Finger Pointing – July 24th

Hello, it’s a gorgeous morning in my neck of the country! The heat and humidity have moved out and a perfect summer day has arrived. The gardens are blooming, birds are chirping and the skies are blue. I was made for sunny days! There is so much inspiration in the galleries! It makes my heart sing!

Love the statement in Just Be Yourself by cfile and of course the play on words. The blending of the close up of the bee is amazing. The grains of pollen sparkle. Love the hexagon shapes and golden color. The ribbon running vertically along the side and the addition of the bee charm are the perfect accents.

This page, Zoo by NAdams, reminds me of the summer days visiting the zoo with my grandkids. I loved watching their faces light up as they saw the animals up close. Fabulous block design. Also love how the tribal patterns repeat and are broken up with the oval embellishments. How adorable are the little faces peaking out at the camera!

Love the clean design in Fire Woman by adrianita. The arrows pointing down direct the eye to the adorable photo of the little fire woman and then to the title … Ready to take on the World! The red confetti along with the splash of yellow are a perfect compliments.  Also love all of the white space and placement of the embellishments!

Love the energy, exhilaration and anticipation in Good Day Sunshine by sylvia. Fantastic blending and use of the color yellow. The extraction and shadowing are point on. The horizontal line anchors the image. Also love the yellow arrow directing the eye to the image.

Beach time during the summer is a must! Beachcombing, by SonjaS, has captured the movement of the ocean and water! Love the subtle texture and the hint of white mist. The blended compass and gulls add dimension and support the image beautifully!

Summer is also about vacations as in Holiday by Oldenmeade. Beautiful design and use of white space. Love the silhouette waving and the placement of the jet. The camera and map help to expand the concept of taking a trip. Also love the yellow arrow and extension of the yellow brush stroke.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the picks. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love …  Be inspired and create! Remember, every summer has a story. What is yours?

Finger Pointing – July 1

Hello JULY! This is your month to excel! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the hot humid days! I love the hot, hazy days of July! I also love all of the beautiful inspiration I found in the galleries this morning!

When I saw Avengers Movie  Marathon, by Karen, I could totally relate! My husband I just took our grandson to see Avengers End Game and now we’re hooked. Love the title work displaying the movie posters in the letters! The design of the horizontal title and vertical strips, in juxtaposition, add tension to the page. Perfect embellishments to support the movie night concept!

Love the graphic vibe in Music Connects by Margje! This reminds me of summer rock concerts and loud music! Love the repetitive image. The bold colors add energy. Also, love the sticker effect. Listen to the music!

Love the red, white and blue colors in Made in the USA by justbnsharon! Beautiful framing with stars and flags! White space, a few stars and the blue painted edge make this page a standout. And what a great smile!

Wonderful colors in this art journal page, Live a Life, by AngeBrands! Love the stitching, bleeding heart and shadowing! So much complexity! And the pops of red! Oh, did I mention the pops of red! Fabulous!

Colors often speak louder than words. But in this page, Gardening by G.J., color and words tell a beautiful story! Gorgeous photo of garden flowers framed with hexagons and rectangles. Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color!

Fabulous design in Jay by CharlotteM! Love the scribbled edging and the stacking of the layers of paper. Awesome photos of the Jay. The pops of yellow and embellishments bring the page alive!

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the picks. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love …  Be inspired and create! Make July amazing!

Finger Pointing – June 11th

Happy Tuesday! Miki, here. It’s a gorgeous morning with sunshine and a slight breeze in western New York! The windows are opened, the birds are singing and it’s haytime! I can hear the tractors cutting the alfalfa in the nearby fields, the first cutting of the season. The farmers have a saying, “Hay cut. Hay raked. Hay dried. Baler ready. RAIN!” Here are a few picks for you … hope they inspire!

How fresh is this! Lemons and limes! Love the circular design in Lemon-Lime by RJMJ. Fabulous blending of the image and the white vertical frame and offset word art add a bit of tension. So refreshing!

To continue with the fruit motif, here’s Pears by helenedubois. Fabulous watercolor photo treatment! Love how the richly colored pears pop against the black background. Stitched frames and a few scribbles and splatters make this page a juicy treat!

Love the peachy color palette in Jana’s Happiness is Flowers. The layers of watery blooms and the framed cluster of flowers compliment the gorgeous photos of the irises seen at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. And the butterfly is a perfect accent!

Another peachy color palette in I’m Possible by Skivvy08. But what really caught my attention was the quote, turning the word impossible to I’m possible. An important message to remember. Love the circle framed photos and how they increase in size along the flow of the arc! The diagonal placement of the word art pulls the eye from corner to corner, embracing the entire page.

How fun is Dice Stacking by just pennys! Love the happy/excited expression of the child in the photo. Also love the contrast between the film frame and circular framing behind it. A subtle color palette and the burst of blue in the flower are a pleasing combination! I googled what dice stacking is and found it a competitive sport! Congratulation on the accomplishment!

Love the design in Lawyer by nia! The photo of her son dressed in his suit placed behind the frame shows a young man seriously thinking about a future as a lawyer!  The perfect placement of the word art helps the eye flow down the frames. Wonderful blues and love all of the white space!

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the picks. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love …  Be inspired and create!

Finger Pointing – June 3rd

Happy Monday! Here in the northern hemisphere the sun is higher in the sky and the days are getting longer and warmer. Summer is almost upon us! As I browsed the galleries this morning I was delighted to see so many glimpses of summer and the fun that it brings. “Summer is always the best of what might be.” Charles Bowden

Love the collage of outdoor photos in Gardd Goedwig, by Angela Toucan. Lots of fun exploring the gardens … from flowers to swings! Also love how the photos are divided up by the date line, arrows and the fabulous title!

A Glimpse of Brilliance, by margje, reminds me of country roads lined with fields of wheat, a summer sight in my agricultural community. Love all of the white space and framing. Fabulous brush work and color carried beyond from the photo!

Love the perspective and how the awesome photo fills the page in Wade in the Water, by sterkeurs! This page gives the feeling of anticipation of the waves calling. Love the placement of the title, also. Wonderful summer fun!

This page caught my eye in the gallery. Summer Zen, by ouisekelly, radiates with summer color and light! Love the subtle texture and stitching around the border! Zen …  a feeling peacefulness and relaxation, that’s the essence of summer!

Love the blending of the three photos in Live Big, Breathe Deep, by Lor. Oh, the joy of being at the beach! The dimensional elements and clusters support the story. And love the pops of red!

One my favorite summer past times is to enjoy the sunsets. The sky is warm with golden color. That is what caught my attention in this page, Seeking, by RJMJ. Gorgeous photo, color palette and love all of the supporting word art!

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the picks. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love … cause a little bit of summer love is what the whole year is all about. Every summer has a story … what’s yours?

Finger Pointing – May 14th

Hello Tuesday! “Ahhh Tuesday. The day to remember all of the things I didn’t get done on Monday … and push them off until Wednesday!”

The rain and cold seem to go on forever in my part of the country, making the days blah. But the galleries are filled with sunshine and inspiration! Here’s a few to brighten up your Tuesday!

Love the beautiful iridescent blues in Peacock by cfile and how the image fills the page! The flower, sequins and string are the perfect compliments. Also love the shadowing behind the title and how it makes the words stand out.

Love the grid design in, Bee by Dady! This page reminds me of the illustrations seen vintage scientific magazines. My son and his wife have three hives that they tend to. They also have a beautiful wildflower garden to feed the bees. And the honey that they collect is so sweet! The warm amber and yellow colors are associated with joy, sunshine, happiness and creativity, everything this page makes me feel!

I love a road trip, but Nepal p2 by LisaMcG, is a fly over trip. How awesome to see Mt. Everest from above! The ragged snow covered peaks are magnificent! She was lucky to get this “peek” of the “peaks” as weather often hinders the view. I also love the journal book with the travel embellishments and background maps.

The color, a frame and one image in Cow by JanisT caught my attention. This page stands alone. There’s no journaling or extra embellishments to distract. The image of the cow draws the eye in and gets the mind wondering what the cow might be thinking, if cows think! Simply gorgeous! Oh, I often joke that I come from a community where there are more cows than people! LOL

Love the vibrant colors and repetitive image in You by broomy! Each framed photo gives a hint of a different mood and personality of this handsome guy. Great use of the arrows as a border, adding energy and movement! And love the inspirational quote! “Why not have a big life!”

Love the vertical design in Twins by Sylvia! Sweet, sweet photos of two little boys! A few embellishments to compliment, deep shadows and red frames add interest and make the page pop! And all of that white space, gorgeous!  Twins … “twice the smiles and twice the love!”

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the picks. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love. Now go and make Tuesday awesome!


Finger Pointing – May 8th

It’s Wednesday! I’m happy to be back and have enjoyed browsing through the galleries this morning. My husband and I spent the winter in Florida, enjoying the sunshine and warm ocean breeze. When we returned back north, we were greeted by the brown landscape and cold, rainy days. It seems that spring is slow in starting this year, but I have seen glimpses of it. My choices today are a tribute to the blossom and a celebration of spring!

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happiness by Dady … the flower says it all … Happiness! This page reminds me of one of my favorite children’s book by Eric Carle, The Tiny Seed. He tells the story of the journey that seeds, dispersed by the wind, go through to finally become beautiful flowers that bring us hope and joy. Love how the dimensional flower stands out against the newsprint and scribbled flowers. Yellow is a happy color, the color of sunshine and hope!

Flowers by louisekelly is another beautiful tribute to spring! Love the red framing with the yellow banner above it! The black vertical word art adds weight to the page. Also, love the grunge and cracks. Gorgeous artwork!

Happy Days by OKate adds color to the landscape of blooms! Love the contrast of the magenta flowers against the green background! Wonderful use of the frames and texture! I also love how the word art runs into the photo and the how the arrows add balance. Beautiful!

Garden by belis2mi provides an overall view of a beautiful park in Singapore! Love how the photo spans the three frames. The strips of pastel/floral papers draw the eye in. The dimensional flowers, heart, and butterfly art the perfect embellishments! A walk in this beautiful garden would be a joy!

Butterfly by umyesh tells the story of the ever pesky and invasive dandelion. (Although the dandelions in my garden are my most prolific flower!) And did you know that dandelions also have health benefits? Love the cutout butterflies along the bottom of the page. Gorgeous complimentary background paper! And love the different layers of color highlighting the photo! We should enjoy the beauty of this misunderstood flower before yanking it out of your garden!

Love this page, Watching the Moon by jodegaard, and the peek of the moon through the cherry blossoms! Also love how she used the stains to emulate the clouds. The moon shape and word art box the photo, framing it in. The transfer and touch of lace on the left side of the page provide balance and interest. Beautiful!

That’s it for this morning. Take some time and smell the roses and please stop by and give these amazing artists some love! The sun is actually out today, even if it’s a bit on the nippy side. I’m headed out to do some gardening now!

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” Algernon Charles Swineburne

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood



Finger Pointing – December 3

Happy Monday! There are only 22 days left until Christmas! Do you have your shopping done? Not me, haven’t even started … I’m one of those procrastinators who puts off shopping until the last moment! I dread the crowds at the mall and try to do most of my shopping on line. You gotta love online shopping, no makeup, no pants, no problem! But I do love seeing the festive decorations and listening to the Christmas music at the mall. And as I browsed the galleries this morning I found lots of festive layouts!

Light My Way by RJMJ is glorious, from the beautiful blues to the angel wings! Love the soft blur and glitter bits! This page is a beautiful tribute to the talented designer, Jill Walls, who has contributed much to the digital scrapbooking community!

Love the heartfelt journaling in A Season, A Feeling by scrap-genie! As we age and families grow older, Christmas takes on a different meaning. We treasure special quiet moments shared. Love the graphic pine trees and stockings hanging. The pine branch and snowy owl are the perfect touch!

One of the things that I really enjoy about the Christmas festivities is baking cookies. Love the photos that Britgirl used in December 2 to tell her story of the daily activities. Love the embellishments that compliment the photos and the line of trees along the top of the page! I’m looking forward to seeing more pages documenting the Days of December.

This page, Dark and Silent by conniemiles, immediately caught my attention. Love the elegant white pattern background paper and the stark black and white photos! The clusters of red poinsettias really make this page pop! The journaling is a beautiful poem that gives the photos even more meaning!

Love this laughter-filled page, Enjoy Today by AnikA68! The photo made me smile along with them! So much energy is generated by the red, lines and circles! Also love the grunge vibe and fabulous brush work! Wisdom to live by … Enjoy Today!

Fabulous artwork by alannabanana in Sweet Harmony! Love the contrast of the black and white graphic image with the purples and magenta colors! The dimensional elements make this page pop! Check out the really cool tutorial on how this page was created!

Hope that you enjoyed the selections I chose today. Please stop by and give these amazing artists some love! And my mantra for the next 20 days will be Keep Calm because Christmas Shopping has begun! Enjoy the holidays with family and friends!