Finger Pointing – May 5th- NSD Special!

Happy May and happy NSD everyone!!! OH there is so much I would LOVE to say… I started my NSD earlier on hosting a chat and getting overflowed with beautiful feelings, then the gallery filled my heart … in a LOT of cases my most favorite ladies have become so very prolific, you have given me A LOT of work trying to choose just ONE of the pages posted to bring here…. there is that camaraderie and excitement and so much to see, so much to play and scrap….wishing you all the best for the weekend, I bring you today’s post with some AWESOME talent for our inspiration!

Starting by an old time favorite that never ceases to impress : Ellen T with Click, a template take on that amazing way she has of leaving us speechless… Love the combo of patterns, the photo peeking from behind the lens, the perfection of those shadows..the big title and gorgeous elements choices…LOVE!!!!!

Next marvel comes from another hyper talented favorite of mine: Christa aka cfile with Sometimes. As she does, the visual impact is elegant and perfectly balanced, the colors coming to form the background with softness, love the way those flowers go perfectly together without cramping the area, and the photo shines in the fabulous framing  she has given it, with a cluster gaining more dimension and then, as if all the beauty wasn’t enough, she brings the story and shares interesting facts. To crown the whole thing beautifully, the added  metallic borders top & bottom bring a feeling of something that fits perfectly hanging on an art exhibition!!!!

Taking us on another beautiful fantasy adventure is Marilyn aka mcurtt with Mirror Mirror.  Elegance meets the forest by her hand, and the way she played beautifully with the elements  inviting us to take a step into the land of Grimm’s brothers…. total perfection!

Going from one style of fantasy to another, this one is so super cute!!! A beautiful creation with a touch of humour from Olga aka zinzilah with PIP Guitar, As it happens,  I had not cross path with her in quite a while, so this makes me even happier! The blend of a photo with that super fun cat, , the deep red background and the clever vertical cluster mixing textures…shining as she always does!!!

Moving on to a photo -less, super intense art piece with a thought longing for summer comes I’m Ready for the Sun by Dalis, always impressive and beautiful and this is no exception! There is a joyous feeling in the reds spotted with bits of light, almost wanting the big title to leave that dark patch. The realistic needle and thread giving movement that is shaped also by the journaling text and the perfection of those shadows make it all come together so wonderfully!

Now with this page called TOT 12b, we get to a marvellous girl that has become a top favorite of mine and that today has given me a LOT of hard work as I couldn’t make my mind up about which of all her pages to share with you…!!!! Cassie is probably better known as KingsQueen (I immediately fell in love with her just by the nickname!) or ScrappyHappy82,  but, whatever name, her talent makes a jewel of each page. In this one there is everything you can think needed for a dynamic composition, the colors are wonderful, those circles so perfectly shadowed,  her gorgeous clusters and that perfectly happy little bird, all with the core of that very beautiful photo of the happy couple fills the whole page with a very special light!

My hearts sings with this one. Is Krista aka Norton94 with Neighbourhood Stroll. Not only is this a beauty visually , with that big photo filling the page with light and soft feeling, the way those clouds are one with the trees, the choices that makes the template take perfection, fabulous shadows all round, there is a happy Scout (Krista’s furry girl!) waiting to get on her way… all together awesome but a bit beyond to me,  because often in these strolls, we are on the phone, though in-opposite sides of the ocean, so very close! Seeing this today, is like I’m able to come walk the path too!

Now, a page called 15 by breoniI don’t know breoni beyond her pages, but her pages I know well and love them so so much…. tonight I had to work extra because she has SO many I could have shared with you here, but needing to pick just one, I decided to go for this happy, brilliantly translated template, a marvellous big photo blended beautifully and the shadows on those numbers, there is more warmth and a bit of fun with the smaller photos, all flowing with happiness. Even though I am an element hoarder in my pages, LOVE the fact that here she went for very little, leaving the photos and journaling be the stars. Couldn’t read the journaling because of my neurological issues (and the time, 04:02 am Saturday!) but will come back with help tomorrow to do so, I am sure it will bring the page to an even greater place in my heart!

More music for my heart with this , Shirley Heights by msbrad.  She is most definitely my most favorite “tour guide” in digital scrapping! (also a super loved friend even though we had not have an opportunity to catch up for ages!) Michelle’s pages take you on sightseeing trips with the most amazing photography, like here, we can find ourselves in awesome spots all over the world, and she enhances the experience with beautiful touches. Here in the form of a delicate cluster in pastels with beautiful shells and star fish, a bit of journaling and, off course, their happy presence in the page!!!! Want to be there!!!!

Another very dear lady to many of us, Angela Toucan with Finish the Sentence – Sometimes, Here she captures a feeling that can sometimes be a burden, but looking into this gorgeous blue amazing paper, turns into a beauty, a sky or a sea made into blank space, giving that cluster a main role, absolutely wonderful shadows and a bit of journaling on reflection….no words needed here, just perfect!

Before I say good night, I need to share a couple of the amazingly put together, both fabulous thought in different approach, jewels of the Art Journal.

One is from Poppy, an almost stream punched doll with a flamenco touch on that crazy gorgeous fan! Love how all those goldens play with  reds, and how the doll turned , fabulous!

And last but not least is Wilma Ali with a marvellous explosion in purple, flowers, butterflies, text/word art and even some demo strips, the blend of the doll, those intense eyes, the light achieved…. gorgeous!!!!!!

Now I will really need to leave you!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!  Hope you are enjoying NSD festivities, playing a lot, scrapping a lot and getting marvellous shopping! See you soon!















Finger Pointing – April 28th-

Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well and ready to enjoy the weekend! England is still very, very cold, though they are predicting a better week for this one coming, can’t believe we are almost in May and is still this cold!  I most definitely needed a mood lift, so here I am with you to share some beauty that can make our hearts sing and give us some inspiration!

Starting with Garden Blessings by ArmyGrl, without a doubt one of the most talented artists we have in the whole industry, she has been captivating my awe since 2011, making me love her more with each page. I’m speechless with this, the way she puts together different pieces that one wouldn’t think could go together and make it seamlessly fit, turning it all into a master piece. Love every bit of this, the green tones so perfectly in sync, the cleverly placed flashes of red…. the feeling of nature and mystical symbols is present with all the power…garden blessings indeed!

Gonna follow with Beltrane by AnjaDD, another hugely talented lady whom I already admired before she turned her talents into designing, now marvelling us with not just her pages but giving us all the chance to create some beauties with her collections. Also with a deep nature feeling, here the layering with subtle shadows, the many colors put together in elegance, the  whole thing tells me some festive time is coming!

Next page took me quite a while to decide as there were so SOooo many pages she posted today that I couldn’t make my mind up which one to share with you….. is yet another incredibly talented lady, Carol aka Iowan with 2011-Click Connor. Her talent is super eclectic and she can put together any style, any type of page you can ever imagine, and here this piece of memory keeping is just a delightful example of her perfection! Love the notebook format, those photos that shine with happiness, the many pieces of word art without overflowing the composition and…oh …those shadows!!!!! Marvellous perfection in every way possible!

One more lady who never fails to bring my jaw down in awe with each and every page,  SeattleSheri with The American Adventure, an explosion of red blue & white in such a magical way, makes my heart sing very loud! The beyond amazing blending of the big photo, the circular composition slightly (very slightly) off centre,  the way she makes the whole page shine, everything here captures the attention, one can keep discovering elements in the perfect layering,  being marvelled by the gorgeous clusters, and, of course, the beauty of her handsome baby boy,  all so very beautiful, I’m having trouble taking my eyes out of the page!!!!

Another fabulous designer who scrap, and one who shares with us her making of the pages….a VERY favorite of mine and I am sure she needs no introduction, plus I wont speak about my love for her or we will be here till next week LOL, but I know you know her and agree, she is the amazing hand that creates the Fiddle Dee Dee Designs products , Cheryl aka gonewiththewind with Ocean Child.  The way she creates spaces in the page, the absolutely fabulous clusters,  the amazing photos and her choices of elements, with a mixture of textures and elegance all over, plus the most perfect shadows….. Pure.Awesome!

I’m always amazed by scrappers who turn images into something that feels like a painting, but they totally gain my heart when memory keeping comes into it, even more when they give us the story in their page description, like in this case, The Mirror by Applechick, a work of art with so much heart, beauty and a magnificent show of talent!  Love the story, being that I too have huge issues with partying with inanimate objects to which feelings are always attached…. her mum looks beautiful here and one can feel a life well lived, the mirror is so gorgeous, I would most definitely had difficulty in letting it go…!. The story put together with the awesome technics, the Out Of Bounds framing, extraction, blending, the delicate pieces enhancing the whole thing, a piece worth having on an exhibition wall!!!! Sorry for your loss…how beautiful that we have our scrapping to keep them a bit closer to us through the pages!!!!

Last but not least, (never!) another favorite lady of mine who has turned into hybrid and is amazing our hearts with her creations, is Marijke ‘s 23-04_vrd-Field-notes-1. I love the notebook, so much, I think I’m gonna need to get one! The beautiful feeling of spring is brought to us here with this hybrid planner, and she, as she does, shows us how sometimes less is more, in this side there is simplicity with the full strength of nature, gorgeous overall! You can see the other side HERE.

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed the post, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



Finger Pointing – April 14th-

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend has started well and there is lots to enjoy still! It is incredible that we are mid April! Here in my end of the world, we are suffering from unusually cold weather for April, which makes things more difficult for the ones of us with health issues (and very high priced energy bills!) but I’m delighted in knowing coming to the galleries and findings pieces of life turned into gorgeous art pieces brings up a warmth that helps keep going, and here I am to share them with you! Will try be brief ( I swear, I do try! LOL) as I had a flare up with my right hand yesterday after over-doing it on Wednesday. Here are some of the most gorgeous pages I found! I checked and re-checked and edited typos and grammar horrors, but just in case something escaped my attention, apologies before hand.

To start on a marvellous note, is Rae aka bcgal00, with Happy Day. A beautiful tribute to her granddaughter who sadly isn’t with us anymore, her beauty is surrounded by Rae’s created beauty with fabulous clusters, the vivid colors of her hair mirrored in some of the flowers gorgeously arranged, the bits of word art, the light coming out of the blinds in the photo creating a happy atmosphere, all tied up with perfect shadows. The way she blended the photo so seamlessly with the polka dot paper using bits of paints is fantastic! Pure Awesome!!!

Another spectacular page with a beautiful young lady at the heart of it,  Moon Child by Kayla aka keepscrappin is as impressive and happy with a dreamy night feeling. Here too, the photo is framed by amazing clustered flowers mixed with bits and pieces that give volume, love the old photo flair, that moon with woman element is absolutely wonderful, the way the background creates light, the beauty of the big title and all over stunning shadows is complete perfection! Superstar as always!

And more beauty from beautiful inside and out people, a photo-less page from Susie aka Pachimac,  AJ Week 1 Refuse is such a delicate piece of beauty with a powerful message, love how she complemented the Art Journal Doll with a mixture of delicate touches, the butterflies, the pieces of word art and dripping paint, all in sync creating a beautiful feeling with a strong message!

Next comes a stunning piece from Krista aka norton94 called Falling Apart. I know I maybe a bit biased when talking about the artist here, but also know she is loved and admired for her pages by so many of us, I feel perfectly allowed to sing her praises! This is an intense, beyond awesome piece of art journal, appeals to me strongly as this is very much the way I am crazy to achieve  for my own pages: lots of little bits & pieces to find in the foundation created for the cards and photo, I think it describes well the way many of us feel these days…a ton of bit and pieces that sometimes support us, sometimes drag us down… love the choice of cards and the way she framed one of them and, once again…the discovering of different elements nested with the flowers, the perfection of those shadows….a reflection of feelings from another family of warriors.

Next is Do What You Love Notebook by Angie Key.  Now this piece made me so so happy, because I have not seen anything from her whilst on blog duty for ages, and for about 10 years seeing her creations here and there, I know many of us find inspiration and are in awe of her skills. This is a hybrid project, which makes me stand in admiration even more…! The beauty of these colours, the awesome perfection of those clusters, am amazed by the shine of it all…  perfection sounds just right!

This next page is from Nietis…. oh…. my… Sherly keeps making me go back to her gallery and wishing I have more time to sit staring at her pages for longer…. and she has a 4 posted yesterday, and these 4  had me going back and forth without being able to decide…finally I decided on 2 of them. I will show you here the less traditional one, as I am always looking for things that stand out, new ways to keep memories with beauty and fun…. but you should make some time for her gallery here– if you do not have much time, I suggest you stop on THIS ONE here too…..  The one I am showing you here is called Spring Feels, and the feels are wonderful!!!! I remember hosting a chat challenge where I asked to make a page in which the main focus was on an element …this is so much more than the ideas I had then!!! LOVE how she was able to fit not one but two photos, the dynamic of it all with the gorgeous feel of warmth, love that border and the elements chosen to embellish that amazing bike… Also the way on which she combined template and a couple of kits for her sources, always love a credits list like this!!! As if that all wasn’t enough, she also tells about the day with a bit of journaling that lifted my spirits even more! LOVE the scrappers with whom I can follow the family lives (both the ones I communicate a lot 1 to 1 AND, like in Sherly’s case, the ones who we only speak once in a while but you can feel the greatness of the person…and they become your family too!), see them having children and raise them, and this is the kind of page that adds a little bit to the whole in more than perfect harmony!!!!! OK…      I stop talking now (I did say I would TRY to be brief LOL) here is Sherry’s Spring Feels!

Last but not least (never!) is a wonderful page from tanteva,  April 13 2023. I always love Eva’s pages, no matter what style she takes on, she is always impressive in beauty and technic, and when she goes for sharing her feelings on a text journaling form, love it even more! She lets us  know her a bit more with each page, and loving what we learn! This one is visually gorgeous, with a photo of herself, an awesome mixture of textures with stamps, brushes and bits and pieces of more corporeal elements with gorgeous shadows… love that she transcribe and translated her journaling…which I agree in part, I most definitely agree on the part of society being a bit crazy and things being different and wondering at times if the net has made us all retrieve into ourselves….I definitely dislike social media these days,  and even had my daughter earlier on telling me how she met a kid neighbour from when they were little, and them commenting how the kids in our place (we have huge communal gardens) no longer play outside like they used to…. so yes, in part I agree…but, to me, I think with Face Time, WhatsApp and all that kind of apps…we can be closer to loved ones, and the friendships I have made with scrappers, the many women I have met, some alone, some with their families, meeting in person…. I think if you look closer, Eva, you will find you have SO many friends,….. with this industry, I reckon the nature of it makes us close without needing to speak to one another that much….. you can count on us here, any time! And now I really need got stop talking LOL Here is Eva’s marvellous page!

This is all from me today.

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – March 24th –

Hello hello!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here with a heart full of joy tonight, despite the freezing cold and the devastating energy bills, I have been so delighted to feel a bit better health wise and able to get around the galleries a bit more…I know I need to catch up with many, many of you still, bear with me, I promise I am determined and will be, just pacing myself so I wont need to be away from all again! I have a bunch of gorgeous pages to inspire you, let’s get to it!

Starting with Oh Heavens! by gonewiththewind. I know here we are all about the scrapper and the page, but when you get people like Cheryl, who is the full package, a fabulous scrapper, an amazing designer of templates that can rock any style, and a person so inspiring in any level….(I’m sure I am not the only one who has been lifted by her many, many times!!!!) who has created an equally beautiful and talented daughter that is following her steps and is rocking the designs, and you get a combo of mother and daughter talents in a page…..well, this NEEDS to be highlighted. The marvellous combo of patterns, the choices of elements beautifully put together in perfection layering, killer shadows and the presence of her beautiful self in an awesome black & white portrait to balance the whole thing….well… PURE AWESOME!

Another favorite lady of mine, Lynette here with April Fools, a super gorgeous, elegantly clean template take that is so very beautiful and sweet, love the amazing shadows that create a dimension so perfect it could be a photo of a paper layout, the colors are great and the mixture of textures brings all together in perfection!

Pizza Pizza by Christa aka cfile is wonderful! I maybe a bit biased here as I adore this lady with all my heart, but as she is often featured by my sisters here too, I know I am not alone in loving every page of hers. She brings memory keeping together with elegance, her style adapts to anything but always keeping that clean, pristine look and the most emotional stories…. LOVE the way she scraps everyday moments like big events, and this one specially, as we share a lot of what we eat and I have incorporated many of her & hubby choices to our own menu…. delightful food, amazing composition, the outstanding beauty of those shadows, the grungy feel of the background, that amazing alpha that gives an impact….all together hyper fabulous!!!



A magnificent art journal composition by one of the most amazing and versatile ladies I know, sharonb with Paula Kesselring MessyMix 1.  The ability to compose a marvel on a red background is amazing, the crazy wonderful layering of all the bits, the gorgeous pieces of torn paper, here again a mixture of textures that lift the page’s dimension…. all over beauty!!!!!

XOXO by Saar is the absolute marvel of parenthood in a page!!!! I could be here for hours, days even, talking about the talent that Sarah shares with us daily, for years I have been falling in love with the perfection of her creations, and motherhood has brought even more love poured in them, here the wonderful elements galore shine, the perfection of those shadows, sweet choice of card, the beauty of mum & dad’s expression and their handsome baby boy, all together makes my heart sing!!!!

Time to Recharge by mrsashbaugh, another awesome lady who has been inspiring us for years, a great clustering masterclass, a marvellous layering of the background papers, so much to discover here, brilliant use of patterns, gorgeous shadows and the beauty of herself in the wonderful portraits, the black and white creating a light that perfectly shines with all those colors in the composition….absolutely amazing!

Another favorite of mine, Carina aka cinna with Slay All the Way, a page so amazing I was impressed big time from the thumbnail and closer look left me in total delight (as she does always!) The deep, blood red in the background with an elegant page border that lends elegance which is continued in her gorgeous design to share with us a number of shows which I can’t really say I agree on loving all, but some of them have been marked as my favourites of the past few months. Then there is an element of fun in her gorgeous cluster of tree and cascading elements, then the addition of that gorgeous composed title (THAT alpha!!! I need!!!) it makes for a superb standout!!!!

Next I have a couple of beyond awesome art journal pages to delight the heart all the way.

Blow the Cobwebs Away by Poppy is the most beautiful, sweetest combination of pieces with magnificent shadows, linked by two perfectly fitting quotes, the addition of the doodled big arrow gives even more movement to the marvel here!!!!

Last, but in NO WAY least… ScrapaholicSherry with March 2023 Mix & Match. This is a kind of emotional thing for me, as she was one of the very first scrappers who made me fall in love with the art….  I met her a bit over 15 years ago in the first place where I learned about scrapbooking, was a site with an online program that was on beta testing…. for over 2 years I kept being marvelled by her, then the program was sold and we went different places, never completely lost the communication, occasionally supported each other in social media, but lately I find myself seeing her more often and still blown away by her creativity. The page not only is a marvel of a piece, but she made this with a freebie mini for a challenge which I also did…and the results of her page show her talent, her ability to make every kit hers, the explosion of color and the perfection of the mixing and matching the pieces giving it all her very own personality, which is awesome. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

This is all from me tonight! hope you are inspired and delighted by the awesome talent shared as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

Finger Pointing – March 10th –

Good evening (afternoon/morning wherever you are!!!) Cynthia- MrsPeel- here, after quite a long time absence, health is not on my side and the world is imploding…well, nothing new here LOL, but with family (both blood & chosen) help, surviving once again, and hyper delighted to be back here with you! I just had an injection of beauty to my day with so much talent we have in the communities, I’m now almost ready to share with you some of it. I will be adding a few more as I saw we missed a couple of days, and is Friday and the heart sings with so much inspiration!!!! Hope you enjoy!

Gonna start with one of the most amazing ladies in the whole industry, someone who has not just a gift bringing elegance and fabulousness to her pages, but is a huge delight to have in any community, Anne Marie aka A-M with this absolutely gorgeous, 1st class beauty of a sunshine. The combo of doodled lines, shiny sequin’s scatter and the transfer bring the gorgeous image (even though she thinks is not a great one, I disagree!)  to attention and the whole page is pure beauty!

Another marvellous talent, I will never forget she was the first page I picked when I started here at blog, and have been amazed by her with every page since. This is from Carol aka Iowan, shining a light with this brilliant composition. This comes also with that emotional attachment I always make a point it is, to me at least and a few others I know, one of the most important things in the industry…we share our family lives and feelings, and seeing children & grandchildren growing up into young adults, it always moves my heart! The page has so much show of talent, the pristine extraction, the amazing way in which the background pattern is continued in her embellishing, a super cute cluster on top right and those text path letters from Liz I am so, so in love with!!!!! Topping it with all over marvellous shadows….Everything shines to perfection!!!!

This next one gives me complete pleasure as I am very rarely able to highlight this talented girl, I am sure she is one of your favorite inspirational people too, I know I have been a fan for over 10 years and the difficulty in choosing just one page from her is a constant dilemma…. This is from Lisa aka ArmyGrl, a page she appropriately calls Quality Time, I chose this one as it is a celebration of their wedding anniversary (again, that sharing of our life that bring us close!)  The photo is such a fabulous shot, giving us a glimpse into the beauty of the scenery, the warm feel of woods cabin featuring so perfectly, and on a close up of those super cute mugs…I want one!!!!!! The beautiful framing of the image, the addition of gorgeous elements clustered elegantly and a semi-hiding title…all with perfection in shadows all around, the heart carries on singing!!!!

More ultra fabulous talented people with Marilyn aka mcurtt with To the Girl I was Then. Here again she shines with an out of this world beautiful back in time photo, the black and white and intense contrast makes a beam of light and is so perfectly in sync with the elegant  embellishing, , the perfect way in which she combines more corporeal elements with inked stamps and the beauty of the word art and strips, more perfection in the shadows… just wonderful all over!!!

Another one of those talented ladies I have been admiring for a very long time, one who allow us to live a bit of her life through her pages, is Sherly aka nietis with meh, proving once more the power of our scrapping, the ability to create extremely beautiful pieces of art from not so beautiful or even down right depressing moments, feelings…. I am sure I can say all of us have felt or still is feeling one of those moments… I love the gift some people have to translate this feelings in pages like this, combining humour with marvellous choices of  different textures, LOVE the cluster she created with the top felt board, the photo angle that brings a strong pop of colour (and her beauty!), the detail of that speech bubble makes it even more amazing, and the journaling so heartfelt… hope you get a well deserved rest!!! The page is most definitely awesome!!!!

Next page is from a more recent discovery, but equally marvellous, fast gaining a space in my scrappy heart, is SweetChar with Enjoy Each Day, a show of absolutely awesome creativity, the marvel of this composition based in numbers…a super sweet photo (I always have to remind myself she is a mum… always think she is 16!!!! sweetness indeed!!!!) Love how greatly she shadowed those numbers giving amazing dimension to the page, how beautifully she framed the photo, the perfection of that base cluster with so much perfection! Love the framing of the page with the flowery pattern border, there is so much to look at, so much to discover, all so elegantly placed, love the composed title, and the “brooch d’or” in that beautiful little cluster in the bottom right…..everything here is beyond fabulous!!!!

More music to my heart finding this page, another one of those more recent sisterhood binding, but big time regardless, shining with her talented soul in a brilliant photo-less page, is Cheryl aka Cherylndesigns with Space Cadet. Love the light she created here with the space doll and multitude of black word strips, the glitter stars banner giving more shine, all together oozing love!!!!

Next one is such a beauty, a perfection of memory keeping with a collection that makes me wanna jump to shop, I always think the family history pages need one of those black and white, more neutral base and everything shining in this page is just it!! It comes from another talented lady we have been enjoying for quite a whole now, Olga aka Jam-on-toast  with Kindergarten. This is actually  a gorgeous double pager , this is the left side, you can find the right side here. The photo has this melancholic feeling, a beautiful tiny face of a sweet younger self she shares with us, a super elegant embellishing in details added with perfect shadows, and wonderful body of journaling to share her story and feelings…. this is the kind of stuff that makes my heart sing even louder!!!!

To finish with today’s post, last but never least, actually a first class talent, her pages always a fabulous show of elegance, her personality shining through all those pages that makes you want to invite her in, is ClaireG with Still Changing. Love the background paper with all the definitions, the different text sizes give dynamic to the page, the photo with her honest, beautiful smile shining here, the details added as a base and the cluster bringing the eye to the photo, all in perfect harmony with that word strip, so much beauty!!! I think there is a bit of journaling in that tag, in between my old age sight and my neurological issues I can’t tell for sure, but she gives us in the page description she is turning 50, and that feeling of feeling comfortable on our own skin, I can sign under that most definitely, and her wish to learn more too… surely you will, my dear girl, I am 14 years ahead of you and can tell you, we keep learning and keep changing! Gorgeous, amazingly gorgeous page with a feeling I wish we could give to every woman no matter what age!!!

So this is all from me today, hoping to be able to be with you soon again, and also that you enjoy the post and find inspiration for your own! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!









Finger Pointing – December 09th –

Hello hello! It is 04:18 am of Saturday already here, a very, very cold London with very, very high energy prices so we are feeling it heavier, I am (ironically) lucky that I don’t need to go to work, so I can stay under the covers and enjoy all the beauty of the galleries, I think I got lost in the amazing full show of the season, so I will now try to be brief (which, if you know me, you know is a “bit” difficult!) Hope everyone is having a great start of the season, judging by the pages there is a lot of happy around, hope you love these pages as much as I do, as always, picking just a few is extremely difficult, but here they are 🙂

Winter by sucali is, as she constantly does, a show of elegance, a beautiful seasonal in earth tones with a gorgeous light coming from the photo edits, the choice of black and white make them shine, there is delicate perfection in the shadows, marvellous all together!

Another fabulous rendition of the season in LynnZant’s Jolly, honouring the title she brings coming together a combination of patterns and gorgeous colors, love the alpha for the title and the super cute elements clusters, and the sweet kitty with the addition of the humour in the word strips that makes this an all together music to my heart!

Still on a happy Holiday tone is Marnel with fn (Feliz Navidad, I imagine!) There is so much beauty from those gorgeous girls’ smiles, the magic coming out of those tree lights and the way she embellished -takes a piece of my heart with all those gorgeous elements!!- The use of the border templates is perfect for the biog photo, a wonderful choice of elements that shows but doesn’t take away the star place of the photo…. fabulous all over!!!

Now, this page is from a few of days back, but I’m 99.9% sure you will agree it deserves a place in the post….  Warm Winter Wishes by SeattleSheri is, as all her pages are, a master piece in every way possible… the photo is awesome, the treatment giving an air of past times, the marvellous amount of elements, the perfection of those shadows, the art of clustering is hers all the way, the details of those shining stars that make their way all over the page, the title and subtitle, everything is so perfectly balanced….. absolutely and amazingly awesome!!!!!

More explosion of colors and a lot of happy in this page, Ugly Christmas Sweater 2018 by Kimberly27. I think I was commenting a couple of days ago about how I already loved her pages a couple of years back when I first came across her, and the way I have seen her grow into even more beautiful pages, is delightful to be able to have a glimpse of people’s lives through the pages and here there is a gorgeous layering, wonderful fun, proper holiday cheer!!!

Next is Winter Recital by Mamabee. As I’m sure I keep making a point, there is something very special about sharing our lives in photos or feelings through art journal, but the feeling of seeing our children grow whilst getting inspired by some scrappers that I have been admiring for almost 10 years, that is, I think, what makes the scrapbooking a very different hobby…. I have made great friendships with some of them, but still get that feeling of a heart full of joy with the ones we hardly cross many words…. this is the case with Rebecca and this page here…. Not just the page is beauty in every pixel, gorgeous composition, amazing big title in the way I love, alphas and word arts combined to make an impression, the big photo, the gold with flashes of red, the shadows that give that paper made feeling (another one of my most favorite things) but having seen him growing  as she shares journaling with us honestly (which to me always takes the page to a higher level) I can feel that pride she must be feeling… absolutely gorgeous, full of joy!

Another awesome artist, Miki with Live Life. LOVE this so much!!! I am a huge fan of extractions, especially when done with this accuracy, total perfection, and here combined with that great title, the amazing way in which she manipulated the background to place them in such wonderful way (and she shares her process, be sure to stop by to read on!) plus the story behind, which she shares with us too…one can see the humour even before knowing what was going on, and, not that I don’t respect people using stock photos (I use them sometimes) but there is a joy to the heart when the photos are ours, tell our story… Impressive page all over!!!

I couldn’t resist adding a few more pages, especially finding a bunch of decorated art dolls…I cannot resist!!! So here are two very different exponents off this challenge (I need more health and more time to be able to go play!!!)

One is from one of my inspiring people for almost 10 years, I wish I had, once again, more health and time to visit her gallery, maybe I can make it a new year’s resolution! Here is Bright Eyes with BE Day 9- Art Doll Dress Up Challenge. This is such a wonderful composition, she opted for a head going into elegant seasonal dress, gorgeous elements choices, elegant colors, mixture of textures and fabulous framing…. so amazing!!!!!!

Last but not in the least least, is our very own Cherylndesigns with Day 9 Decorate an Art Doll, another gorgeous take on the challenge, she takes on a full body and creates a gorgeous mixture of textures with those pieces of lace, the foliage, berries and more, balanced by the wonderful painted tree and transfers in the background, the bells are such a sweet touch, also love the little tag on the top left, all together makes a brilliant seasonal card!!! Fantastic!!!

This is all from me for today, Hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these marvellous ladies and their creativity! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!







Finger Pointing – November 18th-

Hello! Hope everyone is doing as well as humanly possible! My mum is over until next week, we have been trying to spend some quality time together, the weather has turned into proper winter here in England so not much outdoors, but enjoying quiet time and sampling some delights which we take turns to cook, and she helped me out in choosing some beauties from the galleries to share with you all, so here they are, some of the most gorgeous pages we found for your enjoyment and inspiration!

Starting with our very own Jan aka IntenseMagic with Week-22 L, a fabulous pocket style page combining fun, food and elegance, marvellous shadows, an impeccable look with the page protector effect, all over awesome!!!

Next is one of my most amazing Queens of Elegance, marijke with merry sweets,  a super sweet indeed introduction to the festive season! Love the super clean composition, those colourful circle spots are like a peek on a near future, here too with brilliant shadows, I can almost feel the warmth of those fluffy socks, and the yummy cupcake…. oh, food pages are killing me tonight!!!

On the other end of the style, filling the page with a talent words cannot describe well is Carol, Iowan with 2009 – Connecting. The multi-photo to perfection, mixture of textures and elements galore, shadows so beautiful one wants to reach to touch every piece, and with her looking so happy….this is a treasure in memory keeping! (as she does!)

Next is of of my very first inspirational scrappers, years ago she already was shining with her pages, now with new additions to her family, my heart sings every time I find a page of hers…is Sherly aka Nietis with Family Photos. Love her amazing take on the template, the beautiful choices with combined backgrounds, there is a softness to the whole thing, awesome layering and that cluster bringing a cascade of elements to the strips…I could be here all night telling you how much I love this!, so much, so amazing!!!!

Another blast from the past with a superbly inspirational talent, Norma with We All Love Butterflies. I’m gonna confess, I, for some reason, am not too keen on them for scrapping, but brought by Norma’s hand in this absolutely awesome page….most definitely love them! amazing creativity presenting the photo, brilliancy with color play, super gorgeous!!!!

Last but in no way least is Applechick with Felix & Molly. Another super incredibly talented artist with  a wonderful work on blending, the extraction, the paint, gesso and bits of more corporeal elements all together in perfection…pure.awesome!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!