Finger Pointing – December 8

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend so far. It’s Mirjam here with today’s Standouts! I don’t know if you have been in the galleries this weekend but man….there’s SO much gorgeousness there! I had a hard time picking but managed to bring down my choices to these 6 beauties:

Don’t Stop Believing by honeyb
Great shadow work on this yummy photoless page! Everything looks so real I want to reach out and touch it! The neutral warm colour of the newspaper background really makes the element clusters pop and the stars give the page great energy. On top of that I just really like the playful quirkiness of this layout!


I Love My Childhood by Jhari
Wow! Wow. Wow. Wow. What a daring combination of patterned papers and photos! I absolutely LOVE the BOHO feel it creates in combination with the elements! And what a great design element to put multiple frames over the feauture photos! Amazing page!


Winter by toupie
That great crisp photo of an awesome blue sky, the mist and mountains behind the bare tree branches! You just know it is cold there but how beautiful too! I love that the same photo was used to blend into the background which gives the page an extra touch of frosty coldness but also a lovely dreamy wintery feel. Such a sweet, pretty page!


1 Amazing Tree by LRaeWoo
Oh my goodness [insert jawdrop here] that is an amazing tree for sure! And what a super cool way to scrap it with all those fun details about how many lights were in there and how many ornaments!!!! Love the ornamental frames and all the little knick knacks that sort of echo the tree decorations. So creative! Love it!


Christmascard by Lenthe
The bold angled rectangle shapes and the strong patterns immediately caught my eye in the gallery. Amazing how a monochromatic page can stand out like that! Beautiful how the star and chevron paper seem a bit worn and slightly folded and I love the frame over the blended in photo and fun scribbly elements!


Cozy Winter by eranslow
What a sweet photo and the sepia is just awesome surrounded by the beautiful cluster of paper strips and elements in christmassy red and green and icy blue. I also love the sense of depth in the page and I think the titling totally rocks with the 3 different alphas and snow flakes!


Okay that it’s for today again! Hope you like the pages I picked!

Finger Pointing – November 30

Hey everyone! Wow! November 30 already! The counting down to Christmas is about to begin and 2014 is already at our doorstep.
But before we dive into this busy month of magic, love and joy, just a small selection of all the gems that can be found in the galleries!

made with love by eve11ne
One of my favorite shows to watch is junior master chef. It’s mind blowing to see those kiddos cook like professionals. There’s a junior master chef highly concentrated at work on this page too and I just love how this is scrapped. I love all the cooking elements, great layering, little pops of black and white and fun angled photos. Although the pics are small in size the pink in them really makes them stand out as does that wooden background paper. I am guessing that is the work space this little cook is working on. Great page!


Boy Bastien by NRENOUX
Jawdroppingly gorgeous design! Love the bold, strong shapes and fun titling with all different fonts. What a great way to use journal cards and the awesomely cropped photo matches the colours of the papers and elements so beautifully! Fantastic!

Entrance by Intense Magic
Love the layering and use of colour in this page. The banner, confetti and arrows in the background paper support the movent in the photo and give this page such great energy and make sure we all look to the right of this beautiful layout where the bright coloured accents embellish the happy couple.

I Heart My Keurig by Brandi
I can just go over and over all the fun details in this page that has such a great handdrawn and handmade feel about it. Great combination of colours combined with bold black, yum! Awesome how she used those wordstrips. You love your Keurig Brandi, I love your page!

A Very True Story by CarrieA
What a wonderful story and page. I first heard about these Christmas gnomes from a designer friend and was totally intrigued. Such a wonderful idea to write down the family traditions around this event and I adore how it was done is such beautiful faerytale way! I think this page would also look fantastic printed and framed on children’s room wall!

Aaron’s Smiles by bbe
That cute little smiling face with that naughty twinkle in there immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I really like the combination of photos [love the film strip] with the wordarts, wordstrips and wonderful brushes and the journaling made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. I really hope you love them as much as I do. If so it would be great if you’d stop by the artist’s galleries and give them some love!

Finger Pointing – November 24

Happy Sunday everyone! Mirjam here to show you some of the layouts that really stood out in the galleries for me! Hope you like my picks, llet me show them to you!

ww by marnel
Wow, wow, wow. What an awesome winter layout! The photos just pop right of the page and although I am not fond of snow at all  it makes me want to jump in that sled an join in the fun! Beautiful embellishing, so much detail and great shadow work too!

Merry Christmas Card 1 by kyky
What a PERFECT mix of traditional and modern elements! Don’t the green and red combined with the pastel yellow and pink look awesome? So stylish!

Repeat the Sounding Joy by mymalloryboys
The detail in this page is amazing! Love the photo and the layering, love the background brush that adds beautiful depth to the page and those swirly divider brushes are such a great combination with the hand drawn lines! This is just gorgeous!

The Key to my Heart by Naadi
Beautiful how all the different elements of this page are blended into one stunning work of art! The red and orange and the teenie tiny bits of black really make this fantastic boy page pop! Cool!

A Monkey Spider by Tiff
The beautiful pops of red and yellow add great interest to this layout but what REALLY caught my eye and made this page standout for me are those AWESOME action photos and that fun story behind them. What a precious moment to preserve.

Together by TeaWithLemon
Love, love, love the handmade feel of this page and the fun playful design of it!

That’s it for today peeps. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time!

Fingerpointing – November 10

Happy Sunday everyone! Mirjam here pointing her finger at just a selection of pages that caught my attention in the galleries!

Let’s start with this page called ‘week 37’ by RebeccaH
Isn’t this a PRETTY page? Wow! I just love the big photo, the colors, the beautiful dogs, the journal card and quote.  If you’re with me on those then let me tell ya that it gets even better. Make sure you click this photo and have a peek in this page’s credits because this is just the left side of an awesome double pager!


Nothing by MommaTrish
I love the cream and white with pops of jade. So subtle and so beautiful. Same goes for the elements and their placement and that awesome title work around that mega sweet photo. Also love the touch of grunginess that adds interest to this page and livens it up.


My Husband’s Hero by SparkysGirl
I think the flow of this page along with the shadow work and stacking of elements are incredible! It’s as if SparkysGirl is gently pooring down her husband’s hero’s history over the page [I am thinking it’s his father]. I love, love, love the old
pics and vintage knick knacks that give this page such an authentic feel. Fantastic!


Do not forget by Scrappy Donna
Teehee. This page made me laugh because it’s reminds me of my desk that’s stacked with notes and scribbles of things I need to remember. Apart from the smile there’s also a wow for the fantastic shadow work in this page that truly makes it come across as a paper page. And how awesome that she put 3 photos in there of doodled memo’s. Brilliant!


Photography by scrapsandsass
What a super fun page! I just love how the elements are loosely scattered along the centre of the page and how they, combined with the curvy lines from the background paper give this page great energy. I also need to write down that quote! It’s awesome and so so true!


Record by Scrappie Irene
What an awesome photo! Against that grey, concrete color paper it makes me think of Italian movies from the sixties and I just love that beautiful cinematographic feel. Beautifully embellished and the shadow work makes me want to reach out to touch that butterfly and see if it will fly away!


Thanks for visiting! I hope you were inspired!

Fingerpointing – October 26

Hello everyone! It’s Mirjam here, pointing my finger to a teeny tiny selection of beautiful pages that I found in the galleries today!

Too Hot by yellowpeep
I think the combination of the bold ellips shapes from the background paper with the rectangle shapes from the cluster are SO cool! The background paper also makes me think of the sun and it’s heat circles and guess what…that is exactly what this page is about: heat. On top of that I am a sucker for bright colours and this page has them in spades and the black wordart and wordstrip make sure that cute photo still gets all the attention it deserves. Love the well chosen elements, fun paint splatter and that little tag with the date in it.

Enjoy the Journey by Adryane
I love the black and white with blue and yellow colour pops that really made this page standout in the gallery for me. I love the angled journaling and the fact that Adryane also made it blue which makes the page less heavy then it would have been had the text been black plus it gives it great balance and really lets the photo take center stage. Great journaling too!

Giant Pumpkin Festival by Katidid
I love how the stitches create a great frame work for this page. They are such a great feature that in combination with that little wooden arrow gently guide your eye over the page. Also love the choice of almost all neutral coloured elements with just a few accent colors that make the photo really stand out. Great eye for detail!

Carve on by Jenn33199
I am in awe with the awesome sense of depth of this page and how much it looks like a paper page because of the brilliant shadow work. Great use of elements and I love, love, love the title work. What a super fun page!

Fall Memoriess by Arte Banale
What a pretty page! Such a beautiful fall photo and I love how the border with handwritten words echoes the arch shape of the trees,  gorgeous how the red of the leaves behind the title adds interest and dimension and I think the placement of the title is just perfect.

Join Us! by Akizo
What a fantastic Halloween page! I love the over all black and white theme and the gazillion little knick knacks that are so perfectly placed that they don’t become focal points but bring everything together in this fun and playful page, break up the horizontal and vertical lines of the template that was used and really make it her own!

That’s it for me today! Hope you enjoyed my pics and if you did then please leave some love in the galleries of these fantastic artists okay?
Thanks so much! Until next time and Happy Scrappin’!


Finger pointing – October 13

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! It’s raining cats and dogs over here. There’s no more denying: Autum has definitely begun. And with Autumn many of us living in the Northern hemisphere will be spending more time inside the house. It’s a great time for getting comfy on the coach and watch a movie, play board games with the whole family OR take some me-time and jump behind the pc to scrap! For that last one let me give you some inspiration with these beauties I found in the galleries today.

Love by ShadesOfPink
I just love the whole happy light hearted and romantic feel of this page. Super cool how the photo and paper blend into each other and I am totally smitten with the way the page was embellished. Great shadow work too!

Pretending by mommatrish
I love the tattered frames, cute photo sequence and the playfulness of the page that also has great flow thanks to the fantastic use of arrows that are everywhere! Just awesome!

I hook for fun by Helen
The combination of pretty colours and delicate rectangle shapes from the cluster combined with that bold dotted background paper is what first caught my eye. Then I got all excited to see that the page was about crocheting. I am quite a crochet addict myself and I just love how Helen put a photo of the work in progress on her page aswell as the, obviously very much loved, end result! And how about the shadowing of the yarns! Wow!

We Were Here by HeyJude
This happy mess of patterns, colours and embellishments just puts a smile on my face! I think it’s brilliant that the photos still take center stage. That top photo is so funny and no matter how many times I go over this layout I keep discovering something new. I LOVE that!

snapshot of fall by lkdavis
Amazing! It seems as if lkdavis [I believe she is called Linda] managed to capture an autumn breeze with swirling leaves and quickly adhered it to her page! Gorgeous how she blended in that photo so it got a yummy texture and how it’s made to fit the swirls. I also love that she kept a little of that warm blue sky as a contrast to the fall colours.

liam standing at the fence by Angeleann
The upside down L shape from the design is such a great statement against the chevrons in the background. I love the stamped title that goes so very well with the painted flower paper. The dark red glitter ribbon pops right off the page, gives it dimension plus it ensures that you do not miss little Liam standing at the fence. What a cutie!

These were my picks today. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have and if you did then please leave some love in the galleries of their creators!
Thanks you so much. Have a great day and Happy Scrappin’!


Finger Pointing – September 28

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by to checkout my choices!

Art & Soul by strawberryredhead
What a super fun page! So glad to see that I am not the only one that’s covered in paint after a creative session! I think the messy feel of the page that at the same time feels really cozy and homely is just awesome.
Love how she used the elements and how the subtle pops of red not only lead your eye to the center of the page but also how they add depth!

My Girl by AmyKingsford
Isn’t this adorable? I just love all the girly colours and accents combined with the much bolder black and cream. What a beautiful contrast and beautifully toned down a bit by the pink vellum. Also love the angles in the papers and the tilted frame. Plus there so much detail in this page! Look at that cute little pennant banner in the top right frame and the variations in fonts and their colours!

Everyday I love you more by Sue Falstaff
I know she used a template for her page but the humour in here and that brilliant photo crop is what made it stand out in the gallery for me and that is definitely all Sue’s creative mind! That little green arrow is just the perfect finishing touch to a page that put a big smile on my face.

He by askings
What a beautiful dreamy feel this page has! I love the soft focus of the blended in photo and watercolour ‘cloud’ in combination with the added elements and paper scraps. Beautiful combination of colours, love the placement of the stitches and the fabulous shadowing makes it look so much like a real paper page that I want to reach out and touch it.

Fall by oldvwblues
I just love the non traditional fall colours in this page. Beautiful pastels that gain warmth from the auburn red title. The added textures along with that gorgeous photo add a wonderful sense of depth to it. Great page!

Old School6 by mummyd
And how about this?!! First thing I wondered was if this might be a page wide photo and then I saw in the credits ‘photo of my hands’. Okay…so this is really, really a scrapbook page with hands added to it. Pinch me. How cool. This is amazing!

And that was the last one for today. Hope you enjoyed and if you did then please leave some love at the artist’s gallery!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Scrappin’!