Finger Pointing – September 14th

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!  It’s been a long week and I for one am ready for the weekend.  But first we have to finish out Thursday and what better way is there to do that than looking at some beautiful layouts?  It’s almost like a sweet snack before I head to bed.  🙂

Devoirs – katell

My first pick tonight, Devoirs by Katell, is simply beautiful.   I love the perspective on the photo — that downward angle gives it a studios feel that is a perfect fit for this page.  I also think the graph paper was a good choice and that the tape with the same type of grid is a wonderful compliment.  Finally the lifted shadow at the top right corner adds that touch of realism that I always adore.  Like I said, this one is simply beautiful.

One In Eight – Sucali

If you have read any of my previous post, then you know I have a mad scrapping crush on Sucali so my next pick should not be a surprise, but it should help you understand why said crush exists.  One in Eight is a great example of Sucali’s clean, minimalistic style and the beauty she can create with just a few well chosen and strategically placed items.  Add in a great color scheme, some painted textures and similar patterns that play well together — the yellow dots and the yellow pineapple — and you get the idea of why I love her layouts so much.

I Love Days Like These | Weaselwatchr

I Love Days Like These by Weaslewatchr is another wonderful example of minimalism with a really great twist – fun patterns.  The background paper reads as a solid, yet has a subtle pattern that adds a lot of texture and movement to the layout while the strongly patterned papers on the three squares are a great compliment to the second, striped background.  Weaselwatchr’s few, well chosen embellishments play up the color scheme created by her papers as well as adding pops of color that lead your eye right to her sweet photo.


My fourth pick, #6 by Swan82 had my number from the second I saw it in the gallery.  Much like my first pick, the perspective of the photo here really caught my eye as did the contrast of dark (her sweater and the water) and light (her hair, pants and the sand) that is played up in it.  I also like the pops of yellow that give the page that warm “end of summer” feeling.  Finally I think the seagull, doodle and banner work well together to create a sense of whimsy in an otherwise tranquil layout.


As a quilter there is no way that I could not have chosen my fifth pick, Goals by mrsashbaugh.  Her patchwork squares, buttons, stitching and lace are all my favorite things in one beautiful place.  In addition to the quilted elements, I love the contrast of the black and white photo with the gorgeous colors of her palette and her well written journaling.  The other bits and pieces on her page, flowers, ribbons, etc add the perfect finishing touches to a lovely layout.

Jackson (2002-2016) – cmkb396

My final pick of the day is a hard one to post.  The loss of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking thing, so congratulating cmkb396 on her layout seems wrong, yet it is such a wonderful, loving tribute I wanted to share the beauty of it with you.  While the layout is visually appealing, the heart of it lies in the story of her and Jackson.  The unconditional love between us and our pets is a rare and precious thing that cmbk396 expresses beautifully.  I felt and empathized with their relationship and the strength it took for her to let him go.  Cmbk396, please accept my condolences on the loss of your sweet Jackson.  Thank you for sharing his story with us.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂

Finger Pointing – August 26th

Hello All!  The weekend seems to be flying by for me, but I couldn’t let Saturday end without sharing some of the eye candy I found in my cruise through the galleries tonight.  I hope you find them as beautiful as I do.

New Eyes – Roxana

The bright yellow paint on my first pick, New Eyes by Roxana, is the thing that caught my eye from the gallery.  I tend to like yellow as I find it to be a happy color.  Pair it with red and gray, throw in the word happy as well, and you totally have me hooked.  Even better, find a way to make the yellow really stand out like Roxana did.  The fact that there is no yellow in her photo or papers, means that splash of paint and single button really make a statement against the white background.  The pops of red on the page further enhance the happy feeling of this beautiful page.

New York Bound – Katherine

New York Bound by Katherine is a subtle, graphic beauty with a magazine feel that I really like.  I love the use of black and white on the scenic photos to help tell the story of her weekend get-away while also making sure her lovely colored selfie stands out.  The touch of red in the title work is very eye-catching and extremely appropriate for New York, aka The Big Apple.  Katherine journaling is well written and was fun to read.  I especially got a chuckle out of her tip and will be keeping it in mind if I ever travel by train.  This is part of a two page layout and the second page is just as good so check it out as well.

PL 2017 Week 20 – Dunia 

The photo series in my third pick, PL 2017 Week 20 by Dunia, is what drew me to the layout.  Each and every photograph is beautiful and they all work well together to keep your eye moving around the page.  I am especially enamored with the leg shot as the delicate white lace against the bruised knees speaks so loudly of being young, playing hard, and learning to pick yourself up after a fall.  The kissing photo is a masterpiece that works as an anchor to pull the “loving” theme together in a wonderful way.  With such lovely photos, Dunia was smart to keep the rest of the layout simple and thus allow them to shine.

Happy Memories – kim21673

Kim21673 has always been one of my favorite scrappers for many reasons that are highlighted in layouts like Happy Memories.  First off, she has adorable kiddos who take adorable photos like this one.  Second, she knows how to choose and use color to highlight her cute photos and third, she always creates stunning clusters.  Kim’s clusters on this page are full without being overwhelming — they show her son off, not up — and have amazing shadow work that adds depth and a strong sense of realism to the layout.  Finally I love that she is not afraid to use a ton of flowers on a boy page.

Procrastinator – Lizzy Carroll

As a fellow procrastinator, I love this page by Lizzy Carroll on principal alone.  I can totally relate to all the word art strips, the stickers, and other themed elements like that awesome sloth and the cute smilie flair.  While I love all the bits and pieces of this page, my favorite part is definitely the background.  Using two such different and bold papers to create a cohesive background is tricky but Lizzy pulled it off perfectly.  The white stripes and white dots compliment each other, while the black stripe and teal backing create a eye catching contrast that is both unique and fun.

Meeting Donald – GlazeFamily3  

My final pick of the day is a Disney layout by GlazeFamily3 called Meeting Donald.  I may or may not have mentioned in the past that I love Disney and therefore Disney layouts, so of course this page grabbed my attention.  While the photo is adorable — it’s hard to tell who is more excited Donald or the little girl — I was pulled in by the composition and colors on this one.  GlazeFamily3’s use of triangles is fabulous!  Not only do they look good, but they work well to pull your eye to the photo.  The same effect happens with the colors.  Because they are not a perfect match for the photos, they seem to make the colors in the photo pop even more.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂









Finger Pointing – August 12th

Hello All!  I hope you’re having a great weekend.  Mine has been busy, so it’s nice to take a few minutes to sit down, relax and look at all the wonderful layouts posted in the various digital galleries.  Today I found myself picking a rather eclectic group to share with you, but each one spoke to me.  I hope they speak to you as well.

Memory | Mother Bear

My first pick is this gorgeous layout by Mother Bear.   I love everything about the photograph — the perspective from which it was taken, her use of black and white to make it stand out against the papers and elements and the way she cropped the bottom of it at an angle.  It feels like they are laying on a hill enjoying the beauty of the day and time together.  The word art is a hat tip to the power and beauty of the photo while the gorgeous floral background paper enhances the outdoor feeling of it.  The floral elements are the perfect finishing touch, especially that little butterfly by their heads.

Joyful | mrivas

The photo in Joyful by mrivas is another one that caught my eye right away.  Again, it has a great perspective that pulls you into the scene and allows you to experience the same sense of peace and wonder.  The wood background paper is a great use of a natural element to compliment the sand, while the blues in the papers and doily pick up the tones of the sea and sky.   I love her use of word art, combined with journaling, to tell the story of this joyful moment captured forever.

Adventure Awaits | JenniferHignite

Okay, so maybe there is a theme to my picks today after all, because Adventure Awaits by JenniferHignite is another layout I was drawn to because of the photos.  All three photos are wonderful and full of action, but the large photo is my favorite.  Nothing says adventure to me like a trio of boys with walking sticks in hand headed off to explore the woods.  You just know they are going to have fun.  Since the photos tell the story so clearly, it makes sense that she kept the rest of the layout simple and allowed them to shine.

This Is My Happiness | alannabanana

This Is My Happiness by alannabanana grabbed me for the photo as well.  The close crop on that happy grin is perfect for her happiness theme and definitely put a smile on my face.  Alanna is a talented scrapper who knows how to create beautiful clusters that pull in a little bit of everything a kit has to offer — papers, brushes, ribbons, scribbles, flowers and more, in a way that feels completely natural.  She uses everything at her disposal to create a unique backdrop that enhances a sweet photo and not only captures a particular moment in time, but the wonder and joy of childhood.

Pool Party | biancka

Biancka is another talented scrapper who knows her way around a great cluster as evidenced in Pool Party.  She makes great use of simple design principles like the visual triangle (the use of blue accents to frame the photo) and use of odd numbered repeats (the three floral clusters).  She combines those basics with a flawless sense of scale and creates fun, full clusters that accent, and not overwhelm, her photos.  With all that she has going on, her son’s face remains to focus of the page.  Also I think it is all kinds of neat how the background paper plays into the photo and makes the entire layout feel like a great big pool.  That’s a cool effect.

Magical Dream | cherrygutz

My final pick of the day, Magical Dream by cherrygutz, caught my eye for two reasons.  One, because I love Disney and two, because it is so pretty.  When I think of Disney, I generally think of bright, primary colors and playful elements, so this spin on a classic castle photo feels fresh and unique as does the diagonal movement of her clusters.  Her shadowing gives the clusters a lot of depth and interest which is enhanced by the relative flatness of her circle frame and journaling.  Everything is very touchable on the page, which makes the magical dream feel very much within reach.  I don’t about you, but this one makes me want to go to Disney more than ever.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂



Finger Pointing – July 22nd

Hello All!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend full of all the things you enjoy.  Mine certainly has been and I can’t think of a better way to finish off my Saturday then sharing some wonderful layouts with you.  Tonight as I wandered through the galleries, it was one photo layouts that seemed to catch my eye.  I hope they catch yours as well.

Smiling | corrin

I love the softness of this layout.  Corrin’s paper choices are so pretty and girly and go perfectly with her lovely photo.  I think the green in the floral paper does an excellent job of picking up the greenery in the photo and gives the layout a pretty punch of color that is further enhanced by the black accents.  I also like the scale of her elements and the small clusters she has created with them and the handwritten look of the word smiling.  I think it provides a nice contrast to the background layers and photo.

brinic | brother and sister

Brother and sister by brinic is simply beautiful!  I love the look of the white wood background and the double exposure treatment of the photograph.  The mask used on the bottom exposure gives it a strong, organic feel as if the dirt was smudged on to the background itself.  The photo is adorable — I especially love the pop of orange from their soda bottles.  The hearts and journaling strips are a nice finishing touch.

adventure | jerilie

Adventure by jerilie caught my eye for a number of reasons.  First I loved the photo effect she used on her selfie and that she paired it with a neutral, yet fun patterned background.  By clustering so many colorful papers and elements around it, she created layers of interest that serve the duel purpose of telling a story and making the photo pop.  Her three floral clusters are pretty and create the perfect visual triangle for her face.  The use of the light blue paper and the Enjoy Nature sign is especially attractive and give the entire palette a breath of fresh air.

Choose Happy | immaculeah 

Since my personal motto is “Choose Happiness,” Choose Happy by immaculeah was bound to catch my eye and I am sure glad it did because this is the kind of layout that makes you smile the instant you see it.  I love the sparkle of the little girl in the photo, what a sweetheart, and the bright, fun patterns of the papers.  The rainbow hearts are another fun choice as are the two pieces of word art and title.  Like I said, this one just makes me happy every time I look at it — I hope it does the same for you.

Beach Hair | KarenB

Beach Hair is another layout that makes me smile.  What can I say?  I love adorable puppies and that one is especially cute, so the photo alone would have been enough to draw me to this page.  But there is more good stuff happening here.  In addition to the wonderful photo there are some eye catching colors that both coordinate (the orange with his fur) and contrast (that punch of blue) beautifully, a fun, messy pattern and an array of sweet elements that enhance the photo, title and theme.

As Tall As Me | Kelleanne

My final pick of the day, As Tall As Me by Kellyanne is another one that spoke to me.  I think it is the perfect depiction of that moment when we all see our kiddos growing up and wonder where the time has gone.  It is also that moment when we can see the future and that our babies will not always be babies. To capture such a momentous thing with a photo and a few well chosen words is truly impressive.  To capture it in such a pretty, yet masculine, way, is equally impressive and worthy of some finger pointing.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂





Finger Pointing – July 15th

Hello All!  Recently I have been redecorating my house, and despite my love of color, through the process, I have discovered the beauty of a neutral background.  I find a neutral base very soothing and a great backdrop for some pops of color.  Obviously my design choices have impacted my layout choices this week and I hope you find the following pages as appealing as I do.

In The Moment | Sylvia

I love the white-washed wood background on this layout and how it allows the sweet little girl, especially her eyes, to pop from the photo.  This page reads that she is main focus of this moment and everything else is just there to accentuate how adorable she is.  The mixing of different medias, paint, wood, paper, adds texture and depth to the neutral field, while the small pops of yellow and orange add a little color and interest.  It’s a wonderful moment captured on a wonderful page.

Saint-Cado | Marijke

My next choice, Saint-Cado, is striking in it’s simplicity.  Marijke’s choice of the neutral kraft background is perfect for her blended photo.  Not only does it stand out well, but the tan tones give it a warm vintage feel that invites you into the timeless scene.  The addition of the small photo helps extend as well as end the blended scene, while the stitches and orange paint add more texture and appeal.  Simply Beautiful.

Prague | Marleen

Prague, by Marlee is another simply stunning layout.  I love that the black and white photo covers almost the entire page; the photo effect she used gives it an artistic texture that reminds me of pencil drawings.  The paint splatters add to the sense of a hand drawn image while the touches of yellow lend a sense of whimsy and warmth to the layout that is both an unexpected and wonderful surprise.

Lazy Days | Alannabanana

While Lazy Days by Alannabanana isn’t in the same neutral family as my three previous picks, it evokes that same soothing sense that says sit down and relax.  The photo is warm and inviting and blended perfectly into the perfectly blended background paper.  The addition of the neutral borders helps to ground the photo while the paint splatters, flowers, butterflies and stitching add more texture and movement to the peaceful scene.  The star scatters on both edges are the perfect finishing touch.

Monochromatic Love | Melhope1230

While it was the black and white tones of this one that first caught my eye in the gallery, it was the photo that really grabbed me.  I love the crop on it and that the father and daughter have the same look of quiet anticipation on their look-alike faces.  The shadow on the photo is also wonderfully done; it feels like it would fly off the page if not for the camera holding it down.  The paint splatters, frames, leaves and numerous red hearts are a fun finishing touch for the page.

Explore | Karen B

My final pick of the day is Explore by Karen B.  I can not say enough about the beauty of that photo; the rich colors of trees against the softness of the sky is a stunning, natural contrast that never gets old.  The panoramic viewpoint against the white background is fabulously dramatic and plays up the length of the bridge and the distance to the other side.  The explore title and one life – live it word art, with the single line of journaling, are all that is needed to tell this adventure story.   Another simple, yet stunning page.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂







Finger Pointing – July 9th

Hello All!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. Sorry I am posting so late, but my air conditioning is out so I put off sitting at the computer until the later hoping that things would cool down.  They haven’t cooled down as much as I would like, but I probably won’t melt before I finish.   😉

I think the heat helped me make my choices tonight, as everything that caught my eye was cool and calm, like our first layout from caliten

{tuesday} Evening | Caliten

I am really digging the neutral feel of {tuesday} Evening by caliten.  I love how she has echoed the tones of the photo in her background paper, mat and framing then added the greens and the soft blue as pops of color.  All the stitched down bits and pieces and her circular journaling are fabulous, but my favorite part has to be the blending and shadow work on her title.  That attention to detail gives the layout a sense of realism that I am always striving for on my own pages.

TGIF | huyentrang43

My next choice, TGIF by huyentrang43 caught my eye right away because of it’s fresh, clean look.  I love that the patterned background is small and busy, yet still reads neutral in the gallery.  The use of the green papers and small floral cluster echos the fauna in the beautiful photo and pulls the layout together in a way that is very crisp and bold.  Finally, being someone who is particularly fond of Friday herself, I just really enjoy the entire TGIF vibe.

Amazing Snapshot | Ga_L

My third choice, Amazing snapshot by Ga_L is another neutral beauty.  I love the black and white photo and all the circular mats.  The small pops of red, yellow and blue give the layout a playful vibe that goes beautifully with the photo.  The brushwork is a great backdrop for the title work, but my favorite part is the shadowing. The photo and journal card look like you could reach out and flatten them to the page with your fingers.  Those two shadows provide a strong sense of realism, which I really admire, to the entire page.

Poolside | 3littleks

I don’t think is is any surprise that Poolside by 3littleks was calling my name loudly from the gallery.  I love that 3littleks took one large photo and stretched across the three frames.  It adds more visual interest and substance to an already amazing pool shot.  The empty fourth frame has a playful feel to it that echoes the photo while the pops or yellow and black provide a nice contract to the colors in the photo.  The use of the word art for a title is a great finishing touch.

What A View | Scrapping2girls

I think the title of this one, What A View, says loud and clear why it caught my eye.  The photo(s) are gorgeous.  I love the fluffiness of the clouds against the hardness of the mountains and sturdiness of the trees.  I really like the multiple frame look of the photos and that she changed the lighting on the second one to add even more visual interest.  I appreciate that she kept the background and elements simple and clean to allow the photo to shine.

Wild Summer Flowers | jaye

My sixth and final pick for today is Wild Summer Flowers by jaye.  Without a doubt jaye is becoming one of my favorite scrappers and I think this layout in a great example of why.  The photo is gorgeous and has a artistic flair that provides a lot of interest.  I like that jaye used a mix of brushes and elements to create her beautiful cluster.  The paint splatters, stitches and laces feel messy yet delicate while the leaves and flowers provide more stability to anchor the photo.  Just a truly beautiful page.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂





Finger Pointing – June 25th

Hello All!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.  I have spent the weekend with my son, his fiancee and the grand pups playing in the heat.  More than once I was thinking a nice dip in the pool would have been the perfect was to cool off.  Problem is we don’t have a pool.  Thankfully, we do have air conditioning, so I came inside to pick some cool pages to share with you today.

A Story Captured | flohbock

Up first is this wonderful page by flohbock.  It is simply stunning.  I like how the aqua paper leads you into the page and to the photos.  The photo themselves are fantastic as are the shadows behind them.  They have a moody feel to them that is both intriguing and adventurous.  I appreciate that flohbock kept the elements simple and on topic as they further enhance those gorgeous photos.  Finally, the bits of red are a nice accent pop that keeps the page interesting.

sweeet | Summer

My next choice, Summer by sweeet also puts an aqua paper to good use, this time as the perfect drop back to adorable pool photos.  I love how the little girl’s round sunglasses are reflected in the crop of the photos, in the sun and in the three circular element clusters.  I also think using the stitched banner, (I always love stitching on a layout), to tether the lone cluster at the side of the page to the main grouping is very cleaver and helps pull the entire layout together in a wonderful way.  The title and bit of journaling are the perfect finishing touches.

jaye | Come Sail Away

My third choice, Come Sail Away by jaye, keeps me at the waters edge with the aqua tones and another wonderful boat photo.  The crop on the sepia photo makes me feel like I am getting into the boat and ready to cast off on a grand adventure.  All the blending on the background makes the paper feel as alive as the sea, while the sequins give it a sparkle that is reminiscent of the sun on the water.  Less Monday & More Summer is not only the perfect journalistic touch, but it could also serve as our battle cry as we pull away from the dock on our adventure.

tkradtke | Summer Delights

Summer Delights by tkradtke, my fourth choice, is another fabulous water/beach page.  The three photos tell a wonderful story of a day spent playing in the surf and the sand.  There is a strong sense of camaraderie in the photos that says these children are working together to create a wonderful castle and memory.  I love tkraddtke’s choice of messy background paper with it splats and drips that echo the splashes and waves of the sea.  I also appreciate her choice of simple elements and a lot of white space that allow the photos not only to speak, but to shine.

EllenT | Swim

Up next is a gorgeous page by EllenT called Swim.  The eyes definitely have it in this layout, as in those beautiful blue pools that pull you right into this page in a fabulously mesmerizing way.  Seriously, it is a stunning photo that Ellen shows off perfectly  I love her use of words, water and fish in the cluster around the photo to support her title, Swim.  Finally, having the fish paper peek out from the cut out in the background is both cleaver and fun.

LindyShay | Paraiso

My sixth and final pick of the day comes from one of my favorite scrappers, LindyShay.  Paraiso is the perfect rendition of a summer day because of LindyShay’s wonderful blending techniques.   A water color sky, lush green vegetation, the feel of sand between your toes and the chance to relax and enjoy it all are what summer, and this page, are all about.  Add in one of those fabulous umbrella drinks and you have all the ingredients for a perfect day, memory and scrapbook layout.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  🙂