Finger Pointing – September 25th

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by to checkout my choices! I keep it short this evening because I get visitors later, and I don’t know if I feel awake enough to make this post after they are gone! And tomorrow I have to get up early again! But you are here to see some pages, so let’s see what I found us!

16-PL-Sept-04 by Valgal

Love an honest page like this one with a great selfie! It takes courage to make and post! And the layout is very awesome too! And I agree with everything that she says on it! I sure love the layering of the background too!


Adieu Summer by designbylime

What a striking composition on the theme summer end! And what a fantastic blending too! I love the beautiful colors and the glow that is in the right spot with that beautiful circle stitching! Wonderful elements she used too!


SSL: Sea Lion Caves by shannonroller

That really looks so cool! I Love a full-page photo like that! That’s an amazing cave! I love the gorgeous colors too! And I am sorry about missing the sea lions!


Me and my family…by Marleen

That photo is really a treasure! Love the expressions on the faces! And I totally love this heritage page! Those dresses and knee-high socks are adorable and I remember they kept on falling down! Beautiful work again from Marleen.


Favorite by jk703

I love the gorgeous photo and how she blended it into the background with the brush work! What a beautiful color scheme! Love the brown and grey with the golden shine! All together an awesome page and real standout to me!


Raven Nevermore by Traumelfe

I love that beautiful, bit mysterious composition against the black background! Those colors are beautiful and really pop! Keeps me looking for a while! Very interesting and artistic!


That was it for today! I hope you like my choices and don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – September 4 th

Hello all ! Margje here again with my usual Sunday check-in! Hope you are all having a fun and enjoyable day and weekend. My apples are coming out of the tree already, and I found a lot of them on the ground this morning. I had to give them a save dry place and start thinking about preserving and making some things with them. My apple tree is very big and high and I can’t pick the most of them, so we let them fall in the grass (we have some foam over it) So my apple month started today I guess! And now I’m ready to show you my favorite layouts for today! With some coffee and apple cake ( I wished you all could enjoy it too) Well at least you can enjoy the beautiful pages I will bring you!

A selfie by irishgull

What a wonderful self portrait and a beautiful layout this is! Love the Black and White with the spot of red and the embossed texture looking like brocade! This design is very beautiful and I love everything on this page!


Craft therapy by Natascha

I love this craft therapy! And I’m sure that it works! She made a wonderful collage of it! Pretty colors and awesome design! This is art from the heart! Nice playing with text and words too!


Grayer by mrs2a50

Love that cute photo! Awesome that all the colors from it photo are coming back in the page! The layout has a wonderful depth and dimension! (Great shadow work) That big pin in the photo is a nice detail! Love the artsy look of it!


Bliss by Lime

Great Art journal page! Love the colors and the design! Something to look at for a while because of the interesting composition and colors! That title is just perfect for it! Love the stitching work and the word art too!


Five Point OH! by musicmom3

This is so amazing and cool! Wonderful blending, design and photo effect! Those colors are awesome! Love the binoculars! So creative and artsy, that I keep looking at it with a big smile on my face!


Happy by Scrappie Irene

A real stunning page! I love the colors and the repetition of that wonderful photo! Love how she blended it! The cluster around the little photo frame is very beautiful! And the total double framing of the layout with the blue tones is very nice too! Life is good! And also this page is!


I hope you enjoy today’s picks as much as I do! I’m sure the artists would appreciate a nice comment if you have some time for it! The titles are direct links to their layouts. So, happy Sunday! Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next time! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – August 28th

Hello and happy Sunday! And a sunny day it was! Finally we had a week of summer in the Netherlands! It was warm but ooh so welcome! I enjoyed it very much! Felt like a little staycation! Hope everyone had a great weekend wherever you are! I hope to find some wonderful pages and some inspiration in the galleries this evening! My cat Brammie is sitting next to me, covering a big part of my desk here! I hope he keeps his tail still, because strange things will happen on my computer because of my touch screen!

At the beach by jetjez

What a beautiful photo and beach page! I love that time of day on the beach! And when I see it I am almost there! The design of the page is awesome! I love every piece of it! Everything she added is awesome and fits there perfectly! Wonderful colors and light too! And I totally agree “heaven seems a little bit closer on the beach”.


The branch by annlavin

This is art! And you know that I love that! What an awesome bit mysterious feel this piece has! I love the blending and the grunge and texture! Pages like that make me wonder and thinking what’s behind it! They make me stop and looking for them for a while!


You Are The Best by Oldenmeade

A very dynamic and energetic composition! Beautiful extraction work! Love how he is stepping up in the background! All the brushwork with the splatters and scribbles are fantastic on this! Awesome page to look at!


The Flamenco Dancer by zlemon

She has portrayed both the excitement (with bold black and white) and the romance (with soft reds and blues) in this artsy piece! It is strong and soft at the same time! That’s really amazing! You can feel the power of the flamenco in this page! What drama and passion! Love it!


Adventure by SonjaS

Another page with great energy and movement in it! The Black and White photo with the purple gives this power! Also the brushwork and gorgeous framing does! Sure! Say yes to awesome! Be the change! I love how she illustrated that!


Dream by Gina

Stunning blending work, and very beautiful textures and colors! And then she made a fabulous cluster of elements to go along with it! How could I not be in love with this page! Outstanding work! Can look at this for a long time!


This will be all from me for today! Hope you like the layouts I have chosen. My cat is sleeping now at my desk! No problems! Everything is OK! I wish you a wonderful new week, and I’ll see you next time! Happy scrapping!!!


Finger Pointing – August 7th

Hello and a great day/evening to you all. Hope everyone is doing fine, and enjoying the weekend! We are having a typical Dutch summer day over here! That means a bit of everything, some sunshine, some clouds, some rain, some wind. But the temperature is really nice! We just finished our dinner outside in the garden, and that is great because I love to eat outside that alone already gives me a summer feeling! But now I am ready to browse the galleries for some wonderful pages to highlight for today August 7th!

Let’s start with that summer feeling- amazing summer by vickyang  gives me that feeling! I think it’s the warm sunny colors and the beautiful yellow heart that does it! Beautiful brushwork and layering! Amazing what a happy feeling I get looking at it!


Time Captured by trzyludki

I adore this beautiful page! The black and red colors are very striking with the black and white photo’s. But what I really love is the design of the page! Great work with the shapes! Great are the puzzle pieces in the background, and all the work around the edges of the page! Love that bold grungy title/wordart too! The design and elements give the page a kind of movement that I love!


paint! by lizj

What a lovely page and awesome photo’s! Love the use of the paint brushes to break up the title and page. And the water color spot under the brush is awesome! The little journal spot with the message to her granddaughter is so sweet and precious!


This makes me smile by KarenB

What a lovely photo! I love the beautiful masking work with it! Love how the background of the photo looks like sepia so the subjects really pop! Love the simplicity, but great effect with that title with one colored word and the splashes of yellow/gold around it! It’s making me smile too!

Random Challenge - August 16

AnnaLIFT 8/6/16 – 8/12/16  let it shine by pam p

Oh my I love that blurry photo with the overlay of the focused flower and butterfly. The yellow is divine. Love how the butterfly escapes from the blended and the blurry. And the framing is awesome! Pam is a master when it comes to framing! In this page she does it again! Love how the background flows into it all! Just gorgeous!


Moon Dance by Songbirdy

This is making me thinking about a summer fairytale or story! Something magical about it that makes me want to be there and dance with her! Very beautiful design and colors and I really adore the light in this page!


Well those are my picks for today! Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. It would be wonderful to give them some deserved love in the galleries if you have the time! See you next time! Happy new week, and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – July 24th

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying wonderful weather like we’re having here in the Netherlands! It is so welcome after all the rain we had! A lot of people have their vacation now so I’m happy that the sun is shining. I still am busy, but now in my own house! We had to sell some furniture from a family member but the sales went not so well so we decided to keep some for our own house, and when you start with changing things in your house you never know where it will end! We will end up buying some new things to fit the things we replaced (LOL). Now I’m happy to sit and browse the galleries for some awesomeness! So let’s see what I found us for today!

Let’s start and : Hand over the coffee! by cinna

What a beautiful page about the drink that most of us can’t do without! I love the repetition of the photo(‘s). So striking above that beautiful background she made! I love the brushwork here, and everything she added! It all goes very beautiful together!


Then I’m sure you :  Get Happy by fruitysuet

I really love how she used those bold prints! Beautiful chunky strips and layering. The colors are so warm and bright that I really get a happy feeling as the title suggest! The background and photo blending is awesome too! Everything matches! A real beauty of a page!

2016 Manifesto by Little Butterfly Wings Template by Pink Reptile Designs for the july 2016 template challenge at The Lilypad

And I can understand that: I will love you forever by Tamsin

So very cute and adorable! Love that it is in black and white with a hint of color! I love the design and cluster work, the white space and the play with light over the photo! Really very well done!


And we all have to: Just Be by Tinkelbel

A wonderful composition! Love that blended photo and how it comes alive in her design! The colors are spot on! The messy threads behind the frame look great, and I just love that laced backgroundpaper, it gives this cool page some softness. The quote and advice is a reminder for all of us!


Let’s continue with:  Soft Sepia Layers by Oldenmeade

What a darling sepia photo from behind! And what an awesome heritage page this is! The sepia with the soft pink and the dark edging look awesome together! Great layering and use of elements too! I so love it all! So precious!


And then last but not least: My Daydream by zlemon

Well I can sure live by that wonderful daydream of her! She illustrated it perfectly! I love the colors and the artsy look of it! Great background she made as well! I sure want to go (with that unlimited budget of course)


I have come to the end of my tour. Hope you like what I highlighted here too! Give some love to the artists if you have some time!
Enjoy all there is in the galleries and I hope to see you there soon! Have a wonderful rest of the week! And happy scrapping! See you next time!

Finger Pointing – July 10th

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend.  It’s been pretty hectic around here for weeks now! I have several members of my family that need help at the moment. I’m running from hospital to care home and from care home to the apartment of an aunt who has alzheimer’s. We have to empty and clean the apartment before July 20th! It’s so weird to see a whole life go through your hands while searching out what can be thrown away! And many of those days it has been raining here, but not today, not this weekend! We have a bit of summer now, hooray! This afternoon I went to a baby shower! So completely different from what I have been doing past days, this little life in her mother’s tummy has only just began! Well enough talking, let’s see what I found us for wonderful inspiration this evening!

BRAVE ENOUGH!!! By AngeBrands

Oh how sweet this page is! I love the adorable photo’s and that awesome blending in the background! I love the light in it, so very beautifully done! The layering is awesome, and that little cluster she made  is pretty too! I like the word strips and the scribble circles! A Standout for sure!


Nest by Tamsin

Beautiful white space page. What a wonderful photo treatment and framing we have here! The cluster work is gorgeous and the poem is perfect for this  lovely page. It has a great ethereal feel. Really wonderful designed page!


About a Boy by emilyscout

Oh my what a gorgeous big photo page! He really pops against the blue background! Love those adorable eyes and his cute face! He has got all the attention he needs in this page! Beautiful design with the focus on the photo! Love all the extra’s and the journaling too!


Pretty things by Sanka

I fell for the beautiful softness and contrast in this wonderful page! And of course the beautiful design and layering and work with the shadows! Just very pretty to look at! Love also all the elements she added!


Endless Summer by flohbock

Another wonderful summer page with beautiful layering. Love that big anchor and beautiful cluster holding everything together. Love how the ocean was placed under the photo! And  how those colors work very well together!


Taste of summer by pam p

Really a treat for the eyes! Her blending and masking work is spot on! I can sure taste it! The fruit looks so lush. Beautiful stitching work and work on the edges of the page! I totally love it! A true deserved Stand Out!


So those are my picks for today.  I hope you like them as much as I do! Give them a nice comment when you have the time! See you next time! In the mean time, Happy Scrapping!

Finger Pointing – June 5th

Hey everyone! I’m back from my  vacation in Portugal. We had a great time and awesome weather! And after a week of rain, today was sunny and warm here in the Netherlands too! We had a wonderful barbecue this evening and now I’m in my room  with a nice cup of coffee to check out the galleries again! So let’s see what I found us today for some lovely inspiration!

2016-06_June-TLP-BYOC by mcurtt

What a beautiful piece of art! Love the colors and all the layers of gorgeousness! And that quote is awesome too! Pretty design and totally awesome to look at!


Loved This Day!! by myssp

So sweet and beautiful! Love that photo on the back and that kind of patchwork design in denim colors to match the photo! Love the little clusters she added too! The chicken wire looks great on it too! Really an adorable page!


beach_fun by miamm

Beautiful and a bit magical page! I Love the popup and the way she framed it! Lovely photo too! I love this technique! The page give me the feeling that she is floating in space on a beach carpet! Very cool!


On The Beach by alannabanana

Another awesome beach page! (It’s not only because of my kind of vacation mood that there are a lot of beach pages in this post! But the galleries are really full of beach pages too!) This one has a lot of white space, and I love the background a lot! The attention goes to the beautiful  serene photo, frame and cluster! Beautiful colors and design!


Dragon Dream by Antoaneta

An amazing work of art! I had to stop and look at it for a while! I love this portrait and all the beautiful elements she added! Beautiful colors and blending! Really a page to study and love!


Take me to the sea by PLM

Fantastic beach page! I so love the design and beautiful cluster work on this page! Very beautiful layering! And I love the repetition of the photo of the 2 sweet boys too! You have to love it! It has a wonderful nautical feel to it!


Wonderful pages, yes? I hope you love them as much as I do, these ladies are an amazing inspiration to me and hope they will be for you too!!! If you can find a minute or two to leave them some love in the galleries, that would be great!
Well that’s it for now! Wishing you all a great week! Happy scrapping! Stay cool! See you next time!