Finger Pointing – April 20

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am just hopping by to show you a selection of gems that I found in the galleries!

S_not-Good by Armygrl
Jawdropping! What an incredibly beautiful and creative page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I love all the graphic elements, the handmade feel of it and the overal black and white color scheme with just a few splashes of pale colors.  I sure hope you are feeling better now Armygrl. It’s SO not fun to be sick but I do envy you for being able to create something as gorgeous as this page while feeling sick as a dog [yeah I spotted him catching the rain drops!]. I swear I wouldn’t be able to if they gave me a million dollars. Brilliant title too by the way!


Best Friends by Keley Lopes
I just love the happy and fun energy of this page! Of course those awesome pics are a big reason why but how about those fun wordstrips and bright colors and the cancan dancers and the funky trail of doodled flowers?! Such a great mixture of elements, styles and textures!


Graffiti by dianepsmith
I am in awe at how that incredible graffiti was blended and worked into this page! The paint splatters and swirls make it look as if the graffiti belonged there all along! I also love the title work!


back to the 80’s by misslovescraps
This page truly brings me back to the 80’s. Believe it or not but after seeing it I HAD to put on Level 42…hahaha. Of course it caught my eye because of it’s vibrant colors but once you get over the shocking pink you’ll see what a super fun cluster is up there. So much detail too with the tiny beads and buttons, tapes, word strips and cute little stars and how about that awesome photo!


He Shoots He Scores! by jesslynn0902
I just love the strong design behind this page that really is just a photo and a block of text when you brake it down to it’s basics. It’s the clever use of brushes, fonts and font sizes, colors and other shapes, like the ellips from the ball and the ‘triangles’ from the arrows, that makes this page into so much more! I also LOVE the photo and fantastic story. An amazing page in every way!


Life Is Beautiful by HeyJude
I love the ancient Roman statues in their heavily textured surroundings combined with paint, stitches and modern elements! The well placed pops of red add such great interest to the page and give it extra dimension. I agree that life is beautiful HeyJude and so is your page! Wowzers!


And that was the last one for today. I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Scrappin’!

Finger Pointing – March 29

I know I am posting rather early but it’s my dads Birthday and my sis just called that she wants to take both him and my mom to a fancy shmancy diner before the festivities start. I hope you can forgive me for wanting to attend that diner rather then posting an hour or 2 later…teeheee

As always I feel the need to say that there’s many, many more pages there that deserve a spotlight but I had to make choices and here’s my selection for today:

A Little Rain Is Good For The Soul by ttt83
I adore the combination of black and white and happy, bold colors in this page. Super cute elements, beautifully clustered, fantastic shadow work and great photo crop. The whole page screams fun and hapiness to me and just looking at it puts this big smile on my face. Well done! Love it!


Local Quickies by talivstouwe
And here’s another page screaming fun and good times. I love the real paper feel of this page, the border of angled photos and all the cute little embellishments stuck in between them, that handwritten blurb and the fab journaling font. It’s just perfect in every little detail! After reading the journaling I realize I realy, really, really need to take a trip like this too!


Guinea Pig’s 1st Birthday by Ozegirl
And how about this beautiful krafty page? Did you see that cake with the guinea pig on top? I mean….how cute is that? And I just adore that photo in that tilted frame and I love the paint splatters underneath it that draw your eye to it and add dimension!


recharge by sucali
What I love about this page, apart from that ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL photo that immediately drew my attention, is the perfect element placement. I also love that the base of the design is formed by what seems to be 2 journal cards and the subtle painted circles and splatters underneath the cluster add great energy!


SRC by ~jak
What a fantastic combination of colors! Mainly black, white and yellow and some beautiful pops of pink, orange red and turqouise! Love, love, love that beautiful stack of paper bits, all the numbers and knick knacks, cute photo and banner and awesome flow of the page. The perfect tribute to an amazing achievement!


We Ride! by Katydid
The colors of the papers and elements match the photo’s to a T, truly amazing! Love the titlework and brilliant layering, it’s almost a puzzle! Love that!


And that was my last one again. Time flies when you are having fun right? Hope you like my picks for today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Happy Scrappin’!

Finger Pointing – March 16

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your day is as sunny as mine even if it’s something other than the sun that’s shining on you!
Of course I am not here to talk about the weather but to show you the pages that stood out in the gallery for me today.

As always I had a bit of difficulty picking just 6 but I am happy to be able to tell you that I finally decided on my picks so here we go and I hope you enjoy them:

Happy Moments by quietangelsb
Wow-ee-wow-wow! What a beautiful page! I love the yellow stitches alongside the photos, great detail, and the title work is just PERFECT! Also love the look of those rectangled photos and their yummy bright colours! It’s all SO pretty and it’s making me long for the beach!


Sunset together by Amson
Sigh! I swear I can look at this page all day long! It’s SO pretty! Not only do I think that photo is breathtaking but look at how perfect the golden text and splatters go with the colour of the sun setting in the water! I also love the look of the blended in newspaper print, that cute little cluster on the right where the button is as blue as the sky above and that handwritten quote in the clouds. Perfect in every detail if you ask me.


March Overview 2013 by Bellerose
Holy hot bananas! What an awesome recap page of March 2013! I love that every photo has a bit of journaling on it and how they seem to be ‘carelessly’ tossed all over the page! And did you see Bellerose stuck flowers in there and beads and leaves? I truly think this is amazing! So much detail, so cool!


Read Me A Story by judy in SD
The fun font, beautiful color scheme and that fantastic photo are the things that immediately made me want to take a closer look at this layout and I am SO glad I did. What a wonderful project this is  that Judy is writing about!


School Days – Everyday by Charlize
The fun vibe of this page just jumps right at ya in the galleries. I love the sense of energy and excitement! I also love the tilted photo that is used in different sizes which I think is very dynamic and the combination of shapes and brushes here!


Peace by nfenchak
My oh my Nadine what an amazing page! Everything about it is just perfect, the element placement the subtle pops of color. When I read your journaling it gave me a lump in my throat and goosebumps all over. This is beautiful beyond words! I am in awe at how you kept everything so modest while you gave it such depth and emotion at the same time.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Finger Pointing – February 8

Hi peeps, it’s Mirjam here pointing her finger at a small selection of layouts that really stood out to me in the galleries out there. Believe me when I say there’s loads more gems to be found but these are the ones I picked to show to you. I hope you like my choices.

Cupid is stupid by HeyJude
A great example of how much a page can tell without pictures! I love the arrows pointing left and right, making me think of a rollercoaster of emotions and all the wordart and wordstrips just so perfectly mimic blurbs of thoughts. I love this and I hope that putting these thoughts to paper really helped!


Lovely by Ellie
What a super cute page and beautiful cluster! I love the bold combination of patterns that really make the page pop and there’s so much detail in there yet still that strip of photos takes center stage! Brilliant also, how those little pink flower details at the right of the page add counter weight to the pink in the paper on the left and give the page great balance.


Love you by Gemma85
The sense of depth in this page is really amazing thanks to the great shadow work. And how clever to let that bright red journal card lead the eye to that super cute photo that otherwise might just dissapear in that busy background. Love the added colored paint drips and tiny doodled hearts!


Les pieds dans l’eau by CaroleScrap
Seeing this page was like love at first sight! Wow! I love the freestyling with loads of white space and awesome retro feel going on here. In combination with the elements used and the pale colors it has such a beautiful sense of innocence to it. And how about  that title? It just sounds like a poem: Les pieds dans l’eau [Your feet in the water]. Wow. Wow. Wow.


Bad Day by sbpoet
I swear I didn’t pick this one because of it’s quirky connection to the page above!!!!
Can you believe it’s made by sbPOET and is also about feet? Okay not really feet but close enough.
Anyway…pure concidence!

I picked this page by sbpoet because I just love how she scrapped her bad day. She obviously hurt herself and than she scraps about the event with humor and in a comic book style way. I think the wordarts and strips are so cool and so is the photo crop. The message to me is clear: never lose your joy no matter what!


Walkaway by ChantalS
What a GORGEOUS explosion of colors and brushes in the background of that fabulous ‘simple’ photo! I love the contrast between the 2 of them emphasized by that beautiful journaling. The blue flower and butterfly are the perfect finishing touches and add a sense of texture and depth to the page. Love this!

And that was the last one for today! See you next time!

Fingerpointing – January 25

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!
Let me embellish your weekend with these amazing works of art that I found in the galleries out ther.

flowers by Happy Mama

The combination of colors in this page is SO beautiful! As is the combination of patterns. I love the bold flowers in the background combined with the smaller flowers in the dark colored paper strip under that stunning photo! And how about that delicate embellishing! Such a pretty page!


Capturing: yesterday and always by ConnyS

Talk about pretty pages! WOW! Those photos immediately caught my eye, which I am sure will not surprise you one teeny bit. A beautiful stack of elements really makes them stand out and the colors and brushes give this layout a wonderful romantic boho feel that I absolutely adore! Stunning!


Strenght Tester by Sokee

I love the crispness of this layout and the playful design of slightly angled frames, swirly piece of yarn and the seemingly careless placement of elements. The bold green goes so well with the pink and red and really makes the photos stand out. The story behind the page put a big smile on my face! I just love to see the everyday things in pages!


2 moody teenagers by swastinadia

Another layout that made me smile. So funny the way these 2 moody teenagers are scrapped in kind of a comic book style with the text bubbles, word strips and other knick knacks. Did you notice that bomb at the bottom of the page?! Whahaha! Pure genius! I also love the beautiful background blend that adds great dimension and forms a whole other layer to look at!


Enjoy the snow by Hanazana

This page has such great sense of depth because of the stunning shadows. I am blown away  by the design, the clever placement of the pink flowers that make sure that photo get’s your attention all be it ever so subtle. Mesmerizingly beautiful layout!!


Reading by Joshgirl

The angled book shelf elements and photo are probably why Rebecca Bloomwood [main character of the book confessions of a shopaholic] looks a little panicky. She must be worried they will all fall down and I think that is just the cutest twist! I love seeing a little humor in pages in case you didn’t already know that. I am also in awe with how beautifully balanced this page is. Very well done!


And again I find myself at the end of my list of pages to show you. I hope you like my picks. If so be a sport and leave a little love with the artists okay?
See you nex time!

Finger Pointing – January 19

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as I am, with the people you love! I do not really enjoy that the weather is getting colder here but I have to say that it does cozy up things inside when candles are lit and you can hear the wind blowing. Anywho…I am not here to tell you how I am spending my Sunday although part of it is also the reason I am here. I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye.
Here we go…

Lovebytes by ronnietexas

The hand drawn wordarts and doodles on the notepad paper background are so much fun and so energetic. Makes me think of my old highschool day planners! I love the fun photos and journaling. A super happy page that just puts a big smile on my face. I love it!


Let it Go by d2vasquez

I just love the minimalist colour scheme of this page; the delicate greens with splashes of subtle red and perfect delicate black accents that determine the design. Fabulous brushwork and photo treatment. The scattered elements in combination with the street make me think of thought snippets. I am in awe with how well the emotion’s captured in this page. Amazing!


Purrfection by doggino

What a beautiful layout! Don’t those black and white photos look absolutely gorgeous against that grungy wood background and delicate colours? I also love how the crochet elements, lace doilie, and rolled up fabric flowers add texture to the page and how the pops of pink and yellow aswell as the photos add a great sense of depth. So pretty.


14 Things in 2014 by jenn mccabe

I love making to do lists or better I love crossing out the things I’ve done. This one is so brilliantly creative and beautiful! I love the bright colours and all the little bits and pieces added to all 14 things to do! Such a wonderful and fun combination of products and the subtly added clock is such a clever detail since this list represents the things to do for the whole year to come.


You R Sweet by star74

I know how the background paper of this page looks and I am so in awe at how Claudia [star74] worked with everything that was already there, added her own elements and made the page her own. Plus I love how well the colours in the photo match the colours of the kit. Beautiful page!


mr photogenic by wildblueeyez

How cute is this?! The first thing I saw was that sweet little guy who very much deserves the name mr photogenic if you ask me but how about the design of this page? I am not talking about the arrangement of all seperate elements because I know a template was used but the style! It’s graphic, it’s doodly, it’s playful and it’s so much fun! I love how the title is done, I love the bold yellow. The perfect album cover! Brilliant!


And that was the last on my list. I hope you like my choices. See you next time!

Finger Pointing – January 11

Hello everyone! I hope you don’t think it is too late to wish you all a happy, healthy and creative New Year filled with lots of laughter!
I am here to show you the first round of gems I found in the galleries for 2014.

wat by marnel

Oh wow-ee-wow-wow. What a fantastic explosion of brushes and colours and they totally make that black and white photo jump of the page! I just love the energy this layout radiates and the great shadowing adds a wonderful sense of depth!


always follow your heart by buzinettescrap

How sweet and cute is this? I just want to frame this and hang it on the wall! I love the sweet colours in combination with the dramatic black and all the little knick-knacks in here like the scatters, doodles thread and stitches are so pretty!


Bekah by Cornelia

I always love the look of a wooden background but the way the paper and the wood in this stunning photo look together is simply amazing! Very clever how the 2 are almost unnoticeably seperated by a small border of patterned paper to get a smooth transition. I am also thrilled that the embellishing was kept subtle so the photo really, really takes center stage. Love the country feel!


How Sweet by Nettie B

What a fun, happy page! It immediately caught my eye in the gallery, partly because of that awesome aquarel paper but also because of the playfully placed elements, cute photos and I just love how she stuck that journal card in the page border at the bottom corner on the right! Such a cool detail.


My Cup of Tea by Scrapsandsass

I am smitten with the combination of shapes and colours in this page. I think the horizontal lines look gorgeous opposite the diagonal ones in the background paper. They brilliantly lead your eye to the square cluster [which is fabulously embellished with doodles and stamps] and that nice cup of tea. The confetti breaks all the rules and adds such great interest. Also love the little cluster with the ampersand.


Jump by Adryane

Love, love, love the graphic design of this layout with the bold red dots, rectangular strips and big title. The photo treatment is also very eye catching on this great action pic of guitar legend Eddie van Halen. I can only conclude that this page rocks in more ways then one!


And with that one we’re already at the end of my picks. I hope you liked my choices and that they will inspire you in one way or another. Please leave some love in the artist’s galleries if they do okay? Everyone SO deserves it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!