Finger Pointing – August 23rd

Today is a fantastic day to pick spectacular layouts from the galleries – so much to choose from in a variety of styles!

Night Lights by Wvsandy

I am instantly drawn into the nighttime photos by WVSandy.  Bravo on getting sharp, clear images.  I also like the clean lines and magazine look.  The little “night life” cluster at the top is the icing on the cake!

2022-01-10 by Onaponakookt

Once again, I am drawn into remarkable photography. The soft browns and golden tones get me reeved up for September and the coming of Autumn! Here, I also adore the pops of red that add delightful visual interest to the layout.

Chase the Wind by TrishD

Wow!  What’s not to love here? This is the kind of layout I’d love to jump into!  The large photo format, the endless sea of green, the little girl flying the kit.  Ahhh…beautiful, like a breezy, late summer day.

The Bison Reserve by EvelynD2

Evelyn created a perfect layout. I love the circular flow and the gorgeous clusters in opposing corners!  The neutral background is a fantastic choice for the pops of blue to come through.  I love all the little details in the clusters and the Go, See, Do banner. Magnificent!

Time Flies by Faerywings

The first word that comes to mind when I gaze upon this work of art is “atmospheric.”  For what is truly a two-dimension, digital piece, it sure does look as if I’m gazing into a large, open, almost ethereal space. Faerywings keeps creating MAGIC!

The Heart by Vickyday

The Heart is also magic! While the floral and butterfly silhouettes are spectacular, I am drawn into the dramatic textures of the inky black background.  The illustrated, graphic look is not one I see too often in the galleries.  But it sure is lovely.

I do hope each of you are enjoying the last days of August!

Happy creating!

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing – August 8th

It’s just another manic Monday! But here is an eclectic blend of inspirational layouts in our community galleries…to help you get over those Monday blues.

EarthMeetsSky  by Janedee

Earth Meets Sky – What a fantastic aerial view!  In addition to the blues and browns, which I find to be soothing colors, I adore the depth of blending in Jane’s layout.  I keep looking deeper and deeper at all the wonderful, arty pieces along the edges.

Family Time by Mocamom

Less is MORE in this layout.  The super clean background is the perfect vessel to highlight the pops of blue and yellow.  The scale of this grid-style layout is delightful as is the overall clean and modern look.

4th of July Travelers Notebook – Freedom by Marikoegelenberg

I love catching hybrid projects in the galleries.  There is something so delightful seeing “organic” works of art.  Here, I love the addition of sea foam green to a traditional red, white, and blue theme.  That green helps tie the two sides together with a fresh new look and the red pops off the pages.

Mysterious Lights by Foxeysquirrel

Wow!  Talk about color pops and blending.  This work of art is pure eye-candy!  I love the way Foxeysquirrel blended an analogous color scheme, working in bits of violet and red to compliment the magenta. Although bursting with bright colors, I find the piece to be moody and atmospheric.

It’s All in Your Head by Miki

Where to begin?  There is much to see and ponder in the imagery and message presented by Miki.  What makes humans uniquely human is our thinking ability…yet the thoughts often turn sour.  But the light colors, the whimsy, and especially for me, the gal with the flowers on her head, keep the heaviness of this layout light and hopeful.

Finally Legal by Bcnatty

An American rite of passage – turning 21!  I adore the “finally legal” alphas, the bold colors on the neutral background, and how this layout is bursting with energy!!!

Happy Monday!   If you like a layout, please click the title and leave some love in the galleries!  Have a blessed week my lovelies.

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing | July 18th and 19th

Oh boy!  You are in for a treat today – a double feature!!!  The galleries are popping with such delightful works of art and memory keeping layouts.  There are plenty of beach vibes and summer nights!

12_09_20 by Lauriezyskind

The beach is delightful place to be, especially in winter months with empty sandy shores.  It is lovely to observe the grasses and miles and miles of beach front.  Laurie has such a wonderful shot of Myrtle Beach and its SkyWheel. The layout is beautifully crafted with the small cluster at the top and the addition of the palm tree photo and tag.

Sunshine & Laughter… by ClaireG

The title that keeps going on and on…and on made me giggle!  Yellow is such a wonderful color for the pictures – bright and merry!  Paired with the black text and outline on friendship, there is a bit of a NYC Taxi Cab vibe – perfect for this NYC reunion!.

Studio – Zoo by JanisT

What a delightful nighttime scene created by Janis!  She captured the magic of summer nights filled with fireflies and fragrant flowers.  Let’s have a moon dance!

Mum & Dad by Jaydubbya

This layout is beautiful in every way…from the picture to the flowers.  The illusion of depth is quite delightful too with the soft shadows and angled key and text.

Living the Good Life by Faerywings

Ooooo – this looks like delicate collage work! So lovely and ethereal. The green and blue stamps are wonderful compliments breathing life into the piece.

Noted by Sylvia

Speaking of collage work – Noted by Sylvia pops from the gallery will all those bits and pieces of brightly colored papers, stamps, and ribbons.  The little details drawn one in, like the star and paper bits in the lower right corner.  This is a festival for the eyes.

Travelers by Helenedubois

Helen’s blending is superb! The neutral tones of the paper provide the perfect backdrop for the photo.  And the framing of the subject draws the eyes in.  The camera and travel days word art are perfect embellishments, too!

Reflection by 3BluEyedBabi

Wow!  This is pretty!  The little clusters are perfect compliments to the photo – which looks like a perfect summer day!

You Make my Heart Sing by HeatherB

The lack of background papers make the flower embellishments and photo stand out.  I adore the color matching between the photo and flowers.  The Heart stamp adds the perfect amount of artiness too!

Birthday Shopping by Honeyandcheese

Oh my gosh – the little man with the little cart doing his birthday shopping is too cute!  There is great storytelling by Rebekah and the page design is fantastic!  The arrows are perfectly placed, and I love how “walked carefully” was highlighted in yellow.  This layout is truly delightful in every way!

The Beach by Zakirahzakaria

This layout is breathtaking!  The photo is atmospheric and moody.  The elements are perfectly placed at the bottom, representing beach flora.  Zakirah crafted a masterpiece!

CampFire by WVSandy

Wow!  This layout captured a bit of summer magic!  The big cutout title is fun and eye catching. The blue papers are perfect with the yellow flames in the background!    I want to go and make S’mores now – ha!

Keep making magic my dear friends!

Have a great week!

Lisa (aka Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – July 2nd

I am currently obsessing with all things hybrid.  So, today’s GSO is dedicated to those talented artists who have a knack of combining digital and analog.

Dashboard and Die-cut Storage Box by iScrap

This is such an awesome way to store die-cuts and ephemera.  The colors are feminine and pretty. I can imagine what joy it is to rifle through the goodies in that box.

Go for it by Angels

I am such huge fan of the art journal style and only recently did I realize digital scrapbooking kits can be used to create analog AJ pages.  Angels rocks this style!  I thoroughly enjoy her choice of word art – flourish, thrive, go for it!  This is such a pretty and positive creation.

Living Just for Me by Vicki Robinson

Yes, I am featuring a digital scrapbooking powerhouse.  And, this may be purely digital – but junk journals are analog.  And maybe, just maybe, I was fooled into thinking this was a hybrid.  Seriously though, I love me some junk journals and I am so enjoying seeing this style (that fools me nearly every time) in the galleries.  How I love all the details from the stamp on the left to the photo strip on the right.

Dinner Choices Tea Towel by Angie Keys

Sorry, I do not have a link to share with you so you can leave love on Angie’s project.  But I HAVE to include this hilarious tea towel in today’s GSO!  Now this is some serious outside of the box thinking.  Printing digital designs on heat transfer fabric is brilliant in my book.  Kudos to Angie for thinking outside of the 12×12 box!

Happy Planner 9 by ajm

I adore the way AJM made stickers and labels for her planner, all from a digital scrapbooking kit. This is such a clever way to personalize your planner and extend the use of your digital supplies.  Simple.  Creative. Effective.

Wanderlust Hybrid Page Pocket by kh_papercrush

Wow!  Kh_papercrush created this pocket page to hold precious letters from her grandmother.  It does not get more special than this! And the pocket design using that gorgeous blue color is absolutely beautiful.

My dear friends from North America, I hope you had a fabulous Canada Day and have a happy Fourth of July!

To all, please have a joyous and blessed weekend.

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – June 19th

Pappa, father, baba, vater, padre… “Dad” has many names.  Although all nations do not celebrate Father’s Day today, many do!  So our hats off to the dads in our lives!  Today’s GSO post is a tribute to these very special men.

Slow Scrap Story_Dad by Mcurtt

The 1954 photo of Marilyn’s dad is pretty special!  Although, that “Danger Men” sign poking up makes me giggle.  When you can, drop by and read the journaling – it is almost “brutal” honesty, yet Marilyn ends with humor.  And no sleeveless undershirts were harmed in the making of this layout, or GSO post.

Sunny Day by Vrielinkie

We typically do not feature the same layout artist two days in a row. But I break that rule today since the star of Vrielinkie’s main photo is Grandpa!  And that fits perfectly with the Father’s Day theme.  And, Vrielinkie’s use of organic lines and waves perfectly complements the beach photos.

2022 Father’s Day Card by Iowan

I am such a fan of hybrid projects and adore this layout featuring a hybrid Father’s Day card.  I love the personal touches and never thought to make a card like this myself.  Thank you for the inspiration, Carol!

Rad Dad by HeatherH

That enormous title is an attention getter!  But I love all the tiny details too from the emoji face, moustache, and lovely floral cluster.  This is a RAD layout for dad!

My Hero by Susan

What heartfelt journaling by Susan to her hero – her dad!  I adore the creative journaling and use of the books with wisdom, honor, love, mentor and truth on the spines.

One More Time by Franlk

Okay, this one has me teary eyed!  “I wish I could hug my dad one. more. time.”  This is such a poignant reminder to let those special men in our lives know just how special they are.

In closing, today also celebrates Freedom, Justice, and the end of slavery in the United States.  June 19, 1865, just over two years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery in the US, slaves in Texas finally learned of their freedom.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Juneteenth!

Have a lovely week ya’ll!

Take care.

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – June 15th

Do you know what day it is?

It is hump day!  And here are few Gallery Standouts to help you get through those mid-week blues!

Reach for the Stars by LisaMT

Wow! Those photos are magical!  And paired with a phenomenal cluster – this layout is otherworldly.

Joy of Color AND One of Kind by Robinsismai

With my favorite color being rainbow, how could I chose just one layout?

The selective coloring of the sunglasses in Joy of Color is perfection!  And the circular cluster in One of a Kind with every color of the rainbow is incredibly gorgeous (but its that tongue sticking out that makes the layout!).

Brave, Strong and Broken by Cinderella

The paper-pieced heart background is reason enough for a GSO…but throw in that art doll with the beautiful paper dress…I am bowing down to this brave and strong princess.

2022 Week 23 Right by Mrivas

What a gorgeous pocket page – look at that wall art!  The colors and the vibe speak summer to me (and maybe a bit rainbow too!).  Way to capture those everyday moments is such a beautiful way.  This could seriously be an ad for that outlet mall!

Forty and Fabulous by dotcomkari

Last but not least is a layout by one of our very own bloggers who recently celebrated the BIG Four – O.  Happy belated birthday and welcome to your fourth decade!  May you have many more.  And yes the layout is FANTASTIC!  The fun photos, the confetti, and gold-foil balloons – this layout is having a party!

Till next time, stay safe and happy my fellow scrapping artists.

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – June 5th

Well – apparently this round of GSO picks I am going slightly monochromatic with all the white background layouts.  There is something about nicely textured digital papers that mimic the organic look of canvas, sketchpads and “real” paper, like you can reach through your computer screen and feel how rough or smooth the paper is.  It also amazing how starting with a simple blank canvas can result in such unique layouts.

The Church T by Heather Prins

The blending is superb and the story is extra cute!  The “Church T” – gives me the giggles.  The minds of wee-little ones are too cute.

Masks by Marleen

I am blown away by Marleen’s amazing artistry and creativity.  This is a piece to ponder.  Do the masks represent all the pieces of one’s true self?  Or the masks one wears to hide the true self?

Alpaca Picnic by Sucali

Again, I have the giggles, “Alpaca Picnic” – cute title!  And here I am blown away by the use of a Christmas Template in a non-Christmas layout.  Bravo!   The stars are the star of the show.

Cat Grass by ClaireG

Claire is one of our bloggers and tonight I feature a layout by her.  Aside from the beautiful, cheerful colors, the storytelling is so fun!  Maybe Claire will get Clint Catwood some cat nip.

Progress by Bcnatty

Much love for the vertical flow of the photos and elements (and all the little ink dots and music notes on the paper).  But the story, so special and sweet, melts my heart.

May by Golya

Oh wow – what an awesome way to look back on the following month and document events.  I adore the inchie photos clipped a top corner to reveal the date.


My fellow scrappers, story tellers and art lovers – please have yourself a lovely and blessed week.

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)