Finger Pointing – October 23rd

Busy work weeks really take it out of me these days. By Friday, my energy is drained, my ability to think straight is questionable and my creativity has left the building. So it’s been really good therapy for me to trawl the galleries tonight and admire the artwork of those that have not had this problem this past week!

I absolutely adore how dreamy Artsy Texture #2 chall by Norma is. Soft, pale yellows make this page super easy on the eye and the brushwork is appropriately delicate. So romantically beautiful!

I always enjoy seeing a cluster of photo’s and the action shots on wvfan04’s page titled Play Hard are perfect for this kind of page design and the title work is fabulously eclectic. All in all, a wonderfully balanced layout!

Bold brushwork forms the base for City Girl by artgalstyle and the mix of black and white and colour images adds interest.The banner to the bottom finishes the page of nicely and journaling directly on an image always changes up a page. Love how edgy this is!

I’ve never been to Paris nor have I ever really had the inclination until recently when I added it to my bucket list. Paris by bjthomas has confirmed my belief that I HAVE to go! Love how the vertical gallery of images mirrors the height of the Eiffel Tower… a truly classic piece of work!

A sweet photo on a page always catch my eye and I enjoyed reading about Beef Week on pmjames’ page of the same name. Amazing blending of the photo to the bottom of the layout and another fine example of some great title work. Delightful!

This wouldn’t be an October post without a pumpkin page! Autumn Blessings by 01lousmith hosts a great display and the tumbling leaves and seasonal cluster compliment the photo beautifully. A terrific seasonal page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that you’re inspired to document a story of your own. When you get chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care, stay safe and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – September 20th

I made it!” she yells as she skids in sideways on her office chair at break-neck speed! I’m on nursing duties at the moment as my husband has had spinal surgery and it’s been his first day home from hospital which is turning out to be an adjustment for us both. So please excuse me keeping this post brief and to the point today while my to-do list is standing with its hands on its hips with a frown that says “where are you???” So let’s go…

Love Grows Here by zwyck – so beautiful with the soft, blended tones and super cute photo. Just adorable!

Pumpkins Glory by Scrapbxl – so pretty with the watercolour florals and foliage. Gorgeous!

You Can’t Stop Time by Shannamay – a wonderful colour palette and lovely, chunky layers. Beautiful!

School Life by Mediterranka – you can’t beat a linear design for a super neat page. Love this!

Autumn is Best by tracermajig – different shades of similar colours always make for a cohesive page. Stunning!

At the Beach by jana – the ocean is always, always, always good for the soul. Wonderful!

I hope these pages inspire you to scrap a memory or story of your own and when you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Life’s been getting in the way of my scrapping lately but it’s good to see everyone else has been able to carve out some time to do what they love! Here are just a handful of amazing pieces of work that took my breath away today…

I love giraffes and A Simple Smile by anke was a delight to find in the gallery. Great framing of the cute photo… this guy seems to love having his photo taken! The masking provides a wonderful, natural backdrop while the little cluster of embellishments finishes off the page perfectly. Fabulous!

For a Little While by cinderella stopped me in my tracks. Love, love, love all the layers and the blues and golds are such a cool colour palette. There’s great structure to all the detail and I love that twist of torn paper and the shadowing of the twine! Awesome!

I’m always attracted to heritage type pages because they are not something I do myself but I may need to change that after admiring PBP-July-2021-Template-Challenge by broomy! Exquisite, soft tones with the black and white image make for a really romantic looking page. Gorgeous!

It’s so refreshing to come across a wedding page that is not of the traditional kind . So Happy by zotova is a fine example of something definitely different – it reminds me of a dressmakers mood and idea board! Love that I can almost reach out and touch that fabric! Beautifully creative!

Who doesn’t love a grid page? Especially when it’s full to the brim of such pretty photo’s and detail?! Grow with the Flow by kristalund makes full use of every centimetre with the perfectly placed details that are also nicely shadowed. Amazing!

A fitting page to finish off with as it’s nearing my bedtime is perhaps Day Shift Night Shift by carollee. I love the glow, the sparkles, the swirls, the masking and of course, this is story telling at its best. Animals, just like humans, find a way of getting on with a life that suits them! So precious!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these fine pieces of art – if you have a spare moment, please click on the links and leave a comment or two for the artists, they will appreciate it, for sure. Till next time, happy scrapping and stay safe!

Finger Pointing – June 29th

I’m pretty sure we’ve all known times when our creative mojo appears to have gone AWOL and I find it’s during those times that I gaze at the galleries at all the fabulous art that everyone seems to be putting out and I find myself wondering if I’ll manage to put together a half decent page ever again. But, on closer reflection, I always find my creativity is lacking  at the same time as life has thrown me a curved ball, I’m under the weather, maybe I’m worried about something, feeling overwhelmed, or when life is quite simply just crazy busy. And that’s ok. We all need a little down time in all areas of our lives so if you feel the need, be kind to yourself, give yourself a little grace and that creative spark will return when life is a little more on an even keel. On a personal level, my own creativity has been like a rollercoaster for a good while (and I’m learning to just go with the flow)… but wherever the following artists find themselves in their own creative journeys, I’m thankful that they’ve shared these truly inspirational pieces of work on the World Wide Web!

Food photography is one of my favourite genres and On the Menu by vixen is mouthwateringly good! The images provide all the colour, the choice of patterned paper and shapes form an interesting backdrop and the title work is gorgeous. Anyone else with me in thinking this could seriously be an advert for an upmarket restaurant?! So very classy!

Art-journal-type pages always remind me of the little notebook diaries I kept in high school – except mine were nowhere near as pretty as Passport to Dreaming by jaye! The soft ‘antique rose’ tones, peppered with pops of black, are so pleasing to the eye and all the layered detail is so pretty. This page makes me want to linger that little bit longer, it’s just so exquisite!

This town ain’t big enough for both of us by *gina* brings to mind two things. One is one of my favourite movies, Wuthering Heights, and the second is a song from my youth by the American pop and rock duo, Sparks! An intriguing piece of work with its moody shades and textures, and there’s a feminine vulnerability about this page which is enhanced by the pretty white florals… so very beautiful!

I often consider red, blue and white to symbolise patriotism but sm_amber’s page, Press Pause, proves just how flexible and striking these colours can be when the topic is two super cute furry friends! A delightful page with its photo cluster that’s kept in check with those little embellishments, and the blended backdrop with the casual splatters that remind me of how playful life can be with kittens. Just adorable!

I’ve said to a few scrappers on occasion that I’d love to look over their shoulder while they scrap, World Weary by Rollinchen being a case in point, and I’ll be forever in awe of scrappers who think outside the box because I find their work incredibly interesting. They say opposites attract… this page is bold yet subtle, daring yet vulnerable and there’s a toughness yet a softness to it. Whatever it is you see, it’s beautifully unique!

How about some happy, smiling faces to finish off with?! Despite the beautiful, rich, Autumnal colours, there is so much Summer sunshine and love that emanates from Glorious Wide Open Spaces by Shannamay. The inner layer cleverly separates the main detail from the blended/texturised image that forms the base and the paint swashes enhance the element of fun that is clearly evident in the photo. Totally heartwarming!

If you’ve read this far, thank you… if you’ve clicked on any of the links above, even better! Take care, stay safe and keep scrapping!

Finger Pointing – May 22nd

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? As a creative? As a scrapbooker? There will be commonality in most of our answers but some will be really personal while there will also be those whose reasons are pretty unique. I know why I scrapbook. Aside from documenting my life and that of my loved ones, aside from preserving the stories for future generations, aside from using all the gorgeous goodies that designers create for us, scrapbooking gives me freedom and allows me to be me. It cheers me up when I’m feeling down, it helps me make sense of this sometimes messy life and it reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for. I love that there is no right or wrong with this creative outlet we all enjoy. Anything goes and each page we create is unique to us whether we’ve used a template or a kit or a colour palette that others have also used because our work is our life… our story… our hard stuff… our good stuff… our memories. Don’t you just love that?! So let’s take a look at some wonderful one-off pieces of work I spotted today…

Smile for the Camera by Rubia Padilha is a wonderful mix of grunge and paint and brush work and fabulous layers. I love the range of elements used, the black and white images and those awesome paint swatches. The riot of colour and all the detail is so striking, it’s difficult not to give this page a closer look. Totally love this!

I always enjoy a vertical design and Happy by sylvia is a super clean example. I love that the unframed photo’s are of different sizes and the rounded corners are the perfect added touch. The splash of paint and colourful title work add a playful feel to this bright and breezy page. Delightful!

From a vertical design, we move onto a horizontal one. I love how the images on Recharging by JenEm span the page and continue in the blended backdrop. Detailed clusters anchor (excuse the pun!) the images beautifully and I like the casual angles of the journaling. Wonderful!

I always, always struggle to use patterned backdrops in my own work but Dalis has pulled this off beautifully with the delicate backdrop of Sunshine & Mami. Aren’t those little coloured hearts cute?! Pretty layers with the mix of alpha for title work and the photo spilling out into the mask beneath make this page amazing!

Perfectly shadowed layers of patterned papers and threads always bring an abundance of life to a page and make my heart skip a beat! I love the shadow work on 2021-Connor-gets-his-first-Covid-Vaccination by Iowan that makes those paper strips curl and the staggered, factual journaling is one for the history books for sure. Fabulous!

Rounding up my post today is this beautifully calming page simply called Beach by Mielz. The dash of coral adds pizazz to the blues and I love how the title work is superimposed over the nicely framed image while the twisted dots mimic the waves rolling ashore. Simply stunning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages I’ve brought to you today and that they inspire you to create a page or two of your own. When you have a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, they will really appreciate it. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping of your unique stories!

Finger Pointing – May 3rd

It’s a public holiday here in the UK today and in typical British fashion, the weather is miserable! But it’s cheered me up no end to see the galleries buzzing after iNSD! Here’s some great pieces of work that I found to share with you today…

I always love pages with a riot of colour and This is Us by Crazycat1126 is a fine example. The super cute photo nestles on some understated layers, the mix of little embellishments adds dimension and I LOVE shadowed threads on a page! Totally love the energy of this!

I’m always in awe of artists who can pull off a diagonal design like I am a Story Teller by gonewiththewind. I love how the black and white image is adorned either side by a pretty range of dainty elements while the floral borders adds to the feminine look of this page. Beautiful!

Color Challenge May by sterkeurs has been created using one of my favourite colour palettes. Such pretty layers compliment the sweet photo and I love the splash of brushwork, watercolour and foliage that forms part of the backdrop. Delightful!

Photo clusters are a great way to give your page a cohesive look when using multiple images. This is Me by mywisecrafts has a wonderful textured backdrop that I feel I can reach out and touch! I love the clustering of the elements that weave their way along the photo cluster and upwards, and the contrasting colour palette is perfect! Gorgeous!

This post wouldn’t be mine without a dash of white space and sucali is an absolute master at this technique. I love the neatness of Life Captured, the unusual colour combo that works so well with the paper choices, and all the tucked in layers are divine – another page where I want to reach out and slide each piece out of its little pocket! Fabulous!

The last piece of art that I want to share with you today is Dance when circumstances burn the music out by tammielsmith. I want to be as creative as this! I love the mask, the offset framing, the striking colours and the cut out word art. This is amazing and so very wall worthy… love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that they inspire you to create a page or two of your own. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, they will appreciate it, for sure. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – April 27th

It’s a beautiful evening here in my part of the world, isn’t it amazing the difference a little bit of sunshine makes? After a full-on work day, dinner is in the oven and I feel chilled. I wish every day could be like this, apart from the full-on work day! But let’s take a look at what caught my eye in the galleries today…

Speaking of sunshine, isn’t Butterfly Toy by Angela Toucan just glorious?! I love the paper choices that the cute photo nestles against while the little floral cluster and butterflies add depth and interest. The main detail of the page is balanced nicely with the other cluster bottom right and the word art is the perfect finishing touch. Such a heart warming page!

Risa’s New Hat by frani_54 is a fine example of artwork upon artwork. The ‘pencil drawing’ treatment of the larger, blended image is amazing and I love how it takes up most of the page. A cluster of pretty detail anchors the framed photo beautifully on top while the word art and journaling tell the story. A delightful page and Risa, you look wonderful in your new hat, sweet girl!

Paris by Jane_Bond7… oh be still my beating heart! I love everything about this page… how cleverly the Eiffel Tower has been incorporated into the title of the page, how lovely the ribbon has been woven through the alpha, how brilliantly the photo’s have been arranged in the letters, and so much more! Quite simply, I love how ‘French’ it looks… it’s awesome!

Three Times a Lady by marleeen is made up of wonderful mixed media pieces that work so beautifully together. I love how each piece seems perfectly placed and the warm tones against the light backdrop are so pleasing on the eye. This has to be the freshest piece of work I’ve seen in the scrapping world in a long time… I absolutely love it and I aspire to scrap like this!

An eclectic mix of elements always makes for a terrific scrapbook page and Rejoice by SweetChar is just that. I love the explosion of paper strips behind the images and I like that the journaling links all the detail. The torn paper edge is a nice addition and the teal, pink and peach watercolour-like paper is beautiful. A gorgeous page… every time I take a look, I see something I hadn’t noticed before!

Bringing my post to a close today is My Love is Unconditional by amyjcaz. I love that the majority of colour is in the soft backdrop which makes the black and white image super striking. The mix of brushwork is interesting and I like how the stitching holding those paper strips in place and the splatters give the page an authentic, casual look. Just amazing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. When you have a moment or two, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!