Finger Pointing, February 24th

In a world full of craziness, I hope we can find comfort in one another through our appreciation of a beloved artform– scrapbooking!  Let us celebrate our differences and cherish our sameness.  We are a global community, and when things get ugly, let us hunt the good stuff and find the beautiful in everyday, ordinary living.

Chall2022_02 by ad77

This layout is a pocketful of happiness with the arty vibe, the awesome clustering, the dragon fly and strong message.

BHS Grad 2021 by Gina

Gina has every right to be proud of this beautiful, smart, young lady.  Congratulations, Grad!  And beautiful layout, Gina.  I love your limited palette with the strong blue and pops of yellow (and nice eagle peeking through!).

Small beginnings by ajm

Oh yeah!  This gal is craving a bit of summer and I’m getting it from this gorgeous layout! I like the brown leaves.  They remind me of how my current world looks – but I’d love to open my window to summer. I love the use of the lock and key elements too!

Feel the Burn by Chaos Lounge

Yes, thank you for the reminder and motivation! I love the use of vibrant orange here, and the filled page style is marvelous.  This page has energy!

Happy Birthday by DawnMarch

This is such a sweet birthday layout!  I adore the wreath design and the use of all those pins!  And the birthday girl is glowing!

This View by stormchaser

Yes!  Let us cherish Mother Earth and delight in her beauty!  Thank you for sharing this magnificent view with us!  And what a wonderful multi-photo spread!

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– Lisa

Finger Pointing January 30th

Oh boy!  The first month of 2022 is almost over.  And it has been a doozy.  Many of my friends and co-workers became positive with COVID-19 and crazy weather struck North America, much like last year.  I think we all hoped for a better 2022.  And while I cannot say 2022 has started 100% better – it is milder.  So here is to 2022!  And here is to the beautiful, inspiring layouts in the galleries.  Each of you outstanding digital scrapbookers and artisans makes my month and 2022 a litter brighter!

She Felt Powerful – Chickie

There is such a gorgeous vintage vibe to Chickie’s layout. Her blending is phenomenal.  And kudos to embracing one’s power.

2022 – Mrivas

What a gorgeous layout by Maribel!  Here is to documenting 2022, month by month!  I look forward to more!

Goodbye 2021 – ClaireG

Yes, goodbye 2021 and hello 2022.  I love the little comment at the top addressing high points as well as low – but forever being grateful.  Thank you Claire for an attitude of gratitude.

Patience… – Marleen

What a powerful image to complement the word “patience.”  Marleen can give a master class in artistry.

Stories in Reverie – Nadams

Digital artistry at its finest – BRAVO!  I am in awe of how the photo looks like a negative.  The colors here are magnificent.  And there is storytelling too. What a brilliant heritage layout.

Beauty All Around – JenEm

I end this evening with a perfectly titled layout – Beauty All Around.  I agree.  Sometimes we just have to open our eyes.

Spreading love cheer also makes for a beautiful day!  So, go ahead – do it!  Click a hyperlink and leave some gallery love!  Thank you joining me this fine day in January.

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing – January 20th

Oh boy!  An Artic Blast of cold weather and precipitation struck the United States from New York all the way down to Texas where I live. But the scrapbook galleries are full of layouts that warm my heart and make me happy.  Here are a few highlights:

Bucketlist by Conniemiles

The contrasting colors, blue and orange, with pops of yellow in strips leading down the page make Connie’s page stand out in the galleries.  I enjoyed going through the bucket list and reading the journaling which gave greater depth.  What a captivating layout.

Florals, Foliage and Frames by tammybean004

Plant and flower lover here – so those pops of bright green absolutely grabbed my attention and make me yearn for spring.  As I looked closer at the layout with all those glorious layers, I found myself in awe of the design and thought, “how’d she do that?”  Such wonderful clusters and layers! There’s so much to take in here from the paint splatters to lovely foliage.

This is us by tjscraps

Oh my gosh – how cute is this??  And that silly photo made me laugh out loud.  I love the circular design with the neutral, but arty background.  The dark blue is a wonderful contrast and helps this layout POP from the gallery!  Way to spread cheer and love in the galleries!

Bricolage Jan 22 by Jayne

What a remarkable art journal layout!  That digital doll is a beautify with her long skirt and double wings.  I get lost in the background paper with all the brushes and patterns.  But the beautiful yellow keeps me grounded and focused on the art doll.  And did you notice the little detail – the thumb over the journal strip?  I can stare at this work of art for hours.

Boy and His Ducks by ksacry

Talk about being in the right place at the right time – what an AMAZING capture by ksacry!  That photo is otherworldly!  And how it is blended into the background makes it even more mystical and beautiful!  I love the watercolor look to this layout.

Lol! by allyanne

My last pick for the day has me grinning from ear to ear!  Those wonderful pictures are so fun and silly!  Of course, Ally’s pocket page design style and attention to detail are spot on – it looks like the photos are tucked into a plastic sheet.  I love the cluster on top and the mix of color and black and white photos!  This layout warms my cold and dreary day!

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy these Gallery Standouts.  If you have a moment, please leave some love in the galleries!  You too can warm someone’s day!  Each title is hyperlinked for you.  Bundle up folks…and enjoy your day!

Finger Pointing – December 2nd, 2021

Hello December – the month of cold days and long nights for the Northern hemisphere. But I do hope these GSO picks warm your heart and spark your creativity!

Wonder by Ajm

First up is an art journal layout beautifully executed in a scrapbook style. I am drawn into the dark circle placed on top of the lighter paper.  The red totally pops from the layout but is well balanced. Into my scraplift folder this goes!

Reality bites by Margje

Margje is a master blender.  In Reality Bites, the photo, elements and digital paints weave in and out of one another creating a singular, cohesive piece. The tones are soothing, yet the overall piece has grit and determination – an interesting juxtaposition. I love the graphic-gritty look to this one!

Christmas Tags by Kate

Oh wow!  How cute are these personalized tags?  When I see such wonderful hybrid projects, it makes me want to go out and buy a printer. Each tag with the whimsical character or decoration is expertly crafted and adorned with a little extra bling.  Bravo!  I’d love to have one of these tags on my gift.

Stockings by ChristyHC

Stockings by Christy is merry and bright!  The horizontal flow with coordinating cluster on the lower portion is one of my favorite design compositions.  Look at all those adorable elements, like the big butt Santa on top – and the scale that draws you in for a closer look into all the details…this layout is not naughty at all.  Its very NICE!

Christmas Magic by Cutiejo1

Christmas Magic by CutieJo1 is such a pretty layout.  The use of tags with the bells and star is fantastic.  The soft yellow background paper is warm and inviting. I am also a fan of the curled tag and the lift, through shadows, on the photo.  What a magical Christmas layout!  I love this season!

Biltmore Grounds by Kim517

Speaking of magic…Kim shared her magical adventure to Biltmore with us.  What a lovely pocket styled layout with equally beautiful photographs of a summer adventure.  Be sure to zoom in closer to read Kim’s journaling.

Thank you for joining me in admiring today’s Gallery Standouts!  If you can, please leave a little love and magic in the galleries.  Titles are hyperlinked for convenience.


Lisa (aka Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – November 18th

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go! All across the USA the weather has cooled.  Some have had a dash of snow (or more).  Most are gearing up for Thanksgiving next week…and in the galleries we are even seeing signs of Christmas!  It is a marvelous time of year!  Many color palettes are toned down and neutral like the grasses in Hiddenartist’s Sweater Weather.  But we also get a wide variety of topics and layouts, including the sprinkle of Christmas inspired layouts!

It was such a joy perusing the galleries this evening.  Many are sharing what they are thankful for, and I found quite a few layouts that made me chuckle.  Here is to the magic of this very special season!

Always by Roxana

Oh boy! This is gorgeous! In a clean and simple styled layout, each element must be expertly placed and aligned.  Otherwise, the layout does not deliver the visual punch and effectiveness.  In Always, Roxana delivers!  The little hand drawn hearts, the star, the Oh Boy tag, the paint splatters – everything is perfectly placed to create a visually stunning layout!  Bravo, Roxana!

These Strange Days by Dalis

Dalis is one of my scrappy crushes!  She has an amazing and creative art journal style that results in unique and original layouts.  In These Strange Days, Dalis combines paper strips with awesome journaling.  I don’t care to catch COVID, but I don’t mind catching myself grinning from ear to ear as those smiles are contagious!  Wonderful layout, Dalis!  Your use of paper and your shadows are awesome.

Sweater Weather by Hiddenartist

Wow!  Super big fan of the large photo format combined with spectacular blending.  Add in some wonderful clusters, soft shadows and the handwritten font – we have a Gallery Standout!  Gosh, I love fall grasses – those photos make me want to put on a jacket and go for a walk.  You’ve made such a beautiful layout, Hiddenartist.

Do You Believe – Elf On the Shelf by Lori Ann

Okay, so, I giggled when I saw this layout in the galleries…that mischievous little Elf.  But then I read Lori Ann’s journaling about the layout, and I felt a little sad.  When a child stops believing in Santa, a bit of magic is gone from the world. Well, Lori Ann, your layout is a little of bit magic.  And it made this gal chuckle!  So, I think the balance of magic in the universe is okay.  I’ll just have to watch the Polar Express tonight to relive the magic of Christmas and Santa.  I believe!!

Give Thanks by Miki

Gosh, what heartfelt journaling.  Yes, we age and our bodies change.  But each day on this beautiful Earth is a gift.  And to see traces of our grandparents in ourselves, that is a gift too.  Miki, your layout is as beautiful as it is touching.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art and reminding us that time is a gift.

Humbug by Maggie Mae

Uhh – I giggled out loud again.  Maggie Mae may be ba-humbug; this layout is not!  I love the torn paper and how adding the sticker trees to that very spot makes the paper looks like hills. And of course, I love that photo!  Maggie Mae makes quite the Christmas Elf!

It is never too early for the Christmas Spirit, in my book! Of course, I am also the gal that keeps her tree up all year long.  I don’t have ornaments on it – but I love the lights!   All around the World, I hope we are full of joy, thankfulness, and feel the magic of the Season!

If you can, please leave a little love and magic in the galleries.  Titles are hyperlinked for convenience.


Lisa (aka Armygrl)

November 3rd

Happy Wednesday!

Here are some Gallery Standouts to spread cheer, provide inspiration and help you get over those mid-week blues.

Without further ado, first up is Fire-Sitting by Garrynkim.  I was instantly drawn to the flower cluster that combines a mix of sticker-styled and realistic, fabric flowers.  What an awesome combo that produces a beautiful visual punch!  The black and white photo and pops of white work wonderfully with the rich blue, purple and maroon tones throughout the layout.

Fire-Sitting by Garrynkim

All About the Memories by Wombat146 also has a beautiful flower cluster.  I love how Ona integrates ephemera and the bird into the cluster. The pink paint below the cluster is a lovely complement too, adding lots of visual interest and an arty flair.  It is the photo, however, and its wonderful processing that steals the show!

All About the Memories by Wombat 146

Apparently I am on a flower kick because flowers are the topic of my next pick too!  Truth be told, it was the diagonal tilt of the layout that instantly caught my attention combined with the beautiful blue colors.  Upon closer look, I love the use the open alpha, the papers that complement the photo – and of course, that wonderful photo!  When I was a little girl I used to pick weeds and little flowers for my mom.  So this layout touched my heart. And did you notice the dog wanting to be a part of the action too?

2021NOV_Challenge_Style by Smileark

Holy smokes!  Or maybe holy socks?  What’s not to love about Rainbow Socks by Ozegirl? This layout is fun and bright! Rainbow is my favorite color for sure! The use of the paper cut out leaves and the little strings coming out of the clusters is pure delight.  The extraction on the photo is superb!  And as a crazy sock lover, of course I love the socks!!  Now I want some.

Rainbow Socks by Ozegirl

Little Miss by Ajafillmore is totally scrapliftable.  Sometimes I struggle with patterned papers.  But here, the use of stacked triangles shows off multiple patterned papers (which is why I want to scraplift this). The photo is adorable, and the sunflower stickers are marvelous too! This is a beautiful layout.

Little Miss by Ajafillmore

My last pick for the day is what I call digital art.  In Halloween DressUp, Caapmun creates a beautifully haunting world full of atmosphere and mood. The clusters with all their stringiness are expertly crafted and complement the spider web. I think this layout would make a wonderful book cover.

DressUP by Caapmun

If you’ve enjoyed these picks as much as I have, please take a moment to leave some gallery love!  Each title is hyperlinked for convenience.  Please enjoy the remainder of your week.

Take care!

Lisa – Armygrl

October 26, 2021

Good evening and Happy Tuesday!

My first pick of the evening is Faded Days by Adryane.  This is such a lovely style, full of blending and soft colors.  The elements are expertly clustered and shadowed, allowing the beautiful black and white photo to shine.   Days may fade, but this layout will last forever.

Faded Days

Next up we have Alyssa by our very own Cherylndesigns.  Like me, Cheryl is one of the newest members of the GSO Blog Team.  If you are familiar with Cheryl’s layouts, you know her gorgeous granddaughters are often featured in them.  Here, I love the big photo format and Alyssa’s gorgeous smile!  The yellow paint and elements are wonderful complements, as is the whimsical pumpkin for October.


It is no secret; I love digital art and I love it when digital scrapbooking kits are used to make gorgeous works of pure art.  In Scandinavian Folklore, Peppapig has created such a beautiful digital illustration – I love her cut out digital flowers, the rhythmic patterns, and gorgeous colors!

Scandinavian Folklore

October Beauty by KayTeaPea has lots of wow-power.  The design is superb with lots of flow from the tree photo to the leaf, journaling, and paint splatters. This layout is wonderfully arty yet clean and simple at the same time – what a combo!

October Beauty

“Eeek!” is right! Lol.  Michele’s journaling in her Arachnophobia! layout made me giggle. I love her mailbox picture and giant spider too! Plus, I like the creative use of all those fabric tags. Michele’s layout is a perfect mix of visual and written storytelling.

Michele Hillam

Last but not least, the last pick for the evening is Cozy by Aussiegirl.  Can you say “mega-clusters?”  Holy smokes, aren’t they gorgeous? I love the sweet fall vibes mixed with the monarchs.  Unfortunately, I have not seen many monarchs this year – they typically migrate through Texas mid-October.  However, I will enjoy their beauty in Aussiegirl’s layout.


My dear digi-friends and community – I hope you enjoyed this evening’s picks as much as I did.  Please have a good night and enjoy the remainder of your week. If you have a few moments to spare, please leave some love in the galleries!  Each title is hyperlinked for convenience.

Lisa – aka – Armygrl