Finger Pointing – March 10th

Hello from a very hot and sunny Cape Town! We’ve spent the last three weeks back here with family to help with a house move and are returning to the UK next week for a quick three week stint before we return to Cape Town for a longer period and to welcome the arrival of our new granddaughter who is due mid-April! Exciting times! Needless to say, I’ve not had the time or the energy to be scrap-creative over the last few weeks but I do pop into the galleries every now and then to see all the amazing pieces of art. Here’s a few I found for you today…

Extractions always fascinate me, especially if there’s a shadow involved too! Sleepover by Amy L is a playful page with the cute series of photo’s, the title work and, of course, that amazing extraction and shadow! Absolutely delightful!

Forever in Our Hearts by mosbaskets is beautiful tribute page. I love the soft tones and the cascading hearts and carefully chosen elements that anchor the dear photo perfectly. A wonderful, peaceful page.

I’ve been saying for so long that I really want to try my hand at mixed media pages despite the fact that they are totally out of my comfort zone. What’s Coming by Roxana reminds me that I still have to give this art form a whirl! Love this!

Black and white images always look great on a page, even more so when they’re adorned by pretty pinks and lilacs. The perfectly shadowed layers of Loved by Blackkathy nestle on a beautifully soft back drop and a single flair provides the title for the page. Excellent!

Krolik by magnolia is another really pretty page with its sepia toned image and touches of whimsy. The colour palette is so easy on the eye and I love the patterned backdrop. Gorgeous!

With St Patrick’s Day looming, I couldn’t resist finishing my post today with Lucky Us by Ferdy. I love the element mix, the stitching and threads, and those little pink sequins that add contrast. Terrific!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the art that I’ve brought you today and that you find inspiration to create your own pages. When you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – February 4th

It’s Friday… the sun is shining… and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend! I have 4 working days left before I hand in my work uniform and move onto the next phase of my life… one that will allow me to spend much more time with my family and on my hobbies! It all seems a little surreal at the moment but when I look in the galleries, man, I want to be creating like you all!

Kicking off my post today is Handle with Care by chigirl. Oh my. Have you ever seen such cuteness?! I love how everything on this page is centred around the vertical strip and the patterned paper choices are just gorgeous! A nice balanced colour palette and gentle shadowing in all the right places make this page a real eye-catcher!

Now I don’t know if I’m mistaken but I’m pretty sure Heart Grid Layout by Paigetaylorevans is a ‘paper’ page. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, I love the detail of all those hearts, the soft tones and the grid design. Again, a great mix of patterned paper and a perfect amount of stitching. Wonderful!

I love seeing double page spreads in the gallery and January 2022 Summary Page 1 by digigrandma is a wonderful example. Perfect use of a template here – I love to see how people make them their own. I love this one in particular because of the book effect and if like me, you want to see more, you can check out page two here. An amazing duo!

Another great use of a template is Bun in the Oven by nana_vg. Teal and peach always work well together on a page and I love how the florals add to the feminine topic. A ‘progress’ page is always good to document facts and the journaling here is going to be a real treat to read in future years. Priceless!

Of course, we’re in February so there are lots of pages with hearts in the galleries! Precious Memories by cfile captured my attention with the gorgeous black and white photo’s that are circled by a flurry of layered hearts and stitches. I love the addition of the sequins… such a pretty page!

This post wouldn’t be mine if it didn’t showcase a mixed media page… man, I love Art is Everywhere by ajm. Great design, gorgeous texture, a smattering of elements and an intriguing image captivate me! I’d love to have creativity like this, it’s just awesome!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artist a comment or two, I know they really appreciate it. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!

Finger Pointing – January 24th

While I haven’t been active myself in galleries of late due to one thing or another, I do pop in regularly to see all the wonderful pieces of art from all over the world and I’m so happy that it’s my turn to share some eye candy with you today!

Shutterbugs by kikimama is a fine example of the term less is more. I love the white space and the dark framing which really makes the detail of the page, all anchored by those three pretty butterflies, pop. It’s a lovely nature page and the circular journaling reminds me of a globe of the world. Gorgeous!

The busy-ness and energy of MOC10 D15 – Filled Page Style by nhudao makes for a striking piece of work. The mix of different size photo’s add interest and the elements are well coordinated with the backdrop. A beautiful, uplifting page!

I always enjoy a page with an air of mystery so Do What You Love by patriciaaben caught my eye immediately. I love the dulcet tones with the smidging of pink. Wonderfully intriguing!

Fearless Today by Pia/Pippin makes great use of a riot of colour that compliments the sweet photo and a mix of brush work and layered elements that make for a super fun page. Delightful!

There is so much to love about Very Romantic by TrishD. The textured backdrop, the blending, the colour palette, the pretty detail, the wonderful photo, the word art… all come together on this perfectly designed page! Stunning!

I’m often a tad envious of those of you who have snow photo’s to scrap although even a smattering of snow can bring the UK to a grinding halt. I love the tall photo and mix of title work on Icicles by wsprite_ad and the creased backdrop and brushwork help tell the story. An amazing page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages that I’ve shared today and when you have a moment, please click on the links above to leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care and I’ll see you in the galleries!

Finger Pointing – November 23rd

Anyone else feeling ‘end-of-term-ish’? Despite the fact that I’ve got a couple more weeks before I finish work for a long overdue holiday, I’m ready! More than ready! And I’m hoping a break away from the rat race will recharge my batteries and give me a new perspective for 2022. But before I start winding down, let’s take a look at a few pieces that caught my eye in the galleries today!

A terrific mix of elements make up Street Story by TrishD. Wonderfully masculine!

Love Memories by extase is delightfully romantic with it’s soft pink and purple tones and pretty element mix. Gorgeous!

Sunsets are always pretty on a page and if there’s a reflection involved like Reflection by Tamsin, that’s a winner!

Grateful for Vision by grandma lynnie really draws me in with the focus on the eyesight chart. Brilliantly done!

Always on My Mind by RJMJ is a glorious composition of various blends. Truly striking!

Beautifully Broken by carolwenxin really puts a spring in my step with it’s pops of colour. Stunning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that they inspire you to create a piece of art of your own. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, they will really appreciate it. My very best wishes go to those who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and as this is my last blog post for this year, my best wishes also go to those celebrating Christmas next month! Till next year, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – October 23rd

Busy work weeks really take it out of me these days. By Friday, my energy is drained, my ability to think straight is questionable and my creativity has left the building. So it’s been really good therapy for me to trawl the galleries tonight and admire the artwork of those that have not had this problem this past week!

I absolutely adore how dreamy Artsy Texture #2 chall by Norma is. Soft, pale yellows make this page super easy on the eye and the brushwork is appropriately delicate. So romantically beautiful!

I always enjoy seeing a cluster of photo’s and the action shots on wvfan04’s page titled Play Hard are perfect for this kind of page design and the title work is fabulously eclectic. All in all, a wonderfully balanced layout!

Bold brushwork forms the base for City Girl by artgalstyle and the mix of black and white and colour images adds interest.The banner to the bottom finishes the page of nicely and journaling directly on an image always changes up a page. Love how edgy this is!

I’ve never been to Paris nor have I ever really had the inclination until recently when I added it to my bucket list. Paris by bjthomas has confirmed my belief that I HAVE to go! Love how the vertical gallery of images mirrors the height of the Eiffel Tower… a truly classic piece of work!

A sweet photo on a page always catch my eye and I enjoyed reading about Beef Week on pmjames’ page of the same name. Amazing blending of the photo to the bottom of the layout and another fine example of some great title work. Delightful!

This wouldn’t be an October post without a pumpkin page! Autumn Blessings by 01lousmith hosts a great display and the tumbling leaves and seasonal cluster compliment the photo beautifully. A terrific seasonal page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that you’re inspired to document a story of your own. When you get chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care, stay safe and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – September 20th

I made it!” she yells as she skids in sideways on her office chair at break-neck speed! I’m on nursing duties at the moment as my husband has had spinal surgery and it’s been his first day home from hospital which is turning out to be an adjustment for us both. So please excuse me keeping this post brief and to the point today while my to-do list is standing with its hands on its hips with a frown that says “where are you???” So let’s go…

Love Grows Here by zwyck – so beautiful with the soft, blended tones and super cute photo. Just adorable!

Pumpkins Glory by Scrapbxl – so pretty with the watercolour florals and foliage. Gorgeous!

You Can’t Stop Time by Shannamay – a wonderful colour palette and lovely, chunky layers. Beautiful!

School Life by Mediterranka – you can’t beat a linear design for a super neat page. Love this!

Autumn is Best by tracermajig – different shades of similar colours always make for a cohesive page. Stunning!

At the Beach by jana – the ocean is always, always, always good for the soul. Wonderful!

I hope these pages inspire you to scrap a memory or story of your own and when you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Life’s been getting in the way of my scrapping lately but it’s good to see everyone else has been able to carve out some time to do what they love! Here are just a handful of amazing pieces of work that took my breath away today…

I love giraffes and A Simple Smile by anke was a delight to find in the gallery. Great framing of the cute photo… this guy seems to love having his photo taken! The masking provides a wonderful, natural backdrop while the little cluster of embellishments finishes off the page perfectly. Fabulous!

For a Little While by cinderella stopped me in my tracks. Love, love, love all the layers and the blues and golds are such a cool colour palette. There’s great structure to all the detail and I love that twist of torn paper and the shadowing of the twine! Awesome!

I’m always attracted to heritage type pages because they are not something I do myself but I may need to change that after admiring PBP-July-2021-Template-Challenge by broomy! Exquisite, soft tones with the black and white image make for a really romantic looking page. Gorgeous!

It’s so refreshing to come across a wedding page that is not of the traditional kind . So Happy by zotova is a fine example of something definitely different – it reminds me of a dressmakers mood and idea board! Love that I can almost reach out and touch that fabric! Beautifully creative!

Who doesn’t love a grid page? Especially when it’s full to the brim of such pretty photo’s and detail?! Grow with the Flow by kristalund makes full use of every centimetre with the perfectly placed details that are also nicely shadowed. Amazing!

A fitting page to finish off with as it’s nearing my bedtime is perhaps Day Shift Night Shift by carollee. I love the glow, the sparkles, the swirls, the masking and of course, this is story telling at its best. Animals, just like humans, find a way of getting on with a life that suits them! So precious!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these fine pieces of art – if you have a spare moment, please click on the links and leave a comment or two for the artists, they will appreciate it, for sure. Till next time, happy scrapping and stay safe!