Finger Pointing — August 15th

Hello and happy Wednesday! The galleries have loads of beautiful projects! It was such a pleasure to scroll all through them for inspiration. Please join me and take a look. I know you will enjoy the treasures I found.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Vail Village by caliten

Out of the mouths of babes…. or, slightly older children… come great quotes. I absolutely love how she combined the word art strips with real text journaling strips containing the story. The story totally made this page for me! And the intersection of the vertical line of photos with the horizontal line of journaling and word strips is really unique as a design idea. The cropping of the top and bottom photo add an interesting dimension too.

end of summer… start of school by g8rbeckie

I knew there would be a lot of back to school pages in the galleries this month, so I was on the look-out for one that really wowed me, and this was it! I love that she included the kids’ schedules on the page, those real-life details make such a difference. It’s a great capture of this moment in their lives. Love the doodly bits, title work, and particularly the way that heart border divides the page to leave some nice white space. The pencil was a fun real-looking touch!

2017 Multnomah Falls by easyeyes4you

The end of summer brings lots of wonderful adventures to the galleries! I loved the text on this one, as she remembers the view her grandmother had of this site. Love the blending of the large waterfall and bridge photo, that depth really called for leaving it big like this. The filmstrip insert photos help round out the rest of the story, I like that she included the touristy shots.

Born to be Real (not perfect) by Tachita55 (aka Nathalie deSousa)

She had me at the title. Sometimes the title can make all the difference on a page. I think her sentiment for her kids makes such a special statement through the title. This is a real life paper page, so all those elements, word art, ribbon and stickers must give this such fun dimension! I like the way she staggered the journaling, and the date stamp is an ever-important reminder of this important moment.

Vintage by louso

The tonal mix on this page got my attention right away. I like the use of the stacked banners to support the beautiful sepia photo. Nice use of pretty, girly borders. I like all the feminine touches in the doilies, flowers and beautiful patterned paper masked into the background. I like that she added a date to the bottom; I always look for the date on any page, and this one is placed well to give information but not distract.

Beauty begins… by Arte Banale

This is stunning. Such a great design, with the beautiful pink elements hugging the sides. I love the way she tucked in the photo and used the film reels as such an interesting accent. Terrific bold use of the word art. Agnieszka is such an amazing scrapper, and as always, I love this page of hers.

Weren’t those amazing?! I hope you loved them too. Please click on the linked titles and leave the artists some much-deserved praise. Have a great rest of the week!

Finger Pointing — August 1st

Hello and happy August! I am delighted to bring you today’s standouts, which are all about the story. We all tell the story in different ways, and these projects really showcase the variety of story-telling options. Whether it’s through long paragraphs of text, or sound-bites, or journal strips, or letting the photo tell the story, I think you will agree that these artists all successfully shared their stories in a way that we could all enjoy.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Chretien Point by antebellum

This page really struck a cord for me, I just loved that she told the story of her stay in this house, gave us some of the history of the house, and most of all captured the feel of the house. Some topics make for very evocative pages, and the photo she used, telling us that they stayed behind that door, really made for a wonderful imaginative visual that you had to create in your mind. I love the wide strips of journaling. The embellishments, wood paper and title work are a nice blend of color and texture, and accent the photo perfectly.

Me and Teddy by Dandelion DD

Well, that got me to say awwww, which always means it’s a standout for me! That circular framing is so clever, it really makes the photo pop. Love the little stripey paper shapes continuing the circular design. Great way to outline the circle with the big, bold text. The photo is seriously cute! The whimsical top layer of patterned paper is a great finishing touch.

Happy Time by florjuscrap

And, here we have another in the bring-a-stuffed-animal-with-you-wherever-you-go awwww category! This one also uses a wonderful circular framing to highlight the adorable photo, very effectively done. I love that two artists can take a similar photo and make completely different styles of pages. This one is so artsy and pretty, I love it. That horizontal flow behind the photo, with the drawn floral and masked photo peeking out of the frame is just magical.

Not to Fail by lbrtychic

I love a good AAM page, don’t you?! This artist tells of her amazing journey to becoming a better photographer, and I enjoyed every word. It’s important to tell our stories, not just the stories of our loved ones. Love the whimsical background paper with the drawn, colorful polka dots. The striped borders and flowers round out the design nicely, and the word art is perfect. Congratulations on your achievement, and wishing you much success in photography!

autumn blessings by mrivas

I love Maribel’s clean style! This page makes great use of white space. She created a terrific look using the dotted lines to lead us into the page. Love the whimsical little leaves, the word art, and the colorful strips of patterned paper that make those cute photos pop. And, I always love to read a good story; to me, a good story makes the page. Her son is going to look back on this page in his album and love that his mom wrote about this day in his life.

Favourite Photo by sterkuers

Sarah is an amazingly talented scrapper! I love how she used this capture in an unexpected, artistic and beautiful way. Love the butterflies, the ledger grid, the b&w photo, the subtle use of color, the dotted lines leading us through the piece, and the word art. A really beautiful page.

Weren’t those all amazing layouts?!! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — July 18th

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today’s picks are all about the tones created through shadows, doodles, photos, word art and title work. Come check out these wonderful pages, I think you’ll like them too!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Pie-pie by silent ranks

This is an unusual subject, which really appeals to me. Great photos, great text, and really cool way to set up this page with the filmstrip photos and squiggly thread lines and glitter title. I enjoyed the seemingly random use of elements on this page (which really results in a very intentional look!). Great shadow work. I enjoyed some other pages by this artist in the gallery today too!

Explore More by mariathrall

Some photos are really meant to be left big, and I think we can all agree this was one of them! SO ADORABLE. I love the all boy tone of the page. The smaller photos and word art balance out the big focal photo nicely. Great outdoorsy elements used. That was the perfect photo to add the big, bold word art into the white space. This layout has a companion page for the many other adorable photos that totally deserved to be on the spread, and it works quite well with the featured page. I love a good multi-photo spread!

2018 Brianhead Summer Rocks by bestcee

This page really appealed to my inner doodler! Love the word art on opposite corners. The background paper is perfect for the theme. That photo looks great left big in all its scenic glory! Lots of great whimsical touches to this, in unexpected places on the page, I liked that.

Lower lake Michigan by bcazzell

This page just called to me. It’s so perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of humor and real-life stuff going on, and it paints a marvelous touristy picture. I absolutely love the cropping of the unusual rooftop four-framed spot, what a clever touch that was! Mixing in the drawings and old-fashioned photo was a fun way to engage us in the scene. The lifted frames and string entwined in the clip are nice touches. I really like this one.

live in the moment by sylvia

That great extraction got my attention right away! It looks like the subject is sitting on top of the world! ! Love the doodly whimsical feel of this page. There are some cute elements used, like the banner with the bow, and the repeat circles drawing us in. There is some very subtle but effective shadow work on this one. I like that the edges have a nice light touch of paint to ground the whole page. Very fun page.

On This Day by Amy L

Who doesn’t love a good wedding album?! And this one promises to be truly special, if this first page is any indication. The photography is amazing! I love how Amy filled each spot with purpose. The soft, beautiful elements really draw your eye from spot to spot on this page, and the shadow work makes a huge difference here. Wonderful colors. I can’t wait to see the rest of this album!

Weren’t those terrific creations?! If you loved today’s picks, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — July 4th

Happy 4th of July! With many thanks to the service of all those who have made it possible for Americans to celebrate freedom on this day. In honor of our American holiday, we have some very patriotic projects to showcase today! Each one gives a different glimpse of patriotism. I think you will enjoy these projects too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Happy 4th of July 2018 by OKate

If you look at the original template Kate is using here, you will agree that this was a very clever interpretation of the template. I love how she stacked the layers of the continent! Very festive page!

Patriotic Rosettes by KeepsakesbyMelissa

Aren’t those rosettes a cool look on this card? I enjoyed seeing the craftsmanship on this card, what a great three dimensional look. I could see using this idea for a festive table decoration too. Nicely made.

my star by geoleoan

I was really drawn to the photo on this page because of the use of white space and the horizontal line of elements. The shape of the photo mask is kind of fun and quirky. I like the feel of this one, with the combination of clean white space and a tight border of elements.

Happy 4th! by AllisonLP

Love the cut-out stars and thick sticker alpha on this real-life paper page. That’s a great worn-look background paper. A fun page to highlight her cute little patriot!

Celebrate Freedom by Miki

Nice combination with that little group of flags waving in front of the blended accents. Love all the stars and faded look backing this. This one really gave me chills, it is such a wonderful way  to showcase our American flag.

Happy 4th to Everyone! by DeLisaK

I love that watery flag! Great quote by the one and only Erma Bombeck. Wonderful bright stripey edge to the page, and the fun doily and element border is a great touch.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday! If you enjoyed today’s patriotic picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of the week!

Finger Pointing — June 13th

Hello and happy Wednesday! I always cheer up at this point in the week, as we start the countdown to the weekend. Today’s picks had me asking a lot of “is that (fill in the blank)?” questions. And that was part of the appeal of each of today’s standouts. Did they use a template? Is it a paper page? Were the letters part of the photo, or an after-added alpha? Was that hand-lettered? I like that each of these pages made me look deeper, and made me curious about the moment being scrapped. We’ve got some pretty romantic stuff, too. Come take a look, I think you’ll like these projects too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Family day by Ngoc Nguyen Thi

Well wow, what a design! That must be a template, right? And if it’s not, someone should really make it into one! Love the repeat circles in the design. That coral and gray-blue color combination is magical, with the supporting sage green. Just a beautiful combination of colors and shapes that all worked together to make a really stunning page. So romantic!

You by LisaMT

What a fun way to create the (sub)title, using the scene itself! And we have great use of another cool template, with great boy colored patterns filling the stitched triangles. I like how the bottom stitched border strip gives a nice edge to align the text. The painterly background worked perfectly for this page.


Think Happy by Angela Tombari

This is a great design, made even more great by virtue of it being a paper page! That wreath must have taken some work to arrange and stitch down, but it was really worth it. The big painted title work is super effective. There are lots of cool elements giving this page dimension. I like the imperfect date stamping, which made a fun repeat pattern. Not sure who was holding the camera, but yeah, that’s a pretty romantic couple of shots!

together by geoleoan

I found this page very romantic, don’t you? I enjoyed the use of the subtle colors, spiced up with the glittery ric rac and the swirly hearts. That border along the bottom works nicely to balance this page out, and it’s so pretty too! I like the rich look of the gold frame and leaves. The toned-down photo was just the right way to go with these lovely embellishments.

Uncle by silent ranks

The templates this week are really winning me over! How fun is that shadowed arc?! It made the perfect background for a page about a boy, an uncle and a ball! I really like all of the colorful yarn embellishments, and that fun rounded-wired word art. The alpha for the title was just right. I really appreciate a good story on a page, and I know this will be read by this family with smiles for years to come. The washi tape date strip is a terrific finishing touch.

White Oak Creek by justbnsharon

This is just wonderful! I just love the watery look of the masked main photo against the wood background, it created an amazing effect. The little insert photos with the asymmetrical filmstrip frame provide a closer glimpse the scene. This page is also very romantic to me, with the double benches just begging for Sharon and her husband to stop and rest on their walk. Just beautiful.

Such fun projects to showcase today, I loved them all! I hope you did too. If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great rest of the week!

Finger Pointing — May 16th

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today’s post includes some pretty amazing story-telling, and some fun photography as well. We have a couple of real-life projects too, and some all-around fabulously creative inspiration. Come check out today’s picks, I know you’ll agree they are all standouts.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

hello sunshine by tjscraps

I love that little upper right corner embellishment, giving off rays of imaginary sunshine! The title work with the progression of sunshiny colors is really eye-catching. Love the angle on the photo, you can totally hear this child asking to go outside. This kind of memory-keeping really appeals to me, because of the simple, sweet story she memorialized here. This one will be so fun to go back later, when full sentences are more commonly heard! The stitched grid grounds this nicely, giving every element a purpose in the design.

Carte by Hildy

This unusual monogram idea really caught my eye. All the lovely, soft embellishments really frame it nicely. The insert photos create quite a romantic feeling. This would make a lovely album cover, or shower gift. Such a terrific idea, and well done. The angle of the letter is a subtle and clever touch.

Travel Notes in My Memory Planner by rachelthelifefacilitator

I must admit the whole planner craze has piqued my interest, hybrid-lover that I am. This one has a rather cool interactive half page thing going on, which appears to be adhered with washi tape! I love the way she detailed her stops along the way using hearts for bullet points. The camera motif throughout is a fun, quirky look.

Smile card by akeptlife

I do really love a beautiful card, and one with a flower theme is always going to get me to look twice. This is a stunning burst of color, and just a fun style. I like the stripe pattern repeating throughout, which helps keep your eye focused among all the bright colors. The doily is a pretty touch. I am sure the recipient will react just as the title suggests!

Whisper by JennyG67

I absolutely love the way she wrapped the text and title within the frame and around the subject on this page! Great extraction, it makes a truly dynamic statement with the text. The gray textured background is the perfect neutral backdrop, which allows the pretty purple and green embellishments to shine. Love the paint and circle elements. Nice shadow work on the flower cluster and frame. Just gorgeous, all around.

this moment by carollee

That photo speaks volumes, doesn’t it? It was a good choice for the black & white conversion, it allows the subtle colors through without overshadowing. Carol is a great writer. This page about her step-daughter and grandson is an absolute treasure, particularly due to the text. The beautiful rose element behind the photo and journal spot was a great addition. Love those big washi tape corners holding down the photo. The colors are a surprising, and beautiful combination. I like how she introduced the teal elements as a whisper. This page just blew me away.

I am so pleased to share today’s beautiful projects with you! If you love them too, please click on the linked titles and give the artist some well-earned love. Have a great week!

Finger Pointing — May 2nd

Hello and happy Wednesday! Hope your week is moving along nicely, with lots of time for craft-making. Today’s picks are all different, we’ve got lists, animals, shapes, stripes and flowers. Two of today’s picks are paper pages, and one page uses cut files. I love the use of tools, design and elements on today’s pages. Come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Top 5 List by ErinShannon

Don’t you just love a good list? Lists are such a fun way to document what’s happening right now in your life. Love the whimsical feel of this. The repetitive imagery in the lists and light bulbs is a fun list variation. The string, pencil and painted numbers are just perfect for the tone of this page. So fun. Plus, who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran’s Perfect?! No surprise that was her number one pick!

spring by cyanne22

Oh yes, spring is coming! I love the artist’s simple commentary on her page, “My garden.” Love the framing, and the drawn trees coming out from behind the beautiful photos. The subtle touch with the white on white title work whispers rather than shouts. Very effective.

Remember This by Shank.Heather

Every once in a while I run across a project, like this one, that makes me say oh, wow, out loud. So, naturally, that’s a standout in my mind! This is a real life paper page, and all those elements probably took quite a while to piece together to make such a beautiful composition. I have a fondness for all things floral, and the way she wrapped it all up so beautifully along the wreath just sang to me. Love the way the photo is tucked, like the people are part of the foliage.

Love you always by Isa Marks

Sometimes someone comes up with a great idea for a template, that makes me wonder why no one ever thought of it before. Here, if I understand the supply list correctly, Isa used a cut file to create this amazing cut-out and folded heart look! That took some serious tenacity to fill the shapes! The shapes have a wonderful random look, which you just know was anything BUT random, this is a very well thought-out design. Love the way the photo is tucked in behind one of the hearts, great shadow work all around. The neutral color of the uppermost paper really allows the plaids and stitched bits to pop. Super page.

Extra Special by CristinaC

I love that bold striped paper with the delicate pink touches on this page. And yes, we have another paper page today, and this one truly lives up to its name! I really like the placement of all of the embellishments, combined with the open look created by the circular grid. Great life now photos. Very striking page.

Cute Calf by jcaruth910

Joanne is one of the most talented photographers I know. She turns random shots (often taken on the golf course!) into amazing art. I love how she incorporated the farm elements onto this page about a cow sighting on the course, of course. So imaginative and unusual, but in this case, a real life happening as well, I love that. If you have a chance to study Joanne’s gallery you’ll see the most amazing bird captures and pages out there. I love the blending on this page, just beautiful.

Weren’t those so much fun?! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click through the linked titles, and leave these amazing artists some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of the week, as we head into a big scrapbooking weekend!