use of the striped paper. There is wonderful flow from the top cluster all the way down to the fishy at the bottom.  This layout is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

I hope todays picks provide as much inspiration to you as they have for me!  I love all the different styles and artistry!

Till next time,